The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1935
Page 6
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Cancel (Afiu.) COTJRrtlft N2vP rry Hopes of Highly Rated Cleveland Hughes, Bergcr Likened To Turner and Lajoie; Field Contested nv HARRY nitAvsox . NEA Service Sports [Mllor NEW CHILEANS, March 29.— Those who suspect that Cleveland's psnnaiit'lippjs were 'amputated with Bill Knickerbocker's appsjidix .'invc not been In'New Orleans. Down here they say that it WHS only a.question of.ilme mail Ray Hughes replaced Knlck at shortstop, anyway. They take into con. slderatlon that Knickerbocker Is one of the. great stars of baseball, too Knickerbocker! Why, they go all t!ie way bock ID Cotlontop Turner aha Ray .Chapman in describing Huenc.s. And to Turner and Napoleon Lajoie, chapman anil Bill •Wambiganss ' ;n ;,nailing a prelty picture of Hughes and no/y Merger, Cleveland's new second combination. "I,' knew •.something would hap: pen. to poor Knickerbocker," soys Buzz wetze), bead of the Indians' subsidiary in Zaiiesville, o., who tenlnomg the B( nr. Inllclder of l)i« Olevebiml Indians, mil Kn boctar. who rocmly ,,xs opoulo.t on lor an :e ,ullclti s , i, u," I ml confronts Uoy m,g>«, above, rookio .shortsto,,. ,,o,y ie .rlKht, second welter, will ,e,,m „„ will, Hll8hM (0 tmm \ ,, keystone combination In the Indians' Inner defense. lectors, on- nftcr a Job bcliinil the "re 13111 Ui-ciiffi], from bat. Cleveland." Hughes' is a fighter, and has the habit of making spdrkllnj plays In tight. sjioLs. out of the amateur •ranks Just, two years, the 22-year- old Cincinnati Irishman is an excellent base runner. Billy Evans ./general manager or: the dub. says' hes ; thc.bsst in this respect on the team, .and his backers clown here arc saying that Knickerbocker n t nit: best, can't field with HughV ransos City; Kob Clartark. ohtain- ' m To/ecIO; and Charlie CJeonitv from N<;W Orleans. Nebraska Farmer Planted His Own Tree Belt ELK CITY, Neb. (UP)-Ilarol(l Biletho, Ell! City farmer, got Hie Jump on the government shelter oelt cxperls and planted his own >, II(lbronk I" '832, He has proved HclT's Sol'i R Pharmacy <>!' >, '"" n «ecr Sure Hell Stick Berger Ihe other half of the r™ .I*' 0 " * a ""' fellott fr «H from he UnUersltj of Marjland He hit 312 last reason will, the Pelicans and riro\e m si is exceptional!} fast with the Indians labeled 'or a cur\e , (recs wi " survive In winri- IJioy arc esi. can't fleltl with mights i. ' s wul slim . younjstsr's swatting is n ^bit in Ncbr "ska If ragged, although he hit .350 at one e " cnrer !" "Mention, e •stage last.s;a.sqn with New Or™9 1 ' """ flntsll " ii Bitn a m ^ of , most adverse conditions. ven under Ihe Bu th» planted i mis He xnirt trial "a sucker 3 lo h|t thcm »• *'» not In Maich IQO Chines* elm oln-s and 100 missltm iiiuluerrlcs The ground was plowed bjforehand mid then disced and hairovied lo re'ain thi moisture Uuelh- crptoln ed Tlie trees were planted In a rght angle on the north nnd «esl sides of the Buelbc farm buildings In rcms 12 feet apstt Buethe said most of his plant- Ing..siirvive(l and nlTorded im effective windbreak which is cvnect- " "•"'""*> ed to increase i,, value as the tre-s U " flss " Ialc "grow Hell's Pharmacy wns accepted as ii nicmhor of the Coiiimerelnl soft bnll league ut a mcctlni; last night, rcplaclnij Terry's stale' line service station which had withdrawn us n team sponsor. j Officials of llic league also veiled for a split season iiQnln this year ami decided that (he winners of each half of the race meet in for the a seven gnma play-off series Ihe league championship at or (he season. Battery's Lust Survivor Brail MANSFIELD, O. (UP)-Abraham Msers. 