The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSl'Al'KK OP NORTIIEA fiT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. SO!) Blythevllle Courier, Blythevllle Herald. Blylhevillo Dally Ne-vs, Mississippi Valley leader. l'!l,YTHKVIU,K, AUKANSAS, MONDAY, MAUCI1 1C. 1081 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS WITH 140 Blind Couple Fight In Vain as Flames Claim Woman's Life PHILADELPHIA. March 1G (UP >—Two blind persons fought fcr the life of one against the flames they could not see, but lost. Mrs. Marl ha Hoffman. 2U, blind since birth, died today of burns despite ilie- heroic elfcnr, of her sightless husband. Daniel. 33. to save her. For years the couple had boei 'I*— keeping their home, priding their ability to do everything without help. Yesterday she was preparing dinner when her dress brushed against the hot stove and a tongue of lla:ue shot, forward. She screim- cci as the hoat seared her face, then became a mass ol fire. Her husband, resting in another room, stumbled toward her • gropingly and reached the side of his wife. His hands touched the fern- ing dress and were burned. He stuck to his task unflinchingly. Finally a neighbor saw the flames nr.d dashed in. He wrapped the • blind woman In the blanket v.-hlcli ! [Now Radio Will Pirk 'Em Beautiful lor Television flames. Policemen took the two to n hospital but it was too Into. Mrs. Hoffman died ten hours later. Her husband is .still under treatment for severe burns. Little Rock Child Dies Under Wheels of Truck 1 LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 16 (UP)— James Morris. 9, wanted to see an air circus held here late yesterduy j Funsral services will be held for j the l>oy today. [ He went to the airport and saw | the show. He was with his older | brother Harry and several other | small boys. They hailed Roy Mnt- thews of Mount Ida, who was driving a truck and asked for a ride, j Matthews told police he motioned, for Ihe bc-vs to get 0:1 and \vlR-n traffic started he moved forward. A shout slopped Matthews. Jan-cs lost his hold and fell beneath the j wheels of the truck, dying instant- i alder manic i>osL now held by Tom \V. Jnckson. gas service station pro- . prietor. at the municipal election ! in April was provided today who*i ! it was discovered that Loy H. \Vclch. cotton man. had filed with the city Loy Welch Files for 2nd Ward Council Seat A contest for the Second \Vard Uncle Sam Will Save $300 ', Here are some of the beautiful young stars rec-riillcrt by the broid- 1U ^ M,*.,. , n , .. «,,, 'casting companies as a guarantee that nhcn television becomes Jier- I Car by moving 10 ; f ec ted |ycu won't be disappointed u-litn you both sec and hear the Finds Few Auto Owners Driving Without License ID FLUNG ICE ; Northeast Coast of New* foundland Scene ol Disaster to Sealing Craft;;/. ST. JOHNS, N. F., March '16. Mnybc fifty ix>r cent, of Mississippi county's motorists have not JMI miichuscd 1031 state auto laps but It doesn't look that wny to Jim Burns, state highway patrolman nnd clilMii of this city. Al least most of Hie fifty per crnt me- ItmvliiR ihe cars al home aud walking, says Ihe state otdcar. Hums nml a companion stale >>a- l-olmaii, J. A. Iiiimpklns, staged s drive heir Friday and Snlurday I (UP)—The sealing steamer Vllcing uyninsl motorists, whose curs were w °s torn apart by an explosion Sat- nol adorned wllh new slate togs, iurdny night on" Horse Island oft Tlii; oCliccrs found plenty of cars > ihe northeast coast of Newfound: •llhout tags or with old license [land, advices received here said;- laics. Hut out of 175 only seven captain Abraliam Kean, jr.,- and ud failed to mike application for approximately 140 men Including ew licenses nnd were running both Vnrlck Srlllel, New York explorer, • ho car and (lie risk. The re- i were aboard. Many of the crew minder of Ihe 115 had already up-1 were killed by thz explosion, illccl tor new tugs. , rfllf 0( tn(; crow wert unaccountJ cd for lit noon today and many were presumed adrift on floating Ice cakes. Several drowned in the scramble lo got off the sinking I