The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1933
Page 3
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1933 (ARK.) COURIER NRWS NEXT WEEK at Blytheoilles Theatres ei In "Bombshell," the plcturlza- (!cn of Hollywood fllm life, at (he Ellz next Thursday and Friday. "Bombshell" presents one of the most unusual and hilariously hu- THE RITZ "S:a 2 e Mother," featuring Altec n " d of that, marks her as one most ftb e young actresses SC1 ' CCI1 - In sequences Rltz Saturday will offer "What Price Innocence?" The author ;cores I he thoughtless materniU Invent, Ignorant In her wisdom, who falls through a mistaken morons pictures that have conic! sense of duty (o loll her daugh- "S? 1 a^^ay! ~r ^ -"« PtelaD, -d short skirts. 112 and 13th. She Is backed bv an ? ren \ l " e a ^ {lm " tus!o " of dlllcl - llmnrc-.sslve cast Including Maureen " oou ' out of Hollywcod. Jean Harlow as Lola Burns Is n sensational and glamorous Him Mar who has been made famous by ihe genius of her yrcss ngent, Tracy. It Is tliLs publicity thai plunges Miss Harlow hilo all of Ihe woes liiai beset her throughout the action of ihe screen story—her headline love iilfalrs, her revolts with the studio executives, her woirles -.vitli ner iroiibk'-inaklni; (or what she should know-o! sex. 'I he child finds out herself, when iho family phvslclan falls in his frantic efforts to bring the moth- tr lo the iwint of enlightening the clilld. When th« acclrtl-m h'apiwns,' hud done. the parent gives the slrl not sym- Ijathy, encouragement, but abuse, and a definite feeling of complete culpability for the disgrace which, in the mother's eyes, Iws been brought upon ihp household, Driven utterly to desperation, the girl, following n visit from her parents at (he sanitarium, commits suicide U;i drowning. 'Ihc-n lo the mother comes a K'all/atlon of what she Map Shows How Prohibition Died THE A unique- variation of the denial ed from Jane Mmfln's tulnpUon triangle, picturing the selfish wo-' of Sidney Howard's play. man who Intervenes- between her ion and his wife with Iht'tiu' of "T! and the nddUiorin inovlc-crnzcd • dramatic Tracy, as ojiace lian!on, her Cord, publicity director, is dynamic and day and Monday, speedy. It Is nothing less than a -stroke of casting ^c-nius which "Tilllrs iind Ous" also presents the tlicatre. Skillfully |l.l-»ded into the drama are many Ill' hi touches of sparkling comedy. wllh a tcl '" e !n!t 'f of tlich own— In the role, of ambitions moth- ! " uw lll!lt lIl <.'V are .siare in their Icr. Mice Bvridv scores another twl: "B'' 1 - ">• !"> no other than (personal Iriunipli tlmt is even r:al) >' l-i'Roy. li:al mfa:it who gave mo sparkling IKT- Kkiinvorth and Mr. Fields •'•oiialitie sloji-li'cr in one picture) £i " vc ' sceu '1'nKctay, Wednesday anil' sliming Imw Unime Sun- .Thursday al the Rosy theatre. i . 