Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana on March 13, 1923 · 3
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Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana · 3

Lafayette, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1923
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3 Tuesday Evening, March 13, 1923. LAFAYETTE JOURNAL AND COURIER NEWS OF UNIVERSITY AND WEST SIDE Engineering Class To Hear "Dave" Ross Speak at University The class in engineering administration at Purdue which meets Thursday morning at 10 o'clock, in the lecture room of the electrical tnKliieerinjj lecture room, will be addressed by David E. Ross on the subject "Ethics and Technics." Mr. Hoss Is general manager of the Ross Tool and Oear company, and has been markedly successful with his inventions tUonjr the line of steering: controls for trucks and automobiles. In addition to this Mr. R.0S3 Is also a member of the board of trustees of Purdue university, and a man of the most practical and advanced Ideas. Purdue engineers are assured an excellent hour, as Mr. Ross speaks with ease and vigor. Few men are dearer to the hearts of the students than Mr. Ross. It Is to him and Georjre Ade that Purdue owes the gift of a new field which will make athletic expansion at Purdue possible. In his sneech Mr. koss win Methodist church was held Monday evening at 7: SO o'clock in the church parlors. There were a large number in attendance. In the absence of the president. Prof. Robert K. Phillips, Prof. J. fiunn. vice-president, presided. Initiation was held for John Ter-man, Paul -Riley and It. R. George. It was votrfd to give $25 to the Community Chest. Other matters of routine business were discussed. Lecture on Birds By Fuertes at Convo Convocation at Purdue, Thursday morning-, will be given by LiOtiis Agassiz Fuertes, whose subject will be "The Songs and Calls of Familiar Birds." Mr. Fuertes is a famous painter of birds, an'l an instructor in the dairy department at Purdue, has been appointed to the board of trustees of Pennsylvania State College by Gov. Clifford I'inchot of Pennsylvania. Mr. RJsmussen came to Purdue immediately after bis graduation from Iowft, State college in 1902. Since leaving Purdue. he has served on the faculties of Iowa state college, New Hampshire state college and Penn state college. He served as secretary, of agriculture of Pennsylvania during the last administration. PERSONAL AND GENERAL. Mrs. C. O. Shively of Thornell street, will entertain the members of her group of the Purdue Women's club, at her home, Wednesday afternoon. Albert Jamison and Sam Cochran have returned from --a several in his study of them for his paint- ci'.ys visit in Indianapolis. ings, has learned to reproduce the( j. m. Southwoith went to Chi- HARDING GIVES APPROVAL TO GARDEN WEEK Executive Endorses Project in Letter to President of Women's Federated Clubs. By the Associated Press. WASHINGTON', March 13. A National Garden Week Campaign will be conducted by the General Federation of Women's Clubs, April 22 to 2. President Harding has j given the projects his endorse- ! raent in a letter to Mrs. Thomas G. Winter, president of the federa- tion as follows: '1 "My dear Mrs. Winter: "I am glad to assure you of IS FRANCE WINNING IN RUHR fre th imnortance of ethics to ore the University club, Wednes an engineer because of the fact , '"Y evening, his subject at this time being "Protective Coloration Ron its and the. ratls of the birds -o. Tha o x, - o o 4..:.. almost perfectly He will use-) Miss. Irene Inum, of Cincin- fTenera Federa- these calls to illustrate his lecture, nati. .spending several days at K VoLa', Clubs "for a Na- ' as well as a number of slides her home here. I a T Garden v"k th?s spring I which Tie has painted. The Three O'clock Cub will ! Jn YoMuJ Mr. Iuertes will also lecture be- meet Wednesday afternoon with ..h ..i , h m. . that all society solve 'the problems for the com mon good, and his relations with all must be above reproach. Nobody can speak with more author-It than "Dave" Ross on this suh-ject aa he has the confidence and esteem of all who know him. Harlequins Choose Popular Musical Comedy by Cohan "George "Washington, Jr." by George M. Cohan, has been selected by the board of the Harlequin club as the 1923 vehicle of that