The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1937
Page 4
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tr FOUB <-THE BLYTHEVILLfc COURIER NEWS : " THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINE8, Publisher Sole National Advertising Representatives: Dallies, Inc., New York. Chicago, t>2- , St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class inalcr »'. the post office at BlytheviHe Arkansas, under act of Coiigrfss, October 0, 191f. Served by Hie -United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES - By carrier in the City of Blythcville, Ific per week, or 65c per month. By mail, within a radius of 50 miles. $3,00 per year; $1.50 for six months, 75c for three months; ' by mail in postal zones two lo six, Inclusive. $6.50 per year; in zones seven and eight ,$10.00 per year, payable in advance. How Glamor f Rates* In Gctnw of Romance J •.-:,. After a number of dizzy years in which the American girl was urtf<-"l .by one and all to be a glamorous cross between. Cleopatra and Marleiie Diel- L rich, it is comforting to see at least one of her advisers; come out with Uw slatcmeiit that she oiijrht to forj?el about glamor and concentrate on bc- 5i)K a g66A cs'K- Thi.s sago advice is found in tin; Jiew magazine, • "You." "You" ccnii)Iains thill Hollywood hits made American women glamot(-co.'.(- • scions and that the result is pretty bad. For .while the benighted malt; may like to sniff wistfully around the edges of glamor, when he is looking for steady company he is apt to choose someone who is down on what he like':; to think of as his own level. "All right, go ahead and be glamorous," says the magazine acidly. "But ~d<m't~bc surprised if. some imi.ssy- haired, shiny-faced, too-plump damsel walks off with your man." That, of course, is precisely what rmissy-liaired, too-plump damsels have been doing since time began. But bewildered womankind may take a little comfort from the fact that the samo tiling works the other way? too. The man who has taken pains to become a perfect image of Robert Taylor usually wakes up to see the girl of Ins choice casting a landslide vote W some thin-chested. lad- in ! spectacles. / The tnith of the jiiattcr'is -that; i| ".t this djjzy: game bcbve'en );(% .-iqps neither side really wants wlint' it thinks it wants. Man in his blindness may bow down before some imposing female with lacquered hair and sculptured features; when lie is wife-hunting he does have -:ense enough to think of more earthly things. Can the gal cook? Can I vm- la\ and be myself with her around? What is she going to be like to com< home to, after a day in which she has done the washing, ministered to a teething baby, had the (ire go out on her and stumbled across those letters I got from that girl in college live years ago? Ami woman is equally practical when actual wedlock looms in the offing. Shu knows without being | 0 ),| (hat no matter how handsome a man may lie he is going to lock like the old Ned anyway when he stumbles out of bed, unshaven and tousled, at 7 of a win-' 3UT OUli WAY lev morning, clad Jii outing lliuinel pajamas, grunting testily that he can't mid a clean shirt. A perfect profile doesn't help nuifh if the man who is making a home for you is a light-wad, 'a grouch, or a philanderer. So the movie-idol type usually gets left at the post; which is just another way of saying that we do have a little bit more sense than \Vc get credit for having. We manage to compromise with our day-dreams. We don't discard them entirely, perhaps; we get them out now and then, and east ourselves in lok'.s of high romance, .