The Daily Delta from New Orleans, Louisiana on June 10, 1855 · 4
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The Daily Delta from New Orleans, Louisiana · 4

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 10, 1855
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ST iOHW P. HRIHS A CO. r. nrrn. OVR TKRHI, Tl Iwa pMihM KVKRV DAY In th w-, .art U drtiwoJ tortbt-erHwr. It. U prU at tba itj ttt TWKNTT HCNTa Fiw wc.m, AOVPRTIHIXW RATE!, rUif Mlirof Aw tnM, in prl. or It apien.fO BO -f rrj nbmqa toaprtltm M r.u nvmar of tn Hd. on iowrtloB 100 frv mbMqnent ,nMrtloR 0 " SUNDAY MORXINO, JCJBH 10, 183rt. AUSTRIA ASO PRUSSIA. The Oerrnftfilo dep-tlsmi bare ohtaineti I rratr nritii'Qenc od important In t poll tlMlfljirof Earope, since the commencement of th ppe,.t war, tlun their moat angulne m ntren. ph of the til'ra-M Titan school, could! anticfpateor hope. Th?r are now Ml actual ar-Uteri of the dlfflal let between the Went and Ewt. and the detlnieVnot only of the Moslem race, bnt of the to-called " c.T.HzU.oti" of the wreat Pown are, to a Urge extent, dependent on their will. The bnt weapon of these nitlonn, for time Immemorial, ha been diplomacy. They fight with protocol and" achtPTt Tlctotlet by red tape. The sword It the last plenipotentiary to wbloh thoy appeal. In the management of the dlnlomatlo portion of the present International difflnU1et in the onran'saMon of coperencp which have ni ohjrt but the ff'tln of time, and no remit but tncreatod nonfiwlon, In the easy promise and Urdy f i filmeat which alwyt characrerlisM their ttmm, -in all tneeubtie craft and niter lnilncerit;y of Mch la Matter-nfch bimetf tru-jr have proved thoir pre-eent noTerotneDta fully worthy of their ai ulster holt., And yet therpottlon of An'trlfl, at least, Is both nn'ileaftunt and precailone. S'te It standing on the brink of a precipice, and one fale atep may prroipltate her aud her fortuoea forever, and It it difficult to perceive any escape from the necr'ttlty of taking thut fa'al atep In ad-Vtoce. Bhe It tnrrnunded on every aide by agar end watchful enera'ei actually ringed with Are and wherever her eyei art turned they encounter ebhorrenco, fantred, or contempt. The DHp'e of England, her nominal allies, detplaa her and her government, and marnour audibly agaiotUhe Ministry whtrh condetcendt to accept her asilttance. The people of France regard her at a hereditary ftie, whose pretention mtiit be tupnreswd lo blood, and J-id" their t'ma In all nt deputation, . for the ay of battle and retribution. The Czir of Raffia hat complete oontrol over herilavfc nbJecU, and he who oewe saved her crown can j fling It under the feet of her insurgent people, Loafs Xspnleon, on the contrary, can alip Italy on her flanks in a moment, for It It evident that the survivors of '43, and their fr'endt, are yearn Inar for a bmn-dog leap at her throat. If-he tide with Rustle, she ft struck by the Julian tilt t to ; if she Join France, the Is strangled ly her Bclavlo ntyeete, who own no vice gerent of God on earth but the terrible Ctr, Bo the old, haggard, blood atniued nnt'onality itands to-day ringed, at we have taid, by fire, Up to this she has pr-served hereelf by "muterly inactivity." hup has tbken all tfdea, aid no aides, by turns, and when bird pressed, aucoeded In o-tverlug ber retreat, like the cut- t!-flh, by ejecting a cloud of Ink. In her hand, and tn despite of her twohandred thoumnd men 'the pen u mightier than the tword," and 1-mg ai she can fight by protocol ahe will avoid cold steel. But the present Emperor of France I not a person to be fnled by the devices of 8Ute-crift, and hescuroely conoeals hl hostile Intent agnlnt her government. The olivtinn of Walewskl, as his Minister of Foreign AO Irs ntitrka the direction of his polloy In this regard. He knows that a bresk with Austria would popularise the war at on-e, and throw on bis aide the revolutionary and republican elements of E irope. He wilt not be trifled with or check mated on the diplomatic chess-board like s foollfh King, by the Knights and Bishops of A u atria. Meanwhile, Pnisala ho'dn hr ground which Is much better selected than that of her neigh' bor, and more secure. ITer R imIsq affluftiei are , almost undUguUrd, and she may yet s'rikea doughty blew for t!ie Czsr, against the Allies. As the great drama develops ItMelf, her partwill bt neither lntlnncant nor uu-kllHiilly performed. Up to thU alio has nhown a fertility of resources, tutitle Invention, a calm tclf- posaslftn worthy of the diys of ItichcIIcn or M izaitn. To tut LaniiM. Messrs. P. A K. 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Tiie Ulxs have kiiil hu ipp nuLity of still In? tliein-itlvi' with th" tine IVncb bouuet, nt )'&!urV a a n ry low prie. l ei lb ni enjoy It, nay we. Hue advertisement. B iftpun is wlhug Mme li-inJJiuu jaconet hi ,jiun, lat colur , a. fiM-e4i cddu t,ei' arj. In the (' ntiti'-ticut lfotP of Ipmentutla t'.ij j( j. riiHiuu ti a I- oily ibu4 who can n-iJ,tjrjt( w( adopt J, loowftu. : WATRH'WOKKI EXTENSION A Jdnt committee of the two Boards of the City Council has Uea appointed to consider the prorvisltinn recently mnde by the Commercial Bmk toextend water pipes and prlvlteg into the Fourih District. As A member of that c-jmrni tee, I have taken pains to examine the whole (subject. Iu fact, the necewlty of ft movement. In the matter occurred to me more than a mruth ago, and the letter, now be lure the commliUe, lo ft c pyofoneMr. Alllngwasgi od enough to addiesa me enly In May. AltU 'tu the committee-room U the proper place to d cons the subject, I must, at the rlfk of off-nd the public eye with my name, call attention to grave ft subject through the pret. For grent measures ftre difficult to be carried through any puMIc body now-a-cays, nnleiw the mtaidt prtn- sure of public opinion acts f avorably upon them and forces action npon our Legislator. The anfTerlng and prlvaMnn of the Fourth District, for the want of water, Is not a thing of to-day there has hard'y been a summer since its settlement that the greatest com phi I baa not been beard the suffering mnnt invar I sbly In ere axe at the Dlstriot becomes