The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1933
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i-: Served by the United Press EHTHEVI DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHBAfJT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 204 - D»Uy New- blyttoefUU Omntar. VUley LMdar. BlTtbnil}* ranld. HOME EDITION BI.YTHEVILLK.-ARKANSAS._SATUU|)AY. NOVKMBEK lli 1933 SINGLE COPIES F^E; CENTO WAR CLOUDS HANG 10W ON ARMISTICE DAY Dernonslratioa Most Im- nressive Blytheville Has Seen in Years. Officially ojioiiint; the American Legion's celebration of Armistice Day, approximately 2,000 persons this morning marched to the beat of drums and martial music in cue of the most impressive parades staged here in a number of years. * A few minutes before 11 o'clock Major Curtis J. Little, parade mar- thai, gave the order that started ihe Ion;; procession \vfstward dawn Main street where throngs of visitors from Northeast Arkansas and Southeast. Missouri lined the streets. Preceded by o motorcycle escort, Major Little and R. B. Stout, pa- >2de adjutant, headed the proces- rion astride two bis horses. They wac followed by Major Ivy W. Crawford and Lt. Charles Kramer, ulait, -and tile twenty piece Ken- I.L-U, Mo., band directed by Curtis Wilkison. Stecle Soldiers March The colors and color guard were followed by a detachment Iran Company "A," Hteele, a unit ol the Missouri National Guard, ;r.d Company "M" of Blytheville inarching in opjn order with port- machine The official guns. :uest car, driven by i.:rs. B. A. Bugg, and occupied by luinic-r Governor Charles !i. IJiDugh, Congressman W. J. Driv- ir. County Jiurjc Zal B. Harrison, Post Commander Ncill Heed and Mayor Cecil Shane was next. A hundred sx-seri'fe men, • Le- Munnaires and Auxiliary members, pi-ceded, a float upon which rode •--Mississippi:,county's five.. survivors ...,.• ' <ii "tlie" L'ohfederate army. NexlT"" 7 "' in order v.ere the American Legion' Auxiliary's fife corps, a float with: 1C young women representing luv.ns of this .wction in the beauty[ tcnlest for-the. title of "Miss; Northeast Arkansas-Southeast Mis- :ouri," the war mothers, the Lange Miss Margaret Cross Named ii Beauty Queen Mis Maraaict Cross, " liM-ville." was chosen "Miss Souih- .cst Missouri-Northeast Arkansas" .11 a beauty ?ctnpcUtton between l ie prettiest ijlrls from 15 towns ard cities in Iliis section this nf- tiriioon. Miss Maxlne Wallace, Wilson v.'ui MCOfid honors, and Miss Grace Dii'/enr-orl. Gosar-ll. and Mi-s tUz- z:e Stallinvs, Haytl. Mo., tied lor third place. 'Ihe judic;:. a man from Joner- Loro. a. nan from Jackson. Miss., and a woman trom Kansas City, Mo., judged by secret ballot. Miss Cress received two first and one r.ccnd decision. Miss Wallace received one first decision and the iwo girls who tied for third place were each gi«h second place by one judge. The contest, held at the city hall auditorium, before a packed house, one of the features of the Armistice day celebration, sponsored here today by the American I-egion. Miss cross had previously been chosen to represent this city in a competition sta-jed here earlier in the week in .vhich a number of heauties participated. Representatives of many of the other cities and towns had been cho.sen' in similar preliminary contests. The beauties paraded across the :tage before the judges and an enthusiastic audience. Announcement of the selection of Miss Cross as the reigning queen was greeted with a wave of applause. Announcement of the other winners followed. Memphis Girl Admits Killing Brother-in-Law • MEMPHIS. Nov. 11 <UP(--Policc' I announced today that Miss'Mar-j 1 guret 'Henly. 