The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1935
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Served by tn€ United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTIIEA ST AUKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS 'HOME EDITION BlytJievllle courier Ulythcvillo Herald Blytlierllle Dally News Mississippi Vullcy leader ULYTIIKVILUC, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JIAKCII 80, Nation Worships U n i forms; Youths Are Leading Martial Parade Germany defies the world—anil stolidly marches forth to an un certain destiny How, In tliesc crucial days in his I'atherland's turbulent history, docs tlie plain Cerman-hi-lhe-street react to the Nazi regime's new policies? . . . To find the answer lo llils Question, NEA Service assigned Staff Correspondent Mariaii Young to go, riot lo the propajiuida-snioth- efed capital city of llerlin, but lo a typical trade town—Leipzig. Her observations are contained hi 'Js. •' series of three hinuan''aml penetrating articles written • fur The Courier ev«i. The first article fill- lows. BY MARIAN YOUNG NEA Sen-ice Staff Correspondent LEIPZIG, Germany, March 29. —The soldier is cock of the walk in Germany again. ' Men civilians remove their hats when eight or ten troops march by. Women step from the curb into the gutter to let them pass. _ Small boys run up to toucli tlie blood-red swastikas on their arms. Pair, red-checked girls beam—occasionally one dares to wave a. hand. Students oiv'the steps of the university applaud and-cheer loud- Thls in Leipzig. But in Berlin, in other towns and villages, I saw exhibited tlie same awed and awc- .some reverence for the military. Rcichsfuehcr Hitler's earnest young men have donned uniforms of brown, blue and green—and are goose-stepuinfr to martial music over the dug grave of the Versailles Treaty. For soldiering is a youne man's business, and German^ Youth— for - years jobless nnd desperately poor in a war-beaten land—has rushed L j ;fonvai"d j eagerly to embrace the !/- tools 015 • militarism .as symbols of fc >' ""reborn -power." '' '" ' v •• . ..: * To students tlie new regime pro' vides excitement. It gives them a chance to wear uniforms. To ciis- •ctiss government. To feel grown lip. They salute proudly as they xv'alk to elates past the enormous tablet on which; is written ttie names of lOOO young men who - were .killed in action. "Nineteen hundred from oho university. Today's students are the sons, younger brothers, nephews mid cousins of the men commemorated on the tablet. When they are not marching or studying, the student's lead tlie kind of life movies of Heidelberg portray. The" laiwh. They sine. They clank their beer stcinfc and drink to the health of the Fatherland. • • ' ' * * A Youth is king, and kings can be cruel. I sa>" one laughing officer with a healihy-lookinir, ash blonde girl in his arms, rudely brush aside a tired, middln-agcd interpreter In a neat, hut not so new suit. To avoid their dancine feet the professional linguist slumoed into a vacant chair at our table and gaz- 1 ed blanklv at tlie array of uniforms evident everywhere. V "Thpv needn't expect to be 1m- ' pressed," he sld to me when a trooper at. Mic n^vl table lo salute an officer. "I've seen enoneh - nlreadv. I have no hones. But. perhaps we never cnn be worse off thnn we have been. "I know n man who lives on 70 pfennigs <2B cents) a day. I know what tins haonciirt to the unemployed who used to loiter on street comers. Now they are all in uniforms—marching rieht past those same street corners." Not a trace of animation in his face. Suddenly, he asked me If he might have the butter I lea on my ntotc. Pausing barely long enough to hear my consent, lie snrei'd H nn one small piece of bread, swallowed quickly and then slumped ' forward again, watching the dancers with dull eyes. He belongs to the skeptics. They nre the ones that the inner sanctums of the government refer to as "enemies within the gates." So worn out arc they bv t| lc past . years that the gala uniforms brinir no tcnrs of enthusiasm to their eves. The martial music falls unheeded on their weary ears. * * * In truth, commred to youth in uniform, the remaining population of Nnzl Germany seems dull and colorless indeed. The aecd and the middle-aged on the plc- turc.siue slrcets of Leipzig, famous for its 700-vcnr-oW semi-annual Fair, have had their day. Tlie eves of older men In this oulet little trading city with its dimly lighted cathedral of St. Thomas where Bach wns the first oi'ganist and its enormous, cold, grey Gewandhaus where, iRfi years ngo. Mendelssohn conducted a symphony orchestra, do not light up as they watch children ancl young men in uniforms parade the streets,. They, are. too,busy earning (continued, frii Poje S) Rock Man's Auto Kills_Youth MERIDIAN. Miss,, March 30 (UP)—An automobile driven by George Danmther, Lltile Hock Ark., struck two children on the street here today,' resulting in tlie fatal injury to one. Jack Cooper, (our, son 'of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Cooper, died in ii Itpspital-from a. fractured skull niul broken leg. The oilier cliild Byron Darling, 4, won seriously In- 'Jurdd. Authorities investigated llic ac- cltlent and siid it wns unavoidable as the children ran Into the street from behind a truck. Nazi Leaders Honor War Dead On fTerocs Day Wholesale Finn's Doors Closed Pending Elimination of Difficulties The sudden closing of the Blv- (hcville Distributing company's <"liolo*ale whisky warehouse here lust nleht remained samelhlni; of ?. mystery today but. Indication were Hint, difficulties between olfi- •lals-of l!ie comtmny and (he state cvcniir! deiiar'.menl. would \K iron- id out. nnsslhly tat« tndav. Nn criminal cho^c .hart been lodo-cd in ro'nnection with the rttjyicultv today and it was nn- l"rstood that no such nction was Tlie revenue rtenarlmenl's office iii-re ri<"i nnihii'3 lo say ntinuf. Hie nlfnir but It Is known thnt 'ho diiricnllv arose over the qnes- lion of honor damns, in one WIHW it. n-n.s lenmeri that Ihe wholesale firm hr>d too. many slnmrv! nn hnnd for the amount, of Honor while confusing reunrts wer 11 henrd from oilier sources but con'd not he niithenlicated. At. any rate the revenue ofliee >i;e ninlnlnlned n "Itolit-llnncd" lence. the only comment., obtainable - from (he office., usually ready o comment on arUvlllis. was on 'T don't know anything.".from Ned Muse, inspector, in charge, tills nomine. Sheriff Clnreucc WIKon, who was P^veii the kovs lo the wholesale >]<ini. said, that, lie knew of nn criminal matter Involved and that he keys were not lurnfd over ,o him in anv such nction Init simply to hold until (lie matter vos straightened out. Officials of the rompnuv wei-c .o confer with Enrl .Wiseman, •eveniie commissioner and "cwir" of Honor enforcement, at. LIUle Ro<* today, it -van r»iv>rled. Kin? Mo i thews and H. HiHhfill nre said in be interested in the wholesale plnnf.. located at Matthews' former nackln? house nlant nn North Sixth street, Highway 61. Bank Call Issued For March 4 Statements WASHINGTON, March 30 (UP) —ComDtroJler of the currency J, P. O'Conncr today issued a national bank call for the condition of banks: as of March 4. The last national bank call was for condition statements as. of December 31, 1934. Sl.-itc Call Issued i.rrn-E ROCK. March an. <UPI -A- call for conditions of state banks as of March 4 was issued loday by the slate tank commissioner. Just before Germany's .spectacular show of military strenalh thai' followed closely Chancellor Hitler's denunciation of the Versailles treaty, a cpi'cuiculai- memorial service, of the World War dead wns held In the Opera House in Berlin. Here Ihe Nail lenders are pictured as they listcnctl to the solemnly Impressive rites-left to rltjht. Propaganda Minister Ooeb bels; Rudolph Hess, Hitler's deputy; ocnernl Ciocrlng Prussian Premier; General yon Mackensen; Hkler; General voii'Blomlierg, Rclch.wehr commander; and Admiral Rueder. navy chief. FKE. llfiT rnR TrV/lll Nil i-yn \\IM i>.u i i Uii i L/Uk,j Kvists, Food R Scores Lob- Pay for Own WASHINGTON, March 31). (UP1 —Renrepnntative Mnnry Mavet-lck 'De:n.. Texa?). srtiose grandfather •l?ned the Texns dcclnrnlinn ' of nderendencn, announceri (oclay he vould nccerl. no more free "rnm lobbyists. ; "I'm sirk and lired of all this Jd iol:bving around Washington," •he freshman congressman said. "1 !