The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1937
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, • 1937 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS Star In Gridiron Game's Final Stand 1 ennessee-Oie Miss Game _0nc Of Final Battles Of Season ( • K\ HAKKY U$tAYSON NKA Scivice Sjioris Editor The 1931 football season is on its last Ifgs, but before it. bows out of tlie picture completely it offers no less tlian eight choice meetings for Dec. 4, which liave p,ll tlic earmarks of developing into real ball games. Leading'the pursuit- of lust.-jjasp urtdiron gestures is :tlie Southern California-U. C. L, A. contest in Los Angeles. say that tile tin- will 'fly when these two intercity rivals tie into each other, and although the Trojans still ' avs nursing (he after effects of "a bruising battle with Notre Diime, they rale a slight edge over th? ijclnns. It's doubtful that- Amby Sclilnl lerMvill he ready fov full time nclioii. but if he is it'll make Howard Jones' problem just that much rimpbr. And Dill Spaiikling's jusl 11 little more difficult. The alumni wolves have bren l"o«'linir all year and a victory for either outfit will go n long way towp.rd tjuietinR the pack. topers Hate an Edge Witli the action centered in Hie south and southwest we. linJ Manhattan, favored over Tulsa in nn inhr_ Atonal affair. The Jas- pcrs t'-f Dyed sonic high-powered foatbl|c'.'- earlier in the season and if they'regain n good share of their lost form they won't have taken the long train ride for nothing. San Francisco will put up a great tattle but Texas A. & M. lias loo jnurh balanced strength lor the '-Dens to held out very Ions. It should tc the Aygies from start to finish on Ui2 coast. Florida rules my call over Kentucky in a likely-looking upset. It'll be a battle between star backs all the way through, with Kentucky's Bob Davis on one .'.ami and the 'Gators' Walter Ma'yberry on the other. Diiquejnc probably will hnve trouble with, but should wind up defeating, Mississippi State in another IntersECliona! clash. Oregon travels southward for a game with Arizona and no doubt will bump.,pelL-rnell into a peck of trouble. Trie trouble in this case.,is rpslled I?fonl;o"Srri51anich, .Arizona lialfback'.j$j>o,JJf is said. : is one of the finest ball-carriers in the country. Lain Lt.uls tl!2 Way i Riee, to my way of thinking, deserves a slight edge over Southern Methodist, if cniy for tiie presence of the phenomenal sophomore. Ernie Lain, in Ihe Owls' hacklier. fn.lhc only otlier game of any consequence, Tennessee takes on Mississippi, and while it shapes up very close, I'm afraid the Volunteers' line is a bit too fast, ami Clieek Duncan and Bate Wood in the backfislci are a bit too slick. But if you haven't yet discovered that anything can happen in K .football game this might be just thevjilace where you'll learn. Grappler's Identity Re- I mains Mystery; Irishman Wins Over Jap "Thr Bat", hooded wrestler who promised to unmask the first time he lost a match in the local arena, remained incognito last niglil as he tool; the measure of Sid Marcus, (he flying Jew .from New York, in ;i rough and ready bout at the Lrgion arena. Marcus made a good, start toward compelling the Bat In unmask when lie look the first fnll in 15 minutes with kangaroo kicks ami flying hendlocks. but the mysterious one evened matters by takins the .second fall with a crab hold in live minutes. As a climax to the match the But. roughed his opponent until he •vas • Groggy then tUrew him over Ihe ropes. Marcus climbed back :nto the rinf! only to receive more C<ini"limenl before life Bat tumbled Yiim to the ringside Moor again. •I his lime Marcus was helped back in the ring by fans, but was too far gone lo realize what he was ticing. and the Bat won easily with a body pin in eight minutes. The match, was marred by continual roughing by the Bat despite the warnings of Floyd Byrd, who enacted the 'tole of referee. (n the preliminary between Sugl Hitgamnka of Japan ami Eddie Ma lone' of old County Kerry, the Irishman was triumphant, winning (wo .straight fails. He look the Jlrst In ten minutes with a step- over toe hold and the second in the Ennie length o,f lime with . a front ci-Qtcii and half nelson. Ha junaka gave a clever-exhibition, or , jii jit™ holds, but was considcr- V MS lighter than the Irish buster, wi:o also knew plonly of tricks. .13;j)hnnUs show nn authentic • records of having lived as long as man. in spite of (heir reputation for Jong life. Statistics Reveal Defensive Strength and Offensive Power BY J. p. FRIEND isiylliovlllo lilgli school's clilckU- saws, who wound up their 'fourth successive stuson without a defeat, except for tlint trt-sfntc title tnllli! with Columbus lost year, uwchcd ivlmoal, two miles through tUc Hues o[ ton opponents In scoring nn nvoriigc of 33.0 points n game. Holllng tip -115 yards against the PAGE Meredith, 36; / Homer Bealwrw; 30; Carl Hughes and Hugh Ilrir- bcrt, IB,' Eugene Hood,. Charles "Peck" Hardln, 7; Bill Godwin and Garland "Scaleybark" Moody, 6; Murrn y Thompson ami Lloyd "Tour" Wise, .1, Cut of 52 tries the Chicks converted 25 times for extra points. Motley Closes Season With .500 Aerial Average' UNIVERSITY, Ala.. NOV. 30.