The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1933
Page 2
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PAGB BLYTKKVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11, li)33 MONDAY'S EVENTS St. Stephen Episcopal Guild. Mrs. A; G. Litlle, hostess 2:30 p.m. 'Woman's council,' First- Christian church, Mrs. Miller hostess at hcme on Holly street. Tlio Young Matrons ..Missionary tcciely.of the First Baptist church will ,meet ai the home of Mrs. Mctt : Monaglii<n. i(M4 West Wnl- i>ut, at i:30 p.m. | The W.M.S. of the First Melh- odisti church Is entertaining at 12 o'clock with o luncheon tor Die new. pastor. ••<ii)TUESDAY'S EVENTS Young Matrons Club, Mrs. Lloyd Stickmon, hostess. Presbyterian-, Will rfold C«nt»e*tlon3l Meeting. • Officer.-, of the First Presby- ipriau church have called a meeting of the congregation at Ihc church toniorrow morning following the preaching service for tlw purpose of voting on Issuing :i cnll lor a pastor. All members of the church ore urged to be preterit. Class Entertains. Twenty members ol the Dorcns Sunday school class ol the First Baptist church -Mid., several visitor? •me entertained a.t • a party lost night at.' tho hoine 6( Mrs. H. E. -Barrett, with Mrs.. Arthur Rushing. »s" cb^riostess. Mrs. W. M. Crowe, president, presided nt the meeting. .The class had os their guests Mr. and Mrs..'Harry Frltz- lus, and Rev. and Mrs. Alfred 3. Harwell, who were 'presented a I picture . ns n "going away" gift. Mrs. Lucy Aysvs,. a class member | who Is also moving out of town, wns given hosiery. • * + Have Bridge Party Armistice Day and Thanksgiving motifs were cpmbincd In the decorations for'the bridge- party given at the Woman's club Friday afternoon by Mines. Cecil Shane, Baker Wilson, J. H. Elkins, A .B. Falrfield and J. Louis Cherry. Large flags were suspended at one end of ths card room which was also adorned with bouquets.of astors and chrysanthemums. The tallies, . table covers and napkins were of the Turkey day design with' orange and black predominating. . Mrs. Godfrey White, of Osceola won the" first prize, a console set Second honors went to Mrs.' Marvin HeiitlEoB..wri* wcelvtd a "VOEO ns did Mrs. 'Mabel: Watts for,' cut prize among the Blj'lhcvillc ladles and Airs. DIx for cut prize among the'out of town guests All of these were in while ware. Included in the 80 guests were Mrs. qixlfrcy White of Osceola, Mrs. George Thomas of New Orleans who is visiting Mr. find Mrs. J. Nick Thomas, .and. Mrs. Dix of Cincinnati, houscguest of Dr. and Mrs. M. O. Usrey. * « • CompHm?nt R*v. and Mrr. Alfred S. Harwell The Rev. and Mrs. Alfred S. Harwell, and family, who .five moving to Brownsville, Tcnn., Tuesday, are being complimented with a number of Informal affairs prior to their departure. Among these was a dinner given last evening by Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Collins. The Rev. Mr. Harwell is to be pastor of the First Baptist church of Brownsville. WAISTS AND SKIRTS , FOR EVENING MN THE CFNTER, BELOW, V/HITF LAME 18 USED FOR A TIE-NECK SHIRTWAIST ANP BLACK. VELVET FOR THe LONG STRAIGHT SKIRT, T THE- RIGHT, BELOW, WHITE SATIN WITH A PLEAT&P FRONT TOPS A 5KIRT OF CAVIAR GREY. THE LEFT, BELOW, A SHIRT OF STRIPED .ME' 15 WORN WITH WOOL SKIRT IN DEEP BLUE • 1 HIST I1,VI'TIST Walnut anil 'Eighth Streets Alfred S. llnrwo;;, I'astor Smidiiv School, 0:45 a. m. Alvln Holies 1 . Supt. Sermons 11 a. m. and 7:45 p. in 15. Y. l>. u. 0:30 p. ii|. Miss-Ulna Willielm, director, W. M. S. Mpndny, 2:3o'l>..m 'fo- lijblo Study as follows: Circle No. 1 with Mrs. G. E I Workman, Cherry Si. Circle No. 2 with Mrs." Mat Monotham. 