The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1937
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VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 219. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TOE DOMINANT MCTSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BlythevUle Courier Dlythevtlle Herald BlythevUle Mississippi Declares Nation In Throes Of 50 Billion Dollar • Recession WASHINOTON, Dec. 1 (UP) — Senator Elmer Thomas (Dem., Okla.) urging adoption of Itls proposal designed, lo regulate and stabilize the value of .Ui e dollar, today warned (lie .senate thnt "v,-( live ID a $50.000.000,000 recession.' He declared that the' natloii mel tt $250,000,000,000 depression five years ago by authorizing the president lo cheapen the dollar lor the special of raising prices. The power included in on umciidment to the original agricultural adjustment act had more (o do with the nation's recovery "Ithni! any other single piece oJ legislation," lie contended. Thomas said thai only 21 senators opposed impowering the president, to cheapen the value of the dollar at that time and added thai .14 no longer are members ol the .senate. Speaking in support of the senate farm bilK Thomas declared thai agriculture demands thai the value of the dollar be stabilized, The dollar, Thomas contended, lias increased In value from $1.13 to 11.19 since last March, causing prices to fall, unemployment to incri'iise and business to recede. Decree May Invalidate Land Tax Sales Many LITTLE ROCK, Ark,, Nov. 30.— Affirming a decree of the Phillips county chancery court, the supreme court decided Monday that a sate at lands to the state, is mill and void if ilie county clerk falls to extend in dollars and cents the amount of state, county, school district and total taxes.due against the propery.. ' '• '*•-'' ; In a concurring opinion In which they agreed with the result of the decision but not in the reasoning leading to the result, Associate Jus. lice Frank G. Smith and Thomas M. Merlaffey said the effect p"r-'Ui«j majority opinion would be to rerf -tirr-void-nll 'recent and the current tax sales, although they may have been regular in other respects Pulaski County Clerk B. T. Hoff said most clerks ,extend the total amount of taxes due against property forfeited to the state' that , few, if any, sales to state contain extensions In dollars and cents of amounts due various tax divisions. Such extensions have not been made here since 1917 officials said. ' Whether the principal reasoning In. the opinion \ V as to effect the result or not. observers pointed out, the dictum of the opinion set n precedent for the high court to declare illegal and void any state land olfice sale of property on which n cmuity clerk failed to sub divide taxes extended and to sel for the exact amounts due the state, county, school districts and other taxation divisions. It lias long been the practice in Mississippi county to extend only the total amount of taxes due on lands forfeited or on the books. tax "Beautiful But Dumb" Explained With Kick KLAMATH PAUS, Ore. (UPJ— Deri Hall, hotel proprietor, says, "f'll never again call a. girl beautiful but dumb." "I made that remark to one, and she comes right back like this: The Lord made us beautiful so yon men would love us; and He made us dumb so we could love you'." T,, III T€U YOU BY BOB BURNS __ I believe one of the finest qualities a man can have Is spunk. A weakling will always give up and tiull when he gets n hard blow, but when you give a blow on the chin lo a man with spunk, you can expect a blow m return. That's why I've always admired my joet uncle—my Uncle Squlnchy. He went up to St. Louis to sell Mine of his poetry and wtien the editor read U, he turned to my Uncle Squlnchy and he said, "We don't print such stuff as thlsl 1 Uncle Squluchy says "Oh, that sol Well, mister, 111 tell you somethin' that'll take you down a peg or twol You ain't the only one that won't print HI" McClellan Disappointed With Roosevelt Message ' ** i ~ ^ .