The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1933
Page 3
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FRIDAY,^NOVEMBER 10, 1933 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS HOME NEW Concluded for this newspaper In the Interest of its women readers by recognized authorities on all phases of home making. Florence Brobeck, Editor Mrs. George Thurn, Associate Editor HE WIRED 111 DEEP FIT The Cake in the Casserole Recmes : De- Thnr \WI IWncc iicious Rcsulls. I- is a w:is!f of sood ingredients tul the cooks' lime to attempt U-ep Iji rookcrv wittioul the ooe: 1 utensils. First amon^ these the frying keltte. which should • deep, of heavy aluminum, or -f iron, and a flal-boilomcd style. I should also have a bar and hook It. from which the frying bas- eV is hung. f 'nr the second essential is the ,'IK basket, an especially de- jicned .vire basket, shallow, filled (o the kettle in question :ind I quipped with a long handle to lacilitalc the use of it. Such a laskct not only means lhal more I'lan one piece may be fried a' a lime, but it aids in draining the (coked pieces and draining is im- lortnnl lo flavor, texture ttud di- ItstibiHly in deep fried foods. A wire egg beater or open skimlie: or slit spoon may be used in llacc.of thc basket, but this re- Imls the work and gives less sat- "••faclory results. If possible use thermometer, a tleen fat thermo- lieter made cpeclally lo fasten I) the side of the kettle. This in- BISTER MARY'S KITCHEN Finding Safe Contract First Consideration in Bidding The U-inj A seven minute icing Is made To make this unusual cake f.s? , teen small servings or twelve good IM P O squares of bitter chocolate (or • sized ones, two ounces); one cup boiling wa-j ter; one teaspoon soda; one halt! cup shortening: tv:o cups brown I for this cake. Use three table- |."iigar; iwo egg yolks; one half cup '; spoons water; one egg white; scv- sour tnilk; two and one half cups j en-eighths cup sugar; one eighth lour; one teaspoon of baking pow-1 teaspoon cream of tartar; cne cier; one fourth teaspoon salt; two! eighth teaspoon sail; one teaspoon egg whites; one half teaspoon va-1 flavoring. Have the water boiling BY SIKTKK MAKV NEA Sfrvlc-e Wriler III the attempt to conform lo the present day standards of nutrition, many home-makers face the problem of salisiyirj; ;lic family's sweet tooth and at the same time providing a diet not too high In sugar. T-ere is no gainsaying lhal sugar Is perfectly good food with a legitimate place In the dietary. It Is indceo. the very essence of calories, supplying hem and energy quickly, abundantly and economically. However, In its refined forms, It is a one-sided food, purely a fuel, with noive of the necessary building material and body regulators. Molasses Nutritious One answer to the problem lies trument takes the :it of the cookery |nore nearly perfect guess work and assures results— per- li'la. Pour the boiling water over the ':ct if ither elements are equally I ood. In addition to these important I tensils. there should be on hand quanlily of absorbent paper laureling io be used for dralnlns .nil very £ofl paper will do. tut Ine modern paper toweling is rx- I client. For certain dishes, the Iweling is laid thickly in a shal- |iw pan. the pan lo bs placed in warm oven for complete drain- ;g and crisDinj of Ihe fried food. Preparation The ketlle should be about half lull of the snowy fat. Set thc kettle on rather low heat to melt the lit i slowly. Increase the heat to |[;J desired temperature 'see rc- !•<:> and while the fnt melts, ?et |:ie\clraininj paper and pan ready. Ihe frying basket at hand and ll=o a "tray on which to place it l^twceh-: V'ry!r#s.". Also -test ,the Tinenuurc of the fat. Croquettes made of cooked ma| trials, flsh cakes, oysters should fried at 390 deprces F. or hen one inch cube of bread will Jjrn golden brown in forty sec| ads. Fritters, doughnuts, uncooked Ihixtures, 360 to 370 degrees, or Bread test, sixty seconds. Chops, cutlets. 