Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana on June 19, 1928 · 16
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Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana · 16

Lafayette, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1928
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16 LAFAYETTE JOURNAL AND COURIER CAKES IF THEY. JUST MUST BE GOOD GET RUGER'S LOCAL NEWS BREVITIES Vawter. chiropractor. 'L4f Bldg 'Strawberry and ice cream social Conroe, Saturday-eve., June 23. ; Purdue and Shaffer Co. Monuments and markers at very reasonable prices; 1 0tb St. Pbons 607. William Cohen, 25. of Lafayette, and Stella Fleischmann, 23, of Indianapolis, took out a marriage license in the capital city Monday. ,'A Ford coupe owned by Archie B. Smith, of Battle Ground, was stolen Monday night from Second and South streets. Tuesday morning it was found s by Patrolmen e Great NO I- are OOl and Inviting Northern Wisconsin Minnesota Land0'Lakes Mysterious, fascinating forests -countless beautiful lakes, sparkling streams enable you to live happy, carefree hours for a week, a month or an entire summer. There's golf, tennis, hiking, fishing, swimming and other pastimes galore; truly America's greatest playground. , I BARGAIN VACATION FARES Overnieht Service from Chicago For foldert, list of resort and full pirtieulsri Address V. A. Hampton General Agent 308 Merchants Bank Bldg. Indianapolis, lnd. Chicago & North Western Ry. BO OILS AND CARBUNCLES 60 QUICKLY Instant comfort with Carbon. Contains special ingredients that quickly draw out core. Carbon prevents spread. Seres lasting. Get today from drn 'L Or tend 50 to Sporlock-eal Co., WaahTgle, Tenn. FEET HURT? See . ; . ; DR. A. A. FREIHOFER ; " Registered Podiatrist , , , k Foot Ailments 207 Sehulta Bldg.' Phona 1059 Otto Graham and - Harry Lamb on the railroad trestle at the foot of South street, Thomas Tate-was fined $10 and costs - by Judje Raymond Robertson in the city court Tuesday on a charge of intoxication. The condition of Mrs. Martha Prifchard and sister, Mrs. Loret-jta Johnson, who were injured in an automobile accident Sundajc, is reported slightly improved. , Do not overlook the sale of school house No. 10 near Spring-vale cemetery Friday morning, June 22nd at 10 o'clock, Baleto be made at public auction on the Term a rash. Georee B. i King, Trustee Fairfield Township. Sunday School Picnic Of Br ookston Church At Columbian Park The Brookston Methodist Episcopal church Sunday school - will hold its annual picnic Thursday, June 21, at Columbian park , in A 11 members of the Sunday school are invited and are requested to meet at ine cnurcn building at 9:30 o'clock Thursday morning where conveyances will be on hand for those who have no other way of making : the trip to Lafayette. Leslie to Talk Fourth of July Harry G. Leslie, republican can didate for governor of Indiana, will be the speaker at a Fourth ot July . celebration at Portland Arch, Ave miles south of Attica, it is announced. The Veedersburg and Newton bands will furnish music and it will be a genuine old-fash ioned Independence day. program. Many special attractions are being planned. Siegfried to Be New York Guest Russell G. Siegfried, of the 'Eng lish department at Purdue, successful ' coach of Harlequin club and Little Theater plays, with his wife and son, Tommy, left Monday for New York where they will be guests of Raymond W. Peck, the celebrated piaywrtgnt wno wrote "Castles in the Air," the beautiful operetta which the Harlequin club, under Mr.- Siegfried's direction, presented so brilliantly this year. Mr. Siegfried and his family will spend several weeks in the east and he will attend rehearsals of Ziegfeld and Shubert shows as a guest of the management. Mr. Peck is a great admirer of the Purdue director, having been here for a week during the Harlequin club "Castles in the- Air" production. From Cockcrow 'til Gurfew From Sunset 'til Sunrise- ... -. 