more densely popnlated. Thenses of water multiply tenfold with the doubling of population. The cleansing ot streets becomes more difTlcnIt;Mthe dangers of fires rapidly Increase, and the extent of roofing catch the ra'n decreases. Our people ovist therefore, calculate on the difficulty growing greater with each year's prosperity. It It high time, then, that a remedy thai! be deviaed The proposition of Mr. Ailing Is baaed upon the supposition, that the present reservoir an engine are amply sufficient to accomplish onr purposes ; but, judging from the frequent com plnint of want of water In the Firat and Second PtHtiirt, I think It at least questionable. But whilst h's proposal contain the, germ, perhaps of a good scheme of water-extension, I think fans some clauses that ons,ht to be fatal to Ha ac ceptance. In the drat place, U proposes that no pipes tre to be laid la any street where two- thirds of the property holdoras do not consent, and where the Introduction will not pay a reve nue, at once, of 10 per cen. nett on the cost of Introduction. Now, experience shows that large class of people will refuse to vote for taking share of an Improvement, who will, wtfen It It mad?, be the first, to use and employ tt. msy be a year or two before many will use water-works, but, as In the case of gas-works, all will eventually fall Into the babit of doing so. Thus, a few unenterprising aid prejudiced mlndi have It In their power, under this proposal, to bsni'h the Improvement from whole quarters of the District. I presume there It not an omnibus line In the Fourth District that does not pay fair profit to its owners. Had they ioslUd on a profit of In per cent, bffore they commenced them, hardly two wonld have been teen where taven now t irlve. In toe second place, the Com merclal Company demand for the extension that they ahull hive a water tnx, not only from all those who Uke the water, but from all those who do not not only from all who are to have the new exteosfon, but from all who have tfure enjoyed It. Wherever the pipes are laid, c have been laid, there every house It to pay water rent. The right to grant this water rent, or new tax, It the prerogative of the highest sovereign power, and could be only given by the State Legislature ; and, according to a recent decision of the Supreme Court, It would even then be beyond the Constitution. The propriety of granting It, might be defended on the ground that all parts of a city where water Is intro d need, do reap from It a benefit, more oriels. and should pay a fair quota for It. All enjoy its use, It Is true, In case of a fire, and for cleans ing the streets. But it would be a severe tax to levy now, on the old parts of the city, where the water hat already been introduced, to pay for an extension which will only cost t'200,000 I am constrained, for theae reasons alone, to pronounce the scheme of the Company nnsatla factory. I beg, therefore, to present a plan to estAhltHh water-works in the Fourth District. Let a Joint Stock Company be created, with a capital of 16,000 shares or $25 eachoe) Hi 0,0 00, It la estimate! that a reservoir can be con strutted, and phpe bought and laid, and the engine procured, for the turn of 3.')0,000, Indeed, many estimates are much lower. Iron pipes dre now procurable at a very low price in E i gland aud Scotland, and the payment conUl be effected on very advantageous terms. The Fourth District it situated on very high ground tnd the pipes need not be sunk t any great depth. The sidewalks and streets are generally unpuved, aud the expetua of relaying them can now be greatly avoided. Labor la abundant, and can now be procured at a moderate prk-e The present water-works were constructed at a coat of 11, 500.000. But then prices of material and labor were greatly Inflated, and whole streets had to be torn up for the piping, and re paved at an luuacne oat. The extent of the city upplled by them Is nearly four ns large at the District. I cannot, therefore, be far from right hi estimating the cost of a new work a $100,000. It cm be extended as the city grows, and, In time, supply Jcnorson and Uouligny when their wants require it. The ground, mar DcIailnUae faubourg, can be procured for a m:itl aura, and the water used be free from theonul and filth of the stream accumulated acurer the centre of the city. The fl rat point, then, to be considered, li whether the cupltnl cm lie procured by sub scriptlon. I shall not attempt to prove that an "h a stock presents a duHtrahle Investment Arguments of that kind must full like mockery on the ears of a people who huve.'in times pat been so cruelty deceived as to the prutlt to he It-rived from public undertakings. Cmdiulv. Ido not think the company ctu more tlnu jmy its expenses fur three years a'tcv beginning. Indeed, If it ever pays ten per cent, it will be when the district has doubled Us population, ('sterna ere largely In use, and nilauce on them mi nt be nuiily abdndnned before water set ved at a coat U In vogue. Waterworks mint In? Htarled, not a a speculation, but as a source of health, comfort and safety. Without them our streets can ouly be cleaned when our river swells up to Its levees without them, each summer's drought must (hid nnny a poor family, to whom it U both meat and dilnk, suf fering and destitute without them, our houtea are in Imminent peril every day of our live. A Ore occurring now, lathe regions of Liurel or J rey, b-Uuw Jackson or Hucond streets, would ti.tiunie millions of property. With tu b dangers uiuuacing the DMrlct, I m emboldened U sty, tint ft0,u0'J of t ck wo u hi be taktm lu a week to carry out such a out. lheie are about f 7,000,000 invented in 'Ueabd furniture and stuck iu the D. strict T;ie liiHurauce companies all charge one-lull cent, 0'i tire licks in the Dw'ri t. The m re ik'U-e the pcpul ttl-in becomes, the bltur e rtalf will becume. hveu now a large number ot houses are iluigid two und a bull and tbne er cent, per annum. Thu, with tuxes of miuc uumnt, u'lhjtTct- tin- owiur to un annual charge I live to six pt'r cent, uu bis propeity, dn we winder that uur fttpiaresare, mi m.iny o