The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1933
Page 6
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PACE 81* •f/ ''MI' r, ,' r " £=x±~ BLYTHEVttLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1933 Chickasaws Eke Out 19 to 13 Win Over Wilson FOLLOW IN FAVORITE PLAYS OF FAMOUS COACHES FOLLOW THE BALL usll BY AKT KKEN'Z NKA Service Sports Writer Tiny Thonihlll, who Is taking the plucc al Stanford left by Ills old tutor. "Pop" Warner, sends me ill's play. II Is a fake spinner, run from Incomplete Pass Over ! Oiiuk Goal Line Spoils • -Wilson's Chance. A pass that fell Incomplete over the Blytheville goal line In the flnar'quarler blasted Wilson high's,n double wlngbnck lione -for a draw or . possible victory at Haley Field last niyhl r>vl. as' it was i 1 unvo niythcvlllo. f^rs who liad anticipated nn easy Chtckataws vlclorv n scare. The ErTfc vos 19 lo 13. The Bulldogs, who hod suddenly h"eitn to ealn consistently nf- le- Blytheville's junior high squad h*>'d been substituted for tlie varsity, threatened serious!v before )li» name ended. The visitors had failed to register a first down n'onlnst the Blvthevillc regulars twl an Intercepled pass had t>em off lo an early lead. The Chirks. followed by count Ine Iwo touchdowns In the first half and pnother in the second to appar- ri-ti" rnnice l.hf ramc safe. T!ic ' P'vthevllle conches reckoned nol with the fighting srjtrlt of the Bulldogs however and thn visitors n*-n' wnrerl p toue.hdown on t*e innlors nnrt threatened even lifter the Chick regulars returned (o' 'ihe same. Mmiey's return of a Wlkin virVnff Inirnedlntelv after the Pi|i'rtn"s' first innnhdown vsns Ihe r-rn||lpe+ j-nn rf l^ft n to llt. TnVlnn the hill or] his own TII vnrd line t^r. ohiek nnnr'er hesitated a "in- 7v r * 1 i.. l"rp«rt cbirnlv to ^il^ r'°ht <—'flinVin» Wilson's tnrl-i«r<i. M™. INGE LEES Wildcnis AlFBuf Cine!] j Shitf litle by Defeating! Rcdbugs 10 to 7 Friday! Big Bad Wolves Gel Scare f".>l'nr)'«rt |t. U.--. tonrlirlou'n lailht were pai' ol fln-Mflll If — hi ll ]c y . fn- the'r Innsp on »id refi'v 1 is Ihe 'rio-i. nllt.v'ejq} Ve. stubborn to concede "•) Pdep the Kf, DOHADO. Ark., Nov. 11.— licfore u crowd estimated lit 5,000 fnns, the KL Dorado football team , defi'ated the powerful Fordyce Rcdbugs 10 lo 1 cmd scclircd a .Mritnglc hold on Ihe Arkansas high school foolbal! lltle. i. The lil IJoruilu IKim, won ,witft White, miattcrback, Jii'. Hie • star iok'. Wliili- scored a touchdown'/ | kicked uoul and kicked- a field'goat i to account for nil his Ivnm's I Mills. A long pass In the final quarter gave Ihe nedbugs their touchilown. Tordycc had previously defealed Little Hock und Pine Bluff und Hot Springs. The vklory lefl the Wildcats undefeated in state foot- hall und with the best cluiin for ithc state title. . ; I ii.^op l 'i flr. T '- tfln pl ido^'n name vr^n^/^v v.'V"n o'niif'n Lvnrh. l/in?* bncV. Int^rrentcrt P nass Mnre. Intnndcri 'fnr Wilson. ri- n»iH , l.«nch wnR headed for sirt»lt"p nn * dead run wh"i Is snapped to the No.'l back, steps over to the right and fakes the ball to the No. 2 back. He then spins and gives the tall to the No. 4 back, who carries It I Inside the defensive * left tncklc. No. 4 continues on through the hie as If he had the ball. Head Mat Program Monday Ni^ht; Chief .War Eagle On Card. David Dooley. the unshaven rnnt- inan, and Rough House Sullivan, Union City' tougli boy. will meet in the feature match of the weekly wrestling show at the armory Monday night. Bolh Dooley and Sullivan have j shown here und are said to be favorites with Ihe local fans. In the preliminary match Chief War Eagle, reputedly a fult-blowl-. cd Indian will meet Cyclone Burks | whu was the king pin of mat sliu'ws here a year ago.' ; nftnr been hurt on a 3.5 "<*rr\ tpiiQl.'d.OH'n nm be- f— n iv^ Chicles had a chai>ce 'o r"'pii Mm. .Moslev's nm n minute l-t-r tied .the acme.. hj"l.tie'uil'i.e; 3's yard line lo .Wilson's r«vpn vni-ii line n&ved the wny for fMeninl l v Mr*lev Rot off some Vi'eo linots, du'ln* the. painn, prn- i'ri'l'irlv in. t'l.e |nsi. linlf r>"ntin<7 on both siiies had fvlreinelv i weak "in the firs*, [er After .'the nu |c!( fcick rii'»ht.-!>>'•>•.Wilson safotv well in nrwl rnu«rt far down .fi>e field .