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' Careful Eye Examina tions $3.50 Accurately Made Lenses" Special This Week It pays when you need glasses to come here. We save you money through our large buying. This week's special sold elsewhere for $5.50. , . . Schultz Optical Dept. Tippecanoe County Is On Top in Military Training Camp Quota Through concentrated effort In enrollment for the citizens' military training camp during the last few weeks in which candidates may be accepted, Indiana leads the states in the fifth corps area. Lieut. M. E. McCarty, county rep resentative has been notified that enrollment has been suspended, although candidates may be "accept ed as alternatives. Mne youths from this county, enrolled in the camp, ivhich will be held at Fort Benjamin Harrison, beginning June 20. The county quota was six. - Publisher and Family - In Bad Auto Accident VCTCTT.iX'fl Tnii . .Tun 19. Kenneth Crane, publisher of the magazine Hospital . Management, his wife and son John, 11 years old, of Hinsdale, 111., were injured wnen tneir automomie was wrecK-ed six miles north of. Kentland, Sunday. The - family naa ien Hinsdale to attend a Catholic hospital convention at Cincinnati, O. Tho mr skidded on a roueh de- tour, left the road and struck a ti-aa TVio Vinv's hMii struck the dashboard and it is believed his skull was fractured and one knee was deeply cut. Mrs. Crane, who nrsa In the rpfl r spat, was thrown o-Vi Vio -windshipld and suf fered severe bruises ana tne Done3 nt Ymr facfi were fractured. Mr. Crane received cuts and bruises and injuriea to his chest. The injured were taken to the Iroquois hospital at watseKa. in. ' Corner Fourth and Main Sts. Main Floor FALLS TIRES EVERGREEN TUBES ON PAYMENTS AL'S TIRE SHOP 16 North Sixth Street Next Door tov Ford Agency Phone 3185 ; Dr. Guy A. Thomas DENTIST Second Floor Schultz Bldg. N. E.. Corner Square. Lafayette, lnd. Beautiful, Comfortable and Durable .. 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"Thia Ant-nill tm oo place ioi mry ants." she cried, and Uizy Ant urns mialnj4 All t nf ih, .,nt.foil! down the dusty road to the meadows ber. yond. He felt like crying wnen nis brothers and slaters left hire by the side of the road, but the sun was getting low and Lazy Aunt didn't like the 1cj of sleeping out under Arwt . aifv all nio'Vit. an ha rot busy and dug out a we little ant-hill by the side of the road. By tbe time Lazy Ant had finished hi, nan, htntA it KOfl otmfVEt A'ATlit. Lazy Ant had always escaped the j building part oi m nome me. bo o-worked rather slowly "Now, tbat e aone. ne yuwnea. Shall 1 take a nap or gather In some food next?" he asked himself. "Guess 1"U take a nap first, then before it gets too dark. I ll run out and gather e tew seeds, tust enough for my supper and breakfast." So Lazy Ant lay down oo bis bed and was soon sound asleep. He slept so soundly be didn't waae up udui afrnr dark. Then be bad to KO to sleep again, without any supper. The next morning ne leu iazy, u n ct, trarl In hpfi nulta late. But nrhon tia (11 rl est DO. ijUTV Ant filled up his pantry shelves with seeds. "Living alone r" astcea a neigriDor-Ins Ant as she passed on her way to markeL Better get your shopping done for a few days, for uiey ten me It's going to rain for several days. and holding her parasol high llHIIII Lazy Ant Was Pushed Out of the HilL above her head, she hurried down the road to the maxuet. Lazy Ant paid no attention to his neighbor's advice and. sure enough. It did rain. His ant-bill wasn't built just right and his hallways, bedroom and pantry were soon under water and Lazy Ant sat down to cry "Better come over nere." said his neighbor. Mrs. Parasol Ant. "We have a dry house." so Lazy Ant went over to bis neighbor's house. "And whatever" you do. don't forget to take all the seeds from your pantry and dry them in the sun when it cornea out. if you don't, they will sprout and grow," But after the storm was over Lazy Ant waa sleepy, so he lay down and bad a long nap. He forgot all about sunning tbe seeds to dry them out and. before he thougbt about It. tbe seeds bad all sprouted and began growing. They grew so fast, they pushed Lazy Ant's bouse all to pieces, and Lazy Ant bad to build another house next to tbe old one. The plants from his wet seeds grew so fast, bis neighbors were excited. "Why, you ve been fooling us all this time." laughed Parasol Ant. "You're a Farmer Ant, 1 do declare! My. but I'm glad you moved next to me. Ill help you till the soil if rou'U share the grain with me." Lazy Ant could hardly believe bis eyes, but - it seemed good to find someone who thought he really was something, and bis chest swelled with pride and. would you believe 1L from that day on no one could ever call him Lazy Ant again. Why. be was tbe busiest of busy ants and with bis neighbor's help they soon had a lovely seed farm. He filled his little basket with lovely grain one morning and took it back to tbe old ant-hill and his Mother Ant and brothers and sisters could hardly believe he had grown the grain him-elf. Instead of calling bim Lazy Ant bow, folks who know him call him Tanner Ant and be bas the loveliest (arm In the whole meadows. iocvrlidn. 