The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1935 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1935
Page 8
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PAGE "The Kid" Calls io See Charlie Chaplin at Work on His New Screen Production * 'BY DAN THOMAS . ir\ Striioc Staff Correspond ,I!OM,y\VOOD, March 27. — A t-foot, youth of about 20 walked j to the- Informntion window In ij /IP lobbj of thp ChnrllA Chanlih nuiudio •I'd like to see- Mr; Chnplln, please," lie said hi « very matter- of-fact, manner, us If seeing Charlie Cluiiiim were nn everyday taken .abai-k liy the of the yoiilh, the iilrl „ behind the window replied, "I'm sorry, bin. Mr, Chaplin doran'l retch e aii> \lsitors while he's 'working. Wlisl did you .want to see him about?" •••... I just Uiinlrd Io see him," answered the boy. "I'm Jackie Cno- gan." At thai, tlio'Rlrl behind the window, who used to hold liilie Jackie on her Jap when he. was nmk- Iiig."Tlie Kid," 15 years ago, nearly swooned. She couldn't open the door fast enough to usher" him Into the office of; Alfred Reeves, Chaplin's general manager— who also had to be told the identity of his visitor. Beeves then took Jnekte out on tiie set where Charlie was busy filming a scene for his new picture, stiU known as "Production No. 5." .By. the way, despite the report published elsewhere that the film will be called 'The Masses." Charlie has assured me It would not "I haven't even started thinking of n title for It yet." he declared. Jicriiembers ills "1'al" There was little activity on the set/which represented th 6 Interior of a department store. Charlie was trying to work out n piece of business nnd Iho crew just sat around walling for him to figure out how it should be shot, "Charlie," culled Reeves, all set to Introduce Jackie to the man who made him n film slur, nut thnt wasn't necessary. Even though others tuound the ', studio hadn't i recognized tiie yomif; mmi.. Charlie • did. And it hnrt been id years' since he had seen Jackie. . J'Hello, Jackie," he exclaimed, i shaking hands with the youth I For several mlmiles they talked' I Charlie, attired In his customarv'l screen outfit, had to look welt up at the considerably taller Jnckic . who had hts shirt open at the I neck and was wearing a blue sport jacket. ."Say," exclaimed • Charlie, who always welcomes nn excuse to slop work, -we. must have our pictures taken. Why. we haven't been photographed together since we finished 'The Kid." 1 .With that, he motioned the still man, to follow mid went out-sttlc Into the sunlight. 'i'iibles Are Turned Jiis.t; as the cameraman was | about. to snap the -first picture Jackie picked Charlie up as if he were, n small child. "Shoot thK " he: laughed. And the cameraman 1 did. before Chaplin had time | 0 ! regain hts composure'. ! "Come on in and wntcb in ' work',"- .Charlie invited after the pictures had been taken. So Jackie toojc .his place in ,one- of: those folding chairs on the sidelines The scene was one 'in which Charlie, :jy>. the night watchman of a store. \yas helping a burglar re- pliule.' a sackful of stolen goods nfter.Uie nnrf the burglar had got-' ten themselves well swagged. - , ; K , M wny tnr< >»8h the first tnke," the comedian suddenly yelled '.'Cut." you would Iwve sworn that he hadn't been paying the slightest : attention ( 0 any- Just look who's here! Jacklo Coogan, famous l)i\by hero of "The Kid," has paid a surprise visit to Charlie Chaplin, ills mentor. He save, the comedian ^cyen more of .n surprise when Jackie picked him up as easily 'as Charlin 'used to carry the boy 15 years IIRO Old California Gold Field to Honor Twain fiONORA, Cnl. IUP) — California's Mother Lod« section, in whose '4fler gold fields Mark Twain spent several yours, will observe Hut centennial of the WI-|(CI-'K With May 11 mid' 12 with n rodeo unil dance, the dance will Ijc held nt Ilic "ghost .nl.ty" of CohmiWi), o;ily lew milts from ,lnekas.-i Ilti), where Twain lived ami which now | s visited by hundreds of visitors annually, who come to flow his i-ub- In. , A' .speclanilar Wild West r-xhlbl- tlon Is Included In the rodeo pro- in, v/iih nearly $3,000 In pii/t-s lii- nivfirrtwi. A wild mw mllklni' ronlcat will be an unique fpntm-c'. Nebraska Pastor Will Write Story of the Bible ST. EDWARD, Neb. (UP)— Rev. J'. Marlon Slinms, paistor of " 1'resbytcrinn Church here, has been ciiminksloni'd by Dr. HufiLs Rockwell Wilson, president and director of the Press of the [>lo- lucis, New York, to write n book 'The Bible In America." The volume Is to contain an account of the various t'ransla- llons of holy writ brought, to America by the colonists In whatever language, and those produced In America since that time. Circular Meet Will.Be Held at Steele April 25 STEELE. Mo.