Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana on September 3, 1920 · 5
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Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana · 5

Lafayette, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 3, 1920
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THE LAFAYETTE JOURNAL COURIER. Friday Evening September 3, 1920. 5 PERSONAL AND SOCIETY NEWS j for Lac du flambeau. Wit in prt-i vate car No. 60, to be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. May, at tluir cottage there. They -will return home j next Wednesday. v N to!jnt ttibuV! to the prospective women voters of the nation nasi been spoken. hy Senator Frank B. Brandegwe, of Connecticut, eloquent because his words rinsr with the courasre and sincerity that distinguishes a statesman.. lie said, upon hearing the ratification news from Tennessee: "Both political "parties have been playing a game in the attempt to catch the woman vote. In my opinion they will both be fooled. The women will vote exactly as they please on the great issues before the country, as they ought to. They will align themselves between the parties according to thir convictions, and the artful politicians, who have been angling for-their votes will be disappointed." ', Women, are apt to besmuch better judges of men than men are of one another. Judging men is one of the most important tasks associated with the jb.xetci my for, sovereignty. What a candidate for office says is much mort" important than how . he says it or where. It is the courage to speak with. Kinqerity arid truth his honest convictions that counts most among thevoters, be they men or women, who are striving to support the candidate' for president, senator, congressman or etate or county office who will beat serve not the. selfish desires of individual constituents but the unself ish' aspirations for the common weal. A good strong vote on the part of the women today will contribute greatly to the cause of womanhood. The people have given them the vote. They should appreciate it by the right use of it. i Those opposed to women voting should understand it was given to them to elevate and purify the ballot. This is the basic fact with respect to suffrage. The people believed it would benefit the nation and the com m unity. The women should act In accordance with that opinion." They should vote because the ballot was intended to honor them. The women should not be fastidious or querulous about this matter. They were given the ballot ta improve it. If they don't accept it and use it, it will be a sign that they don't appreciate the confidence and trust imposed In them. The women of the future are to vote. They should start out well for the g-ood of the country, and now is the time. Let them recognize their citizenship today. It will be to their honor and praise. Go, and vote your high Ideals and common sense. ' ' - ' Personals act as an instructor in the high school this wniter. Louis Bromm has arrived In the Or. a". C - Dudley has returned I city from Kvansville, Ind., and will motor and spent a short Chicago before returning frcnr' a months vacation trip m Wisconsin and on the Tippecanoe. Miss ,': Ada - Baum, supervisor of miiHic in - the - Kmporia college at Kmporia, Kans.,' who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Antony Baum for several weeks, went to Chicago Thursday to visit her sister, Mrs. Herman Bookman, for a few days before going to Km-poria. Miss Baum was accompanied to Chicago by her little niece, Jane Baum, of Omnha, Neb. Miss Beatrice Jamison has gone to Plymouth, Ind., where she will re-enter Purdue university. Miss Josephine Duffy, of New York City, is a guest of her sister, Mrs. D. J. O'Connell. Mr. and Mrs. R. II. Lowe will leave Saturday for Bloomington, 111., where they will spend a week with Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Bchweiger. Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Thomas have returned home from a several weeks' visit in Texas Dr. and Mrs. A. C. Arnett and son Richard returned Thursday from a five weeks' visit In Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin. They made the 1 He Sees With Ease- S i n c e we fitted him with the proper glasses. It is supris-ing how many have defective vision and do not find it out until nature springs a real 'alarm. Have us examine your eyes and see if trouble exists. If it doesn't we'll be glad to tell you. No charge for examination. Gerry Mohlman Jeweler and Optometrist. 