24, con rowed that sh Observations <;. K. iv- Praises War .Veterans for Recent Peace Time Sacrifices. Veterans of the world war were praised for accepting in good spirit the reductions in compensation i«;;id" under the economy act of the last congress by Charles Hillman Brough, World war "overnor ol Arkansas, who spoke from an crter balcony of ihe courthouse I'll'- nftTPOnn on the American Lr"ir.n's Armistice Day program. Thc former governor praised President Roosevelt as one who "alone can emancipate, the United States from the thralldom of depression" and appealed for united support for the national administration's recovery program. He declared, however, lhat adequate hospltalization and compensation for veterans are n debt that should he naicl. The address of Governor Brough, who v:as Introduced by Congressman W. J. Driver of Osceola, follows in part: "1 very deeply aopreclale the honor of the invitation extended by my brilliant young friend. Nelll Reed, the commander of your excellent post, Major Curlls Little, whom I had the honor of commissioning during the World war as a major, and other splendid Legionnaires, to deliver the Armistice Day address nt Blvthcville. and. as the World War Governor of our commonwealth, to pay my tribute of respect to the heroic j American boys who. from April C'h. inn. to November Itth. 1918. nlaced their bodies as living walls between the cause of human liberty and human democracy and ! the .central Teutonic^jiuepr^ who've dosrieratrtv to destroy"""(ill th- Weals of civilization. Lieneral Up- "Every centurv has been usher- - '- , n 1 ed in by a confli(;t : e v «7 age has to Did fondlM In her lap a hero; but It Cfl FertWal fnntractc: * a s! 8 niflci >nt fact, stranger than •..n 1 tuerai l_onnattS. "•.*„„ • ,!,.,( history can boast of but one war participated in by a erty and Democracy, against the 'iransfer, Hlghfill Doan Mule Co., , provisions of the code at his HiGhfill Cotton Co.. and Unique! manufacturing plants Cleaning Service. [ Without such a showing, Mc- A clown band provided amuse-; Carl added, it must be assumed nient for the crowds along the line! that Ford has complied with the of inarch, and pupils of the Ely- 1 provisions of the code "which Ihrvtlle. colored school marched; have the force and effect of law." i The ruling leaves the way open for Ford to participate in con- high 'tracts amounting to millions of .'inging negro spirituals. Students in Parade Students of the local .-(houls marched behind the Lc-'dollars annually. V ion's Drum and Bugle corps. 1 Other students in the procession: were from Ihe Immaculate Con-j ception school, the Lutheran school, New York Cotton Central ward.'Lunge and Sudbury 1 „ ^, EW , YORKl >? ov - » irummar schools, and included Boy lColton cloM<i sicati !'Scouts. Girl Sconts and various m °" .'chool organizations. "Belles of ihe CD's" were given an honored place in thc procession ?nd were follov.ed by thc float of Ihe Business nrd Professional Wo-i nu-n's club. Dec 'Jan Mar 977 983 999 1011 995 1009 1022 '"*! close 97; > 582 983 992 897 1005 1010 1019 JgJ «< llm Several planes circled above the 'm&rchers as they proceeded down Main street to Fifth, where they turned back eastward on Walnut .'Ircel. dispersing at Ihe court 1 OWED. Spots closed steady at 1005. „„-£ ficrmanv Planned World Rule "Heretofore on European battle fields maeaalnes had been lit by the fuse of ambition, and in the cannon's rakiua fire had been sealed Ihe sovereignty of kings; but the American guns that resounded at Chateau Thierry, the St. Mi- hlei's salient, the Meuse-Argonne forest and the Belleau Woods, nnr- ioned to the world the message fiat "might is no longer right and. strpncth is no longer triumphant" and that "all governments derive their lust powers from the consent of the governed." "In the lisht of history, it cannot be doubted that after the FMnco-Prufsion War of 1870, the Prussian Junkers dreamed of a world empire based upon militar- !l ='n. "on TVrnhardi. a member of the chief of staff of the German jnrmy. in 1909, had written a mas- gurei Hiniy, 24, confessed that sh: Besides pulling ,. s i ra clollais In nilnlly shut Uci brolher-lh-laV, Hie iKKkeUs of i-otlun Kvovvers the Clarence W. iViins, 22, on n 'subf w.vernincnl'.H lu-i'i:iit loans on cot- i:iban streil late last night.'' >.l»n are nirompllslilr.