The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1950
Page 12
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f AGE BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNE «, 1950 New Code Can Cut Building Costs 10% As much as 10% can be slushed from present buildings costs in every community that adopts the new performance-type building code developed after years of work, it was stated today by the Construction Research Bureau, national clearing house for building information. The code has been prepared by the Building Officials Conf<?n>nce of America, which is composed o! 500 municipal officials representing over SQ7c of the nation's population. The comprehensive basic code covering every building situation In simplified term.? for me in communities where engineers and technicians are not available, has been completed, according to BOCA. Construction costs can be cut through iisc of the new code because It pretnits new materials and construction techniques barred by many existing regulations, Excessive and unnecessary requirements for structural strength which add to costs arc eliminated; however, the code docs set up requirements for minimum structural strength, (ire-resistance and sanitation Irwt must be met. Wall Conslruclitm Particular attention is given to wall construction in the new code, which slates that walls in one- and two-family houses must resist fire for 45 minutes; those In multi-family buildings tor 90 minuloj. This requirement can be built into any new or existing wall hy filling it with mineral wool insulation, Uie Natioual Bureau of Standards sit- ing a one-hoisr fire-resistance rating to a wood-lath plaster wall filled with mineral wool, and a rating of I 1 ,* hours when metal lath Is used. Althouah some cities require, in outside wall to be 12" thick, the model code states that 8" is sufficient for homes. The code permits spacing wall studs as much as V apart in some types of construction, Instead of the 16" now .generally required. Use of thinner sheathing is permitted. Where some codes, rule out any wall finish except plaster, the new code allows any. type of construction which meets lire-resistance requirements. Other cost-saving provisions are: flexible Insulated electrical wiring instead of expensive metal conduit; smaller sizes of copper and brass water pipe; elimination of plumbing traps between house and sewer; lighter-weight roofs and : floors. ' Code-Up-to-Dftfe .-'• - s * -: Since the model code contains performance rather than specification requirements, It will be up-to- date at all times and will recognize new materials which are developed to meet performance standards. This-will eliminate the costly code revision necessary \mder old codes to allow new materials to be used. - New products will be tcstcit In BOCA-recognized laboratories at the expense of the manufacturer, instead of at municipal expense, and then accepted in individual communities merely by approval of the local building officials. i Not only will the model cortc modernize hundreds of outmoded building regulations now In effect, its sponsors say, but wili make it easy and inexpensive for thousands qf communities which have no laws to adopt adequate building regulations. New-Construction Record in May : WASHINGTON. June 6. (^ — A new, construction record surpassing even the seasonal peaks oi the fall of 1948 and 1949 was reported for the month of May by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. New construction valued fU more than Sl.aPO.000,000 was started in May—H per cent more than the April estimate and 23 per cent more than the May 1949 total. Further .expansion in private hemiebmtdins activity accounted for nearly halt of the advance. During the first five months of 1050, the total value of all types of new construction was nearly 58.100.000,000 — 21 per cent more I than the total for the corresponding period of 1919. Real Estate Transfers Ciilckiisawba District— Blylhevllle Development Corp. to Tom and Dehlia Green, Lol 4 oi Clock 7 of Wilson first. Addition, $250. Ira Lee and Gladys Marie Jones lo Geoiue Patten, Robert Williams. Burl Grimes, Norman Davis and Walter Maxwell, trustees for Gosnell Baptist Church, one acre In f southwest corner of cast seven ] acres of the E-',i of SW-M of SW-'l of Section 36-I6N-10B. $3.000. Phillips and Elaine M. Robinson to Loy Welch, plot 31 by 05.3 feet ill Section 16-15N-11E, $0,000. E. B. and Hoveno C, David to Bill Reid Co. oi Arkansas, Lot 4 of Block 6 of David Acres Subdivision, $800. A. E. and Florence Bowman to K. S. and Pearl Loveless, one acre iu northwest corner of west 30 acres of N 1-2 of SW 1-4 of Section: 10-14N-9E, SI and other considerations. Clalls C. iinti Aita Loveless (o A. E, and Florence Bowman, one acre in northwest corner of west 30 acres of N 1-2 of SW 1-4 of.Section 18- 14N-9E. $3.000. Sarah Ruth Bcsharso to Margaret Potter, Lot. 12 of Block 8 of David Acres Subdivision, SI and assumption of indebtedness. J. M. and Mary Elizabeth JonU lo Carl n. and Mary Jean Long. Lot 