\vtl- rfm kicked nut. v"">kly In 0-1 31 yard'line. Tly> BlvlheviHe ffr-' iVhich hudn't been frel- iinr* nnvwhere In .onrticiilar. hecan ei.letin? ami. pfter two nrst- downs hiid been'chalked nn Morse went nyor from. the three yard line The. tfv. for 'point was "good for Blvtheville's third touchdown the third nnnrter. An. ex- rhaiwe. of mints wished the Bull- ^OTP h^ck flftjcr thev hnd received th« klr>iff and I.ynph booted oul M hi 1 ; W vftrd Une. Thp most sus- t«i»iftH drive, of the ranie on the r:birk« riart followed with two P-st. downs, including a Ifi varc nir* Hv- Mors°. shovin? t.he hnll no to Wilson's Ifi vard h np . Another fir*t do^-n wns TPclslerpd on Wilron's IB yard line. Another first down was registered on Wilson's four varrt line find Locke went ovw for the touchdown. The Blythevllle limior hlch Pi nooses, their schedule fnr the reason ended, were sent Into the came at this txilnt and the Bull- dn°s immed' set out tn tnke. sdv'antafje ol their opportunity and almost won the came before the Chick coaches could get their regulars hack in. Wilson returned the klckoff to their 40 vard line and their first drive of the game stsrted:'"A completed oass shot the visitors \ip Into Chick territory on r>- Blvtheville 3fl yard line. Another coiriplettd pass took the ball ts the 30 yard lln«. Three plays « J.nler and trw visitors had a first down on the Blytheville 12 yard line. The Papooses slopped the TVulldoes momentarily but the vls- iTo'rs had a first down on Hie locals' one. yard line and over they went frith Clinton carrying the ball nn the first play of the fourth cfURrten Lynch bucked over for the extra point and it began to look )l<(e anvbodt'g'bau game with the Chicks boldlhi » six point lead. The Ptpooses ranted sufficiently to m«ke « first down on.their own 48 yard Une after the off but were then pushed back arid Wilson took the offense. The Chick regulars jot back Into the game but » 15' yard penalty sel In em back on their heels and in the danger' zone. After a line play or two had failed to ge anywhere the Bulldogs tried past. The pigskin.fell .off out of the hands of a Bulldog receiver as he crossed the goal line and was incomplete. The' pass droppra over the goal • line-' and the Chicks got flft .ball 20 yards out and were ft iftlh hi KHwn a«nt*r; DID YOU KNOW THAT— : Parkc H. Davis .still Insists that the lon?est forward pass ever thrown 1 in a (oolball game traveled 81 yards ... It was from Bradbury Hoblnson lo John Schneider . . . and It helped SI. Louts to beat Kansas in the merry year of 1900 .... The next loneesl, Davis continues, was pitclied by Brick Muller lo Howard Stephens . . . 7(1 yards, on behalf of California against Ohio Slflte In the Hose Bowl game of 1920 . . . Maybe you don't remember Red Grange us a passer, but he could heave that leather neatly . . . he's down in the books with a 40-vard fling to Ij^nard In the 1935 Michigan game . . . . and a 25-yard pass to Kassell. (he "throw that won the game from Nebraska in 1924. Courhlng Situation Kevolt ngaliist Coach Sam-wil- laman and Athletic Director L. w. Hi. John at Ohio stale since the Michigan victory has brought to light a slrnnge (situation . . . . some of the players loafing on the Job ... others (|iiiltiiij; cold turkey . . . and the campus at Columbus all agog. You may IK interested In sonic of the following talk: Sam seems Incapable of eclilng the boys to go out there and p!uy their heads off for him . . . certain foctball clitics say lie is a good coach technically . . . others declare he has messed up the wlng- . „„,.,(,.„ , M - ,,., . luck system until you wouldn't ft naming leiiin^oi mini .rwn Ciu")]>il?n ilelinltclv prmeil it wasn : fcuow 11. nfrald of Ihe Blu Dad Wolves from Michigan when it fought Hie! ... Michlaanders lo 'a standstill, losing by the margin of a point after ''IVHlng I( lo Hadlow louchdo'Aii, 7-C.-'The picture shows Les Lindlwrt'. Illinois hnlfuacx, There's the caw of Pad!ow. end getting off a punl during ihe game. ... a young man inclined to loaf • -.! : . ill practice . . . Sam tried Lo get ' ' j him peeved by bawling him out MocKluelore the squad . . . which radlow Hooks and Slides Bill Braucher The municipality of Chlcoutlmi, Que., has received donaltuns ol considerable sums, of money • from Campcllc, u professional beggar In Quebec; Camfxtle owns of houses in ihe French tiuailerJiesentcd. o fthe lalter city and claims; Willamnn _ Ciiicoullmi as Ms birthplace. [railed for allowing the""first Michi- Padlow's trouble with started when he was gan touchdown while the squad