360 lo -100 dc- rces. or bread lest thirty to six|/ seconds. French fried potatoes. 3!)5 de- |i-CP5,.or bread test a little under i-ty seconds. The fat should not be brought ITie smoking point, as so many | Id time recipes declare: this .is 10 hot for t'nr fat nnd for the J ml. It is also Inaccurate, since lifferent fate smoke at •mrjeralures. |-Wlicn Ihe fat is al Ihe n.:ht •mperature. lower the basket in|> it for one moment, to grease i'. chocolate; add the soda to this and set in a warm place to dissolve. Meanwhile cream the shortening and sugar together, add the slightly beaten egg yolks to this and the sour milk. Sifi the flour, making powder and salt together and stir into the egg mixture. Beat until the ingredients are thoroughly Today'* Contract Problem , C. P. Waltmau. member ot the executive committee of the ; eastern Pennsylvania chain- • plaiiBhlp loiiriiainciii recently • held at lU-adliiK, made a era nil . nlam In .•.pmlus with ttic following liaiid, KaHt uiipnliiK with I ho ihn-i- of lu-arls. And tlieif HL.S no nilsjihiy liy llu opiioiii'iii^. lion- ,ilil l». tin li? 4 A K () 11) S fore, North's proper respon«c to one spade Is two dlsinondi. East will pass. South has bid f'^":.J' 1 L.!' n . rt " 0 '' - 1 "! 5 «««<'! Iqu'eittonrd" him Judge Doubted Dentist's Alcoholic Prescription WEYMOUTH. Mass. (UP) - A policeman stopped the automobile which Carl J. Votght was driving and arrested him on a <Jr: l nken driving charge. I ;--nlcl|xil Judge o, L. aSTjvSwS'rttHl^^' hand. So his response over two - rhe co , m f , , e , ( diamonds fhould be three dla- nnd gllv( , mmids, telling his partner that susp emled '".I. ! nvc . " nt '.'.' tlml -"'I 1 ' .... .'l»«. tlu- fhould bid lour spades lo tlinw, j thiH he had n live-card spade ' Moc.. I Mill. II casts htm nothing lo ir-j "*'» . bid his spades and gives this In-1 | formation to his portlier. | And now North, wllh pastor o( here, said PAGE THREE S«red Heart Church mass for his father three years ago, wan used' again recently at a mass for his mother. Both the parents died In their native Syria. The Rev. Abraham had kept the coffin stored In his home since hts father's death. Historic M*rket Dismantled 'ORTLAND, Ore. (UP)—Yam- Street market, for n years the picturesque vegetable mart of the city, will be dismantled by Volijlu n three-month December 15. It will be replaced •1'iv.ence. On this ocea- In Portland's business picture by added, something n new million-dollar public mar- ii Ihe waterfront, Over Empty Coffin spades to the jack," knows that he ; "";"!£ AJi ° 1TY - 1 '" 1 - (UI>) lius normal Irump support, since , '". <ln '" 5 ™'"». over *J 5 2 V A KQ 0 -i » A J if, 10 S 1 uii In next lusiio. .thiee trump are MiffK&t'WlMv; j " cv ' M™^'™' when you have discovered yen;- Hairless Squirrel Killed VERSAILLES, Mo. (UP)—A full- down hairless squirrel, Uic first ever seen In this section, was killed here. The small animal was completely free from hair and Us HUEU the; hide resembled Ihe skin of a Abraham,'chicken that had been singed. Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY \Y.\I. i:. McKKNNKY Sr««l.r>-. American Ihl,l*c L»,.e ' < »»™;« h , partner holds nl least five of ills 1 Milt. \ North should not make the mh- : ; lake of roblddlni; diamonds. b«- rruisc Soutli has nol shown any j Inclination for .strong blddim;. And while North would "like lo mako ! his 100 honors, ii Is more impo.