The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1935
Page 3
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MARCH 29, 1935 MTS3 LOUISE DKON MRS. RUTH CAMPBEU, MRS. BERTHA M. HARHI9 MHS. EDNA R. CRAUTItKB MISS EDNA M. FERGUSON M QD JEJ3L N;H [O M £ N EWS • £ji,,j tn^FLOKK/d^K •P/IBP/H- ™ • ulhor "' M °" a" plusci of (ionic mukitii Aii Interesting Apricot Upside Down Cake ''' '' V ''^HBJJiBiliMllHl[^i^^i^^^M^^Mii^M^M^^a»^^»»B^**MrrrMiri m Miss Ferguson Dcliiga With Recincs; Dish a Moravian Favorite. Bear Kiifiids In Blythe.vllli!: On this !>agc a few weeks ngo T gave a recipe, for .Shoo-Ply Pie H broiiKhl, a deluge of letters for It- secmn tliat this name is one which has teen applied to several kinds of pie and my recipe differ- | cd from all of them. Such s 'ieliiKc proves that (he controversy might continue for monllis. for after all wiio is to decide just which Slioo-Ply recipe is the only one entitled lo this distinguished name? However I do want' lo pass along one of the re- cipe.s sent in and the letter Here it is: "I ni» always interested In your recipes ill the Modern Home section but this morning 1 was a lilt distressed over (lie Slioo-Hy Pie. 1 have had the advantage over you us far as Hlioo-Fly p] c yoes lor T have eaten ii, in Pennsylvania from the linn: I was a child. Tt Is very papular among the Mora- vians in tbut State and in all the country sections of Bucks anil Berks and Lancaster'County The recipe as 1 copy it from an eld Moravian Ccok. Book is: Rub together two cups of sugar, butter; one half cup brown sug- cooked plnenppl: ..,, ,. „„„„ cake K this much more in'.eresl- ing one made will] apricots. Use one and one fourlli CII;K flour; one and cup fourth tea- three fourths cup shortening and sncoas baking powder; 0113 fourth three cups flour to the consisten- lras l )0 " !1 -™1'; dree fourths cup cy ofacoarse, meal, in a .second B rall "'ated sugar; rrmr lablo- iilcnsll mix one.cup. molasses, one '•neons shortening; one e llrmly packet! for measuring; twelve cooked, dried apricots. Sift the flour oticc, measure H antl add taking powder, salt ami sugar and sift, together three times. Add the shortening, then og(! combined with milk and va- nlllu. Add slowly, stirrlnsi all the si mix one cup. molasses, one ? P T' S stml ^n e -' one e gls . well while until smoothly bhnded tie , of hot ivater.aml one teaspoon **'«):' oi>c .half ,,„„ mi)k nnn , vigoro IB |y ro- ono mi nil" • dfeolvcd in one teaspoon tras l 100 " vanilla;, four tab-spoons Melt Ihe bulter in ™a kll- vinegar. Pour this mixture into a pastry lined pun and sprinkle the cookies lo stick; 01 the shcelq sugar and Hour mixture over the Placed too low in the over i Set ernle m," °" e '"'' IW "' in a mnrt - " iem °" " nlcl - nl>r '^ ' between iop and Ijottom, it to my friends and donated it cup sugar; one fourth cu to church suppers. No ore here mota!? ™ s :.'