them. .1- . tut, ,iiKi our reins so liitlj ? But. the iutto- uctUm ot water works would reduce our lire u-uiuuro at an aver due fully Uve-einhilis un et.t, which, 4u 17 000,000 t.f ( iMperty, s'H rivo a yearly aavmg to tho Di-tnct ul f , $lU,0ou. Five yeaiV aaving uf iuxinunw will pty lor urn '-ovk 1 ut dwo to the DUirl I Kvery ui'iu, whme luburane la reduced $U a yt ar, tan take a hbure or thu i.t u k. Mtiny will iku twenty HiDts the annua! wavlt g, tu enjoy v 9 ixwn or auunuaui wait r. fiuin rtv will at ouee leel the id .1 of the lin.r viueut, uud no ! ?u oui.a; aoaiU4.i win ii uan iuiu large a pront llul our Ju.u r.c comp iinea ibaielvM are greatly !a'ieti'd In thla lUUu.l' a, uu could ! wisely and safely take each of them $5000 to $10,000 of stock. Thus I believe the subscrip tion could easily be swollen to $200,000. Djt a deficit still exists to complete the cap ital, and to remedy It I approach the last point In my projH, I do It with the greatest d m denee, but I deidre that the balince, controlling In its amount, ahall ic taken by the city. No city ought to be without such control as would prevent oil extortion In the lurntahlng rf the first necessary of life. I know how mournful an experience this city has of her Interest In all works of Improvement, made by stock compa nies. She has been made to suffer severely in all such connexions, And now the Is hardly in any fit condition to help n,and If It were possible or proper to carry this work on by pri vate nndertaking, I wonld prefer it. There tre some peculiar considerations thatahonld add re the claims of thlt District favorably to the Council. They are done In no Jealous or nan ow spfrit of sectionalism. Tne Fourvh D strict the youngest, fa'rest and mont vigorous of the sisterhood ot Municipalities entered lnt the onion of the clty,wltliapopn lation, all thrifty and growing, and a domain that entitled her to be called "the loveliest village of the plain." Her taxes were light, her debt was manageable. She has now been wedded to the city three years. She has cheerfully borne her share of the burdens of the'ly. Her people are nnrlvalled for their promptness as ttx-payers although they now pay thrice the rate they were formerly subjected to. When the has wanted a" local railroad the ashed for no c'ty help, but by private snbacrlptlon the attempted to make a passage to the Lake. In return for all this, she has not one solitary substantial per manent Improvement to show that the city hs cared for her. A.few plank-ros!, a life wharf- tng and much extravagant banqueting are the fruits to her of consolidation. B it, dropping the unmanly tone of complaint, let ns say that the Fourth District desires to do nothing to Increase the taxes on her abler Dis tricts, Only keep her streeta clean end in repair, and private taste and thrift will perform all else she needs. What the Fourth District now asks, and is faWy entitled to, la the credit and countenance nf the city in giving her water. We wish her either to take atock In our wter- otks.or lend ns her credit. She has two w.iys of d lng It. First, she can lerd tit, or tike atock with two-thirds of the bonds ahe la axmt to gH back from the Pontchartrain Company; or, second, she can lend us the stock she has In the Commercial Bank Waer Works. The former would be better, and yet the latter any answer. To proteot the city In such an undertaking the moat complete and vigilant checks should be adopted to prevent such untowjrd results ss have recently befallen her. If a company coti'd be formed In the Third District to more fu'ly j protect the city and supply that part with water, which Is now unfurnished, I should feel It my duty to give such company the preference. No local feeling should overrule In so grave and 1m porta nt a matter. The city bonds or stock should only be given when bona fide subscrip tions for the balance of the cipltal are made end paid up In full. The dire -tore of the company should not be members of the Council, or ever directly or indirectly be piid for negotiating loans for the eomnmy. For inch aid and credit the Fourth District company should agree to connect Its mains with those of the Commercial Water Works, charging only a small remuneration for the water. H w mportint this may prove to the First and Hec- id Districts can be determined when it la known that, only a fortnight back, the present reservoir was nearly exhausted, and the city supp'led from the en line direct. Had that engine bnAei nder the extra stress Imposed on it, the whole of the lower districts would have fnm'ahed. in six hours, for water. The Fourth District com pany ciuld elo supply the unfurnished part of the Third District, If she could use the mains of the present company for an aqueduct to the pipes she laid In that quarter. In rase or tire near the lower line of the Fourth District, where the Urge cotton presses are located, her plugs ralirht proveof incalculable service. As a feeder nd assistant to the present reservoir, the new reservoir could always prove useful. The revenuet of the company could be first pledged to pay the interest on the bonds of the ity, and the burden or the tax be so far avoid ed, whilst the charge for water" could be made so light, that rich and poor could enjoy its abundant ue. The people of the Third District are greatly Interested In this matter, srd abetter project can be furnished, locating the reservoir there, none will more cheerfully nip. port It than I. The declining value of property d that section demands the warmest sympa thies of the Council. No greater proof of the severity of taxation npon tbem can be fotnd, thsu Is vlalhle In the Treasurer's T.ix Register. Whilst only sixteen hundred dollars of real estate, in Fourth District , is now in suit, as belonging to unkuown parties, and only thirty- x thousand dollars of real estate Is lu snne condition In the First District, tt Is a painful fact, that nine h iodred thwsand dollars of real estate, In the Third District, Is now being cued for taxes aa due from parties unknown. Any public Impruvemontsthat can therefore be better accomplished In that quarter than elsewhere, ill