ship. The, origin of the blast was not known. Several maimed bodies wero brought ashore at Horse Island to,day. Meager advices from residents I at Horse Island said they heard the 1-ormal Appointment ol T£°^ d ,.,r«^uSV Local Man to Leachville ing Ice cakes with human figures New Location. • By NEA Service , artist. Top row, Itfl In rijht, Elhelyne Hnlt; Natalie Towers; Buro tlira James. Lower row, Georgia Lee llall; Olive Shea; Sue Ittcd and Tholma Cheat. , cntortiijuncnt. Columbia Broad-1 it appears. There's Ethelyne Holt, | other, has been a movie actress an WASHINGTON, D. C., March 10. treasurer Saturday. Mr. Jackson an-j—The government will hereafter nounced several weeks ago he would - pay a rental of exactly half what seek reeTech ] it formerly paid for postoffice quar- Cr. JCdCk.l^l/£L. j IV LU11I1C11J palU 1U1 J/-JOVU1JH.V mm>W. D. Gravelte, judge of city po- ! ters in Osceola, it was pointed u'. lice- -court, lias also filsd with offi-1 today.-, in connection with the re- NEW YORK.—They're jud?in» casting System, after testing scores I a graduate of the Boston Civic I a dancer since she won' the till radio talent al its face value now. of particularly vivid lyi>es not on-: Repertory mid U;c New York Thc- A new crop of pretty young sing- ly for their photographic qualities,! alcr -Guild. You have seen' her in ers, actresses, and even dancers, it but for their speaking and singing I some of the Illustrations of Jnmes being cultivated in preparation for voices, hns decided that Natalie is': Montgomery I-'lagg. You hav? day when television will carry, just about the ideal. She already is! heard her on the air In various to the reports, res- dcnls of the .Island heard an ox- g n t u rd»y .night. Sunday of "Miss PJirtlo" in 1029. Now she back on the nlr and waiting [or television. So is Georgia Lee Hall, whom Broadway promised a bright future In legitimate drama. P^St Announced Today, -Roy Nelson of this city and .. Leachville was offlclnlly appointed morning they saw a scalins steam-- -I receiver fcr the Dank of Lc»ch-j er> .believed to be the Viking, oil vllle Hits morning, confirming ru-; fire' and apparently. doomed to de- mors prevalent for about two wceka,| 5trm . U j >ni - Tha mcp !lo ^ the s t eam '_ that he was to succeed Herbert W. I er were scattered on the loose mov- ' Parker of Joncsboro 03 receiver.] mg - lce seveTal ml[cs , rom ^ The nrst dividend was paid to, the reporl sald> ^ ae ffere three depositors In the bank last w(*k., New Yorkers aboard 'the Vlklne cials his candidacy to succeed him- I cent "stir about . self. No candidate, in opposition. tc ' the present police court judge ha? announced. Three candidates are seeking the office of mayor while two have announced for the Third Ward al- deriiinnic post. Ross D. Hughes is both sight and sound from-the s;u- appearing before the televisor, but dramatic roles, mostly French ond j Both stage and screen were tho postoffice leases.] dlo-slagus to the nation's fans. [!n tests which .arc not yet beln?j German. And she'll go on saonHosers'When-Dorothca James began throughout the country. . | To little. Natalfu' lower;.- N'r.t' broadcast. ' -',-.-C-. "" v " . " ".' * I with Irene Bordonl. '• i-broadcastlnfl Her professional ca- Thc'new lease willi R.. C. Rose j York actress, goes Ihe dlsiinr.icn Many others have cast their lot! Helen Choal and Sue Reed are i rare began In the movies when, as with radio in the hop? of being, two pretty youngsters who are new- ! a. child, she was starred with Wes- for quarters provide:; for - paying! of being the first person him $300 a year rental Instead cf! especially for the new medium oi starred in the new visual art \vhcutly popular in radio. Olive Shea, an-'ley Barry in "School Days 1 " the $600 annually that was prc-1 • paid W. J. Driver jr. Host! >iuuaij jraui w. 0. ijiivei ji. nuaj . —. . owes his contract In part to the ] Dig Ml!! Vanishes as not opposed for First Ward aldor- : reconiinendation of Wallace Town- man, jsend, Republican nnllonal commit- i teeman from Arkansas. Services Saturday at Possession will be