The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1933
Page 5
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.SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1033 BLYTHEVILL*. (AM.) COUB1M PAGE l-HONK 101 ••(lur Coal Ilul \\\- Tii'al Ill'CIIAN'A.N is lilark You \Vliile" Of Kl2-'J ace FJ. A. l-'isliei 1 IMoiv Buying Good Coal. IMail i: Whnli'salr- Out of Car On Tiack HL-IAOCU Ash fo Muni 7c k!2-7 CLASSIFIED AlWE'RTfSING - INFORMATION Daily ra.ti; per ;nio lor conbecu- li\e insertions: (Five average words to a line) One lime per line lOc iVn times IJT line per day .. I-:'Jurec times per linn IKT day .. IXic bix tlmi'S \xr line [XT day Month rate pcv lir:c 60c Minimum charge 6Ce Ails ordered for three or six W(! arij cxt . lusivc agcjlls fur orlj . limes and stopped bc-iorc expira- ,„.,, Gftlll | lle Monltviillu C<«1 lion v.lll Le diargcc'. for the i«im-, jml sil , SVj Arka ,, sn5 Anlhratilc and her of tiiiifs '.1'C ad appeared :ui<i| "Kentucky Coals, adjustment, of bill made. |lhunc 477 " K. F. Try FOUND ICO I'liones 123 N'o Price- Advance Vet. On FAMOUS SAIIAKA COAL "!!ot- .Is the Desert Sands" F; C. KOBINSON LUMBER CO. 30c kll-H) Found- One tire and wheel, Hlgli- way Cl, Plione 1512-F11. 3ckl3 1'j Ton Arkansas Truck License" No. 250187. Owner m;iy have ::niK' by-coining In to Courier inirt payinv; for nil. !0 kll All Classified Advertising copy! Kill milted by pvrsom residing out- sid'; of the city must l;c accompanied by cash. Hates may be easily computed, from above table. Ko responsibility will be taken for n;orc than one incorrect in- seition of iinv clatsilied ad. Advertising micred for irre<ju- lav insertions take Uie one time rale. • Phone 306 or 307 Wonder City Coal Company DC kll-U FOI! SALIC DIRT, cheap. Re Olfice Binldin'; yiird. Hew Post on Broadway. lUp kid Po'.ii'.o Cliip Factory, ftilly )>?<!. Phone 2ao or 83, Miss BEES lf>3H Rcwcr Tu\ In District No. S ainr due innl payaMr. l>clini|Ui'Ht \es. if paid immediately, ^vil! be ai-ccplcd wllliiiut penalty, W. M. WILLIAMS, Collector 10J North Second Street. 2ck9 NOTICE TO METHODIST CHURCH MEMBERS llcip your church by Savin 1 ; Canova Cotfeo Can Keys. Drop them in the box at McMullln's Cash Grocery or Lio.'rty Cash Grocery.- Gc k!3 Hall. Scklo AUSTIN COUPE, perfect running condition. O. M. Mursan, Phone 30c kll-23 DHHiCTOIlY New and Used Furniture Bough', and Sold Stoves repaired—Any make (TWO JERSEV Milk Cows with first calf. Csil 211 or inquire at Hayncs Men's Shop. 1C kit) As representative of Finance Com- j riny a:n force:! to take back pi- soli! in ucinity of Blytheville. 1,'fUhcr linn s\o to the expense of sliipp:rt£ to Memphis will sell for balance owing which is very small. A lare opportunity for anyone in- tr rested in gooii piano for price. J. G. McCOKNELL, Second Str:et, PETITION !!y UKLKN \V1-I.SIIIMI-U WilKN 1 was small xlrccl-ligliicrs cninc Willi mnijlc wands Ihal maile 'I'lie cnrner lamps w.ilk down Ihc btrccl In .sudden bright |«rade, A HI) nil Iliu folks \vilh liom'mK hearts, Anil Itfys nml dons ami tramps WITC'i when Hie ilusk IHIIIK on! Its row of yellow lamps. TONIGHT my palh runs ilatk ami loiijj licnealh close ciwvilcd Irecs. . . . Oh. lift your waiul iijiain, dear God, And light a lantern, please! Alvin Hardy 517 W. Ash, i Puro bred Stoneviile nii:nber 4 Cotton 20pkll-20 or Blacv. . S25 ten. Sec McDermott at BlyUicville Gin. 2ck9 FXPEHT Ty;iev,'ritinB and Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. Biank- ciiship, 11C E. Rose. Call 1U5-J. FOR SALE OR TRADE— 2\~ year A. S. Dean, llpkla. Jersey Bull. Rome 1, Box 112. 