-t- • Hint lo set to game. i Thcrefoie, Die tour rpa'L 1 bid ..should be passed by North. If five bid, thc contract defeated, and. if cnum-. in Lhc use of sugars Ui a less con- in the lower part of the double boiler. Place the water (called for in the recipe), with the egg white and the cream of tartar, sugar and salt In the upper part of the double boiler. Beat the mixture with a wheel egs Sealer; beat rapidly at first. T5ien beat sleadily and con- llnuously for seven mim:tes. Keep water boiling in the lower part of the boiler during the beating. Remove from Ihe heat, pour the hoi blended. Add the dissolved chcco-1 water from the lower part of the late and vanilla. Then beat egg | double boiler and fill it with cold whites stiff and fold Into this batter. Pour al once into a three-quart baking dish or casserole, rubbed well with shortening, and bake for an hcur and five minutes. The oven should be slow I3GO degrees). This makes a very big cake, giving eieh- watcr. Set the upper part of the double boiler back in place and allow to stand for five minutes. Then add the flavoring, stir until thick enough to pile well. Then spread on the cake (still in the baking dish), spread smoothly all over, and decorate with candied fruit. Ind heat it. Remove. in it the Mrs. George Thurn Suggests Use of Left-Overs in Dear Friends In .Blfthcvllle: With Thanksgiving coming along .in.a^few weeks, it behooves is to~Tfiink"a little' in advance about the dinner for that impor- :ant occasion, and whether we are ;oing to do any extra enteraining that day for family and friends. We are, most of us, still living- on economy budgets, because even those of us whose wage earners have gene back to jobs, find that prices are higher and family funds cannot go much further than they went last year. So usin? left-overs, even for company dinners is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. And especially if the left-over can bs utilized delicloi:sly in, for ex- Three crumbs; Apple Stufflnj cups moistened bread one fourth cup melted butter; one cup chopped apples; one cup chopped celery; on third cup chopped nuts; one third cup seedless grapes; one teaspoon poultry dressing; one small onion minced; one Icaspoon salt; one fourth teaspoon pepper. Cut Ihe grapes in halves. :ni.i all the ingredienls together and stuff. Use raisins if grapes are not available, or use seed grapes, cutting them in half and removine the seeds. Missouri Stuffing This recipe is a favorite in Missouri, and Is especially delicious use in so many recipes. A product of the sugar cane, iust as granulated sugar is, mo- asses has not been deprived of the mportani minerals and other food elements thai tl-.t plant contains. When molasses is used In cook- ig, it should be remembered that it does not sweeten foods to any great extent and a little granulated sugar may be nce<Ied. Scda ratli- er lhan baking powder Is used wllh molasses in breads, cakes and cookies. • Molasses Drop Cookies Three-fourths cup shortening, 3-4 cup granulated sugar. 1 egg, 1 cup molasses, i teaspoon soda. 3-4 cup boiling water. 4 cups flour, 1 teaspoon ginger, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, 1 teaspoon salt. Cream shortening and sugar. Beat 1-2 cup flour and add egg well beaten. Mix and sifl remaining flour with salt and spices. Mix boiling water with molasses and Mir in soda. Add lo first mixture. Add dry ingredients and mi?: jrop from tip of spoon or jnto an oiled and flourec! [Shallow pan and bake 12 to 15 minutes in a moderate (375 degrees F) oven. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Baked pears, c'e- •eal cooked with dates, cream, crisp voflles wilh honey, milk, coffee LUNCHEON": Casserole of vegetables, hearls of letluce with hard cooked egg dressing, health bread molasses COOK*S. milk tea DINNER: English mutton chops potatoes an gratin. buttered turnips, tomato jelly salad, squash and 'aisrn pie. milk, cofTe- fit, U meets with a disastrous result. Therefore, in your bidding, always lock for the safety of the hand. 1 believe today's hand. ; submitted '.o me by !i. Earl Bryan of Cleveland, gives an cxeepllnn- Read Courier News Want Ads. YOUL Guests Will Appreciate the;Best - BARBORO ally flr.i' of of planning Ihe duck, chicken, turkev. or a meat roll. ,-, .i '" a r ° asl °' « th chicken. Two cutn moistened These stuffings nearly all use com' bread crumbs; one eighth cup of melted butter: cne cup canned Iwd to be fried, find cook as di- I 'cted. 1 "When golden brown lift thc bas- •t. hang on the hcok to let the I :o;i drain a