The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLlfTHEVILiLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS o^cLetu Social Calendar EVEMTS Muflc Dcpartmpnl Woi elqb meeting with Mrs Jiune's D. Ctark, i'50 j>w Music Dept, meelliiB vvilH .Mrs. James B. Clark, 2:30. Defense Misses.Two Chances lo Set This Slam Contract JJI<HYetk Bildse Club Metis. The Mid-Week Bridge club and one gn?*t, Mrs. Baker Wilson, were entertained Thursday atteriioon at tlic home of Mrs, W, L. llbhier. Tullja wore iised as tho motif of detoratioh, aud n two course Imicli- coh waH.tefyed, |ll|h tcofe prte, lingerie, \vaii awarded to Mrs. Dakfr Wilson. r » * 'I'liunsday Clul) Jlccliv "Mrs. Hiram Wyllo ami Mrs. C, II. WlUcy \\etc jiKiU of Mrs. 0. [,. Wi'lje- Mhtn <l)c fnlrrlaljiccl the 'fhjtrjdsy club yesU^day iiltcmoon. Decorations 61 violets aud verbenas were used, and » salad course wns terved. High scprc prlito. lowcli, vvus won by Mrs. Loy Wcldi. Iiiterifiedlilo Girls nicel. The Intermediate girls Sunday Efhool class of the First Baptist church, .of which. Miss Wlillo Marshall is • leather, hart a - rc-oraanl- Allc-u me«lJiig iJst niBlil (lie homo of thelyn Smorl The iiaiue was cliaHsert to Hie Joylul Scr- %ank," <Ji|d (ha follow Ing- onivert ^?ft ekctcd iivcljn Smart, iiresl- Slffli Annie Lie llahcll, vicc-pvos- yijii, Vlrsie JJao Abbott, twretaiy; Ruth; liInd£C)Y treasuj'er vh«fre'Ehineiilfi.Q( fruit saluil. uiicl- ffC'lJeB ard Irad tci weir served |jyhe h«letb assisted b> her molh' «•, Mrs HtreUiel Smart.-- < u Young Euttriam Jillio Yomif 'peoples organisation u^we I irst presbjtcilan ciiiiivli k\\- ter^ntrisd v\!lh a garden parly In 'lire ioclal rooms of the church lust fluting. Gamei> ,ind i, con- eerrjins jardcu iiroriuctfi eniertaln- ra%thO guests vllli liddie Ba USa "nd 'Win P'moii whming nrlEe Df-choc<?!nta rabbits "nti of cookies and NU >ivere serrcd, • . • ,: Ctranlo Club (o H.ITP Uijuin 1 ^351) Jiiwnbcw of I lie • Country <yub are ImlU-d lo ii\iike' • iliefr reservations foi dmnei. which is U.- 0:00 I'.V o. W M William liobt- - ebs to tho icguldi meeting of the fjL O at her home Wcdiicsdny afternoon The business mectliiE was In clwi^c or (he new president Mrs II n Houchhis. Mrs. u «., Kirehuci iejd an IntcrcsUii" Paim cjitillcd, -WliJl Is Ucforc Us? Who Can SiiyV" f T. A (o IJ JU - hickcn Diuuci Bnd«j Ciulrnm,!, ?hf Grand " rtas Alnil J U. e Wiiitcs lo Be Held 4t Usion Hut ^tSLrnfiHTJi «»„«„ Leglo,, m/im/thlS * * Music Detriment to 5i Et i "—--iHl "' Hood m will Enim on Ameilcnn iman of th r flic the 2:30 ant I In ' tcr- Soiulion to Previous Contract Problem DV 1VM. K. Jli-KJlNNliV Secretary, Aincriciin Uridgc, l.c.