1044 Wulnut. Circles 3 and 4 al the church. Sunday school officers and teachers Wednesday 7:15 p. ni. Prayer servicp Wednesday 7:4: p. m. Choir rehearsal 'Wednesday 8:3i p. m. CHRISTIAN SClKNfJK SOCIKT1 "MORTALS.. AND.. IMMOK TAI.S" is the subject of the Les •rtn-Sormon to be read in th i Christian Sclente. service, Sinulii nornlm; at 11 o'clock. The Golden Text, Is. "The enr rout expectation of the creatm wulleth for the manifestation the sons of _ God" tRomans 8:10) Among the flllatlons from Hi Bible is ttyc following: "For th corruptible must 1 put on incorrup lion, and this mortal must put o immortality" (I Corinthians 15:53 The Lesson-Ssrmon will also ii elude passages from the Christin Science textbook, "Science ai Health with key lo the Scrii tures." by Mary Baker Eddy, m of v/hicli reads, "Progress is bor of experience. It Is the ri]>enl of mortal man, through which tl mortal is' dropped for the in mortal" (page 2SG). i.. 1 Christian Science Reading Room is open Tuesday and' Friday .from TIE HIE FDR Money Expert Is Practical Farmer (Continued 1'rom I'asjc 1)' '. omul that Insurance jxillcles. • hii'h rein'isciil. havings, alsowra. ivalsd larrjely at price levels of, wlili'h happem lo lie a 15- rar average for l!ie years 191B- D32. Ijiifir: fiold Tlicory Professor Wnni'n'.s Iheory, com- iHcatcd In detail, is simple enough n- [rinciplc. lie believes that me eluin of a d'.'bl-L-UKlencd world 1 the (jold standard after the •rcdlcd such a rush for t;o!U lluit 3 to 5 Noble. n. in. at. room. 108 Hotel IV CHUKCII OF GOD 116 West Cherry Street Revival services conducted by B. K..-Bicrer. There will be no Sunday mor- Declarer Make Grand Slam by Applying Triple Squeeze ning service. Evening evangelistic service at 7::iO o'clock. ' Subject: "Three Days and Nights in a Submarine." Everybody welcome at the little church with a big message."... ; FIRST OHlflSTfAN OHUKl.ll K. K. l/llimer, Pastor Chureh School, 9:45 n. m. Holy Communion nnci Sermon 11 a. m. Vesper Service, G p. in. A cordia] welcome always. ts untie was pushed up out of proper relationship to prices ol other things. Therefore, since the value ol ,o!d In dollars Is fixed by law,! .he thing to do is to make what uold you have serve as a bnsc for ~nc:re dollars, devaluate i!ie dollar: >y decicein 1 , 1 that each doll; jtnnds for let-s yokl than before. Naturally, then, it takes more: (Ul'.trs to buy. anything, and the i price of e\ :rythiiu,' rises. Riilher than change this eold- ;i:-.d-doll;'.r iclnlionshlp by law on a permanent basis, il was decided lo experiment. Thai, is, US' ollering mere dollars for new gold in this crjunlry and for gold In fc.ielgn comilrlos, 11 was figured the same effect could be had. yet, the p'lccs could be changed fiom e'ay lo day as results were not:d. liitncm's'ts Voice D:ubt Governor George L-. Harrison of 'lie Nev.' York Federal Reserve tank wns-given power lo conduct ihcso dealing; nt whatever prices .uid in whatever volume he wishes. He can keep buying cold at higher price. 