^.. . *** G'lQN, Dec', j. (UP)— l(«!)resental(i,e John L,. McCljllan Aik )\ today clinractcrlxvd. dkaripolntlnj" President ujelV'' lequest for n 50 jvrl X|<riiclloii for 50 nidi l^ps for conslructlnji of high-) "Halanclng of the budget," he iid. "cannot be jilliiined by ..,l»g- ling out one Hem such as rontl construction while literally nun- !)r«ls of other items far less meri- loilous are permilled lo canllMiti irfthont censure or rocommendii- lion from the, president." "T am prepared to go nil (he way -'" BLYTHBVILLJ!, ARKANSAS,- WEDNESDAY, DECKMDKR j with tho presirfenl Stales r,:i;i iiasslbly onr'j lo t ther than he will many Instnnce.s In pi'atclcfil econoinv." fur- mailer -of Han-y Hopkins Best Fisherman On Presidential Yacht At Present MIAMI. Dec. 1 (UP)-prcsldent Roosevelt remained in the vicinity of Dry Toi-lugas, off Key West today, where he has found the nshmg excellent. Radio advices from the yachl Potomac, serving ns a' fioatfnij White for the chief executive and his party revealed that Harry Hopkins. WPA administrator, is leading the fishermen in catches. The dispatch read; "Pound excellent fishing will remain f or nig i, ti Hopkins leading fishermen but lead .slight The president enjoying wanr though little much ivork on deck. 11 atr, al- and finishing Autry Attends Meeting Of A. E. C. Committee L. H. Autry, superintendent of! schools at. BurcteMe, who 1ms recently been appolnled representative of the first congressional dis- Irlct of Arkansas on the newly created executive 'committee pt the Arkansas Educational Assbciatloii was">i Ijttle' Rock yesterday"aV tendtii" the first meeting of the committee. The men who were ^appointed to this committee will -..serve , for one year unless thcvvavei elected at Ihe'state convention when-.the A. E. A. will vote on committee' members. • .'." : Pet Sparrow Frolics And Returns To Cage •"•. LOUIS ' OJPi-'-Thlrlce'n- yiar-olu Lorm'.ue Decker's irct cparraw. Prltzy. is sMII n'iUI but enjoys all the comforts of a home - Including Ihrcr: square meals a dtiy. Every mo^tii.M;; Lorraine releases Uio sparraw from Its case. Promptly nl K./.Q A M. Prltzy returns for dlu".tr: At 4:30 P. M. il returns n?n '.i, i:.- fed and placed i:i the cage for the night after a d«y spent a.noii.; wild friends. Bridle Bridal SURER HELD IN SUET Police Fear Mob Violence; Another Child Seyerely •Wounded NEWPORT NEWS, Vii., Doe. i. (DPI—Fearing mob violence, pollen held Mike Hitler. 77, a Junk man in a secret prison lodny. He killed mi l!-yeur-o!d child snd wounded ft 12-yeur-olil one, because they had scribbled In elmlk on his board fence. Hitler, an eccentric nnd recluse, has Hvtd foe years tn IL ramshackle .slianly, surrounded by a high board fence, making his living by collecting Junk. He hns been u frequent, target for the prankish and derisive Jokes of children. Late yesterday he surplsed Sue Stokes, n, and Mary Colemni), 13, marking ii|> his fence with chalk. He had denounced children many times for chalking- his fence—to their vast amusement. On this occasion, police said, he rushed into Ills shanty, got ti revolver and fired three- times. Sue was killed and Mary wounded severely, though she Ls expected to live. Congress Huffs, Garner Puffs SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Western Union And Postal Telegraph ' Companies Are Named Defendants WASHINGTON. Dec. 1 (UP)— Attorney General Homer S. Cuni- inlngs revealed today that the Western Union Telegraph company. Postal Telegraph and Cable corporation and their officers were charged with . violation of the Sherman .anti-trust act l n a case flled in federal court. . V -. The'suit was filed in the. federal district court for ,the southern district of--New: York, Cuniriiings said:"- v-i.?iW/'~-V ; ' ->'•'»!'