The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1952
Page 10
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FACE TEN BLYTHSVTU.E (ARK.) COimtER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION P.iflj i Insertion M'liimnm cJiarRt; 1 time jit't line 2 tinifi H.T line P«T d.iy 3 Hmrs pr-r hup per day 6 limrs iirt lint- p^r rl?y 12 limes per VHP urr riiy Month pet lino fijiint live average wimj .Ail rirrtrrril for Ihrrr nr jMfipju"! hr'fnn- cliiTcod for Die mimbi'r of per Milt lor ro«svcijjJv< I5f I2c 9r ~c ir 9(lc i rhc line. City Upholstery Shop l>li. 358.'J Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-Day nervlre on Jr-wptry—3 days on walrus snri clocks Gunrant#crt work done by expert repairmen. l-ow«at "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second LAWNMOWFKS Khfirprn nnrt rcpnEr "II iyp p Also ru'* p .t iiFpd jiowfr mow- newer piu'.fl. Alwi pow- mowc-r.s lar rfnl \Veslhrook Machine Shop Across from Kroner Simp 4 4 rk U RUG CLEANING . TIME ^ Dart men t for Rent 3 teems and 'nth with fivpryiMni; fTirntsl:«d; 4 rooms find bftih unfurnished. CaVI fi325, 710 W. Ash SI. 56 p\t 11 3 nn. unfurn, flUt., I'vt, halh. NlrhoU barber shop 418 E Ash. 5;5 pic 12 3 rni furn. apt,, Ph. 2925. 2 room furnished apanm rate bath. Adults 516 I.nkc 55 pk 8 pfc to rm. unnir. 3 room A; 4 room apis, tftr MJ2. C. Abraham. rent Ctill 6 ck U • Modern 2 : 4505. fur, apt Fh 2505 or Modern apt,. 3 rooms and bath, nnw- ly rfecornted. pood, furniture. P ft * pruilfi- mcnt. Ph. 3373, P. filmon. 931 ck tr Small AparLm'ents, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms |4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. J nn. furnished Hpt,.- ph. 8-1 ck tf 4 unfunK downstnlr* roods. Inslrto tetlet. Lights flnd water turnhhcd. 46 I«r wecK. 1318 W. Vine. 5|1 pH S Auto Supplies and Services rnl. thnroiiKh niq rlrnnlnc il on nivth"vn!r l.aunrlry> rxnPrlfncp In this AprdM- Free plrkup nnrt dellycry mil 441B LAUNDRY CIJCANRRS fl'l« cV. .V16 For Sale, Misc. U-;crl clerttlc rcrrlKrrix'Ors. !1f>. lip. Ailnms Appliance, ph. 2t)7] 5 nrrl <-k fifl Florence oil c-ookMove. I-Htf new. Rr;jsLcmrit>lr. Ph. 32^2. 5 3 p^ 7 Save Money When You Hny — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash I»Ii. 2552 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 112 W. WuhiUt Plenty of Parking Space If It's cnttlsh you nit, looXlnK fnr, cotnp to Belt* Fish Mfukrt. I ^nre plrntj- at nil times. Can ftll nny r]7c order 2fllf) nose RL, hnlf hloc): "n^T of CJatrwnj- Currr. rh. 9filR. 4 19 pk 5'19 '. Don't fndanKer your family wll fculty Mrcs—BUY LEE TIRES. CFTAPXfAN SERVICE STATION Mdlri nnri Division Phon* 2flfi-.1 12:13 ck i Perfect quality WHITE 8IDEWALL TIRES — low Rifteage. Size 800x15 and 760x15. We also liave bnrgiiin passenger and tractor tires of »H sizes and brands. FIRESTONE STORE, ph. 2102. ' _ 4|24 ck 5|7 Services 3 rr-palr ony mnke or mode! wishing Tir\rhlnc 2 block.-: u-f«t of Dixie pi:; on 3th St.. by ne.v.' irJionl. Il^rhrrt Om- 1am rti B?aR 37 p fc 57 70 XIIVCTK PirOTOSTATTC" REfiv" ICE. O'STEEN'S STUDIO. 