The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1940
Page 3
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1040 H^s Midwav, Pitchmen, Rssslers. Skating Rinks A La Coney Island I'.V PAl'f. .YMN'N'lN'G -Vf:.-\ S«:rvir<' St- a ft' Oorrespomit-m BLACKPOOL. England. — This <:i''V i.s as Amerir-an a.s a Coney Island Red Hot. The waitresses ssv Okay. th* bellhops Hive you the latest .Confucius Say. Lh< 1 «-htirMberr*:aid.s remind you of vonwne you've :;c-en until all of n su'Uien von think of BetU? Davis in "Of Human Bondage." But there i.s :i reason for all j this. Blackpool is the Atlantic City ! "f ; E'nyland. It has GOOU hotels.' boarding house:; and restaurants. •' midway where th<> cleverest piicbmen this .side of Times Square practice three-card monte, three •^'ant ballrooms, a roller coaster :*nU chute-the-chutes. a wiant latticework tower erected (iO years 'ayo Paris had one. a vest pocket edition of Madison Square Garden complete with wrestlers who remind you of jack and Lou Dare's trained seals, 18 theaters, a live-wire newspaper, a new ice skating link, and an American' (rained press agent who can use biv.ger words than any Hollywood starlet. All this, and "more, too. make Blackpool the Number One seaside resort of England. The season normally ends in September with all the hotels, amusement companies and breweries declaring dividedns up to 33 1-3 per cent. This year, however, there'll be no end to the season, except fov bathing. Because war has done funny things to Blackpool. It has transferred the No. i beach resort 'into England's No. i entertainment center. With London now being more or less plastered seven days a week, nighttime gaiety in the nation's capita) has dropped to nearly zero. So the cream of London's 4000 musicians and 10,000 stage enter- la iners now out of work have moved to Blackpool, 50 miles north of Liverpool on the Irish Channel. Today the little town is England's brightest spot. In one week Beatrice Lillin and Vic Oliver revived three cne-aet plays from Noil Coward's 'Tonight at 8:30," Robert DC nut presented -The Devil's Disciple." Jack Hylton headlined a stage show at the Winter Gar- '.Jtu. and the D'Oyly Curte Opera Oeinpany .started u run. Even the f under; Philharmonic, with Sit Henry Wood directing, .showed up end gave a series of concerts. The key t,o this boom is the fuel the Blackpool i.s believed to 'be ir.e most oiiiet place in England .'•mi it is, too, from the stamipoim ol bombs actually dropped. There are plenty of ulert .signals, but seldom a raid. Thi: first iii»h tor two spvu; '••iv. i had iWrkuliy Meephlg be- •;:usf the town was so normal. Nc •.>i..:.i.!i:ii£ bcmb.s. no ami-aircrafi kun firing outride the hotel window . . . -'Peace, it'.s Wonderful.' The mo:,; impressive feature about this nfiw British i.-ntertuin- nr-nt center, however, i.s the people. Even the several thusam! "vacuee.s from London and tht ether industrial centers of Eng- •Jtid haw caught on and now .veryone walks like they're going -..erne place. Uiouah there is no place to go once you've reachec 3'iuckpool. The place is strictly a young town, with more clean-cut boys • : nd girls to the square block than in possibly any other English city today. Those that do not live in Blackpool travel by bus, street car anc' automobile 'every night in the week from the surrounding countryside, packing the three giant ballrooms, the ice skating rink, (.he theaters and motion picture houses. They're all very America conscious, and at the -drop of an H will do you a really good imitation of Jack Benny and Rochester. But what the future holds for Blackpool no one knows. Some BLYTHE VILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'Bornbless' Blackpool Offers Fun seem to indicate quite a lot can be seen at Blackpool. _ "ur-im-s. 1 ; men arc already . f forming ;i motion ;)k:Utrv :;yu- .jale us pun of a plan to lurn '.i; town into the Hollywood of ..nghuul. Orher.s hope will '* no cba.'H'r. u m l, tlie .••.••aside tr- urt v/il! JUM continue having u ratiCij like Au»iwt. 1940, the bi|',- esi. In Blackpool history. A few iVnr that thrir ^ood luck inuy end any niyjit now \viih a t!«e \:,un\ ol l)jo|) (.