The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama on July 15, 1886 · 8
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The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama · 8

Montgomery, Alabama
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1886
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8 THE MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER, THURSDAY, JUJL.Y 15, 1886. THE Dry GoodslCarpeb HOUSE. Omr First and Second Floors literally covered frith f every description, being an eatirely new lot, which have been marked at prices to sell them. TBATELLING BAGS and TOURIST'S SATCHELS in Great variety ! Dexter Avenue. TJUB WIATHUI. Indleattcnnfor 32 Honrs. sxabaha Local rains; stationary temperature: winds variable. Jyooni Clgnfti hmet He-port, sjcsvebs offich, JSiiGOSW! ALA., July 11, Francis,CobbsiCo r ; ts k o IS i II II if i I IS nSJa.rn.29IS 75.0 8 4 tlM p,m. 39.89 86.0 8 10 ltnBP.mJi8.88 79.0 S 7 I S clear cloudy cloudy fiUninm thermometer. ....-, 73.0 Dash (. ) in rainfall column Indicates pre- wduiod inappreciable. Barometer corrected lor teraperatur flsud ele Tfltiau. L. DliNitB, Berg't signal Corps, U. a. A. Cotton BexloB Weather Bulletin. for the twenty-four Sours ending July 14,1883. Tine: & p, in. M.nn Maximum Minimum "moss. Tetru) Temp RainL nfaula 85 73 .01 OpoHka i t9 .24 Salma 83 70 .0 arton 8r 70 .e me Apple so 66 .o Fort Deposit t-7 7i .01 Greenville 8j 66 . Oaiera ' . Birmingham 92 71 . fBSntgomery.,,.... 88 73 .00 flams 792 629 .59 Venn 84 70 .03 rotted In Montgomery at 9:30 a. m. July 15. L. Dunne. Signal Corps, U. 8. A. On 'Chan Be. Montgomery market quiet; good middling"8X. mlddIlng8X,low middling 8f, strict good ordi nrrylX. Hew York steady; middling 9 9-16, low middling 1 5-16, strict gold ordinary 8 1-7. rhe receipts at ail United states ports yesterday were 987 baes against 142 lsst jeir, owing an increase el U5 bales. Bseeiots at all United States ports 5 cay were 10,703 tales against !80 bales last year-showing an increase ot 9,723 bales. CxtMfta tor 5 day 27,130 oalea a!utr 1 3,293 Mies last rear. Slock at all United States ports 292,401 bales ttfkluM 214,68) bales last year, snowing an inawue ol 41,721 bales. The Financial Chronicle of July Uth says the visible supply of cotton for the world is 1,123,978, a decrease as compared with last year of 25,792 a decrease, as compared with 1884 of 3)2,1 29 bales and a decrease oyer 1883 of 514.429 tales. For the week ending July 6th the total receipts at all V. 8. ports were 12,961 against 13JS10 last week, 14,363 bales the previous week and 2M81 bales three weeks since; making the total receipts since the 1st of September 1865, 6,273.397 bales, against 4,719,543 bales for the lame period of 1884, showing an increase since September 1, 1885, of 53,854 bales. Tne exports for the week ending last Friday waning reach a total of 39.397 bales of which 29,803 were tu Great Britain, 1,587 to France nnd8,C0ltothe rest of the continent, while the Stocks as made up that evening were tales. The twenty-six interior towns for the week ending Jnly 9tb received 3,827 bales Hipped 13.1C0 bales, and bad stocks of 77,681 tales. Same time last year the; received 2,B bales, shipped 7.347 and had stocks Of 28,711. The above table shows that the old interior stocks' have decreased during the week 8,787 and are ;43,292 bales more than last year. The teeelpts at the same towns have been 941 bales shore than the same week last year, and since Sept. 1 the receipts at all the Interior towns are 72069 more than for the same time in 1885. In the table below we give the receipts from plantations in another form, and add to them the net overland movement