The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOU* THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS THE COtlRJER NEWS CO,, PUBLISHERS O. B. BABCOCK, Editor H. W, HAINES, Advertising Minagcr Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, ino, New York, ClUcago, Ctiroit, St. Loula, Daite, Kansas City, Memphis Published pvery Aftcrnooji Except Sunday entered as second class matter at Ihe past, cMlcc at Blythevlllc, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 0, 1917. Served by the Djiltcd Press SUBSCfUFnON RATES By carrier ft) tne Citv of Ulytlicvlllc, IBO per week, or S6.50 per' year, In advance. - Ry mull, wiuim a rnoius ol 50 miles, $3.00 iier year, 51,50 for six months, 75c ror tlircc m on 11 is- oy in>II In postal zones U'o to clx, inclusive, 16.60 per year; in zones serai and eight, $1000 per year, payable in advance. Symbol of Boom Days ree/s Depression Jimmy Walker, omvtiim; pliiybuy niiiyoi- of New York, lolls a Brilisli chancery court Unit ho is broke'nml can'l p;iy his bills; ami that simple admission |>ufx a period on it caroer which could have duvclopwl nowhoni- but in (ho United • Sinks during the Ki<Wy ljuum of Iho l'J20'.s. The dapiioi- little man who was oiicu Uic vci'y .(luiiHessunce of Broadway painfcd a sorry picture of himscll'. His income,' ho : .ssys, lolals just ?105 it week, of which -10 per cunt goes to 11 collaborator. He is living wilh his Vvifo and nioUicr-iii-law in |li« killer's house, .and ..his wife paid the hills on '.lliuir m'L7i'r>!rip, to SIKIJII. • Kvkk'iilly .someliiiiif pretty dva.slir ..lias Iiiijipenetl lo Jimmy during 1 (lie l;i;;l, few yetu's; ami if ho r.vcr sits/Uwn to •'figure, it oi|l,.it mighL lie some, cnnrfort to him'to rofloei, thd il didn't: really : happen to him so much as to his fei- ' low coiiulrynu'ii. •• ' ,. • *.: * * » .•;•' For'•Jimmy Walker w'as, ; ncyer liny- Uiin'ST but a' symbol, capping the summit- of boom-lime New York like the ust'lcjis'. diriijiWe mooring. mast atop Uui Umpire Slate-bui'liling; an onia- m.iml, expensive and cliurniing, in -it -whole city luck'pride during days ; \vhini 'the w«teli\yoi;i| Jvns ,-jwis- ^BM;--^- go;.' /' V;''.-- >•'• .And ill his "ilrjlUilion there is one of, those oid-fasliionwl moral Ic.ssons—uul so-much for,'the ilappi'r Jimmy as for llie rest of )is. Jimmy Walker never was much of a mayor. Nobody ever pretended Ihni •Jieiwts.VHis best friends would luivc admitted that he. was ornamental rather than useful. But. during'the hectic, days of the boom, the pressure on city governments was so light (hut it WHS possible to put up wilh I hat kind of mayor—and with llie kind of KOVUVII- .muiil which iiuch a mayor brings along with him. ' ' . '* » 4 Hard limes changed the picture. Shrinking revumies mid increasing demands on the • public purse suddenly showed us Dial buss rule of the Iradi- tional type is the most expensive luxury in which a city can indulge. The Jimmy Walkers, light as so many feathers, nevertheless were a BLYTHEVCLLE. (ARK.) COUBIER NEffS OUT OUR WAY loud loo heavy .to be carried any longer. That Jimmy Walker is on his uppers today is not important—to anyone except Jimmy himself. The im- pcrlant fact'is that the, Jimmy Walker kjiul of government is alfio on Us uppers. We have been gulling an expensive but valuable objed lesson in municipal affairs. If it leads us lo discard the old, carefree system of turning our city govern incuts over to the nearest boss and Idling him to go the limit, it will be worth all it has cost. —Bruce Gallon. Germans Go on Flying 'J'hu crash <>( (he- fllacoii seems to have convinced most Americans that 11 is useless for us to