•mil Imve a line time of it for a while. But in the (•ml ive realixe that this is a workaday world and that it has some pretty bad bumps for people who fail to iv\- .themselves? accordingly. All tlw. Way. On Taxes Carter Glass is sponsoring it Inv: aimed to give the government some of the income which it now loses through lax-e.xeinpi bonds. His plan calls for an increase in taxes of a man who holds such bonds; more ex-/ iictly, it would require such a man to' pay surtaxes on his total income, including interest Jrom tax-exempt bonds. This would considerably inc'rease the flow of revenue to the government, and •would provide a neat and painless method of getting nt least part way around the lax-exempts. JJ«l while we are about it, why not RO all the way and eliminate the lax- exempts entirely? That would lake a constitutional amendment, to be sure; but the job would be done once and for all, and it would be done, right. If we arc going to tackle the problem at all we might as well go all the wav with it. ' Dictators The National Youth Administration has done a good deal to help young people who were.cast adrift-by the de- ._.l>rcssion. Its v.a'lnc as a defense '"against the peril of dictatorship l m generally been overlooked; but that it plays a useful role in that regard is indicated by speeches at a recent regional conference of NYA s«pei-\-i- sor.s in Cleveland. . 1>. Henry U. Cusch of Cleveland College pointed out that unemployed and dissatisfied youth constitute the most fertile lield a wouKl-bc dictator can cultivate. If such a leader can tokc young people, give them nni- Icrms and a program, promise them job:; and make Ihein feel that they are part of a great cause, his battle is half won. F or youth, warns ]>. lUisch, "will not .sit around forever waiting for something to turn tip." H is by removing youth from the danger of this kind O f exploitation that Hie National Youth -Administralio!) pi-rfonn.s one of its greatest services. By Williams _BbYTHEVILLE. (ARK.)' COUR!EU V NEWS SIDE GLANCES By George Clark) TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1937 CAST <tl' < IHH.10TKHS II 0 ill.; n T KAllllv—»eto, «- pivfer. ' I- A S E — heroine. &V OR£N ARNOLD, Copyright 1937, of tt ud tot "Listen IJoctor. we're' afraid'he has swallowed (he pair, that tells what to do if he, should swallow sowrthin?" THIS CURIOUS WORLD % AWRIGHT, 1H' 8/JTTEfi IS COLD-BUT WHY GET OUT A BOWL AM 1 SPOOM WHEN OWW GOMMA EAT BREAD OS/PT/AN SHOW US THAT CARPS7S WERE BEING MADE AT LEAST MAN COUL.D BUILD STRUCTURES AS HIGH AS HE WORKED WITH THE AND SKIu_ OP THE TERMITE./ VfUlcrdiiyi E.x|ilimi<I<in niu'lciit iiueblim lj,. B l,,.. llol. mill ni,,r> AU.ll,» n mn^ In-Kin* loi>. Hub Jind called irr bluer iitl name! SETTLED IM /WVERJCA PROM BOTH THE ATLAM-HC AMD SHORES. tQF». mi trmt seance..:«. n-7.. NEXT: Hew many eyelids lias a bird? Cause* of Irksome May Lie in 'lhl< is Ihc eighth hi a series by Dr. Plslifcein in wlrlch be deals wild Ihc hair, ih nilmculs and it.^ care. I N't. 384) BV ))K. .MORRIS fl8liR|;r\ F.djldi. Journal cf the ilirai A-Jorialion. an* «r (lie Ilranit Maga7.ine THAT'S TO EAT TH' BREAD AM' BUTTER, WHEM I GET IT BUTTERED.' Excess Hair Bji.sie Bod y ^iiaiioy^ ; Ihe excess urowlh '•( hair is associated with ylaii(liil;ir contlilion.s H Is nol. however, possible to say In every case exactly \vl:ich glaiuts »re not functioning correctly nr i which may l )c fiinctioning exccs- ! uvely. ; Neither is it pon>ible in many , instances lo do anything rer y much about it m far as the Ircat- ment of (he eland', is CHAPTER IX CMALL logs had been used in building the ceilings of Deft ,ance Castle. Most of them had crumbled and rotted, but Dr Barry was able to get a fairlj solid cross section of one. He slud ied it intently. "As near ns I can tell, studying the rings with this pocket glass, Ihis fhing dates back about 1200 years," he told the others 'We'll lake it in for detailed analysis." 4 "ft all seems sort of—sacred doesn't i;?" 'Lissa was impressed with the old clan house and fortress. "Just imagine the people were once here, the busy days, the happiness, and everything!" Archaeology may be a "dead science from the schoolroom viewpoint; it ;/iay lack adventure in the library. But it lacks nothing in the field. Even Hades Jones and the muscular Holliman, uneducated in tht scholastic sense, felt the spell of exploration and helped with the preliminary measurements and surveys. No actual digging was attempted the first clay, but when the party descended toward nightfall, everyone was fatigued. Scott Holliman, remembering his bargain with Honey Bee, made an opportunity to begin his love campaign. ^He stayed near Mary Melissa on the walk to camp, managed to separate the two of (hem from the others. "Well, 'Lissa, how did you like the cliff house?" He began with high confidence. 