Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana on May 23, 1928 · 3
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Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana · 3

Lafayette, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1928
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Wednesday Evening:, May 23, 1928 LAFAYETTE JOURNAL AND COURIER Harlequin Club Will Repeat Highly Successful Operetta "Castles .in the Air" to Have Two June 11 Performances at Mars, in AH Its Original Beauty, for Benefit of Those Who Were Unable to Get Tickets During Run in April Gala W7eek Event. In all its original beauty including: the striking costumed, artistic scenery, colorful and elaborate chorus maneuvers and preasing specialties that made it such a phenomenal success in April the Turdue Harlequin club's exquisite operetta, "Castles in the Air," is to have two extra performances early in June at the Mars theater, for the benefit of returning Purdue alumni and the general public in Lafayette and vicinity, especially those who were unable to get tickets during the original run April 26, 27 and 28. The date of the Gala Week presentation is Mon- PICKWICK CLUB BIRTHDAY Fortieth Anniversary Observed With Tea and Appropriate Playlet in Which Members Display Much Talent Guests Are Entertained Birth of Club at Children's Party in 1888. day, June 11, and there win be matinee and evening shows. DIRECTOR HONORED Russell G. Siegfried, the competent director, who made the sreatest hit of his career in this production, has been signally honored by the senior class at Purdue, the 1928 Debris, Purdue's annual, having been dedicated to liim as a tribute to liis genius in Purdue theatricals. He is drilling the large cast and chorus, nearly 100 talented students in all, for the June shows, and announcement is made that every detail of the April performances will be repeated in June. The mail . order, sale of seats is now on. PRAISE BY AUTHOR Raymond W. Peck, world-famous New York playwright, who wrote and produced the original professional "Castles in the Air" production, came to Lafayette for the Harlequin play and pronounced it equal to the professional offering in many respects, and even better in others. He particularly commended the work of Bddie Kinzel and Bess Franklin, in the comedy leads; Madelyn Markley, Louis R. Lowe, Creenwood, Muriel Knight and others in the various important roles. In Indianapolis, where the play was presented May 1, the critics pronounced "Castles in the Air'' the best college play ever seen there and it broke all box office records. STORY APPEALING The story of the play is particularly appealing, dealing as it does with an American girl's dreams ot a prince charming and her journey to the land of romance where her dream comes true, despite the skepticism of her millionaire guardian and the hostility of designing intriguers in the royal court of Latavia. Her prince renounces the throne that he may give his heart to his American sweetheart. MANY HIGH SPOTS The ensembles are especially thrilling, the music is of the best quality, and the haunting melodies are made particularly striking by the singing choruses so excellently drilled by Mr. Siegfried. The spirit of youth' pervades the entire performance, with a galaxy of pretty and graceful girls to give it the background so essential to the success of a piece of this kind. The additional performances will give many persons an opportunity to see the operetta who were unable Ho do so in April and two capacity houses are expectct. for the play on June J 1. . Helpful Advice to Girls By ANNIE LAURIE DEAR ANNIE LAURIE: About one month ago I met a fellow whom 1 like a great deal. He tells me be enjoys my com-( pany very much, 1 see him only about once a wfcek. Don't you think if he really cared for me as much as he savs that he would mil more often? WONDERING. WONDEK1NU: 1 advise you to be content with the friendship of this boy and must caution you against making any demands upon him. Once a week should be- often enough for you to see one another and if in time you both find that this Is not sufficient, let him be the one to