The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1937
Page 3
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER HO, 1037 BhYTHBVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS S MS OTMfti IT LOCH. Annual U. S. Tax Now Aboul 12 Dollars HOW lmX)tliO\ls Divided 111 'VariOUS Countries I Marriage Licenses Is, Billion By NBA Service liefore yen get Into (hat :\e:tl iirijiiineiit alxwl taxes, ii Is u goo:" Idta to fortify yourself with a fev t';i<;ls. T)iul will put you one t'," in practically any lax ur«uin?n A lot of IMS!;, fundametiia' things a Ixml laws which everybody ought lo know, hut srarri>;.\ anybody does. jire. «ummed up i! Ihe December.'FOUTUNE. And !' you Ihlnk .yon knoif about I axes li-y yourself out on these tax slants ,from FORTUNE'S artic'iy United Klatfs Is now nfcout $12.- tCO.COO.OCn. That i.s gating on toward $100 n year for every "man woman and child in the nation nearly S-iOB for Ihe head of .ivory loinily. Of that $12.000.000,000 lax 1)111 only $5.000.060,000. or much les- Ilinn lialf-socs to Washington in taxes for Ihe federal govErnmei'l, 'I hat sin-prises you a lillle, eh? Uille Uj'iils Get It' Who sets the rest, then? Tin. ttalfts? No, thry get only S2.S011 - fOfl.OCO. it is ;iie small local soi- ernnient (axinc- units. 115.000 o' them in the country, which jet ,u!l the $< fiOO.COO.OOO remainin<; if that las hill. Counties, cities, townships, schoo' districts, .sanitary districts, a n < dr/u'ii to mosquito-abatement dl.« trlcls. To these taxing units, niivn' of which you probably didn know txist. goes a share of United States taxes almost us large a that demanded-by '.he fcdei-fil BOV- irninpnt iLsflf. • II is a tremendous (as- Ijn-t'cn Iho biggest ill tho world, takei in a lump. But per person, it i J'UWI- than the BritL-ili and onl: ". litlle higher than Hi; Frrncli o Cisnnan. bill. the ave.raiw Atneiicar Income is so muc'i higher Iliai: Hint of any of those countries, ilr lax burden of Mr. Avsiaye American lakes a lower per cent of hi income lhaii is the ea'.sc in most countries. He feels 11«.burden,le 1 . hrnvlly In fact. FORTUNE believes, th average American has no idea tlui ?0 cenls out of every dollar K earns goes lo one tax collector or another, , . It's Vou \\t\o 1'ays let's say. jipu. .pny ; no inconie .lax. Vou may" be"aware of buying '*Jir automobile license for your car unel you may have noticed tin' liltle revenue stump on your uack- age of cigarels. But it may neve- have occurred lo you that if yoi pay rent, you pay taxes. Yoi don't? Well, where-did you sim- POF.S the landlord got 'the mone: to pay (hem? Every time you buy anything ;<•• all.. you pay taxes. Indirectly. o{ course, but you pay them. , FORTUNE avers, that even peopl; Careful studies have indicated making so little as $500 a yen may pay almost SI50 in taxes Everybody -wants lower taxes \Vlierc can they be cut? The chance of materially and permanently cutting . the cost of ( the federal government, FORTUNE'S -survey indicates, is just about a rimless zero. Rightly or wrongly, the fedem' Government is taking on mon work, more functions, all Hi- lime. Relief, road building, public v.crks, parks, improvements—gradually they gravitate toward tiir federal government, and away fron local governments. t'igtil lo Keep .fobs That ought to mean less work, less