115 \V MAIN 124 cfc it GiiArnniccc! PIANO TunLnc *"u^- pulTV Call 2071 dnys. 2059 nlchts. _ •» 2fi pk 528 ^Ne^d your radio repaired? Call Reel Wation. Dlsnhlpd vote-ran repair?! radio at Home. Reasonable prices, Chlrkft- law Courts- Apt. 2fiA. Ph aijg ___ 51 pk 6 1 E. R, Alley — Air ConrWJonlnr Re- rrtgerntlon Rfrvlcc. Ph. 2«B. 102 E MlF.KOi:rl, niyihpTiltp. Arlc. 4,30 pfc 13 r.ilrttmq or cArrcntct work c n KlriHcy. Ph R327. 423 pk 5 23 DIRT. Ph. G363. t'« pk 5:9 Good Soybean nrpd. runk'n HyhrM Reed Corn. Soybean Inoculation. Mtxtd Fertlhyirr, New and Usert HngR r-ARMERS SOYBEAN CORP K Brnariway. Blythcvllle. Ph 8191 320 pk 520 Seed soybeans, Dortchsoy No. 2. Only 1 year from Breeder's stock. Subject to certification. Only a limited supply. Ph. 2M2. fi1 Implement Co. ck tf M I N N 0 \VS — Roaches. I^iKhinjr canos lOc up. Ph. nile :^^n, day, J50r><). :^28 K. Main St. G. C. Hawks. -I!17 pk 5;17 27 ft. Amir no n Hoiur Twllpr. only S tnos old. Pi^vp $700.00 o'l lh!s trall-r CiUi In- f.j-.-u ni .I2a l.lbrrty HI. Klrple. Mo, afn-r S p.m. or cnll 63.03, Hlvthc- rlllp brtwrcn 9:00 A- 4:00. "5,S 8 I-ost Roy Cnurlx. n*rb*r Shop open, priors rtpht WorK euarnntecri. st clr-lly FfliiltJirj 1 - HlRhu-«y 1R W,, Cnrl O. SlniR .t 5 pic 10 rarletlcj. I5r per 120 pk 5,1,7 CHECK THESE SIX SPECIALS 1951 FORD $1495 A brilliant Al|>)n( Blue Tudor Af\uxf. with Ihe V-8 engine. Karllo, hralcr . . , like 1 n«w c»r! 3919 GMC 1!>I!) OMC !-;-Tfm Pirkup Trunk with r.itllr rack. It runs ]Jke a top! Heater. Excellent Urn. 1SI50 KOKI) $1295 1!)48 CHKV $795 liliAf;ilie! Only 21.004 mile* nn lliis C'u-stt)in Dfluxe Tudor. Powerful V-8 molor. All accessories. 1!M7 KOKI) $7«5 Save money nn Mils A-J Club t'oupp. \V}itlft llri-s, r.T<lio, hpafcr, seal covers. V-8. A sharp car. This clean, Y^-Tnn Pickup has a new motor.' U'Uh Rood tlr«s and heater, il's a buj :U 5195. SS95 ."Make a pood Ir,ifift mtw on this Ill-Ton Truck wltK U foot bfd. Xc.irly new tire*. It's A-l! Get the Best! Get on A-l Used Cor! 300 Broadway lenipaiiy Phone 4453 D & P I. No. 1 5 ' Src'nnrt ytar [mm lirc'Ciler. 85^o ccrm Illation, dellnicd a/ul trrntcil, |125 jit-r ton. U S. UlanketishLp, Dftll, Phone 2192. 4;30 pJt 5;30 SFED RFANB — Dottch No. 2 97" fl germination, M Bush*?!. Ogtlcri's fl8 r o Bcrmlnatlon. 13.7i Dushp]. U. S. B!nn!t- cnslilp, Dell. ph. 2492. 4;.'*u pk 3 30 Lucian Games Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your" old furniture. Farmers terms '/o down, balance in the fall. Formerly Arnold & Gaincs. Ph. 6357. 4117 ck tf Fry era, 11 TP or elrc.-und. Bat. raised, 418 E. Ash. Nichols narhcr Shop. •i 2f> jik 5 13 GOOD QUALITY WAI.L- TONE WATJKK PAINT—Assorted colors, a t bargain prices. Regular ;>1.09 per qL., ?3.98 per §1.95. FIHK- 50c. gallon,-^--now STONE : STORE, ph. 2102. 4[24 ck McnlfiVn 4-room house and bath In MOO block on Henrn. Nice ulvie shop Hid oiHdoor storage H.300 cash, total monthly payments (43.16. Owner being transferred, Modern 5-room liouse and tiath. inrpe front, porch, pariiRe ami storeroom. Nice backyard. 32G East Kentucky. Price 55,500. Modern 5-room house and batri In Country ci«b Dr)ve adiJUlon fiooruy closet-i and storfi^e ntttc. All inside trim and china closets of solid walnut, If you want a neat, ami roomy home, you should Kce this one. it's vacan:, I1.75D cash, total monthly payments 151.12. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor , 112 So. 2nd. Phono 41U Residence Phone 259(5 *iJ9 CX It NEW OUTBOARD OHS — Slightly damaged in shi|)monL In perfect condition. 