'Lissa, astonished, -wondered if she^heard him correctly. She had been civil to the man heretofore, just as she would have been to a ianitor or gardener in New York. She had been impressed on her Irsl day in Blanco Canyon, when rlollimac rode the bucking horse, but he was hired as a workman. - at once, though, a new • thouglit struck her. Was Holli- ui. after all, a "mere' 1 workman? Wasn't he hired ralher to —Vr?t a ^^^^ Ployers and^rvaatt? Hades Jones We'll ne^ccmforS beds. You might make a chair or two, and a larger table, if you have a knack . -••- 'iitv.!.! itHllt!! IU i»e one of a scientific part}', on an equal footing with the oihers? Was had been accepted as a social equal, surely. And the West is famous for its - democracy, she knew. Holliman mistook her pause for shyness, and thought she was pleased at the compliment. "Anytime you want anything, 'Us:;., you just ask me, hunh?" Holiimni! was growing more confidential, assuming genuine intimacy. 'Lissa was furious, instantly. She would have turned to slap hir,i : and dqubtlejs Mr. Holliman ivould have received a classic bawling out from a lady with an excellent if refined choice of words. But Bob Barry chose that moment to turn back and call to icr. r "That hammer still has me wor-' ned," Bob repeated, waiting for Melissa and Holliman to catch up vilh him. "I can't imagine why lie rawhide strip wasn't disinte-' grated, gone, with all (he years, t couldn't be more than a hundred or so." "Maybe Indians explored the cave, and dropped it." Mary Melissa forced herself to le calm. She welcomjb the in- erruption, really, until she could lavo time to think. After all, this larty of five persons had to live together for some weeks. "No," Bob answered, "It's not ndian make. Not like the wea- ons of any tribes in the past few enturies, I'm sure. > They had a eftnite pattern for stone hammers, tomahawks and the like, "he grooves in this one, which eld the rawhide, were different, he shape was unique. And the awhide was strangely fresh!" He shook his head at the mys- ery. When supper was over that ight, talk about the castle was esumed. * t » had any suggestions. They had threshed it out be- ore, without results. When 9:30 ame the entire party went to bed. , for it. we weeks." may be here for Bob lingered at the breakfast table, sketching and making notes. He wanted a complete record of every move made on this expedition. Every piece of pottery, every bit of rock or artifact collected had to be properly classified ami labeled. Honey Bee brought him more coffee, then lingered. Melissa had gone riding. * * * «DAWB2" she ventured, hesitantly. She liad never addressed him .so intimately before, but he appeared not to notice. He looked up at her. ' "I hear you say," she went on, "how you give thee leg to learn door to cliff house." . At breakfast. Bob had already been up two hours, making entries ia his notebooks, and outlining worfc for the days 16 come. "First thing, Uncle Hades" he addressed the others, "You'd better take the pack mules ttf'ihe spring and bring back all' the water you can. Take it easy; It's a 12-mile x jaunt, you know. '•> "Holliman, I think you'd bitter cut some more poles and construct very valuable, if we could settle it. Most of the cliff dwellings explored heretofore had some sort of narrow stairway, cut in rocks usually, or augmented with ladders. This one showed no sign of such, you know." "Last night, in the dark, I take flashlight and gc back to castle. I know many Indian signs. I want to look carefully, after what you say after supper." "You went Eee? Alone? up again, Honey In the dark?" He was incredulous. ' "Yes. For you. I was not afraid. I know Indian people. Many of our signs are very very old. I look for sign of one long square; in another long square. It means door. Maybe you know." "Yes! Yes, the entrance sign! And—?" 