-iguu Today, unless master points iro awarded ut 11 tournament, it * r.ot ruled In the major class. Dridsc piayero of Ihr country ure ?agcr lo sec lliclr names on tlic national mucteiV list, When you tlop to consider tlmt ther; arc fewer tliun 100 i|unll. lied "ina.stci's" in the united FJtalcs, you can appreciate what mi Important ranking n tourna- ii?fil uSMiineh when mauler points ire given lo winners. The American Uriclgc League iivnnled (hrcc mnsicr points to ,hc winners of tlie recent New England loiniiiuut'iit, iicld under Is uuspk-es iii Urolon. Tho wln- iing pair were Sydney lUlblnuw nid Wnller Malowan, bulli ol New York. riuslnov.' hud previously earned lis matter title when lie won .lie Vuiidcrbiit (cam championship Ii Iftjl. Last ycitv, he and Mal- owu n were niniirrE-ilp in HIP. mas- .cr.s' pair. Kiislnow now lias 28 master jwinls lo his credit, Tlip I'la.v Rusinow sat in Llii.- Houlli on .oxIaj-V! hand, and after he arrived al ii six diamond contract, Wat A A K 7 1 3 <f Void » J 9 7 I ^. K Q T 5 * P 6ft V K J S 2 * 0 * J 0 S3 S N <l I S Dojler *Q10 2 V Q« » 5 5 :t 2 A A 10 U I * J S V A 10 !< 7 b 4'a * A K Q 10 * Void , -' buplicalo—-X. eml C. vu.1, S6ufh \VcjL S'oilll Kafl 1 <f Pius 1 * Paso S V Piua -I * Pats 4 » Pass & ^ 1'nss lieaJ-r-* 6. 'J, Illir s|x' of' dliiiluitiils, wlilcli waV'woli by Soiilli : Wlth-lhc ace. A sjwdc was played ulirt ivon in dummy:' wllli liio king, flic l;lns of chits WIIK returned, East covered with (lie ate, mid South ruflcd with tlic king ol diamonds. Another Kjxutc vvss pliiywi mid won wilh llii> act. and a sirmll Epildc -relumed mid ' truln))cd with tlio iiuccn of (linliionib. Yon can lice liow thiil, U Hie diamonds arc divided, the contract could Ijo easily. Eolith's next piny wns to i-;j lilt; ace of hciirls, discanlliif; club from dummy. Now you could hardly expect' Eiisl to tlnow nway \\'K (|Uccn of hearl.H on this trick. Ho'-vever, if ho 'J'oday's Coiilcact Problem hue (lie «oiitracL for ilirco no iriml)). A lieart I* iJlieileii, wlikll South wins w|th iiio nine spot. There seem lo bo only clslil ii'lekn. ,Jiow could you (ool a enisrl opponeiK iulo letting you make iliu nlutli trick? * Q 9 V , V 7 * K r, a * Q « S 7 C 5 AS* 5 I V A Q U' S 3 * 109 N f ! S Dailor A KJ Id W 6 s I 2 « A ij I 3 A A3 2 v K .1 :i * Q-J S T 4. A K J Golutlim lu next Iwue. monds, hoping k> overtake in dlluiiny. If (lip fllainoiidB spill; bill \VeBt showed out. The small dlfunomi hail to be plnycd from dummy and declarer then led Ihc three ot hearts mid hero again we Ilnd a peculiar .situation. If West, would Jump In wilh Urn king of hfiirlK. Ihe contract, could bo debuted. Bin. llic natural piny, of course, Is lo i>luy l|i.- cii;lit spot. At Mil!, point tile (Icelarnr ttta- carded (ho seven of clubs from dummy, Ensl was forced (o win :hc Irlcl; wilh tlio fiuccii and was lielplecs. The declarer had Ihe remainder ol (lie triciw in ihc dummy, Of course, wllhout a diamond opening, tlur Imnrl is j.lmplj' u strnlBlit, crosi.nill. (C'opyrlBhl, 10J5, NEA fierVlce, Inc.) Red Line Club Meets The, lied Line 4-11 ulnli held lli> regular monthly inccthij; Thuvbday at I p.m. The t'liiij wns railed to order by 0'. C. Ulson, prcsldtlit. Tim roll wii.i culled by thc sccrcUiry, Mlfs