5 of Block 8 of Country Club Drive Addition, $6,500. H. H. and Lucy Houchlns to D. E. and Iris Dale Jones. Lot 1 of Block 4 of Country Club Drive Addition $800. Max and Annie Laurie Logan to B. H. nnd Olivia McClure, Lot 20 of Block 4 of William Lee Walker Second Subdivision, $500 and other consideration. lulas and Jean Davis to Max and Annie Laurie Lpgnn, Lot 20 o( Block 4 of William Lee Walker Second Subdivision. $10 and other considerations, i J. Nick and Anna Thomas lo n.. V. Oenn, Lot '.'A" of replat of north part of Irregular Lots 13 and 14 of NE 1-4 of Section 15-1SN-11E, $GOO. J. Lee and Mary Opal Beardcn to B. C. Oin Co., 2.11 acres in W 1-2 of NE 1-4 of Section 8-15N-8E 51,000. Bill Reici Co. of Arkansas to Mrs. Robbie Shouse, Lot 15 of lock 5 of 'Da.vid Acres Subdivision, $10 and olhcj- consideration. Osberone-McKinnon Co. lo Opal Leon and Edna E. Choatc. west 50 feet of Lot I of Block "A" of Os- bornc-McKlnnon Addition to Town of Manila. $5,500. F. L. Wesson, trustee, lo Missco Heal Estate, Inc., one acre in Ix>t "A" of i-cntol of Wilson's First and Third Additions and located in NWK of SE'i of Section 16-15N- 11E, in return for 1,640 shares of common capital slock in Missco Real Estate, Inc. D. G. and M. M. Gracy to Kelvle n. and Betty Jean Christian. Lr.>, 1 of Block 1 of Mayhell Additic- 54,750. H. H. and Lucy Houchins to Weidon W. and Marjorie A. Ncbcl, Lot 2 of Block 'I of country Club Drive Addition, S750. Merlynn Harbor May to Dick Roberts, Lot 4 of Block a o! BUEE Addition. $1 and other consideration. E. ,v. and Lucille Webb lo Willie C. and Clara Pauline Robertson; Lot 10 or Block 7 of Country Club Drive Addition, SI.150. Max and Annie Marie Logan and .uu'l! Love Our [''lowers: BLVIIIKVlLUb FLOWER MART rmph^ fiiwaj I'hunr 601)2 Here's Our New Phone Number 6817 CITY nuuc co. Guilders Supply So. MiwavGl Covers Wallpaper and Old Paint! »-3 U. S. Pot. 0«. WONSOVER J one-coot woshabt« f ol oil p«m| $190 Gal. You'll be mmrcd n h^» f^f it U to poinl wlh WONSOVXX! No fus-v No muts. Cnmes in rcady-mixcd drcorator colon and white. All yon do n itir, then p«n«i Bur HOHBUHK M E, C. Robinson Lumber Co. Names Make Hews BALTIMORE — lift— To prove your slate Isn't the only one that has towns with unusual names, here are a few Maryland: Bestpltch, Dui'iil Store, westgate, Baltimore Corner, FruiUand, Berry, Halfway, Midland, Ftedhouse, Accident, Blaci Horse, Bureau, T. B. . .. ROW OF NKW HOMKS—Half a dozen of the new homes erected on East Camp MnuUiie Drive'by the Noble Gill Agency lor sale to veterans are shown above. A total of nine were built in this area. (A portion of a seventh can be seen at extreme right,) All have four and one-half rooms, Including two bedrooms. Built on concrete slab foundations, they have hardwood floors and ihe Interior walls arc sheet —Courier News PhnUi rock covered with wallpaper. While all havt composition shingle roofs, some of the houses have frame siding while asbestos siding was vised on others. These homes are occupied by Heft to right) Mr. and Mrs. James Dillahunt, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stone Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Sales, Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Cockrell, Mr and Mrs. John C. Houston. Mr. and Mrs. Harlcy Crump and Mr and Mrs, Robert Baxlcr. Basement/ess House Heated By Dual Plant A radiant-forced warm air heating system has been developed to meet the need for a satisfactory, lou - -cost method of healing basc- menttcss houses, according to American Builder magazine. Warm air is distributed through ducts under the floor at the perimeter of the house. Radiant heat rises from the duels up into the walls In addition, warm air outlets are installed under windows to eliminate downdrafts of cold air. "With the combination of radiant heat and outlets for forceri warm air. Ihe problems of cold floors In bascmentless houses can be eliminated," American Builder says. A special oll-buriYtng hcatini; unit has been devised for use with this method of heating. Unlike conventional warm air furnaces whfch deliver heated air from the ,top. the unit forces heat out at floor level. This permits the unit to be located on the same level ns the rooms lo be heated. a t necessity In basement- less dwellings. Harold B, and Marie D. Wright lo Council A. nnd Patricia Ann Miller, Lot 13 of Block "B" of John B. Walker Second Addition, $000. E. N. and Lucille Webb lo Homer L. and Thelma Jean Conncll, Lot 4 of Block 5 of David Acres Subdivision, SG.500. W. C. Catcs to Willie and Willie B. Young. Lot 13 of Block 5 of Elliott Addition, S27S. Robbie Shouse to 'Joe and Lillian C. Downing, Lot -I or Block 1 of David Acres Subdivision. SIO and other consideration and assumption of indebtedness. L. G. and Ina Sanders Smith to A. M. and Lcnora Brlttain, 2.34 acresJnvScction 33-15N-11E. S3.000. Special Paints Made to Protect Masonry Walls Exterior surfaces of stone, brick. concrete and stucco will "inevitably succumb" to the attack of natural weather elements unless the material Is sivcn proper maintenance treatment, says American Builder magazine. Tlic magazine explains that paints for masonry surfaces can be divided Into four classes: cement- water paint, resin -emulsion paint. . oil paint, and paint containing rub- j ber. Cement-walcr paint is suitable, for application on walls that are damp at the time of painting or that ml»ht become damp later as a result of structural delects.