The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1937
Page 7
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TUESDAY,. NOVEMBER 30, 193? BLYniEvULE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVU ns.Mij);, clcj)l)nnt teen | •-• known lo roucK lOo ycnra old ami ' 10 would be a :nflch more accurate «x|)cctiUiDu of U(c' for 'the • beast,-!, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate pel 1 " line lor consccil- For Sale ...IOC' Live insertions: t'nc lime per line Two times per Mho per clay .. Three times per line per day . lix times per line per day ... ilonlli rale per line Cards of Thnnks 50c & Mlnlmui'n charge 50r. Ads ordered ^fov three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for the num- ler of limes the add appeared and HOME MADE WINE <0c Qt. Mail orders to H. G. file Haffcy, Rt. 3, Blylhcvlllo. Beautiful hand crocheted bedspread. Heavy, extra long, Ideal .ORc Christinas sift. Call 10 ov .OB.c .050 fifty girls lo enroll now for State Approved Beauty School to open January 1st, Ccopfr Bids:., Blythe- villo. Write Lester Fisher Glpso.j, i!5 Krewson Avc., Jonesboro, Ark,, for full (ietnils. 73o copy rJJustmeiit of bill made. All Classified Advertising •ubmitted, by.perscms^resjding puf- (lai)ied j by cjish. Rates may 'Ge lasily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular 1 iisertions takes "the 11 onpvtlnie^r&e.- No responsibility.will '-be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. ONE .SLiGirrw USED ELEC- TROLUX on. REFRIGERATOR;, REAL BARGAIN. GEE SALES Business Directory 'fBXACO~GAS 13'/ 2 c Gal. Nice Fresh KEELFOOT. CHAPPIE 35c arid 50c COAL Delivered in Blythcville for $'1.75 and up. AH Coal Girar-i anteed. HARRY BAILEY'S At the State Line Phone 5-F-4 & 87«. CO. SPECIAL LOW PRICES ON SLIGHTLY. USED' FRTOIDA1RES, STEWART-WARNERS. GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS. GEE SALES CO. NEW OIL BURNER ROOM 'HEATERS WHILE THEY •&'"<: OFF. GEE SALES CO. ALL NEW RADIOS AT A SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE. GKE SALES CO. WE HAVE A FEW SLIGHTLY USED MAYTAG WASHING MACHINES AT A VERY ATTRACTIVE PRICE. GEE SALES CO; MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Good feather bed al a bargain Mrs. B. P. Potter, fall 246. 16-ck-tf MODERNIZED COAL >Washed, -Wnxolized. Dust Ti-eated Four erndcs: $3.50. $4.00, $5.00 and $3.25 per 1000 pounds. Phone 100 for ti tvlal order. E. C, Robinson Lbr. Co. Cheap. 19a6 1'i ton long \vhce base Chevrolet truck, with high stock rack. Pull tarpaulin cover A-l condition. Phone 127, Dlythe- villc. 9-ck-O Streamline COAL •* by 2 cg£ sc.OO per toi 0 by 4 lump $8.25 per ton Kim Tranlliam Phone 47 Tailors TRADE YODR OLD SUIT IN A NEW ONE GEORGE I,. SliflR "Blythevllle's Only Tailor" , We. Allow $4 to $15. . On Railroad south--of Main ; ^Furniture WALLPAPER New inSB piillrms. Close Jirici'^ ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PJioiie 40 Wanted WARNING ORDER IN -THE CHANCERY COURT. CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Paul Joi-.