looked at movies of Ihe game. . . When tlie end threatened to o.ult and aired his grievance, he found many sup;wrlers, including some' Columbus newspapermen who have '. been taking after Willaman. , They say a pat on the back would have made a good end out of 1'ad- low . . . but lie's a sulker now ... and that same thing holds true In the case of Rosequlst. who "ought lo tlie best tackle In the country." . . . Dissension on the squad has fostered friendships and entni- ttes that are not forgotten during the actual games . . . thus, the boys won't, block for Carl Cramer because he is regarded as "teacher's pel." . . . Tlie boys are blocking for Heckin . . . they like him . . . walch him go! . * * * Defeat Disastrous Then 'there's this tingle: State adherents have come to view as a mistake the placing of the M!c-lii- gan Kame as the .third on the schedule .... if the gani'j were later. Ohio could take a defeat without -it being so disastrous, either artistically or financially. St. John has agreed to the third game theory with the idea of assuring .it leasl one big crowd per season, bill now he is beginning to come around to the idea thai Michigan should be played later. But Mister Yost of Michigan will have a "lot 'lo say about that, as he has'been.,strong for the third game setup.. ....'.-arid why not? . . . with the great'-learns Michigan has been SIX woim-ii have swum MIC KnVllsh fl::tiiiii-l, (iertruilo Kdwie Iwjjij: i lit first. NA- i'OI.KO.N Ili-XAi'/MlTK Is the m<M lainon: ji.ulv.- ot Cursfc'a. CUAi:u-:s i:v.\\s ni'cjiiKS ij cllii.-f Jnslic.. ...( |Jii: U. $. su- preine i-out:. enjoying. Maybe Willaman is slated lo on Lhe ax after this season . . Then v.-e come to the question: Who will succeed him? . . . The jub used to pay SliSOO . . . hut look a fat cut n year or so ago . . How mmy fjmous coaches woiild rush inlo the Ohio hotbed at those prices? HEMORRHOIDS [Plies) cured without the knife. Skin cancer, varicosrd veins, tonsils removed nan-surgirally.' TIES. NIKS and MES Office 514 Main I'hone ax A man falling from any altllude mill a parachute pack attached never attains r. velocity greater than.118 miles an hour-and does nol lose consciousness, • according in reports of the U. S. Army air corps. : Water from melted ice will freeze lint's; times faster than water from condensed steam If tolu are placed In a tempcr.iture of 5 degrees below zero' Centigrade, according to a report from tl\e National Anidcmy of. Sciences. ; ROXY MAT. and Nite-^lOc - 25c She couldn't endure her ion's offtclibn for hit Jonesboro Hurricane Defeats Forrest City JONESBORO, Ark.. Nov. 11.— The Joncsboro Hurricane handed the Forrcsl Oily high school football team its first defeat In 25 eamcs here Friday. The score wos 7 to 0. The visitors palyed a stubborn defensive game but failed to display much of an offense. Jonesboro's attack was confined mainly to a power drive of Ihe .ype used so successfully agalnsl Blytheville the week before. A monthly list of newly discovered fraudulent companies Is sup- olicd lo nil postoffices by the U. s. Postoffice Dcpartmenl with Instructions that mail addressed to Ihese concerns be stamped "fraudulent" and returned to Ihe sender. Read me/ve DUNNE as die yyuni ui/c uAo 'jaf 10 rondcrm 'A* tyranny of ' nuxvr-uWiiti In JOEl M C REA MANCES on EftlC IINOIN lAUUMOn CttWt S/BNfrTJoW/W^/i l*t., Dlricftd M* ftorfKflw. AMw "C, ' Novelty Reel Charley Chase Comedy I T 7 I * * *-T - Monday Her life was all CAREER and no CARESSES 0 MAT. and NITR—10c-35c SHE WANTED A CHANCK TO LIVE AND l.OVK—with) nn "mother" <o guide her! Seldom a drama so darlrur, so rmotionaltj andraal. Alice Brady rrachm new hrlftvU .is the "stage mother" who often h»r daughter'! chirm* for tale I with Alice Brady Maureen 0'Snllivan, Franehol Tone, Phillips Holmes and Ted Healy Laurd & Hardy Comedy •'Turn ME to the WANT-AD SECTION" "Most everybody d o e s, J kmr,\ r . Bul there are probably a few of you w h o may not have discovered what all these others know - - that my winl-ad section is filled with bargains and opportunities." Turn to them now . . . "And don't forget lo u s c O ihis valuable section when YOU have somethin sell or have losi or f o r a n y of a hundred other purposes. When you want to place an ad just phone 306 and my ad-taker will ive you expert help." lo something COURIER NEWS WANT-ADS

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