The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1950
Page 9
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1 TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 1050 BLYTHEVTLLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS' PAGENTNE Clothiers Group Seeks Check Of Clothing Advertising, Sales WASHINGTON, June C. UP) -* The Association of Better Business Bureaus was invited today to undertake "Investigation, action and reform" o! improper advertising and sales practices in the retail men's clothing trade. JJj^ncrea singly hot competition for j Dtisiness hns brought a "few isolated cases" of dishonesty, said Paul D. Gilbert, president of the National Association of Retail Clothiers and Furnishers. Gilbert Invited delegates to the 3Gth annual better business meeting to take on a clean-up Job, declaring that "fraud, deceit ami trickery can undermine our political existence." Advancement of Truth "The advancement of truth in advertising and Integrity in business Is one of our strongest weapons against the enemies of democracy," the South Bend, Tnd., clothier said. "Untruthful advertising Is a contributing factor to the (publin':0 distrust of a businessman, of advertising generally, and of the system of business on which democracy stands." Abuses Arc Listed Gilbert listed these as among tin current abuses ..which, he said, hnvi Invited public disbelief and harmec legitimate merchants: 1. Inaccurate price comnarisons such as a $100 suit -for $39." To many such claims are "gross exag .geratlons and an Insult to the judg •Jfcnt of the American people." "2. Misuse of "the magic word nylon. Much merchandise Is on the market which contains some nylon and lot of acetate. Too often, the nylon ts included for misleading advertising and labeling purposes only." "Wholesale Selling" 8. Some cases of "wholesale" selling from factory to consumer. Gilbert said ne Is confident that inquiry will show "the consmner Is being misled in the value being received." arodes Banned 3y Jap Police TOKYO, jime 6. (yr>)—Police chief iilchl Tanaka yesterday extended idefinilcly a ban on demonstra- ons or parades here. Tilts was the first move in the overnmenl's announced plan to utlaw Use Communist Party, a plan •hich brought a communist threat T retaliation with "human but- cts." There was no Indication when the :orerniiicnt would ban tlie i>arty jut chief Cabinet Secretary Kfttsiio Okazaki said the cabinet would dls* cuss the issue at its regular ses- ion tomorrow. Usually reliable Japanese sources ;aid a government outline ol its )lau to ban tli. party is being itudied by General MacArthnr's icadquartcrs b\u a headquarters spokesman denied this. The better representatives of some 85 buslneKA bureaus in the United. States and Canada tonight will hear an ex-haberdasher, President Hairy S. Truman. The President will address the association's banquet (7 p.m., EST) at the Shoreham Hotel. Nearly hair the comes Irom Spain. oHve oil THIS ONE WALKED AWAY—This cow emerged unscathed from the wreckage of an overturned livestock truck near Klkhart, Ind. The truck, loaded with animals and bound lor Chicago, was wrecked when it failed to make a mrve. Thirty-four ralves and one hog were killed. The truck driver escaped unhurt. Policeman Accused in Bar Shooting Jimmy Stewart's Lazy Draw/ Is Mystery Even to Him Jordan* Are Jtnxed 3n Ozarks Highways SPRINGFIELD. Mo.. June 6, f/P) —Officers arc wondering if the mme J. B. Jordan is a jinx on Ozarks highways. On May 29. during the long Memorial Day weekend, Jl' 13. Jordan, 21, of Ash Grove, Mo., and two other youths were killed when their car skidded on* Highway 100, 20 miles northeast of here and struck a tree. Sunday, another 21-year-old youth named J. H. Jordan, was instantly killed when struck by a car while guiding and pushing his stalled auto on Highway 1C6, 35 miles west of here. The second victim was from Mount .Vernon, Mo., and apparently was not related to the other victim. NEW YORK. June 6. f/p>—An off- duty policeman was accused of ! holding up a Brooklyn bar arid grill at gunpoint yesterday and shooting customer to death when lie slipped out to summon help, The accused patrolman, Vincent Flenuning, 44, was disarmed and badly beaten by bar patrons after the .slaying. Prom a hospital bed he gave information which led to the arrest at dawn of a drinking companion who accompanied him into a bar. The companion, although carrying a gun, denied complicity iu the bungled stickup. No money was taken. The slain man, John Slieerin, 23, of Brooklyn, had passed his examinations for the police force ind was awaiting appointment. Brooklyn District Attorney Miles F. McDonald said Flemmfng would be hooked later on a homicide charge. Burglars Steal Alarm MUNCFE, Ind., June 6. (JP)—Burglars stole SI from a fuel company, which they entered through a window after breaking a glass. On the way out the burglars stole the electric eye alarm which was .supposed to have kept