The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1950
Page 10
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FAfil? 'I JIN BLYTTTBYTLLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Allies Chilly to German Police Proposal Request Tosses New Hot issue At West Powers ' By BRACK CURKY FRANKFURT, Germany. June 6, (4*j—High Allied officials arc giving n chilly reception to West German government proposals to form a federal police force. The Germans have Just lossetJ a politically embarrassing issue into the laps of the Allied high commissioners by asking for 25,000 police ansuernble only to the federal government at Bonn. Allied officials said they ate fcnr- fu] of the reaction in HriUiin, i ; Francc and America if they give En to the German request. The French, particularly, fear a central- ireci police force would be converted into a new German army. No Kin ill Decision However, there has been no final decision on the request by West German Chancellor Konrad Aden, atier. A decision probably will be marie .within A month by the Allied high commissioners. Officials here call the issue one of the most explosive to face the Allies since the Germa occupation began five years ago. Such complex questions as thes be answered before the Allle can give the Germans their deci sion: 1'iiblic Opinion? How will public opinion in th , West, especially security-consclou France, react to the creation of t police force which could form th mic'eus of a new Wehrmacht? What safeguards could be .set uj to prevent this; force from acting a. a cloak for the formation of a new German Army? How could the Allies and Wes Germans offset the inevitable Sovie propaganda attacks on the creation of a force which Ihe Communist would certainly call a Germar B rmy ? Is there a real need for a centra police force when the state police could be expanded? Police Broken Down The autocratic central police system ot the Hitler regime has been broken down by the Allies since 1945. In Its place, each of the West German states now his its'own separate police. These now total about 100,000 men.armed with light wea pons. ^ - . Now .Adenauer has told the Allies that the state police are inadequate. He aays he needs federal police for "prestige and security reasons." While the West German police have been broken down Into separate state groups, Soviet Russia has molded a Nazi-type police system Independent of slate control in East Germany. This force Is directly under the thumb of the Communist Interior ministry. Its objective 's not mnhitenance of law but maintenance 7 of the Communist government, . It Included a militia of 50.000 men •quipped with heavy weapons. The Allies have charged that this militia "has the character of an army." Stalin Given Clothing 'Bird' WASHINGTON, June , 8. W) — Russia's Marshal Stalin today got an unofficial rating a s "the worst dressed man on the International •cene." Haberdasher Paul I). Gilbert, addressing the Association of Better Business Bureaus, awarded the title. Gilbert, head of the National As- CALL FOR SOUTHEAST ASIA PACT—Black areas on map show the seven nations to which the Plnlippjne Government has issued a call for a permanent security pact against aggression Ihe proposal was made by Philippine foreign Secretary Carlos P. Jiomulo to delegates of th« seven countries at a conference in the summer capital at Bauguio. Although Romulo dkln'l de- icribc it as an anti-Communist pad. all Ihe countries are threatened by Communist aggression and tlie delegates made no mistake of his intent. 17 Hornersville Seniors End Trip Seventeen Horncrsvilte High School seniors returned Saturday from a week's tour of several famous Southern cities. The seniors visited Birmingham, Alabama and Pensacola, Kla., which included R tour of the U.S. Naval Air Base and Pensacola Bench. In \'cw Orleans, the group toured the French Quarters, Tulane University, Loyola Stadium, the municipal wio, and the amusement center on -ake Ponchartrahi. They made a harbor lour on the S. S. President.. On the return trip, they stopped n Leland, MLss. Seniors making the trip Included Leon Meador, Wayne Alh;ii Brooks, Donald Lee Hart, Claude Knapp, Othel Sellers, Don Hensoii, lelen Shlpman, Verita Mitchell. Weldon Branuni, Betty Sue Dcason, ["U'yla McGIeam, Rhalph Moore, Sen. McClellan Denies Backing Down to Truman WASHINGTON, June 6. Wjy-Scn- ator McClellan (D-Ark) isn't backing clown from his description of some of President Truman's rcor- ani/ation plans a.s a "power grab." McClcllnn told the Senate yesterday an "absolutely false quotation" was credited to him in an article in :i current issue of a national hews magazine (News Week). McClellan said the article implied that in a conversation with President Truman he had retreated from that stand. This is not true and the remark still goej, McClel- Ian said. The Arkansas senator is chairman of the Senate Expenditures Committee, which lias jurisdiction over the reorganization plans. He made the "power grab" remark May n. Weed Killer in Greece ATHENS —in',— increased use of 2.4-D need killer, is expected to give Greek agriculture an additional 30,000 metric ton yield of wheat this ycnr. The wheat, which otherwise would have been imported at a cost of $90 a ton. represents a saving in foreign exchange of $2705,000 ECA agricultural officials stated. , ,, esse Bennett. Walter Noah, Stan-1 ey Patterson, Joan Gee and Edward Stone. Chaperoned lor the trip were Mrs. Hastings, class S[X)nsor. and tfr.