-liii), Pltilntltr, No, (J56B Sfovy Iz'oUi Jordan, DerendHiu. The defendant^ Mary Izoi« Jor- '' da'ii', is warned to within thirty days in the court named in 1 the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Paul Jordan. Dated tliis G day of November 1937, H. M. CRAIG. Clerk. By Elizabeth Roddy, D.C. Gene E. Bradley (Atty ad 1 Lit«ml C. r. Cooper (Atty for pltn 8-15-22-2!) G room modern house at 1500 W. Ash, for sale or tratte. See J. W. -Maloney, CJ.irk and Railrrad Sis. Barber Knows Where Garner Gets Nickname ST. LOUIS (UP)—Anyone \yno Wants to know how Vice President Johii Nance Garner acquired his sobriquet of "Cactus Jack." can find out easily by inquiring at the Union stalion barber shop fcere. On a stopover ill St. Louis Q'arner .hurried into the barber shop for a quick shave between trains. But the barber had to sharpen . his razor four times before making an impression on the Vice President's Uearel. And Garner nearly missed his train, • : ; J Cictmans Get Gas Masks , BERLIN (UP)—The first issue of the "peoples' gas masks", with which all German civilians, men women and children, are to: lie quipped, lias begun in the TC'IH jelhof, Spandau, and Ncukolln dis ricts of Berlin. Lamb Will Pay Owner's Tuition Electric Device Watches Over Sleeping Babies . LEirac. iUl>»--.The prolilein of iUclitiiH sK' ( .|iii)ij liiiuics Das hem tolvcd l>y u simple uroadcaslliln device. Khould (lip Unljy vtutsm am; stun |o cry. Its nurse or mother is intiiiuird Ijy an luije- nious pli-t-ti-io 4-ystwn. Thf tnli-roplicno i:; i)!i U -«l at Hie side of !!„• P ||| OW| tin; ciiiTCiit is l-niicd on mid the inii:ii! ur mother uuiy relire tj u ivimitc part ol iin> house. Sl'.ould Hie bnby lurn over l n It;; deep in' ;:rv, the Tact is brcajeiisl,. The crili lou<! sppaker. vvtilcli was di'mon- straled ui ih e u-ipzl B [»!,-, sjlve.-i the niyses or Irei'dom ol action. DOWN GO I'RICKS AGAIN. FOK A HKAf, IHJY, SKK PHll.UPH (JSKI) CAUS TODAY :t* t'ovd V-ll T'uiluf ./.: :(7 Nluili'liafccr Dc'vr (.'IHIIIC Slii.1.011 ::ti Fcnl Tuijur ,., '!'! t'Vl-J V^B Tlldni- .W Chi vrolc't Cn:!i'!i "S riicvralcf (\uuiii 3r, frvii V-S Tmloi' S?, (" hnvrtilcl >-"cr<loi We Kiiv« Drs. Wert & Wert OI'TOMETKIS'i'B Ovc-r Joo Innacs 1 Store "SVE MAKE 'KM SHE" I'hono 5iO r.i.r.ut»iv< * Admen WELIIIG AT BEST PRJSX8 PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, 1'tlONE 19 Won rtrkanais ami Minionrl l.O\VI!al iLtlilW-UlWl^hl rvilfixsr Also clly propmlci WIN p. KASSEHMAN Thom.ift Land Co. Otllcc .' I 1 . O. Box 470,. Plioiio 527. PHOME 244 L I. RICE COAL? CiKAUES AM rmf Mary's lamb wcn( lo school, but Boyd M a r y h a w'a Southdown, grand champion of (lie 4-H Club Exhibition at Chicago, shown above with his happy owner, will lib better. He'll pay tuition for Hie 14-year-old Belleville, HI:, orphan Ind. Austtalin Products More Wool SYDNEY (UP),—If present prises hold> 'Australia's woo) crop will bring S2C4,OCO,000 this year. It is estimated at 100,000 bales hirger than any previous cro|). We Hotly N. W. TRANTHAM COAL'CO. COAL PHONE 964 i/f In & Fender Kep ic In ami SPD i; s Mnlor Sale's, Inc. Dcfriwl.