1 This »1ciuro is the first of .three Tlie itoinlnccrlng Mrs. Phelps is which flip comedian wll linnkc this the mother who Is substantially year. Moviegoers will remember Here Is ihc ]liicii|< of tne states us Hie 18lh amendment was doomed with ,,, t NOV. 7 election, Thlrty-nlno Mnu, Have held election, RerrtaruU'awe underway'for the musical corned; "Bee You later" which will be staged tt to* Stuw- nee Consolidated *chool Tu*td»y, Nov. 14th, under'the auspices of the Slmwnee P. T. A, . Miss Katherlne Kirkpatrlek of Greensboro, N. C., la directing the show. The show w,ill feature song, and dances and members of the? cast •vlll also include Mrs. Joe Miller, Sam Baddour, Dorothy. Adams, John Burnett, Robert ; Andrews, John T. Latta, Miss Mary Leonard, Don Fletcher, Harold Splcer and Frank McClendon. National Education Week was • observed In the regular meeting of o Junior High P. T. A..Wedne.s- the "oilier woman" bcciusc her. Uuehaunn [ U r hLi Inimitable wurk' on the Issue, iind 31 have none for Imorc nolnhlc than her porlr.ival/ -'.'-' 11n "When Ladies Meet." Her' (dramatic pi ptifonnances The workings 01 v;hosi' aclhltles form wlial i ne l>cuic v (1( . votlon , 0 |jcr two sons wrcc |[ Si |n "Mcmte Carlo" nml also In nmmary to end the ivlgn of prohibition, stntf-s shown light luivii Hdm,,,;,!,* r., U ™K nel Wh!r navTVS '«™ of'sh^t"'^ i ™' Cl1 "» re »»" ">™ ""* >"» 1 " sl ""*"'" "»" "- "' '»«»»<'' more limn Ihc 'M ion post here, mode a talk, on have:! "The American Legion's Work brouyht his wife ChrLslina (o Ills memorv. Hut H Is the sliitje lovers | tone have not voted. !s known In the underworld as i molher's household, both imme- wl) o will llock lo sec him', prlncl- I — . '•snatch racket." supply the jdlalely had to contend with Mrs. I " . for 'heir remembrance of ' "Torch ower reaches ils great-' :i: -^ Cluudmu Colheri's "Toi in a scene where she is Ei"8-r." lie K-i'.oats again w . "A Jjcdtiinc Siory." tackyrcmid for the action of _"The : plielps' selfish regard for David.' hhn. In the two "Chariot Revues, ithjand Mud GiiniL-," wiih Sncncrr Trcrv' Christum not bearing Mrs. "BBUBi.1. Hmler" and Ibe recent " " vounB Me * s t . Claire Trevor heading ihc overwrought sentiment promptly "Wake Up mid Dream." forced to leave her child with an | cr-.olher clever \K\ rjrmance. • -leaves David, willing to face the - "V.we family of relatives. This; The picture is fr;m an original Gangdom, practically forced out I future alone with a forth-coming I.T,y\n>re fa l.«:t.os is ItTj' .scene: cinickly followed by com- ! st ' by Kuneil K'ljhcs a:id ' •s calcine an uproar of c'liicttd by L-'r.intis Martin under aiiKtiter. the suiicrvlsion of Douglas Mac- Maureen O'Sullivan is Riven the'l-tan. former comedy star. The I best opportunity of her screen' icnianlic leads are ably handled (career as the daughter who is by Jacqueline Wells and Clifford • buffeted about by her mother's Jones. I ambition. Sho is delicately charm- ling when she makes her debut as l:i young dancer and shows a grace of ihc illicit liquor trade and Dn hy, thus bringing on a crisis. y enjoyable unlll that he declaration of war ! cuts short his romance with » Ncu- Cinema Queen ; Viennese Dower girl. War flullts "Masir Nljjhl" \vlll Introduce to j them as far apiirl as Ihe two . Americans England's new reigning c-ther rackels, is lx.'lieve<l by ma.,j j ] mio p uni;c ] s forcefully dram- j cinema (|iiecn—Anna Neaijle. 