.-: ; •..-.: . -. Vice John Nance Garner Ls known as the most serene innn in... American politics, and lip certainly looks just thiil In tim pholo above, Inkoi on his GDI), bhthclay. While Conyress quibbles ami fusses over legislation, Garner slls back calmly, piiirimj Q> clouds of cigar smoke which almost hide bis while brews. He > n yic'.u ruddy face mid Juttliiu in perfect h'cattli, his most sMloii.s recent all- toothache, which coincided with one of President' Roosevelt's and cansfd Onrner lo wy "Sec. ire still fed alike" nient beiiiK cohtracts allegedly made' i'by-- the companies with railroad companies, liote'i^. and- owners ,"of otl(cr--;;Ll-tr- tegic' locations" . for the . transmission of telegraphic communications.. _ '.-.Specifically 'named in the Postal Telegraph suit were trustees of the various Postal Telegraph companies. including former Governor Alfred E. Smith of New York and • Clarence H. MacKay. ; Officers of the Western Union named were J. C. Willever, Lewis McKlslok and Newcomb Carlton Carlton ntid Willever are, respectively. chairman of the board ot directors and first vice president. Negro Is Sought For Slaying At Mexico MEXICO, Mo., Dec. 1. (UP)— A negro with a long record of r,ex offenses was sought: today for questioning In connection with the Thanksgiving Eve slaying of Mrs A. S. Mortimer. A "iilck up" order for the negro wns Issued by Col. B. M. Castcll, superintendent of the slate highway patrol, who is In charge of the investigation. Stock Prices NEW YOHK. Sec. 1. (UP)— The stock list drifted lower today in 'the lightest trading since October 4. Net losses were small. Bonds made an irregular decline hi small volume. Wheat was strong and other commpditi&s were mixed. Business IICK-S was mostly adverse A- T. & T. ............ ".. H8 !. 19 5-8 ~8 1-8 Flames Consume $5iOOO Suburban Residence and The country home of Mr.; and ^lrs. A . .lojiips B.^rjlni-k was totally destroyed- by fire' of an -unknown origin at 9:30 o'clock this-morning. In addition to the hoiiec, which was-valued at- $5,000, all - of the furnishings, including many valuable pieces of furniture, jewelry and other antiques were last. Both Mr. snd Mrs. Clerk were in town and Hie house was iti flames before the fire was discovered. A passerby saw smoke coming from (he house, which Is situated nbout 150 feet from High, way 61 ; at Dogwood Hidge, nnd Called Mr. Clark from a nearby telephone. Neighbors rushed to Ihe house lo find the entire front already rapidly burning and the flames spreading rapidly through the renr. Mrs. Clark left a fire In the fireplace and another in a stove when she came lo town, so it i.t believed that one of these caused the lire. Included in Ilic furnishings were a number of rare pieces of furniture which had been owned by members of Mr. and Mrs. Clark's families for many years, numerous pieces or jewelry, sliver, china ind other old possessions. Including much linen from foreign lands. None of Ihese nor their clollira were Insured. Mr. and Mrs. Clark nre at the Hotel Noble temporarily nnlll they make their plans. ' The bridle path led to the bridal path for Helen W. Bedford, above, heiress to a $40,000,000 oil fortune. She became the bride of Arthur McCasMn, "gentleman jockey" and horse judge, in a ceremony at Wcslporl, Conn. Anaconda Cop Assoc. D. G Beth. Steel .............. 