1 , than exist today as Iciig as It Is desired to keep prices mtving up. Time Is, of course, considerable question as lo whether It "really is ,15 simple .ox thai: Many econoin- sls telievc that a rise in prices do;s not necessarily follow cheapened dollars at all. We shall see. Professor Warren, however, • believes strongly that this is the one big step necessary. .He wrote in August, "It would be a great cnlamlly to be deluded into thinking that the -,-ise in prices .which Bits of News Mostly Personal Today's Contract Problem South liag-lho-conlr.icl for four licarls. West Ic.ids tlirco rounds-o£ clubs,--East nifTiuR Iho lliiril a (id: rcluriiliiK llio queen of diamonds. When Mouth Marls running trump, vlinl is tlio • IUO<?'L important card for * 1D n S 10 4 S 7 4 A K I 0 7 2 \Vcsl to inulcU? S A'Ji7-0 2 K n 2 V 10 Q II S 7 n r. 2 fr K 04 3 - N • W'. K S l>rv,lcr Q.I 10 C V AKQS 5 3 i A 5 3 A J 9 -1 Solution in «e\; Issue" 11 Leslcr Lutes, of'Stecle, Mo., Mrs. Mary Lu(cs, and Mrs.' W. S. Lnng- don were in Memphis ycstcrday wherc Mr. ' Lutes' was at Campbell's clinic for -treatment of an Injury to his hand: The Rev. and Mrs. W. V. Worn- s ack. late of Batesville. Ark., nr-1" .rived yesterday to make .their home' at the Methodist parsonage. The Rev. Mr. WomackJs the r.e?; pastor ot the First Methodist church. ; ... . Mrs, Charles KlXins, cf Wilson, was the guesl of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ellens : Friday. : Lon~ Richards Is. seriously ill at his homo al 110 -W. Sycamore St. A K 0 1 0 S V .1 has come from a decline in the cold value ol the dollar is due lo currency, credit or government control of agriculture and industry, ill of which cjme later. "None of these can succeed cx- epl us Ih; gold content of ^tlre ollar is -'rciliiwd, and kf the'-fjfild onlcnl of tlie dollar is' reduced ;y tlie right amount, noneofthesc s nece:sary." low ills Plan Works Profejso; \Vnnjn's "coaipensat- !C 10 4 . Uiililior In- Openln Smilli We.- 1 V l'as.= '2 V IMs.: -, « }•;<!... 'i A l'.is:i t. J ;"• V A K (! ;i J $ A J Ai 1'J C Hi:::- - X nml S Vlll ft I'.ISS I I Solution to Previous Contract Problem r>V ! Ing. The Lhv-ie of hearts was |cponcd. and . «-i>n in dummy with ti-.e ace. Two louiuls. of spad:s were taken—the .second spade being won in dimir.iy with the jack. This picked up the out' standing trump. Now. of course, if the h:nrt Mill ..'.broke. Waltmnn traow- he \VM. E. Mr-KEXXKV :tt»ry. American Bridge l.f I wonder how many of leaders v.-ere succe .113 out th? rand. U is a beautiful "cx.-i:tiple oi ! ' :il >S ° ; li?arls, and VA-dt di.scard- 'lie triple sqiiecVc. If you make the ' r<i K diamond, he :aw that this mistake cf Hiding a diniv.c:;c yu;ir' ! ' no n ' P !!1 5' would net succeed, ontract is defeated. ' ! Hov.evcr. he discarded a club FIRST JIKTIIOmST Main anil Seventh Slrcols W. V. Wuniack, 1'aslor Sunday school. 0:45 a. m. Clnirch. 11 a. in. Church, 1:30 p. m. The ne\v pastor will occupy ilie pulpit nt both services. All members nnd friends of the church nre cordially invited to hear htm. CHURCH OF THF. NA/.AitllNK The Rev. O. B. Perry, of Jasper, Ala., will preach Sunday-, morning. II o'clock, nnd Sunday evening 7::!0 o'clock. • All are cordially invited. FIRST PllESIU'TF.KIAX CllUtCH Sunday school nt. 0:45 o'clock. Pageant will be a part ol the worship period at the beginning Preaching al 11 o'clock by .\ibiliuy minister from Memphis, ccngregfitlcnal meeting will b?liel; jrnowin?; the morning \vor.snip. fo- Ihe purpose of exlendin? n call :ind oilier business as may com' 1: lore Ihe inhering. All mei:il:or •ire urged lo utlcnri tin: inec-tir.fl Mr. Roy Walton win rcpi.seii the church in a meeting ol Pees bylery at Little Rock on Tues dav night. successful in work- w e» ; d have no trouble In makiin prccedini; problem ! hl? contracl. Uut atlcr playing the Wilson Society — Personal \. Thursday night at the Wilson chcol. The seventh grade won the the membership contest (Continued From Pa End the. third grade won ..trie at- George l-'reiterifk VYai 1 linht, pruvcil liiinsrlf i fiil-mer by Ills (Ions lit Kuvcst llomr, -N- Ihu