taken of the Deputy Tells of Capture; LilXOra for Joe Bowen I understood by MEMPHIS, Mar. 10 (UP)—Elat- new quarters about May 1, It is! ed with his single handed capture J LUXORA, for Joe Bow ducted from the home of his sisler. | Mrs. O. E. Thompson, Saturday afternoon with Rev. O. C. Hall, palter of the Methodist church, officiating. Hp died in the U. S. Vet- k, where '- * rental of S30 a mi i all mail to and from trains. pastomce depart- D( ,p Uty j. G Gal , telenhonotii t-OUIIL I KUIU1IU I" addition to the | tne ' shcr|ff . s of n c e "oda. ter™," 1 —' , r ^ n ^ t^i,-,^ J ' . • _ = TII /V i • '•»- /-,> i b Mder »- dders were turned down when Rose's of-: n r™., i Flve minut « later the telephone 0°,^" I " 11S n S ain - " w «s Galloway. The till WES gone.' Ill; Others Have Sick-! ness in Families. fcr was accepted were Driver, ivrn the World War. was a member of the Methodist church, and a Ma- who named $720 as rental. j The Driver lease, which had b--cn . ; In effect 10 years, expired last D3- i IT HangS Driver, furnished equipment, a safe ! ji|. • n • : heat. light and water. \ 6r {11(11013 rriSOn Mrs. Georgia T. Molloy last sum- ; mer cftcred quarters to the govern- , .TOLIET. 71!., March 16 • (UP)—: ment in Osceola for S540 a year An air of terrible expectancy laden . but. was advised that this was" loi | with submrrgcd emotions of fear, high n rental. Meanwhile. Charlc; t anjer nnd rebellion hung today C. Ta'.il, pcstoffic? department in-1 the It was thought the operators who hf.d fled when the officer appear- There is an epidemic of illness cd had sto!on it from him while.among the ministers of Blythevilb t: - tcle P h °"<:d. r ,,,d their families. Three preachers are seriously ill, another has sickness in his family and a farmer pastor and his daughter ar= v?ry III in this city. Two collapsed while preacMn? : week ago Sunday and another was taken home t-nmcdiately following the morning sfrmon yesterdav nr.:l was unable to occupy his pulpit last evening. TU W/'ll D Tllc Rev - w - J - LeRoy. of the Iftey Will Ke- Lake Street Methodist church. Is yet In a serious condition nt. the Memphis Methodist hospital following an operalicn for app£n~I- Vuntv Farm Officials Confident They tun; Second to Custody. A verification of Ihe report of Hangiy Farmer's Last Bullet Fills Larder ST. JOE. Ark. (UP)—With only one slio: left In .his gun, a destitute farmer of this section sellout to bag meat for his hungry family., lie returned with plenty of provisions. W.^ilc hunting in a wooded mcxmta'.n valley he shot a large 'possum out of a tree. As he leaned over to pick up his "kill" something- sticky dripped on his neci. An investigation revealed that the shot had pierced honey cache. H: obtained 72 pounds of honey and traded a pDrlton oi it to a mill for cornmeal. The hungry family feasted on bakea 'possum, cornbread and honey. uldatlng the bank's this pqrt at,noon for the scene. .•The eovern- ' • 'Nelson at ore «• • jtf'*•'•'. -; Nelson at ore tiiKt-rm-Kca o» » £»• v-'•-;-' -,--;--.-->''-;-! clcrfe In the Lcacrivllie Vnnk' ond j fflmV ABtJmflfr lOt __ .-_X.1__ I.. 4-lm Unxt* nt Unnliar I . - • ** . . a? cashier In. the of. Hughes, I Loans at Osceola Business and Hotel Buildings at Bagnell Destroyed at Loss of $100,000. Ai'k. He was a small stockholder! In the' Leachville bank, according to the Initial report filed by Mr.' O30EOLA, Art/March 16.—The Parker, central government loin 'committee The Lcuchvllle bank closed Its Saturday night-passed on 36 appl'i- doors on November 17, 1930, when cations for drouth relief loans financial unrest resulted in a large which were filed -here Friday' an-il number of Arkansas banks sus- Saturday. This Is the largest numi' pending business, Including three ^ p;iH( ,d ra b y t!lr committee si olher Mississippi county Instltu- a . ? | rg!e sltt)ng sinci , the loani tions, two of which later reopened. wer ' e mndc-avallflBle and the mark- J. P. Roderick president, and Ed i ncrcase ln applications during Eai-l Roderick, cashier of • the lhe past WMk . u ^ Urihulrf t(rf ,£ . defunct Dank of Leachville, have