'nils amhoritifs to have defi- n i lc fn hcT sp ! e ndid characterlza-1 >' oun 8 voman has hit genuine "" - " lion of Christina. Able suppmt, is'"eights In Euroire, and her charm iiitely turned a part of Its organ- i/ed attention to the kidnaping of - wealthy persons. A way of deal- I ing with these criminals is jwint- . j id out by Tracy in the screen For the flr;i time Jean Harlow j story. Irving Ciunmlngs direclcd. and Tracy are starred logclh-1 A special midnight show at the lent by Joel McCrca as David; ! ls ' conliilcntly i-xnccled to make Kilo Linden as the oilier son; iher capllvallon of movie uudien- Frances Dec as his fiancee; and. ceisi i world-wide when "Magic Laura Hope Cres, who created the "" mother .role In Ihe original stage Night" Is released throughout Am- productton. John Cromwell dirccl- pules, bnl when war's devoslalion I Missourians on Liquor Charges CAHUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Hllb- en Ulley. Dill Lynn, and "Spcc"i Slates." Miss Hood's, boys gave, a •"dlcy nnd Miss. Adcock's „ pupils presented a playlet of characters, In Uookland. ' '' The treasurer's report showed nboul »100 In the bank. I H was voted to send the presl- I dent' or an '' appointee to Hot . Springs to the state convention. s nl nn end llie new spirit brings | " about a reunion and happiness. A line Western full of action and featuring the popular Rex Bell In "Lucky LiirrlgHn" will be Friday and Saturday's attraction nl the Roxy. It Is the story of a fined $25 each by A l >rize u{ *l W 'U be awarded to hard-riding easterner who outwits The story has lo do with a! Ihe rusUcrs from the west. Ilorton usllce C. E. Hragsj here on charges of possession of liquor. No unnouiiccincnt' as to disposition of charges of possession of gambling devices ngnhist the trio was made. the room having the most pupils In the parade Saturday: .Mr. ance prize of for . the third Read Courier News Want Ads. Mrs. Howard Proctor, first, vice president, presided In the absence of the president, Mrs,-Z.'B. ^Harrison, - :. • ' , • ; • By Laura Lou BROOKMAN MEA SEftVICE, iNC.n:f IIIICI.V IIRItR TODAY [)AVlt> It VNMS'lTIt, • a 1 h D r, r,nir*,« rr«,iii IhilljiKiud ID bU r,,ri,irr h, >»;,•. -|>, muni, fur n rrnt. Hi- I- i,, 1,,,^., AI)l:i.E M.l.l:^. IHin uclrr... ,, hu tilled ILn r \ \MI.\. >llb Jl.11 nl.l rrirnd. mm rcll- .. Inr. i,r tl,r I'rr ..... nt l',i»t. Thry l:ilk ntiiiut rbr il-.iff «^hrn linlk Ii-l. Ibv ,.':il,"l« liti'lr-il'liy n Irartlc lli'.lil. A ulrl rump* nut of (he inli^irrri^^rd. Up filler* tl rlllll ahc n^rt-fN lo im In hrr ilr^HnatlOD. .,11-, >irr b:injliniz nrtd i-f» licit 1C runtain* a MIU III) ll\ WITH THE STOHl (.'11A ['IT. It II !\ a liniment more (bey bad ' ii.nseii the street light. Bannla- i -i si:iliMi ill llie slrl but lo the •]:irkm>*s her 'piiinrc.i were only >-ii-i|.-ly miiliiinl lie salil. "Thl.i is v"iir?. isn't II?" anil held out j HIT "Tli.iuk you." was low* liUHieil IHIL riear-volced. She Sll[:|ieil tlie iJHM iKICk IlltO lier 0111(1- li:!-J 'If tint lliing happens to be l'»;i'!i>il." lliinnisler saiil with some ('•rllns. "I Iio|i2 you'll bo careful ivnii U!" "nil. lf.« mil loaded!" lint was it? She might have CHI.JI tlii> same answer even tbousli Hio cyllniler was tilled with bill- IITS ' Klie inlslil—and probalily v. in il have Fnlil llie same thing n «h« iliilnt wrmt a complete .III^IT uiiinliMln^ \vliy stie was :-.