The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE TWO TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1937 Social Calendar •WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Indies' Bible Studj of Chiircli of Christ meets with 'Mrs. AcMl- son Smith 2 30 o'clock. Executive boird of Sudbuvy *'• T. A. meets 2:30 o'clock' iit school; re^llai'' *\etting< at 3 o'clock w M U of Fust? Baptist CMircli "hietifs 2:3b' o'clock nt liif church, DWphlaiY fine Atis club meets si Hotel Nobif 11 o'clock. ^cdhesdaj Bildgc club meet;! uilh Klis W J Pollaid THURSDAYS EVENTS Blhgovgarty to be held at Catiio- lic hall at 8 ocl"cki sponsored liy Altar society, Midweek club mfets wl'h Mti H^H Houchlns Jewish ladled 'A}d meets 8 o clock. frRh Mrs Ike Miller W M U of Fhst Baptist Church meets 2 30 o'clock at the church v Thur9da\ 1/uncheoii club iiieefe with itis J A Leccli Thirreda'y '-Gdntrfcci; club nVeets .wiHf- Mrs: Jolih' F. Lcn'ti'. Thursday AftcinoAh Biirige chi'j' meets with Irfft Loins Aoploba'inn Thursday Bridge club meets with Mrs W D McClurkin .FRIDAY'S EVENTS Executive" Soat'd of \V. M: U. of Fir*t Baphst Church mSets, 2-CO oclock at homiJ of Mi! Walter Wally's Pal Her Successor, Too of ' the Coi'ifedeliicy; meet with Nancy Hiv3h"cs- at 3 "o'clock. [ Mr% T<'afi<!r flishop 'i le*Rjft M U ^itt.i'im ! Trie;Womeli'i! Missibnaij Union' of they First Baptist church meli at the" church jesteiiW nftci--, noon fcl the ^fnst pC T series at; m^tiligs iiV cfecrvaricc of u week of phfi'el' for foreign missions. j gWaltel Bishop \\ho was in! *^of the prcgram oil "Loofc-! ing Unto JfsiiS in South America',"; \VBJS assisted bv Mr H H Brooto.i •svhc> talked on £iazii Mis. Arthur Nclscn who tilkcd on 1 /\r- gefitina and Mrt I( I, Tteeder •Rh'p talked on cwic Arthur Nelson sailor • riie Old UJgBecl Cross and Mrs tinny Frifzius led th6 d'vfitional. • Mrs. FritziuS Mrs Alfred Cirpehtei', Mi's Ceslfe Moor'e alid Mrs J. ft. Emartl jr offered prnyeij i Tc. Hiie Surpcr i Theplyomcn's Council of <!\e' First Christian Church Is'spSil-' sorOis a potluck supper at the hall tomorrow night al C:30 o clock the suppei is part of i meni- bership campaign which tlici churfli is havm» and nil mem-' bers of the church aie uiged to be piesent George W. Barh'nm is in cl r f the program Hwe Called Me*iln r The Children of the Confe'dw- •jcy held a called meeting a£ rho -home of Mrs. U L. Hubener Sit-, urday (o rnakc plans for Uici Christmas dunce. The members' also; appointed a committee to work oil veteran gift baskets and contributions and tor the Christ-, mas celebration at the Confed-S «rate home in Little Rock ! Li»ht retVe'ihmenfs wcie served. llomecomnjr Part} *ir>i . ^_- _ t* Bits of New* Mostly Peribrtal A Cappelh Choir Will Appear Here The king- Edivai'il-Wallls- Vi'nrJIeW-Er.icji. Simpson trlnngte os neatly Equaled at Fall-Held, Conn., wllh the marriage of Ernest Slmp.smi io his fonmr wife's girlhood chum, Mr:;. Miiry KirH Rnlfray. The iils- torl cthconc rocking roWirticc \Us set in motion, by Mrs. RalTr.iv wlicn she 1'rttrndrtcMl. Wnllis Wnrficlrt (o the Handsome London Gtiardsman In \y&. The new Mrs. Simpson and Captain almpson -'-• plctftrctf uffoV their manlagr, which they h«d advanced a ,veeK hi an unsuccessful Attempt to evade publicity. r FLAPPER FANNY BySy! ivia ©8Y NE^SRVLCC, INC. T. f.l. RtCI IXd;PAT.'OFF. Mrs. B. ]j. 1'nrks of Caije Ol- rardrati i-cturnrd to her home this mrfnliig after visltlii!; Mr. Parts; svho 1 \s wcrklns here, and Mr. and Mra. a. E. Parks and Mr, and Mrs. Max Parks this week. M'rf. W'ill'lam K. Atwcod cf fc'nn- stis Cily. and Miss Ruth Klncy" (if 1 ISc'xIer vvcte' week end g»us(s of llnir pister. Mis.s Al .'Kliioy. Karol'ri Nathan Rbsenlhiii I«T.