90-day warranty. Bargain prices. (''IKUSTONK STORK, ph. 2)02. 'l'2-l ek 5|7 Nioe Cafe on Main Street. Seating capacity of approximately 50. Doing nice biisi- MOT-i ness. Handling beer. For Tomato plants. 3 oz, Ph S327. Walnut metal bed .springs nnrt roat- trrsv 3 metnl lawn chairs: 1 bedroom rorker. Heal cheap. Ph. 2671. or after 5. 3435. 4 30 pk 5 H Good used vnn tcrrl Pl\ Osrfolft S5-1. KLrhy Sntex Ct> <;22 pk S.7 HERE'S HOY/ TO BUY A GOOD USED CAR V)l Stuilc. Ch. 5-l'ns? 1505 'I!l Slutic. Oh. 5-I'ass ll<)r> '•"ifi CMiev. t-ilr i:!05 'I!) Tord V-,s 2-tlr. ... UH.i "IS ('hp\rolcl 2-dr. ... J)!)3 '!'.) ( hcvrolcl l!-dr. . . 1215 '•!!) Korfl (fi) 2-dr. . . 11 lo '11 Kurt! V-S 2-dr. ... .'{IS 1939 Conic to Chiimlilin's wliorc I'vrry used ciir is carefully inspecicd. coni|ilclely rc- rundiliimvil. You can buy «illi confidence here be- ransi 1 \vc make il a policy lo pill every used rnr in Icp i'«iidi(ioii — so you wnn'l he Iroulilfd with expensive repairs Inlcr. 'SO Slude. " 2 -T. ['kp , '•111 Shiiic. 12-T. I'kp. . 'o(l Clicv. i ,-T I'kp.. '•in Slucl*. ',-Ton ... 'IS O.MC 2-T. l.WB . |17 C'hev. 2-T. Slk. . 'Hi Dodge 1 !i-T. Slk. . .51." N'ASl! 1-dnnr Srrlnn. A truly nlcr. rar lhat's hero r:\rrflillv rilv driven. O^rnlrivr, (no. A bargain'. 9!)5 705 !).')5 795 (ins 715 j>>t?in. . >;»>> $295 Authorized f^B Service • 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer * Railroad & Ash Call 6S88 Save IS^ on a new FrisldMrp n*- frUiiTiVtor, fi mmlpls lo rlioose, from Adanu Appll.ince Co., 20a W MMn 1 26 ck S 26 There's no pUr> like iiomc -.vli-n n-lth Mystic FO.UII Utt'iol .*,i.v ,v rui: Clrnncr. On .%n]e -,t Hh»r\v;a-\\ r n^:tm^. For Safe, Real f state bnth In In rcnr. M apnrtnipntf. 4 rarti ijn)(. Sninll $.1500. 430 E, Duvt rooms room J . ph. 43 5 3 p Real ESTATE Farms — City Property LOANS I/ impnvtterl ' Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glencoe Blclg. Ph Quick Sale, price $4750. Shown by »|>puinlincMt only. Phone 4-I4G, 3205 or 86SG. F. 15. JOYNKR II. C. CAMPBKIJ, 5:l> ck 501 ROTARY HOE - Lift Type or Pull Type Jack Robinson Implement Co. Bl.rtherille, Ark»rrs«« — Phone 2371 Help Wanted Out Mile salesman for appliances A: 'limiti]re. Api* 21 to ^5, Salary MHl •ommlsfiton. Write c'o Courier N-ws. Jox C-6. 4 29 Ck A'6 Family to make share crop. '!>. 6801. 23 ck tf for Rent Nlrp front room with olnlnt? bath. 8U Henrn. tl house . 42S5. rm. turn, hoiis month. Cfilt 2359. with baili, 33 hon*«. ph. 2 rtxim house, ?lectric kitchen, good oration. Ph. 2!>33 or S67I. 5.3 Of 17 oom and boarti fur men. Front I. private entrance, hot wflter. Close Sn. 307 N. First. Ph. 4660. 5;2 pk 9 5 rm. house on acre at lam!. Cull 2580 or 9131. $;i pk 8 rm house ft bath. Elec hot water hf-ntcr. 425 R mo.. Corner Howard Mdrgnret. Mrs. Zmiltne Powell 4:29 pk 7 5 room modern home with RUT n Htdly. Completely (urnlshed. Grill 465. tin it Hoom BUI! board, R]SO meals lo the public. Served ilnDy II ;00 lo 1 :30- cktn HoarrllnR House. 12fi K Ash. Ph. 4382. 4;iR pk S:i3 Concrete Block BuUdlng. fiiilUble for rRse nr store and Hd]olnlng 5 room ouse with tjath. Located in curve on Highway 61. south side of Holland, Mo. Call 4-l(H or write Paul Byrmn Iniple- nent Co. Ii22-cfc tf Notic* FULLRR BRUSH For service at your cfoor, call 6398 L1G11TY, DEALER 4.22 pfc 5.22 Lost and Found $260 reward for finding my diamond ring. I'\ G. Gip- sou. Call 3262, ^123 or 4464, Glencoe Hotel. 