|i:;4 ainiiii earning a Loaded re- vniver in lu-r liiindlja^. liiiMnisicr loi>kwl at the girl n-.':m rlo>ply Suihlonly bo waul- ed veiy tnu-li to know who she was. He wanti'il tn know why she hail cuii'e unt altme un tills stormy I'veniiiK. »h> Flie going to the llni*-! Trpiiiiitti. Me felt almost aa ihuicii In- were iniiiiB swept Into r.ui U:iii uas nnnsense. "Her n.line s | IhiUi'j Smith." be i-.:.I liimsi'ir "She F late Cor a il'ii- uilh lier buy !i lent! who's n '•iMi fm Mie i'.:i^ r-iiiuinny and i • r- i .." uai!:i eila." & '- -I', :-i i ht-li^vi- any of llm?c J< - ii:n In.- w.inipil 10 cisrli [he I i I i :-:: ::.i'll. :il:is. that - •• IT- i N, 11> sinii i ilveil. snro In Hi- I! -il iiMain. Mils time c.itchl'i: i In- Bill's quick, giile-wise K.siiii-u. nml i;neiv slio liail been i.-iii-lriv; I'liu ll.iijiiisier salil. V..MI ^in iilnMiipt yl ca.snal iileas- ri,:i> "iVi-ll. we mlKlil lalk nlmut ii.ii <iv:iiin<r. I ;;nl (jnlle a hit of il Ilii- v. i';lli-i, I iiinin-duwn my M-I\. -i;iinlii^ tlieru In Ihe street." 'I in sum." llie K'rl lolil hlni. II -i vuhe irpiulilril. There wns no ll nil,I III II lli-.v. "I lliihl t kllQlv It H.IM juiii i.iii. | iliiliri know there >-..!• :illi,il-.|i -" i>t i-nniM- yon ilidn'i." llnnnls- >•••• iiiu-niiiiipit "llul tlicre's cer- laliily in, if;i^ii[i wily lwi> |iei)[l]C s-i-uilihi i it,i e i r a ra ij rii:nle lo ii-iiil iivu .\ s ; i uuiiiei- of facl, I I Inn u;i!i a nitstahe; ho could Ml ll iii>i:iniiy. |'|,e s trl did uol draw away. Tb«ri- «aa nn lucroaa- Ins "I Hie iliKi.-iuie trtlv.-ten lliem. lint slie sri'intii all at ume to li& c-.:i:c- nini.iia. Ui- mitirnl I hen Ilial slio nan siltlu K nm,||y. cllltcllilis Ih.- liamli.afi u-ith liuih hamia. Violl rlilliln H 5 |, c ,|i,| h | | |fc( ] tn lie afraid nt linur |( S | 1Q dlilnT naiil tu liilk lie ceitalnly wasn't toi tie in try lu m.iko lier. A liiicx|iiainaniy ur.nnlster was an- 1 » ijcil I'licy rode In silence tor suv -ml hliirks after They re;irhfrl lha business district = :n! HIP slrccls had grown svlder. tirfgl.ttr. :''«eenlly tbu cab rouniJ- Ui:i:iM I1EKB TOIUT < M II IMNMSTKR r«lar» ItnllirinnMl , o hi. f <tmr , • Irrmimi. r,ir M ml. He U = l.i r«r«ri Mir.l.K AI.I.KN. n.irr... ,»!,„ i,.. |||,, d kj •, ,11.,. ,(,,!, J1M pA .. nn nit rrlr.d. m*n r^H,, III' Irruiu.i !>„.(, Ijufl M . ,,tn,. Hj.1,, !,„„, , « ll. rldv wlfh . Tfce Ktrl • thru If Bannifler soW, "Thh is 1'ouri. iai'l it?" and held oul llic revolver. cd a corner and Ihe marquee above tbo hotel entrance, lined by electric bulbs. Came into view. A moment moro and the cab had baited there. Bannister was on the' sidewalk instantly. He put out a hand for the girl but fiha Ignored It. In the strong glow of tho electricity she stepped forward—a slender, green- clad figure. "Thank you," she salil. turning to the man. "Tliauh yon so much!" Just for an Instant his eyes met hers—gray eyes, wide-set beneath dark lashes. But Da?ld Bannlsler noticed neither the color of those eyes or tbeir shape. Ha knew aa ho looked Inlo that face—so straoKCly white, so strangely tense —thai ha was looking Into tragedy. Tliun tho girl In the green suli was gone. "'HERE was the fragrance of - freshly baked muffins and crisp, jrowocd sausages over the breakfast table, to which was added