^ scuni'thlnK . Healy >a!d she killed Ealns, ''l^ 1 Hun may l>c of mini 1 an nuiotnobile mechanic, as he !' ]| t vuliio. mude Improix-r advances toward (ilinu-rs In this vicinity htr in a parked nuloinoblle, )X1- tll: 't Rrowors wlm in Iarini> ' report New Ministr lice said. Tin- gIrl'B first account Kl '"' careless of Hi, c ..... liilini in IP police ns.s!-nt'd the fatal tihuot- v: h!ch their cotton reached Ihc lo accidenlal dlscharire of Her K ln are following 11 diffcmil jxillcy icvolver. f'w tlir [;ovrrnmi-in loans lircii.n- The girl's confcsbion came nl f • v:i ' Iilljl1 '- ' n '-e rcuscin Is pliiln. a.m. totlav. !'>«• d' 1 -- I) ••)..••:• I CuUrjn thai grades low mlddliira .. . was to become Ihe bride of Frank w licll er has a federal loan value • ' Bluydi: n i»iind. Cotton that Elmer Brook, Transient Cntrcm .Picker, Struck While Walking on Road Elmer E. Brook, about 50. transient cotton picker, believed to be from Connersville, Ind.. died today al Ihe Blytheville hospital of Injuries sustained when he was struck by a car, driven by a hit and run motorist, - near Holland, Mo., late yesterday afternoon. trades lower than low mldclllni! has »fj loan value and must be sold for will brim;, which is con.' loss than n dime n [pound. i 1C is probably tails to sny lhat '.'ill cotlon gliu-cd so far llvis sca- >on in this vicinity meets loan re- i|!ilrerncnls so far as color Is con- coincit. Any thai has failed lo Quality for thc dime a pound advance has Iwen ruled out because of trash and leaf content. Growers who failed lo obtain loans.on the first cotlon llicy offered soon li.iiriiccl lhat Insistence upon careful nlckliiR would give them a product that would finality. H has always been good business lo hislsl lhat collon be nicked dry nnd clean. Failure lo do no has cost Mississippi county many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thc government loans have driven thc. point home, it methods will th onthe ero , " " ' "< ie.wfy 61 of? the pavement V"?' 1 "'^^ling methods will be hen a" car 'suddenly vee P red'ftom' * * v? " 7™°,. ," Tf *" ", * he concrete and struck him. The „,«]', B ' Ur '' h" C> ,'1 ll , lm °" " edestrian was knocked down, sus- ] "^ '.' of thc " lBllL>st P° 5sll)k ' the pede , taining a fractured skull and broken leg. Motorists picked him up and rushed him to McDaniel clinic nt Stccle where he was given first aid treatment and tricn carried lo the Blylheville hospital in a German ambulance. , W. O. Carter, a motorist who witnessed the accident, chased the hit- i-S.iiiMu* .. o^Hsylf wher«Mi£ y,. lost the trail. ' • ' Fii'»;ral arrangemenu are in- THE HIE FOR 'rice Stability Through Gold Control Roosevelt Advisor's Goal. This Is (he second of lliri-c ar- lii-lrs mi "Up \Vllh Prlrcs." In nl'ti'h WIIIK Tliuinton, NKA Service Stan' Corresixnulelil, explains j fur Oiurirr Nn\0s rt-adrr* the llu'- <irli>s mill the step* Uken by tlie administration tn raise rumin ixllly I |irl«!s mill hrlnc b:i<k (rood llnu-s they prevailed In 192li. tluwrtl- al "miHlt'l year," HV WILLIS THORNTON NKA .Service Staff Correspondent Some of [lie ftirm buildings seemed to nci'd paint pretty badly. .It ' look like a model farm- this i'j5-ncre place ontsldc Forest Home. N. Y., near Itlmca. A reporter was puzzled. He ask- wr.rk here rd Gc-oigc Wnircn about it. Am! i:<"\ M"a of tin: very : iRir-e Fruit ,and Stink according to the German Undertaking company of bitele, awaiting word from Brook's I sister living -in Indiana. The accident victim's identity was cs- tahlshcd through papers he car- red, It Is understood. practical mind that Is helping to .shape the government's new money uollev, mi; clihl nim ol which i.s to raise prices. Professor Warren explained his impalniixl furin buildings like this: ' You never saw n building fall t'cwn for want of paliu Yai rural a barn roof lo preserve the tarn. Yon palm n house to sell It. Uut you paint the sides ol n biun to look ;u--lf yini can ulloid a!" H was Insl July. lhr:-e monlln ago, that Cornell's Piofe-ssor Wnr- icn, and Profe'sor James Harvey Kogers of Yale toecamc members the brain trust. It was announced that they v.'tru lo make sliirty of lul.