Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana on October 15, 1926 · 18
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Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana · 18

Lafayette, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 15, 1926
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13 LAFAYETTE JOURNAL AND COURIER Friday Evening;, October 15, 1926 f The Markets Articles 'Opcillltfh1 l-i'W ' 'InHO'Ck'Se IPricell'rl.ioirrii-tSUo li.Oi; 14 W HEAT teo. . . . Way ... COKN Pec. ... May ... OATS Dec. . . . May ... I'.VK- Pec. . . . May ... LA (ID Ort. Jan. May . . . ,11111,141 4 ,139 '4 H3; 1 I" HI? .HE Mil sr. 1 Lie i:!;: 4 7 1 1 4!!',, 1 s V I a.,l' !1U6 'i , 10 I i jlUi's'lii.". 'B ll'rc; I I l. ... 1 H. ST I 1 - 1 : 1 S . r, 5 lS.7u.13 jn.67,13.8'13 h 1 I 1 .1 . - al lj.." 13.47 6)'l3 . 6 73 1 1 3 . ."j 7 (by tde Associated PreM.! CHICAGO. Ort. IT.. Late flattening out of 1 1 u i II if power in tile wheal market today Kir. o a sharp net back to prices after .in early advam . Weakness of stks had mi unsettling effect. Hous.'s mill eastern uiinu'. -dons led tin sellinK 01 wheat. Wheat closed nervou. u :'e 111 ' Icinfr; corn 7h '!! 1 a itntvn; outs at '.i, it ?c decline In a 1 : 1 i j advance, and provision, unchanged to ji' lusher. .Notwithsintidini; 'hat hi'-aijo wheat Pilotm at timcn, today proved resi Hive to lncrcasiiiH utri-nctli of th l.iv- rpool market, tin -i r'-. t was im w or leivs ooimter-balaneed by aiUl.i'-i Hint the principal iiitlueiice abroad was ndvitnetng vessel i:tus and srar.- ity of (I'fiiii tonnuKe, a rir.unist.iin'1 "on.trud ns bearish on this side of the Atlantic. Meanwhile r ports about host In Arsemin.i said s.inh' dam.ute to wheat had resulted, hut t:-i.ic (ltflils were not yet uvailaele. Aliment h'T.- I v .t: u 1 1: d ri t i. -s la to the eifect that 11" there has been fior-t 111 N, iloha, Xremitie, it Is a 1 ' r. ( '01 doba is one of 1 li distrh-ts of Atau!ira aid I r.p there is I .1 to t lie lb adit g and bu -on 'ar l.vs taliy: h- 1 ivlrlj 2 ) or" ora r.e t k .'J is i.'Imi b'il j r' heiu Tor- ; .ren is inai- i b: - w heat j ihe w!ut' ' be ito,v lb ( rate. j -: la-with r, 1 1 r y.-ar, I tin of I ' A3 s. 1 orn, 3.' !1 e. !trn-t urade; '.its, r. iai iv i di ,rmle; iat J:ir, 4J e Oars estnii.'ed t'.d ar s; eorn. 1',.' cars; 1I..RS. receipts. l':.'" W'h'. at. j.rimary r- ' 1 e.'O husheN : last a rs. Today, 1 .- 1 , 1.0 IS. POD 1 I Ushels; lipt ( .1 I 'a i ! poi : r t'lnl to .'1.'i',(l -, l.o"9,"i'0 h- at bushi-ls .f bush. Is. T.d flour nsh w In at, firm. ' 'ash .orn, ' . off. ' 'adt o.i's, uneli;uiis'--i t lilt Al.O I I VI. VKII K . 'U. Ae;0. o.-t. 1",. (!'. s. feiart- t etlt Of A prieu It lire. ) Hops, le.eipls, lu.oOO: early market, generally stead ; ipw d-siraMo packing sows, mostly to shippers, 10 - K-' higher; spots more; ii'tlo action around mid-session; some dds lower; 'op, JM.'io paid for nu-"o-rmrius loads, averaging 310 to 200 1 :..: bulk 1-iO to 2'JO lbs., Jli!.2r.i i. ':.!; 210 to 320 lb. butchers. 13.5'i :1'!90; nifist pa.-king jows, $10.50 -f; tvw tiffht weights, $11. 67 ;f 1 l.SK; strong weight slaughu-r pigs, larg.-ly ;' 1 2. On '3 1 2.7.'. . heavy weight hogs. J12.H0 i 1 1.10 ; medium. $ 1 3.2-3 !' 1 1.00 ; lights, '2.90-313.9'': light lights. $11.75-.f 13.4H; packing sows, 1 1 D.Ob '! 11. Sa ; -tittle. re.-eipts, 4.00e; gelt'Tally ' lily on m?(t killing classes; bulls. e;n'!E; run ili.'ltjd.s fairly liberal pro- -.-vtiull of good ami chol f"d steers; a.-'y top 011 long yearlings, Jll.r.n; ".avy sfe,.rs held around $1".7S; bulk d steers and yearlings of (piality and etiili'ion to s.-l! at JI0 23 di wtnvaril ; .' w h a y m". '.him hulls, $'..2.; .-al-et s nmstly J 1 2. f.'i 1 3. rot to j in la'i s. Shep, receipts, 20.000; fal lamhs. c r.stly steady; choice kind scarce; s'; no westerns sold; bulk of ,na-'.vH, J ! 3,73 it 1 4.00 ; choi. e hi hi above St 1.50; steady to ttak; hulk it" strong .igh., $9.30 a 10.00 ; sheep, steady; bulk of fa ewes. $ 3.75 ?i t. 73 ; best held 'ii'.-p $7. 'hit; a package of medium " ii.t adt-ed Ti-p'hcrs. eligible around ".23; lambs, strong; bulk, X . it i''0 13..V': ehr.lce quality senrce; '' Thursdav. top f(edin lamts. 1! '.". POTATO Hl.'AC' ' . -t. M IJKK. r t. 13. Potato. ; on tra. k, r:".l Ulpmrnts. 1.301 --ip's, 110 ear. .:1 V. P. ri.Pn? and d s'ightlv stronger: "Wisconsin s.e-k d ".nur.d Whites. $ 2.1 5 't 2.3 S ; ungraded, S 1.73 '.f 1.90; hulk, $2.1 5 T) 2.23 ; poor, SI. 73-1 1.90; Minnesota .'.acke.l Round V'hltes, i ncv. 'iorth fihlos, -r 2.40: s clterl -hide 2 10: T .'!''('. parti; shtlile Iakntn $2.73-4 2 mostly Lusse; hich'-r: O'fil'3'l't graded. $2.1 5 higher: Mlnm-pot sack(l Ked .S3: field frosted around $2.?3; . f 2.73 f? 2.0'i; To'tly grad.l. sackfil Ill-own H. 2.3 3; a and J'.lvcr , $2.00 Idaho fan.-v, $2.10 .,; .'it ies, ( HICAf.O PRODI ( K IP 'A'P '. O'-r. 13. llutt. r. inf. ';.79 tub; r-amery . a'43".'-; standards, 4!( ; s. 4 2''. 7 41'; firsts. 3,i a .nds, :t.V ?.7'e-. iriggs. uu' low. XT.' t' 4.1 I, r hang, d Is, 4 C 1 SeS. IM1I N AI'OI.IS I.IK STOCK INPtANAPOI.IS, Oct. 13. (I'. 8. I 'opartrneitt of Agriculture. ) Hogs, eipts. T'OO, steady to 23'- low. r; eavies, over 20ft lbs.. $ 13.23 ii i 3.73; ? 