to July 1st, and also the takings by southern spinners to the aae date, so as to give subtantially the mount of cotton now in sight : ' 1886 1885, Receipts at the ports to July 5,273,397 4,719,543 Interior stocks on July 9 in excess of Sept. 1 61.811 11,491 Total receipts from plantations 5,33' ,208 4,731,019 JTet overland to Julyl 816,568 605,566 asoth'm consumption to July 1st 300,000 261,000 Total In Sight July 9 6,451,766 5,597,605 aTorfnspln'rs tak'gs to July 9 l.T14.0Ml3r,243 It will be seen by the above that the Increase mount In sight Friday night, as compared with last year, Is 154,161 bales, and the inmw Over 1884 Is 808,502 and the decrease over IMS Is 172,191 bales. art Lodge No. K. of F. There will be a regular eonv."Ct Ion of Mozirt Ledge No. 32 K. of P., at Pythian HalL oyer the Vint National 1X0 o'clock. Work In seeond rank. Br order J. H. KLIKGF, C. C. M. Frakslin, K. of B. S S. Southern Steel. Nashville L'u on. The int views published else w hue with Mr. "Wlthrow In refereuce to ihe experiment made with Southern iron at Bellvilleia Illinois with a view of de-terminal?; whither :t would matte steel, and giving the- results, will bs read with great interest by men who have given the subject ruu"li thought The general Impression has been that all our Southern iron ore was too high in phosphorus to in&k steel, or even to bs usf d In large quantities in a mixture with what is known ;n Bss3eiDfr ores. This tear, which was a matter of suffi clent Intent to throw together a good many o? the leadirg iron men and chemists In the ctuntiy, creates the belief that our iror, wiih a mixture of one-half, or, it may be, of one-third of Bpb-eera.T iron, will make steel suitable for a pre . -sriety of uses. Ihe question will ba watched with the greatest interest. Mr. Warner, who w as present and saw the test made, is strongly iaclimd to the belief that It viul be a success. That Rarest of Combinations, True delicacy of flavor with true efficacy of action, has been attained in the famous California liquid fruit remedy, Syrup of Flirs. Its pleasant taste and beneficial effects have rendered it immensely popular. Fifty cents and one dollar bottKs for sale by Irvine, Gar-side & Alexander, J. D. Burke, E. G, Fowler and T. B, Ligon. Campbell Brown's Jersey Butter at 35 cents per pound, at tf J. M. Carr & Co.'s. For Rent. The European Hotel, on Commerce street. Can be had furnished or un-f urnish!. Apply to Jul) 15-2:. J. R.'Adams & Co. The shamrock is growing scarce ia Ireland. Youcg or middle-aged men suffering from nervous ciebllity and kindred weaknesses should send ten cents in stamps for large treatise giving successful treat menr. World's Diaponsarv Medical Association, Buffalo, X Y. Fine Stock for Exchange or Sale. Twenty-Dve graded Jersey and crocsed Ajrshfrt and Jersey cows, Eleven of these Lave youcg' calves. Great care has bst a txerclsed in selec tion and breeding. Will exchange for good brood mares, or make cash sales. onennetnies-year old Jack for sale, Call on cr address Wm F. Davis & Son, julyl4dlw. Marlon, Ala. Chill and Fever Conquered. Another guardian of health proclaims: Pleasant Mound P. O.. Laurens Co.. 8. C. Messrs. Westmoreland Bros., Gentlemen: Yon Five me a bottle of your Calisaya Tonic, which administered tony son who was suffering at that time wiihcbil'r and fever, and I must say iur me ueuem ui lue puuuc, mac it gave nim entire sttisfactlon and nlieved the case, and that the chills have not returned. I have examined your formula for making the Tonic, and believe it to be a superior preparation, ana if used as directed thibk it an invaluable remedy in our aouinern maiariai aisiricis. Verv rtsoecmullv. M. C. COX. M