The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT __ BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEW* Santa Has Games For Young and Old FULL (pILlS "Same Old Things" Will Be Found In Glamorous Now Garb BV MAKIAN- YOllNf! • NKA Service Staff Corresponds ill NEW YOHK.—Evury person on your Christmas list, from-grandmother to little brother, wants at Icaa cue gift (hat's amusing. It may be an Item which lies In' will) Huh 1 hobby., something lo make traveling or entertaining easier, or a h'tth 1 .stocking present tliat provides a laugh. Whatever it is, it ought to imike life a i'rin* pleas- riiiti-r and really b^ fun lo have. The woiniin whose chief sour;* of amusement Is entertaining will ilke u new set of bridge equipment, which includes everything needed lo. ^i< t.iblfs. [f .she's a (jolf ni Ibusiusl, a neat compact, lipstick t.i;d handkerchief case on a hand- seme leather belt, or a smart yolf purse—tlat and nnrrbw, bul with; ample space for powder and other' makeup and a' little money—will lia appropriate. !,ook at new fitted cases for the liaveler. An alligator number hus a . cosmetics eompni lineul v: i' li mirror lo|> wlilcii can be removed and' placed on the dresser in her *l>Ueioom or curried to dressing' ,ioom on train -or plane. A tiny l.iivel atomizer with n leak-poof ;lop comes lu a leather case to match a piece of luggage. A unique shoe cast! holds four pair.s , of shoes, tun bo unfolded and hunt- on tlie back of a closet door or left closed to tit into the top of a suitcase. If she glyes big parties, 11 game box, containing seven or eight parlor yames, will he appreciated , _ TheiilT, opera, concert, even movie llckels always" are welcome If she rides mid wins ribbons Uive hei a glass esiblnct for hi i ' tafijt room. Klbbotu or no. if she ' lides sit nil. she'll like a tiny gold lone roi her" wnich chnini, a leathei waich for her lapel, or a new sport'; compact, inono- Bi'amuifd, of course, and sin nil ><moiigli to (U In i\\f pocket of hei ff Hrf.iif; In ..eelies. Takiiijf Care Sofe? '^.""S WOVU- -"'".to the older women on an iitituiial plant or a filled with a variety ol \vill lit: lh^\ It they ... doing nmllepoliii „ . -, -Jroiciery; Uwn directions and »" ""necessary, material : lor «on»- 1 w »h ' Alt' new alone llnac lines''Mr-' worth consideration. If (hey collect dolls, find a sweet foreign one drpiscd in-the nuihi>ntlc cosluim of that country. The music enthusiast, will like new and hord-lo-find records foi her \ictrolft or a'beautifully illustrated boofc of the operas, ir her woik is her hobby, n new desk set might please. If she collects stamps send, a rare one. If she's very so dal and likes to keep in loucli v,llh new friends ,i x Wf )| a;i 0 | d ,ones, a de luxe .set of stationer; consisting of large loiter papu tinaller note papi-r and tiny Uinnk- yon'note 'sheets, beautifully mouo- gnnnmcd. will thrill her. incidentally. fa tin- smartest, note paper shade of the moment. Men Are Easy to Delight If Ihe men among whom you are eouiB lo spread Christina* c liter ure ardent sportsmen, th<; business of finding amusement blfl-s foi ihem is pelty simple. The rislierm.-in will be Intrigued with a new fly box, covered with cellulose film and containing several iierfrclly handsome dry tlle.s i" separate compartments, He can wear. Ihis on bis belt. Or hoiv Rbout some new lightweight camping equipment? TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, .1937 l:i.s doll and parachute will omiise Whooping It Up For Dixie ItV JKRRV imONDFlKM) NKA Service Sports Writer What's ham without cggsV Wluifs ten without leinonl What's a football season without postmortems? Wo Blance, hen, back down the gridiron Lulls of 1931 and come up with th« following observations Team living up most lo pie.'.-/won expectations; I'itc, The long-range pigskin prognos- llciilors opined way back In September 'that the Panthers would bo tops In Ihe hiisine.