buililnics «f which Miim-ll ;it top. . • Win i en is i-lm-r iiiillioi- <>r t pri'Sl'llt plilll (n rtli-;t|n-ii dull:! ami raise pi-iciN by Imjiiij: X" ; . . which 19 beill£r:ircied (Ji>v. (J'-». L. JiaiTismi, ::• "". FvihTjil r.ttxjMM Bank. FREED OF HGE Jury, Acquits Hun on His Pica He .Killed Another Negro in Self Defense: : .Torfunte Lee Madison, negro, was hwniitleirof ni'irder by a' circuit court jury'in the 'final {rial of the two weeks term here. Madison was accused in tho death of another negro. He ad- inittea Ihe slaying lint claimed -d dtilinr" is i-imple in principle le wants to keep the principle \-^ f defense. The killing occurred hnt a paper dollar Uiould'be re- ln st month on a farm southeast riecmablc prize end ttndancr; 'the meeting a three recli^duca-; t : cnal film was shown srid "Bo-'B' Soldiers. 126.000 were either killed, on bnllleflelds or dicd^trom their wcimrls: approximately' 525.000 i-r.rt Ju-Jo. comediam at the En- mnre v ; c ,. c seriously wounded, 'in- gold, nut ha argues lint it is silly'to ul!o\v the price ;'. important tilings' like' bread anrt shoes to be influenced by the price of a useless nijlal Ijkc gold, wiilch Itself tluetuates according to ts own supply' and 'demand. He would, therefore, take an avcriige of the prices of tlie thing* which live. When that average rises, sny 10 per cent, il'.cn he woiil'l make His dollar -/edceniablc far 10 per cent more gold than before. If prices fell 10 per cent, then he would lake 10 |>er cent of the gold out nf the dollar. Thus Ihe dollar always would have a .sympathetic rela- lionship to the prices of oilier things. Perhaps, though nn one. can be surj. tins i.s what President Hcoscrelt meant when he snitl "thus we continue (o mo\e toward a managed currency." Successful in Sweden Such management ot currency is uo', as new ar; many pte,ple assume. England, off r.old. had such r. currency from 1314 to 1025. and again since September. 1931. Yet .she has contrived to keep her home if this city. Fcrrrst "One Round" Chisholin ?.nti Hni'.eii Flail, former convicts, entered pleas of guilty to grand larceny in thefts at a Barfield store and were sentenced to a each in the stale prison by Circuit Judge O. E. Keck. Two negroes, convictcdj of scc- cr;d degree murrier by juries whicli r.ip.dc no recommendation as to .sentence, were sentenced by Judge Keck. Oscar Stevenson was sentenced to nine ye.irs in prison and liehnrd Clark to 12 years. chanted Island at- the world fair, nve a performance. The Wilson chap'.ci 1 of the Eastern Siar held a Harvest Homecoming and shower for the orphans home at Dntesvilte Thursday night. A box of linen, consisting cf sheets, pillow csseo, nnd towels, wae contributed for the orphanage. Lelanci 'Jordan of Nashville, I Tcnn., is the guest this week of| Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Brandon. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hnlberl Killabrew hrive moved to Luxora. Muss Margery Hill, student volvinj a direct loss in the manpower of the United States of 350,000. "The United States spent dur- Ir.? the 18 months she participated in tlie World war. twenty- billion dollars. "In addition to loans of twelve billions to nur rJiies. scarcely any of which has been re-paid—save by Great Bri- "In the light or subsequent history, it would seem lo be unfortunate that the armistice was ever signed on Nov. 11. 1918. and Hirst the victorious allies did not Berlin, because it is evident that the Na/.is, and young blooas of Germany, under the fanatical leadership of Hillcr. nre , , , . -, , i Tr.nn I* (lip nnr";i nf \Tk^ Trni-.rc i determined to precipitate another l-.usbanil of three wives, entered aj i<" nr ls the e» cst 0[ •««» tu '- cc j Eurol)can ,,.