D. Westmoreland's Caiisaya Tonic is perfectly harmless and faultless. Can be used by the hifunt, aged or inllriii. The best tonic and ap petizer in toe wona. iry it 1 jsoia Dy ail arug-gists at $1.09 per bottle. july 7-hw Jersey Butter. Berry Tatum controls the entire pro duces of the four celebrated Dairy Farms of W. B. Montgomery, esq , at tiiouni springs ana limit springs, m Alabama, and Mhson and Starkville, in Mississippi. This huter is of the finest and most delicious flavor and Quality, and is of fered to the trade and to private con sumers, at the closest figures. Retail dealers can ba supplied dallv. with fresh butter on most favorable terms. Call and examine it. Berry Tatum, 105 and 107 Commerce street. jul3iw Notice! Notice ! From now until September 1st we will sen uampLieii iirown s celebrated Jersey Butter at 35 cents per pound, tf J. M. Carr & Co. TO THE CITIZENS Of Montgomery and Surrounding Conn- try. Berry Tatum keeps two of the choicest table necessities most in need and ju-1 i n t heir eeason, more especially now lu iiiis hct weather, viz: Tea and Butter. The leas he offers can not be excelled anywhere, nor the butter. Mr. Tatum has perfected arrangements with Mr. W. B. Montgomery to handle the product of bis three dairy farms Starkville, Blount Springs and Bluff Springs. This butter is the product of cream only. Persons who are in want of this pure and delicious article of diet would do well to see and examine in comparison with the offerings of others, thereby seeing who keeps the best Iced teals perfectly delicious in hot weather, and is healthy and a fine beverage. July 3-2 w. DR. MOFFETT'S TEETH UK A (teething powdebs) allays Irritation, aids Digestion Regulates the Bowels, Strengthens the Child, cores Eruptions and Sores, makes Teething Easy and UOSTS 03VLV 23 CENTS. june 18-Km BOZEMA is an aggravating, itching eruption Inflicting its tortures upon tens of thousands, for eight years past WARE'S OINTMENT has andergone the severest tests. A few applications causes it to vanish as mysteriously as It same. One single application gives Instant relief, and but a few days required to core the most MMS of ECZEMA. TETTER, RINGWORM, HXBPE8, SCALD-HEAD. Try one box and be cured. We have yet to eeord a single instance where It has failed. Price 50c. For sale by I) EST HARVEY. The Jackson House, Blount Springs, is formally opened un- dr the new management of A. W. King, or Commons, Miss., assisted Dy uoi. (J. H. Hatcher and lady, late of the Alex-anr Hotel, Louisville. Thk well-known waterlog placs- is ?rovided with hot and cold baths, lerms reasonable. It is accessible especially to Montgomery, and the citizens of the Capital City are invited co correspond with Mr. A. W. Ktog, the general manager, and corns to Blount'. jun-tu,tn &sund-30; WATERWORKS. (Continued from First Page.) ages by burning this temole, and he set nre to it ana Durnea it. i et gentlemen ot the jury, the temple of Diana at Kphesus with all Its ulory and grand eur, with all its emeralds and diamonds, and its wonderful and costly equipments bears no more com parlson to the glory and grandeur of the good character of one human being on this earth, than the trash and the dirt of the street compares to the inimitable truth of God ! Here is a man meaner than Eto:tra tus, meaner far than (Gen. Pettus interrupting:) "If the court please, there is nothing in the evidence to warrant these statements, and I ask the court to interpose." The Court "I am inclined to think, Captain, that you are going too far, l must stop you at mat point." Capt. Bragg "Ir the court please, I insist that when charges are made, and unsworn charges are recklessly made, cnarging fraud upon