meet my warmed support. Do they feel xposed to raise a company, such us I have meaiirely described ? If the hands of decay an ba atayed from them, 4hout detriment to the Improvement itself, the l u -ctl may well feel called on to locate it iu their nix'1. In eoiwlu?km, I think that proper pro Mons i muld be made to prevent new company tiu i getting under the control ol Ifo .GhJ. Without entering into the spirit of complaint pretfifbn? against the present company, I cannot but think that a little generous rivalry, or eompe- ioh, aiming oeiween lue two companies. ,ougb aupplyin? different sections, wilt creates iod result to the public. n-)Mt fully, LOfiAV M.KS'I'iHr. Pkoi bsiiok HiiETTg Our limitnl timet lire veiit.m fnim alludintr at any lennth to tlioprn irreiii of Prormiwr Ilrette to-diy. We con line ourwlveii to atatlng thut bliaummorwawm hu lieen, up to till,, t qomplete luocemi. Ill, elms on coiuinue tu crowdfd aa ever, and aome wooka he enrol, aa iiiunya twi'n'y new tulw i llora, and a greater nnralior of casual atudenta. There la no ituaU-meiit iu hla popularity, and never can lie, naimu:u aa genuine merit ii alwuya popular. le rroieaaor cau be louuu ua uaujl at no, 1:1 t'hailea atreet. K'lip (leorire Wu.hli'Kton, Cupula Panlon (1. 1rarda, haa returned to New Iledfoid finni iliiig voyage to the Ovhot.k Kta, htvlnv tuki u In three aeaaoua 7000 luriela uf whale oil d TS ofup'rm oil, tha lament quantity evrr ken hy any wliuler tlurlug a ainsle i-rulae. lie (leorjo Wa-hingtou aailid in N'ovemher, Is.'.!. Mr. l'dttcrmin, one ol the editor, of the Park- le I.uuvnary, tho eatlilislinuM:t which wiu tn.jvd hy a null, for tho alleged antl alivery rlivitie-i of ita colonr a, ha, been niHkliifir ipenhi H to Hie I'Vei aoliora ot llii.lnu. lie Mia fin that be w.ll return aud carry the war Into ca. The third lecture ou The lleroiam of fhrla liilty" will he lit liven d at Clirlat Chun h, 1 n nul alreet, to niiiht. piul.Jeet 1 " The llero'.m of I'rinclple In t'ivil l.lle." I I. .uia hi. Vigor, lor many )era a uieiither 1.1 fie Canadian I'ailiiueitt, and leeelver gtucral uu.lur L ud Klglu, d ed on the 27th ultimo. d )'era. Hi. Ilev. Dr. Bj.od, formerly of Bro.kliT. waa, uu the Jl,t ult. inatalled aa Roiuao Catbullc btaliop ot the tit of I'ortUud. J The next Ccnuress has a cnrtssjlty In store whirh will materially ad i to its attraction. The Columbia (Text") Democrat has the following announcement : "Three-Legged Willie Is spoken of for Congress. .Indue W'tliamon has few superiors In point of talent In Texas." We do not see why three-leggell Billy should not rnu better than a candidate with two legs. But if those tuaa naturir are to 1o sent to Congress, why not elect the " bearded woman ?'' The General Assembly of ftmrie Island have confirmed the Appointment of Justices of the Supreme Court made l"t October. i - -i .I. i - tjtcHinbonts Icnvlriaj ilila Uy, M"b'T-nTKUnV. ftfjf-m, 13 H. Mio'lrvlU? t'NirhOsTA'IK", SrStll. t K. Mviiev - J f PhH, H.rtmiiH. 7 . MMlvU!B,tlc. I.KliNURA, DuulIi-, a, , MARRIED, On tti T'h !ntt. bv 0p Kr, Plfcr B-1H, KTiWARP "HOMI'SON tn MAUY KKBkCCA VfchKY, dif.'.tr of th tt M tin ' JumlO DIKD, On Sm'nrT 1-ti lr(nt M HL'DB, dhUr of Win. C. iin-I l.onlM Hn11, aRml nti Wiunlhi. Thftlr da nf th f in v if r-lnv!tt In tf f1 tli fu.irt.l, from No. 199 K-j.liiAi ilrt, 'I -it A rrri.t.u loi'i la.Uni, st Ht o'clock. Jiin-U On lht'thiTol Mnr, MAROaYRKT 4. IlR'JQS, dangnUr a' Kllhu W. B nr. D'h h willti from enr mldit, bfnr full nf hnp vtA prnmlM. She mTM In Ilia bnj nn ofdtitr mnA ntefnliiP", I -lint 1 7 n1 wllhoat rt oUMoii, On brow of ronUi ih b m ihUinp of lntllet and wlilU "Bttti, Religion w hnrctnpn1oo, h BTaar hr gnM! n4 now, wk t' m. In HrTn ! will If rowardS Willi"!! lohcrluue lororrujnl-blv.and ftcrnwn lbt rlth not iwj," jnto it F. A. a. nd A, I. r. I'wte THIS KVKNINO B. A. BorKK, a r4 as Scre(rj. SALE OF Dr. M,Lnno,8 Vermifuse. Awifitig lltt himdre-1 of laitm, etrttllratM nd otd:i r-eld by th pmpiU'or or Ih'i midlcln, Ibt fnllowlnitBra ioie tA t ihow rliretr, ftnd tb lTot of III nit ! ft IU nt MHtof Un- W it i HMY4T, 1 ON. II rtn irtnntj, T., My la. IWfc I -A k r . i .11 i -I fo' ll lnvnltitl! Tfml r ii-ilce ( 1 II fifnl iiiai v lthr (Hi w ill .t'l- t ilia I'lli'n- nt il(d hUk m khJ in ni f r it ul it--V nilTiif inimtdla'aly, Yuti.i.i'-., AMtRI. ROSS, Nrw pRovrnFKrp. tm., Jtiiy i,ih. M.irc J. KMd A n. -Plf)n '( III Vermira For n mi iclblf. n Wf ii i.f rly on l, li-At m t ill j ki At. W behave It 10 I UilP V- in Tnid. PORTKK A DYUU . rr Pmrhutri wUI In e'ffl to uk for PR H'r.tXKt rKLKUHATRU VKKMIFUOR, and Uhvaono!. Allothor VrnHftiKM,lii onmpMrfaon r wnrthloi. Dr. H'Laiit'a Yf- itlfa, ftlio hla CKLKHRATKn LIVPFIl PILLS, MB now I a4at all raiftvtaltl Drug Bioraa tn Uia Caital HtsUa and Cnda, Ko. IU Chart r 'il, Naw Orlaam. Qrttaral Wh !' Acuta, lo whom all ord'-n nival bo ad- 4tdt4. Alio, told by ail roic labia drug atoraa in Ihla elty, Jia atlpAltW Notice to Coast Passengers. Th mtlt Una attmar OHf.UuN, for Unblla, THIS PAY, ftt I iol-rt, WIN. NO I' KTOI' at Har SI Laulaor I'aaa Chrli-n. Tho WfS A, for Mbll, on HON OA Y by Ilia 11 o'clock, M , rara, WILL STOC al Ihe Bay and P-m ChrUllan. jclt It n. OF DDKS, Agent. Police. TO SUIPPRT.S 07 FRF 10 H I' TO MOBtIS BY 1HK P. S. ' MAIL LIXK. All itta rreljht at tlia Ponteharlraln Railroad. lMl!iJrclardoiil IHiS UAY, by tlw OHKtlON, fralglil aant hvn atHyon HON UAY, will ko a tar by tba CI' 1) A j and IrvUht ll. lMCrrl.l H ff 'itnDy by tfaa tbit id all boa it, Rtl'a nl la 'lug ih iald b taken In all ruin, )lfl It H. UKIIK, A?nt, P. cV K. Keiily ,WlllronimeneaTl.M'RHOWl Monday, Utb J tin, to SKLL OUT their aftHreatosk of AUUMKat 0 OCIi, at tollowV US $1. 104 .. HIOII. at 1. lifl I.ATtlKS' UMUKCLLA8, a ll BO. liLAOK AND COLO IK D BILK UTAHF and MANTUff, r, R .APR LACK BCKPS AND MAT1.K4, al la, .' ' IM P1KCK4 NOPT Miri L MIMI.fN.atll M. I ., T APR rilVCK CIHHIC( at lircnb, IS ,. 15 Y AMI'S EkVH, BKOJHB MUSLIN, for Cur tilnaaud Uoaqnltn ftO. la I, U FBKNCU M'HITfc tjril.TS, 1 M, tai,S a . 