resixmsibility, fewer jobs; lower tax demands by local units' Bill, and here FORTUNE finds ;lip key to the whole situation, ii doesn't Local job holders fight Ic the last ditch to keep their JOB Being, even when they have nothing left to do. The picture of the Kansas rura' school icnchcr sitting daily in .1,-. empty schoolhouse and dra\v{at her pay from local taxes is symbolic. Ccok county. Illinois, had in 1328 just *17 tax-collecting: units. Illinois has more than any oth.r stale, 17.336. It goes without. say- PER CAPITA INCOME OF 8 COUNTRIES; EACH BAG REPRESENTS 15 DOLLARS Thi» scat to Tax«s ' This <f««i not $418 M;mlug(> licenses were Issued to Ihe folloivtojj people (rain the comity clerk's olllce recently with Hie mime of Ihe minister or olll- pltil pertormltvj the ceremony Riven If listed: Mrs, ISIllo 1-Ynnklln nTftJ Clyde Jollfl, both ol Manila, by Mi'tlstnite E. V. Alston; Miss Ver- nle Cnllliis, of Hliick Ouk, mid Onil-y Sliorroil, of this clly, by Maulslruli- T. L. Cassldy;' Mtss 'J'li''o Wrlijht and Dcinpsey Ifatley. both of Holland, by MneUirnti* Cn.v.l:ly; Miss Essie Hoason. ol llils i-Hy, unit a. w. Musk, of Arinori'l: AJK, Kll«ibeth ucckimm, Knd J. W. Davidson, both of Mil-] i'llii. by Mnglslmlc Ciissidy; anil M!M I.IK-HH Wllta-s iind'Otls Mor- ils. limli O r Cooler, Gotham Has No Nose for Nudes Masons Meei Thursday Tlie Koyiil Arch Nfasoils wlil i lii.-et Thursday nltiht nl 7:M o'clock ! al-lhe hall for election of officers.' Taxes, and what Iht-y mean in terms o! inccnie |) r p. U'.c United Stales than in nny other (wmiry except l?i higher, so Mr. Average ^fan has more lelt after ne hn.s 3tai:s more money (joes for siale and local taxes limn in any oilier country. N'cte dint' or franco, Ilie luxes. Maliatma- --Rapt and Wrapped * PRESTONE * ANTI-FREEZE * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS (,'omplcle Stock Prompt Service To All Makes of '(,'ars TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 21 Hour Service Call (533 ' A .S|iiedomot,'i- dlitl all:u'h(d In. Mi' car's ii'ii'i.n- KpeeilntiiyU'r.!' i'.-'.\t,( the vfhtcl"'fi f|vi'd, iintl' tlie' ci'i[i'.s|]0iidlnu nutnV.'i- of curl lil'gllls it will UlK'J 10 .Mil!) :il ! I (DM .speed. Is Intended lo mak^ while more taxes are paid In i i'.rhi rs drive mere .sillily. • the iMllotial Income Is ilsol — ~ • i ).i i.Wiity lo snip wllliln the l),-.''r distant:? lias raiiM> I; ('.'•(.-''(ills In (he OnlU'.l il'iiu any other lhin:i. I . | K"\>rds show thui Pennsylvania' !• .u Iht- I'lii-'.-Mi .sliilo.s In the' Union in the number of guiles ol Nole also Dint in the United diclions. Ihe fluctuation of' rales, the ItucUiuUons of assessed valua- tloiis. and Ihe exempt property. Perhaps one-Fiuhlh of all real estaU- Is exempt us religious, ehiritable. educational, or eovern- niciit owned. Thai mokes it .i lls M .,,*,,,"" w flu hard rojids, that much lougher on Ihe other i meter. Inslall.'d on the coliinni of tho cur, ma- motorist to :hrck on KIK. Seeing no roller in the less than half of the tax field occupied l>y the federal Boyr.rnmcnt. FORTUNE finds Ihe only hope for measurable reduction of oin- tax burden in the local field. Thai means the elimination of thorn-finds of almost, useless, in- tfl'ieienl, overlapping, and nut- grcwn taxing districts. ft meons some soil'of c:nlrall- •/olion of the lax-eollf-clinij rime- tlcn. it means the. end of '"Uu.i seir-yovernment" In the tsrm.s i) .u'hool district coiitaiiiinii homes. Know What You 1'ny ! .. ———— Tax students sugeesl that the' uMlll '' l '"'- SJ1J1 ' )M " lft of thc New Vork doesn'l nppveclatc a I good nurta show when 1| sees ] 0110, lamented benulcoua Dor- ;l'ltt -Merrill, thc veiled and fox- |/iirreil young woman shown .