parties, which Involve Siorluce ot great property right?, as well as if character, aud are made by a man upon information, and he does not come here for the purpose of proving them at all, but absents himself from tne court house daring the trial, I insist that i his is a circumstance that may be cornmeuted upon." Tiie Court "Yes, sir; but not to the extent ytm go; it might be an illuatra tion.but it does not justify the assertion Uat ne is meaner, etc tnat is the ob jectioa." "Capt. Bragg "Well, I do not know the degrees ot meanness. Of course we have our different ideas, perhaps, about that, l understand the objection to go to the degree of meanness." Gen. Pettus "Np, sir; not at all, it goes to tne line or tne argument, i insist that the gentleman iu making his argument I muht that the court interpose as required bylaw in su?h cases." The Court "Yes, sir ; ( ,o Capt. Bragg) your comments are too much on Mr. Baldwin personally." Capt. Brage "I except to this ruling of the court." (ttesuming address to the jury). Well, gentlemen of the jury, there is something that I can present to your consideration, that I expect will be very uficomf ortabie for some people who hear itbutatjjthe;time it will not be couched in eplchls at all, Thatistals: That thete is such & tMng In this world i as character as good character and there aresuch things in connection with tnat character as valuable property rightp, and valuable property rights guaranteed to be protected by the laws ot tne land, whose tribunal you are, and whom i ou represent. These rights I assert here to-day, are the rights of these four men who are here rrom filassa chusetts and who have recently come in to your midst end planted here property ranging in value Iromgsio.uuu to $zo, 000. Tne constitution ot your State provides that all government (and the constitution ot the united states provides the same thing) is organized and created for the protection of lite, liber ty and property. And, gentlemen of the jury, it is your sacred right, as it is also yonr sacred duty, to see that valuable property rights, such as are here in volved, shall not be sacrificed by any such a petition and the evidence in support of It in this case. Let the doctrine once be asserted that property can be preyed upon and spoiled at the mercy of any man, or every man who will come before a court and make charges such a3 are here produce?, ana reiy not upon the facts or the merits of the case, but upon a strained construction of the evi dence which is unfair and unjust, and we may just as well have hell on earth as to have what we would have here under such a condition of things. You are here in a temple of justice as the sworn ministers of the law, to tiy the evidence in tnis case ana ten der a true verdict according to that evidence; and when you do that and when you are considering the evidence in connection with the charges here made, and the false charges made In that petition, and the refutation of them made by this evidence, I ask you to bear in mind the high duty that rests upon you to see that justice is done to the property rights ot this defendant. You could not, if you had to live a thousand years, have anything more sacred to preserve conflddd to your keeping than that of character; and it is involved in this case, and the rights of property are also involved in this case. If they can be sacrificed for one they may be for another. If one may be wronged in tnis manner, anotner may; but it is your duty and the duty of every jury in this country to stand like sentinel at the gate; to stand Arm and not let the first instance of any such outrage as that ever happen. On one occasion several or the nobil ity