°™ half cup butter; one had ever tasted it before but the ta1)leii l won vinegar; two table- ones who cat it always iil-e if vprv Kpoo ! ls bolline water; one eighth "»ieh. It is a fraorite dessert' vitli le "fT" S( ' IL the childrib." . Boil all together to the soft ball Rescued - stage'. '(238 degrees candy thermo ' - V l C "' 1Q "f, ' Servv on • cnke A cup of soup, a salad crisp nnd cold, a hot biscuit or roll and a luncheon is devised. Little or ice . garnishes such as. pickles. .,. iiadif.hes and conserves- nrtd to any s s - . meiK- hout that, oki buobea, of Ihe backg™',nd lirulcii ISiscuii Bo many requests have for lliis recipe tint I am here: come in Two eups flour; one hnlr Ica' M>oon M |,; Ollc hnlf »«; nne third C ur> water Mlx as !or •'"'>' biscuit, thc "brown. Drain on _ Seit-c with irmn- uui-gqr. or steak. French Onion Soup _ How do you make ojn'oti foil)) like that so famous in Paris? Eight lai-Re onions;' two tablespoons butter; one half'cup flour- four cups stock or bouillon- a lit such " salad over low heat; add brown sugar and cook and sllr until mixed. On this arrange.njnicots, ctit..sldc. np. Tiini out Ihe cake batter on this and set the pan in a moderate oven, 550 degree.; P. fifty minutes or until the cuke Ls baked. Loosen the cake from the sides of Ihe pan with n spatula. Serve - on n plate, garnished whipped cream or more cooked apricots, One cup .seedless raisins; two cup> finely cut celery; one. tablespoon granulated gelatin; one-fourth cup cold .water; one-half cup peaniil one pint co(isgc Wash rnlsius in liot water, drain Soften gelatine in cold ...... ^uj,o ,-,Lut(v or oounion- n ui- , — ; ° ------ ^V,M He- pepper mid salt- one cun »m ~ r """ " leU • ovcr hoi ' water. led Pnmesnn cheese- fou • stiiit I S™"" 1 tKi " lllt butter with salad cheese- fou • stiiit I toasted, hard rolls or eight thick'!' slices French bread, toasted. Slice lhc onions and place them ' a frying pan with the IjutlCi C0li ^ c 'hcese, . ' J«" nrn^,^,"" 1 ; " lECllit ' " si '« !" hn '^"* nnnwuil \te^& sciff dou»n 'Mi i ", lnlic " m - v ! ° ° W "' A '" t(l lhc nm "' "n" """: very solid '>y Cl l,i "h,.^" 5 ",, ''."? '.^'"'i 1 "™, '"^ '"!?" »'!" "'<= very E and , , ck ' " n " red . I loelc ' Srason wilh ui, ,,.^ i <•» :<tiek. ;r. Cook in a saucepan, slowly .-enty minutes. In individual cas- covers) lay half t>' "*•« tuim^u UltlOLTf 1IU»~ solved gelatine, rnisiiis, celery, and mix thoroughly. Pour into n slial- loiv. bread pan. chill, cut into sriunre? and serve on lettuce. Ifpallh Salad One-half cup chopped green pepper; two cups shredded raw cabbage; one cup shredded raw carrots; one cup shredded raw ,-„...-„ 'UI'VIU.1- U III * '"V. I UHfJ t'OvClSl InV In if ri - -..j. —>. vm.t 11 ( ,( VV nil run, cnon^r'V 11 lnb;c wi " no1 be f"^ted roll, or the piece of French '" PS; ° ne " llaif cllp nncl - v slice<1 «1- mm e ough). Ueat tv.enty m j, mt03 ' bread. Cover with grated cheese y: °' 1C Cllp sccdl ° K r!Usins : <>»« /fourd bmr'1 ^'^ n|to> ™ »l lhc " a la - vcr of ™P Sp ikle ISJ?,, ™? mm ^'- one-fourth cup thick em «" '• "n 1 °' 1C !wlt "icH| asain v ' ith cheese, then nil u,,l^ - P: ° nc tc "P° 0 » Prepared mus- S' "l Bl . th . nollr : ? <' «'llw nnd!»'lth soup. Lay in another mrnll 1" ?'... ollc . '^poon yrminlated ; jr. M .-,k« twelve. Good i, 0 l Ilakinjr Sheets rad'.w'Ui soup. Lny in' another •sheet, moderate cheese, for the last layer. Set in'a *• until i.