-erve notice that hereafter vhen I'm invited out to such din- icrs I'm paving my own way." In a r letter to the Southern States Industrial Council, which w<I invited him to n dinner, Maverick wrote. "J shall have to decline your nvltalion unless I cnn be nermit- :cd lo nay for my own food. I earn $10.0011 a year as a congress- man—cnouuh to buy food." He saul he was making (he lel- er public in order that'll nrinci- ;lc mav be established, at least so 'ar as T am concerned. Olher con- eressmen were amazed. They could remember no precedent for Maverick's sland. Neiv York Cotton Walks On I on His Owii Trial But Is Recap Lured Hero Curby Ruben Lee, who Allegedly walked out of a Waynesboro. Tenn. courtroom to freedom while his trial on a charge of illicit manufacture of licjiior was underway, has been taken Into custody by police here. Sheriff W. J. Barnett of Wayn- csbaro notified officers that a ; suspect held here was the fugitive by him and later here to accompany back to Wnynesboro. his prisoner Emergency Boost Is Authorized by Intel-stale Commerce Commission NEW YORK, My. M (UP)— ;olton closed very steady. open hiffli low close May .'»ly Oct •'an 10!>8 HOC HOG 1112 lllfil |OM 1068 iniia I0fi8 IflfiS 1071 1074 10!)G 1)03 1105 1109 lOnfi 1IKG 1058 1058 1004 10G4 1008 IOCS School Census Closes With Registration Today Today is the last dav for reg- isterine in the annual .whool cen- su.s heins taken by Mrs. J. E. Crook, assisted hv Mrs. Rieohcn H. Brooks and Monte Sanders. If anvone between the nses of B and 21. has failed (o register. W. D. McClurkin. suoerintendfMit of schools, has nsked that they caii 375 or 356. For each nerson registered the school dislrict receives approximately S3. Supev Gear Shift Has 11,011 Speeds PASADENA. Ca). (UP)—What would be a nightmare to four speed motorists a super sear shift *'Ith 11.011 distinct snceds. was in operation today at the California Institute of Technology. Tlie gear shift, probaji'.y the most complicated ever assembled Kovcrns the soccd on electric mo- toi-s driving anparatus us>:d to test pumps tor the Colorado River aqueduct. It, consists of morn thin a score of toothed gears with four shift levels, each of whicl may be set in ten different positions. Possible pump speeds start a half a revolution a minute and Jump by baK-rcvoliiltpn steps tc 6,000 revolutions ft mtnuto; Spots ;'lo se ,j at 1130, unchanged. Yew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Mar. 30 (UP) —Cotton closed steady. May ulv Oct Dnc Jan own hieh 1006 1102 1103 1109 1057 1000 IOB8 IOCS ines iocs low close ioac loss 1103 1107 1057 1057 11163 1003 1058 10661) WASHINGTON. Mar. 30 (UP)— Emergency freight rate increases estimated to add $85,000.000 to annual railroad revenues were authorized today by the interstate' commerce commission. The added emergency charges will lie effective Immediately and continue until June 30, 193G. The railroads had sought' a blanket ten per cent increase which it was estimated would have brciizht them $170.000.000. They claimed they needed at least tha£ J amount lo pay wasc Increases nnd meet hlslier costs due lo Ihe NRA. this demand the commission decided lo authorize emergency, incrcn.srs on certain classes of traffic including coal and coke, liclrolenni products, iron ore, .snnd nnd gravel and some kinds of slone. Farm products were cx- cmnled from the increases. No additions were authorized on less than cargo