The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE POUR BLYTHIJ.V1LLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS .' THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS O. ft. BABCOCK, Editor • H. W. HAINE8, AdwUiliig Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas city, Little Bock. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered ns second class matter al the post olTicc nt l)lythcvil!c,° Ar- k.itisa.1, under act of Congress Oc- y.l— tober 0, 1917. Served Viv Ilic tfnlUd Press. SUBSCRIPTION KATES Uy carrier in me City of Blythevllle, 15c per week or lfl.50 per yenr in advance. IJy mall within a radius of 60 miles, J3.00 per j\ar, 11.50 for six months. 85c fcr three months; by mall in postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $+150 per yenr, In zones seven and clyht, $1000 per year, payable In -ndvnnce. Where Is Our r anted American Spirit l<> A man who lisleiv altcntivoly the: lieiit of some of thi: arjrumcnls i'm 1 and Mgiiinst llio rccovury pn>Kr;im hnnlly can help woiidoviiijj,. now :iiul then, if anything has hiippcnwl to Hi" Inulitionui American spirit of courage and determination. According to some iU'KiimiHiU, t"'-' NRA and its allied measures are tlic law and the prophets, and we Khali go down to cluio.s and confusion if we depart from them for an insliinl. According to others, "the NRA is a tragic mistake and nil our cherished institutions are doomed unless we speedily renounce it and gel hack to something else. There is a growing tendency, in other words, to see the whole recovery program in straight blacks and whites; a tendency to look on the mechanics of the elfort, instead of on the spirit back of it, as the all-important thing. * * * Americans were not that way in the past. For generations this country was famous throughout the world for a thing referred to as "tho American spirit." Probably no two people meant precisely the same thing when they referred to this spirit; but in the (main they- meant that indomitable air of determination and optimism which made the nation ready to try anything once — the spirit which, if one program failed, had no hesitation in trying a second, a third, or a fourth until it hit on the winning combination. * • * * That was tho spirit that conquered 'a continent and erected a society which, for all its faults, remains one of th.e line achievements of tho race. And it's a little hard to see why it can't be invoked again today. Suppose the NRA should prove a Hop. Suppose the farm orogram fails; suppose the currency stabilization scheme won't work, or the public works scheme, or the other experiments now being made. What of ilV We l;ave. the determination to succeed. We have shown thai our vast and hetcrogenous people can achieve unity in a time of crms. We have shown that our (lumocratic system can provide swift and f-irceful action OUT OUR WAY when it is needed. Wo have shown that we have the stomach to make drastic experiments. Why must we assume that our salvation stands or falls on the SUCCCSH (or on the abandonment) of one particular plan? We have reaffirmed our common purpose, our strength, and our loyalty. If the old spirit lives, we can he confident of ultimate victory—if not on one road, then on another. In the. Public Cause Madame Kniwline Sdiumaiiii-Ileink fell ill in San Die-go ilic other day, and the news story which told about it added thai "shu was near exhaustion from work in the NRA campaign." And you might know, somehow, that if this gallant old lady suffered from overwork- it would be buc-uise she had been txeiiing hen-ell' in a public cause. That's the kind of person .Mine. Schiirnaim-IIcink is. Americans still can remember how she threw herself into war work. Up and down the land she v,-cnl, using her magnilicciH voice ami her marvelous personality to weld public ."cnlimcnt into a loyal unit. This year she has been doing the same sort of thing—giving of herself, without stint, at the call of her country. That she may have tho speediest sort of recovery will be (he hope of every American. This hncl holds few liner or more lovable characters than Mine. SclHimann-lIeink. Money to Farmers The first government checks to he paid out under the AAA wheat allot-, ment plan went to Monona county, Iowa, and resulted in (he paying of ?52,000 to some '185 farmers. Sonic of Hie fanners promptly deposited their money in the hank—one man deposited 510-12—and others hurried about nearby towns paying bills, settling taxes and mortgages, and buying all sorts of things that they'nceVled, Arr.l a person is moved to wonder just, how popular t|io farm strike will be in that .particular county hereafter. Whatever may be the faults" of the AAA program, (and it seems to have plenty, Heaven knows), it hardly can fail to have a good effect if it pumps money into very many counties on this scale. In relieving the dire economic pressure that brought about the farm strike, it might prove of incalculable value. 