7 A to 300 lbs.. $13.25 3 13.73; 275 10 ::o lbs.. JU.oo; 230 to 275 1 ,., $14.00: rrd'unis, 223 to 2-30 lbs., $14. 0o; 2nd 'I 223 lbs., $14.00: lights. 180 to 200 :-., $13.1)5; 110 to ISO lbs., $13.75r ",.SS; light lights. 130 to llii lbs., 1 2.30-5 1 3.23 ; slaughter pigs. 90 to 0 Iv s., S 1 ' .00 8 1 2.23 ; pa'-king sows. 1 r.ftnth. $10.23 j 11 E": roughs. $9.K0-.i 1' tLt:e. re-: j,' dy; .pioa- a.l:-i r lam '.god. -eipt' d ill.- $12 3d 1 1. (HICVI.II POM.TItY 1 'liri'-AGO, 11, t. 1;. Poultry, VfldY; refflj.ts. 10 cars; prh hinged. a IP. CHICAGO CASH PKIf KS fHtC'AOO. Oct. 13, Cash wheat. No. red, $1.39U 1 No. t hard. $l.M;i" .43; corn, No. 2 yellow, 77 it 78 ; 'ft. 2 white. 7Svj7Sic; oats, No. 2 ,'v.te, 47fi471:c; No. .1 white. 42't ' ;-: rye. No. 2, $ l.fil l.ftl u ;, .-'7'i-; 'ia"i"a- 'ed, J ' , 0 0 ' i 3. 2 .' ; 'over '.. '")'' 33 23; ! r-i. i3.l'3; - : I 7" : i elli-s. $ 1 r,.r.i). roi.iDo 'I'. 'l.lil'C, I.., Ii 2 red. 1.29 ' , 'a 1 . 1 ' ' i w. SI .( 2- ; o. I 3 'J 3 '' , rep, it, : '3' ; ( lover so $13.:.j bid: Octohei si i-:n No. Will! o. e;'sh i ."Ii 'Ort ! . $22.50 hid; le- rnht-r, 1.2S; farch, Slfi.OO; )"-bruary, $10. On bid; alslk-. rash, tl.23. Msrc-h, J1S.73: timothy, old. SIT.70: new. $!.90 asked; Ortobl T eemb-T. $3.00; l-'.-brunrv, Marh, $3.15. J 2.90; 5 3.10; WALL STREET NEW ilrir T' .' r. K " re r:- to i p. .on - ' r. .a . ;:!:-.-.' -':deh -,i , r . ..t' e-on-e. :; ; 1 -. ,riitly. .''lioa-'h : '., n ir h t !- leake and Ohio, tiVlnsr. KncoursRed by In tho r.ent erir.-i i 'h. pr. :ou d fid to it their (.tierx-m In halt-recovery. profe.snlomi I ipeeuiative goners resumed their nt-trlca Rralnjt nil claw 0r stock. Motors were the principal targets nn 'sir of further price rutting in tho industry and of dlnnppolntiiiK earu- insr wcr aroused. Mack trtu lluddon Motors toppled to the prl-e of the year and General it find lowest Mot or ur.d. r tn.c-o I'll- a'.fifi'd to CO. '' e- Il ti f Olpeiit Tl ";o-! 'Ints I r, k I. ... estprday'.! hih. than 7 poire. -r'v t ,.:!, Ml- o'.o-il.lT p tier I" jow ho ;.revloui 'b.-'do hi'an to t-llp with Hudson and t'h--apt-ake in th decliiio. i: -ware mill 'hio join- ForelKri fX'hanires opencl ntearly, elthotiRh a reaction of 14 points took place In Spanish pptieto. Th close w weak. Pallleu on tel nd short covrln wri) nhort Uveil anil another batch of acllln order r1epreMil th stl, motor and -Tnlpment laron In tha final hour. Atlantic Coaatllne dtoppil or aven po'n'n to around 11?. ore aeventv rn'r' hetow he yeiirs hth. net decllhe Of f ' to lf fmlo n-OP ri't;ivtirrd I'V ';e;riil i.-.s-i. T ' . f I r . i'e-i. ! Vtlt.r I-- ( ! . .. 1 'v ma . ' '.; : .. t roilii .". l ? r. ' ' n Mi'.TiNG TONIGHT. Tl FoM-Pnrcnt Tencher asso. clatton wilt hold a buslne mott-!nsr at th school this evening at 7:30 o'clock. Rralnarrl Hooktr, new prnclpaT, will upeak. HOGS GD HER AT ALL MARKETS Light Weights Sell Steady, But Heavies Break as Much as 35 Cents; Calves 50 Cents Up. The switu trade wan 1.11 ai basis l'riday. 'lib- shipping was weak, jr.! a fair supply packers to tis'ht for a hnvi Heavy hoits broke as much while liehter nil..!,.! rates uneven lelnand I'llabltxl level, is Ti'c, old at s were l'a. k- steady pi r e.-. The hlu killers bearish throus-hoit! ihe . sxion. I ei h seem afraid of extra lights ud tll.y ale -senilis- ;.,s to condition. I'alves wire in better demand i.Tid sold at Jbl Lambs t-ohl at $11. .".e, and the cat I In ti.i.le lias strong. HOUS Mark. '.'in 1 IO IS') to 1 T it to it; 11 to Lighter t. steady t o lov 1 . 3. 11) MO MI 170 w pounds pounds pounds pounds Ichts s to corull t ion. roughs roughs I.iShf .inn n down dowri Heavy roughs 1. Slats I A I 111. llest heavy shipping steers U'ji) to Hi)') pounds .... S 0031 0 09 t.iu-ht shipptmz steers, 1 .yen to 12 id) pounds s Slock steers r, 1H l i s AMI i.i: ('liolio hulls 5 r.'.i .i 00 u OH 1,0 if b 00 Liu lit buten.-r bulls. O.'ol to Mil) pounds i Choice veal oakvn, li'l to i lo pounds ("ummon c. l . s . . liea y .'ah . s. I 1 to 1 pounds b O'l if ti 0" -l' if 1 anners 11 ill' p Cutters " ow y. Ill-ill lilts M (H I'rime yearling b.ei U i s . . . . .s "" -r l-'.ur I -tlti ller hcileis t; ail ,i- Si ock h--ii' rs ?. (..1 .) I'hoieo heavy (...-.. 7. r.n 00 00 il'l :.o 30 oo 00 tit) 00 Good butch I ows . . . Mll'I-il' '. ... - y .) ii.t 4 a a ' Sprint? lambs, Bucks .... 23" :'t .... o "0 ' . . . . fi OO'.C 2 0' ilr MARKET 33o lower. $ 1 Throwout hnnl-i Mreetllng ewes Common ewes . ATTICA HOG et, ste;id' tit 200 pounds . 2"i) p(Oinds ISO pounds . 170 pounds . Mark 2 1") to 1MI to 1 T 0 to '') to I.ighti'i ights id to condition. Light roughs . ihavy roughs Stags I t 1 a down down down WHOLESALE PRODUCE l'rii-es Eggs, candle! Hens Soring chi.-Ue Old roosters Leghorn l.tns I on -ks for (win October 1 ." lesale jobbing; .40-43 7-20 Sill 5-IS 3 1S 2-14 Young turk. OM tmk.ys Vhel.s hid, .. hid.-, hides. hid. s. hble.S. hides. Hut: N o. . P- calf enlr 1 f beef 1 1 o rse horse . 1 a .00 . "0 LUCAL CASH GRAIN TOll WS lVhfat-Nn, 1 s.. 2 soft winter, 512: $1.20. Corn- No. 4 .