eug-pest calling more frequently. I advise you not to attempt to force matters as you might spoil the friendship. Let things take their natural course and do not be too deeply concerned. Remember you ,have known this boy for only osto month! i DEAR ANNIE LAURIE: I am a girl 18 years of age. I am going with a very nice fellow who Is two years my senior. He has asked me to marry him but wants to wait until be gets more' money so he can give me a nice little home. However, we are of different religions and while my parents do not object to my going with him 1 do not know if it Is right for me to consider marrying him. What am I to do? WONDERING SWEETHEART. lirONDERING SWEETHEART. The problem of Inter-marriage can be settled only by the Individ rials concerned and since you yourself are uncertain of the advisability of marrying this man on account of the difference of your religion, I would advise you to ask the pastor of your church to help you solve this prob lem. He will be glad to help you, my dear, and undoubtedly you benefit by his advice. Local Choir to Visit Crawfordsville Sunday The choir of the First Christian Hunch, directed by Robert Knight, will go to Crawfordsville Sunday evening to present a sacred recital in the First Christian church there. In preparation for the concert, a rehearsal of the full choir has been called in the church lpre Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Mrs. Lucy Holdridge, 68, of Wol-cott, was committed to the central hospital for the insane Tuesday by Special Judge L. D. Carey in circuit court. She has been violently insane. DECLARED INSANE. Special to Journal and Courierl MONTICELLO, Ind., May C3. Martyr to X-Ray By th Associated Press RIO JANEIRO, May 23. A martyr to the X-ray is dead. Dr. ' Alvaro Alvin began research in ! 1895 and notwithstanding loss of ; both hands continued his work till a few days ago. I'll match this malt against 'em all . . . regardless! Whenever a customer whose trade I don't want to lose asks me which is the best malt to buy, I say: "Budweiser." Of course, I can't give any premiums with Bud or any cans free for a few labels. There's too much real quality in the product for that. BUT . . . Every can that goes out of my store makes a real friend for me and friends come back to buy again. Budweiser Malt Syrup adds a delicious flavor to bread, cakes, cookies, ANHEUSER-BUSCH, St. Louis Sold by Grocers and Dealers Everywhere Bimd!wSsK? Real Quality Malt Syrup . ocular Hat r BM Observing its fortieth anniversary, the Pickwick club entertained in charming fashion Tuesday afternoon at the Henry W. Marshall home on State street, the members and guests .enjoying a clever playlet and an anniversary tea. The guests were received in the drawing room by Mrs. Marshall, Sr., Mrs. Henry W. Marshall, Jr., Mrs. William t Taylor, Miss Eleanor Brockenbrough and Mrs. Irene Shoemaker. The play, "Mr. Pickwick Takes Unto Himself a Man," was presented in the ball room on the third floor which served as an ideal 'Little Theater." The stage settings were attractive with antique furniture, and the characters appeared in .their costumes of long ago, making it seem that Mr. Pickwick ' and his associates had really come to life. PICKWICK COMEDY. The first two scenes were laid at Mr. Pickwick's lodgings at Mrs. Bardell's house in Goswell street and in Mrs. Bardell's parlor. The third scene was "The court of common pleas at Guildhall, some weeks later." In the last scene each member had a part and the well coached cast was worthy of the professional stage. Mrs. Charles Herbert Stuart, as the dignified and much misunder stood Mr. Pickwick, was excellent In her part, and and Mrs. Joseph A. Andrew, who portrayed the role of the petite Mrs. Bardell, who took too much for granted, was also happily cast. Mrs. George P. Haywood, Jr., kept the audience in constant merriment in her comedy role of Samuel Weller, the servant, who was blessed with an unusual amount of frankness. Mrs. Cluppins (Mrs. William Blistain) and Mrs. Sanders (Mrs. F. L. Pyke) in their scenes with the plaintiff, Mrs. Bardell, brought forth much applause, i Peggy Tim-herlake made a model son of