-cokeri llcl oven, with covers off of cas- i. twenty mm- scroll*. Brown the top toast a lit- rh, m '"'<> s me to another question p"e vvoinan at ,he cooking' 'SS " h C /™ all " n """" cook- Ut my cookics a'wnys at causes this?" slick MICK. Thci-e es; . sheet probaWv it m ji>ii[ lo nib lhc sheet' v '"8. using r, mo, ital; also be sure lion nlioiit u». n several possible cans'""•--•>"••- V.4IH3- enough fat used on the the tie. Cover casserole and serve". —Miss Edna M. Ferguson. 8 2-Year-Old Skater Performed at Carnival BOSTON (UP)-Richarri H. Cole. 82-year-old "youth'' performed at the annual charity skating carni- chief jval here recently. • Wlth sh< ? rtcn - " llUl " ^nlc. on skates he made in 1872, "•' J and case. He ,wi< Wash raisins in hot water and drain. Soften gelatine in cold water and dissolve by selling in a pan of boiling water. Combine vegetables with raisins. Add catsup to mayonnaise, then dissolved gelatin" and blend with other ingredients I Place in Individual molds nnd dill] uiimold, serve on lettuce will, a vrnish of mayonnaise. ' Spring Salad Four rndisbss for fjich serving- ro scallions for each serving- French dressing. Slice thc radishes very thin. Sonk thc Rcalllons in ice water for half nn hour then slice them. ires; one green pepper; two canned pjars; green mint cherries. 1'cel the grapefruit and 'oranges removing all white skin' too. Separate into sections, dlscardhvr the membrane. Cut (hi pears Into sections the same size as the oranges Slice the green pcpiwr very thlr nnd the cherries into thin strips Arrange the dilferenl fruits alternately in leaves of Fiomaino, with strips of green pepper or cherries between, Serve with French dressing nnd n little mayonnaise. Pioneer Oil Wells Still Pump Away in Texas , COFiSlCANA. Tex.';' tuiO-So.m of the first .oil. wells in the,state's oldestTiold still are'.•producing after _almost. «' .years i- qf •piu(,p-<hg .They are located in'Hit old -Corsica 11.1 Held .. ; .. ..-.-.. ' The .predecessor of the Magnolia letrolnnm Company which recent- lj' sold .its proiwrly in the area to C. I... Brown. Corsicanu, brought in he lirsl. commercinl well to open the gates to Texns' largest incinstry Oil was found in Ihp Taylor formation, from 300 .lo 1,000 feet, During thc first year, 1,450 barrels of crude hail been | a kcn from the area rbnt was in 1895." : ,v •' After that tiio industry'in the 1»" l-up% IHIU aiici Gems Make '"^ j™"'" 1 ' Dnys First Meal More «»»'»•. s^t."" H'ry imlmeg, lit;lu; add o, shorlenlnj; ami milk; iidd Hour iind bakhiR liinvdci- which Imve been slfiecl to- Kolher; mix well. Drop by «>nine brenkfnst.s just now call for spoonfuls Into doi'p hoi Int ut so™- variety or the np]»lile Is to 375 deuces p. and fry until brown. DC nlllHIIlSed. 'I'rl' (n-nmifi'iitl li.l..,. fV'.iEn ..t.ll ., l_.... . ... e s o uces . an ry unt brown >c npixiased. Try Rrnpelrult Juice Urn In wl'll on nniilai-ed paper instead of oianue Juice; add cook- and sprinkle vvllli powdeml siuinr f/l fruit frt fli^ ,t.... „... ._.