of France, dukes and princes among them, and finally the king himself, desirous of gratifying their brutal lust, conspired togetner tor tne purpose or se ducing a beautiful young woman. The king had his army, xne King was sovereign, and the dukes and princes had their powers and their positions and their influence. Here was this beauti ful vounz woman. There was no pow er to stand between her and the unlawful desires of the king and his dukes and nobles, except one person. And who was tnat person f Aman oia, mnrm and decrepid a guardian of that girl a Priest of G:d That manwasCardl nal Richelieu, A man whose name will live in all ages as cne of the great men of the world. And how and in what manner could this poor old decrepid priest prevent his king and his nobles from iu'nlng tnis gin t xne oia priest aione stood by her, and behind him stood the Catholic church, which has outlived kings and nobles. He raised his hand and denounced upon them all who should dare to attempt to touch her all the curses of sacred Rome I He stood there with his arm around her. That arm that bore the sword of bis country in the wars against the English in his young days, but then old and decrepid. He stood by her, and drawing a circle around her with a wave of his hand, outside of it he threw the curses of sacred Rome, and that girl was saved by himi And trentlemen of the jury, a duty no less great and honorable and worthy devolves upon yon, and every jury who sits in a case like this to do your duty, and do it nobly, and faith.ully, accord ing to your oath, and the evidence, and the charge as to the law given joaby the court. Best POHDEB Absolutely Pure. This powder nver varies, strength and wt(.leiomeiiep. .-wore economical than the i riHarv k'iid. and eaunot be sold la competliloa with tho multitude '-flow test, short weicht alum or iiiiosoti .-e rw.waers. sold only In cars. Kotal Baking Powdeb Co,, IOu wau ere. a. i. Bank Failure In St. Lsnls. St. Lons. Ju!y 14 The Provident Savings Bank closed its doors to-day and has made au assignment. A.B. Thomp son, cashier has&b cnded. The liabilities exc?fd the assets bv $10,000. Thompson Is a giaduite of Harvard College and sine - be has fceld his re sponsible pcsi.iaa i:i thi-. city, has been rega-d d s a usan -t sterling integrity. He i Prenide'jt ot the Hiiivard Club of this city ai.d "h- L'fht Cavilrv, and a prominent; Kniali', iemplar. He announced hi inten-iou iu tnelatter part of last week o;' rr'c.tmp4rying the Light Cavalry to the Stat encampment, and it was general!? supposed he wasthere. Advkes rria th;.t pciat. however.state that he has uevt-r been trear tne camp, ana it is supt-o- t a ; nar ne- nss i naea tne army of defrfuiirrsm Canada. Xo other cause for bis iieiaiei'iKi cinbe assigned than fastlivlttf. f r be has never been known to spwuiite. I hs directors of the bank Lave ri'";: petnion for a receiver. Biuvs la Ireland.. j Dublin, July 14 During the rioting at Belras-1 is', nigu', oetween the Catholics and Protesutat, four taverns and a number rf delliog houses were wrecked. The pol;c and soldiers charged the rioter sevt-ral limes and at la3t succeeded ia clearing the main streets. Iath-r by-way?, however.dan-gerous kuo's of men are lurking, atd fears of a rea-v.ti o( disturbances are entertained. Amonir the wounded last night was Srgi-aat II ought. He cannot recover. A curable and many civilians received severe wounds. This morning tne bead constable of TVaterford forced a private soldier to attempt to an e r. tn o Orangemen, father and son . Ti e latter shot and killed both the constable and soldier. The situation at vv atejford is serious. The streets are patrolled by policemen and