—One of the most interesting events of this season in (lie grade school of Steele Consolidated school district No 8'will jlake place on the Slcele court April 25 when n circular meet .will a :e place. The following schools cliiK represented: Ueiiton, Man]?, wood, Gibson, caln, New Siiiw Mlcoln and I-Vlcmlslilp. On FrlclnV morning the .literary and, „,„.,/<. licet will (nkc place nnd on r,-\- rtny afternoon of His .same day regular (jrnde. school meet'win bo hcld : -nils is a yearly affair A rminnnt. will be awarded tiie winner A. &, B . Olvls athletic, * B. of boys athletics. A. & n circular and n peimnnt for liter :ry music. A Im-BB trophy will be awarded the school wlnnin E mo t s In all events Pullet Has Monkey Face,''' MANCHESTER. N. Jf <Upil\ nonkey-facccl pullet is „ rrcal: pet n the Home of Maurice Ucrircr Except for its hcna ,,,„ ,", ' known Mank. Is a, normaWbar- •ccl Plymouth Rock. Berger clnlms HMik Is much smarter than the ordinary pullet. thing -except, just what he was doing. y« he knew, probably by instinct, that .the 1 scene wasn't roine right. . • — Nothing - : •.'• L That's what makes him the only successful one-man company this business has known. He can be working..,with his back to the camera and, if it doesn't follow him properly, he knows it. He also knows exactly what every other person in a.scene with him is do- ins- , It was almost uncanny to see him revert from his screen char-' acter to the director as he shouted, "Cut." Yet the transition wasn't entirely complete. He still looked the .same, swung his willowy cane in the,same manner, and walked Here's (lie great; cbinfc 1 .pair.! Cnnrlie.. Chaplin 1 .and Jackie' CoWlin' h their world-famous picture. "The ICUt^'f Jackie .Vas' only 4'j'cnrs-'b'lrt - ' , • "^ •->". UIH.MI: . una umy i' years' Old then, and-one of; the likeliest tots'lu lilimlom. Now he's, .'almost 20 a husky six-footer, ^able' to turn IheHiiblcs-mvthe-' iii&ojyljo jiBcd'' to fondle .him. straight." with that peculiar shuffle. . He always walks that way whenever he's in costume,'regardless of whether the cameras are trained C • on him. For some reason he seems f ri . sco . actually. to becomes/to ..^'-degree his screen cHarke'tef''the' moment T opns those baggy pants and Bicppy shoes. Poor Posture Injurious ' To Health of Child WASHINGTON (UP) - If '-your child stands with his welRhl ' on ills ankles and heels, knees slightly liml, .lirafjirorvviinl, chin out, llittened- and sunken, and shoul- tlel- blades prolnidlng. Ills posture is ix»r. says the children's Bureau of the Labor Department. The bureau - described poor posture in connection with issuance of a new poster entitled "Good Posture in thc Little Child." Tiie poster was prepared in response to requests from health and educational agencies. The child with eo oa posture, the bureau said, "stands at his height with his weight on e balls of his /eel, hts head high and chin in. H te chest is high and Ins shoulder blnries do not stick I out in the back. His abdombn is drawn in, the curves of his back are slight and his knees " . , •• . '.' . cruiser wAlilh 3DO' yards of "Devil's Isle", will, . S ct. 'n . bullet chucked tlcross it!; tow. . Tiie government. Is tnkln K no chances (hat friends of. Al Cnponc, or tiny of Us olher prize prisoners might use a rrpntia 'race as an excuse to come close (o the Islnild nnd pick tip an e.xlra deck hand. . Fish Hone Pullers fo Compete GLOUSTER. Mass. (UP) — New England has two aspirants for thc fastest fish bone puller title. Harry Ktchlcr, manager of the Engineers' Club of Boston, claimed to be lhe fastest puller— so did Gloria Santos of Gloucester. A contest will settle (lie dispute. . Vet there v,as nothing funny pcoul him as he gave Instructions lor reshootmg the scene us he wanted it-unless it wns the absurd combination of such intelligence coming from such an odd- looking character. Charlie always has been exceedingly serious, about his work He loves an excuw to forget it mo- mentnrily. But when he works lie! does so harder than any o'ther person in thc entire Industry. Rrad Courier Nevs Want Ads. --,- Warned v ; Of, Alcatraz ,,Dj>nprs SAN FRANCISCO, Col. (UP)- Yochtsmcn who do not want to salls ' (heir h fi, ' r P erEO "5 shot full of -holw must keep away pom Alcatraz Island federal ptm- icntlarj- on the bay. Warden James B. Johnston post- ed_ordcrs that any yacht or povvcr FOR LEASE Brtcl; business bunding in best district., ready for'occupancy in May. Choice