organization. This play is a musical comedy, with a college atmosphere, having a oast of twenty-five, in addition to the chorus. The plot has been molded to suit the atmosphere an! life at Pur-Tie. This play was selected by the board after the first plans of having a revue, written by students, were deoldeU to be unsatisfactory. It was chosen from a large group of plays as beinfr the one which would give the greatest pleasure to local audiences. Work on the play started Tuesday afternoon. BROTHERHOOD MEETS. A meeting of the Senior Fraternal HrotherhootS of the First of Animals, the Basis of the Sci- Fuertes. - i 2nd Local Debate For Purdue Friday iurs. jiarry nanii at her home at niunitv as a whole are so obvious 14L -An'lrew, I'lace. ltnat lney seem haruly to require N. I... 1-nsbie and family, of i enumeration. Vine street, have returned fi ence of Camouflage." This sub- week's visit in Detroit. 1 "WARREN G HORDING" ject covers a wide field, and the I Rev. A. H. Kenna left Tuesday I Mrs Winter 'say's of the pur-lecture will be illustrated by col-j for Plymouth, where he will con-'pose of Garden Week- ored slides prepared by Air. ,luct revival services dminir th : "lwiiana nnihin ,.,.nM heln to next two weeks. He will be asso- stabilize our minds wnd spirits ciated with the Rev. O. T. Mar- in this very tumultuous time so tin, who conducted the evangelis- j much as a profound and intimate tic campaign at the First. Meth-I realization of the - steadiness of odist church in February. the universe in which we live its Mrs. C. E. Ijewis, 01 Wiggins law, its orderliness, its magnificent street, l.i taking treatments at St. Jons' purposes and recurrences. The second debate of the season at Purdue will be held in Eliza v ,1 9. i - r., v, j - 4 - . I t - i I , - " 1 I ' i y v i" , rs:f : 1 5 r - 1 ii Elizabeth hospital. fThe Garden movement meaxis a Marshall Kin"- ami f.imih- fnrrr,- p-wat lenl more than srettine a Fowler hall Friday evening. The j erly of North Grant street, ha el little plot of land where the child affirmative team of Notre Dame I moved to the East Side for resi- ior the grown-up can raise a few and Purdue's negative tam will dene. - sweet peas or radishes. It means Miss Ritlia Sellars. r.f Tndinnnn- that serene contact with the vital- olis, is spending tlie week as theiity and reliability and serenity of nature, of purpose and tuinumeiii. t V Mill at mine in Mulheim working full blast under supervision of French experts. That France may be slowly but surely making her Ruhr, venture a success is indicated by this photo, just received from Mulheim, in the heart of the rich industrial section. The smelting plant above is working at full capacity under the direction of French engineers and experts. debate on the subject: "Resolved, That the alliec! war debts due the Fnited States from the great war ! puest of Mrs. Kdward livers of the should be cancelled.". Prof. G. C. Kron fials. Brandenburg, of the education de- ! Forrest Kirbv h.. .irnM fv. Indianapolis, where he spent-the week end. Mr. and Mrs. It. I Hammond entertained the members of the dairy department at Purdue at dinner Saturday night at their home on Russ-ell street. R. tl. Siegfried, of the English department at Purdue, is in Rochester, Minn., where he underwent nn optical operation at the Mayo Brothers hospital. Wabash Township Farmers' club No. 1 will meet with Mr. and Mrs. J. AV. Brockwav Fridav pvunm Frederick Rasmussen, formerly Dinner will be served at 7 o'clock! partment at Purdue, will be chairman of the debate, and the ju'iges will be furnished by Goshen college. Franklin college and Indiana Central college. , Purdue's negative team will be the opponent of the Earlham college team, at Earlham, Friday evening. These teams were victors in the first Abates, and a close contest is anticipated. Former Instructor Appointed to Board of human life as related to forces Hiram Johnson Sails For European Trip By the Associated Press. NEW YORK, March 13. Alexan- infinitely greater than itself. That's er '. Moore, a. former Pittsburg the reason we club women are publisher, recently appointed min-backing Garden Week. We be- ;st?r to Spain and Senator Hiram lieve in the kind of activity that y Johnson, 'of California, were links itself with ordered pur- among the passengers who left on pose that sees the day as a pan Jubilee (four negroes),' II. Leo Taylor (lecturer), the Accordion Trio and the Harp Duo. .. .Considerably excitement was caused last Friday by the disappearance of "little Mayme Nevin. age 5, daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Nevin, the past few days and has taken as its toll Beveral well known citizens. The funeral of Mrs. Johrt' Luse, of Monon, formerly of this city, '1 Ftiii'nw, m 1 .,u,,. i lie outlined program was given, led by Mrs. TV 13. Mc-Adams and dainty refreshments were served. Mrs. Perrv Anderson and Mrs. Jrvin Fix were guests of the hostess. 