49 3.3 Boeing Air ............... 231-2 Chrysler . Gen. Eiec. Gen. Mot. 56 5-8 42 35 1-8 Int. Harvest ............. 621-4 Montgomery Ward ..... 341-2 N. Y. Central ............ IB 5. Packard ................ 5 ,. Phillips Pet ............ . . 38 1-2 Radio ................... 7 i-B Schenly Dist Simmons Socony Vac 28 3-4 221-2 15 1-4 Std. Oil N. J 45 Texas Corp 39 !-•( 601-2 54 .1-8 S. Smelt. S. Steel Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. Dec. 1. (UP)— Hogs: receipts; 8,500 Top. 8.35. 100-250 weight, «.15-8.30. Bulk sows. 7.15-7.40. Cattle: receipt!!. 3.500. Steers, 7,00-9.50. slaughter -steers, S.W-15.HO. Mixed yearlings and heifers, 6.00 8.00. Slaughter heifers, 5.50-10.15. Beef rows. 4.5Q-5.W, Cutters and low cutters, 3254.25. Vew Orleans Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. I (UP)-Colton closed steady. Dec. ten. Mar. open . rai . 792 . 797 . 802 . 804 807 May Jul. Oct. Spots closed quiet at 800, oft 4. high 791 7S2 197 802 SM 808 low close 785 785 786 788 790 795 800 602 790 790 601 803 New York Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 1 (UP)— Cotton futures closed steady today, all months falling three to five points. open high low close D « 802 802 800 7971) -Ian 802b 797!) Mi"" 809 810 803 803 May 811 812 805 80ab - 7 ' 11 813 815 810 810 O" 815 81G 811 811 Epol-s closed quiet- at 803. ott 7 emir ILL Rock Island Engineer Is Found Dead At Home M'fTI.B ROCK, Dee. 1, (UP) — Jchn T. Colo, Hock island' einjl- nror, \vi« found dead nt his home today, lhc nppuernt vellm uf im accidentally discharged pls- lol. Cain h:»l u bullet wound In till! ll'fl Kirtl" of his Ill'Jld. Deputy Coroner John N. Hob- Will Obtain Necessary Sig- !'£ ISlST, " this '!"' Deader Says* l !' r " (lon - "ebons NIUI coin tiiwi Col ton Bill Fii»hl Likely Wll!i fouml !l> " bwiwni hy ' wllA A pLvtvl it'iui found WASII/NOTON, nee. 1. <UJ>>- ""' ljn>l >'- Olmlnmiii Arlhur D. Henley (Dem. Muss.i, o( tin 1 house vai'.i'-lmnr bill steering aimmatce snld loilay enough nii'mbfis Ijud plodded thi'h- iitipporl lo iiKsure wicccss 'for the di'lvr lo force Moor consideration of tin; nidisiiR 1 at C-'.v special sos- "Wc hnvi! rnmiuh pledges to ninkc the discharge, petition ef. ,-. ., ... ,-,,... fi'dlve by Hiilurdny." Heitly ssiM. OHlloy, NnillCS Politician Uospllc his Mutement only one i.iunc had been added la dm pi-- Ulcin more (him tvvj hours iifltr Hi" liolisi; JIK.I. 'I'lio mldllloti biouflhl lhc mini (itqnaUiros lo ira with adjournment R.Unrda Who Actively Supported 1'or Senior. HOOK. Oec. I. (UP)-- • ' "^"«" 'f, 111 lit, lj,l IHL Uil V. /•,-, f, 1 *i n ii '!)!'.' absoluic (Im'l'lno [or M"ii- Diillrys nwgnntel l:iii If llii! bill ].' u, LP romldorp-l sllUl ' W "'1 K)I ' I >H'"' I'oimiilsMon lo- 1 liny assumed It.s duties nntlr " »l Ilic special Leaders of -\M. writm-licur l.nve noi yi.l nuuij I'liun for mcellnu some--to mup l — advoenled plaiw for a by (igninst the collon secllon o( thu Jiii-ni bill In «n iilt<iin|it to foicii tif.iilhcni ' ~ ho 1 iilheni j Dcmocrrits tn sign the: iiji:-lioift- petition. Oi:e tni-mber, v.T.vcr, claimed Llic,. blg r . .would Bwlnii 150 volc.s iiguinsl tim fiiriii bill's cotton program, if net wiry, and predicted there would ln> Mif- llclciil nrpubllenn support to 1:111 that feature. German War Hero Near Death At iMunich Residence Today •'• ' • MUNICH, Germany, Dec. 1 (UP) —General Eric .Ludondpvff l ,,,T,!, .Ocrmaii World War hero, has'lie-' conic so much worse that gravo' fear is felt for his life, his physician announced today. Ludendm-ff' is suffering from « gall bladder ailment. His physician, titter announcing last night Ihnl a new bulletin on his condition would be Issued