- and Mrs. Price Hardin of Ar- >yrd. Bus drivers were C. B. Anderson and Peck Wicker. For Safe, Profitable Grain Storage Galvanized STEEL GRAIN BINS oclatlon of Retail Clothiers, added: "A lot of the vjorld's problems would be solved if joe Stalin would ome over here and get himself a nice summer suit—a good straw lat and a pair of brown and white hoes. "His pictures Indicate that he'd ake a short stout si/.e. 'I'd like to Invite him over to ly store in South Bend, Ind. We'd ix him up \vith an outfit that would make even Marshal Tito like him." Fire-safe, wcithcrtight, rodent-proof. Permanent, long-life construction. 3 convenient sizes: 1-4'xS'— I 000 bu.; I 8'xl 1' — 2200 bo.; IS'xi6'—3276 bu. Order Butler Galvanized Grain Bins NOW from 'Fattest Person' Lives In 2 Counties; Weighs 800 Pounds; 33 Inch Knees FISHHOOK, III., June 6. Ifl't — Robert Earl Huglics is not sure lie's the fattest person In (he world—he weighs 800 pounds—but lie Is quite positive of one tiling He says: "I'll bet there's nobody »~ big as me living in two counties at the same time." Hughes, 24, lives on his father's farm which Is astride the boundary of two Illinois counties. The line separating Pike and Brown Counties runs through the middle of the Hughes living room. So Robert, claims lie lives in two counties. Hughes was 24 last Sunday—but ne aid get. any gifts of clothing. All nfs clothes arc mado (o order. His chest measures 106 Inches; his waistline Is 8 feet 10 Inches; his legs at the knees measure 33 Inches. U.S. Tax Errors Are Running High CHA'ITANOOGA, Tenn., June 6. Ifl'i— One of every four individual income tax returns is . erroneous, and of the errors 91 per cent arc against the government, says the U.S. commissioner of Internal revenue. George J. Schoenemnn said here yesterday the understatements in individual Income tax Sl.300.000,000. the overstatements $90,000,000. The government Is able to recoup about $000.000,000 of the understatements, Schoeneman told the 18th annual meeting of the national association of tax administrators. Cyprus Plans Excavations NICOSIA. Cyprus —Of}— Archae- O'ogists late this summer win renew excavations of Atasia, fabulous c.ip'lal of the indent "Peoples 01 the Sea." Two thousand individual finds were made in earlier work at Enkomi. where the Royal Halace ol Alasia was destroyed in a great earthquake about 1365 B.C. Gold ornaments, bronze inlaid with gold, tiaras, pottery and alabaster were excavated under the direction of M. Claude Schaeffer. The work is considered especially important because it is throwing li;,hb on the transition from the Bronze to the Iron Age in the Mediterranean area. f --J' WHIifil, CFAIK OKADTJATK Pretty Beverly Graham (above), 18, graduated in Ottumwa, ra., from a high school she never attended Stricken in 1943 with osteomyelitis, she has been confined to a wheel •-•hair and ,vas unable to attend classes. Daily classes were broadcast to- her home by the "teaeh-a- phone" method enabling Beverly to keep up with junior and senior higl school work. (AP Wlrcphoto) 25 Attorneys Licensed By Arkansas Tribunal LITTLE ROCK, June 6. (^—Licenses nere granted 25 attorneys by the Arkansas Supreme Court yesterday. The newly licensed attorneys Included: ' • E. J. Ball, Sl-.elton H. Nelson Vir- Eil Ben Wofford. Jr., Edward H. Cashion, Louis W. Bone and Harold K. Pciock, all of Poycttcville; J Phillip Carroll, Robert" E. Uiles L..D Hndlield. Jr.. William Edgar DcCaulp and Ivan H. Smith, all of Little Rock; Edward B. Dillon, Jr., and Lloyd B. McCain, of North Little Rock; and Robert Eugene Boyer and Alfred C. Sass, Port Smith. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. June 6. lii'i— (USDA}— Hogs 14,000; active, about steady with Monday's average: some strength on cows; bulk good and choice 180-240 Ibs South ^ Phone 6863 Are Termites Ruining Your Property? Government statistics say (lint Termite damage was second only to fire in the United States. We will make an inspection and give you an estimate, if needed, without cost. Our work is licensed by the Arkansas State Plant Board—we have 12 years of experience to guarantee you satisfaction. • FREE INSPFCTION • SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. H. C. Hlankenship L. J. Keller 309 East Kentucky Phone 2350 or 3579 AD PUZZLE: Which ad do you like best? SBy^£?y!ff^JMM^Mt^UMB~^^^T3S^t^^a^^g*"^»>"^*i^*»T^B» • -•• - •..