1 Grim Reaper Takes Toll at Monticello (Special to -Toiirnn I mul Conrler-I "MONTICELLO, Ind., March 13. The grim reaper has been busy in Monticello and vicinity during 20S Runnel street, Frankfort. After a search of several hour the little girl was found wandering down West Morrison street in Frankfort. The little girl is a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. was held from the home of Mr. Elmer Clark, of 'Rossville. . . .Prep- .nJ Mrs. R. 1,. Smoker, 312 West arations are under way in the lo-Uroadway, Sunday afternoon at cat high schol for the ninth din-.2:00 o'clock, services being ten- ttict music memory contest, to be ducted by Rev. H. T. Wilson, pas- held at Frankfort March 20 tor of the Presbyterian cn;:rcli i Assessor John Q. A. Peters has and interment being tnadb in Rlv- begun the listing of property in erview cemetery. Mrs. Luse had Ross township. .. Rev. G. E. Jones, resided in Monticello for more than chairman of the Child Health twenty years and moved to Mo- conference, which was recently Turn about a year ago. Besides ' conducted in Rossville, has re'-the husband she Is survived by reived a letter from Dri Ada E. two daughters, Mrs. Stewart Price, ! Schweitzer, of the infant and child of Monon and Mrs. King P. Rawl- ( hygiene division of the Indiana ins of Gary. One brother. E. E. 8tate board of health, requesting McCauley of this city and one that people whose children were sister, Mrs. Nancy Luse of Zion examined at the conference write Bethel, also survive. at once to their representatives in Sunday night Mrs. Charles Roth, j the legislature, giving their ap-residing near Patton, about five j preciation and telling in what way, miles south of this city, passed 1 if any, their children were beti-away after an illness extending 1 efited by the conference's work... over a period of almost two years. ' Mrs. Harry Gochenour, accompan-She also, had formerly resided here led by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. with her family, moving to the David Siegfried, of Mulberrv, have farm a few years ago. Besides gone td Pensacola. Fla Follow- the husband she is survived by ing are the church notices for nine children. The funeral was Sunday. March 18: Presbyterian Tssociation, has been awarded t to be held Tuesday afternoon at ! Sunday school at 9:30 a. m and 1923 Laetare medal, of Notre Da r of eternity.' Prohi Officials Alone Must Act in Prosecuting Case,s Ey tli Associated Tress. WASHINGTON. March 13. Prohibition officials thi'.nselves must take whatever action ariea- r-essary in connection with the discovery in recent bootleg raids here Rainsville, Ora Sigler and familv i of a list of Washington residents and Mr. and "Mrs. Emil Carlson I which included the names of sev- The Thursday ftrnnr.n I era! officials of the state depart- iieiu us regular meeting at the nouie or juis. JJan A bolt. Fridav Turks Willing to . Resume Overtures For Peace Treaty Iiilernatli)n:il News Service.! CONSTANTINOPLE, March 1 3. Ha mid Bey, representative of the Angora government, presented a note to the allied high commissioners stating, that Turkey is willing to resume peace negotiations withto two weeks. The ment and of many officers of . the army, navy and marine corps. After a preliminary inquiry Monday, it was indicated that the 'state, war and navy departments would take no further step in the matter, but would regard each case asa personal matter between the man named and the prohibition enforcement authorities. It was pointed out at all three departments that there was nothing new in evidence in any way to incriminate those W10se names were on the list. the steamship George Washington. "I know of no vital