The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1949
Page 2
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PAGE TWO 60 Steel Rods Used For Bone Setting Developed at Kennedy Method Requires No Cast, Hospiralization By Howard W. Blakesltre CINCINNATI, Nov. 16. (if)— Hoi would you like one of the new re inforccd leg bones?. Break It am the surgeon merely has to straight en it out. No cast, no medicine, no long hos pital stay. Or a reinforced hand? All he ttoe Is to straighten it out after the break. Both these things actually hap pened, and the x-ray photograph o the leg bone is on exhibition hen at the Southern Medical Associatioi convention. These reinforced bones are byproducts of a new method of mend ing broken;bones. The mending is done by pushing a stainless stee rod—for big. bones almost a girder— down through the hollow marrow . tunnel of the bone. Doctors ca those rotts "pins". The longest- i nearly two feet. '. Two exhibits show how. The miraculous leg .is in an exhibit bj Dana M. Stuart, M.D., of Kcnned> Veterans' Hospital, Memphis. A broken thigh bone was mended by a shining, diamond shaped rod, so strong that U takes seventy jxiunds to flex. ':...''. The patient walked around in E few weeks on his reinforced leg Then he drank too much red !:o.uor A nasty fall, broke the'same leg again, in fact bent It 20 degrees The.doctors merely bent the thigh straight and turned him loose. The reason for this new surgery i- quicker return to work, for broken thighs a few weeks instead of nearly a year, faster healing, no casts, :es complications. Done in Mississippi Even among doctors this mending Is credited to Germany early in the war.- But years before Germany it was done at Meridian, Mississippi, by Doctors Leslie V. Rush and H. Uowry Rush. • , They have an exhibit^ here with some of new type "pins"'that mend not only thighs,' but lower legs, broken knees, ankles, feet, and both upper and lower arms, wrists, hands and collar bones. They started in 1937, but give credit for the firsts to Belgian who used a wire on a collar bone in" 1907 and a British doctor who used 'a metal pipe on a thigh bone in 1910. They had a. young fellow who -broke a bone in his hand hitting a man's head, with his brite fist. The hone was pinned with stainless steel. The youngster got well so fast that he'went out; snd slugged another skull, He broke the same bone. This time the;doctors merely straightened the bend. Both the veterans and the. Meridian physicians remove the* pins after ttie-fypacs have healed. Little Rock Bank Thief Is Caught On West Coast 1 T SAN DIEGO, Calif., Nov. 16. (AP) —The FBI said Robert Tilford Guess, 24,. in custody here, was wanted on a charge of theft of $631 In cash and $231 in checks from the Commercial National Bank at Little Rock, Ark., June 13. FBI Agent Fred Mclntire snid Guess obtained the money and checks, which had been deposited by a clothing firm, by /saying he was an employp o i the firm and had been sent to get them back for correction of an accounting error. G'.IP-SS was arrested in nearby National City yesterday. He was arraigned before a U.S. commissioner and was held in lieu of $2,500 ball. DEFINITIONS PERSONAL TAXESlKchnlcolly known « tisonol lax and nontax pa r HHnll) cr« m- posed by comnmenli ...psr, indl.iduall, Ilicir interne and propeily— lothtr than ol businessmen. DISPOSABLE INCOME ii what tkt indi. Wool hoi Icfl ofler ojr hii B,, lon al T ,«RSONAL CONSUMPTION EXPENDI. TURES aie (he oulloyi of lh< indmduol for ofdinoff neeJi — food, doltiing, ih ( 1r<r wrcalron, do<tO('i fees and Ihe likt ' vellments ore <iol included. CONSUMERS' PRICES or. tho,e»h« individual must pay lor ihinji to satisfy hii neeit. ' BLYTHEVILLE fARK.) COURIER NEWS " Man Who Died In Hotel Room Is Identified MfAMf, Ha'., Nov. 16— <l?t— A handsome young man who died in a downtown Miami hotel last Thursday was Identified by police yesterday as Joseph