„,.. Go ,| • forbir , tlut -. Ihe United States should ever he Central college. Conway. i.s visiting I march her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. M. '"" Hill, at .Marie. T. Howard J.Iilstcad. youthful I _ Jon "">' Gntra of Union _ City. . of guilty lo bigamy and uitcnccrt to three years. B. J. Grieshater has gone to Sexton whnitt'-d charges of bur- ChafTee, Mo., rjlary and gr.ind brc:-ny and ciitenccd to one year with Ycii:i3 ncoples meeting at (1:45 j "'drrV: with Mary Virrini.i Cutler; (rices far here. Sweden, Britain, ci limn we have .Horner'sville Society-Personal Clyclei. R. Welman returned to St. Loiils 'Wednesday after send- Ins; iseyeral days' here on business Mrs. Cari-B. Watson Is recovering from a major operation performed-'last weefc : :at thfe MeH-.od- 1st tioSpi.U! in Memphis. HeivMis- C. F. Waltman of Rc.iciin?. Pa..i trom nis .'as sitting in th'd North. HU part-! Q l " ! en of icr. Eou'h. v.-as the (bah:' rincl hnnd and led ilu- i from dumtny. ob wluc'n he discarded another club. tho contracting B 1th one penetl icari. VValtni.i:i. usin^- ihe me, did noi have to :ontract. as cue spat: 'crcc. Since all South The- deuce' of hfiir'--- then ' wiis rnfTcd. and- here Is \vl-.cTf 1 an- e^| centionally fine play co::ic.<. In. -. V/altman casheci his nee or "! '^ ! ; clubs, selling good heart co<i cluh allri oppotir-nts. - tion most valuable to hii partner band .and- children, Charles, ahd her mother. .MrE:?W C. Wright, drove down lo see he: Tuesday. Mrs. H. E. Anderson has return cd froni a. two.weeks \lsit with her daughter, Mrs. Clyde Welman at 8t.. Louis! She alw visited an other daughter, Miss Kathryn. Is a student in Cerilral college, Fayctle, Mo. Mrs>W: E.-Srntftv&nS- Miss ant visited relative* tiB>F*rngOuKt Sunday. .;'<.-: •;; -'•:) s'-?' z'i> Dr. E. o. Cope, took h^s brother, p. J,. .Cope, .to. Memphis wednes- dya.for, on examination. It i'ss v.oulci be showing r.:onds. So five dia:r.;:i:o\ next bid. Sln« Eoiiih did OiSmcnds at the first oppnrtiiri'v I . , North knew this tid oi diair.oV.d'-l " i 'V! lc '" rts an " l c ' :ln? . ol l . J | !'-'t'- ;t:n °' illai"oiids.. while We.;; w.l: .01 t}Kt : . . , ,!,„ ^..nrt,. «,,^ <:<:v '" lo thc v ' ccn nll(1 r "' !c oi fn^iiti.M i.i"fiii;RAx ciiritcil II. .1. KieimKrii.l, S'.islnr Sunday school. 0 n. m. Morning worship, in n :r Evei-.iiit: service. 7:30 n. m. Tn observaliee''of Amrrr.iri KH- ucddori ' \\'eek. : -Hie pfi.'tor will' k al both', services 0:1 erliicn'- . sttiilj.!- nnd' relii;!(>'-i"-' The topic for the morning tervie will !>•• "Luther and Ertuoatior.." The iliemc for the cvenliu; sen :ee is "file Rttidious Young Man." Iiiithcr introduced cn:r,|i::I-;ory and universnl education in <;er- m.iny 1:1 the Sixteenth Century. In his classic "Letter lo {In- Mayors and Aldermen in Uehnl! of CirjWian Schools." he lrll.~ us •ivhy he urges the election .nid (if '.'commor. .-.•!•.:,- Is." ntlvr things lie wv.tes. tbtre were no sn-i; ins already snirii and nv ti did forced 0.7 go:ci with , ri Diurtin. ,.i the ir.o^t conspicuou 'exampl: of Micce.v-,ful currency rititi price The Swedish system Is no p,\l- if was purely a cue b:d. Waltman now made n i-.ic, 1 I of six dubs. South x,~n\ t; spades to show at lenst c : , spades and WaUrnan went toK", Thr 1'hr The- play Is umisinlly inieic.