traffic, for distances of less than ?90 miles. For greater distances tile increases ranged from 1 to 11 cents. Missouri Supreme Court Affirms Sentence foi Walter McGe c JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., March 30 (UP)—The state supreme courl loiiav affirmed the death sentenci of Walter II. McGce, convicte<l leader of the gang thai kidnaper Miss Marv McElroy, daughter pi Kansas City's 'city malinger. " -His execution-* w<is ! set for Maj 10. Uiiless o rehearing by the courl or intervention by Gov. Park delays the hanging. McOce will be Ihe drsl person to die for kidnap- ing for ransom' In lite United States. Gcorpc McOce. brother of Walter McGce, is serving n life sen- 1oncc In the Missouri prison for his part in the kidnaping. May 2 IBM. of Miss McElroy, daughter of H. P. McElroy. Miss McElroy had been held for $00.000 ransom, $30.000 O f which was paid to tlie kidnapers, large portion of the $30.000 was recovered. Spots closed at 1135, up S. Stars Listed In Narcotic Man's Books NE\V VORK, March 30. (UP) — A lucrative mall order narcotic btiFliicsR swdnllzlnc In (he Hollywood trade wa.s believed smasliei twlay bi- federal agents after '•"Id In the apartment of Barney Troco. Tree? was arrested after. It was ehnreed. ho delivered S9.W!D of nar- eotlns to a mid-town hole). The n>td on the Trcce apartment netted narcotic* valued more limn 825,000. scales, and cut- ttn" plants, ns well PS n sunposer ci'stomcrs book containing th nnmcs of several Hollywood actor, end a circles. Euronean Nations -Train Winter Snorts Teams "Josinf/,Stock Prices CORTINA. ilaTvT A. T. and.T. 102 1-4 Anaconda Copper 10 1-2 Beth. Steel'. 34 1-4 Chrysler 111-s Cities Service i Coca Cola 201 1-2 Gen. Am. Tank 33 3-4 Gen. Electric 23 Gen. Motors 38 3-R Int. Harvester 30 5-8 McKexson-Robblns 7 l-R Montgomery Ward .... ?3 5-8 New York Central Packard 133 3-8 . 33-4 15 3-4 . 43-8 Phillips Petroleum . Radio 'Coro SI. r,.-S. P. Standard of N. J 37 Texas Co. ..'. 17 3-4 U. S. Smelting 100 3-4 U. S. Steel 28 3-4 Zonltc . May July Chicago Corn open high low close !14 3-4 95 5-8 34 3-4 95 1-4 92 1-8 92 5-R 02 1-8 M 1-4 CORTINA, Italy. (UP) — Italy. Switzerland. Austria. Germany and Rumania hive used the closing days of the winter sports season to develop teams which will compete at Genuisch-Partenkirclion, Southern Germany, next February for Olympic wlnler sports championships. Virtually every bob sled slide, ski iiimp and ice stadium in th!s region 's crowded with vouths who hooo o coiAUSte ot GErmtsch-Parteukir- chen. Italy has three four-men bob sled loams who have consistently shown sood form during Ihe past three months. Reports from Southern Germany ifo indicate that European winter sports teams will aHord the United States spirited competition, especially in skatin? and bob sled events. Ski jumping performances indicate that most of the titles in tills form of competition will be retained bv Europeans. Norway. Sweden and Denmark o!so have de- ve!o]>ed strong teams. SINGLE COPIRS FIVE CENTS T DECIDE IF EXISTS Refuses lo Call Election (o Fill Seven I Pdsl District LITTLE HOCK. March :)0. HIP) —No seventh district eonRresslonnl ecllon can bi> called until con- ress declares a vacancy. Governor M., Pntrcll advised Wade li. lichens of Miignolla In reply to petition for an election after circuit, .court found Kitchens hud on (lie • Democratic nomination. Tlllman 13. Parks of Caindcn wns Iratcd at the general election and cc'i-ptcd by congress, Governor iitrctl said In n letter lo Kit- liens. The circuit coml at Kmnliiire lied January IB that Kitchens •<is the Democratic nominee by 3 'votes after Parks had been eatcd. "CoiiRwss scaled Mr. Parks," the overnor snld. "He was duly sworn n and is serving. In other words ho same auihorlty which sealed Mr. Parks must unseat him before here is nny vacancy, Congress ms declared no vacancy. There icing no vacancy T am without xnlhorlty to call nn election." The governor reminded that 'Congressmen have been nnsicnted because of fraud in contested elcc- lons. These elections were for the illlce and not for the nomination t I am correctly advised,. I don't lony the power of congress to unseat a man for fraud and cor- uplion in a primary election, but mill It'hns been done there Is no 'ticnncy." Governor Putrell snld the clr nimslances of the case arc "a orcctul reminder that our primary elections should be at such n time so as to enable courts to determine who was nominated before tlie elections." 