-l ( '.'its No. 2 v. h Lye No. 2. Vie-. I'ltlfliS. SUNDAY SCHOOL CONFERKNCK TO BK ATTRACTIVE (Continued from, page one.) corresponding time before tlie, 1323 conference, according to Mr. Howe. The registration in Lafayette and Tippecanoe county is reported over "on. These reports l .' out the earii1!- predictions for a record breaking attendance at tee lOL'ii meeting. Housing ac comodations have already been I listed for Vie people, and morel I' -rters ai.- being sought, as a! minimum of l,ii"0 visitors are expected for the three ilavs. I OPENS FRIDAY. Tiio ojiening- conference session ' will be held Friday morning, at li.) o clock at Trinity church, when an address will be delivered by Rev, Jtoy Burkhart, of Ih-iyton, O., young people's superintendent of the t.'nitod Brethi-i-n church. Registration will take place in the First Christian church, which will be conference headquarters. Classes and conferences will be held in Trinity, First Christian and St. John's Kpisooial churches, all of which nd join each other. PROGRAM TALENT. Conference speakers and leaders, in addition to Rev. Rnrkliart. will include, according to Mr. Rowe, the following: )r. .J. M. Aitman, of the Chicago university divinity school, recently elected president of the Religious Kdueation Association of America', Mrs. Grace Sloan Overton, nationally known as a lecturer, who will tench pageantry and dramatics in religious (duration: P. It. Hay ward, superintendent of th" young- people's division of tiie In tenia t iotia I Sunday school council; Prof. 1-;. R. Rartlett. dean of religious "ducatioii at )Pau university and m-ml"-r of the Indiana count il of religious education; 1.. W. Sol, nit., of Manchester college, chairman of tin- state council voting people's committee. MUSIC AND BANQUET. Conference music will be led bv Fred Miller, of Dayton. ()., and George Raft, of Richmond. Ind. Local talent will present special musical features. The outstanding feature of tint conference program iifii year i be serv the 1 in ban qui t, which e ar- 1 will the Purdue 1! b" nssil.i try, ivi'.'ti' it llieve tee hi, to atini til 11 i- I i I en n p. op'.-Still.K an adit. 1 1 a k up i n ' Us. nan, pro- with w ill gram Delightful Recital By Edison Artists A delightful recital was given 1n Eliza Fowler hall, 1 mrdue, Thursday evening, by Miss Elizabeth Spencer, Miss Lucille Collette and William Reed, under the auspices of Reifi-rs' Furniture companv. It .-in IMison recital in w th. IM-an : act ual p. rb T'-;i t ion pared ' l.v .-1 1 n,i- a re l : t i n 1 1 the sum whether a'vl up t"ll p itig l-ioisoa took was difficult to spencer was ac It M is tually .singing, or whether her voice was being reproduced on the Edison. Likewise, Miss Collette and Mr. Reed presented instrumental numbers, along with the Edison, and ape In the comparison. The recital proved a delight Too W.i Iter Much E.l'.aon 'Vi.T'ca.' Mroliol arrested on a n l-'ri- cti v.atJ dr udv lad lb w.c fneiis .tab ,i tia KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. All I'ythlans Interested In organizing a dancing club nro requested to meet, at Castle Hall Friday everfcng', Oct 15, at 7:30. "Little Bear" Elmore Barce of Fowler Author of New Work on Indian Life in Early Days of This State. The Christopher publishing has just entitled house I issued 1 "Lit tie Raree j little ! and I or a Blot' Boston, Mass., new volume "ar," written bv Klrnot e Fowler. It is a neat work, artistieally arrn n.Ljed beautifully bound. Mr. Barce says that in writing! this book lie was largely influ-! enced by what Ceorg-e Catlin once I said: "I have, ever thought, anil! sli!l think, that the Indian's inmdj 'is a beautiful blanli, on which l 1 1 ,t tlllllti lfll.L hi: llll'll, II. IJIC Iris'nt mode were taken to do it.'' Il'nder the tutelage of lien. Wil-jliain Henry Harrison a young iKiekafioo boy 01' the Wabash is rescued from savagerywon over Mo tlie ways of peaceand performs heroic service for his nicn-;tor and his race. I The scene of this story is laid 'at Yincennes. Tippecanoe, and at lollier interest insr localities alonvr the Rieat river. Ked Fox, a Kickapoo chief premonition of tiie care of his can lender ihe lias a st range death fjivc-s over son to the Ameri-preat .striic'gle be-and Tecumsch f"l- , tween Harrison i lows I lie boy j fort to uarn prcn noo a nd I leader of liis ' t he ir in is I'o, 1 ii i Many rib makes a heroic ef-his friend at Tip-at last becoiil'S a race in Hie days of '. ;md ei!e. U l!:c story are'end highly draiibil h'. The dress. I tiers, and modes of thought ; r d man nrv. accurately set !i...a- i I tin forth jOne meilinir. between the piiat fidef Ti-i'U'lisc'.i anil tlie Kickup'.'O lad, is particularly net ui esiiue. Mi'. Tfrce has written a book which will inl.