Martha Hhurp wllli each meiiir bcr• reporting ;on Uie|r'club work. Aflei 1 the necessary business Was attended to a short prognnii wns given as follo\«: '"I'lio Cunning Budget l''ur a I'iiuilly of Five," by Miss Mai-Urn Blinrp; "UullOhls A Hog Oil Post lo Prevent Uce iii'id Mange," by C. Q. Dlxon. After tlic program Miss Cora Lcc Colemiui, county lioinc dcmonslra- llon iigi'iil, nict wilh the uh'ls and Troy Mulllns, iisslslniil county agent, met wllli Ihc boys for hi*- Etruclion on Ihc individual club projects. Braggadocio News Church .-wives were held a the Haptist church on Tucsda night, by the Rev. Jmdan. lJanl:s of Ihc Mississippi river. Details ot this meeting, lo wlii-jh all young people of tlic surromul- iiils tcrljlory arc invited, will be announced liiler. and It is 'hoped il I lie response will Jiisllly inufc- OiMiglikr llurn Mi'. Liiul Mit-. Gene McUuiic an- aouucc Hie birlli of ;i dmiijUlcr ul tliclv home nt Anuorcl. Tlio child, weighing . 6'<- patiiKb, liai; been named Jo Allicr. : Mrs. McOulrc wits, before: her Vlula and MISS Ni, Kl nuctalra of visit Mi 1 , licnnelt. Miss IMonlaim Crawford Stcclc, Mo., was guest, of Miss Ninli lliictvaba Tuesday nlglil. Misses Jewell llnlley of Dccring and Uobcrlu Urntou were suesls ol Miss Nora Denis during; tire «'ccl; end. Mr. and" Mrs. J. -isrncct Hassoti will return' Mondiiy from -rjcw Orlcinvi, Lit,, where they have ipcnl several duys, followiiig. two vccte spent in Meridian, Miss hiiv- .ng been called there by the serious Illness of MY. Hawoii's ftiliicr, who died recently. Mr. und Mrs. T. b, aallajjly, rorincrly or here, und now of Corning. Avk,, returned to lliclr home yesterdiiy after spending two dnys here as ftucsts of Mr. mid MrA • P. Lcnll. Miss Bess Thwcbtl, daughter o[ Mr. and Mffc. W. T. Tiiwc3it,,oi Ijuxora, «nd a senior at Stale college, Joncsboro, wns hi the gypsy choruses of the- "Bohemian Oirl," a light opera, that was presented. Tliuvsdiiy cvcliliiB, ll 28. In the college nudltor- lilm. Tho iireiienlallon was s|ion- coi-ed by tlic Phi Bflla fraternity. Mte Tlnveatt in ;i member of tlie ~horiil Club. Mi', and Mr:i. P. D. Underwood, of Utlle Koclt, ore the gitesUi. of Mrs. Underwood's daughter, Mrs. ll. 11, lloilchlns, for it fev; days. Mips'Doris bodgla&, U'l:o iittcnds school lit tlcmlrlx College, Cou\vas-, arrived last, night 16 spend Ilio week c'ld with her (inrcftw, Mr. line! Mts. I'Vanlt U. Douglfl:,. . . and Mis, Jake lluflman luulurcd lo McinphJi lotiiiy'lo iiircl rtlvUi and Frank niiffman, who atleiKl MissiEslppI State CollcBc, Clinton, Miss., nnd Mlus VlrgDilo Huffman, who attends Bethel College, Hopknsville, Ky. They will fpcnd Ihe week end al home, s. Allan Walton, iiccompany- _ her daughter, " Mrs. Brooks :ind daughter, of ....... |)his, will leavi; Sunday toi- a two mouths motor trip lo poliilt of California^ They will be liccoin- iwiijcd lo El Paso, Texas,'by 1 Mr. Brooki, who will go lo Mexico lor a Iwo • •• — - SlOWfl FUFES TC> HAVE HER CWt.