The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1935
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH 80, 1535 (Continued From Page 1) their dally bread. Often, os In the case of the landlord in whose home ! stayed, that task is a difficult, one. lie is the head of a family which once hud money. Proudly he displayed heirlooms, bits of priceless china 'aim pieces ot tapestry that once adorned a large house. Nov. the treasures aro lumped together in corners. There is no room in an apartment for them. The apai'tmetu. during Fair Week, m leasi, is turned over to foreign visitors. The family 'movev out of its private chambers. A bed is placed in the living room with its purple wails and grand piano. Even the library with its family portraits and wall telephone becomes a bedroom. The porcelain stoves arc filled with coal to keep the guests warm and comfortable. But the storerooms and hall where the family sleeps temporarily are unheated. Leipzig Is about as far from Berlin with its !:oib;d ol" politics as Philadelphia is from Washington It Is surrounded by carefully manicured farming districts, the verv backbone of Germany. Leipzig's citizens arc .simple industrious folk who seem far removed from the hysteria of rearmament conferences and political Intrigues. They are the people who are fundamentally responsible for Hitler's continuing power. It is fiom liiem the answer to the quest ion ''But what do Germans actually ("Ink of it all?" comes. And the answers, in the main, are optimistic. For one disgruntled intellectual and one unhappy former rich man, there nre five to ten men who believe—or think they behe\» -or are afraid NOT to believe- that Hitlcrisn, is the Reich's sil vation. The capitalist, represented bv til > bearded president of a concern' that manufactures farm implements vas enthusiastic. "My business, thanks to the new- tax law, has Increased," he told me '•In America you put up posters that say 'Buy Now.' Here, by having no tax on new automobiles and new machinery for the first year and heavy taxes that increase year FORCED people to buy" 1 ' *" ' aVe * » »* A tall, blond engineer who speaks lour languages and who has lived in half.a dozen countries, including the.United Sjates, echoed what the manufacturer had said. "The new tax law iias increased tlie farm Implement business from 40 to SO per cent and the output 0 cars BO to TO," he said, "instead of talk about iimitin^ incomes, g.,,,,, mnll is urgc(| l(j makc as much as he can, providing O [ course, i,i s method of earninc doesn't interfere will, the genera, welfare of the community T lie p4e he sets on his merchandise must be fair. That's Gocrrlclcrs job He's 1 lie price-fixer." The engineer, himself, switched our conversation to recent govern mental activities that have broug t down fire on tile heads of Germany's people. nn ' Di P lon ! ac y Is (he thing that is one hundred per cent lacking in the present regime. Germans nevcr ha,e learned the art of handli,,^ i'uman relationships nn(l stn £ ' ments to-lhe press with kid do TS °n their hands. They apparentIv hn7 ™ ^K«. <m «« °" «"" _JnUnifbrm Agreement! With Der Fuehrer r e o adage that you catch more flies with SH ear than with vinegar," he said « ' * ' • bJpr", , plum P'. r ° l "'<l-raceci little oakcr who. served me afternoon coffee and pastry in the back of his hln F mcant virUlall y the same " " nlmblcd in bro v °""g N=«'s, from children to university students, delight in military Iranpings. Question As To Whether Military or Civil Court Should Try Slayer CAIlUTHEHSVri,!, K, Mo,— C'apt. J. M. Cannon, adjutant of the Carulhcrsville unit of the Missouri N'alinnal Ouanl, lias announced he is prepared to release Private Kay Bixk-r to Dunkliii County anlhorilies on :v murder charge, am] Umt ; , r - rungcnicnts had been made to furnish honil for Ui c guardsmen. Kilirrt I,. Pord, prosecuting at- tnrnry of Dunklin County, who filed lliu charge, has indicated a $7,500 lioiul would lie salisfac- tovy. like "l><| H. But he sells more cakes ™< faney pastries now than lie clUi BY MAX STURM Special Correspondent CARUTHERSVILLE Mo Mar 2!>.-Ray Bixlcr. 18, living near Sleclc, a private in Caruthcrsvillc Jompany "B." HOth Infantry, Mis- oun National Guard, who fatally shot Miss Harriet Hasty, 40 a member of a prominent Pnrarould Ark., family, while he was on p-,-' D,,i ,„„ , , . i 1 ™ 1 dllt l' °" 'he noodcd St. Fran- It's r,, „ ^ er ' S ha »PJ'- «">•, rivcr ' Mtlrc!l 21 . «'as today be!!L tr ™ . that . hc «">'' niise (he I"* held in military arrest under nn armed eU!im jn the ar here while national suard and civil authorities .sought to determine whether the youth should be tried m military or civil court. The tragedy, having no parallel n the history of the Missouri Na- onal Guard, has resulted in an mtcnsc controversy between nvil r'm- "in 17 , a " tllori(ira - Governor rrilor r ' W ' 1B dcliver «l tile. order for certain Southeastern Missouri companies of the