92, believed to be the last Miivlvor of (be first Ohio Independent ballcry which scrvcrl In the! War, is dead. Myers fought'. in the battle of Antlelaui an:l By Harry Gray son UII.OXJ, Mlw., March '28. - Rniindlng' the bases with tin,, Washington Senators— I Fred Srimltp, In center Held,' Is 1 the mily Washington regnlfii ihmUened, with loss of his Job . Alvln Uake) Powell, who second hitler in the Jn- illonal League last season nilli an average .of .:i5(j, is the onndiilate . . . Powell was .scout... oh Washington .sandlots by Joe Kugol and Clark ariffith himself . . , Although a. right-handed hit- ler, Powell has fashioned his style after thai of Golden Goose Gos- lln so well that they call him "Little" . . . lie resembles Cicslln, physically, too, even to the proboscis. . . . Southpaw Bob Burke, the perennial recruit, Is to open the season as u. starting pitcher. . . . Earl Whitehlll still •Is the No. I Washing ton pitcher. I. . . Present, plans call for Monte j Weaver and Bump Hadley to be j UK; other members of the Big Foil i 1 . . . . Joe Engel says thai Sydney Cohen, left-handed pitiii- . brother of 'Aivly,'the Inflelrter formerly with the New York Oliints, had no peer In the South- iem A5.soelatJo)i toward Ihe em! of the 1034 ciimpalgn. ... Ed Ilnke says Clark Griffith refused jto pay SHOO which he declares he spent on his arm during the winter . . . This didn't exactly make :> nil with Unkc . . . The nnti appears all right, by the way. A linokie ut 29! Another minor league veteran is making his big league debut with the Senators this spring . . . I'cttll, u rather small southpaw says he is 29, but looks more like j35 ... He has been In Hie mln- jor.s for nine years, arid' comes up on the strength of winning 94 games while losing 38. for Chattanooga since 1929 . . . Like Carl Hubbell and Frank Lnmanskc, who is being given the. once-over by the Brooklyn Dodgers, Pollit throws a screw ball. . . . Clark Griffilh •FRIDAY, MABCH 29. 3535 s Corner BY ART KRENZ' SOUTHZRH CALIFORNIA .SWIMMER. KE IB OVI'^R I'refMt Sels Wine 1'rolll PARIS. (UPI ~ starling n NCU ii,/. fro'w h. ni ', lhe ha » ds ™" chap irom Wash'nglon is llkch to see tor some time and the Indians tnoundsters a re g,,ing him pie, u to suing at down here His onl} fielding fault Is in con»» ro]Iers W( at him Tnis he attribut», to ln \ In- his eye ofr n lc bftll j , k } " peek at the n,nn«r Thk s not mnrTT "i Ut M *°"* h ™*« c mirkable shortslop as Jo» Pro«in MS unable to «£«' it ,,nl° h last couple of jears I» regard to his reported Meik J^Wm.t c«r,e WI pitches tmn lS Jl ' St onc of •ons , jmm. pia ser s an , s •ojnio.* out of the opposition 5 Ciirvebnll pitchers don t bother r« ' "IT tni " r-u ' b ^" P'tch crs or pitchers of am other tin? ns a matter of fact ^ ut ^u,"* recc »l. exhibition game with out'ii tr 10 " Jack »•"«« -I™K M acl " c 1Ild »w«I ca League than While Just I a niorkcyc PFNCC II i (UP) _ iving a borrowed iiiHomo- o- Prank Sousa trashed throiHi dropping JO rcU Princet«)n~Stnr Held in fhefe '.''(chins of the Best " con « dc " have u . -er nes string berth. n others In «amp wearing chest lP ra- tl e .am;,,n n , in "f" IS -' wl - Starling „ New m. Lincoln was' ' I'™* 1 '"'" of his own, the Pre, of - n 'decree •intended to nre- cmdc prontcering i,, u .j,, s by niid- iaiitl on this bask he order^Ttifat Ihe Bro s S 1)ron t nn .„ ljte| . Qf (ab)c wine should not exceed four cents; predicts Archie Schrivener, a none (Co large left-humler wlio hurled for George Washington University ycnr ago be the most ac- , - complished pitcher in the American League in .two years. . . . The heart literally wns knocked out of Al Tliotnns . . . the right-imfirter from Baltimore has been a prob- over tern child since he was hit heart by » batted ball winning eight straight' last season^ Thcre Is a' little irony in Bollon'sj Whitehill arc spot pitchers. ...... Johnny Ken- i fdM 1 . A cfi/>Anrl rvi- H\ii-,i ,-t •*',*•.,. ,*~^~ * . . « _ . ~ . . „ ____ i- _ n. ._. . . A second or third string catcher with the fienator.s lO'lO, lliere u'a. 1 ; every jni thai he would be Ihe No. i years. ciger, Jo? Cronln. gone, is listed as a . * I. . . rreii aingion, who .was nn All-America lacklc at Alalwmu packs a punch at the. plate. Inn. . _ . Buddy coach, although nc declare.