- PHOTO&BRPHED JUST 's HE CogLl$KEO INCflSR S EVER BECOMES INVOLVED Florence Relics Will B* Exhibited WASJJ JNOTP^IUPK -Fortran/; <<nt) letters of Floi-encc NiijhlUi- |a!c, 'famous. Eiigliefi. w»r- mirce, will Jic featured cx))Jb|ls at Ilic Minimi Hcd, cr.oss- convention here on 1 .' April >ll.\ •It was lhc ; work' of Florence Hlgmlngalc which --laid the fouiK d»lto|f (or Red Cross'organization, A collection of- girts and convention souvenirs from ihc Jled cross conference hi Toklo last October also will bo exhibited. ^FRIDAY, MARCH 29, .-1985 >ut not ineludcd In Ihe \Kt\\\ ni . Maltese Cat ftjajr Set New Longevity Police Solve Life And Death Puzzle LYNN, Muss. (UW-Lj'lm police solved a difficult problem , which arose during taking of th,e sUlc census, : Patrolman Ch;n'U's Ktiivun wrolo the name of a man on M|C census curd. Ho wns alive then, but when it came time to transcribe It on a oolling card, the man had (tied. Kcrlvnn »skcd his superior, "fc u man recorded as dead or ii)|vr: if ho dies ufler his name Is ..taken and before tlio enumerator leaves the house?'' It was decided that the deceased should be counted In the census, PHILADELPHIA <UP>— Pclcy, (i' MuH'pse cat, is well on his way toward becoming the. Mellms'cloh of the felines. .',''• He's the pet of Samuel Bwicirmn, candy shop owner, who , believes Petey will live "several years longer." The cat is now 33 years of . age. Swlcman maintains Peley observes a strict diet and Is "ever careful", nbout his physical cbndllioh, ' : 134 FAKMhRS BANK & TRUST CO. rNSUBANCl DEPT. ROSALIND AltXWS 1 CJSES MOTMBS- OF- PftARL NAtL POLISH SHE AppEAQS >l APiOrufff, FIRED - HOPTOM AS ms ASSISTANT DIRECTOR TO Mfu<,g HIM ee- COMS AW Americans List Gasoline WASI11MC1TON (UP)— tiiifcolinc low In as much a iiccewily of lilc as shoes and clbthijw. Leonard P. iycrs, famous economist and slu- istlcian, believes. Ayers said duo ol [lie most im- lortnut, economic. developments of Bcrrv llc ^I'i'^sion is Ihc fact thai Mem AincVicans have, ranked giiGolhic iliiong (lip iiccc(!SlUe.s of life. lie believes that the "vigorous \paliblon of production by Urn iillbiiiobllc Industry' 1 hits twcn the lo Minneapolis alter six?i)dliig thc spring mention -ut home. She- will lie accompanied by .. Ociin, nf Skcl-j. who accoln 1 l)anlc<l her here. -. • •; by Oliiivlre n. Perm „„...„ Memphis thlc iiflernoon where they will alleiid n sales mcethis; ol A. B. barboro & OoinjiiUiy. Mrs. II, F. Bryiiut, who has been ill al her homo for several days, Is Improving today. " Mrs. ut. O. llocggan, who hiis spent tlio last two weeks lu-rc with her sisters, Mrs. Hula Rullcdgc, MK. i'rank Webb, and Mrs. Willie Archer, will return tomorrow lo her iconic in Toledo, o. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Norfls went to Memphis yesterday iiller- uooli because of thc serious illness of Airs. Norris' fiithcr. R. E. Lcc King, who i:; in the Baplisl hospital. They will return tomorrow. Co-cds lo Teach . ,(JCC Workers Dancing BALTlMOHf (UP) —Orainalies and danciiiK inivc been mcrgcil wllli Ilic wood-chopplnij duljet; of Mur)>luiid Civilian Con.wivalion Jorps workers. Under all cducallonnl plun in- nnsuratcii ut Uio University of Maryland, University co-cds will endeavor to leach the CCC youths how 16 net iUid ho* io dam-c Hie Uewcn- steps. J. Karl Zulicli, wlucationn! cli- attend the play to be given at the Auditorium as n psrt of Hie Uctlcr Homes Head Courier News Want rtds. ' lo Kntntiihi Iliisliirss. '• rnirr-.slnii;il WomcD'fi Uliih MR. J. ti. LlsihllX ICtlilllt |Hl'Sl- l ul tin' liUiiii'.'L-, ui»l 1'roirs- sk>lu>l Women's club, will \>K hoot- sx;; t'.i a dinner Monday welling al Ilir (.loif Hotel. This will br followed liy 11 Ijusinew mcctiini ul liilcli lime (lie year's lepaiU will ic made. Dinner', will be served al G::iu ('dock.- ' . . .liuiitui.s llcl Cliaui-c UOS'l'ON itll'i-AiiibUious jnn- urii and custodians Wlio wisli lo succeed In Mielr prgfcsslon now have Ilieir chance. Thc stale hiis cslablifhed u school to iifslsl the mr-ii in pic|)iirulloii for slalc ivlde civil Keivlcc cxamlnallons. «» ior a Sunrise '- •'"PILE SUFFERERS TAKE HOPE "A generation of almost inlr- acutoUa sUctess lu p«ixoin|Hg u«t oldfet, uiosl hopeless BH- peirlug caifs of all fbrniE ol pUes''IS icsfohilble for •• Cross S?lvf6, honest guarantee., .to eitlier cui^ jon, or give jou % moEJ s gr*tefi!! ie!let Jon e\er 1 e^*t!ehctd Sii'iopr life, or jour ,money )ttun;ed w thoul a ques- Jtlomtsjbgtaske'd, 30o & aOc it flu dealers The Croi'Salve Co, Inc,' Msrtw;" Kentucky." \Vrsl I'uilsl Plane Tnurl t!]i SALT LAKE CITY, Ululi (UPl •'I'hc United Airlmi-.i icllorled 'M per cent travel Increase over Ihc smur period in 193-1. hat nniy be dm; lo the ntlrncllvc new ilcward- css (hey recently hired. Positive Relief For Itchy Skin Cooling nud .-.oolliiun Bluo Slur Oiutmciil mcllson the shln.scnillng Icslrd iijedicincs dcoplv lolo pores wncrc it quickly kills" itch, teller, r.lsli, ci-zema, fobt Itcli, rhiBKorm, etc. Moucy back If first Jar fails, •. DANCING . Al. The American Ltgiuii llul l-'riihiy mill tia'.iitday Mglits Under Auspices of Hid Lfslu loii—Uciillrnicn 25 1/udles Fret Tbi uhAaded Urtp pSuti _„„„ fe light "tfcj giRVpurfy, C^siftg' Elate end^utfil eytsuJin. . Bnght lijHt sititifig d'U (yds di-' i.Mtly iiiiuies ths di'lititt. optic litive^mcte acutely :0i in whtn there is hot enough light.-'The dif• - fusion of lijht resta .the. eyes in tho itsl thtVyta, 5ti \ij foKbtttcr, mtte ccmfottaWt string. J'. L. GUARD Optomeli ist Al Guard Jeweltv Sloie A UK VIOLATION !N DRY CLEANING The Acme Process Which'\vu How use, demousll'ules the 'following poinLs: ..''..... 1. 13i'iiigs out' the .original color. Ii C-.lemi«-Lhe inner lining' uerl'uct- ly. ^ •.-'"•• '-'• 3. Eliminates moisture, spots. •1, Keinoves all perspiration. 