Widow Bardell. AUDIENCE MERRY. The trial in the third scene brought out much talent. Mrs. E. Burleigh Davidson as Justice Star- 1 ileigh was splendid in her role, and Mrs. Bordon B. Kessler, as the pompeous Sergeant Buzfuz, and Mrs. Frederick Holmes, as Mr. Skimpin, shared honors with Justice Starleigh. The court proceedings provoked much mirth among the guests and more than once "order in the court" was called by the court ushers. Others who deserve special mention were: Tracy Truman (Mrs. Marshall Haywood), Mr. Snodgrass (Mrs. Roy W. Wallace), Nathaniel Winkle (Mrs. William F. Taylor), Mr. Perker (Mrs. William Loomis Heston), Mr. Fogg (Mrs. William M. Crockett), Mr. Dodson (Mrs. Frank B. Timberlake), Mr. Snub-bins (Miss Mary Louise Taylor), Mr. Phunky (Mrs. Rochester Baird), Tony Weller, (Mrs. Henry I. Poor), Gentleman in Black (Mrs. Henry W. Marshall. Jr.), court ushers, Mrs. John W. VanNatta and Mrs. Burr S. Swezey, and the members of the jury Mrs. Ralph Morris, Miss Eleanor Brocken brough, Mrs. Charles L. Murdock, Mrs. Irene Slioemaker, Miss Mary VanNatta, Miss Jane Winfield, Miss Lydia Marks and Miss Betty Timberlake. Mrs. Allison Stuart was chairman of the entertainment committee and, with Mrs. E. Burleigh Davidson and Mrs. Bordon Kessler, receives credit for the excellent coaching of the cast. REFRESHMENTS SERVED Following the entertainment, the guests were invited to the dining room for delicious refreshments. Mrs. Marshall, sr., and Mrs. Jo seph H. Shirk of Peru, a former member, poured at a table covered with a handsome lace cloth and centered with a beautiful iced three-tier cake, surrounded with forty lighted tapers and a wreath of smilax. Four silver bas kets filled . with Dresden bouquets formed a square around the centerpiece. Tea was also served at a. beautifully appointed table in the sun parlor, Mrs. "dgar Rowe of Chicago, and Mrs. Jesse An- EW For the glorious flavor of and the healthful goodness of Bran- ASK for Kellogg' Pep Bran Flake. You'll say you never knew bran flakes could be so good such a wonderful cereal food ! Imagine . . all the delicious flavor Kellogg discovered for PEP. Crisp, crackly flakes full of nourishing food elements. Just enough bran to make them mildly laxative. Here is a cereal the entire family will enjoy. That will bring them health and pep. With milk or cream it is practically a perfect food! Be sure to try it. At grocers in the red-and-green package. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Pep Bran Flak era mildly laxative. ALL'BRAN another Kellogg product is 100 bran and guaranteed to relieve constipation. 3 g 9. em. PEP BRAN FLAKES drew, of West Toint. former mem-br-s, poured at this table. Baskets of beautiful spring flowers were placed about the rooms in a most artistic arrangement. Among those present from a distance were: Mrs. Morell Earl of Muncie; Mrs. Boykin Haile of Oklahoma City, Okla.; Mrs. Ralph W. Henderson of Chicago; and Mrs. Priscilla Levering of Indianapolis. BIRTH OF CLUB The Pickwick club had its inception one Saturday morning in 1888 when Mrs. James H. Smart, whose husband was then president of Purdue, invited five little girls to her home for a party with her daughter, Miss Mary Smart. Pickwi-" "an namcT were bestowed upon the group of six and they have used them through the years since then. Out of the Pickwick party of six children grew the Pickwick club, now having an active membership of 26 and having for its aim not only social recreation. but worthy charity work which rinds expression in the annual charity ball sponsored by the club for the benefit of the -Flower Mission. A bridge over the Susquehanna i river, in Maryland, is being mad double-decked, so that south-bound traffic will pass over the ground floor and north bound traffic will use the upper deck. Beautiful Silk Lingerie for The June Bride Dainty Lingerie For the Sweet Girl Graduate Summertime and Vacation UNDERTTHDE Exclusive and Unequelled in Value " ' Have you planned your summer and vacation wardrobe budget? We started planning several months ago these assortments of intimate wear, so essential for warm weather comfort and to give to the season's