- ! li'rnrd Suh'dity iron)- N'ashVilVi;. TiinA., ivli.'rrt lie .vlsitod Miv.n'itd' Mrs. Fred fir.ldi'ier and at'feiVded life \ v a«dci'l:irt-Alnhama fpoftttll tniif. Kt 1 was accompanied lijv MV. end MY::. Jos Saliiifrlehd. of Dy-- frthm'j!' to- the Mteslssliipi river where he was met by his parelVts, Mr. jinrl MI'S, filter Rosenth».l. Mr. aiVd MVf. I3an G. S(O\it \vcve. In Ivk-mpliis .Monday. ; Mr. aiiri jrrs. C. E. Edcis and! sr:i, G. g, ji'., spTiit MOiVdny iff'. I'.ttlb Rock-. Mrs. J. J. Johnson i? hi Galvo, 111., where she was called becnus'e of (M dcatli of her brpihc-f-in- :aw, ilr. Farron, who' died Saturday ulglil. M'M. Louise Slracke an'd du'Jgli- : Irr, Miss Anita Sti'acke, svei-d iiV ; Memphis vesi: relay. \ ! i\fi'. and ]\n;s. J. Ceci; Lowe v.c-A in Memphis ytstoj'cliiy ivlieie 1 Mi>, tcwe ociioulled A i>hysicli>..i I MJrrrls Zellnor wrnt to Si. Louis las', nisht. Ke «'•!! acKJnrf to ! !:i! there for a ii-W days. Mrs. W. H. Jnnes and son. John Jtrnes, T. L.- McHaiiey and Mv.s P. E. House, all of ParaHoiiid : were her; last. Mrs. ,!rae.v Mi : .L-ius and Mr. McHan!v visited iXr .ami Mis. Floyd A. v\'hi« and Mrsi- Hcn'sc was a juest of Misses A!icj and Belle WhiUsi'.i. ?.frs. Earl Kooiltz of FHiltosi. Sid Is visiting her mofluf. Mrs. E. Kr Bryiin and family. Mr. and Mrs. HusteU Campbell suii Miss Era \Vri':hc were in Jcncsliovo 1 Simdny. Steele Child Removed From Hospital To Home Louclhi Workman, five, .was able, lo lie removed to her home near S'lcelc yesterday from Hie Bly'the- vllle hospital where she liad been a patient since November 1, when she was seriously injured In a highway accident, The child has n fractured skull. a broken leg. a broken arm ami her hai«t and fingers badly crushed as the result of having been struck by a car driven by Robert Alexander, of Tyronza, as she was walking along the highway near the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Mny Winters. The accident was declared unavoidable. A Cobb ambulance removed J:cr to her home. The- „ c^elte choir. n 6 formed above, of Arkansas str.te" coll.g, at Jcnesboro. under Ulc direction oi Clyde B. Means, w.ll appear at the high school auditorium Fridav, Dec. 3, :,( B o'clock Ca the "am" __^ 1p ' < ' 8ra " V ! hc ; BfrtHcvlllii Little Theater ^nup will present a o:«-act play, "Spartin"'. " •.'" Seotfl News Boys —— Two' tfny planets of recent discovery, which come closer to the earth than any other known body except the niooii, have beai given All of the letters of the alphabet except J are contained in Ezra 1 of the Bible. (SEED the names of .lite. ApoHo and Aphrb- Wlicn a couple becomes engaged | ^ in Persia, an alimony agreement I „ ~- " ' is drawn up immediately, it takes I<ACr - vthin K f«r your cnter- efTe'ct iu event the marriage grids' ta ' nmc "t and Comfort. ; in a' divorce. Twenty nine were present whtnj Eoy Scout Troop - 38 met at th'c' Christian hall last night. George i Hutbard, Lion patrol leader,, had: charge (if the prcgram. • ' j A short skit en aid was i fiwn by the patrol followed By a! lalk on "Tree.';" by Dnniel Boo;icJ Tommy Little jr.. talked en "First Aid Meut Badges." j Wheii a cold strikes . . . don't take needless risks Treat Colds PROVED Way Mrs. William Berfyman Fo B,, P. W. Club "lint 1 just polla get il baclil'l wmie Inm I iici cf »-;,m«l to sec' him ; _ am _| u;ss ! lt '" "nil'"-'*""'! 