^. . ' ft • fnill to the dry cereals- and fnislns or currants lo the cooked ot'ieal; serve toasted rolls or' fresh, hul muffins; add tln urmsiml jain Kiich as black currant or uprleot lo the menus. The whole wheat muffins are delicious: One and one fourth cups whole wheat flour; one half cup white flour; one fourth cup S i W n r; , )m , nnd three fourths teaspoons bak- "i; powder; otic cup milk; one Iftispoon salt; one egg; two lable- s|x»ns melted shortenlni;. Mix and sift dry Ingredients, If using sour milk add one half teaspoon soda. Add" well beaten egtf, milk, and melted shorlculni; lo the dry Iniji-cclleiiLK. Half fin we n creased muffin tins. Bake In n hot oven at 400 degrees p. twenty- five to thirty minutes. All whole, wheat, flour mny be used if desired, Nul- Whole Wheal flems One cup whole wiient Hour; three fomihs cup three tablespoons while brown Hour; sugar; '" lo more lo -nn n« o mor 000,000 barrels th» following yc nr ;By 1001, the year oil was discovered In the Spindletop area near ™"'K ""^ fid " llatl >™ h ™ d ,000,000 barrels. In the 40 years of its 'existence, h" 5 sm0a L ncW hns Produced more hau 8,500.000 barrels of crude irom the shallow sanrls alone "? (r ° (a T drillin 8 Principal ,i T , : " 11>!jed '" it]s "cfd and the foundation for well depths of more than a mile and .1 half. Buggy whips to a total value of a vaue o $300,000 are still produced a nm,«!ly one and three, fourths teaspoons Uaklusr powdery one cup milk; four tablespoons melted shortening- one. half teaspoon salt; one hair cup chopped pecan meats; one cer Sift dry hiBredlcnl.s, add beaten ci;s. nuts, milk, and melted shortening, and mix, well, linke [„ wc |i greased gem pans in a hot oven nt 425 degrees P. twenty minutes. I'ojiovers • One cup Hour; one cup milk- one half teaspoon sail; two ci'gs Add (o well beaten cans one hair the milk, salt, and one half lh c Hour. Heat until very light, about, len mfnules. Add remainder of milk and flour. Fill warm, well greased muffin pans or glnss bak- ng cups one-half full „,,,) tokc in a hot oven for the first te r minutes 400 degrees P. mid de- . e- crease heat to moderate i oven to baking. Bake about ihlrty- inriFiic r»rv ,*,., _..V Do no 0 en ovS S i""' ' ° " ck<;l ' s - ''"' five door for first fifteen •\fnkes eight popovei-s. Baking Powder Klsrulls IVo cups flour- nnr> l,.« null; lour .tablespoons .slmrlciiin(;""thrci lonrtlis eup milk (abuot). Hm,dle as illle "possibe. f out on a floured board one half liftccn minutes. linked re- . move from pan imincdinicly. Points to remember: Sift Ingredients ihoroughly itnmtle the dough ns mile as possible. Have a hot oven. A Luscious Fruit Cake -Three tablespoons shortening- one cup brown sugar; two eggs- one teaspoon vanilla; three fourths Aflenioon Tea DoHiiilT MRS. NCY HOWE MRS. REORCKTHURN MRS. RMII.v }f. i, w MliS.J.WATSONSIlOfKI PY I wo r t >f, if! (liiw '•'. J'.IK Inblospnniui MIR- I'ourlhs teaspoon i;dt- one fomlli tcnspc.on iiralixl nw- iiM'ft; lira mtilc.sjxinns nielloil uiorientnt;; MX tablespoons milk' I wo cups Hum-; (wo lonsnoons , urns, bud, knowledge and rikl may prevent more .serious Illness and Imd bro '•"•-Ions. Hlmpte. lujm-los '•rout fuiis<« for ||,,.. Sl , . II I IIP Kkin Is IP,] ,,, 1( | j, IM| rnol Ilii! liallom, Plsvntp Ilir Jicnil Lilt n«r «lvf> KiimiiinnUs; IIP is