The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1937
Page 6
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,'i f AGR SIX TUKSDAV, NOVEMBER 30, 1937 Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Brewer Erecting Cape Cod Style Cottage The Cape Cod design for cottages Is fast becoming popular In tills section just as It Is In other parts of the-coumy. Work Uns nl- ifady started on a new farm cottage of this type which Dr. and Mrs. W. p. Brewer are 'erecting easi of town and Mis, Pearl Cowan's new Caiw Cod cottage, north- cast of Lu.vora, is almost com- liieted. The Brewers dismantled the rambling seven room house of tlie live acre tract they pui-cJinsert from Mrs. Corey Woodburn Phee- iiey. and are using most of thai material in their new house. The house, which Is a mile from town, on the BarBeld road, sets tack from the highway about ISO feet. The new house will have n •living' room, two bedrooms and kitchen and a small screened rear porch. Buiit in furniture in the kitchen will be one of the most attractive features of ttie house, whic 1 } Is to lia\e electric lights, water and bath room. II is planned to have the house ready b.v Christinas. The five room house being erected by Mrs. Cowan, ut Double Bridges, will also have n ualli room, lights and water. Her house, which is also ^ 0 .be painted white., has -a multi-colored composition roof. $3,000 Or Less .Average Income Of Mortgagor Figures compiled by tlie Federal Housing Administration at the end 'v5i<v!93G show that 69 per cent ol the^^ertons who obtained insurer mortgages rec«i\e incomes of $3,COO a'jear or less and that more than 601 per cent of the. mortgagors are making pavments of SM a month/or less These payments Include/principal, interest, taxes, insurance, and mort«R'ge;insurancc premiums and ^r\ ice" charges. These! and othei figures' available show that mortgagors holding insuied mortgages are' spending amounts, for shelter which they Should be able to carry /or Hie required period of jears^ EiPPEAtENT, OAST -SHOWERED THEAI tteS AN ACTOR. ONE OF HOLLYWOOD'S BUSIEST. Better Homes Now Being Constructed CpURtBR NEWS Tennis Champion n fffW>wA\ SHOJV,TRIED TO KEEP WHIRLWIND COURTSHIP SECRET, €RM£ST TRUCX. Survey Shows Many Want' lo Own Their Own Homes ES.sS "'• Bu'X Ifl Vfi- n Mala rat. 12 Small ir.::c'. 13 I.arvji. IS Thin 1C Hidiculc:'.' IS Li!;e. isok!. SHE IOTENPS TO C(?4SH S «£ ACSfJEES MKES TO pHE&A DANCER 01JT STAYS Bi)5V CA 3-Y6AR-OU) SON aWr-. Housing Question Box referred to Is cnnniel pnint cind not the vitreous enamel use;! oh retrig- eniors. iy lily etc. If the ' is tlior- removed with sandpaper Q, My house, which Is of Biian- '«h nrchltccture, has a good bit of pill work. How can this be projected ngnliuit thy winlnr ivetUlicr? A. Painting will give you the ,'icsl protection, Before painting, wwever, the surface should be rued from .scale, oily or greasy illms or rust, ami should be dry. Jll or grease is removed, by h sol- papered ami IVrove" npplTinB vent such ns gasoline or benzene; If the hard surface of the enamel ; iW, "oli .'H St b , 5 ", , Wlre scni ' ch ! <> '«>' completely removed, it will 'iiish.: pointing should be-clone on cnusc iilltyutoviii" ' dcnr ii'iuin dny; never in wet or' °' foggy weather, ami ,u least t\™ coata should be n|i|)]tcd. The first or .steel wool, it may be possible In get n fairly satisfactory result. It is also advisable to apply an enamel iiiuteiccat to tlie surface after It l-.ns been thoroughly sand- '-''J To perform. 21 Geographic::! drawing. -E Series of . epochal events 52 Organ or hearing. 53 Torpid, pleasure. - .. , .11 Kocklcss. vnerehlp on u| :)2To immerse ts "Mint, the :K stir. 36 Heart. 37 Above. :iSTowl>ont. 41 In what way. Q. • priming cont s o be What is tile rate of interest Just wlm I other monthly ;es are there on a loan Insured oxide, aluminum powder, etc! "Tlic (7rg<! ' to Own—-Fsur of Five Have It." This is the conc'usio;) lo b»j drawn from the results of the llru Natlcn-wfde pill of the Unil::l Sifts hcme mnrt:el era 1 tnkci:,| -P South which reveals that "four out ofi America, every live middle class Amerlwuis] 11 T>i!ivt!iin,» "•ruld rntiifr omi their home's tlian lent them." , Frcsuited by The Arelntcetnral Fcriun 111 Its Nu'cmber issue (lie 1 .survey luither Mates tlii-:' tiiel ,.