434 Main St. trip by- time in home. Jean, Jeannene and Jacques Du Fresne, who have been spending a few weeks on the Battle Ground camp grounds, returned to their home in Chicago Thursday. Mrs. Charles Q. Erisman, of South Eleventh street, has as her guest. Mis3 Helen Banister, of St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. L. W". Daugherty, f Indianapolis, will be the week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. William T. Chafee, of North Eighth street. Mrs. Maude Bowen, of Detroit, Mieh who has been here for the past two months as the guest of her sister, Mrs. Stella Paul, will return home Saturday. Miss Marie Atchison is a guest of Miss Anna Milroy, of Frankfort. Carl and Oscar Bromm returned to their home in Evansville Friday after a visit with their sister, Mrs. Henry V. Marshall, Jr, of Kossuth street. William Zimmerman spent Thursday in Frankfort on business." Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Norrla and daughter Ruth, of Frankfort, spent Thursday In this city. Miss Alice Aiken left Thursday for Chicago to visit relatives for ten days. Miss Aiken, who resides in New York City, will spend the winter with Mr. and Mrs. F. Aiken and attend school here. Edgar Robertson, of Brown street, is in Chicago for a short visit. R. R. Pinkerton, of Chicago, has arrived to visit friends in. the city. Floyd Chafee, of Chicago, has returned from Indianapolis and will resume his visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William T. Chafee, f North Eighth street. Carl Snyder, of this city, will spend the week end In Chicago. Miss Bertha Snyder will leave Saturday for Chicago, where she will spend the week end with friends. Miss Elizabeth Aiken has as her guests Miss Kate Dolson, of Frankfort, and Mr. and Mrs. George Davis, of Greensburg. Misses Mary C. and Catherine Stewart have returned to their home in Chicago after a visit with Miss Elizabeth Aiken. Mrs. W. C. Butz and son Gordon left for their home in Jamestown, N. Y., after a visit with Mrs. Butz's mether, Mrs. Daniel Ely, of South street. They were accompanied home by Miss Annabel Ely, who will make an extended visit in the east Miss Leland Parker has returned after a month's visit with her father, John Parker, at Fort Dodge, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob -TAWson, of Otterbeln, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lawson, of North Eighth street. Miss Dorothy Caldwell will leave Sunday for Cleveland, O., where ehe will be .an instructor in the Junior high school at Lakewood, a suburb of Cleveland. Mrs. Jule Truman, of Cincinnati street, will leave the last of the week for Fort Wayne to visit her sisters, Mrs. Charles Cassell and Miss Hannah Meyer. She will be gone a week. Weddings PAY TRIBUTE TO OXFOPiO COUPLE News of Colored People ATHEHTON-SIEGFRIED. The marriage of Russell G. Siegfried and Aelenc Atherton, of North Judson has been announced. The j bride is a member of Indiana I'ni- f versity chapter .of Delta Zeta. and t h hriUmnM ...1. . K,AMt-. of the English denartment at In-SIoru diana .university last year, is a member of the Acacia fraternity. Mr. Siegfried has taken a position as an instructor in English at Purdue university, and the couple will make their home in Mulberry. BENSON-COX. The marriage of Miss Gertrude S. Benson, daughter of Mrs. Clinton Taylor Benson, of Russell street, to Harry B. Cox has been annourced. The wedding took place in Battle Ground, August 21, and the Itv. Richard Pengilly performed the ceremony. The double ring service Rev. and Mrs. Y. f Trrc!1 m :', ; ieuve m st week f- r Indiana pht to attend the Bjj-tit asvua- Mion. Smith I Clarrm-e Moms, ct mi!h Mrvt. in very M at M r.orn. J Miss Cora Kelly mill Satur- j d a y for her borne in FUSr . ; J. P4. ' -. will be accompanied ty r.ujcene jllearn, of Sal-m street. ( Mr. Alex. Wa'Ver and ra;t- Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Pmith. of Ox- '.&r; h tt'twtft Mreet mill celebrated their golden wed-j Th, odd 'tiow 'a.n.1 membri f ding anniversary August 25. a fatn- tho Household of Ruth, r.l luiv a iiy reunion having been held. picnic Monday Murdork fur It. mar- I x"!,it,""fnls u " mus ni i m v,,Hn 1 id"ru.