n\. rcnrl.vovof-stliniilnloil. K the r,l In I* l>nln unit clammy, \vntm HIP ,>;,I lent mid lower i!ic : hend. In eiiiioi case Inosra (ho clotliliig an I keep Hie fiiillciii <mtH. ttaoi li y co kp nn unconscious poison ' Butterscotch Pie LET CUT CHEH SUII "Let each Kiic'sl cut his own.'' lull's (lie Kidding rule of conlln- enliil clieexit 1'Uu.iieUe, When you serve n platter of assorted cliecso offer the varieties such us Lieiler- ki'jinz, Ciinxmilji-rt, Uric and Homieforl. Crcinn nnd American In itciifrous size pieces, fa Him, cadi individual cmi (Mci'mlne lliu extent of his nppelltc. Even Kwlss should not be .siloed lliln but of- torod In healtliy sl/c chunks, If you observe the line pultils of ^ service. Wltli epicurean ciinws in JJ| K |, lashion For Imflol .supper mill u(- lernoon toa as well us Ihe Insl course, the housekeeper can be In style wllhoul slrnlnliw her budxct, for when Hgui-ini; cheese pi-Ices. It Is iiood to romi'tiiljor there Is no' waste. These cheeses rank hluh In 1 mmilly not t.erious In themselves toil, limy ofUm lead lo Infections' which cause mmccttwary siillcr- ]i|! nnd loxs of limbs nnd even I lives, KTOI-J. ||, m . (),(, Mn | S b| .,, k . | en mi imtlsepllc should Ira applied nt once iitui tlio wound covered A burn should l» protected al once from the air by menus of nn •liniment. Severs bk'cdlnif requires somewhat especial [real- mem. Lose no time. If the bload Is bright and spiiiling. nn artery w KM. Pressure mast In- np|illoil on the iirinry between the wound nnd Urn heart. Tills checks loss of Wood until (ho doctor arrives If tin? blood l» dnrk anil Hows steadl- !>'. " vein |,s cut. A slcrlllml e PJHI bniHlnijwl (Inhtly ( ,vei- wound, iisuiiily will Ihe , ...... • ...... ">UHMy V.IIL llOKt Lt)l> Wood In cheel:, l!c sure lo cull a doclor us soon ns ixxvslWe In siicli Fainting b|iells IVojile oi'U'ii |jM/»m<! <|li-/.y or miconscloiis, Tlicrc are nmny ,m. value, too. because Uicy are rich In protein, vitnmhis Thc Aocessoi ics The experienced ho.sloss, linw- cver, keeps u jealous eye on the menu accessories which Khe com- bine.s with fine chooses. knm., for examjilc, liar, a special affinity for rye bread or pumpernickel, when It does duty as n sandwich spread. For the. last course of dinner or luncheon it kindly to crisp crackers ''his cheese has n shnrp tana. Cainembcrt calls for a hlfimj polished apple ami toast cracms T|ic milder Uric nnd Chateau nrc delicious in,, snudwkhes or with - - - - 01- party snacks thej-c are nil coil of (n.sty lions of cheese .serving In vosuc Cheese marbles nve favorite Tliefc Are (JOOI) CUI Of Coiree in Kvcry Pound Of Fniir Leaf sugar; yi>)ksi • three one mid cup. one u -1 ....vv 11,111 UJ|U tablesiwoiw conistairh; (no cujis milk; one fourth toiisuoon mil; three tiihlcspoons butter' >»e teaspoon vanllln e^l]nct. Deal CUK yolks; adrl susai mix- id well with contslarch; mid milk ind suit. Cook In double boiler null thick, Remove from flie, add untler and vniillln. l>mn into n Jaked crust. Make a meringue of he CSB will toa benteii stiff will) luce tnblrajicjons .susni nnd one '.enspoon baking powdci Spread m pic, return to slow oven nt J, r >0 drjjiw.s !