-ral nuances, and iome guessed I hut they were to figure out Just how Uncle San. .»as to lake care of his mounting 2S billions of d5bts. . . Hill most gnc.°.sril they were n figure out what could be done The Ifuv. W. V. Womnck, pastor (he First Mr-hodlsl church, who niririDGK If Bombs Welcome King- jwUh moiloy (0 ,, lsc iish lo Alexandria I " a " k "is' 1 ln «™in Trust Tliey ALEXANDRIA. La... Nov. 11 (U P)—Senator Huey P. Long set out lcd!w on tllc . leg of his slale rose in standing In the brain trust, and now 11 is belbv- t-(i lhat tliesi fc-ssor War lisrt in our new money policy. President Roosevelt !ms some reason to feel trust In Professor were showered at him as he ad-l WArrcn - Tllc >' lmvc ljc "" nssocl- c!i:fspd a crowd In front of the| !)tc<1 for " lan >' . w '"' s - Warren was city hall. | »dvls2r to Ihe New York Agrlcul- speakins lour, undaunted by last n'tjlH'n bnrraje of rotten eggs., ripe fruit, and stink boiiibs. which] jsistorali's .at Searcy, Fonest City, tjaikbvllle, Ozark and the Doilsoii Avenue church of 1'ort Si.'.Hh. He was educated at the Unlvsr- '.lly ol Arknnsjs and his one sou, Harold D. Womnck, is now a student at llcndrlx collcue, Comvay. A member of an outstanding family in educational affairs, the 1'ev. Mr. Womnck Is n In-other ol l!ic iu>v. jrtim A. Womack, paslor ill Ihe Van liuren -iMcthodLu ihuruli, c brother of J.-.p. Wom- nc!(. who Is president of Hender- i-im State Teach-ra college in Ar- itadolphia. and a brother of ll. E. Womuck, who Is president of Lnin- bulh college at Jacksoii/JTenn. icse iwo especially Pro-, Father of Missing Califor- rren. had a very large • ,, , B .-. More Armed Men and More War Equipment Ready Than Ever Before PARIS, Nov. 11. (UP)—Tho I ramp ol army toots and th; rum- llc of heavy nuns past the iih- known snldlcr's tomb expressed v.ith I'cliiiir.nt eloquence today tli-j !i,| tlnle of Eurojrt's mind on the 15lh iitinhersary of Ills armistice. More men under urins. more and -/|| teller gun:;, more terrible'"auxiliary weapons than al any peace .\ I lime ptrlcd in .'ilstory. and-mora^ Inured and suspicion than r slncD : : (lie World war, marked thc day.' Europe's elderly statesmen, -on • whose word Ihe younger men would go to battle, expressed dc- lennlnnllon on platform and ..In l.arllament to have peace, even if Ihcre liad to b« a war to get It. France nnd Belgium were more apprehensive than since the German . armies approached Parh ;ore Irian-ID years ago, Ucinuny Angry ' . . Germany was angrily defensive ' tfealnst alleged Allied unfairness. United Press dlsatches from J-.crlin forecast a heavy and unan- - Imcua vote In lomorrow's general election In sup;:grt of Chancellor Adolf Hitler's withdrawal from the league of Nations and the dls- ptinaincnt conference. Gcrmnny'B attitude was cxpress- '.d by Hitler in. a speech yester- ' "Oeimnns an not bootblacks for oilier nations." ' '" •' •; Dispatches various.capitals -| Hiive the number of men "ufider 'J r.mis. The tolnl in': Europe,'-«as more than 3,500,000, including Russia. .They -were backed up .by -13- -SC0.05Q.'t.tnlr.«l;r£fier.y.^4r.jBeljJiim,-;;-.*, Finnce, preat Britain' and Italy""** I t'raiue Is Ncrvom ". . r.lone, nnd 18,000,000 in Rursla." For two days nervous deputies ' ii. thc French ' parliament: had charged Germany v.ith • evading t!'e restrictive clauses of the Ver-' • " The senator and his group 0[ |tiival Commission. His traveling companions were due all"" solli colllral came to Ihe Roose- ,_jvelt car when iie was governor. ' ''' ' Professor Warrc tell you dial the Miirksvlllc today and It was be . I'.eved thc barnslormiiig tour wo;ildj /^'"'es of Professor Warren end there. ' ' Tcnlati » l Cornr-11 °i Brannam, 12, In Sftrinus Conrlitinn nt sllr "2poi „ „. .