-U'st the ymini; real the old alike which tnicht be used to great advantaso in sup-ph-mental work on Indiana history in tlie schools. ELECTION BUHD IS GETTING BUST Voting Machines Will Be Used, but Ballots Will I Also Be Ready in Case of Emergency. Willi the November balk. ting only two weeks from next Tuesdas, election machinery is alr ady l unc-t inning, getting -ver thing ready for the day when tlie Tippecanoe county electorate will turn out to choose certain local. County and state officials. The county (lection board, consisting of Harry M. Snideman, republican, Rii no M. Isherwooil, democrat, and County Clerk William M. Jackson. -cdTieio, is now engaged in procuring ti e rc'iuireil numb r of ballots EMERGENCY BALLOTS. Although voting machines will be used in each ui th pi .ecinCtS of the county, ballots will !" printed also to be us d in case of an emorgeiu'V , as for instance tlie breaking down of any of the machines. County ballots have been ordered according to the precinct apportionment of state ballots. This apportionment follows: Fairfield (17 precincts) 17,!71; Wabash (7) .Vbls; J.auramie. (3) l,i;07; Washington (L'l s.'A; Tippecanoe c') 1 f.:.:i; Sh'-lby (2) V)7'.i: Randolph, ''oil; Jackson. T.07; Waviu. 733: T'nion. li'?.: Wea. i;;S; Siii-rfiehl. hs: Perry, Slfi; to tal, obi's::. In addition. County i 'lerk s.-rve one t! lots h: la. hson has been jri n i'c-stafe btillots totalling i""h lousand absent voters' halve be. a apportioned to the C( untv. ABSENT VOTER BALLOTS. Applications for absent voters' ballots are already being giv n out at the county clerk's office, and at partv h eaih uart ers here-. Regi. u: K Oi tolo r peojile who Will not be able to go to the polls on .-lection day, may vote in ic-rson at the h rU's office, and this may be done until election inspectors take out tiie Slip-plies Friday or Saturday preceding election day. Absent voters' ballots will be mailed "Uf from the ehilfs office, upon receipt of proper application, beginning Monday. October IS. These ballots, to be counted, musi be returned to the clerk's office by registered mail, and must be received there, in time to be delivered f ' the respective polls be-fo- they close at fi p. m. on election day. Mrs Emma Todd Dies .tfter Short llhu'ssl l iiiima Todd, til years old, ! 'hursday evening at 7 o'clock I biine hospital follow iug a i M i -died ' a t th s u i'g i i il operation. The had b i n ill but a few days and death tame unexpectedly. Mrs. Todd was born in southern Indiana and later lived at South Rend. For the past three years she had made her home with her daughter, Mrs. R. R. "repps, 5-10 Northwestern avenue, West Lafa.yette. Slits was a, member of tlie Christian church. Sur- vivlng ( 'repps in- l)c and two Serv il l s daug-liter, Mrs, gra n.ldaught ers in. ral c ill be held at i , chinch M "i e la v First ' ri- a ft . l ie ! -: It rv . at lie noon n at ::;; Rev. .1 1 1 1 1 1 i . 1 1 : Tie bod Crepps 1 Monday w i i i ;. wti.n Jo Grand-, i-' may be mi" from noon. d I Jury '.'iul to Trials Set Sp, Journtil atwl Courieri FOWLKR, Ind., Oct.. 1,). Joseph, charged with stealing an automobile; Charles Clark, charged with intoxication, and driving a car Jol 'IV while in tl condition held on a 'hd not a nd forg- X 1 1 i 1 1 v n M. Ha tt'e 'I. charge, p n arraigned l hi.- A . Ju.l-I ! ia.-li . iiicl I o w s : Rilbng.-. i ' lil.u.,1.- I a trial dot. s Kst.s, (jet i circic, ' ill! I r a. I . en s, t . b.-r I'c Hatlield, - bd-i lark, Octo- October ber .'iO. il. and JUNIOR MUS1CALE The Lafayette Junior Musicale will meet this evening at 7 o'clock at Central Presbyterian church. This meeting is open to the public and any young person between the ng" of ten and eighteen has Ihe privilege of enrolling. Ti -If -aid t, be th w lid In tat i A merlea tract ing t has tin-scopes In la litest. I the world. More, than motion picture in the United l'O.ono miles of film is produced in .States annually. MENTAL TEST T BE GIVEN JUROR Has Been Confined in Insane Asylums Four Times May Result in Mistrial of Saltis Case. By the Asso'iau-d 1'. ) Oil ICAC.O, Oct. covery that one. of leeted to try Joe li'juor Kantr leader. 1 1. Tl .ii tlie jurors se-Saltis, alleg-ed for murder in connection with tlie removal of John "Maters" Foley, alleged rival, had hallucinations and four times had been confined in hospitals for the insane, stood out in today's record of gangland activities in Chicago. No arrest was made and the coroner's inquest was in abeyance until tomorrow after the last gang slay-ings, those of Karl "Jlymie" Weiss and a companion, by machine gun, shojlgiiii, lit! and pistol lire in front of Holy Name cathedral in busy State street three days ago. Tlie state insisted today that the entire jury be discharged and a mistrial declared in tlie Saltis case. Out the (li-lense asked a nii'iitai test be given the that ! m-or 1 thai 'l no were loutel mcn-undt to sit, in judgment of t H. Saltis, tlie trial continue with 11 men. 1 until Tin matt-p was tomorrow morning. pa1 U lien the i 11 T juror will be tested. Saltis be-ionr. of the clubs at ome so that came further involved in alleged fhev mav join in this special law violation today when it was!pnvj,.w ;,,-,, ,,t!i.'rs to follow, reported from Vausau, Wis., tliat ! Hovs also have their duos at Andrew J. Volstead, father of the! the Monon "Y." Kadi Wednesday Yi Istead act, in his lpacity of ! social prohibition agent was jr. ady to disclose a new source of : Chicago beer, with Saltis on the j receiving end. ; William M. O'Rrieti who has become widely known as an attorney for the accused in murder trials, rested easily at, Mercy hospital today with seven bullet wounds received when he was caught in the line of gangster tire, and was able to counsel with his