iwporijiionl any longer wilh dirigibles. IJut il j s worth notice that (be Xeppclin people art- even now completing a new airship at Knedrichshaton, and that they are planning to put it inh, regular commercial service between Kurope and America next tuimmor. This new ship will be larger than (he Miicon, will accommodate 50 pas- fL'ngtrs, and will be inflated with a combination of hydrogen and helium which will'make it non-explosive. Her motors will | X : oP the Diesel type, burning 'fuel oil I'ar less inlhiiuniiible than gasoline. Construction of this ship is just one more bit of evidence Ihaf Ihe (ierinans seem to have ny trouble at all in making .'I [M-aclittil, useful currier out of the dirigible. Why they should be so .succosKfnl when every other nation lias no success at all at the job is one of Uic (lueere-sl puzzles of modem times. .,...Still Waiting Action _ H tho pcojile of this country ever reiilly appreciate how terrible the auto traffic silualjmi is, you will see a sudden Ihire of laws, regulations, and supervision more drastic, than anything now dreamed of. , .Take a current .example.;, A O-yeVr- uli'l Clevtliinei' bbyV excUeflSuul tickt&l' because he. is at last big enough to go to school, makes it a point to hurry to the Hchoolhouse lube there in plenty of lime. One day he gets (here ahead of Lima; the traffic officer detailed to the school intersection hasn't arrived. The boy crosses, anyway—and a motor car kills him. Now this sort of tiling is almosl loo common to be. worth mentioning. Yet when you stop lo think about it you reiilix.e, all of a sudden, that it is the tragic product of a situation which is absolutely intolerable. Why we tonlimu; to p»I. up with il— why we don't get up uii our hind legs and put. this traffic juggeramif under control regardless of the cost or the difficulty—is the greatest mystery of the age. Neither 1 nor uny. unc niter liic will sign inylbiiiB dcroSRtory lo u'.ir lumor. Wlmt wo ib-n we ivill keep. —Adolf nillcr. AW, COME OMl JES SIT STILU A LITTLE WHILE LON6ER AND LEMME DRAW VA. 'COURSE I AIN'T SO600Q WOW, f5 THIS BE1MQ MlCe^ i. THIiJK \OU MI6HT HELP VOUR BROTHER OUT. HOW DO WE KMOVV BUT THAT SOMEDAY HE'LL BE: A GREAT ARTIST? WE SHOULD ENCOURAGE HIM, By Williams AMRrricXvl.tuAH' HE'S .IE HAVIM' FUM AT MV EVPE.MSE i SHOULD SIT THERE AM'LET HIM SKETCH FLJMMV FACES I i. LOOK AT THE L'AST OME ME « DREW OF ME — JUST LOO!/ AT IT'* AWYWAV. IT'S THE OHW AMfcTlTlOM MEfe EVEK HAD [SIDE GLAKCES Cy George Clark FRIDAY, -MARCH' '29, '1935 DARK "I j«Sl gof ;| swell i,| C j, foj- HIlOlJllT 'yOU'VC-lffl-IIIC-il alone son if." . i all CURIOUS WORLD ^ Ham son ,—a FURNISHED THE EARLY MAN WITH NINETY C£Wr OF HIS FOOD SUPPLY ., AT THE SEASHORE CHANGE DIRECTIONS 7\VKE QAtL-VS DURING THE DAY, THEY FLOW TOWARD THE SHORE; I M THE EVENING, THEY ~ FLOW OUT TO SEA. tVje SOUTH AMERICAN CftVV IS THE ANCESTOR OFSUMCA p, GS / Land uixl S ca brcrs;e.s iin: caused by dlflciwiw., of bcUvcen adjacent, haul ami wultr arcns, aim these d - : ". ..,<-.,•>, Hiiti these dilfcicncco ur( cU.c to the fuel thut laml nrcns lake on heat and cool oir wilt greater rapidity,than vyiilcr areas. NIIXT: | J( . f s ,,iln!? Dusl in Attmosphere Holds Little Menace to Wealth h '«tVl H M e f n "^K7^ c '"7 l " fl "; il " i f^ rroi " Uic .'ic i-ani-c of (he rci-cnt dust )wly S "' ; '" illllollll!s of exlrun:- slwiiis !<, lical(l). ""••> iiiiili'i-luLs Ili.-il iiwy (;ct illlo - • llll;m - 'Mills a Milan amount, of IVV int. MOXKIS l''lS|llti:i\ I' 1 " 1 -. 1 "' Hi;- ali,i,,s|tli|.|.- far a shart .^Icdinil i\M,»ri;it"nn. ami' i"r' u'v'-" ' "" cxtl ' l -' (l " l -;ls 1 »'iions luizurtl. scb. Dir llrallli MUR; 'IIv i(n<;l lUornw nm i,,,,,- JT^l «cviv,s Mi'' country linn (hiintii- •inch'.