««m,n«.u.. us .VAinaillOn at Thc £cnator wi| , re(l]rn (Q Ncw !:noilo. nnd the creed ll-.n Blytheville Hospital. Leon Brnnnam, 12 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Brannum of near Manila, was In a serious condition at Ui« Tilythcville hos- "itnl tcday sufferini; from injur- fcc sustained when hit uy a truck on a road six miles south of Man- lip late yesterdav. The youth was plavinp in t"ic road with another boy when the truck struck the Brannnm boy and barely missed the other, according to reports. The track ran into a ditch. The identity of the truck driver could not be learned. The Brannam youth is said to be suffering from head injuries and other wounds, less serious. win S. Broussard was defeated by' 1 "' Prof <»sor Warren. John H. Overtoil of thc LomVi li> ' s Farm ' 1>sli lllr;IS forces. Proof of this k found in Senator Long was not struck bv • t|;crcss ns a Inrmer. Shortly changed. New entted "Gerrnany Hornersville Will Seek Loan for Water System . Mo.-Appllca-! j ,,' lion for a federal public works rv., loan and grant for the construc- NE\V ORLEANS, Nov. 11 (UP) —Cotton closed steady. open high low close Dec 965 983 965 9BJ Jan 986 993 986 992 Mar 993 1008 992 1007 j May 1005 1021 1005 1010 1048 1(H8 1048 I049b I Ion of a municipal water system 3 for Honiersville was authorized by. t'ic city council Wednesday night.], rl 'V Altorney Elberl Ford, who Is * o so Dunklin county prosecuting . atorney. will pVepare nnd submit U"! application. Spots closed steady at 978, up! tT . , Stork A. T. nnd T. 43 1-2 31 21 •" W. Cox Examiner for Intermediate Credit Bank OSCEOLA. M^Ij. W . Cox of Osccola has been appointed examiner and field man for the federal intermediate Credit bank with the stale ot Arkansas hU territory. He succeeds H. A. Behrens of Osceola who was recently promot-. „ ........ .„ „.„., cd to a sinx-rvl^lng position wtlhl St. Louis-Sail Francisco 2 5-8 Standard of N. J. 44 1-a Texas Co 2$ 5-8 U. S. Sleel « 1-4 Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service General American Tank 30 General Electric 21 General Molors Inlernatlonal Harvester Middlcwest Utilities Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons Beds 117 3-4 15 7-8 31 : *>-iiui . UWJI* ^llbtvlcu *_JS.I IHally and ihe Next War." In this astounding justification of militarism, [which had a world-wide circulation. IK contended that thc Kaiser would one day have a place In 'he sun. and that Germany would one day rule the world by virtue ! of the superiority of German, kul- ' tur. Well named kultur! Thai word kultur will never be blotted out from language any more than the Scarlet Letter could be blot- 'ed out from the bosom of Hester Prynne. K for klllinz! U for U-boat submarine menace! L for lies! T fcr Trencher}'! U for Unfaithfulness! H for Ruthle.^ness! "K-U-L-T-U-R!" That spells kul-tur; and the kullur was the code of the ruling classes of Ger- Levee Board Election Results Are Certified Ark. — Mississippi County election commissioners. W. W. Shaver. W. F. M. Ferguson.and E R. Thrclkeld. tneetlug here 'yesterday certified the election of L. G. Byerley. C. C. Langston. CTias. R. Coleman. C. J .Lowrance Jr.. and L. P. Nicholson to membership on thc St. Francis Levee Board from the five respective districts of Mississippi County. The total vote was certified as follows: Byerley 400, C. L. Caldwel! 254; Langston 153. J. P. Pride 28: Coleman 261, J. Lan Williams 221; C. J. Lowrance Jr.. 8: Nicholson U5, G. L. Salmon 80. Lowrance ran without opositlon In his district. 