associate when the Saltis trial . i . .a . ,r..a ita i.a,.iAr,tn a,1....,,n,...,n Moral Values Presbyterians, in Survey, Vote on Relative Importance of Each of Ten Commandments. What is ea'-h of th the ten lati v e mimam value inents moral rules'.' Rev. W. I tlie Central . Graham, pastor i Presbvterian chute propounded tliis question to his congregation two weeks ago in the form of a quest ionna ire. Approximately "l of tie' questionnaires have been turned in, tic age of those turning them in ranging from 11 to is t years. Main' of them were ; c.ntagi The v study used b of a si serv ice o'clock, As a I Th" an id" P-ikin. oung people, a largo per- being students at Purdue, suits of the survey, and a based thereon, are being y Dr. Graham as the, basi? rmon at tiie Central vesper Su nday on the nibb r of airvej wa from 1h app.-atih: afternoon a! 1::S0 theme. "Religion Morals". s suggested by an pen of Wallet C ill the Si Ill' lll- b.-r issu Pitkin in a mai-ui.ine. Mr. similar survey, ob- from f.uii college s survey, the em-awav from religion i.h tabling ro'iii n pi- pi". ,i tl phasis shifted as a moral dynamic. The following table shows how-tic Lafayette group and the Pitkin group vot"d on the relative value of each of the ten commandments, which are, presented in abbreviated form, tiie first figure being- the order of value as voted in the Lafayette survey, the second figure being the order of value as voted in tiie Pitkin survey. Thou shalt have no oilier Gods before Mi- sixth, first. I hou shall not make uiib an y graven image tifi ii. 1 . -ti i Thou shall, not take the of the Lord thy God in v eight, fourth. Remember the Sabbath Pa; tlie name ain and keep it. holy ninth, fifth. Honor thy father and thy mother seventh, third. Thou shalt not kill first, second. Thou shalt not ery--tenth. eighth commit adult- Thou seven t Ii. Thou n.-ss th Thou ninth. shall ii" s'cal second, shalt. not. ixth. .ilse wit- alt rth, I Grace Church Chorus Choir Concert Sunday The chorus choir cliurch, Mrs. J. I ',. tor, and Mrs. Tl. of Grace TT. R. Rawles, direo-A. Keller, nc- companiste, will give a concert. Sunday evening- snered at 7:80 invited, is a il Th public prog) ls uu It; dh II. I ' i aiit 1 d: n g. C!a; A w . R. -r: I 'i i i I. in two der "O in. "Awake, 1. 1 Icriu i". Von bins ami choir: i, v 1 la.lies' t!,e Ma anthem, ini, II reading, part chorus, "I'.ehold Passeth Ry" (Parks); Taste and Sec" (Nev-Gamso and choir; elen Mrs. "Th Clyde: Rodkin; male Xight Is Closing" quartet. ( Ada ins), Samml Keller, Marian Rodkin, II. A. Keller, Wm. Rod- kin; Sun" llel R "JeSUt Irio, "Reyond the (I', Mrs. Rah Setting s, Sani-;i nthem, " (Ad-I m.-i l.a- eller. Wm. ; Tnuier I 'oim ad. :i ."'ll'l , - ' . o l"i- Todav ,o. i k i n depif ilih T .pi i Wv a id pi. i m . ' .lust Colli.-- Sabic Rawb rainu an t I. Helen Sw et Mrs Lid -tdkin; For- -: lades- ,j ,,a il el . fh Eve" (Parks), s, Mrs. Lowell Young Hull. Mrs. Marian R anthem, "As a Hart ist' (Wilson), choir. in thi Cf utrch IS'ight Program PI Large Number eases Tie first " a son at i vas h hurch night" of the 'en 1 1 al i 're.sbyii rian fa uri Id ; ursd l i,.- i it- i w li'i 1 .'. pi es -ram tor i,i. "'Che",! b, t n' elllllcll pfo-I . I " I o ! , - w;i lb '. . W. R I ... Ilc.ishl! e Soto.S. 1 1 a vtn Smal - I Gra. .am. Mis. I i. I o. as. d w ith violin coinpanied by Mrs. C. ley. Supper was served by Jhrof. and Mrs. C. K. Robbins nnd their assistants, representing section VI of the congregation. r?' oarfJv Many Activities jor Young People Listed By Monon Y. M. C. A. Tlie Monon Y. M. C. A. will give its regular ntoving picture show-Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock to which ail children of tlie north end are invited. After the show, W'jvitl.i.r norm i 1 1 i Tl r n wionfr i-iyttt will be enjoyed on the playground j followed by games and sports, j Children are asked to bring! wieners arid buns. ; Cirl reserve clubs are being or-! ganized at the Monon "V" under' tlie direction of Miss Helen Win-' slow, secretary of the women's' division for tlie Central V. M. C. ' A. here. The l'lii'due V. W. C. A.! will supplv girls to assist m the work. Miss Winslow has ananged tlie gills' club schedule which follows: Mondays, girls 5 to 9 years, Miss Kalph MaoCurtis in charge; Mondays, girls ID to VZ years, Miss Mervina lleavenridge in charge; Tuesdays, girls 13 to IT years. Miss Shockney in charge. The girls' reserve club has for its symbol a blue triangle, tlie corners representing the spirit, mind and body. The aim is to develop these throe phases of a girl's life. Tlie clubs have their own government and bring girls together with a definite program to develop h adcrslii p and w hole some friendships. Parties ami i hlk'S The ate being planned, girls' club members of ti,,, Monon ,,.., i "V" have, ben invited to it i!:e city "V" rimis.lay afternoon, (icfob.