- Heky Moslty, Alabama's flashy, sopli lialfbock. completed the 1037 season with it batting average of nn even ,000 in passing. Mosloy- completed 13 throws In • 26 attempts. Thrilrit Uunk line wilroad in Florida was conrtructed betwetn Cedar Key ano; F«m«ndin». Harvey BWwart Dr. F, A.-Robimo STEWART-ROBINSON 8uc<**Jj Cllf ' . .We Specialize ,in M«dlchinl Wine' <to Manors 20H W. Main Phone 20 . Ollie Cordill is expected to lug plenty of leather against SoWhc rn Mcthcdlst at KousUn as Hie 1931 football season has its >rvsl ga.sp. tec. 4. Boyd Brumbaugh will run. pass, and kick for Uuqucsno against Mississippi Slate .at Stnle Co\iee<f, Miss. Dick Vitck directs. Texas A. & M. against the University of Eaji Francisco. Grenville Uiisclcll. sophomore fiiiartcrback, plan:; li contribute toward .some -n\- vaging in Southern California's neighborhood row with U. C. L A. in Die Los Angeles Cclisettm... Check Eunci- lor Tennessee against Mississippi at Knoxvillc as he appears in tno picture on the hop-is to run as wild The By J. P. Friena Despite the loss of -.lie lies. He saw the ]935 item at their back . great Byron "Ripper" Walker, best against Jonesboro In' whloli | will have Oneil Craig, Max Hutcliins. Joe they camr from behind a 0-0 scorel backficld T-V T» i Bartholomew, et .«],. the funs win easily. 32-9. . . It was his JLJOpC iJllClCCt cr:tly looked for a possible chum-: firm conviction that this is ''the '' pic-nslvip team, whether they madil hctttr team. . . . What do you it known or not. . . Personally, I think? :'-.' —aOo— , ..; .' _ ,, : , - ---• •!. They've coined n new 'nickname Kmij.Fcotbali has stepped down I and Jonesboro might throw n mon- for Hersrhel Motley . First It ihc iden was net entirfly foreign! At first we figured that Hope! frcm his reyal thrcne after an ox-jkfy wrench into the high gear. ..'was Herkcy ' ' ' Now it Is "Mous- -.iiing Ihi'ic montlis' reign . . JNow that the season is history,' er" . . ., Some of the big teams Ecmehow. we are sorry . .-. It «'c vividly recall a pro-season; In the slnlc are going lo' be hcs teen a great season . . . The statement by Dildy . . . Appear- j romcwhat l n MIC same shape as Juniors under Coach James Ace ing before the Chickasaw Club, 1 the Chicks after the sheepskin has Puckctl liad u successful season! the big head coach said Ihs "m:i- ! inken Its'toll after cur in which they failed to Even sccrc in dropping three . . The Chiekasaws pre- their two great coaches. Hope loses omcs scnted Joe Cikly and Mitchell Best, with.spoke, their fourth consecutive regular :cason without a. defeat. . . Their tsrial was out there and if we'Ihe entire line, and'backs VBSCO don't produce n winner then you Bright and. Asiln . . . Ten let- can blame it on us." . . . Ap- j tennen wound up their prep ca.- pcars lhat he knew ol what heircers with th? Pine Bluff'Zebras only five were regulars,, both '.O yi ;gam&5,i,without a less or a tie Tfin-their';; string to' 38 in which the'x'.havc' scored 1,454 .to only 163 . •, ,,._The on the record fas that memoriable post-season same in Memphis last year . . . It Is now interesting history how —oOo— C'onch Cur.: C'oleiimn lo replace his entire St. Mary's of San Antoiilc. TCJJKS, in three years IMS traveled Ihe distance around tile plcbe in fulfilling athlsllc cngagemenls ... 24 stales and 2 foreign countries have been touched and Iravsrsed . . . Llttls Frank Bridges, who won 2 Southwest conference titles at Bnylor University, nnd was the tutor of Ted Lyons, great White Six pitcher. Is their ccach They worked out here twice cnrouto to the Best Incidentally, two Arkansas boys nre captains Fann here arc anxiously waiting for pec. 11 when the Big 15 meets In^IdltjL Reck . . . Zeke Boiiurti, Clilcagb lint bnscman, consumes iBs, 'nmisdtiy nlRht In tho nnnle. Ihe Chicks gullied 3,087 yards by rushing, They have averaged bettor Ulan K3 yards from scrimmage roch game, nnd lost only 228 y«rU<i rushing In the 491 times they carried the bnll. The Ohlck backs lira-aged G.3 yards every time they ran from scrimmage. Blylhevllle can claim one of the greatest defensive nml offensive records of the year or In addition to scoring 331 points In the ten games Hie Mnroou Maulcru held their opponents to 30. 