3t PlrOS HANDJOMK NEW STYtlt PHINTfO LAWNB, at IIH fame, Ite ltl''H FUtUNCKP BARM1R ROPK'.at f. lit IIKCrjt, li YAH OS IKIoH LINK VS. gg, K V K:M, PI I LY 4-PLY, TSlNrRD LIN IN, t(i eeata. Ut DOZ. TORKISU It ATM TOWKLt,!! B0(r dntf, - And KKBROIOKICIES, BO;IPRV, ilLKS, and othar goodg In proportion. P. & E. liEJI.LY, Je:llp Corner Canal and Boyal alraala. Mop that Dreadful Cougli. We call tha at'.ntlon of th public to tho great and vala-aMa rtmedy forCntda, Conitria, iettra And r)ii0n.pll"O'-Ut. DAVIS'S COMi'OtTNDNVHrjP OP WILD CHBfKY AND TAR. Ti la un.lva'ed ibedlclaa will not only raiUv., but aiedlly euro, whau all oil.or naaua have fatted. Make no atvatlmenta up 11 tba dcll-ato tlaua ot Iba Inuga, lutteck at once thla a fa atri healing romeily. Under Ita Induenntha moat daniorouaconich la lainnved, aplltiuf l bUrfnt la p'a vented, ti.e br?a tiling I r ndered aoft and eaay, ai d lit' uufoi tta no finer la icon mtoed 'rom the aw! Ml cocdltlon uf Cona imptlon tu a baalthy and comfort a b!a allele DC. Hold hy J. WRIGHT & CO., 151 Cbartreast., Uie jM'iTi.t) Only A tenia lu New Ot leana. M iisliiiR !3Iiilin! FRKVP3 UltOANDY MlMl.l Nt, at SO canli a yard, worth W, PltKNCH JAOONKT ROBftM, a, vorib A. KLOI'St'KD UltOANUY M'lBfeB, S. Worth (9, PHINTr-D LAWNS AND PI.A.J OINU I1AMH, at Ucentia yard. UOTl tD, PLAID AND 8TBIPKD iV!?P, from U cenla yard anil up. II I UUHHINKT so em la a yard, worth te. BR ASKLM AMj A BAHDY, Jelt3i:p Corner .'f M mailt. e and Nt. Andiew freela. To tlic L'Hlics. Wa have Jnat ra-elve-t, par atceuiar Caliamba, a Urge aod ele gant eeturtment or Fine Frii-h llomittfa, which wa will retail at a email gdvanre n Importit'on eoat, IUea may rely uin galling tlAltUAINa fur a few lata only, t TAYLOR'S, J-lt-3lllp Hiru.l.trMl. C'arpft Wari'liouse, ;1 l li.iHTJIKj! FTHKKT ' . "KlStl-A U,,.t"rl( f .11 kln.t, n.i -ul. ' i.ov,l -or .11 wl.ioia hu I 'ii.llilr MArTlK Ito l. k-4, t-4 ktlJ, I ,1 1,. IR CLOTH. OOVKHH.HI'AIB ROn. lor clullia, nlfuml ,1 BHornimrr a m. 1 Ihl- Nr. r h nn .1,,,.,'irto. I'rilMert.' ink. JOHM 0. UOHTHOIIVH PltlNliTlS' IS'K, u4. it for ,11 Hum u, Ow ytr42j"" . tr.r.r. nc. to.ll olli.r., bj t1.. p-ltto., .1 ii7iifrer 8l" ' UulLdKLt... for ,.1.1., J. WHIlillT It CO.,lil Cu. 'res ets J.18 auUoTlitii Only 4.ut. lur N.. -ti-.b.. ; Pi'i'iicii JaroiM't, fast coi.on-t Al I lflini C'mta, AT BIMPBON'S, .lri-,IJi 11, O.N..I. HTH PKT, To tUe Huililliitf Public, JiHr.1 llrl'trilg, Aiel.lte t and H'HMer, la pei matiently lo atfil 'li hi-lir', and u I HmJ- ti 11. A S PuH IIHIl LUMI, mi nl-h pan and rrw iVubllr ami tl."te bi.M.HiuJ,' "n' iIih in . h i u lii.i.i.v.-inpnt. and al a ie., i oi ,,11 kj.itu al efl, K.l'l.rt. M1. j(i It J6 b ka Wt lla. YrUow aiH Il-nwu, Uniting par biig aWiul. J. 1'eleie euu at li'iuuei gjnniah'tia, p.. r !, by B. DIS VJrtsKIt A CO., f'ln-l'Jn ti Mr.iti,ai-r. Sim tu, OS hogag Whlta, Vtl'iw ami I mwg, p it ate, Poreale hf H. UK VmsKH A CO, JlO St-'p M--'!'"-'l. Cocoa. M lg Hai tar d Oargcaa, ou 'ah by B. iK lssKH A CO., To b.i ceo. "fl Ualwg HgvgjigaSlCul.-t hi b-.i For aaU ly b. OK Vla:il A CO. il -lUp 11 Hag ne afreet, t Ina i . Ir3(trt CMiAH'-, gegrtei br ml- .nd alie. For aal bp b, i'K VlrWI-H A CO., J '9 "'aiuiilr,,!, .lfc Prices Jteduccdt ALFRED MUNROE CO. 31 Mttgnalne street. .14 Pork ti of or ivirk stkhkt, Wonld rcir'fnily lnnrm lhlr nmroua Mandi nd i' pnMtr, that In cotiaro. tnfuoftha Urra ilnck on ranri, ardin oMartomaka rapid Ib-y haw RSDOCSO THK rillCB Or M'MMKR ruTlNO. CAI.Ii AM KK I NO DKVUTIOS FHOM THK MARKKP rniCICS, slnrflnlfllwt,lnlanlUl,delotl.BACudPKO'-.S f.naanrt rnpft-flna real French Mtrlno Barp nr and f 'allnn riolb S'lk Alpitcfld T.tmira Whltf nd rftlorwl Dnffc nd Prill Ptanar' I.lnn 'platirtld art Ida) Llnan V. tck aud Pu y Brill do dO do dot do du; So do I do dot do S t.1OK XarsalilM (In very flr.a. PAWTAL0O5S. White, Brown mui Faney Drll! Panla1ooni Po do da Duck . di Rrai Pranch Mrlno, lira anrt anparllna, PanUlnonai . Prancl fttd arcerlran Cutlouftd do Fienrhilngla mlll'd C'aaalme-a, tw etylei Tweed Caaalinvrf (for Spring) new ity!, s a t s . R 0 and H PR Whlta and Fan-y liaraellleft YW R 0 and H D B Rrown ftbd Planiaia' Mnoa 41 Botnbaiino, Barronrand Alparra io ALL THK AHOYK lOOIrS SBJUTTVS:. Boys mill CiilMrcns tlothlnir. We wnnld ftivn call alien Hob to tho atock of aio.ot worth of INDIA RUBHKR OOOPS, mannfactnred hy tin "Union" Company. Bry article w Arrant ad, ard fur whomtbeytta tba only agentaln New Ortana. NO DHVIATION FROM WARSPD PBICBS. lOP Palaamen felr M F'enrhlnnfnaro. ALFffKD MUXHOE A CO., JflS V dp Magalf a atrai. I'nqiieetioitaMc Testimony. Tbef 11w1ti nmo Mtod ud onqieeilonah' toatlm-ny 'n fTor of PTHItY PA V'S'S PAII KIMlt,ln caaa I'HOl IH and FKVKR A NO AGO, ib( u'd ca'efn I? prard by til rig lit tblnklng parfona ( pnnr0rR loa-a, MayB. lal. Ontietnen I Wl under o'1'Mrm. hi y n for tne ben lit 1 hav,. ic e'vul finm f-nf lt.Ttu LI' I'al . K H er. We Invp In1 cinie r).,, r h-1 ,-. t wiaula Una early fnthfaea n Awd t'lice 1 a ltd In "'attn on- lid tm tug one of i,ti 'Mm, win wm flip- na fl-tn lav-k mW- the 'laere. Tli" n-w I'Miir I w e t k-n wi h -err vm-tHlnr, a'fin(ianla M 'I rnldiieaa nf I'rn r-n ! Ia. rii-fr ii(Mill. I afi-ll atl n f.ill-rt In r-Hmi-rat ffilh: n. wll. 'r Ntnllv, Wlin Iih I d M.e Pal- Ktll. Milh lie e 'atln tliet rh'.l iae oti In f" It tl't. advine t n.f take I'. I look ten n'f. a' lnlrrN nf flfttrt'll ml "la" I 1 i- je e frill ti enalij and t e ne' y, ltrrlng a IMt'a rebtipi, I w.p well, eri l liat Vn-ii nra. It nnv h-Vf i-ceii n at k of ague, but whether tgtn T eh"tff. It -.n wre m r1"- sn-e tT re-'i'-ry, I Itirt li .1 a r nt onr rltle have nn il tli- Ptln Klllt-r aa areitt- dy f.-r rh tfa and ji". nnnti d I ' unnA I tliernfr. e k pltaaiurlu r-coiiiHiandiLg It to a "till Riura extiuaUi- fiUrp Youte, trnl. W M PRfi.itR, Attorney a L. Parry Pa via A Fon, Pro Idmee, H. I. For eala by j. wflir.nT ft o, .a SnMnThSp 1S1 riiartrea alreet. The Jesuits ?