-i L' I . at L' o'clock, for a swim in Ihe pool. Xuii-swimmers arc also invited, an. I j.Miss Winslow anil lier helpers will ;give lessons. North end girls in- I i.ivsi, ,1 nskeil to loin sonic afternoon, after school, tlie Sir George Williams bovs club corse Williams boys' club meets in the Monon "V" basement. N c w bovs are sought as members. On Saturday afternoon, October 3, a -treasure hunt will follow the regular movies. There will be hunt for each the boys and the girls, and all are invited. Tiie annual Motion "V" Hallowe'en party will be held Saturday, October 30. to which all children of the, north end and also their parents are invited. Children are asked to come in masques and costumes, and prizes, consisting of ten big boxes of candy will be awarded for the ten best outfits. Members of tlie Purdue V. M. C. A. and V. W. C. A. will act as judges. ENGINE BREAKDOWN. Monon passenger train No. 3 was delayed at c.reencastle, Thurs day morning on account of a radius rod on engine 130 breaking down. The engine was in charge of G'-orire Miller, engineer, and Walter Klder, conductor. Fngine No. . ". 1 3 , was used to taki to Louisville after N' tl t ra l n I.'.') had pairs. n U ft at McDoel I'-'i- MONON SPECIAL. K. N. Rurke. conductor, and Charles Love, brak'-man, will handle equipment as second No. f. Friday, to 1 iloomington. fromwhei" they will use the same equipment, Rloomington to Chicago handling 1. I', foot ball team and rooters leaving Rloomington at 1 . night Friday, and to arri Chicago tit 7 a. m. Saturday. mid-e in MONON RUSHED. Tic Monon railroad is almost blockaded with freight at the present, time. Nearly all sidings are lull of loaded cars, and there wen-said to be I'did cars in the yards at Louisville last tiiLtht, waiting to go out over the Motion route. Bedford Mail. AT THE MONON SHOPS. R. C. I la vis, locomotive fireman, was off duly Friday. Dwighl Alice, engineer, was off duly Friday resting up. Sam Martin is a m w locomotive fireman on the of the Monon. H. McMullen. ported for dutv and 1 f, a Iter a southern division engineer, has p.. on trams 1. ?. f-w days' rest, engineer, was off 11. Gallagher, i duly Friday. P. O. Johnson, lean, has been as: locomotive 5 -- ssigicd to duty on d engine. brakenian. was off account of illness. s reported for duty yard engine ai'i.j- 1 he 1 I p. m. v a Charles Fox. duly Friday on If on i a sii i. visit 'hie y Miner ha i.e 7 a. m. rt lay off. trg-e Dana! Sunday or. machinist, with tela t i cs igo. Jesse Martin, and family will Monon. machinist helper, visit Sundav In Joseph Whrle, blacksmith, has few reported for duty tor dT. da v P. help on ; i ; lay C. K'i r, is off count of rge Rog. reported nnaman lut f"i i 1 lii'-ss. mac 1',-w i i n i s t davs -rs. pip. t"i d t:tt. it v a I for 1 ! A ecu d 111 uu. p'p 'it r 'per, the ell transferii d t rom round ! Km: in of tic to the back simp, tl has been turned out ting shop after being overhauled. James Ma.nnin.g-, reported for duly illress. pipefitter, has after a short Thomas lav ing off c. I. reported f 1'eeney, rest ing I ra ham. r his ri Cl inductor. Is up. biriki n on in t..r. man, Pa- has r T. II. ii hit llorl Burlington Dies Suddenly at Capital Special to Journal and Courieri ATTICA, Tnd., Oct. in. Rert Burlington. '4S, a native of Attica, and a resident liere most of his life, died suddenly Friday morning at the family home at Indianapolis. Death was dim to heart trouble and dial- e'. s. Th" deceased was a ie late Or. a '. Mrs. J. O ,11. 1 1 lived here until In . . V. i .-U I e lllov.'i 1 to I n - -. wl.i" 1 : ! a s iii i ii en s a 1 -1 . l;'i- salesman an the widow and ;i Dr. J. R. P.urlington, of son ol II Purlin;:!' .-a rs a g I i a n a l"d , -..-I a S u r v i v in; broiler. Attica. Blind Boy Musician Enters Radio Contest Harold Rlue, thirteen-year-old blind pianist, of West Lebanon, who won in the district radio talent, dis-cov ry contest conducted by station WI.S last July, w ill compete in the state contest of the same station Sat ni day evening. Oct. lb. lb is well known in La fa yet 1 '. iav lug .,iiv n in a local iiiiimi i u" wluh visiting at the home "l George McDowell of Kossuth street. He plays extra bass notes with his left elbow giving his playing a style peculiarly his own. All who have heard the youth, agree that he shows remarkabltalenL GOVERNMENT TO GET OUT BE All MAIL BUSINESS POStmaStCr General New Will Soon Ask Bids for Private Operation of Enterprise. By the Associated rrtt.-nj WASHINGTON, Oct. 15. The government intends to relinquish operation of the trans-continental air mail service and within thirty days invitations will be issued by the postmaster general calling for bids for its operation by private enterprise. With the passage by the last congress of legislation placing the department of commerce in charge of commercial aviation matters, Postmaster Ceneral New said he felt the time has arrived when the postoffice department could step out. MILLIONS IN EQUIPMENT. Tlie department has on hand about S3, airplanes. 