Boon Cotton 25, of Little Rock, Ark. Positive Identification was made by the FBI through flngernrlnU recorded In 1943 at the Little Rock Naval recruiting station, police said. No relatives were listed on the Naval card. Homicide detective 0. E. Hall said Cotton died from the effects of sleeping tablets he took at gunpoint from a drugstore when an attendant refused to sell them without a prescription. '.' Identification came after six days of Investigation Hall said a laundry 1 wrapper from Milwaukee and a laundry slip from New York Cits- were checked during effort's to identify the man -_ . - - - . . , Jf I'jq"* 7-month average ,"Finl hall, »a!o«i%odjii<l«j ol annual rot. I94» TAX BILL DOWN, BUT NOT TOO MUCH-The averag. f;T,« iTr/T iVA* bl " was almost ?19 ">"• ai an ann "ai «t«. rial r^ rl n •' accordln e lo ««"«' •" the National !ndu s : trial Conference Boaro. on which the above chart is ba<ed -Th« average American's persona! income was down only SIS 'giving isTllflTix an, """h H , disposab ' e '»«»"»• ",e average tat b?U is still six and one-half limes what It was in 1035-1339 while the Disposable Income left is only two and one-half times aTrnVch Gangster Mickey Cohen Reported In Conference with Evangelist LOS ANGELES, Nov. 18. — • os Angeles' public enemy No. One cady. to hit the sawdust trail?Evangelist Billy araham said he isltcd Mickey Cohen at the latter's wine Saturday night, but the- rtap- »er gambler denies ever having alketl to him. "I did my best to kill this story aid the evangelist Monday. "Mr lohen doesn't want this type of tory ami neither do I. But it is °t ft publicity story, it Is a true tory. f ' Graham said he -paid the "social all" to Invite Cohen to ihe Christ or Greater Los Angeles revival He iscussed the nutter only nfter rc- orts of such n meeting were nub- slied. Graham, now in the eighth week f a revival In a downtown tent athedra!, said he spent some time t. Cohen's home. 'We had a very pleasant social isit.' .the evangelist said "He erved us soft drinks. I Invited him o come down to the tent. He made o promises. My only Interest is in ilnglnK Mr. Cohen's influence to ear lor the cause of tho Lord " Said Cohen: "I rton't know whft his is all about.-'A friend talked me about Billy 'Graham a couple weeks ago. But I didn't know im. I've never seen him and I've ever talked, to him." Graham, a modern day Billy unday, has attracted several him- nd thousand, worshippers in his ight-week-old revival. ef Mokes Trip LONDON, Nov. 16-(/J>)-_The De lavilland Comet,, the world's first et airliner, flew 590 mllc s in ono our in the course of its latest est flight. The manufacturer reported the lane, built to carry up to -10 pcr- ons, made this time between the hetland Islands and Its base at atfield, 15 m lles north of London londay. CRYING FOR RELIEF FROM TIRED FROM BEATING' BATTERS P---TRY WONDER MIXING HUMKO OF RHEUMATIC NAGGING f STABBING f Today . . . try ihis specially cum? ouno°ed medicine bill's helped thousands . . . C-2223. Con tains the famous, beneficial herb "Black Snake- Root" And it's lo- Vi • lo , s "«' 1 »P the Snlicylnlo Action mat moMcs it penetrate tissues better -give you fast effective pa | n rc l fcf | I r ra 'SCd everywhere by folks who ' b°- U f- f vi,^* 1 ' 11 * s ant * wa ^! Heniem- j not'enlTrely "alljf Kd^aSy''c^l^o^ ! p« NEURALGIA SCIATICA MUSCLE ACHES AIL VEGETABLE LU ca LU O => •S T U D E HERE THEY ARE! USED CARS THAT CAN BE USED! H 19-19 Sludcbaker Commander—a (ruty fine au(o- C mobile fully equipped \vilh all (he accessories to make your driving more enjoyable. O 1016 Ford—a good postwar automobile al a pre- m war price. 