'hisvery loimitV with :i boxoftaiulv At th; Miss Ruby Browri nrtd'cn*ent an r.;>n-atbiv fcr (Ipl)enrlicltis '.a^c night at thr •Blylhevillc • hospital Mts.:,.\V. IL RVicdes has Been siMtterl t<i tiie Bivthevllle lias plffil. Tom Whitwortlv h,is entered the MeinphiS ; B'aptist Iic.-tpital for ex a'mh'intiofV. M'll!. M^. C'. Outlaw Is apatient in the Memphis Baplist hospital Webb Aiidersoii jr.. or Kclser. is iiv the Baiitibt hospital in Mem phis. Mi-a Willnm Bcrryman gave a | I poit cf the ceveut'.i annual meet- i ing of the board p! directors or (h" Inf»rn\tlonal Federation which ihct -xt bto:kliolni. Sweden-, in. Juh )3 to 18 at a meeting of the • Jin me<s nnd Professloiml Women's i" cmb m hie ' RDSC room of the ,'! ffjt"! Wojle last- night. !.' Mis Iii Gray, librarian, gave ' brief levieus of tiie following |to ks rhc Seven Who Fled" \ Frc-leno Prokosch. "Tlic Citadel"; C i o n I n And So — victoria' Vaughnu Wilkins, "Children or e iangcis Ls'le. Saxon, "Neighbov to the S^> Gladys Hasty Carroll, incl An Ainerican Doctor's Odys-' Hei-=er i W HV experiment,? Vicks Vajx)- R'lib. Bas been' doubly proved for you ..- .-•protied hy cveryoay use in more homes than any other medication of its kind; further proves by the largest clinical tests ever made on colds.. (See full details in each VapoRuo package.) ,-s^ ,-s. Orily Vicks give lfr:\ t 1 >'°u s^ 10 ' 1 proof, i- Vif £_ J VapoRub is the /<'"^~t> •/-;--!^v,dJrect external • •• '' i Vltfeatmeiit. No /fr.—-ilJfrl J-|"dosms"—no risK '•" ' sl *'"' »of stomach' upsets. -•••Simply massage it on the throat, j idlest, and. bqcfc (as illustrated). -.. , Relief start's eVniosl at once. You ... urgjn .to fccl'iftfiiSl.ajid comfort- able as VapoR'ub starts working direct through-trie skin like a poultice. At the same time, its medicated" vapors—released by the warmth> of the body—are carried • direct-to the irritated! alr^passages with evefjjbreattt.. ' • .This double' action looaeus phlegm — relieves irritation and coughing—helps break local congestion. Repeat treatment at bedtime. After restful sleep comes.yapoRub keeps rtefit on woraing, hour after hour. Of ten, by morning the worst of the cold ia over. -'••• - ' VAPORUB TUESDAY BATTLING BEAUTIES! MADCAP MODELS ! ARTIST ANTICS! Also selected Sliorls Admission Matinee ICc & 2Ce Admission Night 16c & 3Ge Weds; ^ rburs;' —-„ of the First Methodist i Church jes£eida\ afternoon, guests acre sencd tea cooKics and mints b> Mis Elton W. Rii-by' •uifl Mrs Fred Hinm A silver tea service' was used on a table on which were cream candles iii silver candelabra. • Iii the receiving line were Mrs I A O Hudson president of the! tortety, Mrs H Ljnn Wade, wife • cf the pastor, and Mrs W Fl Brener, \frs H«rrv Kirbv Mr;' 1 . Edwin Jones ftnd Mr> W c. Hi?-' 8ins<^n circle chaumen .; On the program were Mrs. Jo- : Tnesrchmau ?nd jirs. Jinn-ini Graves, who sang solos, Mrs. Har-i .