The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHBVILLiB.-(ARK.) COURIER NEWS f I Today's Sport Parade •r BKN1LY MctitMOtl Fordham Players Reassemble, Boston Trains Rigorously For Vols By United Press ] :-NEW YORK, Dec. 23.—Fordham football players reassembled today after a weekend vacation granted by Coach Jim Crowley before leaving for Dallas to engage the Texas Aggies in the Cotton Bowl Jan. 1. Heavy workouts scheduled for today and tomorrow were co be followed by a-light session Wednesday before the team-leaves Christmas night. Routed via St. Louis, the Ranis' wUl make no scops to practice. Their next workout will be Friday' morning in Dallas. •>ltnlaV Training WASHINGTON, Dec. 22.—coach Jack Hagerty put his Georgetown football players through a special blackboard .session today in preparation for meeting Mississippi State in the Miami Orange Bowl. Passing and punting drills are scheduled for today and tomorrow. The team will .start southward Christmas Day. Go To Movies ' BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss., Dec. 22.— .Boston College began its final week "of heavy workouts today before the Tennessee game in the Sugar Bowl at New Orleans. Coach Frank Leahy has scheduled a daily drill, including Christmas, through next Saturday. Tonight he will reshow the movies of the Boston-Georgetown game for analysis of plays. Leahy is encouraged by the improvement of Gene Goodreault, All-America end, who was slowed ' by a bad knee. Wearing a brace, Goodreault has been able to run •the length of the field and prob- -ably will start against the Vois. Vacation Is Over STARKVILLE, Miss., Dec. 22.— 'The Mississippi State Maroons' five day vacation -is over and today they begin their final drills in preparation for meeting Georgetown in the Orange Bowl. With 'all -the players in excellent condition, Coach Allyn McKeen followed five days practice with a five day rest to prevent his men from becoming stale. Watch From Sidelines , KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 23.— Tennessee's third and fourth string elevens tried against Boston College's, plays this morning, and'the first ^and second teams will stand on the sidelines to examine the offense they will have to stop in the Sugar Bowl next week. Head Coach Bob Neyland has been on vacation and the Vols have been taking only limbering up exercises since they closed the season against Vander- bllt three weeks ago. Tennessee will work here until Christmas, then finish their practice sessions in Edgewater Park, Miss. Two Teams and Kimbrough COLLEGE STATION. Tex.. Dec. 23,—Texas Aggie Coach .Homer Norton indicated today that he might try the two team system against Fordham in the Cotton Bowl. Norton clung to the one man -system, injecting substitutes one or two at a.time in guiding the Aggies to 19 straight victories before they were beaten by Texas in their final game of the season. Norton pointed out that Tulane beat Fordham in 1939 with the two- .team system, "and I believe they can be taken in the Cotton Bowl the same wav." LOS ANGELES, Dec. 23.(DP)— Notes written, while I wished It would rain so I wouldn't want to go out and piay golf: Califomians feel that Promoter Mike Jacobs would be dvlnitely carrying a'large piece of coal to Newcastle to bring Arturo Godoy out hen- for a fight with Joe LouLs . . . There Ls no use, they believe, to import a second-rate lighter al) this dJst'ancfi when the state is alive with .second- raters capable of making just as poor a showing against the champion as Godoy would . . . The idea .seems to be to give the home boy a break and let him &;L knocked silly by Joe . . . us :i matter of fact, there is a negro boy out here called Turkey Thompson who hits hard, enough to yive even joe trouble ... 1 saw him belt out Junior Munsell :u tlu; Hollywood Legion titanium the other night and he'.s bt-tter than bud . . . Tommy Harmon, who figures" to makH moa 1 out of being an all- Anuu'ica i'ootbalkir than anyone since Red Grunge, definitely i.s under lhe Crosby radio wing . . . Bing told me while lining up u putt for a birdie that he had corresponded with Tommy for u couple of year.s, would use him on his .show, and that he wa.s being handled by brother Everett Crosby . . . Free) Punier, Santa Anita publicity man who has earned the title of the "Burbank of the Bangtails" because of his love of nature, i.s bursting with pride because the track's infield will have 990,000 plants in bloom at the opening the 28th of this month . . . this floral display will be in the form of a giant fountain for winner and loser alike to gaze upon in awe . . .In his rapture over the the flowers Puvner all but forgot- to tell me that Santa Anita had voluntarily cut its take from 8 to (i per cent, that 1400 horses were stabled in the barns, that the new tote board would