2 1-8 many! But. thank God. there was | not enough power In von Hlnden- burg's, von Ludendorffs, von 39 6-8 1-8 30 1-2 3 1-2 16 3-8 7 1-8 18 Ihe Bank with the stales of Ark- ansn:;. Missouri and Illinois his terrlltry. Mnckemen's armies to ram kultur down (he throats of free Independent Americans. Hon-y Sacrifice hy U. S. "R'ifflce it to sav that in this hectic straggle Involving sixty million men actually on the bat- He fronts from 1914 lo 1918. America mobilized an army of four million men, and sent two million abroad In. convoys without the loss of R single lite in transportation. (Continued on Page Two) J. L. Ward of Osceola Struck by Automobile OSCEOLA, Ark.—J. L. Ward, Osceola Insvirance man. Is recovering Jftom bruises and minor injuries sulalned when he was Ihrown into the air by the impact of an automobile and landed on tlie pavement of Main street a few days ago. • The automobile, driven by Farro Jefferson, a negro, turned onto •Main street at thc Mississippi Coun- ilativc plnns for n speech at | piofrssor Is a ferret for facts, spon have been abandoned.] Gcl lne fnctl >" Is Ills lifelong he has Jrlcans where a commute: of U. 3. seirhtcrs wiil convene Monday lo Investigate charges of fraud in " rlect'on in -vhicli Senator Ed-K 1 ™ ry , P racllc: »l taught tliousantis of sindenls Coiiiell, where he heads ihe Agricultural Economics D2parlmcnl. no theorist, ler he came to Cornell in 100C. r.c bicainc intcres'c:! In ;i survey ol any of the hecklers last night, bi Tvcial member.; of his parly hatl their clothing soiled. E'jgs were hurled at the speakers platform a j m wcrf "'t making any money. few minutes after ihe sciialor lie-! "° r 'S m 'ed ' '"'"• fnrm s- Icarn why gan to speak. At firsl the senator held peace. Ihe test -.vny ; to find out was to do it himsr-lf. hjs jsc tie bough! ,1 40-acrc farm, lie . brcamc canvlncid there w , -_ . .'nljles treaty by secretly anuing- ma Youth Keceives! hersBlf for «'<"'. Tlic ncwspajKr Le Temps here t' Us Armlsllce dny readers one 01 a scries of articbs revealing purported figures lo show the ex- lent to which Germany was in-' n'ulsjing In military training, nnd pnlhrrina rifles, lanks. artillery Nolc Askinp, Ransom. SAN JOSE, Cal.. Nov. II. (UPl -Kidnapers of Brooke Mart. 22, Kan Jose business.cxecntke. cvad- td an tuteiislv; jwlicc hunt toilay oiler repeating demands for- ])a'y-| nil d airplanes. Hunt of $40,000 ransom. Alex Hart, ho'.rl and dcpartmeul /.tore ov.ncr, received a letter, then a telephone call fiom Ihc mm believed to hold his son. Jap Planes Shot Down MOSCOW, Nov. II (UP) --Six out of nine Japanese airpldnes i crossing the Siberian frontier eight Thc letter 'was delivered by an da ys ago were shot down by .,„unidentified girl who said n well slnn defense forces, according to dressed stranger thrust ihe com- ' municatlon Into her hands. "This Is to -,-erify our telephone call last night." the letter, wrlt- Icn in nn eductled hand, reportedly read. The telephone call had informed I Prisoners. Ihc Hart family thnl Brooke was reports in high official circles today. It was reported that more than 20 Japanese flyers, mechanics, pilots, and officers were cither killed by the defense forces of made "We have Brooke and treat- inc him riiht." thc communication continued "No harm will tome lo him if you pay over Hie "suck-egj pup. 1 ; and "low down dirty pole cat coward." .,,*!. nvii i, j.nini,* IIJI 11IUUJJ fJl I A - r. farm deficit with whafs left el j lllban Air CofDS Rebel r. professors salary after you've r u-i-. ^"" Machine Gun Bandits Rob Memphis Company MEMPHIS, Nov. 11. (UP)— Three machine gun bandits' robbed a downtown prwlucc company of $1.- COO- today. • The bandits were described .is well dressed and youthCul. Ten persons raised six children. A few years ago. as he became busier. Professor Warren had to sell oil nil but about 125 acres ot Lot to Aid Fairgrounds Proposal Members of Uud Cason post. .American Legnn. have-been notified of r. special post meeting lo be held Monday night at the Arm- nr> (o consider a proposal for exchange of Ihe American Legion property on North Second street' for stock in a proposed fairgrounds corpontiou, or for a Legion hut at tin fnir grounds. Details of Ihe fairgrounds proposal have not been revealed, but It Is understood a group of local men Is hopeful of financing such - Face Military Court HAVANA. Nov. 11. (UP)—Court. ._ .. narlial of 34 air corps rebels lo-r" ""derlnkinj through, n public lils fauns, but he still has a poul-|fiay Inaugurated a policy of iron v ' orlts lon " '"'d B™nt if clear title :ry plant, of 3COO chickens, and 1 uprcssion of revolt by the Orn« lo " Sllitill)1 - P'ece of land can cue of the best orchards and vege- Sr.ji Martin government ] ^ ol)tnl »ed. The I-egion. it is un; ab!e gardens in his parl of thc stale. But practic.