-t- £idc of his head in an aiiton-nbr- Accident 'about len days b,-forp '" and Mrs. Paul shirlds have rtrarncd to ' their home ' after -n Shields father, at Fliiit. Mlch.V 1 after '-n -visit with nr r . Captain ShlcWs, Robert Mitchell of A. "Even T Inv, rot r.ecd ;clmols nnd br.;-.;agcs The last spndc- wns led and h'isl|for Ihe s^ke of Christianity :md East squeezed—:! he discard-, the Scriptures, still, for Ihe e-!;ib- ! ici 11:: jnci; oi .loacs. (iiimriiy's-lishment of ll-.e u«t schools eM".y- I r.l:i,' wo:il;l b^ i-eut; fo h- hsd iji'*l>ere. Ixiih for boys nnd tirls. I let go the ten of Ctamond, W,,, £1^"^ "^c«y. lor Ihe mninter.aiu'c of civil order nnd the proper regulation of the household, needs :iecoinplisheil and well-trained men and women. Now r.uch men nre to come from Ixlys. nnd such women from girls: hence it Is necf-JMry that boys nnrl KirlS be pro;v>rly laupht nnrl up." Luther's principles produced popular fdiicalion. And tor this t nteti process—is simply consists •.'( the wise n r e of powers such a." our ov. n Federal Heservc systcn ini^lil httvc if !l W,MC cxli'iidexl to i.raollcally nil tanks, and wen ii!c-d-!o conlrol credil n:ici bank inu Iiinciinns wllh the dermite ob jec; of k'eping the price love steady. Tor Instance, no one kr.nws hoi much grief we might h; bed | '.aveil if our nvirml Revervo sys t?m had bei-n nblc In |n'.-a to en oP. the flow of speculative fund which blew up the Mock marke bubble until it burst. Princirlc (iris Trinl True, it riidii't work then, nul the point is. '[-.e principle was established even he:v ^il years p»o. Establishment cf ihe Federal i dva^.,^ |,u 0 Euroman brawls , Mo., called by the death nr;.iin— brrruise even granted that unck-. Kcrtert Gpauldinj 1 t ^ c IloWc j,,^ |, as lKm po^jt,',. evilic is relief man at thC| a [ C( | [or fif tcen ycarSi the mice ' his of iilyth cnr sentence held up. Milste,i(i| Frisco ciuriiiL; his absence. \ O f the United States preserving nd Sexton wvre not, indicted by i W. F. Wilson ami J. H. Grain-the peace of Europe is entirely he grand jury tut entered their i svlurned Friday from St. Louis toe great, ileas on informations filed by thej vr.rre they spent several days on rcsccutor. John Ford Clark, who' lusincss. : ilso eiucrcd a pica ct .rand larceny, rcceivwl J. Bryan Johnson cf Liltlc Rock I'l'nnuns Just Debt this connection, it is nreri- .••pcr.t the fust port of tlie work ;i5l lcss lo arsure you. my comnirles, nnrt hart r. two year ssntcntc" for! '-:i:r:t of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Reg- ns y n " r cnmmander in chief dtir- b:n-?lary suspended. r-nold. jing^the World war. Hint I belijve Three youths from west of Bi; | I!. G. Traylor went to Memphis i',,^ r ".!£!!!!i l ,! C 'il^l'"^, 7 /!!,'?" !?.^ Lake, Raymond Dowty. Frank Pal-1 Thuisriny for medical lrcatnic-nt. ""° ' " '"' mer nnd isoel Pannell. ndmiltcdl Mr. and Mrs. John B. Baltz ol has lru ... if each was h?,d up. nnci-o sister, J-irs. W. J. Lurt Vaughn entered q,;:lty rnrl Mr. Ludwij Wednesday 7B3 to charts of; nf „-. r . :( j M,,,= P. M . Toliccon property and Ills c: -i-i L'r.::n:v::le, Arf:.. were ! disabled and wounded Arnercan soldier, sailor and marine, and that adequate compensation srijuld be continued throu'li the years as n deljl of gratitude, paid by a grateful government. Arkar.sjs. were continued for the l.-rin -,vi:r, Thursday nf the Rev. and Mrs. It.' "It is most commend.ihK Inw- i.n further action. O:i riductioi:! M. i.rwik Dr. Tolleson is the pie-'Cver, that the brave hov. -f thr; ol n charge arjainst him f:om !.-:dm<; 'eldc-r of Ihe Eooncville dis-1 Aiiicrir:in Legion. 3.5TO.00D ."..-ong. grand larceny to petit laru-i:y,' trlci." C'r.iencD Thompson admitted lie: -, ; .. „. (] ,. letter nnri vas nned S10. Enr.