revolutionize the tale board business, and that nearly $1,000,000 In prize money would be offered during the meeting . . . Charles S. Howard has not increased his popularity among horsemen by complaining of the weights assigned his stars. Kayak II and Mlo- land, for the $100,000 Santa Anita handicap . . . The general feeling is that the man who won with Kayak in 1939 and ran one-two with Seabisctiit and Kayak this year, should accept any weight up to a ton with a srnile . . . Scalpers are getting as high as $20 for a single Rose Bowl ticket and the price figures to go even higher before game time . . .The odds on the game are changing, too, as Nebraska money continues to arrive here . . . Stanford was nearly a 1 to 3 favorite ten days ago, but is only 59 to 9 now . . . The ailing condition of the Indais' great fullback, Standlee, probably has something to do with this . . . Standee's, game knee—his light tine, I believe—i.s acting up again and he may be limited to defensive measures ... No group of persons, not even George Mar- diall's closest friends, were more surprised by the awful licking the j Bears gave the Washington Red| skins than the Bears themselves i. . . Out here for the, tussle with * the all-stars, the Bears say the score wa.s just one of those once in ;a lifetime things . . . T£ you're •taking for "sleepers" in the $10,000 Lo.s Angeles Open golt" tournament. you might get down a little on George Von Elm and Johnny Dawson . . , Von Elm, "The Gentleman Golfer," is better than when he was a ^red-hot rival of Bob Jones, and Daw.son, one of tiie finest swingers in the world, finally has solved the mystery of that mysterious stick, the putter . . , If the army should "draft" Major j Biff Jones as coach at West Point, .Nebraska might well secede from the nation ... He stands higher than the corn in that .section . . . Louie Stringer, who'll give Billy !Herman a whale of u fight for the 'second base job with the Cubs next spring, i.s keeping in .shape T>y working ut the Norlh American Aircraft Company . . . Wei by Van Horn, runner up to Bobby Riggs in the National Tennis championships at Forest HilLs in J939, i.s fling at baseball . . . Wei by'.s a pitcher . . . Said to have a minor league curvt; ;tnd u /viajor lengiu; fust one ... (11 lack Basse It Will Take On Tex ilarberl "Chuck" Basjseit, former Blythe- vllle amateur boxer who is now in the United States army, will meet Hugh "Tex" Harbert, an- 1 other favorite with local boxing fans, in the feature bout, on another amateur fight card at, the Legion arena Friday night, it was announced by Joe Craig who completed arrangements for the scrap today. Bossett and Harbert are both middleweights and are about as evenly matched as any mittmen who have appeared here this year. Both arc experienced and know their way around in the ring. Both can hit with two hands. Before joining Lhe army. Basset t was a protege of Joe Craig, and hns ben keeping p with his glove activities while serving Uncle Sam. Harbert, a star gridder at Copiah-Lincoln junior college at Wesson, Miss., . has been boxing since he was a very small youngster and several years ago won the Mid- South middleweight crown in the Golden Gloves tourney in Memphis. Craig arranged, the Bassett- Harbert fight after attempting unsuccessfully to match his promising young heavyweight. Jimmy Limsford, with James "Bab" Roberts, University of Alabama athlete, in a return bout. Craig said that Roberts had considered meeting Lunsforcl in a return match while he is home for the holidays but in view of the fact that he has not been boxing regularly due to football activities this fa'll he is not in proper condition to fight Limsford. Local fans recall that Roberts gave Limsford one of his closest calls when the two met here last summer with Roberts being barely nosed out on a decision. T FELLER IS SELECTED US OP MONDAY, DECRMBRR'23, 1040 Voted 1940 Award Over Year's Two ''Most Valuable" Players By GEOItGt: KIKKKKY United Press SUIT Corruspondenl NEW YORK, Dec. :>3.—Robert William Andrew Feller, or just plain Bob Feller, who can real- back - and throw a baseball with more, .speed than any other mounds- man in baseball, is the player of the year—and maybe- the player of tin? era if it come.s to that. Officially, however, the New York chapter of the Baseball Writers' A.s.