focd loan provj^n - maae " l '~ been held to the grand jury, which recently. ' ' The total niirobf of loans ap^ IB THEFT PLOT BAGNELL, Mo., March 16. (UP) | I — Two men perished In a fire thai | . swept, here early today covering two | blocks of business and hotel bulld- j ings with a properly loss of more ] than S 100,000. I Tile bodies of Jess Brown, 45, la- i borer, and an unidentified man • were recovered from the ruins. The fire started in the Culieln building 1 , a two story frame business and hole! slruclure. and spread -.rapidly. Fire departments from El• den and Jeftcrson City reached the ' scene shortly after daybreak nnd were attempting to check the spread of the flames. The fire companies pumped water from the Osagc river. The unidentified victim was found convenes here March 30th, on criminal charges growing out of the c,ostn B of the institution. Hate and Leon Sullivan,' Is 205, representing an' aggregate amount of SBD.OOO loanc-d to date to south Mlsf- slssippl county farmers, or an average of S400 per farme- .,'.: Washington Official ' "•"• V/PUU^S Wifq. Suicides Governor Expected to Re- WASHINGTON, Mar is <uri— turn Wednesday to Con- ZS5 ^^^fSLi^ sider Legislative Acts. i of Little Rock Store Manager, : 1n llie rulns of "' c °^ Wife and Daughters Held _p alienls Remove(| M Capt'vc by Band,ts., eye]s Sanatorium ARKADELPHIA, Ark., Mar. 16 ^ 10 mm ' " the «th General Assembly ' an: ' tnen committed suicide a - ver in which went out last Thursday was ' , ..;• preceding rapidly today. A huge Mrs - Von Vayer, piano teacher. pile of bills cluttered the chief ex- wnB '"ken to an emergency 'hospi- ccutlvcs desk awaiting his signa- tal wlth a Bullet from a .45 calibre i urc . automatic pistol In her back. Von Governor Parnell was out of the Vayer shot himself In the ' right cliy today and Is not expected lo temple and died Instantly. . :lake any action on pending meas- ' James Neiil, Noted Charator Actor, Dies i News P aperman SIated . fnv A Ir AB.(*nv*'»i : Daniels was sent lo the farm on worse la *" yesterday when ! a charge of disturbing th? peace, learned that his s=n. Paul Rone ! from this district. HOLLYWOOD, Mnr. 16 (UP) — Jatrcs Neill. 70. one of Hollywood's most widely known character ac- His companion : wns slacken with app;tiiiic:t!?. i AT "~ D i. l=i His escape, whcss name was not SDn wil1 be taken to Memphis late i! 0 ** 1 tor Akersons rOSt : learned, ^m sent to the farm from today if his lather Is able to ac- !« !< J • an Osceola district court. WASHINGTON. March 16 (UP) . Saturday's paper carried state- company him Two masked men called at th2 of R. K. Neal, manager of a store, late Saturday night and until the arrival of Neal from the j store. They captured the store man - Several patients of thei urcs **tOK Wednesday. Ail bills ; p orrner LeglOH Leader - Townsend Sanatorium narrowly ps- ' awaitin; his signature must be- 1 . ..... „ . _ ..„..« death yesterday when flre' s: " ncd ln 20 da> ' s a( ' er th = • closl rs, . ..... ycd the bulldini. gutted the « f ** session or they automatic- I adjoining Royal Theater and darn- ; 6ll y ore vet<xd - I HOT SPRINGS, Mar. 1C (UPV- nced two dry coeds stores. Loss! A felv lobbyists were present at o L Bofenhamer, El Dorado, Jor- Will Speak Over KTHS « as .'stimated at $75000. , , ' he stalchorsc today, presumably mer natlonat comma nder of the Thn natiimK were "removed to i to makc a Iast minute plea to the America,, Legion, will deliver an »SjSr^.rSnta^|yo«™o'.t»rf«n .?' « to .. ^ address to World War veterans been overcome by smok' amount of valuable equipment was ; consumed in the Kaze.which start-! cd in the rear of the theater. o A large'' mcMUri! tn whlch lhey * ere lnter ~'here at 10:15, central standard !' sted - . ill — - k * ii j vcvigv. nrtviovii «IJL known in the fllms- He piaycd the E | x werks ago to take- an executive' ers were in the territory near the part of Apsstle James in "King of PO st with a motion pictti nnd Aaron in Commandments." post wllh a motion picture corpo-' prison farm and would be recap-1 'Ten I ration, joslin has been the