5. RenioveiJ all odors; For Heller Cleaning PHONE S3 Cleaner i Tailor, 'Clothier . i. . t , ./ ' °"'" " v "i-i^Kiu many ol the As NeCCSSlly 01 LllC >' olllhs lvm 'W be Interested in the _, ' new subjects. ' 1 'l» rla »l' in recovery Ihc uro- .hiln Hint of Clotlilii}; or shot's, or )f- processed foods. "Apparently," Aycrs wid. "gabo- inc rvuks In popular esteem uliciul if ulher llilligG thai we hnvc be r loniq acoustomccl •'. lo think .of as •cclor of (wo CCC camps at Uoils- •flic, said he Uclicvcd many of the In addition (o dramatics mid lancing, ulas-scs lisivc been ar- •auged for about Ml) ecu work- ffs In most of Hie colleeo sub- iccta. Classes will bo lleld at night. Arizona Meteor Worth Billion Dollars PHILAbuLI'HlA. (Ul'l—If you would get. wealthy, go lo Arlnina, Tlicrc, iitcordfng (o Ur. clwrlcs I'. Olivier, dlrcetor of the flower Observatory of (lie University of Pennsylvania, j s 3 billion dollars worth of platinum, This "niiBgel," however, is buried S.OOO feet below :i dp.verl, in jlic form of a meteor which landed in Arizona .several ycurs ago. Dr. Olivier said numerous ul- tcmpla have been uiadc lo ll»d IhS meteor, bill that it still remains In the desert. Economical— u S9 one LEVEL to a cup of {lour for most recipes. Scieniltically made by bakino powder SPECIALISTS to produce bast results! KG BAKING POWDER Same Price Today as 44 Years Ago 25 ounces (or XSc You can also buy A £^,ll *0 ounce can for l«e LUXJl IS ounce can for I§e Double -Tested — Double • Action MILLIONS OF POUNDS HAVE BEEN USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT Frcahens Ihc mouth ..Soothes (he throat VICKS COUGH DROP Ulythevillc Si-hool uf IJi'iiiily Ciillurc ODCII April 1st 1st Nitt'l. Bank Bids, r Details See Mrs. Bcrryinaii At Elaine Beauty Shop See Gloomy Harris The Gloom Chaser — In Sales Rooms WETINGHOUSK DISTRIBUTOR FRIDAY 2 P. M, b 5 P. M, SATURDAY 2 P. M. to 9 P. M. IS HE HUMAN? IS HE MECHANICAL? Set This Marvel and Decide (or Yourscll lo anyone uwkiiiy Gloomy ilaifis-smile \\K pei'- soiwlly offers a Hew I'ord-V-6 car free. >t--^'*.x ,""-." fis^.-^ •» w » . ' .-A v :tmghoji£e Wilh .1 YcaiV Viulcclifii en Hie" StzlcO-ln ' itlccliainlsiu'' for Only .55 ,-.....' 'liS'lINlVllpL'Sli fAHJi'LlGlITItNU' L'LANT JACK MNLIiY KOUiiNSON 412 \Vest Main SI, • Telephone' 350 Do You Remember? I In the good old day, grooms sat : comfortably aud brides stood '.' blushingly—when they were being photographed. '..'' > When every home had a pump and : used the water from that pump re- - gardless of its impurities. ;-,' It's different today—modern city 1 .': 1 ' . wuLer systems with ohvboratf nnvi- •, tying .systems and extensive pipe.'; lines provide every home wilh a ', constant supply of pure,'healthful; water. : Thc BlylhcvUIti Water : Company maintains « highly efficient -fltirifil- ing system for nour pro- lection, Blytheville Water Co. Plume so L13 S. Uroadway O; i'. i\10SS, Managti L'umteous, I'Crsunu] Atieiitloi! iu" " Kvety (juslouiet ,

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