|«,L, la cause radcrlylnj ib| s jn.l 2P Mister. ! urge lo own Is largely] 3D Sound ot •vies/re to hare the feeling of! •nerfhlp" iind ihaL the chief ol)- 1 Made to hom« ownership vi'.'l seal- toclav in owed thinks lie cannot afford f- kind of home he wants" will h in turn Is caused Vy ^widespread, miorance of th< relatively new! I lienoiiKiion—"Ih? 20-yenr np.ioi--) hratlon mortgage." j K'Kht Cities Surveyed Based en 1003 face-to-face "sampling" Inlen'li'ws selected to .TJ- xunl for variations in Income,! \'K of town and location, the surrey \\aii roncliicted In Wichita. Klin., Heading, Pa., Atlanta, Oil.. Olertlnnd. Ohio. Providence, R. '].. Seattle. Wash.. Beaumont. Texas, ind Minneapolis, sunn., by tntln- 3d investigators, who sought out what is loosely termed the market for the "imcter-$5rjOO house." Containing tlie greatest number of prospects, this "under-S5COO" vnar- '<et hns always, nccortiing tn Tlie Forum, been, a marginal our—one where a sale involves stretching downward by the vendor and stretching upwiivit by the buyer Thus one major purpose of "ihe| survey is to "show the vendor! bow to stretch further down with- wit splittuig his business pan'.?." To most people, a home is still a ensile first, and an economic, method of keeping out thp weather second, the survey results Indi cute, since tlie four out of five :-o si:onu"ents favoring ownership gave ns Ihilr two lending reasons "Mho feeling of ownership" and 1 "like'to fix to suit self," these two ,,\c : cr.untiivj for exactly 50 per .ceiit of nil' .niotlve.-j for ownership;, investment." the answer any business man Is ex- •15 Inborn. 48 To woo. 49 To jc-verc 51 Acted as model. VERTICAL pass. . in Rim an 38 tnsti-imei-t. month. 40 Aperture. 3 Part of eye. 41 Possessed 4 To make lace. <?2 Wallet. SMorindin uyc. 44 Pit C Passage. 7 Imaginary belt in the sky. 8 Amiilit. •9 Preposition. 12 She is a — player. !>5To so;il: (lax. fJG To ascend. 58 She is Ilie only -• champion in 22 years. GO She won Ihe 13.Scarlet. women's 14 Bronze. national 1C Twenty-Jour ci'ov.'n. liours. ".S Lacerated. 47Sonks flax. 48 To depart by boat. !ifl Before. 52 Unit of work, 53 Provided. 54 Musical note in scale. Efi Form of "a." 57 Electrical unit. onnty Agents Have Service Handbooks Available For Use Dip most oul of an <n- i •<•••• i i"cnt. In/ any farm building, •ni-l her n dwelling or a barn, is i -'ft r.fslbl- without careful plan- il,:-; will) consideration of prosonl .nn ru'ur: needs. f'oremosl ii\ the basij remiire- "r-ists f.( farin |jni|(il,ij constrt'c- '•ii is the idea of always build- : ng from a plan. Results of re- earch, practical studies, and the vpnience of others go into n Ian, and therefore, any plun liougfilfully developed '.vill save waste of .spac;, will secure bet- 'er arraiiRemcnt and more suil- ibl'j tlesUu. ivill be can*ls:.cnt i:i •me of materiais, and will result n more durable construction. Hem? and I arm buil--!ing>> are Miade to last fr,i a gentrr.i-.lo!i or ':i)ger. Bad proportlcms-, wasted •••.ace. lost motion are more coin- •)ktely i liininaled. and actually mere money is saved by planning than l-y any other procedure. i To the farm people of Arkan?ns. the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture now offers ". farm building plan service. It •'s new, it is practical. It is for Arkansas, Into this plan service has gone the results of years of research in housing rifeetis nnJ building construction, as well .13 the best ' thought and conlribii- tlons from iiutividuais of long and practical experience. New and better homes are belni; erected everywhere. Those financed through the Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing Administration must be well constructed, suitably designed, and located In a neighborhood which will remain residential In character for n loiif,' period or years. When Dr. Delporte, of the Belgian Notional OUsei'i'atory, discovered a tiny planet In February last year, he moved the range o'f known plfincU'mucli closer to the, earth. "Clood which pccted third "fr^iturc Uncertain Seventy-one, per cent of on the market for to give, ranked a poor those' Application Before Appraisal Tlie Federal Tonsing Administration cannot and does not appraise residential properties until. it has received an application from an •ipproved lending institution agreeing to make the loan in the event me project is determined eligible. i 'The plate of the earliest etchin" to actually tear a date lr, dated "1513" and is one by Urs Unit Swiss draughtsman, goldsmith and sohlier.. 