•>:plt):;iv< i .s bein|> icppt-\l by some German bombardier. Osceola Society—Persona! To Give Morning- Party Mrs. R. H. Kendrick and Miss Mary Margaret McElvain were hostesses to 24 guests at a morning parly and kitchen shower at | the home of the former on Tuesday morning at ten o'clock in special honor of Miss Edna Ayres. a bride-elect of the season. • Tlie rehearsal dinner will be held in the home of Mrs. J. M. Speck on Thursday night with her sister. Mrs. Jack Wilson of West Memphis, sharing hostess honors. Sailors and soldiers and girls arc friends at Blackpool, . . "laborers" were busy pushing whcel- Among those who went to Steele. I barrow^ of spinach to the stack, O. FTKlnv niahf in h« on.,,, ,, Gl|ests foijnd ih( , ir p! ,, ces as inc]i . caied by original poems describing themselves. Tinv bushel baskets Mo., Friday night to be ft dinnef party given by Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Haggard were Miss Ayres and her fiance, Harry Mat- filled with spinach were given as lock; Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Walters J favors. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Speck, Miss Lillian B. Ayres, George Plor- ! Ida, Billie Ayres, Miss Terry Mitch- Guests included H. J. Hale, president of the board; R. C. Ryan, vice- president; W. J. Driver Jr.. D. S. Laney. Leon Sullivan, secretary- ell of Joiner and Memphis. Among other affairs given for t ^ Miss Ayres the past week were he £T!"'w, i A n °°f"' '^ bridge party for 16 guests in the f an £ Wheeler Prenchmftn Btxj home of Mrs. C. H Weathersbv t° e Cllll ° m - Wllson: nnd L ' C ' B ' . J assisted by her daughter, Mrs'. jJohn Donaldson of Paragould, on Young. . • • Visitor and Student Iloiiori'il Tlmrsciay nitiht to usiiisL in ] on ihc woj-1: and ln v mi^Ls or ivnrilni? of Luke 2 as the devotional period. Others on the Christmas program were Betty Sue Mastin nnd Cora Ho(»an, A brightly decorated ChrLstnma tree held Rifts for !he members and a handkerchief (shower for Mrs. li. 1';, Moore, y. W. A. Counselor. Tiny red candles , burned on the refreshment plate and ouch /;lrl made a wish as she blow out her candle at the close of the .social hour. * * iS Ml.vs Nancy Snow Wilson, who attends .schol at Stuart. Hull, P'taumon. Va., hn.s arrived home (o spend the holidays with her ivother anrl (jrutKlpim'tUs. Mf, and Mrs, .1. U Williams, She i;; nc- rompanied by a clussmate, Miss .Umi' Tiirni'i 1 of Bedford, Vu., who \vill be her during the Christmns season. Mis;; Turner is n .senior at Stuart luil!. MLss Wilson was a recrnl, K iiest, ut tin; .'-; A. E. House piirty and formal dunce at Washington and /..('(' AJiifveir.iiy, Lexington. Va. Mr. and Mrs. Thad l^elton ami dauuhter, Su/aniU'. and thnlr niece. Sue Clay Htinhey, of Goose Creek. Tex., are hern for Uu? holidays! with thtir parents und |{rand- parei\m, Mr, and Mi.s. j. ll i/n'e- , V.'I'IJ. ' 1 Mr. :m;| Mrs. Jolm H. Miller went, i to Dyersbury, Tenn., Huiunltiy afternoon to be the KitesLs of their dmtfihler, Mrs. .!, Kmil Hnircl anil Dr. Baird duriin 1 . the lioliday.;. Mrs. .loo C. Younc, will $0 to .-JtJU'.s'boro Tuesday t<^ spend Christ- inns Day with her son, Joe Clay Vouni; nnd lumily. Miss ine;-. Klncakl left,- Pridny niglit for Richmond. Mo., fo .spend Christmas with her parents, Mr. amid Mrs. U. M. Kincaid und other relatives,'She will return to her work as home demonstration agent for South Mississippi County ou Jan. i. Mr. mid -Mrs. 13. E. Moore have us their Christmas guesU, hi; parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Mcore of Nevada. Mo. Antony Osceohv tenchers w'.io ure home from their positions in other schools are Miss Emily M'nson from Alcoa, Tenn.: Lindsey Driver from El Dorado, Ark.; and Miss Beatrice Rose, who teaches at Yarbro. Mr. and Mrs. Alcv Ctusthwalte and daughter, Betty Joe, will drive to Woodland. MLss., Christmas Eve Day/or/the remainder of the week with his parents. Others uoinu to Mississippi arc Williams and PAGE'TORBE Mrs, Speck's parents until ctuy, -r Mrs. Frank A. Robertson of Birmingham. Ala,, and Orlando, Flu., arrived Thursday to spend several weeks us guest in the home of her brother, J, S. McCants. Her husband, the lute Prank A. Robertson of Birmingham, died three weeks ago in Orlando, P)a M following an illness of -several months. Bear Hunting Legal Within Philadelphia i'111 LA DEI,PHI A <UP) — Bear. hunting is unlawful in 10 Pennsylvania counties but it Ls allowed in, of till place:;, the city of Philadelphia. Philadelphia county, which In-'' cOudt'.s (.his city and .surroundinp; heavily populated suburbs", does not bar bear hunting during the four-day season. «>Read Courier News want ads. r '—• BUY YOUR HOLIDAY LIQUORS & WINES . BY THE CASE AND SAVE MONEY Complete Stock BLYTHEVILLE LIQUOR SHOP 1(17 S. 2nd hone Itarrcl 48 Lb. Sack 24 Lb. Sack :~>0 /As. Lard ' SSe $.1.15 Ll>n. Siif/ar , $j,70 C. ABRAHAM Phone HI <> & Kroadwuv commander of the O.sceoln Coin-1 j orc ji n manclery,. Dr. George Cone. O. IT. Pord. R. j. Ciirdlev, Juke Thrailkill. Thomson and J. 13. RocTThZlav'( TV, ,f°, '° ""I" P, IMM ttocic inuihday to visit her grand- Mr, and Mrs. John S. •Jane Adams, daughter of Mrs. George Adams, will ^^-^ •z=^E=3£LXz^F==<^- . .