11 ck tf Of/Ice space formerly occupied by the Veterans Admlnlsinutnn. Available FU once. Glencoe Hotel. $;i pk 9 Shetlnnri ponies month. Delivery i Dou-«Il, ph. 3706, by the day. week nr crvlce. John D. Mc- 56 pk 6,5 NOTICE Notice is herevy given that the undersigned has tiled with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of the State of Arkansas for a penult to eeU a tut dispense berr at retail on the premises de- .scribed as: Little Harlem, Rear 420 W. Ash, Blytheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; trtat no to still beer by the undersigned has beti revoked with- ; in five years last past; and that the muler.siyupd has never been con- ! victed of violating the laws of this state, or any other .slate, relative to f .iie sale of alcoholic liquors. Aj>[jlicfiUon is for permit to be if sued lor operation beginning on Uifl 1st day of July 1952 and to expire on the 30th day of June 1933. E. B. Cliitwood, Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me this 3 day of May, 1052. Oscar Alexander, Notary Public My Commission expires: 9-121953. ISean and corn land. E. K. OEK COTTON CO. Call C. C. Councille, 6645, 202fi, night phone 2880. 5 room furn. house Ic klichrn. L71 W. HIJ1 ph. 260fi. 56 ck tf 5 S pk 13 RADIATORS are SCARCE! , As you know (if you've (ried lo find one) radiators are mighty scarce these days because of the copper shortage. And 'expensive, tog. Thai's why it's Important (o keep yours in (he best condition. IF YOUR CAR'S BOILING LIKE A TEA KETTLE Check This COOLING SYSTEM Sullivan-Nelson will flush the radialor, . check "for leaks, adjust the fan belt nnrl tighten all hose connections. And this low price includes (he cosl of cleaner and rust inhibitor. Drive your car in this week! SPECIAL* COO Complete Job SULLIVAN-NELSON Help Wanted, Mate PLANT HELPER—(a work in steam Derating pi tint. Prefer man with >wcr jilant experience. clth«r civilian mtUtnry. Job offers good opporeun- Ity lor tiiturc. Prefer man between 22 I 37, IVi goorl pUyslcnl condition. Applicant s)iou!(S apply h? letter, g |1f • n^c, cducntlon. complete work history and referencps In first letter. In- lervlews hy appointment only. WrUe P.O, Box 975, Blythevinc, Ark. 52 ck 8 Salesman Wanted 210 ncre slock f»;i.l. plenty nVttr fitnnlt housi'. larye hi\rn. F'rnrcd fin mnll A- school bus route. Out fj,i.n rnraconUl. price S-1.500. J C rllAPIN Mnnlla. Ark. J 6 pk '13 Une^pectrci chanp« causes vs In Central Mississippi County. )(ipcrttinUy for nifin vtlli ra ;ilv f tor Reul KKII- No Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Aqcncy Planned F*ro(cclion 124 \v A"h St OI.KNTOE HOTEL BurLDrNG Private Rooms Ic-nt tocntlon Pb 2SH Brrtrnom. ronvr-nlcnt lo onth str^'n nrnt. 61] \V Miln PTi. ,T?2.'i 4 10 c>: 5.10 HTiinll fvinilinlucl room. Ph WiO. Bpcln 11R71. m, pU tcliaiiK ptlcP tm iSln ~lnr tur." \\tntfnws. r Sllfitl rqultv t 57.S60. Lewis nco easy trims a led 2 boi retired RcLiuy 'o s* Irtiom Constant hoi water. Th, Wanted to Cull 2071, Merits 2059. ... ^w 3uy •1 23 ck 5 3 Nlrc nrw 2-hfdroo Riwxi floo ilitl \vlll c. :ar Tnlnl Po 11] F: \Y e 11 home on pavrrt si reel near! AValkor Park. Complete mod- i f r n eiiuipment. Financing | can lie arranged, linmedintp liossession. Several low priced hou . Icipal for home or rental.' Worth investigating. ?oe or call Max Logan. Realtor Lynch Rldg. r'honc 203^1 5'5 ck ui^rap metal. pvl. tiath. Ph. . J_ Clark. AiKftnsna rla.