-.l facts, statistics nnd what they mean, dominate his active life. «n persons were in thc build- ',""« -"' .,,,„„ ins when the robbery occurred. I ™"*, Tow ;Y d G " °' '' , After entering the building of Bi-j l( , NM ? J ' W , ypars ns ° "° wa -- ' . - - --Iding „. ... anchl nnd ComiMiiy. on? of Ihe ii.en asked for a c.-irton of r^ttcs. A second man acconi] him with the machine gun nnd a third remained nt (he rio^r. Rev. B K. Bierer i t'Orn in parents, and he even can re- last Indian raid in loot! when he was a :ittle fellow. He was educated as a civil engineer at Hie University of Nebraska. He's 59. a fast walker, energetic, a natural crusader, and. , Opens Revival Here '" £ <; t:ir .<« ^ i«s any politics, he's f ucpuullc , . ( i- ( - f " St The Rev. B. K. Blercr. who Is I ] conducting nn evangelistic meeting nt the Church of God. 110 W Cherry, preached Ihe first sermon of the campaign Thursday even- Ini. His subject was "The Need of and Hindrances to a Revival." He said In parl: "Never In the history of (he church has the greater, for men ,, . , witnesses said, aixl ran into: and women of all walks of Mr. Ward, who was crossing Ihc street. The negro Is held on a reckless driving charge. - _. life who love God lo go to their knees and Hny carr.cstly for an old fashioned revival." illcan. explained came to chosjn as Ihe goal in Ihe race for a new currency and _, stable managed _, price level. First place, they figured out at what price level mwl Theaters were closed by official' dci!tc °d. Is to be risked td'glvc its order. Snipers and soldiers '" — " "" " "" " cd the slrcels. searching f_. „„ another. Business was paralyzed and townsfolk were warned to remain indoors .it night. President Ramon Grau Sail Martin, summoning- Cuban uews-j papermcn. warned them that they were not to publish anti-government articles under penalty of dicrs roam-1 Ei;co » d street projKrty as its con- ng for one ''"billion toward thc undertaking. Leg Amputated After Automobile Injury OSCEOLA, Ark. -^ Spence Williams. 28-jear-old tasicab driver „. of Osccola, is in the Methodist court martial. ' Hospital, Memphis, following amputation of his right leg above '. the knee as a result of n highway I accident in which both legs were 1 broken last Sunday night. Physl- 1 claiis today said his condition was [ffcod following the operation, which —Whit-1 was performed Thursday night. IlHnols gang- Williams had both legs broken principal in Ihc $5.000 Sunday night when he was run tbe_Bnnk of Stccle last,over by^an automobile driven by 'els, negro cook on fleet No. 7 quartered {„, Trial .. tor lna| as Steele Bank uiceie D3HK ey , •mi}.- was ordered held to the Oscar Daniels, bond, by' cf thc present burden of debt was £ii?j lce J ' H ' Hlckcrson nt Wardell! south of Osceola. contracted. P™"?'. . I contracted. It worked out that most of fhe r,;cney was borrowed when prices wore Just about nl Ihe same level they weie In 1920. Then they studied insurance stalislics, and (Conl'niiert P»ge Two) No date has yet been set for I preliminary examination of Mrs. I Arvcy Hastings, alleged iiccom-' Pllce in the robbery. The circuit court recently refused her habeas corpus petition f or admission lo bond pending examination • WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonlghl and Sunday. Mr mphls nnd vicinity—Mostly cloudy tonight and Sunday.

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