moment, then lift hrefully. with n wide spoon, to lie draining paper. Watch the I icrmon-.eler and reheat if ncccs- I iry. C;ue of Utensils /ifter the food is fried, and the I it At'* still hot. strain it through Tn£ cheesecloth into an carth- • iware bowl or a glass jar. Throw |»-ay what is in the cloth, and do 1 il FOUCCZC the draining: Into the 1 r. Wipe the inside of the kettle j ith a clean' paper towel, thci I ash with scaldim: hot water in I hich there is a little soda. Rinse ••' carefully and put away. Place (lie frying basket and j | ;oons. draining pans and any 1 her utensils which have been Tociatcd with the frying in a l.shpan. cover with cold water. 1 Id one half cnp washing soda "1 jet over the heat. Bring to "iling. then drain off the walcr. liver vllh fiesh hot water, wash ] ioronghlv. rinse nnd dry. Croquettes I These are delicious with a ir. snlad. or as a mnin dish I r luncheon. To make I'r.em use: | One cup American cheese, cut ^rnall nieces: one half Clip of aied cheese: two thirds cup hot | .<rk while satire: two egg yolks; le teaspoon jalt: one fourlh lea•cc;i r.eppor: bealen egg and •—ihr for dlpning. While the while sauce is over | ie heat, stir in thc egg wolks " 1n n the graled cheese. | lien I lie is melted take r ketlle from the heat and fold iV- finely cut cheese, add salt id p:-'-cr. Pour into a pan rub' with shortening to cool Do ,. lrt _ ( . „-. , , * ~.-—.iuinji 5 ULJt JUIOU \>1IIUII IIIIJI" most stuffings the toast, crumbs,. C ed; one teaspoon salt; one half or dry bread should first be put in | tcaspcon peppeT Mix thoroughly a colander and hot water poured and stuff into chicken, turkev or oicr it. but to avoid sogginess. do duck not allow it to stand in the water | Put meat and vegetables through i , „„ tuuo i>lil:ll(:u a toed chopper. A simple dressing I cups toasted bread crumbs- Peanut Stuffing Two cuos shelled peanuts; two poultry dressing: cne teaspoon! p cr . to moisten: one half tea>n j spoon sail; one half teaspoon pcu- '" "- Grind the nuts, add th? Qt - i . i ' v.iiuu nn; JIUL- . rtUU 111. .ton ,r>£ as e, ^ p rr;ij™!" te ***.»«»* ™«< **& ^ ^r^^-^^-T"^^^ 1 ^-^^^ W c4rT n r add'si! 110 ^'"'"'" 6 With S0m = broth frcin Jl, ^,.^;''°- . °* ad * Slx to i»eck and ciblets cooked in a 1 the the cooked in a little for stuffing. Other Flavorings Bits of left-over meat, chicker may be added to anj its is put into the fowl. Raisin DrcE.sfnf : and fish. ,, lnj uc Two cups softened bread crumbs; | stuffing recipe, and improve ,^ one naif cup seedless raisins; four i flavor and texture thereby Left tablespoons melted butler; one tea- over vegetables such as stewed to matoes. may be used to moisten a dressing; and chopped left-over ~" poon sugar: two eggs: ons half teaspoon salt: one half teaspoon ncapcr; otvjgh niilk t= moisten. Use for stuffing a shoulder of pork. or a steak roil, or for chicken or duck. shredded fine: three fourths tea- oeas. lima beans, corn, string beans boiled potatoes all add good flavor and improve the texture of a stuffing. Left-over soup, broth or consom- •a- me ? Iay ^ llseti lo moisten the "oon salt: two lablespoons s'u- drcssi »g In place of milk or water Ear; one fourth teaspoon nutmeg- E for '" thc recipe. Brown twelve whole cloves: egg and ^ rcad - raisin bread and other crumbs. The apple sauce should brea --- as well as hi«niit 5 pi- be thick; mix thc first five ingre- \ rolls ar e equally delicious, and dtents and chill, shape like apples , id dio in egg and cnimbs and brca d crumbs. used in place of while *Q5 2 1 0 !