-i.f Used Trucks &Cars S(«U,U «'I5,I;U Sivlan $l!)5.lil> SKE O|)|{ TJON 01'' GOOD TRUCKS rOMMiCUCIAL CARS' «EADY I'lOtt (JOOI) t'lckiii). Good lOL'C Clicv. T iro.s 1M4 i',. ton chcv. lf)5" W. B. Stake body In A-l ccndltloi) ....:. 527.J 103G liutrnntlnn-il Pick;i|) S373 1034 Clitv. 1! Flat Term !Irrs .. W. ALL THUCKS (ju/lllANTEED TO I'/ISS STATE INSPECTION Delta Implements, Inc. We >:i|>ccuili/u In •& PRESCRIPTIONS')^ Pit one 141 FOWLER DRUG STORE SAVE- MONEY nil liSIil) TIUKS :iiul HATTKRIKS K. M. LARKIN Ladies' & Men's Tailoring (/'oat Alteration:! ' Ciiiloni Tailored SnKs tions O f nil (.y| )a3 I'honc .W HUDSON'S '. FOR. ANY KIND (H' 1 HIGH GRADE COAL CA'l.i, K. K. F«v AT • 477 • Wondei- City Coal Co, ':I4 Clirvrhlct. (rurti 157" ' :.l(iil;t> licily. _ — ,,,..,' ) y-8 IlilJi. Wilt.' New"; ('inter,, gooa. lire:: ..,.,... . B. ev Ark. Ji SO t'lw.v. nlr'A-ii|), '3B 1'ctxl V-8 liif l liny S:i):> Arii. • .''• VlH! flliiy use oBl- flllr;cils 11. <;,,{,'. I'liilii l';ivnicnl Plan. 5 ' Voiir pri'.s- •|il iav iv^ll [ircliably miihc the loivn p;ijmcnl. See 01 call BERNARD GOOCH Phillips Motor C6. I'ltone 810 or 811 : COBB FUNERAL HOME Fiiiiirat Insurance tandard Reference Books. Complete lo volume set with Loose ' ' Leaf' Binder. Call' 233 oY 102. 29. ooo For Rent furnished reams. 2 upstairs or 3 downstairs.,jJL4. Kearii. -' - '. 30-pk-12-SO lorrjs: : FtfrriitureStore I2C E. Main PllOUC. 176 BARGAINS IN New ft Used Furniture We Buy & iScll «MDE FURNITURE co. 112 W. Main • Thonc 155 Radio RADIO SERVICE WADE FURNITURE CO. PHONE 155 Shoe Repairing _ . mbnlh, H. C. 'Caniplicir. over' Blythevlllc Bakery. : 29-pk-2. 3. room furnished apartment. 000 W. Walnut. .' 24-pk-l Rooms adjoining uath. For couple. Will give two meals a day. Call 036, 818 Chiekasawba. , ' 23-fa-tf Furnished house on Holly. Call \ Mrs. S. S. -Sternberg at 984. 12-ck-tI Nicely furnished' bedrooms. Steam .heat. 611-W. Main, Phone 280 ' -- 1-ck-t Quality Shoe Shop Today the only bargain in shoe ! repairing is Quality, materials & kmanship. Rubber Heels. 25r up. Soles SOc up. Dyes. Polishes laces.."Any shoes dy«l black, 35o. Free Delivery •-.,' .- ,,Phonc 12C H. B. Campbell Sniall store on Ash Street near railroad. Reasonable rent. Apply 'Goklstcin Hide and Fur Co. 10-ck-tI • Building on Railroad near courthouse, suitable ,-for warehouse. Will remodel for right party. I Pho.-ie Mrs. 3. S. Stcrnnerg at 984 before 10 a.m. 9-ck- Announcement ALADDIN LAMP PARTS GEiV 25c DINK niiRKi: now. co. We Give EAGLE STAMPS P1CKARDS GROCERY 101J t'hfcfcasawfia Phone fi73 Modern Bsanty.