11, SIDE GLANCES By George Clark BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Prom ihe (lies at the Blylfaevlllf Daily Courier Saturday, -N'uv. 10, 10?3. The Blyihi-nlK'toalbull team l>:ai the Wilson warriors Friday, 13 to 0. Etwrdt's ccmisteir. work at center and heavy tackling were starring features of I he game. J.icl: Crai-, Alton Alloy. Kconce and Johns also distinguished thcmsslvjs. Nicliu!s and n;>hn starred for Wilson. Friday cveiiim; at the home of Hon. CiTil Shane. Urucc Ivy and Miss Lillian Muriihcy were united in marriage by l>~. W. S. Watson. Tile proom is til? deputy prosecuting attorney Lit Osceoia, a youim man ol ability :iml promise. The bride's home B in Lasnbrrt, Miss. She h?.-: been n if.U'her in the public schools oi O'\K'.K for two terms and Is oily f)i l!'C mcsl popular memljeis of tli: vuungcr set in tint city. ' - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - DID NOT GET ITS [•IAMB BECAU56 Of ITS EKKMMOUS SIZE SIBERIAN PcASAI-lTs CALLED THE ANIMAL THE LARVA OF THE. LEJAF-BEETUE. (OOMAVA fttt SECURES AIR. FAR. CELOW THI3. WATER, Con;:cicnce Shickau Man I Couldn't Find Victim 1 ITS HEAD INTO TM5 AIRSPACES OF LILY STEMS. GROUND-DWELLER, BECAUSE THEY HAD NEVER. SEEN ANX SUCH CREATURE ON EARTH AND SUPPOSED IT TO 6E A RCIRBCWIN& ANIMAL, SINCE ITS BONES WERE rooND IN THE GRODNO/ MAMANTU ' EVENTUALLY WA5 CKAN&EO TO f MAMMOTH. "I'm kind of sorry for my liuvycr. He is ;i ll broken up over losing my cast 1 ." Saliva Is Valuable; Don't ' -Ted Meinhover, University of \VJ 'T -[-i • | -i . i 1 • North Dakota star tfiektc, wears Waste H l^shbein Advises IJSZ£"^^T™ EALEM, Mass. iUl>i—A white- haired man appeared at the county courthouse he:v. seeking iu- i formation that would enable him j to make restitution r,t a watch ! and chain Ivhhh hi: .'-".olc 10 years • ago. '" . The man, Matthew Toomey, se.-vud a Jail term for the offense in 1834. Lately, he explained, his conscience had troubled him. Dul search of old records failed to produce the identity of the victim of tho theft, and Toomey left, disappointed. OolLU.-aur un^s Mcinhover, University of wears 6EA-LION6 CATCH GULLS &y POKING THEIR NOSES ABOVE WATER ANI WRIGGLIN6 THEM/ WHBM A GULL ATIEMPrS TO PROCURE WHAT IT |s pooOi TH£ seA-LICN SPRINGS <JP ANO SEIZED 1 SEA-LIONS toll iheir foud v.holi 1 , their teeth beinj used only prevent the escape of .slipp;ry fi.-h, which' form ihe largest postij of their diet. Although one ol these animals can consistently eJ -ii pounds of fish dully, it can also endure long fasts, living entire] on its reserve fat. IU 1)K. MOItlilS FISI1I1L1X appcii/li).,- to the taste and, there- W.t«r Journal nf tl, B Anu-rm,, | fore. food properly mLi te, ed edlral AreorlatwHi. and ,,1 lly- Benches Ihe nerves of taslc ann n ttrt' f M Ical r h Maf;aiim ' i' 101 ^ ln "'Is way to create Ontslde of the fact (hat it !s a petite. Inngerous iliscnse sprcnilcr, si>it-| ___ _ ting on floors, on streets, or In IT,,,:. D i ~ very! I'-l'ivS rUSil up- human I America timber. MLGUISB On Istanbul Dogs] other public places wastes Eecrction of the body. Therefore, for your own health's ,_,,. ..„„. snke. don't spit. Don't lick post- . ^TASBUL (UP)-A dog's life ngc stamps if there Ls any ti'her:" 1 Islal111 "' « cheap-but not for way of moistening llicnu And i (1 ''' r '»' klsn sovcrnment. don't moisten your thumb to turn' , Snaril « 'he Moslem aversion to j the leaves of pages or to count I "°? 1S ' •""Horilies, here have spent I paper money ; millions trying to be rid of them,] Saliva, which Is spit, or sputum cvcn , I* 1 *' 1 "!-' n lwlmt y °» each as Uic doctors call it rcallv i-i clul - (lo °' s lrliL Th °yBH 150,000 one of (lie most 'important gUmrt "nve-u^n killed in the last 15 products in your body YoiK di- 1 - vt ' llre ' l!n:uis cf 'hem still rove the yestion deiwnds, to ii erval cxte::t l strfots a '- n; "ht. 