-!! f;nnio in w«,t unl inii|;|i c . Mi:n-ly irdi:dii|; v;r-(. iiH,i : . i,, : ,,-i','i. •oil (hi-ii Imiiir.s'l I- in tliv I" Ifx-l. (Jii.M K; ,-i iiuMrial c-yii- 'nnc |niri>xf :is ;' locus 'lin- prc- iisirrsi-s ll.i- MIU'S r.iy.s. . I'tT Ihh iviriOII. Ill: i;,y;, y| (III- I'll «» Hi/1 |KiirUi.( r In , lv „, BBOIN IIKHB TOIUX JIIM.ICI.'XT attAVKS, .ecrelor? lu CKOIICl; DlirjIIJOM), Hod. Uer *-iiilj|n^rf In bl» 'onicu [lend, lu |iiill« «hc ru»bf> away and rctf- VffT< p(. « b^lrl under no «»- •umej TIIIUIC. JAIIV1S IIAl'P, dlillMfc-ulihtiJ. poking «lrntii»rr f rccoKnUi-i Ull- lh'r«i BJIII oKvr* 1a Arlp tier. Me •«DdK ki-f 10 il hruuly piirlor tvlifre ilie U Iriinkforiued Into u lirunul. llnnn iiikt. her bonu'. lu- irniluL'lUK Iier a* JiU t^i'rttnrr. Ill* ..m. MmjlA.V IIAl'P. n:iril« >lllLli-t-iii nir.-ilniil bin »(e|jlfrniljer. IIIIIIKHT CAtSi:, n,u (rll. b cr a ui)'Mi.-Elou» krciiunii In blnck fr- inliir link tunic (loner i)V«r Jill Mllllvcul {alia n»lcrii. A uuUe unkeui bi-r null «|je Hilda a nnic iliicler litlr door rcniloi;. "'J'be ^voiuaii Itj oliii'k rrmloc !• bere." aillllccnl drrfeliCB, art-* the tvomnn In liTiu'k drive away In a leilnn. illlllceat lullnim In KoLrrf Cnlie'. coii[ic, Inn ron» out ot Kan. She ivnlli, hniiic. oi-o tl Hclu l n ||, r i-hiinlfrur's uuarler*. «nlcr» anil NOW CO ON WWII TUB STOHV CHAPTER XIV WHn Iliat sluele lin'oluotarj 7 scream had been wrung from tier Iliis, Millicent realized tbe uecesslty for silence. Sbe could boar the poundlns of her own heart, tbo steady dripping of the raiu from Hie eai-es, llie ru.silo of the leaves of a shade tree ivhlcli grow against the aide of llie uuildfiig. Slio stood ilie-re, UslcnliiEi wnlt- Ing to bear If ber Gcreain-had attracted atteotloo. : • Apparently U had not; There no souud save iho noises of the olgul. Mllllceul slopped luto Ihe room and closed the door. She sleeled iierself lo approach tha figure which sprawled, faco downward, lu tuo ceulor ol IDE i-oain. ft n-as the flgure of a man. clad In an overcoat ivlth tue collar turned up. A tell hat bad fallen from bis dead and lay two or ibree feel to one side. Millicent could not eee tbe man's features, out slie could see . the wasli stand. She opened It, and her eyca eucountored' flask ot che dark, welling pool scened from beneath the whtcli sod stained the rather tain, sun- , , Her hand shook na she splashed wlilsliy .Into ' the tupibler. iind cbohcd down a etltt drink, opt, ae tbe Oery liquid started coursing through her veins, It gave ber now strength, a new leellng of confidence. She wiped her llus wltli hor handkerchief and returned U to Ue pocket of hor lur coat. AB she pushed tbe bit ot linen and lace Into the pocket, her flngers encountered a har.d, bulky object which Bcemcfl strange to her. Sho frowned, explored tho object with tho tips of her lingers and 1 then uddenly remembered what It was. At tbe snme monient a quids Cash of Inspiration swept over ber aod she pulled the object (rom her imcket. U svris the key container Hint had been In iho car she had borrowed, There were seven or eight keys ou that key container. Surely one uc them must be a key to tbe douse. With ft she \vould ba able to let herself into the house and KO to her. room without anyone knowing that Eho had been out- She loft the bathroom. Blood In :iio eijuure room once more with la windows ou three sides, a room In which a man had recently mei bis ileaib. Suddenly, her brain clariDed slightly by iho sllmulaut she tisd taken, Millicent realized the would have to know something' 61 what had happened. Had the moo aeen