The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1952
Page 9
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MAY 6, 195J PAGE KTN1 (ARK.) COlTRrBR NEWS Existing House Should Be Checked For Soundness Before Purchasing Keeping House In Good Repair Protects Owner's Investment With the volume of new home, the roof, rf light does penetrate construction scheduled to decrease the roof, it' Indicates that the roof probably leaks- In the basement, look for water stains where the cellar floor joins the walls—the usual point of water seepage. Also check for stains around the basement windows. If the basement is damp or mus- »use of defense priority on ma- .JLs, existing homes, many of hem years old. will be In greater demand, according to the Contraction Research Bureau, nation- clearing house (or building . in- al ormation. To test the soundness of an existing house, theee suggestions are offered: First, study the lines ot the house. Joes the roof sag? Do the sides )Ul?e out? These flaws Indicate framing defects which are expensive to correct. If the house Is en a hill, make sure all the water does not run off. leaving (he lawn parched. II the house is near water, check for dampness in the basement. Check Garage Many old houses have narrow garages. Run the car in the garage and open the car doers to sec if there is ample clearance. Useful on a house-hunting expedition are a nordinary ice-pick or Jenknife, anrl a broom handle. Stick the ice-pick into wooden beams, sills and posts. If the wood is soft, the house may be termite-ridden. J 'ck rafters and roof girders nme way. Dry rot, caused by seeping through the roof, nay have made them soft. Test the plaster by tapping with the broom handle. A eolkt sound indicates that the plaster is good. If the sound Is hoUcw, or the plaster chips or sags, there may be water present. Small cracks in the plaster may be repaired inexpensively. Large cracks, usually indicate structural faults. • Vihralins Floors A good way to l^st the soundness of a house is to Jump \ip and down 3n the floors. Bounce and vibration nean that the floors are not properly supported and the framing is wax. To test the roof, go to the attic, turn off the Light, and check for Good,Clean Shop Sale Investment Place to Make Home Repairs Economical And Interesting A bright, clean, efficiently-planned home workshop is one of the best investments a family c a n make. Considerable expense can be avoided by havinff a place (o make results from turning out success- repairs, and great satisfaction fu! carpentry, cabinet jobs or similar hand-work. This calls for good tools and pleasant working conditions. An corner of the basement, or space in the garage will 8'xlu' 3'xG' serve. Only enough space Is required In the garage for the workbench. The car can be run outside when a project is under way. Bench Construction The bench should be strongly hullt. Three 12" planks. 2" thick and 6" long, will make the top. Edges of t h e boards should fit tightly together. For especially smooth surface, i sheet of plywood can be screwed to the lop of the boards. Steel legs can be had Bt low cost. If wooden legs are used, they should be 4"x4" material, strongly braced and held together at the top by 2x4s to which the top of the bench is bolted. The bench pinpoints of light coming through I top should be 36" to 40" above the fcrr. ;^^^""^^^^^^^^••••••••B SOFT DAYLIGHT FOK HOME — Translucent patterned glass •makes dividing walls which give borrowed light to both rooms. Whole |walls can be built of Insulating glass, giving free acess to daylight. ty there is not enough ventilation. This will tend to keep the house damp. Make sure of the plumbing by turning on all taps to see If there is a good flow of water. Listen for gurgling or knocking sounds RS the water drains off. Noisy plumbing indicates short-cute somewhere. floor (or working comfort. Tool Arrangement Tools and material should b« In easy reach. To save space, tools may be hung on the wall, with a definite place for each tool. Paint s dark panel on the wall above the bench, and on the panel, with white paint, draw an outline of each tool, to incure tools being put back where they belong. Sp r j ng clips of varied sizes from any hardware store will hold the tools. If the workshop occupies a corner, a shallow cupboard on t h e wall over one end o fthe bench will provide storage space for containers of nails, screws and other small harware in different sizes. and small quantities of paint. The well - equipped workshop will stock a wide variety of paint colors for various jobs ns they arise. It is not necessary to give «p valuable space for (his. As many ,as '2 dozen 'colors of Col- orized paints can be stored in a foot of shelf space. A couple of dozen additional colors In tubes, re^uy for instant stirring In a white or gray base, can be stored In a space the size of a shoe-box. If a penciled on each can of paint as a reminder that "This was used on outside doors." or "Kitchen cabinets." etc.. it will always be possibly to mutch the color instantly and precisely when a (ouch-up or repaint Job is called for. Bench Should B« Level Two or more drawers should be provided under the workbench to