->ociution of America hu.s voted the "player of the year" award lor 1940 to the Cleveland fireballer and will present, u plaque to him at their annual banque; Sunday, Feb. 2, Fflller wa.s voted th<; award over the year':-; two most valuable player.s —Hank Greenberg in the American League and Frank McCormick in the National League and the veteran of the year, Freddy Fitzsimmons, Dodgers' grand old pitcher who recorded 16 victories and two defeats. Having added, control and savvy to hi.s biasing fast ball, Feller has developed into the game's greatest pitcher. Although he'.s been pitching in organized baseball only five seasons, all of them with the Cleveland Indians, Feller already is beginning to draw comparisons with Walter Johnson, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Christy Mathewson and other pitching immortals. Oldtimers may shudder and say "tommyrot .... there'll never be another Johnson or Mathewson," but when they do they ignore Feller's record achieved with a lively ball. Despite the fact that he was just a callow youth off an Iowa farm and had to wrestle with the problem of a sore arm in the bargain, Feller hit the high road in his third season with the Indians at the .age of 20. Feller's record by years follow: Soys Science Has. Fog on the Run ' the High School Horse." Roy Hargett's trained steer, the dancing- horse, high jumping, "Hell- to-Set, prize bucking horse" and comedy mule will be included in lhe show. A contest award is posted for any person who can ride "Heil-To-Set" for " eight seconds under contest rules. It Is rumored -that a prominent local citizen will attempt to ride this animal a.s a feature attraction, sponsors of the program >:aid today. The .show will be .staged on the South Second .street show lot adjacent to Blytheville Machine Shop. Fog, aviation's greatest hazard, i may soon be licked by science. Dr. Sverre Pettersen, above, recently told a group of aeronautical scientists in New York. Dr Petterssen, Norwegian professor of meteorology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, described two feasible methods of chemically dispelling fog. Year 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 W 5 9 7 17 11 24 9 L. Pet. K.U.Av. 3 .G25 3.34 7 .563 3.38 .607 4.08 .727 .711 .567 ' Can't Lose Them A scarcity cf honey-producing plants in the neighborhood of the hive 'will induce bees to travel almost unbelievable distances, but each time they return with unerring accuracy to their homes. Our ancestors reckoned time by nights and winters, hence "fortnight." a contraction of H nights, t _. - 27 11 TOTAL 82 41 Feller's victories outnumber his: defeats exactly 2 to<l. which is a; pretty fair gait for a youngster who didn't reach his 22nd birthday., until Nov. 3. For instance, Walter Johnson, in his first five years in; the American League, wa.s able to win only half his games, winning 40 and losing 40. In five seasons Feller has struck I out 973, sixty-three more than Johnson did over a like period. Bullet Bob has loci the American League in strikeouts for the past three years, notching 261 last season. He was easily the dominant pit-cher last season, leading his league in seven statistical departments, including most games won', earned runs, .strikeouts, most innings pitched, most complete games, most game.s and most batters faced. He .shared one of the other two tiile.s—most shutouts, with two others. and failed only to win the percentage crown, finishing third to Schoolboy Rowe and Buck Newson). The only black mark on Feller's 1940 re-cord was the fact that he didn't improve one whit all year. He pitched a no-hit, no-run game in the opener against the White .Sox. and never wa.s able to get that good again. However, he pitched a one-hitter .a two-hitter, three three- hitter.s and two ' four-hitters. And with it all Feller conducted himself with unassuming dignity even through the period of the rebellion against Oscar Vitt. in which he was a minor figure. Baseball has no greater figure than the vine-eyed, smooth-skinned boy from Van Meter, Iowa. Harry Bailey's Rodeo Will Be Here-Tomorrow And Bragg City Winners CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Bragg City boys and Braggadocio girls were winners in the finals of the pi-e-Chrlsimas invitational baskets-all tournament concluded at War- 'deJi High School gym Thursday nisht. ,'tecond places went to Cooter l.o.v.s and Deering girls. Bragg City defeated Deering boys 27-n" while Braggadocio girls downed Deering lassies 16-14 in u game that w?.. ; t into an over-time period.' Caruthersville boys defeated Deering 20-9 to win third place in boys' division, and third place in girls' division went to Hayti who defeated Caruthersville 31-18. Supt. w. H. Poster announced the undertaking a financial success with about 1500 attending the- four different sessions, the largest .trowel, about 750, being present Thursday night. W. H. "Peg" Mahew, Kewanee. officated during lhe tournament, with Tharon Stalling, Sike.s- ton. assisting one night. Results of the preliminary sessions were: Tuesday afternoon—Caruthersville 23, Cooter 22. girls; Cooter 32, Wardell 17. boys; night—Bragg City 37. Hayti 12, boys; Hayti 25, Wardell 18. girls; Caruthersville 18, Braggadocio 8, boys. Wednesday night—Deering 23, Caruthersville 15, girls; Cooter 21, Deering- 