-Shnp Movcjl from Gl«ncoc''HotcI to 1^15 ;W. Main. I'hone 249. :• KcslainHVijt CHOP. SUF.Y. Mack's: Reslniirnnt next-to theater. Joiner, Ark. Glass ,. AUTO GLASS KS])crt, Workmanshi]) We Deliver . Brylhcvillc I'aint & Wallpaper Co. We Wit. <k Install I'hone 880 111 S. Second Batteries , SATJ KRT~SER VICE \ J. Ben Clune i'hane 8 Bt Tom Jackson'i Washing 2 or 3 furnished apartments reasonable. 914 Hearn St. Comfortablt bedrponV adjoining bath. Gentleman only. 713 W Main. Phone 806-W. '. ' 23-ck-tf Personal WajiL (o contact 50 girls, intcrcst- ctl in increasing their incomes inrt willing lo (Ifvote','.six months time to learning highly paid jiro- fcw>ion (if Beaul-y Culture. New School to open in Blylhcvillc January 1st. write for full details lo Lester Fisher Oipson, 51S Krcwson Ave.. Joncsfcoro, Ark. Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers RnlieTtj Mllonroru, ci»iill|.>i:oi> «nd irnil»c?icj. Adivo Liver I'llls Rt-t i%t ihc "f-iJ c.iuae nl joitr Bjmjglshnesa Anff nako ytni feel like it new person. nf«T "our system of nurplui i.nfBoni ^-:t Active ],ivcr Tills. Harralras. jcnllt 3^'«1 »t all Kirby Draji Stor««. Birds For Sale Full grown canary singers. $5.00 pair. iUrs. J. E. JfcRill, Phone 22-ck-tt 269. Wasliing. fjiiick and sntisfactory. 6 quills or blankets Sl.OO'! Maying wn.s!ier. I wash curtains. Sec Will.,Bell Green, behind BroiyliS fra Plant, ^ JS-pk-7 Male Hch> Wauled * Auto salesmen wanted. One new car and two used car fnlcsmen. See Mr. Pjiden at Phillips Motor Co. Our salesmen know of this advertisement. 27-ck-l •• • Room and Board Room and board or meals. HIS W. Ash. Mrs. n. V. Lower.v. ... POOR .._. AWFUL NICE) HAVE A HARP TIME RUNNING MOO W(TH i GENTTLEMAN /OUT THE HELP OF A ..... AMD IT'S SO NICE OF VOU , T 1 TAKE CHARGE OF TH' GUARD I'M GLAP TO BE MEANWHILE, WITHIN THE -7S PALACE n, -• Pf*. i»J7By'H'£A'5Ei>VicY|'iiir BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES '. I 60E.5* WE CAW t HOME OK.! yoo 60 Oti.B \.oc«. OP IA06H '. HE WANTS ME 70 HELP HIM .r JVASH TUBBS I-I CANT MOVE MV LESS. HELP ME> H£V.'W07TID)8IG CHIEF KYM006A VOU DO TO J PROMISE.' STAY WITH BOSS MAN TILL HIM DIE 1 VOU GUVS. I-I'MSICK. 1 BIS CHIEP ?TICKUM THORN IN HIM . PRETTY SOON HIM DIE. FRECKLED AND HIS NG JVTilK \V1X» Repairing Jim repairs. Guaranteed work. E. M. Damon, 315 E. Main. TOMORROW WIGHT THEY'RE GOWWA HOMOR YOU AT THE ANNUAL I'M MOT GOIWSj NUTTY fj FOOTBALL BANQUET, FRECK ! THEY'RE GOWNA GIVE YOU A CUP OF SOME-TWINS ! ' YOU'RE WOT ~^ rr's wcrr w <*. TLL =,=.=. 1W ,, SOIMe?\VJ4A7SA -NMKlkLE ! I JUST 1 H E GOES IF T MATTER^ISYOUR JDOW'T FEEL LIKE ^HAV AMKLE: IM THAT r/eoiwe! BESIDES, / WM ' B.AD SHAPE ? J I • HAVE' /OTHER PLAWS? a> HES GOT SOMETHIWG V-TfT SHOULD HE ! IKI HIS BOWMET.' IMAGINE ycUPTMET EVER < A GUY MOT WAWTIMC3 TQ RECEIVE A CUP .'.' HIM V/AS SECOND -HAND, ONCE BELOW GED "TO A GUY ''

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