~>^ GREETinGS Mrs. E. S. Driver wns hostess to FitOM THE STAFF OF THK BLYTHEV1LIE WATER CO. Thursday night when awards were won by Mrs. Dan H. Hamner. Miss „ ^ *', a " u » v . er . lwnj Florine Quinn and Mrs. Roy K ! ' hree tahles ° l brldee Cox; tlie evening bridge party given by Miss Electra Buck; and two parties in Blythevilie including the luncheon and surprise ' lingerie shower given at the Hotel Noble Wednesday b'v Mrs. L. W. in her home on Thursday afternoon complimenting Mrs. Phil P. Burk of Bedford, Va., who has been the guest of her parents. Dr. and Mi;u. C. M. Harwell for two weeks, arid Miss Madeline Ellen Edrin^ton, cf Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Humphrey. from . Los ; Mrs. W. W. Prewitt was scorer for Hist prize with John W. Edriniilon winning hig'h Mrs. Eti- Gives Birthday Dinner Wei by Young, Osceola attorney "—" "' «- j »-""»h i -">» «»miiuy ^u and acting manager of the Missis- solation . Ml '«- Buik awi Miss E sippi Valley Canning Company. rington vvere P'^entcd gifts, was given a novel surprise birth- Mrs - c - M - Hanvel l :lll fl Mis: > day party on Wednesday night Nel1 RnociciJ were ten guests, when 'Mrs. Young entertained * members of the board of directors , AUeil(I klylhevilh- Coinmamlery of the plant with a turkey dinner! Amoll y lho Osceola Knights at their home on Hale Avenue in ' Iei »P lni ' s wno went, !,o Blythevllle to Mr. Young's 39th Rtinn. * *• * V. \V. A. ISIpcis Officers Vcra Itendrix was elected president of the Doree-n Owen Young Woiuerfs Auxiiary of 'the.-. Baptist \Y. M. U.. s.a their final moetini- of Mie year in the home of Betty Sue Muslin. mother. Mrs. John A. Adams, and former schoolmates there. Mr. and Mrs. John Blnford White nre in Little Rock for the week. Mrs. White will entertain with a luncheon on December 28, at the home of her mother. Mrs. Murphy Andrews in that city honoring Jnnc Rol.h. Mrs. John R. Brobmyei Elected with her were Margaret [ J »'- Mrs. George Baucum Pulker- • s on and the Debutante Club. 1940. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Speck left today for Wynne for H visit with Andeuwn. first vice-president; Betty PiFher. secretary; Atline Jones, reporter; Br.ssie Lou Rose, .:o:-iu] chairman. A second vice- prcsiflcnj, »o direct the Stewardship K-Uvitien of the auxiliary will be ;'ho:-;en laU'r. IL wa.s voted to change [he regular moiling nights lo ihe second and fourth Monday nuUits of \]w month. Fclna Traylor led the Wert Optometrist "FIE MAKES ? EM Jot Isaac*' Phone 5-tO compliment birthday. Centering the dining table was an artistic arrangement of fresh- cut spinach in which stood tall yellow tapers with "Popeye" and J "Otove Oyl" standing on the side of the heap; a group of miniature AND BEST WISHES A Happy New Yea FEINBERG'S FASHION SHOP It is the sincere desire of LO, ROBINSON LUMEFR CO thai you have A Very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous lew Year May Good Health and Happiness Be Your Portion For a Long Time to Come. HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION Gcheral Rep^irtng, Wcldlnf Across from Red Top Gin At this season of Rood cheer we wish. to. thank our friends and customers for our pleasant relations during HMO and to wish each of you another year of iprosperity and happiness. WE WANT TO SERVE YOU IN 19-11 THE ARKMO LUMBER CO, Phone40 We are glad that the warm, friendly spirit of the Christinas Season marks the day-hy- day relationships of this hank and its customer-friends . . . at Christmas time—and through the years. It is our sincere wish that all of you may have a very merry . Christmas and a happy, prosperous Nevr Year. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE "The Only National Bank in Mississippi County" MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION

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