location . •'< G. G. Caudill ' BUY WHAT. $1 Tlilnk-3'sc SI a Month Pays for a $|,ooo policy for the whole family-Natural or Accidental Death! Progressive Life Insurance Co. Glencoc Hotel- Plione or Write for Details Special Deposit with state Insurance Dcpt. protects your policy., PURINA STARTENA F °R BIGGER AND STRONGER CHICKS* Shy to Sun Sally Rand FRIDAY, MARCH 29; 35 . Fewer Farmers Failed in 1934 Despite Drought WASFimc,tON~~(UP)-.AIthoilgh (lie drought cost farmers plenty fewer went bankrupt In the fiscal year ended June 30, 1934 ihan in Die.corresponding periods of IS'i't and ".U. The Bun-ail nf Agricultural Economic* rr-portal a reduction of 20 per cent In the mmilw of farm bankruptcies In thc 193-i period Thpfr vwh 4.118 bankrupt, farmers isst year, compared with 5,917 in 933, nnd 4,849 In 1932. bankruptcy rtOXY Matinee — Friday, Sntiirdny and Sunrluy Only Friday & Saturday Mai. Stares 2:3D - Nile 0:45 Adm. Mat. & Nile—5 C & 2'5t 'The Lawless Frontier' with JOHN WAYNE Episo<lc 9 & 10 of— "Return of Chandu" Sunday • Monday Mat. Starts 2:00 - Ni( c fi:45 Adm. Mat. & Nite—10c-25c Oh. why ir. the lady !iidin» hehind the bubble? Sh-h-h, don't alarm her; she's shy. Shy? Oh, tsrribly. painfully shy Is Rosita Royce, who timidly says she's the only bubble dancer, who wears no costume at, nil but that she'd nnver, .never think of suing Sally Hand/even If Rosita.' dill copyright the Idea last year. A Sunday school girl from Kansas City, she shyly says shr> thought of the balloon dance when she wns only ic-lmt has heiMi (on shy trt come right out ami say so iinlil now. Nortli Carolina Tract To Be Wild Fowl Refuge WASHINGTON fUP) — An Ex- miles wide, .^veral years ago. They proved unsuccessful, however, and the new program will restore. to waterfowl one cf the best resting and fendini! arens on the Atlantic ccutivc order recently sei aside fijcorist' SOflOO-acre trad of laml as the j ^ >0 Bora . nmcllt is purcliaslng Lake Mauaiuniiskct Wildlife Re-1 the lake bed with funds provided ,1!^ "H V Cm " ltyi N ' C " f01 ' by i"' 0 P^* ror lhe retirement leitoratinn to waterfowl mitfci- the j of snbmarginal lands it is ex- of UloloRical Survey Pro- i peeled Hint thc lake will restore ' ' T ] Itself naturally.-- DrainaKc unerations were ^tart- ..- ,r- cd on the lnl;c, a snallaw licdy of —SEE— AUcMAHON GUX KIBBEE ,n M, 9no n O Ebc,Korl't While the Patient Slept 1VIE TA18OT . PATRICIA ELII5 AllEN JENKINS Alovietand Review and Comedy R O X Y — TUESDAY SI00 BANK NIGHT ! ! ! CASH FEED STORE 112 E. Main Wednesday and Thursdav^- liAHGAIN.-NIGHT-L-ac & j;ic We're Not Satisfied With the Names Submitted In Our Prize Contest Therefore Weil DOUBLE OUR PRIZE OFFER FREE-20 GALLONS OF TEXACO GAS AND 10 QUARTS OF OIL FOR A NAME U State // to"?* 88 • ' thc jlld{fes in o™ Wize con- toKwh th t n «™? Emitted as being unsuitable so we ask those who have submitted names to send in new suggestions. vs. ^;;V> ?\jJ<?$W$frM$l^ ^Operators Contest Closes Arpil 5th Winner Will Be Announced Saturday April 6th ACT NOW! FOLLOW THESE RULES, PLEASE: 1. Do not use the tridp names, Texaco, Fire Ohkr rtc. 2. Write plainly nn tmt side of the paper. 3. Submit ai many names as jou irlsh. i. Xc employes fOnnrclcd with local Tfxaco stations or bulk plant eligible ffr prize. S. Mail your replies before midnight, Friday, April 5lh. I ACT NOW! or Mail Your Replies to Courier News Office were noted in East North''' Central" and Paciflr. areas, while la ji mnlrily in Ihn south Atlantic o Isloti, showed Inrrwas. Illinois all states with 52? rases. The wings nf a hou.wfiy nrii used In mi instrument ill die Mount. Wilson Observalory which mpasiirr.'i the hpni rftdlnlfil by Bryant Truck Line A New and Better Service liy 606 North 6th St. Blylhcville" Phone Time today 3 "c.&25 C :45 - i.Oc .& S5c 'George Whites Scandals of 1935' with' ALICE PA YE and JAMES DUNN Radio Reel and Comedy Saturday Only —Continuous Showing From 1:30 to 11 P. M Adm.—Mat. & Nile—I0c-25c 'West of the Pecos' xvith . RICHARD IHX and MARTHA SLEEPER Carioon ' nmi" Serial-;- / "Rustlers, of Red Dng" No. f fev] Sunday • Monday -r-Continuous Showing— From '.-IMS to -II I>. M. dm.^-Mat. & Nile—I0e-'35c IP' CENTURY PICTUitr Ann SOTHERN Merle OBERON a OARRYL F. ZANUCK production KlUoied lh(u UNITED A«IlSH Paramount News Technicolor Musical— "What No Alen" TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY R1TZ—PAL NIGHTS! 2 for 1 Paid Arlull Admission illsKinee & Night- All Children 5c COWING SOON —TO THU Fred 'ROBERTA" Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Irene Dunn

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