•Ijovc, ns she snllcd for London |with -10 other Jobless show ;£lrls— till dcvotcos of undress, after the French Casino tlfrsed its doors. "1 K»VU Ihun the- Jlncsl nude show Now York over 5,-nv, 1 ^ s;iUI Don-Ill, "nnd still they ctoseil." • The table knife becnmc |)0]inlnr nflcj- Die I7lli century, H wns used for rtillns us well 'tis cultlm; nl first. Alkint (jflOfl ulrls, who spcnk threo j or torn- litnt'miges, uve employed i ty Iho Loiulnn leli>|ihnni> ox-1 Apinoxiinately 2SO.OOI) men and ofj" 0 ""'" " rt! ( ' m l)!«>'i'(l by tlic littt- I l-sh Post Olllce, which handles 1,I %a,OOi),ooD,000 liflturs nnnnnUy. Vniprlcnn-innd? iiuloniolillrs :uul ' I'.: sue- ]>]•(•>' :-:i p 'l in Irdniui, VIP DFATH TMES A -HOLIDAY/' *i>.Jtr?rv:D A-r-r"jJC \iAku-ritf«s tl n^.,,, W&y-?5 NEW SO IT' AtMOST CrtltY. Rend Courier Nnws Wnnt Ads. Read Courier News Want Ads, wav cut may hi: ubng tht- road i Hint leads to centrnll/.ed tax- tollcctiiig miichlnery, federal nud slate, ihlch u-lll filter back' to locjj commimilics n Justly detfr- miffed share of v,-lmt is colleclcd. Hen Islnnds mesisurc cooklnj; tlnU' of their native recipes by the of « sjicclflcd niimbec of , , fox ls Not only would the cost of ioi--' 1 "™'"^''' r ™»> Hw limls hi lection and of paying be' reduced, but people would know more clearly just -what they were paying in taxes, and until they do know and understand, there Is no upon as > chance, cf reiillxini; a rnllonnl, sensible lax system instead of Iho jiS-saw puwzle. Hint taxation loday. -• : \ You can see the NEW FORD V-8 Today and every day from 7 a. m. to 10 p. m. at Phillips Motor Company. Telephone No, 810 ^ ,;-,' % ;-.--.^? i Still vigorous dfspite advanced a^c and a life . of vicissitudes, is the bespectacled Maliatma, M. K. Gandhi, shown above, wrapped In more than usunl" amount of clothing, as he presided over im'"educational conference of, Indian delegates at Wavdha. Gandhi's .Nationalist Party followers recently held a celebraUon and launched a prohibition campaign when he passed his. 68th birthday. ing that this means waste and ulniost single handed,, that local inefficiency. j lax lead. Ninety per "cent of local To illustrate. Macon county, 1 taxes arc from that old-fashioned 'Ilincis. saved $800,000 in 15 years^ource — laud and. buildings '— by nboli.sliinj superfliioa'j town- ihip tax collectors. . . . Just That Much Toujher It is real estate that carries, tvhich cannot be concealed or hidden. And such taxation.' is suo- jtct to four bad defects: The overlapping of tax juris- FOR CHRISTMAS The Loveliest Gift of All Your Photograph SOUTHWORTH Over .Ine Isaacs* Store Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY « GIJAKANTKK1) Safe, sure and with IfM discomfort. All dlwases and conditions of nervon orlfln, foot ailments and skin c*ncen l»atfd »nd rurtd al our clinic. DRS. NIES & NIES 514 Main (Htebpxthlc Pbyslelaiu Phone 98 BIrthevIHe, GIRLS! 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