guard, including Company "B" -u Cnni thcrsville, to be mustered out for patrol duty along the St. Francis river, early this week indicated It was his opinion Bixler's case should be tried in civil court Ad•"--it General Harold W. Brown . -r- «on may be able to go to the Uni- lerstty in a few yCM6 f° ' C Mt littlc bi>ker ' s ='«n- nilti p er - thiU faith." ^tHem'L^^^Uhl Postcard .shop into the,s°e c t *wS ^ST °" ^ ' n f M ?","' 0 " ° f tlle »"•«>' !» the chest. Certain wit°' Ul " ordcr "<*«* testified at Bixler's milllan to investigation Hint the car was be- frrm , ' from him to release Bixlcr authorities was evident. Captain J. M. Cannon, attached to regimental headquarters, at Caruthcrsvillc, stated to this writer that he was ready to turn Bixlcr over to Dunklin officers when they called for him. While awaiting; tlie Dnnklin officers, military friends of (lie youth had prepared a bond for him in the amount, of $7,500 for Ills immediate release upon arrival of the Dunklin authorities. Prosecuting Attorney Elbert. Ford, of Dnnklin county, had announced earlier in the week, at the time he filed second degree murder charges ngainsl, the youth, that, a bond of $7,500 would be acceptable. Dunklin officers, however, did not arrive in Caruthcrsvillc for the youth, and Thursday indicated they were awaiting a decision of Attorney General Roy McKHtrick. While they were waiting, national ing driven at a speed of from 40 to, 50 miles per hour when it entered the restricted zone whlcl .had been created around the I Missouri side the St. Francis river near rara- gould. The zone was declared restricted and to lie traveled at slow speeds only to assure the safety of military and civilian workers who were making levee reinforcements near tlie bridge. When questioned by military authorities. West declared he wa.< not driving over 12 per hour and that - mile* slowed up guard officers in this county re- ceived Instructions from Jefferson City to continue to hold Blxler in military arrest. Hit anr! Run 1' BERKELEY, Cal. (UP) -Three year-old Jens Wagner is rccovcr- ilL £ m a hcacl injurs ' s »T«cd wncn he was struck by a hit-and- ru» pedestrian. A large middle- aged woman, running after a street Ckcd hlm down "''"lout to render aid. In the Northern Hemisphere, cyclones whirl in circles counter- i clockwise, while in the Southern I Hemisphere they whirl clockwise ' Bryant Truck Line Announces A New and Better Service Hy Opening A Terminal 606 North 6th St. niydicvillc Phone 246 Major C. O. Rainc, Jr., of Hayti, indiciited last, nlglu, after lie had talked to Adjutant General Harold W. Brown at Jefferson City, by long distant telephone, that national guard officers were, too, awaiting legal interpretation of 1 the status of the case— whether ' (he youth should be tried in military court or civil court— before releasing him to civil authorities He could not indicate when tlie decision would be gven to him. I Bixier, according to a. report released by Dr. J. V. Moore of Hayti captain of the Caruthcrsvillc company, maintains that Mack West, prominent business man, aviator and automobile dealer of Para- Bould, was driving an automobile m which Miss Hasty was a passenger. at an excessive rate of speed thru the restricted zone winch he, Bixler, was patroling When West 'failed to slow up in compliance with a signal from him Bixler stated, he lifted his rifle with the intention of firing over the car, but that in some manner (lie rifle was discharged as it was being raised, and the bullet penetrated the car, striking Miss •,w]ien ••he .saw/ the;.liBhi:,in.front l or the traffic sign and the 'guardsman walking toward his car. Wes stated that a.s he looked back, the guard, apparently, turned to return to his post. West stated he shifted his car into "second" and drove on, not hearing the guaii call to him to halt or stop. He said lie heard the shot and Miss Hasty told him she had beci wounded. The military court of Inquiry which investigated the circumstances suiToimdng (lie case included Major r-Yed Kelley of Steelc; Capt Houston H. Buckley of Hayti; and Captain Asa Barnes of Dexter. Mary ami I,amli in California SAN RAFAEL, Cal. (UP)—Mary and her little lamb of the fairy tooks have come to life on tlie streets of San Rafael. uui c Mary Hasler, nine, is followed devotedly about the town by her two-months- old lamb, Bitlie. j^gr_Guns Challenge Quintnapers r PA'C-ETHEEl Second Wisdom Tootli at so CAMDEN, N. J. (UP)—Mrs Sarah Wells, 80, believes she now is reaching maturity. She is cuttlnp her second wisdom tooth since last Christmas. Mrs. Wells' dentist bc- .,.,, ltl -ij^ ItulUISt, DC heves it is a record of some sort. Phone 644 Planters Production Credit Ass'n. is prepared to finance crop loans in any amount at very clieap rate of interest. Interest is payable only for actual time yon use the money. Quick action on all loans. Tl will save you money to see tis. Gordon Evrard Blythcvillc, Ark. Located at Terry-Worthington Title Co., Odice Kidnap ploUers will have little rc 8 ard tor Ihelr lives If thcv atlnm i . ~~ : ^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^d^.