store materials and seldom-used tools. The bench should stand ab- solulcly level in each direction, and fit snugly against the wall to precent articles falling behind it. As good lighting .is essential, the bench should be place beneath a window, if possible, for both light and ventilation. A family's Investment In Ihe home should be protected by keeping the house In first-class condition at all times. This means constant attention to small details so that even with age and use there will be little Impairment in value. The house should continue indefinitely to be as stur- dy and attractive as when new. Repairs Vital Repairs should be made as soon as defects are discovered, to prevent small jobs becoming costly big ones. A split clapboard will quickly rot and damage the Interior by admll- ting moisture-. A few broken or displaced shingles will soon result In Ex-Cowboy Now Makes Models of Stagecoach LONG BEACH, Calif. W)—Once a Texas Panhandle cowpoke. William E. Jeffreys, M, has spent the last six years building models ol wagons snd stage coaches used when he was a youth. -Recently," said Jeffreys, "I looked at the wagons snd decided something was missing—It was the horses." So now he's making miniature animals to go along with his models. Jeffreys' first miniature was of the chuck wagon he "followed on the XIT ranch back In 1908." School Rules Tightened In -Damascus, Syria DAMASCUS, Syria [fl>> — A new legislative decree has been Issued closely restricting the operations ot foreign and private schcols in Syria. The law prohibits the founding of new foreign private private schools in Syria. The opening of of new fireign private school's In Syria. The opening of new missionary schools Ls prohibited. Private and foreign schools also are prohibited from accepting subsidies or assistance fro many foreign or In- ternaticna! source without written permission from the Ministry of Read Courier News Classified Adj. A BETTER AWNING... AT A MASS MARKET PRICE! • NEW LOW COST • STREAMLINED BEAUTY RUGGED CONSTRUCTION • LEAK PROOF • EASY TO INSTALL • COOL IN SUMMER • PROTECTION IN WINTER ALUMINUM IWASSE AWNING p- »'. Itnx- I. -mlxr^OTj »*>, HIWASSC VENT* UT» AUJWrKliM AKNINCS _l DOO» CANOPIES. K~- ffy-wah-see, with the arrowhead label' Sold in Blythevllle by AUSTIN & WICKER I 112 South lit St. Phone 6207 serious daamge that may cost hundreds of dollars to repair. There should be frequent Inspections o( the house Inside nnd out. mint feestrvt* One of the most economical factors In maintaining the value ol a house Is regular painting o[ both exterior nnd Interior. Exterior paint should be renewed at least every four yenrs. Not only does this add beauty to (he house, but more important h the fact that top-quality painl. properly applied, protects the wood and melal surfaces from rot, I rust and corrosion. H is these ene- mies of wood and melal that cause the real damage to any structure. Where paint Is kept In food condition, repair bills are kept down. An attractive home with modern color treatment Is always worth more lh«n a drab house,'although the rtrab house may be equally as sound, structurally. Palntfnr Easftr With manufacturers constantly making belter paint* Itiat are easier (o apply, more and more homeowners are saving money by doing iheir own painting. 65 per cent of all Interior paints are now sold (or by (he customer. A lew years ago, only 40 per cent VM bought by householders An example of what is being don, to simplify painting for the bezln. ncr or amateur 1, the development of U22 colorfeer pttnt snide, which permit a householder to ex. actly match any color he may tfc- slre. Another step forward Is that («_ day's paint dries quicker »nd henc« painting Is not a longe-time protect Roller-type applicators spread th« paint faster and easier «han brushes. New rollers have long handles ID that one can pnlnt a ceiling, » hlgn wall or a floor with more ease. Ladies, You're Invited to the opening ot our MARTIN-SEHOUR NU-HUf COLOR BAR this Wednesday. Come in and see how easy we've made it tor you to find the matching, contrasting or harmonizing wall paint color you want. You'll enjoy choosing your colors at this modernistic color bar! FREE PAINT PRIZES! Uving Room, Bed Room, Etc. T ake your hue from your favorite fabric ITIMTRB TOE COMB scheme rn a drapery fabric? Or in your •L- •»- china pattern? Then we've wonderful news. Now ycra can Uke those "just right" colors for your very own, decorate any room in your home with them. It's easy .;. when yon can choose from 1000 colors in paint at the Nu-Hue Color Bar. It takes only a minute to find the right »bar)e to match, contrast or harmonize. More., you toke home ewctly th« color yon choose »nd if yoa want to reorder, you can g«t an c*act match. And once decorated, your room stay, beautiful For these are the fine-quality Martin-Senour paint* you've beard and read about, made to last and last. Each color i» available in flat, gatin-gloai and enamel finishes. Drop in at the MARTIN-SENOUR Color Bar next tim* you'w Chopping. Expert decorating advice in part of our DON'T FORGET! COME IN WEDNESDAY! Planters Hardware Co 126 W. Main Phone 4515

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