issue pending with the Spanish government," Mr. Moore said. "And-well. as a newspaper man, I did a lot of talking for 42 years, but now I find myself absolutely padlocked with Secretary Hughes holding the key." The Senator and Mrs. Johnson plan to tour leisurely for rest. IABYS COLDS td in r" b are soon "nipped in the bud" without "dosing" by use of V A RO RUB Over 17 Million Jan Used Yearhj for GcStlc, influenza and as a PrcircntivG Laxmtrvm lT3 3 Mwamra 1 b 4 a 13 0uinifi3f) The First and Original ' Cold and Grip Tablet The box bears this signature Don't Squeeze Black- heads Dissolve Them Squeezing mid pintliingr out Mark-hcfiils make the pures lurjre and onus irritation. Hlackheads ntv ciuiaed by nrruniulatlolift of dust and dirt ami secretions from the skin and there in only on safe and sure way and orirt that never fails to Kft rid of them a olniple way, toothat is dissolve thm. Just Kt from any druir sTora ahout two ounces of calonite Kwdtr Mprtnkl a littlo on a hot wot cloth-rub over the blacU4iad3 briskly for a few seconds wash off and you'll b surprised to pee that every blackhead has disappeared, and thn pkin will bn left soft and the rorea in, tlieir natural cotiditiou. the Patton church. The funeral of Samuel Robinson, a veteran of the civil war, who passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. William Mull, on North Railroad street. Sunday, preaching at 10:30 a. m. MethodistSunday school at 9:30 a. m. and preaching at 7 p. m. Hrethren Sundav school at 9:15 a. m Mrs. William Wayne pleasantly entertained a number of girls on Isadora No Longer American Citizen tlntrnatlonal News Service.! WASHINGTON, March 13. Isadora Duncan, the temperamen- wording The communication was !ninst impricnn institutions and T; ,Ut..U ve, Uie im:! America aroused the ire of Secre-J .""U.iI-that ,tI'e ,. lU1 would tarv of j,abor Davis, is no longer an American citizen although born in this conijtry, said an official statement put out by the labor department. When Miss Duncan married Seise Essenine, ' Russian poet, on April 1, 1922. according to the statement, she acquired Russian citizenship and probably will have difficulty to again become an American citizen if she . desires to do so. jight if pressed to it. Notre Dame Medal Awarded to Smith By the Associated FreRs. SOUTJI REND. Ind., March 13. Walter O. .'-.nitli, of Philadelphia, ex-president of the American Rat he was held Tuesday morning at 10 J-riny evening in honor of their o'clock and interment was made daughter lone's 12th birthday. A in the Ionticello cemetery. ,6 o'clock luncheon, consisting of The body of Mrs. Anna La wson, ! creamed chicken, rolls, baked po-wife of Charles Iawson, of De- tatoes, celery, pickles, salad, cake catur, Ind. was brought to this and jello was served. The affair city and interred in Riveviewiwas carried out in St. Patrick's Monday morning. Mrs. Lawson's ; day style. A large birthday cake death occurred at her home at j with twelve candles adorned the Decatur Friday night following a center of the table. The house brief illness of pneumonia, and was beautifully decorated in green funeral services were held from j an3 white. The evening was high-tho Christian church In that city , 1 y enjoyed in games. Those pres Sunday afternoon at 3 ,o'cloek, aft- ent were: Laura Black, Caroline er which the body was brought CJau.ser, Susannah Jones, Lois here and taken to the home of Landis, Mary Davisson, Margaret airs, jutia . -eei. on mon 11 wain hmin, Jlernice Richards and Mary Jiurtorqj. . ( .The local chapter street where short services were held this morning. Mrs. Lawson formerly resided at Reynolds and was well known here. She is survived by the husband, two daughters, Mrs. George Spencer, of Rurnettsville. and Miss Naomi Lawson, of Decatur, and one son, Harold Lawson, of Decatur. Miss Eunice McClintic has returned to Gary, where she is employed at a teacher in the schools after a week end visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mc-Clintic, 323 Forth Bluff street. Mrs. M. S. Gardiner, Sunday re ceived a message announcing the of the Eastern Star planned to entertain the Masons an'd tlieir families at a St. Patrick's day social on Tuesday evening at the Masonic hall. BOSWELL Steve . Scanlon made a business trip to Detroit the latter part of the