101! Ford—very nice body, runs good, and lias good tires. Chevrolet—brand new (ires, new paint job, runs and drives good. » COME BY BKFORE YOU BUY Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash Phone 888 T U D E B A K E R. OJi * m 73 London's Worst Fog Of Season Halts Traffic LONDON, Nov. 16. (AP) — The worst fog of the season blacked out London ami crippled transportation In much of the British Isles yesterday. Buses, trains, ships and aircraft were slowed down or brought to a standstill in tlie London area. In parts of the city visibility was zero and all traffic halted. All shipping in the Thames Estuary stopped moving at midnight. ICC Okays Resumption Of Coal Use by Trains WASHINGTON, Nov. 16. (AP) — The Interstate Commerce Commission yesteray authorized restoration of full service on coal-burning railroads at 11:53 p.m. (localtime)'Nov. 20. The action revokes an ICC directive which went into effect Oct. 26. At that time coal burning passenger service was cut 25 per cent on lines having less than 25 days' coal supply and lacking "a dependable source of supply," as an outgrowth of the soft coal strike. The revocation order follows the decision of John L. Lewis lo have the United Mine Workers resume work temporarily in the coal fields. Beware Coughs From Common Colds That HANG ON Creonnibion reiitves promptly because U K<>« right 10 ihe seat of the trouble in help IOOMII and expel germ laden phlegm and aid naitire 10 soothe ant! heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial nmcnuj membranes,Tell yourdruggiu io^*ell you * bottle of Crcnmtilfiem with the undemanding you must like the way it quickly allays tKe cou^h or yon are (o have your money hack CREOMULSION -"r%"~hs.ChestColds.Bronchir YOUR WIFE WILL LOVE % THIS GIFT |£ THAT LASTS 'Plan a wise Chrfcdnas 11,1., rf , t . chnoM a Sift (hat jour wife, Ton , Anrl th , whole family will continue to en}oy (or jearj lo come. A Perfection ())| R»n(r'« offers you new economy In * rtnft nhlch make* good cookinn fast, e, 5Jl sure lo succeed., h, fact jou can even bake » cake, fish, and onions at (he same time ami flavors won't mi*. Come In soon and see Ihc Perfection Oil Range, the wise Christmas jifl. EASY PAYMENT TERMS "LOOK , . . NO HANDLEBARS!"-~Augusl Paul ol Munich Germany, lias switched (he driver's seal of his motorcycle inlo the sidecar. Paul built the Ingenious vehicle in his workshop and is deinonslrating H lo Marianne Zimmerman, United Press corre spondcnt in Munich. (Eliolo by NEA-Acme staff correspondent Gerhard P. Scinit?.) Appeals Divorce Ruling L1TLE ROCK. Nov. 1H— /iff— Ell B. Obcrsicin appealed (o the Arkansas Supreme Court ye.sterdaj- from a Garland Chancery Court order setting aside Oberstcin's divorce from his wife. Mary MTobcr- steln. To Abandon Stations LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 16—M>,The Arkaasas Public' Service Commission yesterday authorized the the St. Louis Southwestern Railway lines to abandon it5 station and public siding at Holrtrldge, Arkansas county, and lo remove its station at Keo, Lonoke County On these cold days it's wise lo think of your health and have your washing dune at the laundry. Call 4<118 for Blytheville I.aiindry-Cleaners. ... their expert service ia yours lo enjoy.. .inei- pensively. | BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone 4418 I n 6 ^WEEK-END SPECIALS AT THE JIM BROWN STORE With This Coupon — 3 Days Only! Reg, 1.69 ROASTER 97 Shop Early! CHEMICAL TOILET * f\ Q7 I U.3 ( Now! Only 7,00 Down- As Low As 1.25 W«ekly! Reg. 79.95 Jim Brown STANDARD 69 HolcU 18-lb.^ Roast, 12-lb. Fowl An exciting low price for this quality! Full 5. porcelain-enamel. Jumbo 17*i .xl2!i xS-inch s this coupon today! Reg. 12.95 With lilting, Sanitary nil-steel construction, finished in easy-to-clean white l)akcil enamel. Ebony plastic spat. Galvanized receptacle. Reg. 5.75! 7-PC. ALUMINUMWARE Thursday, Friday, Saturday Only Full 5-Year Guarantee Grand week-end special! Don't fail to SM the beautiful new "Standard", now ml the low price of the year. Compare feature*, performance ind Savings Set it today! TOILET SEAT 3.97 Re». 4.7» Finest quality 1 hardwood. 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