85 Year Old Man Is Held For Murder HELENA, Ark.', March 30, (UI>) —nr. \v. v. Miller, K, Stiillunrl, tenuly Mute veterinarian, dteil hortly lifter 2 pin, this afternoon >f u plslol bullet wound. SlicrllT P. P. Kitchens Fidd Dr. Miller was shot by Dr. II, li. Link, 5, lis he stopped out of ills room n the Mm veil, Ark., hold ut II .111. llc-foro he died Dr.' Miller lolil Shciin Kitchens he nnil Link had imaged In n .slight, in-gumi'iit ul he hotel where both were Bursts ast night. Dr. Miller innilo n 10- iinik about n H'oiiinii ond lie told ilin ho shouldn't s»V such minus, he slicvliv quoted him us saying. Link has been churned wllh inur- lur, the shcrll)' suld. ' National Health Week For Negroes Opens Sunday National, .negro hcnltli ..week which begins - Sunday', March. 31 and continues' until .Silnday, Aprl 7. and which Is supposed to set the health procedure: for tiie whole year following, becomes of age this year for tills is tlie occasion o ts twenty-first celebration. lejillh sermons will be pi-cached at the Bethel A. M. E.' Church The iicv. Majority, Pastor,.and a the Carter's Temple C. M. E Church, Ihe I?ev. Butord, Pastor ot.R o'clock In the evening. Health lectures will be delivered at two of the churches in Osceola bj Doctors Shaddcn and Masscy a 1 11 in the morning. A radlo'taik on What Home Means to Me" wll be delivered by E. M. Kendrick County Nurse, at 2:30 in tlie af- iemopn, over the Blylheyllle Sta .Ion. - Treasury Deoartment • Shows Liquor 'Revenue WASHINGTON, March 3 (UP) —Liouor and beer have furnished the federal 'jovernment with more than SWO.000.000 In tnx revenue during the pis! 23 months, treasure fipnro.s disclosed today. Although this sum is far below the optimistic pre-reocal predic- 'lons- of "we(s" Is furnished the Bovernment with about one dollar !••., "very ten of It.s income since 1 repeal.' Change of Venue Taken In Clarence Posey Suil CARUTIIERSVILLE, Mo., Mar 20.—The S20.QDO civil suit, broiigh jy Clai-ence Posey, promlnen Pcmiscot County farmer ot Her mcmdale, against VV. N. Holl; and Hubert Utlcy, has been sen out of tills county on a change o venue In circuit court here yester day. Tlie trial will be held Ir Dunklln County. Posey is suing Holly and othe well known residents of llollan and Cooler, in the south part o the county, for an attack mad on him last election day, Nov. Ctl Posey was set on by Holly an Hubert Utlcy, his suit sets' out, a he approached the polls at Ho' land, with several of Ills nei?r farm hands in his car. Accordin to . Posey. Utiey nnd Holly bca him with black jacks, shot th tires down on his car, and als bent several of (he neorocs. Pose was carried to tlie Blythevllie lios pllal following the attack, belli confined there several days. On of tlie negroes nl.«> had to hm hospltallzatlon. Chicago Wheat ooen high low close May 79 1-2 80 6-8 8!) 