-s nml probably would,wind up with the most impressive record. You can't sven Me up mi: argument here, miles you're from Die golden. slope or the Pacific, where California- Li the epitome of all that Is great sux t-jlr.rious In Jootbalidonij liitjiji'M, bust of ihe xfasnn; Col- j ijate. 'I'lif lied, RatdM-s of the Rhen,-i»KO Vnlley wcrc-tlcketcd "dun- K>-r—biiwai-ci" In September. Wound up by losing five. Most consistent offense: ArUn lite IMnthf-r.-i. Jock Sulhciland's boys wm> o l<iadp<l wltli powor it was practically no cimlest once tlie Pnnlheis si«rl'p!l rollini; •-- _ iiltlwujjii tjipj milted, until the last quurici iiKuinsL,Noire Dainc.und Hcbrasl-j I'ilt piled up the niiiay.mi; lotnl of more Ihan 2400 yard;; :uid more than 100 first downs. Two llt.'.t Iain's Beiit defensive.', team in major ranks; Ohio Stnte or Fordlmm Take your choice—it won't make much difference. WJthout a doubt Die Buckeyes and Hnin.s had (he two best lines in football. The np three touchdowns a lotal of 23 points in eight am! r "' ' lid _ . . .1 liny Imnd organ red-capped monkey jjerch-1 <•! 01 I In handles i e any clilld. When MIR spring is rt;- lense d ''' . lense. doll the. nn ; | poraehiitc celling, whereupon the 'chute "= "'id both " float•'gracefully In the floor. ; ,'1'hc Rams allowed their tonl llm^ to be crossed but once and had nine points scored on I Ihem in llio same number of i.'onu-sls. Thi 1 Ohionns. lioivcvfr. pixib;ibly had the toiiKher sciirtlutc. meeting 'IVxus Cliristian and fjouthtirn California, in addition lo six Big Ten I'ut-s. '1'he Hums liud t«'o bronthw Hiese peppj joung cheer leader the contract uddlct. At, upper left ,., a complete set in green vealsjan. In-the center, Iravel set iue)ur|tug ii felt (able cover, curds, [ifliiclls'. srorf pads. Ixiwer rlghl., ijinger Iravel n»|.. journalisl lc brain-teasers Ihl'j jseason. . flourish There's a boot scraper, fitted with" brushes, for the liorsi-mtin; a 30-day rmeror light for. the man who owns a small sailboat; si feect- iiit' bowl and rubber chop for the pup or the dog lover; n benutlfnl (ashmerc sweater wilh front lapels of sueds for Ihe young fellow who For (he fisherman with n iU box transparent cover and sep- t'ompartmcnl.'! for Jiis n\- vM-itc dry, llie.s. t.or wit!] |op sliHf for tigincltes and [OKer one for cigars. If he likes parlor games, consider a truly elegant ilurt set wilh extra cork bucking board to go behind the regular dart board, thus kceplnii the wall fiom being gently torn lo pieces by tlie davls wlilch miss. •Ice hockey, with play by |,] ay f.ctir.n. im.n been repiwluced In .1 novel marble game. A baseball • , l-'nr Cliitdrvn I'or -younger members of the family, , handeraft .toys such n'; ttoodbiiriihiB 'sets' with electric' \mi- ciK inpesli-y wen\:lig 'sets, hook i ug"o'liliUs and 'inlnlalm-e printing sets lire umiiscment gifts that amuse.. ; .'. ; There .ore smnll,- Ineximistve. but really very good cameras'for chll- drc-n. .If your young son has « I'limenij gii-n him a developing set. if hr- ! staiids with nose pressed tu!»lust l!'e window pane every I lime an alrpianiV, soars overhend" I) probably would be preity thiHied;with an nil-plane construction set-or with a few books- on IliB llvo.s of famous fliers. How alwnl skis in -\ new waterproof SM carrier? f A Hllle boy would love an automobile construction set wltli which he r-nii mnke tiny cars to suit his whims. And u-hat little gin woiild- »t lie plenM-d with a don am | imiw-lniic wlilch can be operated with a roll .spring? (The child releases Hie spring, dolly and parachute, ilse to file celling, then float Kfueefiilly floorward.i Or with a stuffed koula money beiiri ( 0 reign •Vipivme over all Ihe 0 || ler .stuff,,]] toys In her nursery? M »»'«i checks COLDS'-FEVER first- day Sulve, ...Nose . Headachy, ^fl , Drops- "$- minutes. Try :"Ruli-My-TlsiiV'- World's . llesi l.lnlmenl , Wnita week ends (n the counto .' n °"' mavl)le - If books and pipes and open 8 ?" 