only lu case of a decisive turn, said a bulletin would be Issued .at 1:30 p.m. . . Police Believe Women Remain More Faithful LARAMIE, Wyo, lUP)—"On lo Jail If yon wnnl your wife to love you," chief ot Police. Will M<ist advised when he summed up the opinion of many police officers concerning wives, mothers and sls- tcrs who "stick by" their men when lliey cet Inlo trouble with '.he law. "Wointn Osceola Man Held In Ripley Road Accident mi'LEY, Tcmi., Dec. 1. — j, j.! Pallet-son, .who said lie lived fit Osceola, Ark., wns arrested here Oils morning after small .school children were struck when they nllghted from a school bus. Sheriff J. T. Ilamll said Palloi'son win _ Hie driver of an automobile which i struck the children. Injured wore Joj Hutchcrson. 13. ami Edna Clement. 13. BolU were moved to a Memphis hpspl- ,lnl where the boy was reported hi a critical condition. .' Paltersqn was . being held bv officer.'!, unable to give $2.000 bond .s.clvby. i)-.,magistrate. ; , ••, > ~ •• ncllon of JolitrlJ, Piigc, who was nnnieil its head by lhc chief executive, j Oilier uiemlR'i-s of tho Ihren man I coim.)l,s.slon were U. I,, PVjrd, former rovi'ime roinmlssloncr, and John E. Wells, former secretary Is the governor. AppohltiDciil of Mr Pajc w,i« one. o/. the major uucprlsia of Ih? current slnlelmusc "shake-iip." Til= iiittnc had mil been mentioned iv- j n possible npjxilnlro and iiu Jiai. 1 | E. Miller's successful cmnpnliin Bitllcy for United Japanese Authorities At Shanghai Formally Apol- r)j.;i'/.c For Confiscation HHAKOIfAf, Uec. 1 (UP)~Jap- mii'.w niiUiorltics icturned "the American owned tug Felting todny mid fonntilly njiologlzpd. Vice- Atlmlrnl Klyoshn Hasegawu, - comiimnder In chief of thp ,)h'p- (! third licet, was understooil to hnvc inaiio Ihc Rear Admlnil Hurry E. Yuniell, com- mnml'.'r of tho United Stales Asiatic ncnl an<l United States Con- .sill Chiri'.icc E, COM. ymniOl lind piotostod to Jnp. nni'se uuthorlllcs yesterday wheii Hie UlK, properly of the WllUniu Hunt Interests In the far east, was nl|;l)Jnck«l from l|.s base- at the Kin Uc-Yimn wlmrl in the Frrncli concession. Tho Japanese navnl puny ripped the Amprlcan ling from UN slaiKjiird and threw ^il into the WhniiBiwo river. The Japanese nlbo returned two j seiwlor. He suppoiti-d a. A, Cook ' In the lust • Dcmocrnllc loilal pilmniy. William Oliver Dies At Vandalia, III. Charles M. Oliver received word ycslcrday niQinlng of (he death of his brother, William Oliver, !>2, who died at his homo In Vandalia. III.. Monday night 01 acute Indigestion, ire hud visKctl here several years ago. Ho IH survived by his wife and three children, .-' Because of Mrs. pll'ver's Illness, nol ntlr Historic Day For Fumliy~~~ MOROANTON, N. C. (UP)—Mr. anil Mrs. 'Harrison U. Pi-itchiird became parents and grandparents Sluily ,:UE, N. N\. (UPI- MexIcoV University student', advised,-by Prof. Arthur L, on the same dny. The same day uldcp: Cahipa' of Modern sou wns uorn to (hem at their home here, n .son also wtix born lo Mr. and Mrs. Cnrl Robertson. Mrs. Robertson Is Ihoir nartmcnt, .to learn at least one language--otto than their native tongue since no universal tangling! appears likely lo develop In the npiir future. President Roosevelt's Housing Proposals In Simplified Form WASHINGTON. Dec. 1 (UP) — The following question); mid answers explain In simplified form President RooEcvelt's new housing proposals: • • , Q. Whot Ls the purpose of President Roosevelt's new housing pro- like that-plnln|lt™"" seiilimental over u no-good man"' A - Tlle hnnicdlotc goal la lo Mart n wave of building—homes, small Hals and apartments—which. it-is hoped, will lilt Ihe counlry out of the business depression. Q. Wluit does