-e and dinner and lunrh ill Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Married Fifty Years and Children Are Present at Dinner and Eeunion. Women's Smart New Fall Brogue Oxfords Mr. and Mrs. Smith mere ried in 1ST0 at the George homestVai r Oxford! MrsEtta ?:Al.Vihi Vorhees, f Kansas, Is the only other person now living who attended the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are the parents of tiht children, six being present to help celebrate their anniversary, and it mas a day enjoyed by all. for the children hive long since gone into homes f their own. At high noon a regular wedding was used. The wedding was a quiet cast was served, li.e laoie one on account of the recent death beautiful with hand Panted place of the bride's father. Thf bride card3 and napkins of whhe and is emnWt.H t h, r... .,!, i gold. The center of the table mas tural experiment station and the gced by V :. i i , ! w r. 1 1 n H cf Liiursruuin is a salesman lor tne Leo Pottlitzer & Sons company. The young couple are at home at 206 Russell street, West Lafayette. Parties Cleo Raymond Seiters, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Seiters, of Park avenue, entertained nine f his little playmates Wednesday afternoon, in honor of his tenth birthday anniversary. Games mere played and dainty refreshments were served. Miss Verna Anderson, of Shadeland, niece of Mrs. Seiters, assisted her. ver.Urs will have an entertainment at ; the hall on Salem fctre-t. ! The National Asauoatmn for the 'Advancement of Colored People mi! (have a mass metin,r Tuesday nUht at Lincoln school. All members and ; friends are urced to be present. Sunday mii! be communion day at .Second Baptist chunh. Ser .- in ' the afternoon at 1 o'rSwk. Miss Stable McDonald, f Salmi street, mill visit In lndtarwha nnt j meek. Sunday, September II, mil! be a huge wedding cake f ... 'w-n-n ' ,,t i.,., -,ti white decorated with eight large h , ' . ., gold hearts for the children and j foIlowins Monday mght the m. rt- eigni small neuns iur mi kiwu' children and topped mlth Miss Thelma Ruth Bulkley, of Attica, was guest, of honor at a partv given by her cousin. Miss Helen Bergsma at her home, 1130 North Sixteenth street, Wednesday evening. Games mere enjoyed and Jack Wells and James Fulks entertained m ith some splendid musical selections. Those present were: Miss Helen Bergsma, Thelma Ruth Bulkley, Maxine Murphy, Kvalyn Bergsma, Mary Shipley, Margaret Hughes. Geo. Wooden, f gold candles in honor of the brides birthday. As the guests mere seated at the table two beautiful poem composed by Mrs. Olive Moore, f Kansas. In honor of the occasion, mere recited ty Thtlma Scott, a granddaughter, end Mrs. Minnie Dayfon. A prayer mas then offered to the Great Giver of good that He would give these dear old people many more years of health and happiness. The bride of fifty years wore ' a beautiful gray silk dress and the children mere all sure that mother never iookcu its loveiy iiuj , ago as she did that day. Mr. and Mrs. Smith received many beautiful presents, among them being forty-five dollars in gold. Those prese-S mere Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scott and two daughters, Iia and Thelma, f Oxford; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Ie Smith and daughter Catherine Iec, all f Dajton, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. laviile; Mrs. Chas Cflife mill h hnrncl An trtt.--rf seventy,",.. ,,i v i.' fig S. R. McKimaine In Kansas City this week. eisititis in Bites Grocer's Ear; j Judge Imposes Fine ll'y thr A ial-.J Ire l INDIANAPOLIS. Srd. S. Th Henry Scott, colored, $i f.r every bite he took n his grocer's car here recently. The jgdo threw In 30 days besides. The trouble started over the payment f a blil. . i. tajMW lmiii "I'lrmi ' 4 C-" , J l French euffraelst favor the surtax on single women as a.i bachelors. V.p,ls' Jamps Fulks, Luke Doctor and children. Dallas and Wells, William Reichards and Clar ence Smith. Refreshments were served at a late hour. A dance mill be given at Musicians' hall Saturday evening by the Royal Social club. Meredith; Mr. and Mrs. Cha. Tan-sey and Mrs. Minnie Lamson of ! Remington. Keep Your Blood Pure Nature Will Do the Rest Did you know that ninety per cent of all human ailments depend upon the condition of your .blood? Nature gives her warnings in various unmistakable ways, so that when the appetite fails, and you become m'eak and listless and a general run-down condition' seems to take possession of the whole body, it is an unfailing sign that impurities will steadily accumulate