one moro pungent aroma as Kate Hewitt poured coffee Into cups of egg- said. "I didn't care much for Ihe rest of it, though. Tho leading man was a new one f've never seen before. HacI a klml of funny way he parted his hair. 1 don'l think I like him much—" Sho chattered on. David discovered that he was not listening and then, presently heard her words again. "The reason I didn't get home sooner," 'Aunt Kale was saying, "was because 1 stayed to see the vaudeville acts, i missed them the first timo and I wanted to see Tracy King. He's the young fellow who leads the band, you kuow. Master of ceremonies, they call be worth close lo a nillllna. i-ii't be?" "More like two million. I sitr-:.' Kate Hewitt shrugged. "A: ! he. used to be. Maybe be'i lust somo of it lately. I -tliuuld * ; .:nl( it woulil just about hrenk l!ie n;«" u heart to have Deuisu maii-y anybody Itko that!" "Oh. maybe lie's nol so Iind!" "And niuybc lie's not «n mim! either. I'm not saj lu^ anviiiin:; against anyone, but n yninr_- m;iu Ilko that Is no muitli f.u iiam-g Lang, the richest and [neiilc.-i -^itl In Trerr.ont! I gm-ss ijieiu inv- heen plenty of others i-iiuy i i tills young fellow ilmn-ti. i.iiy nlul.H . rfretvfr. iiilr.ulr. lair, .kr I •„,,•. ^l'»l in.iruliiK nl tiTrnkftlMI llaM' i''-lrp rr;,,I» ,,,„, TIIAI-V K1XC1, .•rr!,,,rru Inulrr | n „ „,„!, , fc ,. lin-r. tn. !,,,„ !„•„„< rt ,^g lf ^ i |i-rtiii,n| in Ik, Xhrllir ATK>. \n\v 1:11 r>\ WITH mil ITOHI CllAl'TEH.111 . Kale lluwteit read the words aluiiil. 5liuuk and amazement In In- r voice. "TI1ACV KINt;, BAND l.'KADKIt. Sl.AIN IN HOTEL." "H'a tcrrililc," 8(ia eiclalmed. "Silmtilir tcrrihle. On. David — I" He. WHS uiii iirakliig at tit* ntige. tilin-V lifinimr tle,idlln« but .-'»t two liaes (if 'smaller lype. "Uriknoirn lilii'iiil 'Is SiiUi;(lt Ujr ' Polfc'e"," Ul« llm-s read. ' ••'. -'. '..'- • '•• . Itoiuilsler stared at tba ilx w.nils, ..Mrs. lleyOett ..went on, T^iiiliii^-Hlnnil: . . ...'..- ' x '-;.'- •• ':Tiin-y King, orchestra leader sml riirtsicr ' of cercihidiilea ' at tie ^t'jlB Ilienler. iva'n [o'Und'den'd froni H h:illet wnniiil in hla bea'd- in 'bis ii'iiiiHinenl iil.tho.Siiplhy- Anns, b'o- icl 'slioi liy' nder U o'clock . but ' ..... ' ' Over her sperlaqles ihe.eyed-ber n-|ilien '[That's .wJiy be". wasn't »i ihe ilic.itL-r:".alio-sald eiclted ".My stars! Think of 'that! /rti» viniiiK man was lying dead all ilif Mine Oil; hut Isn't this terrl- ',-le! "- • • -. • - "itesj the rest of It," Bannister blm. Well, sir—he didn't show up : Evans was lalklng al t at a '"" other day. They Invited him in 'What Was the matter?" | tha parlies out at llie Omniry 'I'm aure I don't knowl" An-! Club ami all llicit. I've seen him other young fellow came out.on the stage and Just said that Mr. King wouldn't bo thera So they went ahead without him." "Aunt K«t«, are you trying to tell ma that you've fallen [or one o( those sleek-hatred masters of ceremony t At your age? I'm surprised at you!" once or twice hut 1 never ii-iu! much attention lo lilin. Tli:ii> wby 1 wanted to get n gnoM innv at him last night. It Just nnA»- mo sorry for Arthur l.a A girl Ilko IhiU, raised with evory advantage! But 1 suppose she's used to having her own w;iy — " Tho sausages anil rnufHii!i liait been consumed. D.ivld. Dnl-tiniF bin movt IB afier yoo l«ff 8h» tnrBed back to ttt. Qiwiiaijjjf. "Look," ibfaald, "btre'i ••pii-iurt ot Dtots* Ijini. And Vti»V ai Ct-h*r wl[b ' '' ' Bunliter crpaM InipKttO ttj« ' oliQioi'rn'iiirt ''' ff, • tab*- ot thii'p<ett>'. falrtnlrwj |ir| nbo imllt<).up ; ai hlip nai DM' »t bad oerer'aeen beior*. 