-11 also ts recommended for new structures and for open-texture surfaces such as tinder block. Relatively dry. glossy surfaces, should be painted with resin- emulsion paint or paint containing j rubber. American Builder says. Cast 1 concrete and tile are masonry sllr- j faces of this kind. For dry walls constructed so that they will remain dry alter painting, the magazine suggests oi! paint. Paints in these four classes should not be used on Iloors. American Builder cautions. Masonry floors need a hard-drying paint with good water resistance and good gloss retention, the publication says. Window Sash Colors Accent Home Exterior , Window sash painted a bright color can be used to accent the ex- i terior color scheme of a home. | If the sash color Ls to serve as an accent, il should be in siroiv; contrast lo Ihe color of the stde- wafe and should harmonize with Ihe roof color. An asphalt shingle*, roof, in cither a solid color or a • blend of different hues, is cor.sid- ; ered Ihe basis of exterior color planning. • - Hardwood Plywood Combines Strength With Light Weight Allhough most hardwood plywood faced with wood veneer is used in furniture and for architectural purposes, the structural strength of the material has led to its use in contraction of aircraft, .automobile and truck parts and bodies, boats and ships, sporting goods, luggage and other socialized products. The cross-grained construction of hardwood plywood makes it hishly resistant to cracking and splitting. For this reason and because of its lightness, industrial designers consider it an ideal material. Designers, also select wood ve- neci- lor Us decorative possibilities. About 2.1 acres of wood veneer were used in makit:^ wall paneling for the liner Queen Mary. NITEAIR WINDOW FAN anil" ihr .iMlr hni »l r , ,l r ^. f | n rn l«lil IT*,,*,. MTR4IR * I MH» 18 in. Lnu Window or Floor FAN - $39.95 We have (he same Tans you have seen advertised by I,o\venslein's and Home Service Inc. of Memphis in full page ads in (he Commercial Appeal. Prices here arc Ihe same, of course. If you'd like a free (rial, jnsl call us and we'll deliver a fari lo your home where you can try i[ wilhoul charge for -IS hours. Phone 551 E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Make Your House Look Like NEW! Blended Paints! Dial 551 and The Man from the LUMBER YARD will he ijlad to make you an estimate on your paint needs. We will help you select the right painter. Ask ahoul our Easy Pay- men! Plan. E. C, Robinson Lbr. Co, "PETE" The Plumber ' "Call me first when leaks 'appear, I'll give them Hie expert care that'll slop 'em KOod! Fast, reliable service on all phases of plumbing repair!" 1>HO.\E 2731 Lel Us Install, Thiif Extra Bathroom or Modernize Your Present Bathroom CHECK WITH US For • pi AA|f O All types and sizes to fit any building DLvVnw need. Economical and permanent. • 1*111 IICDTC Kl(lm G to 72 inch <"<>""'"> VULVklf Id plain and re-enforced, also flood gates. • DRAIN Til F S( '! >liL ' T;lllk installations. Farm UHHIH IlLCand foundation drainage. • CCHflC PACT E vcr ' ;ls 'i n !J concrete. Never rtllvL I WW I rusl or rot. Clothes line posts. • PAINT " Sl;l " l)r . v " water-proof paint for all I Mill * block or concrete construction. • METAL WINDOWS SAND & GRAVEL CEMENT MORTAR I'hone 2380—We Deliver JOHNSON BLOCK Co. South Highwoy 61 BlyrhevilU FOR SALE Canercle culverts 12 inch lo 4& inch, plain oi reenf arced Alsu Concrete ttufldmg Blocks cheaper than lumtxi foi barns chicken houses, pump h oases, tenant houses tool sheds We deliver Call us tot free tstimnte. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phonr 691 LOAN S CARS, TRUCKS Real Estate t, FHA United Insurance Agency A. F. |l)ce) Dietrich. MgT. 1st & Main—Rear i:itj Dmi Blytheville, Ark. NOW YOU CAN REMODEL On Convenient FHA Payment Terms Vcs, you can repair, remodel or modernize your property NOW and enjoy the benefit of such improvements as you pay for them on these convenient FHA terms'. No red tape, low- cosl FHA rate, amounts financed from $60 to $2,500 labor included. No Down Payment Up To 36 Months To Pay CHECK YOUR PROPERTY FOR THESE AND OTHER IMPROVEMENTS . . . • Additional rooms • Cabinets • Cedar Closets • Garage • Interior Decorating • Paint 9 Plumhing fixtures • Hoofing • Wallpaper • Weather si ripping Cost of Lowest Month- Improvement ly Payment $ino ... §200 ... $300 ... s too ... $500 ... ... 55.98 , . . $6.39 .. . $9.58 . $12.78 . . $15.97 • Attic Tans . Now.. .Have the Home You've Always Wanted BUILDERS SUPPLY CO Inc W. H. PEASE South Hiwpv 61 J. WILSON HENRY Phone

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