'Hie city has now on the free flow of this substance, j «<*ifled to try gas. The fluid is secreted by jjlnnris In the tissues around the mouth. There are three salivary j;lnuds on each side. If labor does not act promptly, if k does not gain the support of working farmers, we virtually shall havu surrendered America to a government of bis; business, by big business, and for big business. —Norman Thomas. * * * The degression proved the ntler incapacity ol bin business to control itself. —Gov. Olllord I'inchot of Pennsylvania. * » V We human beings, old and young, enjoy U-Ms. provided we arc not going (o be hanged if we do badly. —Dean Max McConn of Lchigh University. By Williams V--;£R&'S THE EFFICIENCY -KEW, CONCENTRATIN 1 OM HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON MAKiN 1 A NEW OOO DAD LIKE THAT ON THE FLOOR AN' ALOM6 COMES THAT BIG JOHN AM 1 SPOILS THEIR , TRAIN OF THOUGHT WITH / A WHEELBARRER. .*\ JOHN'S LUCKV HC'S ' BV WHGM THEV'RE THINKIN' ON HOW TO SAVE. MONEY— IF THEY WASN'T THIMKIM' AT ALL, ONE OF THEM MIGHT NOTICE THAT THEY COULD SAVE MONEY 6V MAKINJ' THAT JOHN HAUL BIGGER LOADS. Because uf hi:: Christian faith, | Cw.tjn:em;s. ihr. Greek prince, wasj | InUcticd ever every square intTi i ., i of his l.-otiv jiy his persecutors; I One is known as the parotid i lie was a < scholar and sjiokc; gland .which lies just in front of | several lansinscs. | •'•o car: another is the hiiumax- • —• - illary gland, located umicj tho' ~ jav.': and the third is the snblin- : uual gland, placed undei 1 ' the ingne. From each of these glands, tiny ibes pass into the mo;i!h, h jjn'rry- ig the saliva. Saliva is an odorless, opalescent. Mid which contains a very small mount of salts and mine eiv.y- les useful In digestion. JvTucln. hich is in sniiva. gives ii a ropy \aracter nnd has the advantages hcing a protective coaling lor ssues ol (lie Eastro-intcstinal ract. The most important constituent f saliva is a ferment uhich has he power of discslinfi starclie;; r,d chnnsing them i:\io sugars. \ The. Amount of saliva varies at-' iilferent times. Yo:i knn\v how our mouili waters v.i:cn you' mcil. tnste. or sec .itKicti^in^ I ood. Your mouth aU:- becomes' ry when you are jjreaUy frlght- ncd. when you are nv,-ri;,-nlccl nr mdcr the influence of various em- itloual changes. ' The parched thrnn: :• ^eclated. vilh em'unrraf-siv.ent n- ,.n\ietv i: - .' •splalncrl by the fnrl tli.,- tin" ri- ! 'eels of these emo:in:i.; on the i lervcs stop (lie llo»- of *,::>a. ' tn addition to i's '*.<'.'..:• in lii- cpfling starchy Iced'. .•:.•,,•-. ( i:i.;p;! iigestion in other wav- iiv' T>:ni=-:-j •nins food, it rediir-... it io n ; 'oltness which yeii::i:s n tn be '• -wallowed. Iffircoser. IV..-- mucin i >vcscnt in ll-.r fal:va 1:.-•.;-, ( O lu'o- , ricate the passago dov.r. .which! the food must pass. Dry foods arc 1:0: iv.nicularly CHURCH EXCSUES Our Children Our Home Our Cluireh Jesus !ovetl Children. He said of such is the kingdom of Heaven.| He said train them up in the way they should go. Jesus realize! tils Home would need help In this training.] Cut r.f h's desire to help in tins training grew ilic Church. Lei- us give the-Church an opportunity to help us in the train-] inj oi your children. Attend Church with your Children Sunday. Committee (Answers on Ua'ck Canadian Gobblers Will 7,r ! '\vhiie Sl in da Lor<im 1i: "H! ApaeaSC British Hunger Howard Ferguson. Canadian Hii| ; * , Ccnmiissioner. is taking step^i ! VCNTRE'i', 'UP) —One mil"on sec tllat " le tl ""' tc 5" lS so on ll| i '" .' ','"". ", ". market in the best condition. I pounds of tns fines; Canadian ' turkey available will l:o exported , A lump of sugar, held in a : to Britain for the Christmas trade.; prr.vcvfu; torch, will r.o\ burn; bl Arrangements are being made i:re tiny ioiich of cigar or. cijarl through the Department of Arcri- j "- C H tr. '.:i;ar will lower the ign) culture here for the-' asscir.bling,: tion point so that the heal of [ inaction nnd grading ol the | .'.-,:n.-:, Mil! b-: f.ulficnnt U set birds, to insure that the highest ofire. Rl_EO IN TMOLK-iHTi ,J j November ll*; v Adams' ao ' 19l8«World all excited about en3 in4 of war to n o end w 1953-World ail fcoi aboutnext: Advertising benefits ihe man who buys as well as the man who sells. It is part of the Golden Rule of Business and it works both ways. Don't miss the advertisements in this newspaper. Many of them,arc interesting just because of their news and educational value alone. But more than that: Advertisements take the chase out of purchase and make every penny do its full duty. This last statement is one particularly to be remembered when common-sense economy is not only a national duly, but an individual necessity. DON'T MISS T IIE ADVERTISEMENTS A''J?',fe-*-.'L'lVJ.i-V> : r.v--•'••-•.

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