'l'li*',)'(iVui« taken with King waa a ittvst pm> totraph, atowinj . lh» ciiupl«;"ti tlii; sat watchlni a'icuDlf innltb. Then waa another ptinii,.;'rnpu; ol Klnfc probablj main tar Vue»tr|iiil nil. It ahowed blm ai,a;ali>iiii«r,i dork-halrrt abd rather'.Biioi)rioro« youth. : •' • ' .-'.'..'. '.';.'; '...-' -"H» waa ...real, lood^looklpt. .waant t«r; Katt H«wi«tt,-wo^i-pd. ed. "1 suppose', thafa'wny U«'nUi l+Dl wanted to aaJry tilm^':' •' .Baaalalar plclttd, ap,Lhj- : ;o v » paper.''' 1 - Bannhtcr iniftcted the pkotoirapfn. - ' sliell porcelain. "1 didn't hcnr you como In laal } rrls Mn f 8 gaie held slurp re-1 h ! 3 5cc ? mi Cll[1 "' ''"'' >;u ' night. David," sl ,o *,[,.. nrhnly. [ H buke . -, gllaven . t . tall j (or "-"' "'" ™» - "'That's because 1 was here be- him.; aj you put It." sho said, "but foro >ou were." "Oh?" His aunt's tono showed suriirlse. "Well, 1 Riiess It waa lalo when I got here." stio admlt- leO. Aunt K'ato Imkcd the soul of placid domesticity. "How waa the picture?" he asked. "Well. I've seen ncllcr." Aum Kale bald critically. "The acting was all right but I dldu t (Mink go much of llic pint. It was iibmii n Eirl who fell In ivllh a gang ot crooks nml then rihol n man because she didn't know she loved him—unlil aflorsvard. Then the found it out and went to prlaoti and reformed. Kind of silly I thought!" Aunt Kate went on, naming the star ot tbo picture. "Slie w»i aw. fully, good In the ««d t&ti*," !*« somebody else has. That's the reason 1 wanted lo get a good look at him. You remember Denlse 1'ang, don't you? She musl have teen In sliort dresses when you wtre hcra Uw. A little tiling with H«bt curly hair and blue eyea-" • "You mean the Lang thai makes the hair tonic and patent medicine ' and had the big house out on Slier idan Hoadt Didn't know tie had a "laughter." "Well, h« has. She's grown Into a beautiful young woman, too. Oenlse must be about IS—no, 1 suesa sho's 19. She's an only child. Her mother died when she ws.s a "llle toi. Well, last week h«r en- eagement was announced to this Tracy Kln S !" "The orcheitra leader!" Dannll- 'er wblalled loftly. "Lvig muit , , a ''°" 1 llie r00 "' " Want tllc iKm'l yini? 1 his aunt volnnteercil. I bring ll in. Clo anil gel II, n.iviil Ho arose, disappeared lum Hie hnll ami then was hark with Unfolded noivsiiapcr under his nun. Still elendlng. lie spread mn 1)16 pages. Ills aunt beard his shnrl. j1ui|> ejaculation and turned. "What Is It?" slio dem k-.l. ''What's tho mailer.'" David Bannlsler thrust llie newspaper before her. "<Tue.-s y.iur nr- chestra leader was mnnl-ieil IHM nlKht," bo lold her. "Look nl Ibis!" The glaring headlines read. "TRACY KINO, BAND i.KAIiKll. SLAIN IN HOTE1." llul II «iH not at that headline liaimi.stiM u.<.