'Cheep' The chicken says "cheep" and gels il in the neck. You s a y "c h e a ]>" «'htn l>uvinj>- coal a n <l you KH( H in the neck. Don't jus! buy coal— Uuy . Modernized (;oal, Washed, \V a x o 1 i I)ns( treated—buy HEATING' SATISFACTION We Handle Nothing QUALITY COAL I'lione 100 E.G. Robinson Lumber Co. Small Residences Require DisimtH Bnilflin" PJansj A -1 IT nt ii > 1( to' the first coat hasVcompictcly 1 , A> Tlle m " xll| i«'» hileresl rate| now on the' market for a ho;i3e Availabinty Ul Home . C 5 rlc f- thc worn) coat of nny clc-ijl, 1 ",, °?" * clv ' ugecl f" "" insured j would buy if the price came down. Mortgage Money Increasec A development which increases the availability of home mortgage money Is the graving willingness ot mortgage -lending institutions to make loans outside their home ter- rltorj Man> transactions ot this nature have been noted by the Federal Housing Administration. Sales of mortgages by one Institution to another are 'made practicable, first by the Nation-wide property standards valuation, and iisk-rattng technique established , ,„ „. [ltJJ nu- | . ° " "' "" *«w«i*.ni •>«>••«. v*v «' l"V f^l IL.U LtllllC (IOWJJ. 'Utd color shouUi be applied. Morel 5 l ' er cent - Mortgagees Uic survey shows, nnd aUhough it thnu two finish coif ' " ' IT!nv ' / *™ v(in '»' n*i'H»«A —'-- ' ••—'•> - - ....... nsrlly required ^ vt .»,,c thickness of paint might result in I scaling. I be Applied' More! ' "" l " '«<"'B»8ecs ""•• mrvi •oals are not orrii-' " my cl;i "" c '. ln nddllloii, n service ' wculil se. "s nn excessive cllni '8 c of one-half of 1 iier cent per i be the nt might result j,, I 11 "" 11 " 1 Dn nvcraac nnpiiid balances i everyone wculil seem that this reason would Q. I wisli to enclose u,y porch. Will I be able (o heal it satisfactorily »ml should the flcor be In- ni'atcd? A. Satisfactory heating of a newly enclosed porch by adding radlii- lors or registers lo the house heating system depends upon the type of porch and most of all on ihe - 'aye mipi each year. A mortgngc-lusurnnce premium of one-half of 1 per cent per annum on the principal amount of the mortgage must be—paid to the Federal Housing Administration. In addition to these items only real one buying who to prevent to, . _ wanted Iher? are nevertheless others "more economical, to rent," "rtiST like financial responsicility," ^ind "luture imcertain" ure the main ones, tlie last being the biggest. Hut the point of greatest t - .- ..... -•«, ,,n*n m im on ,„,, by the Federal Housing Adminis- 1 amount of glass used. Olnss areas tratton, and second by the insur- nr e ordtnarllv quite laruc In thk ""'"'" ...... •--- ' ' —,. .... t,f,t,,t,LMi ui IL«.-.I<; iitins, ""i. uic IKJUIL ol greatest .si w - thc inortsagor Is required lo de-! nlflcance to be gained from "this 71 pcsit monthly a pro-rata share, ol per cent. The Forum emphases tlic annual charges for taxes and '" "" " fire or other hazard insiirancR pie- inluins on property. nnce feature, which securitj' of loaas Increases the Tlie FHA Is Permanent National Housbig Act permanent legtslation. and the Fed- Administration 1«: i eral Houslni iwrmanent Ti'easury guarantees of Housing, Administration Insurance fund deb-1 entures continues until July 193D. [ but insurance of home mortgages I continues with a fund that now! totals about $20,000,000. of undertaking and heating ol the new space Imposes a lai'jje additional load on tlic system. Normal iicat loss through (he floors of a porch is not a consldcr- Hble Item unless the space under ,, ^, ,.,,,_ ,-ijy t n_t I)) |VlL the porch