- 1 ... : j' ,',.. ,"",. V "r" t, Blue wns sentenced to n year '•:; • ti,i' fo'ir.e-'-. inPnt' 1 Mr "pr'd Mn' '• (I " c;io1 " '^ pensiorji prescribed by his s»il(y plen to grand larcenv. j j ' R ' K , 0 J r) , .,,' Kn-ri-n rilv "'; ollr al; le and colorful prr.sirient •Franklin Dclnno Roosevelt, "nd ftwtrcy I :v.:iti discarded the nine cf hcnris I licm dummy and then West was If he let po Ihe kin? of clwbs. ricclarcr'j liine was ;; while If i'.c Icl no a dinniond. of couri-r dummy's' uci 1 an'd'jnc^: weve IXTJI ncod. find made. jranrt slam !i=give serve system wns simpiy to control over ' credit money (the niost-usert kmrli through sel- ttni reriL'count rates and open iVinrkel buylnn a;m selling of government .-.teiiri':e.-. That this hns anio-.intcd to an influence rather thnn complete coutrol dccsnt maltcr. The point Is that 20 years ago we agreed lo ll-.c prii-.ciple. Now we arc alvnit _lo carry It to the end. NEXT: r.yes foeiis. toiiay nn (he i:(\v gold policy. But thai Is only cne nf Hie lexers Hie presi.iert rnn pull in liis rtrlfrmhulion lo ipiie prices "in one «ay" llnw some nf Ihesc other it convict. oCntcnc^d to 10 yenr.s fci criminal as^ntilt. protested hi-, conviction in a statement lo the court. Asked in the ctisi.oniary procedure if he had any re-:-on i.i cITer why .sentence should ::o! ue pronounced. Wagner lau;icl:ed suit, a recital of protests, denying his guilt, claiming that uitnessrj-s L'Fcd were all his "enpmie.^" and none h!s "friends." and finally Hint 10 years wns too much n<ini<h- mcr.t. Sentence followed W. M. Crow of tills cily. R. c. Blackwell. who lives cast or th?villc and A. R. Gartirr Liarhvillc were named con-, .•-loneri to select Jurors for i:r.xr. term of circuit co;irl Judsc Keck j and o.HiO fireng in :••'•- r.i.d v.r- Fjank Sialen a; 1 '" ' lloll!li llavl: accepted in s spirit of -. i-!iir ••'• '"••.v,"'r" 14-' \ici-k ci-.d v iili ; f>rlir '" t ' c sa erifice the recent i'f- liHj former':- parent!;. Mr. nr:d Mn. : '""''"" J. R. Sle.ten. at Forrest City. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. R. Ciillum at-! i the director of the budget, Hon. [. I Lewis Douglas. Jound. v limt-Mr.-.;C6pe had' suffered . was here on b«sine<s Mmltiay nnrl : ^ >.,-. ,-,„„.. „. g^n^Jj^'ya^yfeSMg^U-JiMjigSLJJSjjSJ.Alr^. and .Mrs.-T^A^Rr.j-.^^ j rteaJ_CourIcr New^JYant Ads ' cat(on." nr.d place him "among i world." reason ic.irl'.na cdiienlois c.illerl him "Ihe lather ot modern r.-iM-ithe lc\ci? work. tended ti:e debutante tsl; at Hie Memphis Country club Wednesday nl?!it. ' I "Lcf? uliti/e this Armistice Diy Mis. Jiiiephine Balt^ is the discussion of the problems di Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Ludwlg. | of pence, rather than dr;uv n brll- — : limit iiiciiire of the "hortM ontl Mvc Mvrllo InhrKnn i heraldry of war." Let's slaml four mi.. ITiyrtie JUiiusun '• s()mn behind our prcsidnil in his of Holland Is Dead epoch-making administration nll- ,cies. rccognizini! thnt I'rtjinjnt alono can rmanclpa'.e Grants Peliiion for idevbmg t w o brothers, Bob and Hcr- Salc of Property,^ Loft0! prpatest educators of the Chcuit Judge G. E. Keck loriay' 1 EIanted a pdltion for reir.nval of : disabilities of John Mnhaji. IS.- 1 son of Mrs. T. J. Mahan and the > late T. J. Mnhnn. in order thnl ; cciialn property left Jointly to i npinriero of the (Hrnily .might be cold. G. G. Caudill C.fncrnl Insurance 106 N. Hroadway Read Courier News Want Ads'.' 'astcuri/.cd Milk I'lione 71 CRAIG'S DAIRY

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