Wash-', tiiKd. | Ington correspondent for the: ; Transcrip: for a number of years r> i ni r \ jBovrov/r' 1 rians tames | iys. Winnie Jewel l. Harwell, of it church, is a week's sickness. Rep. James B. AsweH of Louisiana Is Dead Two Boys to Death A\GW:R CATCHES RARE FISH OBHKOSH. Wis.. (UPI — R. M. DuTil'.am. who has been fishing for r.esrly half a century, is seeking a ho-ue for pro cf his letost ncqulsl- 1 linns— n member of the yellow j r.noi lip-cios. cMored white on the' be'.ly. and n clear azure blue, with I Representative Jnmes Benjamin As- plane out .of a talhpin was to black stripes, o;i its back. Accord- ! well. Democrat, Louisiana, member lleved responsible today for a 50 PORTERVILLE. dal.. Mnrcli 16 (Up)—-The Inability of n youthful WASHINGTON, March 16 (UP)—' plict to maneuver a borrowed alr- r.'nirrs Us- Mln» TOMBSTONE, Ariz, (UP) - At; last a liEo hp.s be«n found for pan T ._ and a paper containing the *. u £ _I combination of the sate. One kidnaper returned to town but police said the safe was not robbed. | After the ride the lone bandit [locked the family In a bax car. T-,v> i negroes released the family. DEATH COMES AT ALTAR of the equipment around nbar.-in 1 .!- SIENA. <UP>—Wtan Santl Mel- .itamp mills and ere fmsliers,'-onl of Vignano. 10, stcod before the of bocm days in this vicln-1 parish priest with his bride-to-be, $125,000 in Rewards for Palm Btach Gem Thievesj |NuWay Cleaners Open l Branch on Main Street '. tonight over station KTHS. BodenharMr will be the closing feature of National Roundup Week of the Legion's membership drive. .. branch office of the Nu Way Teachers Will Take i Cleaners has been established on j . u -PI • W e p|c 1 ..„!„ o, r .m In thn ttnrn hllllrllnc . 1 CSl! flfTe 1 HIS «T CCIi PALM BEACH .F.a.. March 16 i Main street In the store building : _ (UP)— Insurance companies which; recently vacated by the Henry — ,' " underwrote the more than $1,000.- EeSdman store, and will be known- The annual sprm e teachers ex- 000 In Jewe'.rv Ico-.ed from the IBS Barnes' Cleaners. The branch animation will be Hven fn this city Carson and company store Friday i was opened for business today Thursday and Friday at the coun- have virtually taken over complete and will be personally managed by ty department ot education. Inquiry into the affair for the sol- 1 either Mr. or Mrs. J. O. Barnes, , utlon of which rewards ot more owners, than S155.000 have been oflered. According to Mr. Barnes he m, rn WhAIHLR Palm Beach county authorities maintain his office and cleaning! have completed ihclr Inquiry and plant In the Ingram building as responsi ing lo Dunham, such coloring, 1 of Ihe ho'.isc agricultural commit- foot fall that killed the p:io; a:id common as it may be in tropical ; lee, died nl 2:15 A. M. today of a companion. The victims wcrc , rnvmcrs arc buying the gal- ; Mnrlanna Lprenzonl. 60. the ro- 1 forwarded the report to the New , formerly, but will accept at ARKANSAS—Fair with frost to- fatr and warmer. .... ,.,.,,.i.-ia ,nu uyng te ga- ; nana orenzon. . e ro- orware e r , , anlzed walcr storage tanks and mance which Ihe old couple hadl\'o:k office of the Jewelry company, the new office and handle a line According to the official observer, ...... .... . . . • .............. ..... ...- . -------- -------- - vatets. is a rare characteristic of fish n North America. heart trouble at his here. apartment Channinj Ectts. 1C. converting '.hem into water tanks | waited a number of years to real- for ranch i:r,;. The average mins j Ize was folVid for just as the rites Reeves. 17, and P.iul | tank may be made Into two 5,000 were beginning, Meianl had a heart ' gallon water tanks. attack and died, All the rich Ic-ot still Is In Palm of tailored clothing. Beach county as \vell as the per-. The ofllca has been rcdecorat petrators of the robbery, Sherifl ed and fixtures Installed at a cost degrees and the maximum 5S de- Charles Phillips, the minimum temperature here yesterday WM 37 Bnker said he believed. ! of several hundred dollars, gr*#i, clear*

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