slabbed or shot? Had he been killed by someone who lay in wait for him or hnd someone onetied ihe door and struck him down? Fearfully, she once more approached tho corpse and stood over It. She could see no hole In back - abd coui'Ict me ot murder If jrog want to!" It seamed Inevitable tlmt' lin driver of tha car iad discovered ber.anil was deliberately tortur. Ing her as a cat lorlurcs a inpns<j. By an effort. Miltlceut beld der, self motionless. • . - ' . A moment later she hoard Ihe sound of the e«r«g<j door slldlns back. Then, after a moment, tbb merciless white glare of the head,, lights was removed from tier fiw, and she heard the car move Into the garage. Then tlio door once more slammed sbtit. Mllllceut was trembling frooi head to foot. Had the driver q't the car seen Serf Had tlic the beaii- Hehts been left fastened upon her purposely so thai she-might realize her bldlug u| SC « bad been rtla-'' covered? -Qr had ft been merely ono of those coincidences which' happen so frequently In every-day life? Sho knew ihat tbe driver oj llie car had. of necesslly, left the car In order to unlock tha door(* of tho garage. It was, ot courso. possible tbat tho car bad acoi- dentally beeu left Irisuch fl oosltlon tbat the headllgbls wore borln- : Imo tlie hedae at the exact .not where Millicent bad chosen to hide. Even so, there was a strong' possibility that the driver of tbe automobile liaj seen nor crouching there. • • . •JUILUCENT waited about 15 minutes before she dared to approach the front door of tbe bouse. Tbe rain bad ceased now uut low. black clouds were drifting rapidly across the'sky, twist- Ing and writhing on tbe wlnga ot a wind wblcb was momentarily increasing In violence in tba liigber regions, although u at 111 blew only tu gusts on the ground. Milliceut tip-toed up the stalra to tba porch, took out tbe key container and etled keys one after another lo Ihe'front door there any stain on the back of the coat to Indicate that a bullei had gone Hi rough the man's bodv. bleached carpet ot the room. MIHiccol gave a sigh of relief, She leaned over to one side By exercising every OU o slipped Into the corridor, closed have been In the room n! the time lights. She closed aud locked the W.IF desrt. She stralgbienecl, knowing that she must gel a look at i)[ 3 ( ac e. SumcJioiv. she Had convinced ner- sell ibal II was. perhaps. Norman ilapp who had followed the mysterious ivoruaa In black ermine. U Ihb dead man should prove to no is'oriuao lla'pp ... Slie mo red slowly around to the tie bad opened tho door. Gil 13 ivcni ID Ib for a moment. Ibe door, listened --JI, Ihen slipped out Into ibn wet uigbt. i As Mllliceni tiu-ioed, <JoiV a th€ stairs from the chauffeur's -bed- robin she :ucard Ihe sound 'of a' motor car..and a moment later --.., i. .AJ-U, - ^ u am » ij aiuuuu IU lilt I | [, L,, n , side, so Ibai she could sure tlowu j f„""! na ^ cl! him ilm Br™ riietnrto.i • ~ - 3u ° B ins 11) a I a car had turned lo toward HID garage. h'or a second or two slie stood there, wondering If 5 |, o aat( , a r | 5k discovery, Then she ran down ihe stairs and concealed berselt be^ ... llhltl au oruameotnl hedge, pressed II agalasi ner llpa. stood | Sbe bad no soooer ilroppe'd from fora moment swaying on Ihe bor-jsiglu ihan the liendltglus ol ihe tlcrlaud between consciousness 'automobile stui twin pencils ot door, thea stood listening trying to hear any sounds which mlgbt indicaie her nocturnal eicurejon had attracted attention. • :"'.. Sbe heard nothing. Tlic-re was the first gray touch of dawn in ihe airland Milllcent sliding 'Veariljiour'o'f her wei clothes, botbered only 1 to into ihe gray, dlstorteu [eatures. 