week Everet White, of Danville, III., spent Sunday with his university. Mr. Snfith has served as president of the Federation of Roman Catholic Societies pf Pennsylvania, and also as a "member of President Harding's advisory armaments conference in Washington. He was recently made a member of the board of Indian commissioners. The medal is annually awarded to a Roman Catholic layman, who has distinguished himself in the service of the nation and. church. Gun Wounds Fatal tBv the Associated Press.) VEVAV, Ind., March 13. Alec r:l:i.ine. 49 vears old, died on the way to a hospital as the result of gunshot wounds alleged to have been received when his brother Jesse shot him. The brothers were to have been quarreling over money matters. When You Catch Cold Rub on Musterole Musterole is easy to apply and it sets in its go'd work right away. Often it prevents a cold from turning into "flu" or pneumonia. Just apply Musterole with the lingers. It does all the good work of grandmother's mustard plaster without the bUster. Musterole is . a clean while ointment made of oil of mustard and other home simples. It is recommended by many doctors and nurses. Try Musterole for sore throat, cold on the chest, rheumatism, lumbago, pleurisy, stiff neck, bronchitis, asthma, neuralgia, congestion, pains and aches of the back and joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises, chilblains. her 1, 1, , . j , snot ane Kiuea mmseii aooara nismosieu ieet coias 01 an sons, i, . 'It .' llV : A,nder?on. "ho vessel Monday. The cause of his ' Seldom fails to deliver results. 35c Accuse Six Boys of Stealing Street Car COUNCIL BLUFFS, la.. Mar. 13. Six boys were arraigned in juvenile court on a. charge of stealing a street car, and had their case continued one week". The boys are alleged to have taken the, car from the barns and run it on the main line. When pursued they are alleged to have jumped, and a. citizen boarded it and shut off the power to prevent4 a collision. Russian Commander, Commits Suicide By the Associated Press.) MANILA, March 13. Captain fimilv Vir-n At-- t 1 9 , J eieruzHuy, coiiimuiiuei 01 me -. .,n..,,.mian ijiim . 1 1 f t ' r s I ) n , . . . i : . . t ..... . . wlm boo v V. "! it'issiuii ifiuB' i-wimiriau. uvru unplug care ior IS 111. red lienor! . 1 . .. l. . . I birth of a daughter, Gloria Belle. owier Saturday. ... Frank Mink. I to Mr. and Mrs. William If. Tern- wl,o has, been so seriously ill with pie, of Rochester, N. Y. Mrs. Tern- Pneuuinonia. has passed the crisis i . . l.le was formerly Miss Nan Marsl j i rapidly improving Mr.lHOW FAT ACTKESS find is a twin sister of Mrs. Gardjfnd '. Harry Hartley are mov- Iner. , l1" lo Talbot this wee Samuel Mr. and Mrs. James Van Felt : Ileming and Robert Finley, of nnd Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cowan, of l-'eeland Park, were Boswell visi- Huntington, are here having been trs Friday Eugene Miller spent called by the death of Mrs. Van ; f ""day at home with his mother. Pelt's and Mrs. Cowan's mother, Mlrs; xieile aimer Mrs. Mrs. Charles Rolh. Mr. and Mrs. George Breese. who ,,lc """ wun ner son at. MuncieUa Prescription, and now, by taking WAS MADE SLIM t and C5c, jars and tubes; hospital size, $3.00. Better than a mustard plaster. V SLOW startingstalling any number of engine troubles are due to improper lubrication. This is particularly true in winter. 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' ho.a.a len "Pending (this new form of the famous Marmo- have been sjiending the winter ' . 'l11 uer nome in Uoswell, Marmola Tablets several tunes a year months in Miami. Fla.. have re- 'Friday Fred Carlson and fam- i keps her weight just ris-ht. All good turned to their home on South "'. or Oxrord, were visiting Mrs. ! dnigpisis sell .Marmoia Prescription Miin street ,Iiena Hakerson Sunday... The Or- : TablPts at olle dollar for a case, or tier or eastern tar will enter- . ' . , " r.. ; f t V t".r direct fnnm the Mnrmola Co.. 46. a tain the Masonic fraternity at the .Woodward Ave., lietroit, Mich. If-chapter room on Thursday eve- i you have not tried them do so. Thoy ning, March 2. A program will are harmless and effective. be given and refreshments served ' ....Rue Alexander and family are I " 7 r moving to his lathers farm at Talbot this week. Ray Mallenand family, will