11 ': '"™ lv1 "" "^ technlralllles reji amuse him a K ood deal limrc "' l" lcilIll B- baltlns and lidding. amuse Mm a good deal more than flshuig, hunting and so on | you sivc him a book or a pipe or' a bucket of driftwood to make his fire glow with colored Homes, A pipe with Brazil nut bowl ofigln to impress him— well, a little, anyway. So will a slick reading lanip of dull finish walnut with parchment shades across which English iklkrs romp. Or n sterling huml- , another new favnrlto. All her new favnrlto. orts of _ crime-solving unii R INSTRUCTION'S rn uicsi styles Knitting -BKRNAT" KNITTING VAKN'N Mrs. l,eslie Uonpcr 1100 Chlckasawba Phono 702 Pecans Wanted Highest Market Prices Goldstein Hide & Fur Co. 1 Rear Joe Isaacs' Store Marshall, and In Franklin Wayntsburg: Trickiest iplay: . Vnmlcrblifs Ijul- ton-button-ivho's-got-llie. - football maneuver which upset xj.ouisiana ie. 7-li. If ball from center, placed it quickly and deftly on the ground between a guard's Itigs and then scooted the sidelines in tlow pass to Yale ii iilce fl-9, in the last, 12 s to tie Darlmontii, nickolson , Kuniiiest incident: When Capi mcnawhile -'"ck L>;on of South Carotfna run oing huo rn;ul minutes of play, only lo see iVfichigan , from behind to ek? out :i one-point margin or vlctoiy. But thu;; go the fortunes and .stumbled, fell U well until _ IK ^ cry after-, the faker and then! an enthusiastic b : peet"uoi-" w '|'io"dash- plckcd il np and i-an down llio ed onto (bo Held, made the taeMe I - ' " "' ""•• «»""•-- sldi: of the field for a loiich-! got np, dusted off his hamb andl clc " 1 ' E S>'l ul!ins . possesses Ihe dls- - arofna run- n,,, n, , ,, , , ll on the ball, covered ning in the clear for n lonchdon, ,„, , , K ° (lie fmUmes - o: Ihc Tlma were in full against Citadel, was Cp«l Si lllfaf( " tll " K "' B"<"™n warfare. the a - ' . . other hu Sphinx, carved by the an- Cun get It. clown. Nice work If you A Nice Day's Be^t Individual effort: Whizy.c-r White's two touchdowns, field goal, points after touchdown sa;d: "How'iu I.doln'?" ; Jle did nil tight, but the Game- cotks were awarded a touchdown anyway. : Mosl lienrtbrenkliig loss: Chlca- •"?'*!.'.Ballanl peiforma"ace agahxsl Michigan.,; The Maroons-. st<.i-<«-(i. J ,, 1 ,„-„,„, _forj^ Big Ten victory-all season,' m/iing of , linctipn of bc-ing the most ancient of Independent sculpture now extant, A leak In llw cooling '":• be the di.v.t cause ofburui- bcaiiug.s. sco-cct tylimU-rs and • ed roniicetlons. NEW 1938 MOOR SEDAN Delivered inDlytkeviKe WHh Federaltaxes andTransr.ortatlon P»ld. local, State Taxes Extra SPECIAL 40c HOTEL NOBLE Merchants I'late l/unch "Wlirre Hnspltality a Reallly." ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY LOANS Low Interest Rates ,Easy Payments-Long Terms |,, 8 j n sery , f o , nall com rf , Jiusmess in those s' Today's :Lb.w Price ' x ,. A ; f ': - ; -' „' r -. 1. Federal Tat Paid ' 2. Freight from Factory Paid 3. Fire Steel Wheels aW Tirss 4. Airplane^type Shock- absorbers 5. ':tive"Rubber Body Mountings 6. Floating Power Engine • Mountings b 7. "RadioStudio"Sound- RJrOofihg ...- 8..Double.actlon Hydraulic ,Brakes •9. Safety All-Steel Body 10. Safety Glass Throughout 11. Hypofd R6ar Axlfei • ' ' 12. Completely Rust proofed Body 13. Calibrated Ignition < 14* Chain-driven Camshaft 15. ExhaustVatve'Seatlnserts 16. Full length Water Jackets 1 7. AII-Sit«nt Transmission 18. X Type Box section Frame 19. Roller-blearing Universal )oints 20. Radiator Ornament 21. Front and Rear Bumpers at llic pr ' cc P"" ie(l above for Plymouth's big 4-door Sedan. Lookatthefeatureslistcdatthe left.. Here's the BIGGEST VALUE of "All Three" low-priced cars. Plymouthsteersfaster.handleseas. ier.. .gives you most for your money in comfort, luxury, economy, safety. You don't know this new Plymouth till you've driven it. See it —todayl < ! THENRVPLYMOUTH U priced with the )ow««t Commercfal Credit Company's low term. tlu-oughDodge.DeSotoondChryderdriltrs. jNew1938 * Deluxe 4-Door Sedan («ITH TRUNK) $862.50 DELIVERED IN BI-YTHEVILLF! FLORIDA BROS. & CO. l-ife Insurance . . K|rc , ng , lranw Investment S«nryie» ARK. rtd TranftportBtltn Pild.lacal.St.U Tuu Extra. J CORPORAT.ON.Dctroit.Michigan (jj

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