tho housing program provide? Chief Mast .snld, .and pointed out a faithful wife .carrying candy and cigarettes to her husband then In tho local Jail. "Almost a:, soon as »c get KOITO of Mn\i2 Jellotva behind the bars, the womenfolk carrying tobacco to them: enntiy nnd "A woman will htivc n man arrested for heating her and then— len lo one—Ihc next morning before n warrant can bo sworn Out, she will be around asking to have him released." funds, .This association would be authorized to issue up-lo 51,000,- OOD.ODO debenlures to supply capital for large housing projects. . 7. Relnstitute FHA modernization and repair Insurance with a top limit on such Insurance 01 $10.000. . How will the projected program nffcct genera! Interest raCcs? A. It probably will force them down because of lhc attempt to reduce prevailing rates on. home financing approximately 1 per cent. f). Docs (his Idea of an annual A. Amendments lo the Federal j wnBC guarantee appear acceptable Housing Admlnislrntioii Act gen-i to labor? ei-ally intended to make IL easier A, No. At present the American for persons to obtain money to Federation of Labor has Indicated r>ec. Mnv Chicago Wheat open, high low close 903-JJ 935-8 901-8 923-4 build homes. Tile President also seeks cooperation of producers of building materials nud labor to reduce costs of construction. He hopes n method of guaranteeing building craftsmen an annual wage that such n project Is impracticable and therefore Its officials say they will adhere lo preseju high hourly pay rates—at least, until Ihcy arc .satisfied the other system will work. ** — - ° i "j.'L'-in will wui N. may Ire devised so that present 1 Q. n ow Iargc „ bunding boom high hourly wage rates can be cut.; m ay be expected to result if the Q. What specinc changes are President's wishes are agreed to 90 823-4 897-8 913-4 Chicago Corn open, high low close Dec, 52 521-2 5)3-4 621-8 May 555-8 561-4 553-8 557-8 A superslllion In Central European mining districts holds that on Christmas Eve high mass Is tung by Invisible 'choristers .lr» the rrilne wilh the HcVicsl oie. nsked In lhc FHA set-up? A. Here arc the changes. 1. Increase' FHA Insurance on homes costing up lo $6,000 to 90 per cent. The present, rale is 80 per cent. The new rale would 'mean a down payment of $600 on a $6.000 home. Oi Reduce financing costs on homes up to $0.000 from li 1-4 per cent to 5 1-4 per cent. On a $5.000 home nnnnced over 20 years the new interest rate would save the home owner $210. 3. Fix Interest rates" on homes costing more Ulan $0,000 at 5 1-2 per cent Inslead of 6 1-4 as at present, 4. Allow FHA to Insure mortgages as large as $200.000 on groups 1 ~ of homes built for sale or rent providing the mortgage does nol exceed $1,000 per room. The present limit is $16.000 on groups. The $16.000 limit would be retained on Individual homes. 5. Allow limited dividend corporations to build projects under FHA Insurance which cost up to $1,200 a room. At present limited dividend corporations are restricted to benefit persons of low Income. '6. Create « National Mortgage __ I Association with $55,000,000 of R«'""; J construction tSnauce Coi-poratlon by Congress? A. Mr. Roosevelt estimates that there Is now a need In the coun tiy for Ijetwecn $12,000,000,000 $16,060,000,000 hud appropriated with the Felting, Hi-hl Offer Declined fftiseRixwa first offered 16 return tin.