Is ventilated lo the out. side. Tlie floor heat lo^s reduced by insulation or I up vents In the foundation and Minting to the basement. Q. Con enumel? paint be aplied over A. It is assumed thut the cnnmpl Property Studied By Trained Organization Under the Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing Adminktration, the average family IK able to obtain the services of n technically trnimxl orgnnlznUon. Wile;; a mortgage is submitted for Insurance, the staff of the Actmln- '-[Istrntlon's local offlcc examines the property, (he neighborhood, and Ihe transaction with the greatest care. In this way many of the dangers Inherent In previous inorl- gagt transactions arc obviated. Is the fact that this percentage merely exprf.sses an opinion: 71 1'er cent only "think" they i'an- not atforcl to buy a home. "It is extremely probnb'c that n hrtje of llu-rc |;foplc fel' they ii'Jd Into what .sninl! monthly :>-,'\- ni nts this could bo -ijilii by the 20-year amorti^d mort"ii"e. Head Cornier News Want Ads. The' principle of smali-housc con- Ttructlon evolved by the Federal , Housing Administration is baser! ! tion or planning. up_pn a new concept: that the small ' house is essentially different from ths; large house. It is not a' "lar in the use of materials, in the use of space, in the selection of equipment,. In the interior and exterior decorations, in the plice'ment ol rooms. But efficiency must riot be allowed to destroy either ' the livability of the house or its pleasing appearaiice.-'Both of the latter .ele- menis are as essential to a successful house as efficiency of'construe- house down" compressed and trimmed but a definite type of struc- i tnre, which .requires a special] technique both in design. and. con-' st ruction. Tije paramount 'consideration in planning small houses is efficiency, ! J.C.EVANS Box 604 Blytiieville, Ark.' District Manager - 'IfAMIl.'1'Oy. TRUST FUND Sponsored By Hamilton DEpositors Corp. 'LONG-TIME' ROOFING WILL SAVE YOU MONEY! Your roof must be able to. "lake it", standing tlie year around ravages of weather from summer's sun to tlic winter freezes. Tliat's wiXj- H is so important to select a good rool- Ing that will not need replacing in (our or live j-ears. MULE HIDE IS LONG-TIME ROOFING, LET US FIGURE WITH YOU THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 103 FOR TETE' THE PLUMBER PLUS SERVICE ... Kor years we have maintained :\ modern water system adequate for the needs of this'community. In recent years there has never been a timf when the water supply was curtailed, such as happened during drouth ye;u-.s in many other towns, In spite of this we have gone ahead and increased our water supply. Wo want to )»e SUKK lilytheville will never he viithon! an nhundance of good, inire water. A few days ago we put into use our newest well, doubling oui- capacity. This we cull "plus service." BLVTHEVILLE WATER CO. A ROOF that borrows beauty ^ from its "thatched" effect Some Reasons why more people buy CERTAINTEED UNIVERSAL ROOFS It is Millerized to prevent the slate from coming off. It carries manufacturers guarantee. It has a Beautiful Lawn Green Permanent Color. The cost is very reasonable and terms easy. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE IOO We D" The Rcs-t: OFFERED ON SPECIAL TERMS Small Down Payment Easy Weekly Payments We've changed from old fashioned mattresses to luxurious inner-spring mattresses. These modern mattresses demand a new kind of spring. The usual spring •allows the mattress coils to be pushed down •» • , S ^' ng C M ' S> whlch means tha < th « «on>f° r l built mlo the mattress .s lost. . . The New Simmons Ace feurinjr hns mela cross bands covering each coil. These make a flexible platform for the mattress— result— less wear and far more comfort Th«» Ace Su-cs CONTROLLED RESILIENCY-Si ti »S not too yiehhnK. 09 Double deck coils. Stabilizers. -Smooth herders. Aluminum finish. Made to last for ' '" S ' n ' 5n B " d ' yon ° an hlly !t n ° w On HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. made especially for inner-spring mattresses

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