^ifyliii? aljo<u $«{ifiO y curly .Also other local! tlos available. \vVltf Rnw- Utnh 1 !! Bept., AKD-210-203. Memphis. Tenn. 4,3'J cfc ^1 Free Picture Of Your Catch .Tusl hrinis your strini; of fish to our store am] we'll i;ike a picture for you any lime of il:iy nr nighL No chnrRe sit u\1~ Good luck to you on your fishinp. Barney's Drug CAMKHA IIKADQXJAUTF.nS 20M \V. Mnln I'hone 3617 CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut — Phone 4578 EXPERT REPAIR means tXlRA weot». H-flLTCRS QUQU.ITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. M S I N ST. See if now.' Today's Big Different* In automatic washws— HALSELL & WHITE FURN. CO. iMilin & Division I'lmne COflli Guaranteed Watch Repair U ANTM> \V> pay Ioj> prlcr.i f o r sovhf«ns, soyhr^n splits. shcUrrt rorn, "•r\tf=. •a.-hfAt i*nd barley Get our nrlre iflft? you *rl? KARMKHS SOYBEAN CORP N. Broadway, Blyihevllle m 8191 320 cS ,VJ(i We ii-lll p^y CASH for your PM Korlak*. i-Anjprns nnrt Irnscs for pArts OSTF.EX'.. STUDIO. 115 \Vr« M.lln. HIGHEST PRICES' PAID | For tin. wire nud all kinds of TlrlcX duplf x on ChlcViijin'n'ria. S Iflrcc rc*om». 2 baths, utility nnrt lann- rtrv Toom5. I'flrpott Air ronrlJrinnfd, N1i f yard. J13,06-( FHA loan, h^latur j m.?3fi. On* flpurtnirnt rtnl? tor SM i per month, o«-fier llvp* In otticr. | 1 hodroom home Jn 200 blocV nn I r»sl Krntnrky, Erroriiril porrh Thi: >IOI;SP Ln nt>f>»l mndtllnn. Htis ixln 1.EW13 REA1.TY CO,. Ck 3,7 BlytheviHe Iron & Metal Co. N". Bdway & Moiiltvie Orjve Phone 8002 4 15 ck (f Wanted work or cooking. i?*r 121 I>»i- i.G pk U FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land FOR THE BUY OF YOUR L1FE- See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Blytheville Motor Co. Plion* 4122 FINA FOAM . . . the Ncwly- nevclnpert Babble Baih for Fine Fabrics, KB£S And Upholstery dots A speed; foam ARKANSAS PAINT A CLASS CO. 145 T.. M.iln Phone 237J HORNER-WILSON IS Truck Headquarters The Kind You Want— At The Price You Like! HMO FORD l^i-Ton short wlicelhase Truck that's as clean as can IMS. Special price . . . HHS CHEVROLET l'/2- Ton Truck with a new hert, practically new tires. Special price . . . $695 • $895 1!>5(1 CHEVROLET 2- Ton S\VH Truck equipped wilh air linikes. ['er- fcct lires. Speciiil price. . J9IB GMC T/z-Ton I,\VB Truck wilh n new bed. (Jood (ires. Drive i( lo- clay! Special price . . . $1295 $495 1917 DODGE 1-Ton Truck with Stake Body. Take a look at the fine tires. Special price . . . . 1050 FORD «/i -Ton :j; / Pickup TV nek. GOI^J; V tires, excellent engine. A i bargain! Special price . . ; $395 $795 I«5n CHKYROI.KT 2- Ton S\VB Truck \viih H fine paint .job. excellent tires. Special price . . . ]!)50 CHEVROLET Vt • Ton Pickup in guaranteed fine condition. Good circs, (oo. Special price .. $995 $995 Buy Your Truck on Easy Payment Terms At HORNER-WlLSON EAST MAIN Rocket Olil.smobile — GMC Trucks Phont 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151 IIP

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