21ckll-21 Sec UK for Boiler anil General Blacksmith V.'irk by John Wade. Tom llownrd'3 Machine Shop G= kll-30 I,. G. .lloss Ulylhnillc's Cut liatc Undertaker lOp k 12-10 I'OULTRY. & KGGS Pay a few cents more and purchase FRESH EGGS, laid daily. PICK- AHD'S STORE, 1011 CHIC. AVE. 100 yds oft pavement on North 2p k!2-2 Wagon and Truck Covers made to order, any size, D'4"sl2' S4.10 up, OT'slS 1 S5.50 up. Carney Awnlns Co. 113 S. First St. ISIylhcvillc, Ark 23pkll-23 ~ CLEA'NEKS. TAILORS fot Quality Craning Phone 180 Barnes NuWa Cleaners 12ckll-12 It Pavs to Look Nice Send Your Woclen Dresses to Unique Cleaning Service Phone ni 20c kll-20 AUTOMOTIVE Day fc Kisht Service Station Complete Line Shell Products Repair Work at Any Time Milton Slcrnbenj Prmne 603 19c kll-1 Call 303 - KciVs Plate - 118 E. Main Fnr Auto I'amlins Holly ar.d I'cnrtcr Srrvire formerly wilU Sliousc-Lilllc Co. LARGEST STOCK USED I'.UlTi Between Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Glass—Phone GO JACKSON' AtiTO 1'AKTS CO. 2ckl2- AliTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car \vhil you wait. Call us for better ser vice. Phone 633. Sltousc-LiUle. Chevrolet 'Co. 10ckll-l Call L's When In N'ccil Ot Guaranteed Merchandise Tircs-TSattcric.s - llcpl.Krnicnt r.ii HIIDKARD lIAHUWAlti; CO. Automotive Dcpt. Autn Class All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo J.umber Co. lOc 1:12- WKKCKtU SERVICE Call IL<; when you need a wreckc Day and Nis'ht Service. Call G3 SliDusc-Litllc Crevrolel Co. lOckll- Co Or-: Your Car i:-. Tun^ Weather. Woii. Ciiiarn tli Street. REAL ESTATE PERSONAL Flues Cleaned, repaired, inspected. Work ruarmUecd. W. W. Booker, Call 100. 13p kll-n NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the County Judge will receive proposl- ions from any Hank, banker or trust company in the Chickasawba District check WHS iiood., His- reply the affirmative, nnil ft lew Inter the check was prcsenlcd the bank. days )heck i^r Bqoki Cashed AJUr 28-Year Period ELKIIOUN, WIs. tUP)—A 28- eai--ol(l check, Written in 1005 by, 1. E. Ciirlcr, local curio colleclor, j 1'arm. SpeCiaUZCS On ins Just been honored by the b'irbt National Dank of Elkhorn, Cinler ave n check in payment for Ixwks | nn-chnscil from an Ohio concern. BllKUOYtlAN. WIs. (Ul'l—Ualn- l became Involved lu the settle- j | )0 w nml Uruwn trout are the priv.e Hcnt of nn estate, * I crop of Jacob Heluuip, owner ofj Recently Carter received a let-1 SHI lug Farm near here. ' Brown, Rainbow Trout In specially built : ponds on his farm, Bchanp, In cooperqtlng with the Spring Farm Rearing Club 1 , hiis raised thousands of trout which -arc -planted In streams of. the county. Flsliina Is ncimlttcd In a mill iwnd connected with the rearing ponds nixm payment of a small I fee which Is used lo defray part | of tlic club's Kead Courlc.r Ads. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahem Come in, list your real estate Stc ivhat we have to sell M. Terry Licensed Dealer 'i'crry-Wortllinglon Title Co. lylhevillc Phone 617. 23ckll-2-J. HAN'CE OF A LIFE TIME—S3.0UO farm for S6UC with terms. 160 crcs. 135 fenced, 50 cultivation, ) bottom, i-room house with or- :iarU. 2' miles from good Ozark n\vn. See J. C. Chaiiin, Manila, ansHS. 1p klO AUTOM01MLKS. 93:) DcrJ^o k Plj-iro'ith Phoiit 6S3. Garr.:,c Cckl2-C f{7vf TERilCS lialtfry & Radiator Kcrvire We guarantee you bet'.cr battery or radiator work for less money. Any make radiator repaircti or re- 7;-<p?r:,-nccd cored. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call G33. Slinusc-I.iltlc Chevrolet Co. lOckll-10 New Ford Batteries Kcnta] -^inr - Hcpairir; Tn TIRE ,t BATTEP.V STATION 250 kll-25 DOGS, I'ETS I-'nr Itc.llihy DORS feed Miller's nation & Oulck Lunch 1UTHBAHI) IIAKDWAUE CO. Uckll-11 SI'OKTING GOODS You will find a complete line of NEW MODF.I, BICVOLES at Ilubkud Hardware Company. lGckll-16 COAL & WOOD BRILLIANT fc KENTUCKY CO A L Qinli:v A: Qiiaiilllv Giiarantocd I Etrnyrd - One BAHTNICK'S COAI, YAUP R I! & Ash St. Phone 17!) 