cavalry. F.BglishKlentlona. London, July 14 Ihetotals of members elected thus far are: Conservatives 3C6, Unionists 75, Liberals 170, ParnelUtes 70. Syrup of Figs, Manufactured oi'ly by the California Fig Syrup Co., San Francisco, Cal., is Nature's Own True Laxative. This pleasant California liquid fruit remedy may be had of Messrs. Irvine, Garside & Alexander, J. D. Burke, E. G. Fowler, and T. B. Ligon. Large bottles at fifty cents or one dollar. It Is the most pleasant, prompt, and effective remedy known to cleanse the system; to act on the Liver, Kidneys, and Bowels gently yet thoroughly; 'to dispel Headaches, Colds, and Fevers; to cure Constipation, Indigestion, and kindred ills. 5 8hy Restful Rights, nays Free from Tor-tare, Await the iheumatic sufferer who resorts to Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. That this benig nant cordial and depnrent is a far more reliable remedy than colcnlcum and other polssns used to expel the rheumatic virus from the blood, is a fact that experience has satisfactorily demonstrated. It also enjoys the advantage of being unlike them- perfectly safe. With many persons a certain predisposition to rheumatism exists, whlcbrenueretaem liable to its attacks alter exposure in wet weather, to currents of air, changes of temperature, or to cold when the body is hot. Sucb persons should take a wine glass or two of the Bitters as soon an possible after incurring rlk from the afove causes, as this superb protective effectually nullifies the hurtful Influence. For the func.iooal derangements which accompany rheumatism, such as ceUc, spasms ia the stomach, palpitation of the heart, irnpei feet digestion, &c, the Bitters Is also a most useful remedy. It is only necessary in obstinate cases to use it with persistency. july 16 toia A. Ii. of II. A regular meeting of Bristol Council No. 924 American Legion of Honor, wiu be held at Council HaU, this (Thursday) even- Ing, July 15, at 6:38 o'clock sharp. By order C. H. CHANDLEB, Commander. W. H. Micou, Secretary. Financial and Commercial MONTQOMKJ.V DAILY ADVKBTISEB, HONTDOMIBY, ALA., July 14. 18SS. Bex-'pts at U. S. ports to day 987 " same time last year 112 Beceivts at ell G. S. ports B dajs -. 10,703 " gHi&e time l&styear..- 880 exports lots dys 27,430 - sam tluie last year 13,288 Stock at aUU. 8. ports 291,401 ' same time last year 211,650 BY TKLEGKAPM TO-DAY. I ,lTrpoM Market. viXJTaTIONS TO-DAY. LTVHBPOOC. noon. Spot Cottm-Steady, with fair demand. Middling rjplvios ...5 M6d Middling Orleans . Uales... . ... American ... ....8Xd .. 10,0)0 balet - 7.7(0 ' f-npurt. 1,000 , 6.GO0 .. 4,60e lj KIWi'-IK 6 1J61J For SU--lr- Bn-;',; AJBHTiCM July BLOOM, The Artistic Tailor, Cutter and Fitter. Has opened a Tailoring Establishment at No. 5, Court Stnp -stairs, over the Oak Hall Clothing Store, where lie vrm guarantee a perfect fit and entire satisfaction, having had large experience in cutting and fitting. . Will also Clean, Dye and Kepalr any garment intrusted to Ms care. Charges reasonable to suit the times. Ghre him a call before going elsewhere. L. a L IIEADO.HAHTEBS FOR Fine Cigars Tobacco For finest assortment of Imported, Key West or Domestic made Hayana Filled Cigars. For BAVELY'S BEST and other choice brands Chewing nd- Smoking Tobacco. For n complete line of Stationery and News, call at mu tiiortm- Corner Dexter Avenue and Ferr j St. or So. 6 Commerce St Ton will set FULL VALUE for yonr money. W Try "Sweet Catawba," the leading; 5 cent Cigar. &3 LOEB & LOEB. Jnly and August 6 l-64a August and September S 1664d September and October... ....5 11 64d October and November............... i November and December...,. S t-6ld December and January. ........ .......0 0 0S1 January and February. .0 0-S01 Futures- Quiet. LOTBrOOL, 4.-00 r. M. Jnly ...5 lM4d Jnly andAngust ll-34d August and Beptember M...S 14-644 September and October........... October and November M .. ... November and December......... December and January January and February , Futures closed easy. ..5 ll-(4d ,.B 84M .5 5-64d .5 B-Sld .0 0-001 SEW YOB 84 BAKU1X PtITTjnX DKUV5CHY Time; 10:03 A. m. 3 10 P.M Tone: Steady. Quiet and Steady. January ............ ..u. 8.3 9.39 February . 9 ti 9.19 March ........ 9 57 9.53 April ..... 9 66 9 67 Btfty 9 75 9-77 June 9f4 000 July 9.11 9 42 August 9.4T 9.6 September .............. ?3 9 3) October 9 29 9.2 November 9.2 9.28 December 9 2) 9.30 Hales 76,0; 0 oalea. 5 S s Tone. f f : ; g 9 f t 9 -quiet 8 8 .. 5,82 9t'qulet HI '1 5 2,779 'steady m 9W .... 9,68 9ft quiet ... 312 ... 6,3)0 8 firm 8 8710 9 firm 2i J8 ... 12 08 8, quiet 4? 7 .. 6.H7 t quiet 28) 417 1.0 23,649 9 dull j6 10 . 4,68n 9 steady 8 .... 40) 11,625 8 ttrra 7-146 -quiet 21 3) .... 8,2)9 July It, G&iveetAk... Norfolk Baltimore... Boston .... Wilmington. Philadelphia! savannan New Orleans Mobile Memphis.... Augusta Charleston .. -9 7 16 tJ 8-)6 Atlanta, QA.Uonou Middling, 9; receipts 15 riNARCIAI.. NawvoBK, July 14 HMrtlnif Kxnhange tt69 Money lKa2 Bao ireaaury Balances, Gold 128.617,000 OunDncv.... 18,207,000 Government Securities quiet Four Der cents ...i;6K Three per wnr .......... .... .... . .ltosi State Bonds dull, firm. AiaDama Bonas, cuu A. 2 to 8... V3H Class B,B's 1 iss Georgia 6's if OH ' 7's taortoasre. . ..102 North Carouna sixes ...122 " " fours 98 Booth Carolina Brown consuls 1U7 Tennessee 6's ton Virginia 6's . 15 T- consolidated tan Chesapeake and Ohio 8 Chicago and Northwestern ...1124 preferred..-140 Delaware. Lackawanna Western. ..126 Krio. 30 X Bast Tennessee BaUroad tu Lake Shore 8) LouisvlUeand Nashville 41H Memphis and Charleston 3 Mobile and Ohio 3 Nashville and Chattanooga 51 New Orleans Pacificist's... 63tt New York Central ..- 103 Norfolk and Western preferred 894 Northern Faclflo , S6K " " preferred 5a raelfieHaU.. Beading 24 Richmond and Alleghany 1 Richmond and Danville 143 Richmond and West Point Terminal tuft Bock iBland 1S5H Btt, P&ol. ......- 92 preferred .ra Texas Faotflo 9H Union Pacific 6)7. New Jersey Central Mn . Missouri Pacific 10SK Western Dnln Telstra Dh 6jX WILMINGTON, a. O. - Turpentine ftmti 81-. Rosin ft'm, strain 'd 75; gcod straln'd 80. Tar firm; 1 80. Crude Turpentine-firm; hard 75 1 yeuo dip 1 70; and vlrgm 1 8J SAVANNAH, 6A.-Turpentine firm 81-. Hies barrels. Bosin-firm. 9C01 12K: sales barrel . FKO VISIONS. HICAGO MABKXT. OA8H. F our-qnlet, steady; Southern 4 4604 18. Wheat- active, lower; 77HQ78X July. Cora-fairly active: 87k. Oats-quiet; 29!4 easn. Pork-moderately active; 1 90991, Lard-easy; 6 tsota. Balk Meats-steady; dry salt shoulders 6 90 S6: short ribs 6 30 s short clear 6 10&75 Whisky-steady; 1 13. FUTUBJM. Wheat-July opened at 78J4. closed at 78H Aug. M 79X. " 18H Corn July opened at oth, closed at S7H Aug. " S8X, " n Pork-July opened at 8 90 closed 9 90 Aug. " 8 85. " 9 90- Lard -July opened at 6 ) closed a so Aug. " 8 85 " 8 65 OL Bibs July opn'dal 6 0 dosed 6 30 August " ' 6 32M. ' 8 38 (sanns ahd nmxmas.- Beocipts of Hog..- - - M 00 Beeetotsot Wbft " -9M BUlpmento ol Wnn -.. t2l,UO Receipts of Cora . 1395M Bhlpmentsof Corn...-. . . CINCINNATI MABHJR& Floir heavy; family 8 6)03 80; jbm b Wheat-easier; No. 1 red winter, 7T, Corn- strong; No. 2 mixed 39 Cats-strong; No. 2 mixed, 81 Pork-firm: 10 60. Lard-string. 