1-2 80 1- July 74 1-4 7-1 7-S 74 1-8 74, 3-8 Henri* XavW llnivcrslly CINCINNATI (ITpi—The Rev. Dr. Denis P. Burns S.J.. of Chicnto. has succeeded the Key. Dr. Husjh F. stoclemycrs. S.J,. a.s president of Xavlcr University here. The Rev. Dr. Bums formerly was- regent of i,oyo)a University law school. Texas' independence." Texa* Masons Plan Shaft For San Jacinto Dead HOUSTON. Texas (t)p>— A committee of Texas Masons have awardM contract for the first unit r f n MS.ono marble monument at th? s?n Jacinto battleground as fi memorial carlv Texans who Mtx>d establish the order In the .slntn. Hedicat'on covenionles will bo held Anril ??. Hie mouunicnl. a shaft 42 fnr-t hlzh. was exuectcd to \v. completed by Anril, ISM. Masonic leaders the rmr- of ihe shaft, wns to ''commemorate tbaw oionecr Masons v,'hn curved .in empire out of A v'MentPss nnd it id the foundation of Masomy in Tcxfis." The monument will be placed on the flnld where 'he. hte aencral Sam Housion defeated the Mexican general, Santa Anna, and won Indian Collection Prized By Nebraska Man PLATTSMOUTH, Neb. (UP) — When business is slack, J. H. Me Mawcn. platismouth contractor, ha but to turn to his Indian relic co! lection numbering some 5.000 item for an Intercstlne pastime. Most of the collection is kept, Ii his olflco In a 12-foot cabinet ex tending across one wall. The out standing oleee, nccordlnjr to Mo Maken who is somewhat of an ex irert on Indian museum nieces, is blanket pven lo his fatlier, Henn McMaken, hv Chief Ci'azy Horse McMaken said he ones refused n S500 offer for the bhnkct. Only $4,000,000 Left in Federal Fund; States Have Small Amount WASHINGTON, March ;iO (UP) —The federal emergency relict ntl- ulnlslratlon has only. S-1,000,000 eft, lo feed and clothe the na- lon's 20.000,000 needy after Monlay, officials said today. The money would meet usual relief expenses for less than n lay. 1 Officials, said, however, no one vlll be forced to go ' hungry because of this Iciuijorary , shortage, IB a majority of states still have funds led from their March nl- olmenls. April allotments cnn not be nadc, they explained, • until their fund Is replenished from the $•)»,000,000 which remained out of tho (300,000,000 PWA money Impounded; last December 20 by President Roosevelt to meet, relief needs. Governor N<imcs Two< New Men and Successor to Resigned Mcmbci • '. LITTLE 'ROOK, Mm 30 (0p) —nnvcrnor ,J MVruliell appointed llii'co new highway comiula- slo'ncrs aftei filgnlng tho bill 'to ncicnse the miniUcr" of liicridiertr 'rom live lo seven—one In each conure.sslonal district Tlie new u embers arc 1 , Dr. P. w Co^i of Pocahoiitiis, 2nd dislrlct , < '.A, L.- Smith of Slloam li'd district. E. C. Poitci of Ohnksvllle, fitll district. "• v They take office Immediately / Cox (iiid i>oiki hnd cleat majorities of iCLommondntlons from representatives nnd wmators In the- districts, Goveinoi mtieil said. The majority was not signed for f anyone In the third district The gpvcrnoi bnld when Ihe bill t wan passed the last week of the recent legislature that he would,, lot legislator!, of the distills decide on their commissioners Senator Arnill Taylor of Olarks- vllle wns the anlhoi of the measure .Before the Tnyloi bill passed finally Chairman J S Cai'Slllc of Ai-kadelplila icslgncd tiom the; commission. Legislators said -other i resignations were e\pected Asked | If other resignations liad hccii rt- '• oclved or if he reappolnled Ben i Johnson'of Fort Smith whoso toini ' expired In Hi efourth dlstiict the ' governor said '(Iicie were no fut-J (her chnnges .today." 'Violator of New Liquor Law Draws Fine of $500 A tine of $500 was against R. w Lemons assessed:[ of Fine i ^ermils Are For Cross Town Shop at Main and Division A city permit for the retail sale of intoxicating liquors was issued loday to B. S. Simmons of the Cross Town Whiskey Shop, which wns lo be ojwned this afternoon in the L. L. Ward building at Main and Division streets. Announcement was made at Little Uock yesterday of the issuance of a stale permit to Mr. Simmons, well known Dell planter. B. M. Matthews, former deputy county court clerk, is lo be In active charge of the Cross Town Whiskey Shop, which Is tlie second retai! liquor store to open In Bly- thcvllb. the Little Shop In (he Noble Hotel having opened Monday. Slate Permits Above 200 LITTLE ROCK, Ufar. 30 (UP)— Stale liquor permits passed Ihe 200 mark loday, a week after tlie first licenses to sell legalized liquor were Issued. Those who