^ y the Dionm ° m ««. Several Legislators Find Complain Is Not Made in Proper Spiril I!V RODNEY IIUTCHEIt. Washington Corrcsiiomlrnt WASHINGTON,- March :10.—Several members of Congress are feeling a bit silly since tlie NllA investigation began to warm up. They are in that, group which once was hollering about the oppression or the "small business man" by codes. Some of the "small business men" have been on exhibit and they looked neither small nor oppressed. There must be some honest little fellows who have been hurl by NRA. Plenty of monopolistic practices were legalized under the General Johnson regime. The complaint of most of them is that codes haven't been adequately enforced—which left those complying at a disadvantage. But (lie "little fellows" whose cause such folks a.s Senator Kltuj of Utah. Senator Nye of North Dakota, mid the ineffable Con- iresswomnn Virginia Jcnckcs of Indiana espoused turned out to bu gents who objected to enforcement, rather than non-enforcement, to minimum wngcs and collective bargaining. Some of them, testimony brought out, had paid wnyes as low as three and live cents an hour before. NHA boosted the minimum Presumably they were pining for those good old days. Their congressional supporters lapsed inlo silence a.s the facts began to come out. NRA has been faring much better than it deserved. TJie Senate Finance Committee's inquiry went on for days as nn ahsnrd contest between the sinni; M-lf-i-lBhlcoiis- nrss of the adminlslrallon and the virtually utter dumb luminniLT of .senators as to NRA operations . When the atlac'l; eame, it was spmisbrcd by the low wage companies In tin- men's clothing industry, represented by col F M Cm-Ice of St. Louis, who was forced to admit substantial Improvement in his business under NUA Men's clothing happens to be a highly competitive industry H S code contains no price-fixing provisions. Hence no one could cry "monopoly!" Code authority and clothing workers' union members, working with NRA officials and senators who abhor sweatshop wages were —without stretching fuels-able to make NRA nppfin- as holy an Institution as General Johnson ever claimed in his most, entlni.slasilc moments. A high moment came when several hundred small clothing makers advertised In the New York Times io protest (he activities of the Cinleir group. S(eele Track Squad Is Working Out Steadily STKELE, Mo.—The Sicctc school track team have been making tltiite a splendid progress (he post two weeks when they have practiced very icgnlnr when weather would permit, under supervision of Coach Carl Ifn»hos assisted |,y 1 Ralph Capps, and a good team is expected to bo ready to brine home many honors from the 1'emiscot County track meet that will ink" place April IB. Following is a list of the l<ad- mg team: Ruble Burns, Ralph Patterson, John German, Reginald Finulcrbiirk. Gerald lirodcrick Quinton Still. Bowcn Travis Fred' and Frank Alexander Glen Ev erettc, Dwell Dodd. Robert Lovelace and Lexis Wooelard. Those who arc being missed this year 01 the track Held from last year win graduated are Cecil Earls. Clarence Aicciilloni, Ray Campbell w A Veid. Raymond Wright and nmcr.\ Would Tnld! Kimstrr's Crow HOUSTON, TDK. (UP) -W. A. Harry, irriciiKiin house oivntr, hu.s nskcd City Ctiunci! to pass an or- Life Sacrificed for Science HI-TEST LONG MILEAGE A martyr to science, Lnerclla Wilder, above, Miii- nganoli.i laboratory technician, ta dcatl because n rabbit scratched her while E)IO experimenting In lioiic ol flniliur, a euro for a niygterlncis illscaau llutt lias nffccteil thousands. A few drops of scrum foil tato the wound. Infection resulted, nml doctors were unable io save her. dlnanco- requiring opciations roosters to prevent them frol crowing, fa his tenants can sleep "Personally," commented Mjyor Ol car Ifolcombe, "I'd like to have thi) (lone to some humans I snow." Read Cornier News T ,vant Ad Individual , Instruction l in 1. Stcnngraiiliv 2. Setrutarial Work .'!. linnkkccping •I. Atcounlinjj: J 5. All Clei'icii! Work Huritll any day—full courses MIMA I.A'l,'litIKK, filer. Cape-Girardeau Business College CAl't: GIUAIH1EAU, iMO. •WHAT SI WILT, ,BUY Think—3lio n day—or , $1 a Month. ' i J'nys for n $1,000 policy for -Hie-whole family—Natural or '— •"; Accidental Death! I'regressive ,Lifc * Insurance Co. Glriicoc Ilalel—, ^ I'lninc or Wrilc for Debits; Special Deposit with state •Insurance Dept. protects your policy. : KEROSENE 8c S ovn:n GALLON ANY AMOUNT GAL. I'KKMH/M 10(1',; 1»KNN. TRACTOR OFL With 250 Gallons Kerosene MARTIN OIL CO. 1 I!locl< Nnrlh of Slop Lighl Stcclc, Mo. Direct icago Over U.S. Route 51 or Illinois : Route 87 (Egyptian Highway) ; Turn Right at Sikeston, Mo. on U. S. 60 Shorten!, and Fastest Koitie toCliicaf/o(

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