--Tlic Jesuits! HISTOfiY OP THE "TlFfi AND IXSTITUIE o p ST. 10ATIV9 K.OVOTj., FOl'NPFR OK THK SOCIETY OT JFM'K Translated rmnt the lUllanof lUrtoll. by M'ma CAl.PKRON DX LA RAItOA, anlbortaa nf Life In Jfeiloi, Af , Ac. Tnaniieat la mora rammoi la pulpit, paper and e nvar-a tm,thn th JE'l'ITS, yet no eulject I moro nil y handled, and wany whom tha pnbllc oonal ler a memlwre nf ti e re'rhretrd order, art, In fact, pertong having t leat n -ympatl y with It. No b-Mr npiortnnliy waa ever offerad than la m glran htb'al-ook of kanwlrg li'iw tha Jetn!te ware fnnnri' d and ahal Ihey really ara. It wa not written lo meet auy pr-Jo-dire avalnat hem hero, hat waa wrltfn and pabMi hd to I a-ly Inng lnce, and every mark of ar-nrary. Tua fame of the amiable liantlaliir la too great to t dmft a d of hi-r fldetllyand eleganna Juil publrl,ad by KllWAHD DUN 10 AN PRO., New Ytr k. For aale In Ne w Orleana b r TIIOS. O'POXNETX, ' atJ; ICO Tamp alrael, na St Pitt! k'eCh'ie-lT Vnliiable Htantlard Works, Pr e'e b- THOMAS u WHITE. Bool: seller, 10.1 t A AL 8THEKT IU3 i:tV-0'S PH.KfT WOIIK li vt-lnmea, lll 11RVT.S NOVKL1 ANII TALKS OK tJIliNf KY'-- rtlMPl.KTE WORK !ii)TT"S WAVP.RLhY j t lnme-teomrl. Ll"plnctlt, (Iratnlro A On'- edition. CUM WIN QVS CtllH'LMlt WUKKS In Z4 TJlnmee, - In ltg or periara'e, ItANi-HOPT'S HISTORY OF THE TNiTPD STATKS, rilAMIU.RM'W illTCLLANirf t vhnmw, HXHI'Kh'a I'NIVRKSAL (1 A.KX'l KKH. A UH'O 's fOMFLtlK WORKS Vulnitta. i-g- lt?p To Mt lutnl-, Clerks, Kc. t'l wtm wlah to he rekilr f rfa-'v f II biflnea, aa f .r WRiTINt) or li OK KKKI'iKil I rotifnifl, ,--n ;. n wl In a I- y liion at UOLHK a K'rt W 1 i 11 ; n,A II a. kei-htit Fp'ah'Uhiiirt I, 1(0 I'a-ial etrerl. 8irr-i tn anlaed 1 t 'all Ciwa-j In raum-tllu lr L-.Ht-in.l rtM . n. I'li'e-:,. HlrlM Dtll.Hr: H, U iur.i p'irl A tSecift for the Li, !. HOW TO PUEBEItVE BEAUTY. Don't naaChallr, Lily White, or auy of tha eo-celled C e. matlce, tooogreala faded and fallow ionipleilon. . If yna wond bava the Ofaabruoht bak ti yon cbefk, a nlaar, hoalthy ind trn(nreot akin, and and rlir It,-fneed llirouifh tha eTilnm, get a bottle of Carter' a Hpanlab Ml at n re, and take It eruo ding to dlrfcllr na. It duta n I taatequlteaa we'l aa yoor aweil-maa'e, tut If eftr a few doee' yon do nn Hnd your healtb and beauty reviving, yBur atari elaat'r and vlgnron, t'e wbril eyettm rerrehvd and dj-vlginalfd like a Ht-rlnit m iming, tbrn our ciie le bc. a, aud all Lite valuable rvrttrli alee w poeeeaa gn for nan? 'it It la the g va'eat port Her of t e blood known; fe wikctly ba W lee,and at lb aama time powerfully arir-aclottg, Km alvert'eeint-nt. For eala lu New Orleana, wtinieealeand reUll, hy i. wi;iuht A ro., may IT Prl flun Wed lmlp iin. V.i nintreaatreat. TO CLOig OLH rjUUUhH Hi OK OF CLUTHINO, Jnat rerlfed, per eleamliii ('adawba Blrfped UiUKban Frtck aud Btvk COAT4 ,,.1 00 H' rl 1 tire L'uvn do do d , I 0 Wlih Uuetla Llneu I melt dj , to Wl:1t do do do do, ... , , ... 1 to Whit da do do do ....... leg Irtgether with a auieHor t'o-k of Hue and fn .iiu. Olotblhg, of atijiei lor inaltty, Ul of wlilcU will ba o'd at Ilftliicrd Prlcea). One o' tha Hi m will miou leave for Ilirlr niinn'noti .'SI ILLWKI.I. A Mt)N'l'RON4, 111 Full- n ctriet New Yotk.) aud wo Ud like lhat ibelr frl-i,df would ava ibt-lr meaaurea and order for tUvlrFvLL A Nil WINTER aL't'l'LlKti aa eat 1 a i j a I lila. Moxrnoss & stiluveix, If Matraine, r-firiier f'l'iutn n trL BTILLWKlaL & MO.VTltOSS, Ja gt 113 Pulton etrt t, Nc York. .loie Groat Bai-guins A T S. N JKHiliV'j. DnFW PINK All IRT Bt)i,itts, a Imnorlara' pi keg. His KX'1.1 KST oHIHTH iedifrd to T par half di.aea, L1NKN llANl'Kl.ll 'IIIKFf, rgly Laiutfed, lftiga .lie, U en Beach, FORTY VAHIKTIKS OP HKrHKKCHK VI'MMlCR ORATAT4. NlTaflleH HMMIKUV AND t'NItr R UlIairNIa, RfirJ.LKt $1 Ji eadi. aiLlv ANU COTTON I'MBh KLI.A8, 1M lliaa ert. Aud a geUetal aaaoitiuaul uf Genii Uitii'g. Furiilbltlng Uooita, At prken for tha thuei. , pp ttHIRTH UAOKTU UMIUR, auy le, In amnnth, glUANUKKH, COPY THK At liHKKB. 8. n. Moony, Je9 il tdg Cornet Oaual ulreel and Kachange PUoa. Ucci" SOURiS A WAT, s CMITHIKRI. COR,. R rAVpH"0 0t,lu,N 'ltltTa1f ru- rlh.U"01 Araoonelgutly rerelvlua by aierTST''1 W ,ha Urge aud wall ealaclea 4Ji 1,.B7tlalJ 'Mi eUu,H' Bdfatgnalve gurtmnt I- Fine fcumiuer Clu.-tt'i! !i:biclitg al) the late nelea, bmli li, aljle V'1 x'la-Cit AVA'I'd AM) HttslKRY, tiivtiya,-tiF, fi" fall and i-inilne. M Ij ' 1 1'OHTAIU.K (iulta JViclia Showci Jlatlu A X l T U li 8 , Juel raculved, a au., ly ui Hie tpuatalua. '1 laieivi w, i,,,,U! Thay tan he rr. U.l In lh, 'elleut and i)onveni-nt H Uud lit. in Imaliiable. uf au uiillugry Lai I iig. j nit 'g lli-iig ajMd C In itttcHl Ntorw. ' atiit gud CarandeU' (g Hm gical I list i ii in cuts AUil'Tg I Nil, UOPPIMJ, 011-.IH1HH', P-t'K KT PAm, lljgp i!MK(l. ii N fsj,, TIH'eht, In av- y atjle, and LA Si. r i i, Jrlir'AL hi HULK U lUs. ut:in i k k pii wisi a.. 0u hgud, afi.ll an 1 aelrcl aaeurtu. nt at ' ' " aiu' liiug a ml Ciumlciil Slur, )e&- 1 tFniiiTti ..i Co. L.rCgnal ami Caroudelet a, l'l'Ua!'fUk i.i, i.. u. Km, ao. i a,,,,,,,,,, ,u4 ,,Uuo. , . olnai,, icl.n.1., 4c ,u,,n.,. BU ,,,, .,, ., IV, C.u, li,,l. For Associate Justice. TltW OtKANS, May W,1:S. Hnn. J.V. t.HA t Sir ThoMnt'era'gtied, cltlaena and mef-rhatiUo'New Ofiaana, dealro ti nnite with Iba Bar In a prte-lug htlrrplnlno of yonrml9ent fortht Import-.nt eta lan for which your n. me h beetitacen ly praeoutaA, They b'g 10 b- p' milled thne to Aimnnnoa their Intanllon ptperte with Bar In promoting jonr ela tion, Adding In tn r r" Jndlr'nl rar-r an nnftiailopabto gnarAnta .f junr lnttr melu nasi, If olaeaied to lha eupremo nencn lamea K l b A P(t i damn IVtrre MtlUrd A Co L'tur a- Hriha I llifher M- l L da .lolin K MaraaMAOS J A Heaid a ftlay ( W Kxititi o 1 m T l.t ti-dala 'iO'tt M Pin Hrd OS Win (' 1 ' m klm .1 V Pi,e M o u M--iton .fob 11 C R!'ATnod w,t, J P. wi-r tnlng-, Stewart A Co 11 II i-rlud A I he ly Mm Sn l-h A fo V, iwl' J I.n-le Jirre C minify A Oo lliiol t-b w Vo ri,,t t- M W'rimB p V Fi4alfr,ir TC Ttalrlioll R W A la'na O W limiting OR J A trrlll OO Mrttti, 0 en ACobb II li-) Tne ''o lik, Oat A staoSef J 1 HHknop - k riiiima . a Newman a it Ji'l.ti K, vUMiewi 4 V LeUt.d ti I. n,.'e-n A Son l.og,r. A Murp'iy (Mte) A llawkma Il o ifn A Co I u-i It 1'a J'.Ihi Cr.w. M Juii'-n J. Im t' rt.n tin a r ll, P I rhard A ro P ltt ne Tani Wil k t'O r1-v Innd, II; :tber A Co wm m aw t W it'Kr 1, m t-i l ergcr r v wu ..1 ilfr-.' PmiB v.'l . A UHi'ne I..itbt Heme! Wn Hoea A ti 11 on i:ri. w P ttiiroa 11 v li n;er J 1 .