occupy the home vacated by Jdr. Alexander and family ....Mrs. Arthur Anderson is vis iting her parents In Chicago this j ween. .. .air. ana Airs. Raleigh Laughlin, of Urbana, 111., were visiting relatives in Boswell over Sunday A. B. Mc Adams and Mrs. Albrecht Kipp, of Indianapolis were guests of Dr. and Mrs. ROSSVILLE The Missionary society of the Presbyterian church met with Mrs. G. E. Jones Thursday afternoon Kenneth Hufford was home from Indiana university over the week-end Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Bryan, of this place, have sent the board of trustees of the new Clinton county hospital a check for $200 to be used in furnishing a room in that building. .. .The fourth and last number of the Lyceum course, under the aus pices of the junior class of the lo cnl high school, was given at the P, B. McAdams Sunday ... .Mr. and opera house on Inday with the.! Mrs. Walter Sharp, of Fowler, were Colonial Trio entertaining. The, visiting relatives in Boswell Sun-course will be sponsored by the! day Mr. and Mrs. E. E. .Tames coming junior class next year and 'attended the tournament at Purdue the contract has already been arranged. The four numbers which will be .riven next year are: The Friday Mr. and Mrs. Perry An derson entertained at Sunday din ner Ray, Conner and family, of A. C. MOYER Dry . Goods and Notions OAKLAND HILL Cleaning and Pressing ALWAYS. PONE RIGHT AT THE Lafayette Dye Works MEN Dickerson's Shaving Lotion The Shavinr Ttion With BIT to It. Pleasant and Coollnr to Face After Shaving, 33c Bottle. For sale by dniB stores. If they do not hve it, have them order you a bottle. Prepared by ROY DICKERSON 1 transport, Ind C. H. KITTER, Prop. tit Main St. Phone 3660 -rriMiT iid tuc K-inwFve i Backache, rheumatic pains, tired feeling, are symptoms of distressed kidneys. Foley Kidney Pills tone up the kidneys and quickly relieve kidney and bladder trouble. Insist upon Foley's. Refuse substitutes. Hogan Drug Co. B091 Automobile Chart of Recommendations Wintar Nam of Car Motor Oil Ace L j Ambassador L American L Anderson L Apperson. M Auburn Barley...... L Hay State. L Brjss L B-K-L Model A M All other Models... L 1 JVH L Biddle M Birch- Model 8 -S05 M AU other Models... L Bonr-Davis L BournonriUs Eotary. M Brewster H Buiek L Busb L 1 CadiUao L Case L Chalmsn..... M Champion L (Tmndkr L Chevrolet L dev-ond...... h Chmbar I. Cole L Colombia...... L Comet.. ........ ....Ii Corinthian. ........ .L Courier. ........... .Ii Crawford. .......... L T! on ningh am. ....... L I). A. u a. Dasinsr. ......... . - lamela. It Davis .........L Dixie Flyer h Dodge- L iJoms. - it I)ort 14-19 h IJort 20-25. M lip -L. Ducsenbog M Do Pont. h Durant 4. L Diirant & L Kad. L Klcar.. I Khpn. M Fa . Is Fiat H Flint ft- Ij Ford. L Fox.. M Frankfin. M. Fremont..... - L Gardner L (irant.. ....... 1 Gray It Handley Kalamazoo. M liandley Jt H H&moD ... -b flatfiald -It Iiavnes Modti -CS L Models n A 75... M H.GS. M Holmes M Howard .L II jrison It lluffman .--I llupmobiic.. 9.. h Jcwett M JoT'lan ....h Krlsey L King M Kissel Kat M Kkae Ksr L. Winter Nam ef Car Motor Oil Kurts L La Javette...... L Leach M Lexington...... L Liberty Li Lincoln M ' locomobile L Mannoo 34 M Martin Wasp M Maxwell L McFarlaa. M Mereer 4.. M Mercer 6 M Metropolitan..... . . -It Mitchell." L Monroe M Moon..... L Nash L National (rid It 6-71 M Nelson. L Noma Model 3-C M All other Models... L North way L Oakland M Oliismobile M Overland M Packard M Paige M rattenon. It Pocrkei It Pierce Arrow... L Pilot....ft h Premier M R4 V Knight H Reo . h Rewxe M Rickenbacker L Ridclie la oamer Cont Motor L Duesenberz Motor. M Rock Falls. h Kolla Eoyce. H Saion. h Sayers Six. ...... It Seoeca It Shad-Wick. M Skeltoo. It Standard ....h B tan wood Eix.......t Star It Stearns Kmjht. H , Stephens Six M Strung Model M. ...M Model A M Model B L Sterling Knight. H Stevens Uuryea.. . . . M Stratum Prenaar L Ptudttiia-.........L Stuta. 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The essence of true economy is to change your motor oil every 500 miles and fill up with the" right grade of Polarine. ' At any Standard Oil Service Station Polarine THE PERFECT MOTOR OIL m i A. f And at Most Garages lamsfard 31 Company. LAFAYETTE (Indiana) INDIANA

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