> 5 3 2 « + A 10 S2 *J 8 a V A 8 . • AQJ 10 7 li + Q7 ~~1 *«• »» ft j T ' jj^rJ*; i A K 1 0 9 7 9 S 5 I « K S I :j AK •-', Itiiblirr bridge — All Viil. Opening Itait— y ^ llli Wi-st Xnrlli 3 » 4 4 4 4 Kast Pass Pass 1'ass JOll Thc Bidding South opens the bidding wllh one spade. West passes. Now remember that, due to the fact that four-card suit bidding plays an all-important part In contracl bridge today, you never should support your parlner's suit unless you hold at least four trunlp. or three with two honors, If you have a better bid in your hand. There- "Terrible" Photograph Wins $250 Prize KANSAS CITY. Mo. (UP) - •Vhm f»trs. Russell Harris saw the pictures of her son, C. o. Russell taken by n local photographer she said one word. The word was f'crriblu." A few days later the photo- !rapher, sure that the work was setter than ordinary, told Mrs Harris the picture had won a S250 prize in a competition in which 15.000 other child poses were exhibited. Leisure Time Most '• Important for Co-Eds BOSTON tUP)—Most of the in-' strucMoii offered al Womens' colleges is "trivial- 1 and leisure time is mere important lhan learnin« a lot. of '"ologies." is the opinion of Professor Edwin M. Chamberlain, fund of the psychology department of Boston University. i "It is difficult to sec how n mother—and after all motherhood mist be the primary interest of, women—is better fitted for her! Importanl function in life by a: knowledge of the history- of the Jurassic period." Chamberlain said. SPECIAL Saturday and Monday A new shipment of hats, felts, wool crepes, and sport knit. hats . . . very smart, and every one a Ijar- Kain at these prices. The Ladies Toggery 3 Doers West of Krfss' then in egg. and fry. Stick each j nf Important rule to follow in aople with a clove to make the , usfll S any left-overs Is to slrlclly blossom end. Slick a short piece I ^hcfe to the seasoning dir?c- cf candled orange peel in the stem I llon s; for salt, pepper, poultry end. They fry In three or four .dressing, a bit of Worcestershire :r minutes. Twelve small apples arel°">er condiment gives thai essen- made from this amount. Serve asjtlal tang which might bs lest wi'h 'ur.chcon entree or a garnish for » *" vv/«i. m, UU •t try to fhape. Cut In squares or '- Rice and Olive Croquettes Tv-o cups cooked rice: one teaspoon salt; one fourth cup n-.elled butter; two egg yolks: one fourth "ijus and I -%" without ich other. 1CS. bealen egg. then in then in egg again. . letting them touch Makes twelve small Croquctlfs Two cups miswectfiK-d apple nutmeg: one half chopped stuffed olives; egg cup and crumte. Beat egu yolks, blend with the rice, and mix in all other ingredients. Shape In small cro- quclles, dip in beaten egg and crumbs, then in egg again. Fry until delicately brown. Serve with the of left-overs, ani as- JV If they make up the bulk of Ih3 drc.sstng. (Signed) / Mrs. Georje Tlnirn, Pens Praised Frisrn Styles bAN FRANCISCO (UP)—"San Francisco Is not excelled as a style center—not even by my own Paris- smiled Lily Pons. noted ucc: one shrrdded wheat mlsvniljhct tomalo or cheese sni:ce. opera 5 u r , as sn(! arr i ve( i here n:cently for a recital. When she deserts opera, she's going farming, 'she said. Fine Silverware A Treasnrod I'os- session for Years to Come. The woman who prides self on her household ; horics will welcome (hi ver. her acces- sii- ALDRIDGE JEWELRY CO. PIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE I'RICKS KOK i'KIDAY ANI) SATURDAY BANANAS, Meloripe, Pound 4c GRAPEFRUIT Fionas, L 3 r 6 e 54's Each 5c POTATO^ Hod Triumph LI). Green Heads CRACKERS Country Club 2-lb. Box 19c MUSTARD Quart Jar 1AC Each IV, SOAP I'. & G. l.nrjje IJar 7 for PUMPKIN Coun Kt, !Can 3 Cans 25c large No. l\ Can MEAL Best Cream SM-Lb. Sack 39 C I EGGS Guaranteed Dozen TOMATO JUICE Countrj % large No. l\ Can lOc COFFEE, Country Club U. ASPARAGUS c. c. No. 2-Can IT PURE LARD SO ib Can $3.75 Humko 45 Ib. Can FLOUR " I; I;iin or 85 l I APRICOTS c. c. No. 2'/ 2 Can WESSON OIL, Quart 37c, Pint 19c MILK C. C. l-nrge 6u Small 3 C I COFFEE Jevvet 1'kg. VINEGAR Dollar Gallon Jug 22c PORK ROAST Fresh -MIC Lb. 112 PORK STEAK Kres 1, l£ c Shoulder Ib. 12<G Thick Rib ib. lOc Brisket !b.7J BACON |jv the Piece !,b. STEAKS K. C. Hecf SALT MEAT, Bellies, Pound 7!c BACON Sliced , 12', c I PURE LARD 1,1). DRESSED HENS Ib. 17jc HAMS Swift's Empire, Half or Whole Poildd

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