'I find it. On Ihee castle rocks. I am sure. I think it show thea secret entrance to thee castle." Bob stood up, in his excitement. "L-Iook here. Honey Bee," he jabbed a finger at her, beaming, "Can you show it to me? Right away?" He gripped her arm, in quick thanks, as he passed her. Honey Bee smiled, and in that moment she was truly beautiful. But— "I'll get 'Lissa," Bob called. "Well go right up with you." " Slowly the Indian girl's exprcs- 1 sion; chartged. It was almost "supernatural, ' for 'the i; scowl' 'that grew, in "place of the smile,-was^ deep with pain, tainted with. Hunter Tells Of Close Call In Bee Attsck as \vider and more permaneiit bunks spiritual venom. . Be Continued) ROCK ISLAND _ bees are as dangerous as any four- rooted animal in the wilds of Africa, according to Dr. and. Mrs Anton Kmitson of Reynolds, who several of the porters began slapping at them, and they attacked in force. "I" ft few minutes," Kimtsou HI. (UP)—Wild rfutl - " thc a'"' became a raging mass of thousands of bees. "I was unable to outrun them KI-..I began crawling 011 my hanos ,- „„.,.„,„..,, ,,L,u. allc;l knees. I flung my safari coat recently returned from a hunting | cv=r "Mf head and crushed the trip through tjic "dark continent.", i becs '» hundreds, (jut was so sc- The couple made this revelation i vcl ' elv S '"»B I fell unconscious and at a fete .given by triends follow- ' lil - v °" tfcc ground for about' two Miff their return from a two-' h ° ur s-" months hiinliinr *.\.-Tirt^j*;^i. ... Thin ktn E* lie was dead tltc na- not approach, Knutson after he came to his expedition months Kenya province. Although h ( . Matt dropped a urging lion seven feet from, the of-his gun and hud barely sidestepped a raging young elephant bull, tt:c physician said he never was nearer rtcath than when attacked by thousands O f jees. Kmitson said the "liec bailie" occurred nrar thr. ma of a 'day's hunt as lie ami ! ; is\.safari we're making their way back to camp through a swamp. The tees became irritated when lives did but , ienses several returned ana took him to camp. . He hovered near death for a but continual nursing by , , '' wr ' cr *'? :d llim ' wild , mlt£on -"id he had about 50 «»« tee strngs on his left ham! and more than 200 on liis forearm. He even l;ad n few inside Ills mouth. Firemen Hokt Blaziug Shack LANCASTER. Mo. (UP)—When firemen failod r lo get water to a burning pump IIOUKC roof litre, they took the structure to the water by lifting the small building off the pump and rushing it to a reservoir. Gold Under Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA (0P)_Philadel- phians walk around oa $10.0(10.000 in unclaimed gold, but it doesn't, bcther them very miicli. The cost of procuring it from the 15-Ioot vein of clay in which il lies would far cxceert the value of the metal. Soldiers Builrf Big Radio HAMILTON FIELD, Cnl. iUP>— Built entirely by two U. S. Antiy soldiers, a powerful SCO-watt amateur radio .station, capable of short wave transmission tu anywhere in the world, is Hearing completion lieic. Thn United States has thf largest number of miles of hard surface roads in the world. n is icportcd that in Aljjem olive oil sometimes is itfcri to Itt- hricate motor cars. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople MY MATTRESS IS OKAY BUT TH' PISMMET THAT i PULU UP TO MV CHIW 'FOR A STRAWS ALL-TH' HEAT OUTOFTH' AIR AMP 3UST LETS TH' ICICLES COME THROUGH.' HM-.M-— ! IP VOL! TWO HOTHOUSE GfcRAMIUMS ARE AFRAJD OP PRO5T- BlT£, WHY POM'T YOU AM ARcSUMENJT AUD GET UP 5OAA&: •STEAM all "I n-omcii Is more likely lo orcur ""' :>flcr tliey have parrel K, of ago. II. occurs also oc- iHMonally In early womanhood A young pii-i ,vilii n»c hair on her luce may (rent the matter llgttlv I.. 1 '?.'" "Wrancc otherwise Is al- however. Die Hair is (lark in "•lor and is associated with ,-, Of tllC iitilll. ;:|1 C ni:,v rxposure ( o j]- c will(( 0> . (Q lh( , -.tin may be responsible for cxccs- Mve growth of hair hut here again Here Is no evidence that these lactors arc Important. NEXT: Ileus liair. Hcniovin Hrilisli Toy Rush On LONDON <Uf>i-m factories nil depends, of normal. ^,,. rcu There SC ems to be no doubt that lo IW A GLACIER WHEN r WOKE UP T VA/A-S . SWEATIMG ICE CUBES t OVEKiWG THEM WITH A WET BLAI ' " !i ' ! ' S ilc '"'' y ^ nnother gw ,|. :u iv»icc °' l " C BrllWl -J

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