received permits Included: Homer Hall of Hazen. L. E. Wright of Lake City nnd A. B. Rcltcher of Batesville. NRA Secures Accord On Bitumindus Coal Code WASHINGTON, March 30. (UP) —NRA today announced that nn Bluff for violation of the new! state liquor law by Municipal 1 Judge 0. A Cunningham In mil- ' nlclpal "court heic yestciday . > The conviction was one of iho flrnti'. If...ilol the flist, unUci Iho ne\v"Ktn[o law passed by tho rq-' cent leglslntuic Icijahyiiin . liquor and providing foi the inethffd 'of ' this distribution and sale ' Lemons was nirestcd hy Bill Armstiong, highway officer of the i-cvciiuc depaitment's offieo rhere, who found 13 cases ot liqupi In Lemon's car shoitly aftei , ho crossed the slate line fiom Missouri, Into Arkansas He failed to produce a state pprmit foi the transportation of liquor ond the , liquor wns not stomped The fine j assessed was the lowest, imdei the new law. ' j B. E. Nady wns boiui'l o\cr to ! await acllcm of the ginnd jury on a charge of dlsposlne of mortgag- ' cd properly Kith Intent to clefiaud the holder of the mortgage' Ho was acquitted of a .charge of. reckless driving aftci having been arrested by Officer Armstrong. Counter Petition Filed ' In Tin Shop Controversy A counter petition was flled with the city clerk today in the controversy over the erection and operation of Enoch Snyder's tin shop at his home on North Sixtiv street. A petition was placed with the city council several days ago .asking that the shop be d«c!are"d ii nuisance and Its continued operation Hint prevented on (he noise of the giounds Us operation constituted n nuisance to dwejleri^ and property owners in the' vicin-' Ity. r The counter petition sto forth the statement of othci property owners and nelahbors of Snyder, not listed in the original p»tit!on that in their belief the shop docs i not constfute a nuisance E E. Alexander, local attorney, filed the petition in behalf of Snyder. i agreement had been reached for the bituminous Industry for extension - of (he code with all Condition of Hish present prices until June 10. 5" The agreement came on the final day of existing wage contrasts. II. will avert a suspension of work Monday in the Appalachian coal Meld which would have afTected approximately 3SO.OOO miners. It had been feared .suspension would cause a complete disruption or the Low Fire Record Claimed WALLA WALLA, Wash. (UP)— Walla Walla claimed one of the lowest fire records in the nation for cities in the 15.000 population class. In 1934 totnl destruction was $10.4J3,49, lowest in more than 10 years. coal Industry and possibly spread to other basic industrial groups. Pemiscot County Trio Acquitted By Jury CARUTHEHSVILLE, Mo.. Mar. 29.—Lee White, Noah White ond Henry Oiintcr were found not frulily of felonious assault on John Bvrd by a Jury here yesterday. The trio was held following an alleged attack on Byrd, Peach Orchard constable. Inst election day. Byrd shot and killed a fourth attacker, Alexander White, after Ihe latter had severely slashed the officer wllh a knife. Alexander While was the father of Leo and Jolui. Accident Victim Improved The condition of Claude Black., of Manila, struck by a car on i Hichway 18 near Manila Thursday, j was reported slightly Improved by ! an attache of the-Blytheville-has- I pital, where Black is a patient, > today. ! Black sustained a fractured skull when struck by the car, driven J bv Miss Eva Georgs of Luxora, He was in a. semi-conscious condition . ; ioday after having been rendered unconscious when hit, j No charges have b;en filed' ,R3 a result of tlie accident, which, according to Jess Pierce. Bij Lake townsliio conftnble. .was. dcscrtbed j by occupants of the car as un- j avoidable nnd bv other, witnessesi| as the fault of the'driver. WEATHER Arkansas—Clouds', rain and-told J tonight and Sunday. RaJn or snowl in north porllon tonight or'Sun-}]

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