-i stating. Ills oye* were Iheil <m two Hnes_ln smaller type helow. Irs. Hewlett read on. "Police * Delli-ve '<lng was the victim raiiKlerer nra scinching for an MIIW-II hluiid wunian. snid to u vlslicd ihe ori-iicslra leader •ir; i IIP evening." "inn sin? iimkiil up. "A worn" .sin; i-srlnlnicil. "Whal did 1 VMII uiunii that folluw not be- -•HJI| uiiiniKh for Uenlse LanijT 1-'.' M U tlllHJll. [|JI>—" ii- nuiilH t:iilted ofT and she ..Iliri-il luaillnx: "C.lptnlu Oil .Mi-.SVal nf the homlrlile squntl :i rl»Mlicit descrloiion of Ihe i' ; i'ia appearance 13 In the 'In nr Hie [iniire ami that aha "•iMtaln in lit- apprehended vvllblu •l'i": I ullet which canaed King's •"•i tincreil the leli side of the '•"I. Tlicri were nu powder in*. F-limf—.||||.- the prisalbllHy Hiilrnle Ai.iinlliif lo Coroner •-n-li'^ j We.^lvTuutl. King hid than <n hunr h* s ilisriivered. The iy At hriiKan. alijo ^1 I l;e iiirlicstia. anil J ~hl rk-rk nf the lintel. ilnlneil lhal he went to is lu tiiii] out why the l"ul mil aiipenred al fur the lu IS vamtevllle : llmilile in enter llie whlrli is un the Ihlrd '»• niimmnMcil Link and lo- il't-y wilereil tlie.uiree-room "Klii^ M inulv waj fmind lying in Hie Hour ul Hie iKilnmin. He > •- fully ih-fsae.i riiere were no MSII." Mini a slruKKle had takea I'-'i-i- Inil H dtnk m tlip living room '"'I l-Vlili-||||_v tn'OIl rlllcil. TWO Ol i ii- ilu^k ilrnwura |IH<| been pulled «:il nml their couleuli was In a 4:MinUiiri! slute. • • • •>( ji-i:UI'A,\T!S of nearby suites, "liLM quejlluned, aald ther >iU not n«ar4 Ibe ihol. Mrs. l,u- bo occuplM th« suite directly across th« htll from King's, said .that ber radio b«4 been turned on most of th* «v«- nlng and that part or the profTam was a drama of underworld war- fart Mrs. rras«r said ab« mUbt have heard the report ot tha tun that killed th« orchestra leail«r and tLouKbt It was a part of tha radio drnma. "C. A. Nelson, llrlnr dlractljr above King's apartment, reported lhat he'reached borne about 10:30 and hid h«ard no sounds at any sort from the. rooms below. , "Two employes of Ihe hotel are said to hive given pollc« dtscrlp- tlons ot King's myaterloua t«ml- nlne visitor but that detcriplloa Ilia* been withheld from publfca- tlon'. The employes said the; aa* the woman enter tho building but did not ice her leave. "A. B. Kautfmr.n, manaier ot th* Slite theater, could ascrlb* no poo- slble motive tor the crime, KIng'a absence last night, he said, wu the lirst time, the orchestra leader had missed a performance. During ihe Id months In which King wat im- ployed at the theater be had become widely known in musical circles ot tha city. His engagement to Mils Dsnlie Lang, daughter of Arthur J. Lang, 48S2 Sheridan lioad, was announced last week. The marrlait was to litre betn an Important social srent ot. th» Christmas season. "Mlu Lang, when Informed of her dance's death, became prostrated—" * "I should tblnk the would I" Kale Hewlett Interrupted herselt nmtler-of-tactly. "Thai's a silly Ihlnc to print, I should tblnk an? girl would become prostrated to bear that the young ntau ih« waa engaged to had been shot and killed. And to think It waa by another woman! What did I tell you, David Bannister?" U waa aa •idamatUa, tot t quMtlon. .Bannitter- did-.apt- an- awer. H» bid turned awpy mm] was,looking out through thi crltp. white rufffed curtains at tbe m'apl» trsea, almost shorn ot their follu». •t th* smoothly cut lawn. - - • • • TT w» t • morning ec-reni «nJ - 1 - cloudless but. Instead of the blue iky and golden innahlno, Divvld Binnlster uw dark, drlullnc fog. !!