3ckl2-3 T\NE OF BARN-OWVSrmt •BOTH OF VOU^WITH VOUR OLIVE tVESj NOW HARSH \VORt3S, !\ m&M '.i ^'vte-Ii-'i^^Vir*^ i SOT rwc HA-UA! I WA'i OUT OFF TH AM CREASE MY IF I TVV IMrAYEYE? HoopuEsS ALWAYS THET?E WAS SOMCTr\\N6 \TS TWt THAT.SET YOU OFF A COUNTER BAL/XNCE TO YOUR "RED. NOSES ?- WWOEVEK GAVE THEM TO YOU KNEW 9 MEMPHIS. TENN. LEGAL NOTICES County, Arkansas, wllhln thirty from this date, to answer n complaint filed against them it saiil court by Realty Purchase Corporation, and Doyle Hcnder- ;-on us substituted tmstce. Doted this 4lh v day of November 1933. R. L. GA1NES. Clerk Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 4-11-18-2 sissippi County, Arkansas, this the kansas, that may desire to become the depository of the public funds Jt-V w& GW ABOUT of said District and County for a t\vo year period beginning December 1st, 1933. All propositions or bids must be filed in this office on or before December 1st, 1933. Given under my hand 'and seal WARNING ORDER H.E. Tucker, Lady Mary Tucker, J. C. Whitacre and Mrs. J. C. Whitacre, are warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississip- as Clerk of the County Court for GWKNN1K WANTS THE pOPE! ww\v ANB HKR BUDDIES By Cran Hot,"] W'S6af\ M1STEK.THIS AS MUCH CLAIM WASH TUBBS TROUBLE BREWING! DUMB-> I RLCKOM VOU'RE. OUT 0'BOUNDS, fiKU'T STRANGERS? 7' ( WHV, OF PU. THINGS' WO OfWS PA« UUEVjENTPUaV, ftMO-THEH COMES TRCX16LE 1M MJ UNEXPECTED MBMWEC. MO THAN 40 H(\COEW6D PROSPECTORS, WTH fctES, BUCKETS, «ND 60LCPAM9, MfiRCH DOWM TO THE LAKE, AMD SEQIM CUTTIH6 HOLES THRU TME ICE. SAM'S CONSIDERATE THAT WAY: V D Hprte une ev'R-/Tmu&- TP. CUT uec«.ou"5\ iT'D ME. Tft 00 fv/ FIRST R.GAI- 00S& 1 . SUS-PRiSCO THftT THene's W4Y TWUC- DUMMIES. e\B OU VP. GOT-IT STORE room 25xHO. located West Main Strec!. Av.iil- :b Jan. 1. Address Box 86, Bly- ladle?. Apply Tmirsday. Friday or Saturrtay. E-.'jpsrior Coal and :;inin2 Co.. 30! \V. Walnut St. •ic k8 EVERYjOl'l'ORTUNtTY JUST PUT THIS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS COHX WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 3ckl2 GOSH! rw (5UAP-MXJSE our \ Of WE DUMPS, LET A THIWG LIKE THAT PUW OF YOUCS VJEAR yoO DOVJM -- IT'S UL FORGOTTEN HUH?- T'OSITION \VANTKI) HALF A CHAWCe Cii:od Colorori Man modern coo's, can 75G. wants job please. 6pkl WHITE GOLD WRIST WATCH 1'hcr.e 7, MH. Spnrgcon Patter son. 9ckl PURSE contnlnin ,'evrval nddresse. iiirn. Mrs. Marcu ;u. 8c kl USED CAR SAI-K JOJH'AKE THESE I'RICES 1'HEN COiMt'AKE THE CAK U30 Uuk-k Sedan, S Wire \\'hccls Chevrolet Sedan, C Wire Wheels 5125 Ponliac Coupe Chevrolet Coupe .. U31 ford Sport Coupe . yU'J Furii Itojiistcr {•'i'i DeSolo Coupe iri31 Ilwlge "S" Sedan . 133! Ford rick Up Chevrolet Truck, 1<; Ton, Dual Tire ... 20 Other C.ood Used Cars I'm PS Cut to the Kottom. I'cr Better CHEVROLET CO. C33 Bly'thevillc 3-Rcom P.irnished Apartment, r.c-.vly dccora'.eii, private bath. 72-W. DckH F«J:U Room Apartment, also ups'.airs apartment, 314 Ilearu St. OpkH NICELY FURNibHED Apartment, lour roa:ns a:id lath. Call L. L. \Vr,rti. phones 'jo8 or 650. !)c Ktt FURNISHED BEDROOMS for rent, men only, JIG Chickasawba. 8pk!5 2-P.oor;] Unfuihi^hcd Apar'unent 411 Frar,^:Jin Street. Inquire liite ! ; rice Urcccry, Cheny & Frnnk- i;n. -. CpklO lillOWN KID papers uilli SiEWAKD [«• Evrard, phone innlo r> V 1 ' 3 « ; rt-- 15 '- tin » ris w «" lit)- r-ial reward". Notify. Highflil Do.«> Mull Co.. P»onc 21(5. HcklS

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