—— COMPARE THEM...THEN READ AD EXPERTS' OPINION ON ANOTHER PAGE Looking into I 1KB MAXT ToumsTS in the Soiitti, ttus family J lias paused lo lake « good look at Linn Oil Company*! giatil clictnkal plant »t l',\ Dorailo, Arkansas. Auil what ikcy tccUuot simply sicci uml mortar auil pipes ... bin a glimpse ot Tomorrow, tor, this one great plant sums up vlial is happening in ilie Sunlit toJaj- — the locl.islrial llerotntion— mil forcacen tlic mlJoi rrospcrilj- coming to the Sonlh in the future. I.inn Oil Company — iLidf » muck a part <i( the South as cornLrcaJ — is proud it it helping I.IOIV Oil, COMPANY KL I»OJKA»4», ARKANSAS <r dupe lliat future. Ilirougli Ha production of fuels nnii lulmc.ints to |X»vcr nncl tmontli llio Vf*Y for Sonlllcrn Industry . . . aitt] of clieniiral fertilisers to step tip llic yield of Southern npri- culliire. . . Lion ii ixinlribiitm-; to tin: Youth's "'cEI-being todjy . . . Ami helping lo l>ui[ti for * ittce pros|>croiJS 't'oinorroiv. We i Which is Truly Southern? TUMI IN Hex,'* i pa riding nofworV radio >how,"S«m- day Down SoulTi/' ovcry Survday »v*«;ng from 5 to 5:3 0 o'clock. Muilc a rid long i In th* 5ourr,*fn manrwr. "Slop mt th< Sign, of th* /.f«m T FIAT'S SPANISH MOSS pictured fn "A" aboTC, and it is generally known to thrive in the South. Of course, u also grows in most tropical and subtropical climates. "B" abore is a Mocking Bird —usually thought of as making the South his habitat. Hut we find the mocking bird winging his way out of the South in summer, getting as far mvray as New England. What about "C" above—the lion? Well, maybe mott lions make Africa their home ... but this lion is truly Swtkern. You se* this is the emhlem of the Lion Oil Company .. -your Good Neighbor .. ."Home Folks." We at Lion take pride in the important part we are able to play in making our South more prosperous. We turn out fuel that powers Southern Industry ... lubricants that keep the South's industrial wheels spinning. And we provide chemical fertilizers which are stepping xip the yield OD farmlands throughout the South. Yes, you can look to Lion for the kind of Progress that benefits the South.., your homeland ... LION OIL COMPANY Ell DORADO, Uon OH *<*•« Th*»« l*ttdng Pro«frnNj PITIOLIUM 1 Motor GoKtfiiwt to(em« Ga* K.,o,.n., Tractor hi.l. Di««l Fu«|, H roH->9 Oil,, H«v, Fvtl Oil,, l^ricotioa' Oil., Prol«- liv. Coalinal, Grto..., Road Oili, Paying Mpr-oH., «oofin« A^>(,oHv . : Arf.xdrou, Ammonia, NifrogV F.rtiKiw Solutiom, Ammonw, Nirralt f.rfl- >l. ol Ammon.c, Aayo Ammoria, SutpWk Add. 20.00-15; lop 20.25 for several loads' 250-210 Ibs 19.60-75: few to 20.00; 270-300 Ibs. 18.50-19.50; HO-170 11)3 17,15-19.75; 100-130 Ibs 14.00-17.25; good nnd choice sows 400 Ibs down 15.50-17.25; 410-500 Ibs 15.50-16.25; heavier weights 14.50-15.25; stags 10.50-12.50. Cattle 3000; calves 1900; opening TUESDAY/JUNE 6, 1050 sales steady on steers, heifers and cows; bulls unchanged; vcalers 1002.00 lower; few loads of medium to 'good steers 27.00-29.50; good heifers and mixed yearlings 28,00-30.00- few good cows 21,50-23.00; odd head to 24,00; common and medium cows 10,00-21.00; carmers and cutters 15.00-18.50. AVAILABLE • ORDER HOW! RIGID FRAME TRUSS-CLEAR STEEL • ALUMINUM BUILDINGS Quickly erected - in days instead of weeks — to meet urgent demands for on-tlie- fium grain storage. Afier grain is marketed,your Builer Build; ing gives you year-round use as implement or livestock shelter, for hay storage, many oilier farm purposes. See ns today for full information on these sturdy longlife buildings. * PRODUCT or CAPACITIES for Butler Baildtngs 40 1 Widex 100' Long 28,459 BUSHELS By shoring up 5 feet along sides and ends. 13,000 BUSHELS On ihe floor (without shoring) MANUFACTUIINO COMPANY C. A. TANT CONST. CO. Authorized Uenlei For Butler Steel Buildings General Contracting ^P.O.Box 83 Phone 6896 Blytheville,, Ark./ Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer Custom Application Chas. Brogdon Phones 6847 — 6284 Vi Mile South on Highway 61 GROVER'S BODY SHOP Clear Lake Ave. & Clark St. Expert Body and Fender Repair Highest Quality Auto Painting All Types Radiator Work By Highly Skilled Mechanics Every Job Guaranteed Owned & Operated by Grover Canada Phone 6f)Sl RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-'I'rained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver ' Fred CoHihan 110 So First St.. Biythrvillf SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2fi51 Call 6911 tor Blytheville TIN SHOP 111 North First We offer complete Sheet Metal service gin. oil mill & feed mil! work, house gutters! duct work. Call Taylor Lay ton, shop manager For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 A BETTER LAUNDRY t ** / *t NU-WA In England — It's the Chemist Shop In France — It's the Apothecary Shop In Blytheville — H's BARNEY'S DRUG For Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE

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