- lugs If Iho Unlled States nnd Italian aulhortllcs went to the Japanese Imsn d()wn the Whang- poo- 'after them. Hear Admiral Yurncll refused, nnd Ihe Italian officials followed. tils example. He demanded that the Japanese roliirn tha Felting to Its berth at lie wharf, which Hasi-uawa iinnlly agreed to do. . American naval and marine officials were Dot present when tho lug waa brought bock but officials ot the William Hunt company mid n group of Americans were there, Knllnn nnvnl niiihorltles also wore present. The limit employes hjid recovered the Felling's flag from the river and were prepjiied lo hoist it hut the Japanese already hart nolsled American nag and Italian flags on the confiscated tugs, np- parcnlly having obtained them olsowhcrc, Satisfies United Stales WASHINGTON, Dec. 1. tup)— Secretary of Staje Cordell Hull ihd!calc(l~~(oday life" state department is .satisfied with. Japan's i return of a launch, seized .from, Its American, owners, and apology for hniillng down the American lla" on Ihe boat, Hull said lhc Japanese/ admiral had offered suitable expressions of regret nnd an apology for, seizure of Ihe launch. This expression from Hull was intcrpreied to mean Ilia! the Incident was considered closed or virtually so. lie said the question of ownership of the launch had not been definitely settled, However, , ho snld, Japanese nctloii In restoring Ihe vessel to Its owners and apologizing for Its seizure had been itindo on the representations or American , government officials thai Ihe launch had been Illegally seized. He Indicated the state department was now Inclined lo let tho mnllcr drop. •-..'• Yankee Thrift Persists And Here's the Proof ESSEX.- conn. [UP)—"A. penny avcd Is a penny earned,*' goes the 3ld saying, and does a certain Yankee skipper from this port Seltcvc It! HD recently purchased a- bout from another port and brought It home for repainting. Having struck a bargain for the iver-nll paint Job, he was "getting down" .(o the lettering of trie boat's nnrac and the changing of the homo port's name to Essex A yard official quoted a per-: letter price for painting the words. "Essex, conn." "Make it 'Essex, Ct,,"', snapped the owner, "and save two letters." '„"- Boy Unwittingly Jumps However, the Of new amount housing. ot this which may bo provldcd-^-over an estimated five-year period— depends upon willingness of industry and labor lo cooperate with liberalized federal aid policies. Q. Wlint classes ot people and of Industry will be aided If the program becomes effective? A. The natural fields In which a stimulus would be first felt arc the real estate and contracting in- tcrosls. However, it would be spread to the lumber', retractors'. etass and sttiel Industries. Banks would nnd a new outlet for Idle funds. Q. How would the average man go about building a new home under the new program? A. Depending upon the size of his venture, he would make a down payment on the full nrnount of his home and borrow the rest ot the money with federal guarantees of Insurance to the lending agency. If he wished to build a $5,000 house, he would only have to pay $500 .down nt the beginning. ' Upon Sleeping REGINA, Sask. .' '(UP) -i Henry , Gilbertson, 12, had the the unique fsperlfnce of riding a coyote. Thb " boy was walking across a field on his father's farm mid took a running Jump over a clump of Russian thistle, landing on the necfc of a sleeping coyote. The animal sprang up and after a brief sprint deposited young Giltertsoti on the ground. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly ciaudy «nd slightly colder in west portion 'tonight; Thursday fair, slowly rising; temperature ' in extreme north portion. Memphis an'd vicinity—Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday; not miich change-in temperature; lowest" temperature tonight, 34 to si. The maximum.temperature ittn yesterday was . 51, minimum ' 27, clear, according :to Samuel F. NcW ris, official weather observer.

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