•'. to broivn; or spirad .«p with sweetened whipped iienm, Hend Courier. Mows Want Ads. Walker's AUSTEX JMexi'can Style SATSDWICH SPREAD A Meat Food Pmduct With the Flavor of MEXENE Chile Powder WALKER'S AUSTEX CHILE CON CARNE TAM ALES-BEANS pepper through n fowl •vith a fine knife. Blend nblospnon of, mix nn' i walnut meat into the top of each • A Man's Saiulivlch Spread slices of rye bread with 'utter nnd then with Llcderknur/ 3ov«r with thinly sliced miirinnt- •d Berimida onion. To marinate onion, arid salt, pepper and eqimi qnanlltlps of vinegar nnd oil m Ihe sliced onion nnd let it stnnd liw-nty inlmilcs. cover with nil- other slice of hntterod bread Onr- iilsh wlllv stuffed olives 5"?-.. so ! lr creilln : n hair Tin cans are planted in lll( . ground lo furnish iron for crowing vegetables in Guam. ess n mocha flavored icing is used. , — llls; on<; Cl 'i> chopped dates; two and one third cujis flour- two and one third teaspoons bakl , ^ron^iaircr^r 51100 " ™*. N ™ Cre «>n $<* Blend shortening; add su»ar gradually, then unbeaten c»es flavoring, sour cream, nuts nnd' dates neat well, sift together 'the Iry ingredients; add to the first nixturc and mix well. Bake in n oaf pan nibbed well with shorten- to. I m?y ^nmc^Vnot tceTn-' HAVE YOU HEARD TOE PRICE OP CALUMET 0AKIN6 POU/DEft 1^ NOW ONLY 25 f A POUND/ Save Rose Bud Coffee Jars For Those Useful Premiums 12 JARS 1-6 Cup Drip-O-Latoi- 1. nnx v , \Vnter- Glasses ' .. 1 Saticc Pan' mid Cover 1-8 Cup Percolator 1 Rug, 24x.IO inch 1 Oven Serve Bowl I Double Boiler I Set AJixiiip- Bowls 1 Fruit Jteaniev a n d Bowl 1 Pink Bowl, Cream ami Sugar 18 JARS 1-10 Piece Green Cali- inct Set 21 JAKS I Radio I/amp , .' Utility .Cooker ;4 Aliiniinum'.'JVii. : ',I Cliihft Baxo Drip-0- 1'iilor 1 Sleepy -Doll 1 Large Dish Pan 1-7 Piece Water Set ,10 JARS 1-17 Piece Dinner Set .16 JARS 1 Aluminum Roaster •18 JARS 1-18 Quart Colrl Pack Canncr Many Other Premiums Including Dolts, Dishes, Etc. arator Bottle Give You About One-Hal Pint of Cream Fron Kach Quart of Crui< Milk. amiuing new Cokrann hi- M B»P« ">» ke *".' 1^ m.a^ncbycnoo «niCTl broiler aiaV« it «sj :Ucion foods. These AT ALL GROCERS Distributed by The Oaf ton Co. Tonight's Milk Delivered i Time for Your Hrcnkfasl. CRAIG'S DAIRY Phone 74 An exclusive Colt- nun ftature] Produces a band of clean, clc«vblu«il> mB -hot- ler lhan natural gas. Consurans ono-fifth less fuel' because it maVes mora effective use of heat. Provides 50 p«r cent wider regulation of cooking heal. Produces better cooking results. I V-*>^»%*»iH«Jf»J Inslant-Gas Rang^ OAS FROM GASOMNC nv r-innii.K... GASOLINE BY CARB U K\ Z ATI O N Broil and bake and cook with a clean blue gas fiame in your as- £5tK asus from the flavor-savrng insulated oven. Have healthful broiled foods from ,he drawer , ype broiler equipped w,h (he latest aluminum broiling grid that broils 25<J faster, They come in models to fit any kitchen and purse, and they re beauties, too! Finished in colors-modern In les"gn Voull never fully appreciate what a really good stove will do until you seethenewColeman. Come in-let us demon^ me FURNilURiCG.

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