'f'he dead man was Harry Feld- Ing. the chauffeur, anil his lace was not - pleasant thing lo seb. Alllllcent fait nausea gripping her. She pulled n Handkerchief from the pocket ot ber fur coat. - .. , — -,,wu,l;ul Llll^l \"^^« aton s the driveway, her fur noau Her'^bcornea« she lei lie across the back or and fainting. Tiien she gradual!; regained control ol hcrselt. riut WEiiited most desperately 10 get a drink of water, or perhaps th?re lalglil 1)3 n bottle o! brandy somo- *vhcre in ihe room. r • t CI1IO looked aboui ber aud saw whito brilliance against the bedge. . cbnlr. Then she crawled Into bed; Suddenly she thought ot the suitcasa ot books on "which «b« was to work. She decided that she. would put them ID the closet and lock'ihe closet door. '. . '-: Millicent. Jumped from Bed, crossed the room, turned on tht lights and bent over tha-suit- door^vlilth leii lo'a baniroom. | 3 lio endured more than was .She entered the bathroom and humanly possible. She wanted lo case. Abrujilly Blio slilTcned lulo •...,„ Immobility, staring down at tha [suitcase Kith Incredulous ejea."'." j She remembered Ihe apoe'ar- ... .j;" 1 "' ° r tUi " suitcase — reWio. llghis boring lino llie ncdce nno I particularly tna strppi which tind held it sum. " ' They swung nnsi Mlllicent, iben sivcpt tiacl; and came to a stop Alilllcenl Had already under- KOue a terrific ordeal. Now. crouching there o-itb. the ivliiie } blinding ner vision, she tell thai EI.IV thnt It coulnlncd a wash aland, ovt-r which wa? a drinking glut's. There was a clipboard This suitcase had no strnp3l Someone had removed tbe suit- rise up from nehlnd the nedge. case and substituted another dur- Ihrow tip ber hands and scream, i ">S '"" -'—--- • •• "All right, here I am. Go ahead 1 her absence from tho room, (To Uc Continued) •ilr, and p;>i i.icul;irly lo drvin idcnlr to km ii. j s>™phsoclon lilscus • family, fa- s : h :: r r r s are . ivliuli j, ;t .vs directly from one i Emulate Famed Chameleon in [American rivcre. . ih* | WASHINGTON (UI>,-Two lish' Tv;o years u B o llie fish w c ,e i-o-j which emiilalc chameleons have i worth S10 a pair lor their color ___^_^_" j'K-cn ii(l(lr:cl lo Uic collection ofithanijina qnnlltlcN. ill"; Washington &TO. i . ^^^_^^^^_\J^M> Bre .nwbi,™ „,-.««.•; m.«j Courier « CTO Want Mi. OUR BOARDING HOUSE , a nv „,,. minus have IKCII ic[x,n-l us a ,c- . Vmir body hits tin- aluliu- |,, ,.,,..„ ' <»• n is in a KIMIM- ii'YVu-^K IV, 111-cllnlllL-lll — •*•-*. S1\(J I he Comic, f : TC , ,„, , 1[ . en :|1J _ U'.HUetl tu UimtHlllB! thai Ihe l')|- TOR i:ii-Y I- M. llutli Uicai AlfvinJtr Haiiy Atkliii L'ccil H'lillc Hois Sliitiu Sidney c. Craljc rlL-ics from f earth, tlin carton iron, smoke, mineral materials, and also Mich hvini! malorlal as nort.ioiis ot the ?km. weds, barlrriii. Hip p;.ll,- m -,| !''•!"•';• I'f'* "' ""' «in FS aud less .'ii:) U! l«-s ol IILSCCU. ..tarcli r^u,:,il;- uf lla , r . iiml , cm , «• .•"-•!cr«l twh m-^i..!!'.'!! au-j M!.,.. M-ICll -.'I II!T rxpwur i; , u ,j, v , ry im™ , lor ilr ,7 !Wje ^^^ -- ... I. ' --ii-l. Tll.lLUj J I a.v lever u,- ,M) mia . J:;;. :l rlDi ? Ull t!r lHHIlllr, („ ]„ -, ,,, . -^ si-wiO ly (lie ciiwsutc. ' "" 'Hit ? ;nu<. j,, (lK t j -c ,,,. ta, m(ul . l):ou;c 1|);y ^ 3 ;'"=, 0| B 2 '"'s thai kill ''"'"Me, Expjiu;-. 0 [ ° AW viES CO^AE MISTAU rV\A3&,U,70 GVT G" MONEV 'FO TO BUY DRErXDNMiGWT \\t\<S ) » T-UM QOT L/XMt f \ 'BEEN ACTIN* UP KtMO/V Ur( T-UCiH'VY, AN' AV-\ PINKS r "^ •••! •. \-\r- \j\ib.t "~* • AR|V\\ST1C£—WHY, 1 HAVE HUA ENTERED TOP,' A MATCI-\ "R^E SOON-^. EGAD,AND NOW TH\S i. HAD TO HAPPENi \ •—^ 7C-LL fY\E ,T)OES A

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