•vey Moriis an'd Mrs. R. p PaA-' dison, ahn sang a duef and Mrs i S J Tankersles and Miss Adah 5 ncncho, who played ulano' solos:! Ofi» RoasK Broadcasts \ Nofrc Darte-U. S. C. -Tilti O\is Roush, former ladio an-! nounccr fcr KLCN who is now' announcing o\er station WiBC at Muncic Ind broadcast one quarter of the Notre Dima-Solith- etn California football game plovcd at South Bend Ind Saturday. ' Mr. Roush -d'as a gtiest an- FUR COATS Shrifttrfcd nr Allcred $125 up George L Muir t-l, Kl'Xfts AI.TKKA'i'!o;vs OX MEN'S Cl. Wc p;iv fi^hest prices on jioiiltry at all times. GAMES MKT. 118 W. jfain riionc (At New Economy Shop's Quit Business Sale All^ stock must go regardless of cos?—Take advantage of the values in standard brands of merchandise. l-'cr one tlay only svo al'c orfci'in.i; :> ^p'<clal Kt't iliscou'nl on ' in listed !Kio\\. Srt * ft 1 Pin h*i OKI- .vfncMw dls^t-.iv (o inoyfo\v. . . i FOR CHRISTMAS He mil apprccraf* • qualify pit from our whiskey shop Whiskeys, Wines, Gins and Cordials CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Soybeans - W.ANTfib - Soybeans Tfe Pay Hijtcst irfaftel 1TK« Fof All Vxrlttitt MAIDEN GRAIN CO. Vii O. RMveSi Agent * ^ NIOI1T WATCHES - RINGS ; COMPACTS W£EK\END CASES *. DftE&ER SETS ZlPPElt CASES , CJGAREHE CASES CKflnce to Sa<-c- on Christmas Gifts! JEWELRY GIFTS Sty!-eez Shoes yin Snciie. straps, Tir.'; K ftimv Hlach, Rciwu ami anil Navy, (ju KiKinrss Sale. Ri(i l.t-'adicts .......... N*r<ift,.\f. BRI1X1E. Molten K.II-:-. ly. Aniifllr, 'farsc Tlcil and ollvi' 1 Standard lifanrts t'S.50 tc SG.1"5 SliO"s S2.!)3 S3. 15, Coats and Suits. N'cthin; like it in (he country! F«""S and Fnhrirs in Standard• .-ftranSs, all' new i'murt stylivs. Lovely Fabrics & Satin and Earl Glcw Hnhigs, Regn- SI 1.75 to SM.75 valrcs, all mutt go regardless of C:KI at HALF PRICE SHOES, One Group Brokgn Sizes, Pair . . $2,49 WEDNESDAY SPECIALS tiOSIBKY, Key. fiOc Hose Wednesday Onlv '. SSc ADMIRATION HOSR (iintit 2 pairs) $1.25 . AOMIIvATFON HOSK 2 thread, \V e( i. Qnl\- . . SATIN SUI'S S1.9S Vahios 7c S2.: J ,i) SlJr.S, Satin & Crepe l.acc & Titilorcd ...... , ,\I,!, HATS in 2 .ifrntiDs, «| 6 tf S2.'i!) to S5.95 Valncs .. $1 (X $ HOUSE COATS, 7.i wc t styles, ' with FIVE-riKCE GIKT, 'BANb fcaliirinj JESSiK MAE, the only Sfrl Clyde McCoy playing "Sugar Bices." Also with Annette Dubois, darin» exotic Danscusc. tap tlanu- "s, comics, 2o PEOPt.E 25. On the Screen 'High, Wide and Handsome with Irene Dunne <I«iph Scott Ran- CrnCinuoiis- ShowinR—Shows start 2:00 p.m.: r,:l!V p.m., and 8:15 p.m. 'I'lircc cnmplctc shows daily. Admission till 5:00 p.m. Chilrirrn Me. Adults lie (tax included). A<lmi$!<icn after 5:00 p.m. Children 26c: Artulls Sfic (Ux hicliicltdt. ROXY ArtmiiSion AIw. ws lOc & Z6c. Show every uijlit. Matinees *ri- Jay. Satnrday & Sunday Only. Friday & Sunday Matinees slarl Z: 1« p.m. Saturday Continuous |sHo«i» B from 1 to- 11:30 p.m. } Nig'U shows slart 7:00 p.m. SW : KATKRS-SK<U'I'S. Twin' Sets, S'1.5>5 and' S5.!)5 values ...... S2'.-!>7 & S:^15 SWEATERS .Across Ihc Street from, the lovely sifts, (lark & pastel $r ECONOMY SHOP Ingram BHg. Phoitc PAL NIGHTS! Tue.-Wed,-Thur. J ailiills adniitlcd tor the price of one. 'All American Sweetheart 1 wU.Jy «c<»n Collon A Palriem l-'art. Also C'wintdy.

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