them out Missing Child Be/ieved Eaten by forest Bears QUEBEC. June 6. tfp>—Police today said they were convinced three-year-old Nicole Renaud, missing in a suburban forest since Saturdayj had been eaten by bears. Authorities called off the search by nearly 1,000 police, soldiers and civilians. Bear tracks were discovered In the vicinity where the tiny girl disappeared, eight miles north of here. Police said there had been reports of previous attacks on persons by bears in the area but the police official In charge of the search, Lieut. Martin Healy, said last night: "We have corne to the conclusion that Nicole has been devoured by bears or by a bear. By. BORxTHOMAS HOLLYWOOD* June 8- <AP) — Jimmy Stewart's lazy dra\vi Is one of the most famous products of Hollywood, but, says the lanky star, ;'I don't know eaxctly how I got it." "Nobody noticed it much unlit I got to Hollywood," said the actor, "People seemed to like it, so of course I didn't try to get rid of It. "It couldn't be geographical I'm from I'cmusylvimla, and they don'I have a drawl there. They do have a few peculiarities of s p e c c u, though, YOU don't notice them until you get ftway from home. I get tickled when I hear my mother sometimes; she'll say she is Kotug to 'rid' a room. That moans she's tjoing to clean It," Slow Stuttering About his speech habits, Jimmy added, "I think it's a combination of slow talking and stuttering. It has been a handicap to cue at times, When I have to speak rapidly and forcefully. I have trouble. "But," he added as lie returned to his Job of playing In "Harvey, 1 "I guess I can't com pi a In." Charlie Chaplin Is working far into the night on his new movie script. He has caucellcc.1 all engagements in order to get the new film ready for early tmxluc- tiou. It could be that he is henrt- encd by the success of the "Cit> Lights" re-Issue, following his disappointment with "Monsicui Ver cloux." Chaplin believes the Ifttlci was his greatest c((ort, but the pub lie felt differently. Marguerite Chapman anmioncct she was retiring from films Iwi years ago, She tried two otAier en cers, marriage and interior decoding, and 8fi vc both up. Now she's in pictures, making ''1C'.!lisas Raiders." Says she: "That's the tast Sine I'll retire." Here's an apt double blllinK now i town. "Tight Little Island,'' about an island's Scotch bingo, Is earned with "The Big Hnnpovcr." Jeff Chandler is,proving his vers- atility. In "Broken Arrow," he was an Indian; in "Two Flags West," he JiRhls thorn. . , . Arlene Dan guesting ix-x (Tarwn) Barker at lunch in the MGM commissary. . . . Linda Darnell has sketched pi a i us for an adobe ranch house she plans to build In the art colony at Tuos, N.M. SUMMER FURNITURE CARNIVAL SMOOTH-ACTION PILLOW-ARM GLIDER Ideal for porch or yard! Waler-repellent Vinyl-coated upholstery . . . innerspring seat cushions—reversible' buck cushions. 49" STURDY HARDV/OOD FOLDING CHAIR You'll want several at this low price! Clear varnish over select hardwood — mulli-striped drill seat and back. Folds easily for storage or travel. " ENAMELED ALL-METAL CHAIR Soak up the sun in your own bock yardl Bright baked-enamcl colors — contour- shaped seat and back for exira comfort. You'll want several! nc.c. 4.19 188 3' INNERSPRING SUNTAN CHAISE Tops for under-the-sun comfort! Ad[mts lo 4 positions while silling in chaise. V/eather-resistanl Vinyl-coaled cover — softly upholstered innfirspring pad. O ^ War A l«w MeW "Annlr (id Your Gun" J HowiiKl Keel's apiicaiance In 'Annie Get your Gun" Isn't hU ,croen' ilcbut. After he went to tns- nud with "Oklahomal", he made » nurdcr melodrama tor x Bitti.* company, it lias never been relcas- I In tlil.s country. Its showing could be ail embarra££tnent for Keel, because the inelbtlrAmR Is ntire mellow than dramatic. pictures are becoming ijrevalent In Hollywood, which more unvomnntlc by the day. Rhonda Fleming and Glenn ford exchange no kisses In ''Beyond the Sun-scl," nor do WHHnm I'.oldcn niitl Nancy Olson In "Union Station." Capsule review: "The Men" (UA) s a profoundly moving film, mainly because It bears a resemblance to life thnl Is rare In Hollywood films. It (ells about the treatment! of war veterans who are paralyzed Congress Hopes GAR Veterans Will Be Buried at Arlington WASHINGTON, June 6. M 1 ) — Congress expressed hope yesterday thi\l when dcalli comes to the last members of the Grand Army of the Republic and at the United Confederate Veterans they will be buried In Arlington National Cemetery. The House adopted without dis sent n resolution to that effect which the Senate previously had approved. It docs not require Prcsi- lentlal approval. The resolution Is simply an expression of sentiment, The next o <ln of the veterans would have to consent lo the Arlington services EDSON advantage. Al the same lime, it 1 recognized thai considering ROV eminent expenditures In a .singl package Ls the cosiest way out fo Hie politician. Because the omnibus approprla