-a Lean 91 M'B m lavl l iwena A Oo J A O I'roniwell W O M' l.f . C,l Kt ut Jf.ffii W ,arr J P Ah Atfie lUvll J J K- r ..,4 H H II -no ft in R P .-J K C ilwcll -e 'i I k Vtgnftnd 'i It !.! uei -1-i J M li -u l D.i 1 P I- 'gan r J M- k. r W ll Vi,dotll'g U M W 'glit Wit. ll W fni r y t. Mtrl.e win a r 11 ..ii.itfij A Lei .n J Itairv VI mil A V li Hu k A Petk V W l- na M 4 J II J ll h.rtM J VrriiTn I It l' u .r J .. -it ! uea .li Un i Jti-n.a Kli'ct.A r I. a I -rtavlrt 11 ..I T ,1 ibn f It V'li'la J H a. t I u an- A Cu Win T rtei p v. It r e A Oo in. uilii k 1 ii'lant . a.le Jut-) A Co W Wt lAl'fi V T I u-iu rVe Co l-ill- ll Pn I t A Co lit"C II oer Hn-e Kkb man I. A u. a n r u 11" " tTer A P4 w e 1 tii i m- t.t Wr uht J.riti Wtfiti r:i ll H Win t- A On I (" M rk ndar A Co n. -t- i i Kti 'rutin I Ne.Mia tj. II tie A ro .Mi A M kiby tli A iloiikhie a.d C U'jUou pa, NtW OUI.PaSS, Jif t , UC Oet ll-men - I eba'l not a 'cti l to elva -p eeehn to the rr'e 11! t-ntcllona wt.teh la receipt cf fnr tetter haa ewe k rued. I elifinhl, huw-ver, b wani ng In tlinie mi ral eltrl- tree wLIc rbonl I xrarO the at Htm fui v blob you lender air n., lUHd ! .ili'i$ n.cb a tt!mH l af 1 11 re pa I an ! fovfr )-. tYitip g aa tl 1 n frini tli iue cS averj a' ale of )'!( leal ll )ficnce, It affwi'l a yi4toute rtat fa- aa tho wlin ratre"-nt t ,r rnnuf dl t I tta ai Lie NU'eein eff-c' ao ilel atlaa ra nil. Jn :l la' - Iwilimi ara eel gp't fnHi Iba arena ol p"Utl .1 a'ilf. 1 kuu.l'l-t -v'''ikAlf ruttier a Hit- ami' 11 i-tnant of auc i icll u, tl au tilbusa 1 f r-ir n il rt- II w v.'d l e 1 tatnnptno'ia 'n r,ia tn aMIrtrate the rear, It ol te lael n, bnt vtliatever It a.a Le, 1 eiull n t ar-1 a n m,lunt on wli t-U h .e len aci-oni d by ai n a y m I of c ut le r-anl kla luraaon t ' pa t Of 1 I rj . .!, wli'j giea'- iejmj , yur obedien' er''iit, J. N. LKA. rn fa.n. Jniea Robh A f., Tlirma' Ml Unl A ' o., Win. II, tta land, Cu I ly, and Ubi rt. A. A lame, Petare, i llrlgNe. A, it. If el Jni.e l-lld tw For Chi e f Justice. JOH.S K. KLGEE. KKW OKI, KAN, June , I'M. T!ia under. lned, tnemia.if the Har, rec'.uni eLd uie w'.tc-Hon of JlHtS n.. K'.ie.r', of !h ).itfi nf Upj Ire, lo Ihe (til) -a .f fill UP JU-rH'K tF THK TA i'K OP iJ'l'laM, avrtpd by i In raignili.n of tlie II- . Thon a hiniell, M'.'a lit ill lexal att-tnueiil and giel rtvt worth, Mmltii.t? in ll'y him I ti I that dU tjiK'il-liril p-il loo with pn ht to tl v sui and hu no. ti- W. t at 11 'g' mA 1 H eailna, a. li ¬ J. w f ,V. W Kin , i li ii. W'..i'e. lt, H birt v 'lime J S t r(d. t. I' H . In Hole I I'f..i W n K. If I f-e. L I! . HienrH T'n t,i In Ci. m hmraon, Hu, Il ul-ar, f hn PI rii.j, L Jun ii a t: .i:.v. I-1 n.. '. 1.. HMg. t, ntoa. H. J I. ler, W. W. W Wood. Aim ii i ('II r,t, 1 a. Hva-ne, , W, L U, U. tVlciHlau. t'LIXTOSf . f a., Mar 153. xeuaburf . La, mem'-? ni tl a Har, ba.lui Totlig Hon. P. T. Mkhbick, Ie,r Hli T'ie uii'ie.tlk- ii ., Hit n 1111(1141101. nf the mm, Th. uiaa t-Mde'!, aa Chief .Itia Jp ol t.n Ht at-, hevtt ae'er-ed y,u aa one wh m thay lli'nk eminently qn.MHJ to HI ' lha' In. porta .t oltlce, aud de. ik i uu jt i a tu p'dc iai uama ueicr ii.ej u-.ii-as a ca lldefe. .1-.ll I R te, II K Wil on, O Pmra. r c it-1 J li Dial h. w u. i A A 1 11011 A W Prior, Mi: lib. Tu John M fioberli, . 0, Qanlua, Aahford A-Uli iiiiiu,aui (iitigre. i Bfiitleiuen-MBfe y relorn from Ilia Flghlh DUtrhft, yoar inr: te'iueallng ma to become a caudl tale foi lha nnieeof Chief Jinltrt., u(if T-.t hy the realfii .tLm tl the Hi-n, iiiie t-UJell, l.a b rec-tleed. P.r tiile aieaal'u -t ire nn uu- e jnu taa my ar .tefnl arbnowledm atv-.l: lo your wlebee, and C'Rlcat to lb pioiwl ug of my nam. Wltb gnat raapect, I remain your, Ac, Vt-IKJpe R. T. Sf F.KRIOK. From the Jlome Jouiual.iX. . , Voarllcleerer arqnlred i rp'd twlehrit and nnl - pei ular'ty aa Lyon'a Rat heir on. To thoaa Wo bva uaed II, aim ni n not,) ihereaion la obvloqg. ae it not only Lea Ulteatlt balr, put preaerveg andreatsie It nt an advanced aldgeof Ilie. It perfiini and ag-o aba eulUeHug gflectt nuu a eiBtup ii an lUillapentaLIe arttcla of tb lot tat, old IhrontfLuul tha world for 1ft cost a a bull It, P. U RAUNKM, ll Uroadway, H. T. WKI1HT A CO., KOOVIL .AlaAD, 4U1 JAUV1U WUOOUAN.Kew Orleana. inayll ltuSp TcauiHlci-t. uud Utiguu .Master-. if Pl. :-'B' hvL J t-at laat'.ed tn il Wig in Knaura riali., ',! Iin had Ihe out- pilulnl, ami "'" J hat'un.autg p at-!.-)) - now .(! tu ,-para lb ttJtij m.ui, to ul' a uiK hl'Mich t I. A I'D. to tti.lcli evt'iy iVaii4lei Mi I Ihg m-.h ul th Uutt (1 Mie'.M, Nl'i''-'' Il-Va A L K F R , ,-t.k I', Brlia Rnlidlngg, A. rnitouierg 1 1 in. k " I'ttll.W Mlrtl.r loil.K'g 'Ma',,, , lllll..'f,ll.,.1 .. , ,. 11 ."'nr. .'ul y I'ahviuiK i.i i lt , y F KC I Ha 4 B 4V' Curu.r ,r r.,,,,, , , ' O. !,, TIUD ILDS t O.tllWA CO., Jet tjyll.ia t i ' ' '!", Pulldel.,'g. 110 F0Vll4a urutf , uiutwlunr of f.Mu.l ...i ug hiUg uiuiii, ai 'kg, Roug-i-a.. Wiuiba-iabl,., aiuuli,. Irw., kc. Cualig, glaU T1IK UA1LY UKL.TA B T A M B U U ft. AMD J " PIU .TING HOV8K, Tfl CAMP STREET , KRW ORLRANS. Thapropitelotaof Iht DAILY DM.TA would tnrm pnbllcthat thepkaTt, In eon section lth lh Sawpaw Daparlment, Bonk nntl Job Prliitliifr Office, complete in oil tie ar-ent;emnva. am ot an tilant that wit) aaaUotbem to meat all reqnlaltlona with Ihe nlmnat dltpatok THK MATKRIALS ARB HN1.RKLT NhW, eltrt1 with great rare, and of the laiaat nud mnit ftpprwaS tytn Tho bail of worKman ara omptoyad, and th tOotia preporod tn tueuli etery de erlptlon of Book, Job, Cartl & Ornamentnl Prtnllng iDaamMTlnr manner, and Willi tha ntmut dlapatca. She et'Kkof PAPKB, CAhUS and FANCY HORDhltg, g VftHeiy f rolora, Aa, earefu ly eelrtd from all par wRb grrat ore,eemit1e vailed aeeort merit of tha Oneat qnuj. Ilea. The Poster Uiirtmnt of Ihla eaubHahmeiit la Infer! -r to nono, nnd cAnprlaeg a fan etiorment of tha flneat and leteel apeelniena lb tnodotn arilitp hte priHlne.l-of large plain and err an at, ta) lVPK.IiKVU,'K.,Ao.,1n whlrh lhlaata'd ahmont esraia, it la therefor predated to pilot arary dariiptlun f warg ftoBtbo MAMMOTH POSTS B totheKMATXFNT OAHD, at the abortaet n tlca and 01 th moat reaaonatl term. Partlculr gtleallon la alnraya gifas to tha pr'nllbg of STEAMSHIP AND STKAMHOAT BIT.L5, CARPS, BIU4 Off PARS, HIU.S LAPINO, A",, for wh'ch new and t-eantiral denlgna ara eocllnnally adlad. Th e ialHhmenl bae In na tha latest Improved MA CHINK l'Hr:MK, for Neaapapor, B' nli-woik, Poatora and Canla, extan1, and are enil a-l tn fill the Ul veet orderg at tag ehmteai noth-, lth an aetnraim that tba eterntlon Wlllaa, InTYLR AND PR! 