-} he since : Myer has been nnmeil caplaiu of s "" ls r - m "Jor lensue infijlder. inibKilioji ll'» Senators. . . . Ileinie Man- 1 •.,:•.• ^l 0 ' 1 sll '3 ton , wlio wns .... .. — ..„. . man hns abnormiilly short nrms this season . . . But up bobs Jim for a player of his size, which ac- f acks n |)lln( Holbrook to give him a battle . . . : foiinls for his comparatively poor . ol « ricltlin ff is donbtfnl . . . Holbrook is described as the best-1 ""owin«. . . . Dump Hadley is Sm Blon we: "' s llij; highly decorated looking backstop to come oul of , lnc man In camp . . . All - Al »clKi jersey in amp. the Southern Association In 10 Tllc reason is his escape from the St. Louis Browns. . . . The work " ' ' l° r Jack Redmond, up from Birmingham, has been impressive, but the Los Angeles boy catcher probably \vil! be sent out. due to Ihc fact Harris intends to carry 11 pitchers.' . . . Stewart and Stewart requires five days' rest i:iu'C8e Each' at Short O.ssie Blucge retunw 10 his lirst love, shorlstonplng, and natilos Lyn Lary anil Ue;l Kress lor Ih- post. after being the American l-eague's ouistaii'lin man tor 11 years !;aps'js the :in(in ihc game . . him off third third bn.=e- • . Bluegc per- it'it utility infielder . . Cecil Travis ran base. .... There Plinnp Md. Do>> ur • > -' lg!l 1 IMJllt- \JVt< Tav | spriice Night ' 1676'Providence attacked, by * : •;' . Indians. 1T90- Jb!™ Tyler. "ipft president of the United States '" born but little finnneinlly, by. hawing out Itist season. . . . Offered $4000, his [iay was pro-rated al $5M( after lie' reported ' in July . still Is uneasiness in regard lo Joe Kuril's ankle, ' ' • „„, season . . . AJ after I m °" still favors it, ... The leu (Johnny stone broke is as good With the playing man which was broken The first base-' FVance Flees with her son toBlois. born Princeton University war. shocked when Frank B. .lobn (aborei lonlliai: ft»r and (jigb ratikiiiK •cholar, was arrested utid 1«il«d on a charge of looHr,,- stadcjj' dorrnitorleB. For Moving & Transfer •JOHN RUCHAN'AN Wood & Coal GAS MILEAGE 13 4-10c SIII ' BR 72 ANTIKNOCK IS.flc Inc. Tax KEROSENE 8c TRIAL OFFER GALLON ANY AMOUNT GAL. I> 100% TRACTOR OIL With 250 Gallons Kerosene MARTIN OIL co. 1 Block North of Stop Light Stcelc, Mo. •Now l,oiMilc<l :il ini North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor All makrs of rehuill Typewriters-, Adding Machines and Cal- culators—licpairini; — Parts — Itiblions 'ONE GROUP SPRING SUITS CHOICE $ 14 .75 This ji-oup of suits represents an value. The colors ore light. The sizes are 36 to -10. The models arc plain nnd belted hack wain. Many of them with patch pockets. Ml< AD CLOTHING CO. Good News travels fast! Bad news used to have the reputation for speed. Bui such is the demand for lh c good things of life loday lhal good news travels oven faster. • Ihe carrier's of many of the good tidings that every one is eager to heat-are right before you. They are the advertisements in this newspaper. They bring good news aboul soap and cereals sedans and cigarettes. Good news for the housewife. Good news for the business man. Good news for every one who believes in comfort and happiness. Let an automobile maker in Detroit or an orange grower . in Florida develop a finer product. You will hear about it — not in a couple of years, not just "some time." The.whole new slory will be rushed to you nn the wings of the grcalcsl good-news service in the world—advertising. Advertisements arc filled with the kind of good words you like to find. They tell yojn of new products, new improvements in well- known merchandise,'ne\y_ya|ucs. and new ways to increase your well-being. And always they tell you not only where and how lo purchase goods of assured merit, but'also the way to be certain o. r obtaining 100 cents' worth of value for every dollar' you spend. Read them—and gel their good news regularly!

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