13 hangars located at Hying lields all over the I country ! several and shot 1 equipment ollars. wort h several minion u Tlie postmaster general rciier-'ated today that tio company could successfully operate a commercial air service on a mail contract alone, but must also be prepared to transport passengers and express. Mr. New is laying plans for changes in air mail postage iates that will render them more uniform and provide a flat rate applicable throughout the country regardless of distance. In addition to tin: transfer of the continental line to private contractors, the overnight New York-Chicago service also will be let by contract to private operations. The bids for the two services will be returnable sixty days after the date of tie advertisement. R never has been the intention of the postoffie department to continue permanently the operations of the air mail service, the postmaster general said, the plan being to develop it to a point where its feasibility could be demonstrated and then turn it over as commercial flying companies lie- cam" strong enough to ban it. DIRECTOR R . G. Seigfried Is Named By Board as Coach of 1927 Show; Succeeds in Little Theater. R was announced Friday at i Purdue university that tlie managing board of the Harlequin club had chosen If G. Siegfried of the university faculty as the coach of the Ri7 Harlequin show. This will be the eighteenth annual production of the well-known college theatrical o rga n i za t i o n . Mr. Siegfried, as a member of the Knglish department at Purdue, developed the Little Theater at the university, which lias made steady progress In its presentation of high class plays, and also organized the All Men's Revue, another popular thespian enterprise at. Purdue. His "Hell'n Helen". i presented at homecoming inn' ia.-i par, was tin nttistie success that achieved much popularity. This year's All Men's Revue production is "Assorted Nuts," with Mr. Siegfried as director. The new Harlequin coach and the board will soon make a soled ion for tlie Rl-7 play which will be presented in April or May of next year. Mr. Siegfried is the tirst faculty member ever selected as Harlequin director and his appointment gives him direct charge of all student theatricals at. Purdue. Seuer Projects Theme it Weekly Meeting of j City Board of U'orks A. remonstrance against the proposed sewer in the alley between Third and Fourth streets, from Fountain street south to the Monon railroad tracks, was presented at the weekly meeting the board of public works. Several property owners were present to voire their sentiments. The sewer was ordered constructed bv tic board of health. The contract for the construction of a si-wr in the ,'iii.y from Salem to Tippecanoe streets Le-twe. n Tblth and Fourteenth streets was awarded to II. Fred K-ss"iier. Tl.e alley P.'l I'.et south of the north property line of the Ross Gear and Tool company, between Seventh and Eighth streets, was ordered vacated. The board tip-proved the contract and bond of F. J. Vcster for tlie improvement of the alh-y between Fifth and Sixth streets nor from New- Turk street. A permit was granted to Frank Reimers for th" erection of i one n F, ud F story cement mock uai-.i-e urth st re. t in tw -n N at h a-v Artists, Music Studios Teachers Dramatic Art, Miss Mildred Smith. Piano, Mrs. Eva Linn McKay. Violin and Instruments, Prof. Walter Huckatep. Flute. Joseph McClurcj. Voice. Rsna M. Rice. Edward W. Frank. ENROLL NOW Phone 309 laina Theater Uuildin eoocco9cccocccccocco I We Need Your Fresh Paying -15c per dozen and do not grade them. DALTON POULTRY CO. 129 South Second St. m he uin EGGS 1 Mrs. There-a W einman I T- IT . UIV at Home nt S on (Eueciai to Journal cnu CouiK-r) ATTICA. Oct. ll.-Mrs Tl,6ro Weinman, a dent f tlii o'clock this highly esteemed pesi-i place, died at 2:3.3. of her son. Joseph had been in failin; Weinman. She ' health ath wa erai months ana death was do to complications. Mrs. Weinman was burn Sep. tem her -7. 1S6T. in Schomberg, Germany, and came to America when a young woman. A short time lat-r she was united in marriage to Jacob Weinman, who died nine ears ago. To the union four children were born., one passing 'away in infancy. The survivors jare Joseph Weinman and Mrs.; jJohn Serie. of Attica, and Henri 1 'Weinman, of Bhiffton. She Is also1 survived oy. two matiflclnldren. Pauline Weinman, of Attica, and; Joyc. Ann Weinman, of Bhiffton, and two sisters. Mrs. Richard Beid-lingi r and Mrs. Anton Schmidt, of Attica. Judgment Returned Against Attorney In tl.e suit for aceountint:, settled by a jury in the Clinton circuit court Tuesday, judgment was rendered against l.ovell J. Redman, local lawyer, for $3l, and mt gainst, Redman and Harlan Stauf-r. Stauff. r was named as a de-ndant :n th" suit brought by F . St.-rrett as guardian of Wil-:tm S. Rrickh r. Local Girl Ho n'o ret I .1 :n.d Courie' 1 lpecau to jniirriii! :n.l our RI.Oo.MINGTOX, Ind.. Oct. li Miss Ida Mason of Lafayette, a member of the sub-cabinet tic y. v, c. .. for this year Indiana university. The suh-e iii'-t system is being tried out tiie state university this year for the purpose of stimulating inter est among all girls on the cam pus. Additional Classified Ads AUTOMOBILES FOR (Continued) SALE. SPECIAL P-si'c an Almost Nw LIGHT SIX SUDAN'.e rri.-e. Po Not W; ir Yo'i NASH a Koas At Sf-tT. MIDWAY AUTO SALI AND SERVICE i ir,ih and i erle Sale Pi st; itoitor There AUTO REPAIRS, SUPPLIES. KELLOGG A HAYS KELLY-SPRINGFIELD I I RES. AND TURKS AND AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES llf Coluni St. Phone ZJI STANDARD RADIATOR SHOP YV r : r.up.un m ki:s ANP R ECO UK ALL '!' r.AL'lAT"!: rr.icus R piionf: Storage, Repairing T-v Car N vv Sue. '. Pica '"..r Vahlnt5 .