lion bill is taken up Hem by ilci it permits the congressmen (o I for projects In his own district ar state, while still being for over-n economy. The HOILSC rcnlly got two whack at Mils item-by-it<mi consUtemlio Ironi Ihe waist clown. The theme is of appropriations (or next year. Tl filmed In such a human manner j Hrst wns i n lnt , f u n Appropriatloi that it becomes entertainment. The committee, afler the various sub cast, many of the real veterans,' committees had conducted hearing is uniformly excellent. Marlon Brando's debut Is strange bul pro- vocntve, Teresa Wright and Everett S! perform w<ith understand Ing. Governor Appoints Acting Chancellor LITTLE ROCK, June IS. (if) — Governor McMath yesterday appointed J. Wendell Henry, a Conway attorney, as acting chancellor of the Ninth Chancery District, for a pciiod of 30 tlnys. He will serve In the absence of Chancellor J. n. Ward, Hussellvllle. because of llliics. 1 .. and marie recommendation.*. Th, was where the first billion u saved. Tlicre was considerable coj plaint by non-mctubcrs that bl?i. exits weren't made by the committee. But the full membership had Its chance to make further evils itcin- by-ltem when Ihe Appropriations Committee repotted the bill to what \a known us the Committee ol Whole Ko\tse. This wns what took the month and bored most Congressmen to tears. Attendance was never big. This led Rep, 13wight Rogers ol Florida to propose that there should be record roll calls, instead ol voice votes on all appropri-' Eons. Furthermore, this lt*m-by-iUm oiuldcratlon by the CommJtt**' of Whole didn't work. It iSidnt conomize enough. So in th« end, House had to resort to two uecr dodge*. First was an amendment by Hep. ohn Taber of New York, «nd Alert Thomas of Texas. It proposed avings of IfiQO.OOO.OOO by cutting xpcndituies for travel by JO p*r cut and 10 per cent for »fl other •xpensrs—payroll, rent etc.—riiht cross the board. Heans To Keep Vacincie* Ya*»t Second was an amendment by Jep. Den P. Jensen of Iowa. It pro•ides that Ofl per cent of all vacancies In government Job* during th» "l&cnl year beginning July 1 ihafl :iot be rilled in this year. -. Kxccptlons U> these two amendments were made for the military services, and to doctors and nursti in the Public Health Service and Veteran's Administration. There is some rather fuziy language in the Taber-Thomas amendment which under one interpretation would give the President tht iwwer to veto particular Items In the appropriations bill aa finally passed by Congress. This veto is an old point of controversy, President Truman would like to have It. But there in *om< question as to .its constitutionality. It would give an unscrupulous pr«- ident almost unlimited power ov»r govern ment. The omnibus appropriation, bill has now been tossed to the Senate Appropriations Committee. The real success or failure of this experiment will be judged by how the Senate amends the 434-page House bill. Would You Llk. New Freedom From Monthly Suffering? uld. Th«a C«rdui n*f /cirift I tvomvji rxpn[emc «7«*t rrli«f. ie of fre«<)pin I ram airnptv ftH>], pain, jitle/x *(t«r tckinj It U'*t«'<l formula of jnodrm [>nrr It nr,l . |..ln-Vill«r, It rim* itrnl tiitMni In lh« tiltrui, *fc» iV utually ciuw* (.he Uoubl*. Tiy >• »rn] n> KbouL your 1iiutne» M t<!ui-»l ynur favoriU d*«l*T. Now! ANasli for Yes, there's a Nash Airflyfe for every income — three great series covering all popular price ranges! • No wonder America's discerning car buyers are switching to Nash, bxiying Nash, at a record-breaking pacel H's because Nash—wilh a car for every income, and all built the better way—with Airflyte Construction- oners performance, comfort, safety, economy and enduring value impossible with ordinary construction. S#« fh« Rambler The newest Nash Airflyte—the lional Rambler Convertible Landau that gives up to 30 miles per gallon at avtragi highway speed I The smartest, ufest, most thrilling and lowesl-prlctd of all, 5-passcngcr convertibles. All Ihe thrill of an open car wilh Ihe comfort and safety of a sedan. Al your Nash dealer's now. Teif f/ie Statesman The biggesl, roomiest car in its price class—yet it delivers more lhan 25 miles to Ihe gallon al average highway speed. Sec ils Sky-Lounge Interior, with Airliner Reclining Scat, Weather Eye Conditioned Air Syslcm, Twin Ttals. Gel Ihe Ihrilt of ils new Super- Compression engine. Try the ride, wilh coil-spiinging on all four wheels. Drive the Ambassador! Most modern of Amcnca's finest cars, the Nash Ambassador offers magnificent new luxury interiors . . . the unmatched performance of America's lop valve-in-hcad high-compression engine (7.3 lo I ratio). Now available with Ifyilrft-Miilic Drive ami Selccto-Lift Sterling. See All Jhree! Drive fill Three! fit Your Nash Dealer's Now! THERE'S MUCH OF TOMORROW IN ALL NASH DOES TODAY SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 So, Second — BlytheviMc

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