until your general health will be seriously affected. You should recognize the importance, therefore, of very promptly cleansing out the system, and keeping the blood supply pure .and robust. For this purpose, no remedy can equal S. S. S., the fine old blood purifier that has been in constant use for more than fifty years. Being made from the r"ts and herbs of the forests, it is purely vegetable, and contins no mineral substance. Get a bottle of S. S. S. at your drug store today, and note how promptly it builds up the appetite and gives new strength and vitality. Write for free literature and medical advice to' Chief Medical Adviser, 830 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga. The Indies' Aid society of Farmers' Institute Friends' church entertained their families at a wiener roast and marshmallow toast in the grove adjoining the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Swaynie, of Route H. Games were played and songs were sung around the bonilre. After the supper the ladies arranged a delightful program. In whicti all took part There m-ere twenty-seven guests present and ali had n most enjoyable time. Miss Edith Dana Weigle will arrive Friday from Chicago to visit her parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Weigle, of Highland avenue. I Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weinbrecht will leave Saturday for Chicago for la visit with their daughter, Mrs. ' Howard Lee. They will be accom panied by their granddaughter, Virginia Lee. . Prof, and Mrs. P. M. Allen and daughter. Jane, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Riedel, have returned from a five weeks' motor trip in the east. They m-ere accompanied home by Mrs. Aliens mother, Mrs. O. S. Knight, of Miami. Fla. Prof. Allen attended the National Convention of Dancing Masters, mhich was held at the Astor hotel in New York City and was elected vice-president of the national association. Prof. Allen was also special, teacher in aesthetic dancing and introduced a dance arranged by himself entitled "Maybells." He is planning to introduce some entirely new ball room dances in this city. Mrs. George V. Seeger and son, Kenneth, and Mrs. James Jordan, left Wednesday afternoon for a visit in Delaware City, Del., Philadelphia, and Atlantic City. They will be gone two meeks. Mrs. Frank B. Newhouse has gone to Indianapolis to visit friends. George Fachinger, Jr., has gone to Danville, 111., to visit friends and attend the I. & I. fair. ' Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Buggle left The Mimic Camp Fire girls delightfully surprised Miss Dorothy Murphy Wednesday evening at her home on Union street by giving her a party in honor of her blrthdav GRANVILLE Mr. and Mrs. Iambert Ilalsema and family visited relatives at Reynolds Sunday. .. .Mr, and Mrs. Neal Vaulk, of Montmorencl. were guests of Mrs. Ella Klaverenea and daughters. .. .Miss Josephine Mahtke Is visiting this meek mith her sister, Mrs. Fred Shellie. .. .Sabe Halserna and Cecil Eldrige. of Mo-non.' Is visiting this week mtth the former's parents. .. .Mr. and Mrs. Elton Campbell and daughters. Vera Sand Gayneile; Mr. and Mrs. Albeit Sandberg, J. D. Clarkson and Miss Dine, all of Lafayette, mere dinner guests of J. E. Clarkson and family Sunday. .. .Mrs. George Stover and Mrs. Otis Sandoe were callers of Mrs. Ed Johnson Tuesday. ... Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Stover and Miss nnivernrv Th vri I n ciina larKSon are in oanvuie. in.. .. iiu wvt-n, . . . m i , in music and dancing and dainty re freshments m-ere served. The guests departed wishing Miss Murphy many happy birthdays. Engagements Mrs. Laura Wise, of Jackson tomnship, announces the engagement of her daughter. Caroline Elizabeth, to James Alton Ray. of Detroit, Mich. The marriage will take place this month. and Mrs. James Campbell and daughter l.eah went to Crawfordsvllle Thursday . . . .Gor-, don Gay and Samuel Sidebottom are j visiting Ralph Thompson at Battle Ground this meek., ..Mr. and Mrs. Porter, f Kansas, are visiting their .daughter and husband. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Yuill Mrs. Charles Carte was at J. E. Clarkson's Thursday Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Stover are visiting relatives in Dakota. .. .The children of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Johnson are on the sick list. 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