01 less than 4 II Knrue'. Such teams as Hope,. Hot Springs, r-mago«ld, Plggott, Walnut Ridge, tenrey could not .-.core on tne Oildymen. North Little Rock, Greenwood, Miss., Jonesboro and Forrest City were Ihe only teams to cross the Chickasaw son! line this sensoh. Worth tittle Rock and Greenwood each Ecoreil two touchdowns, one of (lie ' Mississlppiaii scores i\s a icr.ult of a pass. Forrest City's lona murker ciiine via the ulr. AmotsliiR 175 first downs iiml iniiklne 89!) yards du forward passes, Ihc Chicks helil the opposition to n nut (J1U yards from 'ccrlmmngc. Tlic 1 ten opponents advanced 040 yiirtls rushing, but enemy bnck.i were tossed for losses of '270 yards, Clikk rivals gained Oil yards on paescs nml only 70 first downs. Fullback LeRoy "Bronco" Brown led in Ihe Individual licorlng. His 7.1 points consisted of 0 touchdowns and 10 extra points. Dnu Warrliiiiton, rleht end, was liicoml 'with 48 points, cr 8 touchdowns, followed by James "Bab" Roberts, end, and Russell Mosley, left hull; each with 42 points, other scores Included: Captain Alfred "Slick" ModMn St'tlbblln* Decried LANCASTER, .Pa. tUP)-charles E. Luuscli, 65, deplored tile handwriting of the 'present day on his t, ' after three decades service In the local postorfice, no aid moderns sacrificed good hand- •vrUIng for speed. Apples rontalu about 82,6 per CIH water. (ANT-ADS skin's' Of the four teams which do you rate the best? , . . Tills question has b!cn heard several times:. . . As we see it, and it Is'strictly a 1 mailer of opinion and yours is nsj need as mine, the question in- cmis. center., quarterback anj fujl-1 luiwnas instead ol spag'.ietli. volves tut two teams. Tbc 1935 outfit and the current elev- | the Lee High Generals of Colum- e n. . . . Thosr long runs of the bus, Miss, turned back the Ma- great Hcrschel Mosley Hi; MauHrs without a score,! bug heaves to Gene Blackwell airing a lene touchdown and add- [ and Red Baxter are as clear n'; Ing the extra point. .- . It is too }f (), P y (V crr j''dr.y Instead of tad that the Clucks were prs- two years ago. . . . That final game against Mcssick the picture of Mose lateraling hack lo his 'livmcn as a fitting gesture rc- "entetl by rules of the A.A.A. to take part in Ihe Commercial Appeal program again this y;ar. . . Have a hunch thnt the ssecial' mains clear, incentive of revenge would be an impcrtant factor that financial gain We could It help no little toward financing the HEW stadium if and when th'e final okay Is given . . . . All can be done now is sit anrt dream of what might have been . . . Cnn appreciate better That tlic guy meant when lie •.vrote something about the "thorns with the roses.'' —oOo— The Chicks, infliudually and col- '.cetivcly, deserve all tlic honors iliat can be heaped on them . . . Ihcy Jiavo fought a good figiit . . . They have run a good race • . . And we must not forget to cffcr our congrats to Coachos Jce Dildy and Mitchell Best foi their Stirling part in the successful drive. ... A story ' of heir success coutcl tc aptly titled "coining from behind Ihe 8 bull in one season" .... If two guy* were ever behind Ihe well known 3 tall Dildy and Best were . . . EucceEdine Carney Laslic who had tutcred Ihc Marcon Maulcre lo 28 coirstcutive victories without a tic :r defeat to mar In three seasons, much was especUd of them of Walnut nidge. . The 97-0 rout Messick's f5-C smothering . . . That great team teorcil 511 points la but 35, and 2& were made by Forrest City, !> ty Jcnesfcoro. . . Despite all thnt we Jdnda lean toward ;ha 11)37 edltiorf of the Marcon Machine. While it may lack seme nf Ihc power of the '35 . gregation. it has more balance and poise. . . This year's team is ens without a single outstanding star . . . All nr; important cogs in cr.r pclcnt machine, one that likely did not extend itself at .'.II throughout the year . . . Appeared lo te a clutch club, vising lo greatest hfi^hts under pressure. . . . There is Iltllc doubt that they could have scored it least 100 points more if Dildy had desired Ben Epstein tnun at perhaps their flattest ami praised them for their pDKsibili- Wanted Pecans Highest Prices Paid WOLF ARIAN I2S K. Main Phone I7(i ALWAYS The (nee o( DKAN CORNWKU, Pfttlit^ilrl.fmfrftn lttm,i,,r,r P.iJJitcr of die odrlir.iic;! murals in tlic bis Angeles library. Mr. tlornwcll's (inim.ilici.'iiisUYiliotisintlic Ct>ttnif>olilaii ;irc one cf its delightful fculmcs. 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