11. boys; Braggadocio 20,' Hayti 12, girls; Bragg City 17. Ca- vuthersville 15, boys. Dillman And Roberts To Form Team Big Joe Dillman, lhe grappling Greek, will team up with "Wild Red" Roberts, tough Little Rocker, to take on Jimmy Lott and Roy Welch in tonight's mat attraction at the American Legion arena. The foiir well known wrestlers will fight it out in a tag wrestling exhibition thai is expected to attract a capacity 'crowd in 'the .special pre-holiday program. Tug wrestling has always proved popular with local mat fans and with these four top-notch performers the card will probably be one of the most interesting Promoter Mike Mcroney has arranged in .some time. Individual one-fall mathces will follow the tag exhibi'/ion with Lou to be pitted against Dillman in one of the bouts and Welch schea- "ted to taka on Roberts in the other. Cedar Twig Swallov/ed, Results Nearly Fata! GREENSBORO, Md. <UPJ _ One year ago, 16-year-old Robert Thornton swallowed .1 cedar twig luring the excitement o;' -JL ba.sfl.ull ^unf-. Pleurisy-developed from .he* ;oi- sons of the wood, then pneumonia set in. Eight bronc.-jo.scopi:,- .r&at- menis failed to produci' vhe -..wig and finally, in a -.Jelbau- operation" the lower lobe of th& lung was -/e-, moved and a drainage cube insert-" ed to save hi.s !ife. During :)11 the u-iiutments and operation >>o trace' -.v:t>; ;'ound of :he l\v\'f. Tiie boy rml'ereti a Coughing .spell reeemii—ant! couched up lilt; UVif,. So far distant i:s thi; Hercuht.s slur .system Irons the earth thai light which left it SG.flOO year.s ag'o hu.s just reached u.s. Read Coxme! NRWS -.van; In four days during 1907, Mes sina, Sicily, had 87 earthquakes. BUY YOUR CHRISTMAS LIQUOR BY THE CASE You Will Be Amazed at the Savings! MIXED CASES IF DES1RKD Your Favorite Brand In Stock BLYTHEVILLE LIQUOR SHOP I.OUIS APPT.EBAUM 107 S. 2nd St. Phones 167—LD 10 The American Legion is bringing the Harry 'Bailey Rodeo to Blytheville Tuesday to present three performances at 2, 4 and 7 p.m., it has '- been announced. Much interest is being shown in the appearance of these performers who are well known in their, line. The riders and other entertainers of the rodeo have won honors at many contests and the performance will be presented according; to the. style of the Rodeo Association Championship events, it is said. ; The same riders contesting: on horses that furnish national shows with stock will be used in the rodeo to be presented here, interspersed with a 10-act circus of trained domestic animals. A pony drill. -.Trinket, the Posing," performing oats, ''Tony, LAST MINUTE Gift Suggestions — HUGHES from RABHOR ROBES Solid color silks, brocade silks, striped silks; solid and striped all wool flannel robes. 9B up Gridders Watcli Rodeo PHOENIX. Ariz., Dec. 23.—University of Nebraska's football team got back to work today in preparation for the Rose Bowl game -against Stanford after a Sunday interlude that took them to Wickenburg. Ariz., to see a rodeo and enjoy a cowboy "chuck wagon" supper. Coach Biff Jones let them off with a light signal drill before loading them into a bus yesterday. Two-a-Day Schedule TEMPE. Ariz., Dec. 23 — The Tempe Bulldogs began two-a-day scrimmages today and will continue through Christmas to New Year's Day when they meet Western Reserve's football team in the Sun Bowl at El Paso. Coach Dixie Howell let his boys rest yesterday. Rp ad Courier News want ads — PRESCRIPTIONS. S«fe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggii Fowler Drug Co. M»te * nnt £25- J^L*. '^ } ! ° vv •*" ^ wBC"-" ~ 7 / i£ : -'?^ : :-~' l *"*' SHIRTS PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810 TAG WRESTLING JIMMY LOTT and ROY WELCH versus JOE DILLMAN and RED RODERTS American Legion Arena, Monday 8 p. m. c« Calvert :. Grain Neutral Spirits...Calvcrt Spirits. Caivcrt Distillers Corporation, New York Arrow and Wilson Bros. A good shirt is a "must" at all limes. The perfect craftsmanship of Arrow and Wilson Bros, assures lhe best. California Sportswear Leather Coats A gift that will serve for so ir.any events. Warm and snug- fitting, yet casual enough for any sportsmnn. 75 up Robe &Pajama Sets ?ilk robe-pajama sets in rich Persian prints and stripes. He will appreciate this gift. Tie & Handkerchief Set Hansen Gloves Fine Scarfs The ideal gift ... a lovely tie and handkerchief t h a t match. $1.00 Belts & Beit Sets Pigskin, Capeskin. M o c has in lined unlined. or If it's Hickok it's the best. A gift of much service. $l&$2up $ 0 $1.50 up Beautiful Ties You're always sure to please when you give a lovely tie. $1.00 up The finishing touch to a perfect appearance. $1.00 up Handkerchiefs The necessary "little item." Fancies or white linens. R. D. HUGHES & CO. OFFICIAL HEADQUARTERS FOR BOY SCOUT UNIFORMS AND SHOES

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