-ii a Pay Niirht G. C. KOON'S New Fireproof Garage Phone :.927 GOODRICH Silvertown Tires r VMI'NT: AL'S TIRE SHOP :ti; sixt I I M III A I'.'Ni: ris. II ST. A N ! i Auto Repairing Tula s. Crado son s, Jbtfb Mot pi;krt.:ss Midway and DISTRIBUTORS. Auto Sales Service TRANSFER AND STORAGL. MOVING AND STORAGE LOCAL and Ion dlf mce n,ov!n. private pfeel ptoraKe rooms, crntlne and pack-fns for t-hipplts. Call sr.d get rr.y rates. Otis Rawl'nKS. i hone 4:1. JOE ARDAPPLE 1638 Main First Month's Storage Free Private steel locked room. ('l'atinpr and Pcickin0:. ex pert disli packing. Moving the best there in rates and service; no job too small; no job too big. Return Loads load or part ! load from Danville, 111.;! Champaign, 111., by Tuesday j next, to or from Indianapolis, j Fumigation -furnitui'f rugs, all moth lif'1. unhatched ee-o-s - up H)l tered etc. Wp inehidiiig kill the I Harvest Home St. John's Evangelical church will celebrate its Harvest Home festival Sunday at a German serv-. 1 ice. A special thanksgiving ofter- !ino- will 1. roei ved tln.1 thA church and male choirs will Mnsr. and friends are cordially i invited. Restaurant Man Didn't Eat His Own Food j "It's pretty tough for a res-I tau rant man to have stomach i trouble. My customers were al-:wa- tolling me 1 ought to eat in a good restaurant. The fact was I eou'idn t eat a tiling that didn't bleat me up and no medicine or doctors helped me. I tried every -.tiiimr recommended and at last iMAYR'S. and I assure you I didn't I have to look any further. Since taking it I have been a well man", jit is a simple, harmless preparation that removes tl.e catarrhal mucus from the intestinal tract land allays the inflammation which auses practically all Hilar', liver , and innstmal ailments, j appendicitis. One d. s. jvince or mop,. -y r fund. I Drug Co.. Ho ran Drug I druggists everywhere. including will run. 1. Hook Co.. and COTY'S TOILET PREPARATIONS Face Powder, Rouge, Compacts, Sachet, Perfume, Lipsticks, Face Cream, Toilet Water. Brown Drug Co. The Prescription Drug Store Phone 597 308 Main St. AUCTION SALES. Auction Sale of Duplex Saturday, October 23 519-521 WEST AValdron LA FAYETTE St. property hat? f-. opine por. h up Mill and vvate t'l '-core Mod Tit. ho: r:t, new r.-of. Pel t f ,.:t, e and siirui 8. and ineeoic :iu ivat!..n. lale, b.liati e a'a'e ab-tract bath dovn. entire: r hcf.t. eon,i haseti y paii.ed. in fx front. 1 ir (.' lot. sh.- P. ewi east altot'etlu r. a peod hot; property, having an ex Term; $.v0 de.y of when iteed ar.d lia ro-e d.-)H er d. Ti jTopert! b-lt J n 1 1 c POT: SALE BY Lafayette Land Co. North Fourth S'. I'hona .1...HN J P.RKI.L, Auctioneer LEGAL NOTICES. I IK TT K I, Locauit hav MOItTCAGE t.I.K int iicn made ii. t-iuenr r Its-eS. X- le ount aliana. t. ..ttipatiy :h diy t wo iti-d c p r t ;" n bv Kd battel aiiina.. Tippy Int rna alto. Matt; tinna! liarvei th. " tirst on i;c:;,. fi.t -d r for T!j i - ord v : I h d r .Ialiilar lie' olil the sc. : eemb.-r, ! 'Jlst da I lei Met 1 Mot pat.'" No. i'-'C; th day o d on tl 1 i : r.-ord on th' I eemher. 15.21, in 1 hai -i nr.l No. S4. fin.-. No. whirh n.or'Kattes there be due and unpaid r'Katre L' nd upon hired to 17 pi in ii il of SI . 4 93; Is SI, t: r.r,:! we lr.tero. oi have taK-li USed Med-! ..i-..r N. r.i-u. ;at ional SI. ut and -i-i?7,:, Kl- Ni lie odel tor n N I -P.. prop. I inertia. n,l will V. he-' s-'l h-:c I b hi, i - Mi - to the '!.- Wligllt Mi-;::,.'. ; i.,tK' ' j u i,' Siturdav, INTKUNATli'i l 'MI'AN Y M. M. Lyon,--7 -1 S - i J li V KVITi A M I i 1 : 1 A NON-KI.SI1JKNT State of India . ict'l.) K. .1, Martha C. VV NOTK K r.a, Tlppet:no. Pal', on. IMitl i rts and Fi-yd l Oil!. IV. i L. Neal. f-k Pavne .'. Payne. Lvd-.a R i othv I'l-.v a.r, 1 1 "'.is In tie v. l.owra P. Cleaver. .Mary I'ayr.e, Dayton Payne, s'h-'. Anna M. I'ayr.i, 1 .o-., M-:,,s M. House nJ How- clreu: t i : b, I i. re Ma r. i Lvdi o-i.y a id e-i-t Mi! are Anna M. f'rtyrs M. Jioj;-- and lion -r, lent . u-e state of Indi, f-ndaiits tro a. f-aid ron-rei hereby r.oltied . p-,.nd' ncv of said sul. and will t.and for trial r,t -n-.l-er tern of ?:-.Ui the 5a'h iudi'-lal day '' the orr f e- I term. 19-'',, of ?rc,;l cour. --::: o -. I the JC"'; day of Nov'tr.". T9-e. ?'ii 1 a-Moa I? '-' th Ljrc:-" et R.---1 li'- - . . '.' ' t " .' 1 ;;-'' ( I I V Al) I K I IMAIliM p.---,r--:c : ' - i'c Wo'.'. O": e j of th- H-arJ. Nota.e of AdorCon cf 1 No-: Is hrey eiven t'-' the f't'l ftf j -uMie works of the city r '. 1a-! f r r --. lr.d.. -hat on Sep e m. " r I?. : H:5 ald bnarS adopted a Pet !arary j L-t-oiatjeti No. ib, for the mcn'in j c' an a' 'v i'eir' e h. nrthTK-- ; rrv.'T : I 't N". ' nr'I t'irr.!re trl:". ' ;;i .-, ;-; he w-.-f rroper'v i:ra ie. - . : :, nn-t a r ' i. 1 We. 1 re m ti! r from by su i. hen on le fin 1 " . , a t h r t ' tn o tr h n reive and hear re- ergons ir.reed in h proreedinsr. at i the rmard ftill take id resolution. fi'j.-h d end conclusive on or affect i l OTP r,R NNfN CILMILFS F. WI!,!TAi! A. K. WFI:KIP,-K r.,-a-d o Pu'.lc W-r . -c--' r;. . v. Cl.-i li. It pays to advertise the Classified Ads in

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