6 20. r t BjUc MeaU flim- shoulders 6 75 umi He 6 X. Bacon- firm; shoulders 8 CGi absM ak T H; snort clear 7 45. wnisny-quiet :i 07, Sugar - steady: New Orleans Hogs - firm; coujiuou - ana illj&l i na I 80; paoslng and butchers 4 1024 SB. NBW 0BLRAN8 BtABHJR. Coffee-firm: Bln7HM6-4. - Sugar- steady, firm; open kettle, cfeoit, 0 9iv : prime to strictly pUme 6 ; good coousuu t , centrifugals, plantation granulated t imi white 6 1-iaaH; prime yellow olailfie ? tiD3&. , Molasses -steady; open kettle etrtcwr, is to good prime 82-; centrlfugala Briei.i tc strictly prime 154119. Bloe-quiet; ordinary to good,3)ifM3& Cotton deed 011-prime cruse 24t , a mer yellow 3lC3i. 8T. LOflN K1A2KET. Floor- active: V ncy 2 657 3 75: ch a .WlBi. . 3 45; patent 4 toe 4 d. wnoai- weaK, iewer. no. x rou im. Corn- active, lower 8iH cash. Oats- lower; No. 2 mixed, SJfc Whisky-rteady; 1 i7. Provisions- Fairly ctive, general' y 0 rrf rork JoDDlng, 10 10 Bulk Meats-boxed lots Ion cici isflw-i - short rl 6 55; short clear 6 6.K. Bacon lone dear 7(53: no r.. i trrj. Oio clear 7 225. M4ms i's 2 ;o, utrd-6 80. iiOrr(HTlLl MjL&KXt . Grain steady. Wheat Ho, e ren 71. . Cora No. 2 mixed X; white to. . Oats Ne 2 mixed wosturn, 82 Provisions steady. Pork mess, 11 ou Bulk Heats shoulders' 6 ; clear rlr 3 B dear sides 6 X. uacon sDoaiaeis 0 &j; ciear nt 7 ; clear sides 7 . Hams sugar cured; 11 50Q12. tow Lard choice leaf 8 tCOMBIED With Great Refr. ting Power, They are as Tran parest and CoIorlesH aa Light Itself. And for softness o' endurance to the rye can not be excel ed, en abiing the wearer to read In hours without fatigue. In fact, they are Perfect Sight Preservers. Testimonials from the leadlne DhvSlrtaBB la the United Htttes, Governors, Senators, Legislators, Stockmen, men of not io an professkMis and la different bran Dei of trade, Bankers, Mechanics, etc., can be given, who have had their sight Improved by tnelr use. From the Governor of LoaSedauMa, Baton rocqb, La., Jan. st)886. To Mr. A. K. Hakes : Dear Sir I desire to testify to the greatsuperio lty of 50x17 Crystal-lzed Lenses, They combinegreat brillisnoy wita softness and pleasantness to the eye, mwethaa 1 any I have ever found S. D. McKN , One front Gov. Ireland, f Toxasv To Mr. a. K. Hawkes : Dear Sir - It gives nw pleasure to say that I liave been nsiiig yeter glasses for some time past with laaeh sattatoe-tion. For clearness, softness, and for all polioses intended, they arr- not surpassed by any that. have ever worn. 1 wouia rwuuuii imvm v who want a superior glass. I am, W-j Peddlers will not be supplied with these glasses at any price, Slcht Improved. ) Nkw Yobk Crrri ApiH 7, 1884. ' Mr. A. K. Hawkes: Dear Sir Hour patent cye-glasssa received some Ime since, and am very much gratified at the wonderful ebang that has come over my eye-sight sinee 1 bavo discarded my old glasses, and am now wearing? yours. ALEXANDER AOAB, Secretary Statlouers' Board ed Irada. His Might Boa to red. Mr. A. K. Hawkes: About ayear ago I pm--curedray first pair of glasses from some dealer, but theystratned my eyes and caused ihem to-ache. I then bought a pair of your Crystaunsdi Lenses, and the effect his been wonderful, sn s . praoi 01 wnicn 1 uu uut uac my mw mmi tea as weu a ever, r, n. uai ibh a. suitor xexas jneoicai From the Baptist HernlsL The Herald feels fully Justified lo ieoHHne-Ini totbe publio Mr. Bawkes'newtlrystaSlisa Lenses, and Patent Spring Kye-glasses, msaa--facitured by him, and thit have such an eoor mous sale thro aghout the U. 8. The Great Evngellst Pens, wrltos; ' Mr. A. K. Hawkes: Dear 8ir-I take great pleasure in saying that, after haying wow jur new Orystaltz"d Lenses for the past sight haagieatly imiroved. W.E.rBnB. All eyes Btted by H B.T1 KTCA1.F, Whaae--stle and Retail Ciuggist, Montgomery, Ala, . ' unel9-hm

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