new modes a foundation of feminine lines and youth. From strictly tailored to elaborately lacetrimmed single pieces or sets are here for your selec-Hon in all sizes THREE SPECIAL GROUPS AT $1 95 $tg)95 The $1.95 Group One assortment of dainty lace trimmed Crepe de Chine Teddies, Stepins, Petticoats and Dancettes that are wonderful values at this low price. One assortment of Voile lace trimmed Gowns and Rayon Tailored Gowns in all the pastel shades. Sportees, athletic pants and bandettes to match. Summer materials. Stripes and novelty patterns. Very new and practical. Pajamas A large assortment of pajamas is here in novelty summer materials and rayon. Attractive styles both tailored and lacy. Come in and see the new prints. You will surely want them. Tailored Garments "Carter's Tailored Rayon Tedds and Combinettes, "K i c k e r n i c k" Bloomers. Combrazieres and Combinettes. Costume Slips in all pastel shades of batina. New assortment Philippine hand made Gowns. The $2.95 Group A wonderful assortment of prettiest new Crepe de Chine Silk Undies. Employing new laces and tailoring-. The kind you will adore and want as many as possible. Gowns, Dancettes, Stepins, Bed Jackets, Chemise, P'rench Panties in all the pastel shades. Combinettes the new one piece garment with elastic or cuff knee and bodice top. Some have fitted braziere tops. Tailored or lace trimmed. Crepe de chine in flesh. Petticoats Again the short silk petticoat becomes a desirable undergarment. Tailored or lace ti'immed styles. Costume Slips A large assortment including crepe de chine silk and batina materials. Plain tailored styles with shad-owproof hem. Some with ruffled or petal bottoms. Many are lace trimmed. All summer colors. The $4.95 Group For the fastidious women are these new underthings in the loveliest of pastels. They are simply and beautifully made in lace trimmed or tailored styles and charmingly reflect the softness of the newly feminine in the season's mode. Crepe de Chine and Trousseau Silks A marvelous assortment of beautiful Gowns, Pajamas, Bed Jackets, Dancettes and Chemise in lacy and semi-tailored styles. Sportees, Combinettes, Costume Slips, Teddies and Bloomers in chic tailored styles. Buv Now While Selections Are Complete Extra Special Group of Summer Underthings Rayons, Voiles and Summer Fabrics at This group includes Bloomers, Stepins, Sportees, Chemise, French Fanties, Gowns, Combinettes and Philippine Hand Made Gowns. Also "Kickernick" Combinettes, Bloomers and Stepinettes. Patented garments in pastel shades. HIGH LIGHTS OF HISTORY Rcfutrd U. S. Patent Off: The Occupation of Nashville, '9-26 sSem : a.sipnev jcmhnstom r: s a . ITS , 926,M-CiuOe vey5Ape iirjprCJiie Lii,lTH FORTS HENRY AND OONELSON DISPOSED OF. THE NEXT TASK OF THE FEDERALS WAS TO OCCUPY NASHVILLE. THE CAPITAL OF TENNESSEE. Ilil.KANT. ADVANCING rKUM int wtsi. PLANNED TO UNITE WITH BUELL. MARCHING SOUTHWARD FROM BOWLING GREEN. TO CRUSH THE CONFEDERATE ARMY OF CEN. A. SIDNEY JOHNSTON. JOHNSTON. HOWEVER. WAS TOO SHREWD TO BE CAUGHT I SUCH A TRAP AND CONTINUED TO RETREAT DESPITE THE SEVERE CRITICISM OF SOUTHERN NEWSPAPERS. w n - - i IS FORCES KEPT BEYOND THE CRASP OF THEIR PURSUERS AND IN THEIR RETREAT DESTROYED EVERYTHING OF MILITARY VALUE BEHIND THEM TO PREVENT IT FALLING INTO THE HANDS OF THE FEDERALS. ON FEB. 20. 1862. TROOPS OF GRANTS ARMY HAD REACHED CLARKSVILLE. FIFTY MILES NORTHWEST OF THE STATE CAPITAL. - by J. 1' 4 CARROLL MANSFIELD JuJilTH THE. UNION ARMIES DRAWING NEAR. "SHE CONFEDERATES PREPARED TO EVACUATE NASHVILLE. ALL STORES AND PROVISIONS WERE CARRIED AWAY BY THE TROOPS OR DIS-PERSED AMONG THE CITIZENS AND THE BRIDGES OVER THE CUMBERLAND WERE BURNED. ON FEB. 23 .THE CITY WAS ABANDONED AND ON THE SAME DAY THE 4TH OHIO CAVALRY OF CEN. MITCHELL'S FEDERAL DiVTSIOM RODE IN AND TOOK POSSESSION. IjHE GOVERNOR AND STATE LFf.!Sl ATiiee oi FLED AND WHEN GRANT AND BUELL REACHED NASHVILLE THEY AT ONCE SET UP A STATE GOVERNMENT UNDER MARTIAL LAW. ANDREW JOHH. SON (WHO LATER BECAME PRESIDENT AT T? -DEATH OF LINCOLN) WAS APPOINTED MfUTA ' GOVERNOR WITH THE RANK OF BRIGADIER. " CENERAL

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