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Ttie Walr'nfan na Ite t e nrla It haa lercded from all who hTc r ad 11 I' a' ' tcl- 'n If el lent an 1 adren'nre and ah lt r lnl the r.adai , It v.nta to a - bn' me ronrtj. 1 1 an'hor oe"ee a l.'IMtant in giintlon, aud baa daroud hla oi her tanta to a coi,l pur) tie-, at'aa. I t e e I- a pttti.. at.d 1 eautt or eli le In tha early rhapte-g nf t'i a rt'.-r ht. h w h lure tlta-aawl r on te tha and luapitg nf rtn.eeif.- fie-i nrtat. Ilil' I a Hiarinliiir atory Tha a after a ara f.-rHbty d-au ti ; It w.ll pt'iv.iki' many a lie, and draw learg of I) n hy trim iiMiif fea K -fit hi Iran. fV.-Sivi- i ru."t iht ft' on ebea'a nf a new wr-rtt, en titled The W.tr1 mm N-ver '111 a lalt ah n I lu eo man? teai.titnl lr,iag-e an I an kuilull davt pi- tne. of the l.aart. luere i ' juii'i lii ilie rot time entitling In ellrrtng tnlent and exqul'H iln.. nitli1ti we lave Tr rail, Nn ota Wli fa I t.i rart t'.n in k Hrnh wlm rearta the fit at Chap' er. It re 1 01 1 ea uoglfl ol prrphecj U' p e-tl I lie Immeute enoraaa. LHefeltL J. C. MOROAX, Je gjfhaege Plata, adlolalng llig Pogloflloa, , u -Na 8oidiersa Sallorm Tennihteria vii it' if:fiu uitfTL ua ' All ROLP'RHI, BArt.ORS, TKAMVTKKfl, gut WAOOR. H4P". Kl.a. iigaed In tha wr of 1H ; In tha war af lt, aalnet ihaCreik Indiana, and In ',, 'tl .nd 'e e rat aft ihe "iF tenia. nd all In lha Mxlnan war, a eo;(tIee ta One II uiiflre-fl rim! Hlxiy Aflea of laRiitl. To ot tatiJ lha Warrant, It la nc. aeary that tta docnmantl ahnild ba id arte oat arltb legal ecttt,d. Tt o-a who dealia tti have their prrwi'g prai-orty pra; ed, and who alfh gay t.,ftiniH..O ilat).eli t'-e aaina, at al thogg' i.o t.arac'alrLa aglnet any ai tba Department at Wg IciTtou, will or prnitlyaiian 1at to by Al.KXANUIUi WALKER, Altaruey tt Law, a.-i3'tr id CAMP, S-w tt.lema. CatherwYooiPs tJelehrated OI.NCiKIt fUtAMV, Tlilg rt-j aiperlor ll-inur. coin !dn tag all twminalltg, gflV mill ili2, au4 amsiallt! q..llha of Iba put Hkvttn, Singer, nu'tut l h a re f eiiiitr'n. ertlrie nf lirendy, and Wtl'h aa bwn.e a Nth; It bve He I' all the clllea a"ng tb rleaf, a -II a tn f N-rtb at.d Caat, U bow ttttroJoced Into tiale i-rk-l fO! the ftrat lima, T vlrtgea of Olugar aa a g'ntia, plaaaant, and nlrl't Ing tenia- hi, I ava long bean gxiolll I y the MedlctJ Pcil ty, aud have tnen reoignlaed b t very cbeet ver Of bfrralf fTerta Tba article now praaantatl chl!ange conparlaon wl'baaf a'ex nroducad, gud liae arr whet a received tba blghettujeat of ptalea For aali, by tha rae, by CATHPR V OOD A II klORF, n;gyle tlptf Oornar Olrod and Cowmero atitata, s HOOTS, SHOES AND BKOQANS.S-Kow from Ulp t.naut.n'.a.aud lb, O gR a gttiti'al uKkuriu-eui of P ROOT. SHOEh, . RftoaAMe. It Ale!. CAPS, Ac, Af. plantation anppMad wllh pHttie Uajnot ProuMea, ?teWi H-otr, Wool. Milken aud fttraw tbt,lowat margai r.rtce. by Furtst t OO., lg UHr:aila etcegb RAID, OiP-i, Ar., at Wholucala Ihfl cat Vatg, .n prlilrnT grMt variety ot S'ik, For, 0ln.fa, lerlcan Wcol, PaB-malLogaorutit.-i.w, and P-:iWlegf Rata, f .r ale by FaUrT A CO., )uly4'l) p ) Magaglna atrai t lii I.U K llaiuuioiidg ESGKAVKIiS AND PH INTERS; iu cAnip Tiii.u,r. WLIUISO AND VlhlTINfl rghltt, PltlKlY AND NOT4RUL SEAlJ, JEWELRY, Ml.YPR WARg, UOOK PI.Atta, . wood run, Aud every verlgty of Kngra ?tif eioculed Inn guaiior nua-iter. ff Phgaa rail and axatnlna aped men. W aililall Qolt.ltig but BHinpltra of onr wiili, tnay94 SdjliB Cholera .. MACPHKIISON ANTT-CtlOLKRA ELIXIH. ibii p'ty a le unl illti lire. Ii a Kp . I re-ll-iK l In an1 Ihe U liip.i a. very wti raveh-r, p . ilL IL Pi. R J i Pr 4 N u.allo ,eti-i ai.! mittiiilKit o.l la proUi it ii i w ill, fill! 'ti rr. n., ntiil to lr- hri at . MA.FhhMUVAD,Ug4tidCnnilr18ttrg. u g9 i'amp ti- , Citf liwBt for Sale v- AT THIS OFViVh, Oonkilalrg a Lrisf blelrry of tha Olty of Se OtbB, at atiocia ft tha Oeoglni,a of iba (tunnum tta art .atiT ta th few ol tb (JorportUon; tha aaiatlug A ita of 1W I.-rgliUiiiia applloablt tt tka flly 4 tvrii tha rharWaud lie (amdweut. w-Hl Ur. N. L. Dlcliey, Icliey, ,jn b u r a K o n .Q-Jjlff U K M i A U b 11 Canal airc.l. luf B.IWMBt.t,r.lU.rl..Ki:a;iaiiv.irit.,nit (b.M 4.9r, fist t. Oh.ild., ur,tuo4lslhell7,.i.n,r L, era,olM ,1 l tK Dr. J, 8. L'luik, . DENTIST. ovia im uniun tn or i,ouiauR., te "l1" Ke, 1,11. O...I.H I A3, g. KNAPI-, 0. U. S., Daari.T, Mil. 1. U.rnn.. .i,m! .""""'" .... O.U1 WU0). IIAVANA CltJAHS 50,000 wnortfd, ol ri """'"v"1 ' "' ., I...U. wm, (JEttMAN 0IUAK3 -tillOO fTre Ami' - - we, a t:uugUUiUill 'iujii Kn W Vn. d- cll I ubAW ii'KfeL, Hall 'If R A PIS'CKAHU, POTTUN 8KKIJ Siiiio biwhelw pure whiW a. . I?, .',V ''"J.1"!' I"1'"" ' t"ru tleBeiiltul-gIW'1 oUgtUutalt.iuiiaai ( d '31 wtr t et. K u, S Mi T ti K li A, (JK Ah l)t U bvl I It UU IchI.mi. Ii. ' Ultili Hi-., VVlKKta, LigUUKM A M flttARI, t al and ti (V'.imiiaii altcete, N.w Uneaoa. innd jo till al mIhi- tw Wb.m-ib froda Ute, PU"tallu auj-jilkg, 1,1.4 nay tid ami i, Uniiya'M('lea tit Pai elite t.i ir.'. Ua ,ii . iiHy(limrIea wa hava mada arraBI' nli lule ai aiinri In (ti Valg, la twdef W h and K..-J.I i lu w ll r Or BHlNi'lr.;, and W l'iT 'JlJ v,Lt' liab Lliug th.y have rla ' at av Va.a OIO tRg-4 I..,- MnnriUHngandr..mii'l' wi h'r ";i,""kj"ll"-'.l'i'll"d lib Uhwlue to- elou. al n v Tt-, ';! a Hiaiiil. a well aa oml lila!1 lui.rd.rioJ jV . V--'"""-0': aaagg At lh,w ul tJm, tira(andobaiaa .utcreel fi'.m lb 4 atUt, ybeiiUwllaUuaprlH'e.'.iv-d in pui nt. fjt,Aiai'na siwa .."ll uvrvt DoLut.a. j ar fiu.iiur, a..!ii , ; s V leka. ft vaiit ioiif

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