• saw a pair ot wtdaiet gray eye> In • white, girlish face—half-hidden In th» depths ot a taxlcab: llpi that moved tremulously; a imall revolver In the woman's baiidbiE. Good God, no—It couldnt b«! Tbat girl waa no murderesa. Sh« looked mor» as th'ough someone had tried to murder her. Frightened within an loch of her llf», he had decided, twins ber elMrlj for tbat momeot Just befor* .ah* disappeared Into the hoteL There wai a point, tool Would any woman who hqd Just killed a man' walk calmly Into th« largttl hotel In town? She might at well have called at police headquarter! and «a1d "Arrest me!" But-there was the headllar "Unknown Elond Ii SoQg'ht Br Police." . He • could not sbtk« the words from his mini]. Sh«- was blond. Sh< bad corns out of lh» Shelby Arms lome time attsr nlnt o'clock. Sh» had carried a rsvol- ver IB her'liandbig. -Oh-torry. Aunt Kate!" Bannls- ler'i voice was apologetic, "I'm afiaid I wasn't listening, vTbit did you say?" "No, t should think you wertn't llstcnlngl asked If 'that was Harvey Knowleton who Iiut wsnt past, Was It?" Bannister grinned. "Aunt' Kit*, 1 haven't th» faintest' Idea who Harvey Knowleton ll or wnal'h* looks llks." •Oh, thtfi right.' Tkt-jronum "I (?•• thsr old - h«r. v •.--.•;.•.-: •;•-.-,. :-.' '.- .'•';'-.«> : f;' '^>:^.^ . DT II o'.clock .that morning Ds,tt< "' Bannliter; Was still < wt«iliii» wltb Ills probltm. ; Thf^walt'^owi own had In no wls« sued 'tat mind. H« could, of couru. stroll over to Ontrs! headquarters iba say to Captain McNttl. "I think I can Identify your unknown bloncl murderess. I think I say tbi weapon she used and Helped tier, escape. I think 1 know the Hint of th« murder—" ;, E!« could ttil WcNtal th< itor; and hs was certain ibai, ai in «»- Kresalve, thoroughgoing pulkt ot' tidal, th* captain .would. pmiyi-* upon It as first-band reatlcminj ' Bannister could say, ."1 lefi: h»r at the Tremont loms lira* 10 o'clock—" ' Only a* couldn't. He r bered that look In the girl» •*•(• and knew b* couldo't so that.' lit didn't «v«n know h,«r naiiv'tut r'x couldn't tMltev* (kit stw hait killca' a. man. . ' ' ' Ysars of newspaper esp«rlenci reminded blm, "!lu fiardtit onet always look the sottesr" - : :n then h* couldn't do IT. 'fix devil of ll was that tlie' proliiein was gtltlnt on bla nettcb' tU wanted to forget th« whnlc'ilniii but he couldn't do ihat cither. •Damn!" Bsnnlstfr vwore •'»• hcmently and declilfd to tuy 's New York newspavei. He<; onJ somethlnt to read that wsr-i I pl»'» tered .all ottr with details ol l'r» mom's latMt crime Ther* wss only «&s plice In me city to bay • Mew York newnp:ip«r —tht o«#s «oat«r In tht I'rviiionl Baaaliter irtnt thtrs. threw down t coin sad picked up tht de«» paper.. H* he*ltst*d. th«n started lo- ward tht writing roum. lie nail to crou a ihort pa«iK«»«> thai was r»Lhtr dlmlj llghtrd Uautiit- ter took • dozen steps Forward in« thsD stopped. Jmt ahead, directly fsclni slta: was th* tirl ol.thi Uii rids- IM glrl'fn-ti* IVMO nil! (Ts

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