1928. Simotof rwtmr, eme, loe. (!illii!lll!Ill!!!!IIll!!il!i!l!l!lil!!l!!l!!!!l!!!!!l!!l!lll!i!il!!N You have the time! Ve have the merchandise! And next week has the Holiday And the two of us should get together in order to be able to stylishly meet the party , of the third part. . . . It's going to be a great style day - for men for look at this storeful buying. . They are here because the goods are here and because we are not -holding our stylish-and fine apparel at a king's ransom. COOL SUITS $19.75 to $50.00 STRAW HATS $2.00 to. $6.00 , roadcloth Collar Attached Shirts $1.50 to $5.00 Ties and Handkerchief Sets. Cool Underwear and Hosiery. i!l!i!!i!ini!!!!l!i!!ll!!!lli!!!lil!ill!lS!lli!!ilill! mm Fifth Street at Main, on the Corner. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Burial Vaults Waterproofed and hardened with The Hausling System Used' in under-.water tunnels. Your vault Is made and delivered and sealed tn the grave for Boy Aviator Injured fBy the Associated Press) roTCKFiRRVTT.T.K. lnd.. June 19 Farnum Parker, age 17, of An- rlsrann wldplv known hov aviator. was slightly injured near nere when his plane went into a uui spin at a height of 4,000 feet. By r1Ytrniis THlntine- the vouth land ed in a wheat neia. we sunerea riifn on the arm. The under car riage of the airplane was damaged consiaeraDiy. Serves Funeral The funeral ' of Edward ' Serves will be held at 2:30 p. m.. Wed nesday at the Montmorenci M. E. church, Rev. Earl Heimburger of flciating. The cortege will leave the house at 2 o'clock. Plumbing - Heating :(v . '''''' i Duncanfi Larson 1620 E. Main Phone 3850 LEGAL, NOTICES. Phone 3344 814 Main Street Ton buy this vault THAT WIMi LAST FOB CEXTCK1ES from the Lafayette Granite Co. Phone 2072 5IOTME5TS and MARKERS Also Priced , Reasonable I The State of Indiana. Tippecanoe County, s: Adele Stolte vs. Ernest : Stotte. 3101. Divorce. i In Tippecanoe circuit court, to Sep itember term: A. JJ.. iaz. ' Be It remembered, that on this 20th day of March, A. D , 1928, the abov named plaintiff by Francis J. Murphy, iher attorney, filed in open court her j complaint against said defendant and also the amaavit or a competent person, that said defendant, Ernest Stolte, its a. non-resident of the state of in ' diana and that by order of said court : made and entered on tne itn i day of June, 1928, said non-resident I defendant ts tnereiore nweoy noiinen : nf th nendency of said suit, and that said cause will stand-for. trial at 'the September term of saia eouri, on the 1st iudlclal day of the September term, .1928, of said court. to-wit: on tne zui aay oi ospitmoor, 1SZ5, - - Witness my hand ,ind the seal of said court affixed as office in t,afay t'.e. on this 12th day oi June, A. u 19:3 . FIRST MERCHANTS NATIONAL BAMK, LAFAYETTE, INDl argest Bank inVippecanoe county Anyone Can Give . Advice it isn't always worth taking But when you get a banker's advice about money matters or your business problems, it's worth something. He is a trained specialist who has been picked for his job because of his experience and judgment. Our officials are always ready to confer, with our customers concerning their financial affairs. And we invite you to become a customer.. Clearance Sale of TT TTXYTT'n-'TrTl'U'U 7 Over 500 Pieces of Crepe de Chine Silk Garments at 85 Regular $3.00 to $4.00 values Exquisite New Cool Summer Undies Included at $2.85 are: Costume Slips Crepe de Chine or Batina. Combinettes Crepe de Chine, elastic knee and bodice top. . " Pettico'ats-Crepe de Chine, plain tailored or lace 'trim. ' - v. . Chemise Wonderful big assortment. Lacy and tailored styles, new French cut with panty or stepin bottom. , StepinsCrepe de Chine, tailored and lace trim." . Bloomers Crepe de Chine, good quality, tailored styles. ' ' : ' ... Dancettes Crepe de Chine, exquisite lace trim in dainty pastel shades. Pajamas of rayon and summer materials in all colors , and combinations. Style Quality Value I 1 t " i 1

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