The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1935
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!*=*== Served by \ United Press HE THE DOMINANT VOL. XXXII—NO. 1! COURIER ITHEABT ARKANSAS ANn snn-rinrAuT „,!,„„,.„. Blythevllle Courier Blylhevllle. Herald niytlievllle Dnlly News Mississippi Valley U'adcr .-.if: *m OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANU SOUTHKAST MISSOURI RI1UY. MARCH 20, lO.'ir, . SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO Hitler's Friend at Peace Talk State Expects lo Send Negroes to Chair; Jones' Trial Slated A docket crowded with Important cases awaits disposition ct the two weeks session of circuit criminal court which will open here Monday with Judge Neil Killougli of Wynne presiding. The trial of Jim X. Caruthers nnd "Bubber" Clayton, negroes and alleged "parked car bandits", whom thc state will seek to send to the electric chair on the charge that ttiey committed a statutory offense •against a white girl, loom.-, as the mosl) Important of the term. In spite of llic emphasis thai has been placed on the negroes' trial the stale has other cases In willed it is anxious to secure heavy penalties for -alleged- offenders. Among Ihesc may be classed the burglary cases against Jlmmle Jones, Doyle Wlfiner and Leonard Humbert. Trial of Elois "Red" Hampton and Tommy Bynum. ne- proes, is also expeclcd lo find the state demanding maximum punishment. Some final disposition of the murder charse against Archie Barnes Is also likely at (his term of court. Archie's father. Prank Barnes, died In tile electric chair March 1 for lils part in the slaying of C. A. Martin. Ifi-ycir- old taxi driver. Bill Barnc. 1 ;. -brother of Archie, is now held in the death house at Tucker Pi-ison farm awaiting review of his trial and death sentence by .the state surji-enie, court. While-there Is little po'sU • binty ~ thai 'Archie will' likewise receive the death nenalty. bc-cnusc of. the slleh'l evidence the state has against him, as compared with h!.s fother nnd brother.- It Is very urobable that the year or prmlblv even six months dal in? from 'March 1 will find more criminals dying in (lie electric chair after havins becir senlenced from (lib district of the counts than In the lust 15 or 20 year- possibly even longer. Prior to Frank Barnes' electro cutlon on March i it had 1^1 approximately 10 years since •> person sentenced In 'court, here had paid Ihe extreme, penalty, should Bill Barnes' plea for n or reduction of sentence fail he would be the second lo co to the chair nflcr March 1 this year. II. fs no secret that, the slate will make . it.s slronecsl. possible attcmol o see hat Cnrulhcr* nnr Clayton, tho two negroes, meet the same fate, hi fact from the stale's viewpoint the whole question of lu success in prosecution at this term of court wil- revolve around its ability to secure the death penalty for the negroes. They have been held in the death house'at Tucker Prison fflrm .dnce Intense fcelln? cau??d Oielr removal from the county scon after their rapture following the Injury of Sheriff clar- ence Wilson while alternating to caolurc tlicnl Although i-ola- tiyes are known to have negotiated with several attorneys, efforts so- far to secure counsel for the ne- proes have failed and It is ven- *ely Ihnt the court will have jo appoint counsel (o represen' them. Denver Dudley, distric* >r. and his MyslKi-imisly confen-injf with R member of the British official parly during the parley* between Adolf HillRi- and iirltfsli statesmen over problems siirred by the Itploli rearmamoat was >"rauleln Leni Keirenilsilil, film actress friend of Jlitler, sHown ..born In emotional pose, 81i'o;-l; ritual dictator ; of, .Gerpian. sent n strong cns e negroes, they claim. against the 0t i" tS is ^| D "?' CV 1n ' lll( * . as been considerably vexed by his inability t o convicf Jfinmto on numerous occasions in the oast. Officers claim | 0 have caught Jimmie and one or hi- alleged partners. Doyle Wldner rcd-handed" on a safe robberv job (his time. Ralph Daney, Dyersburg. Tenn preacher, is likely to be indicted on several charges when the grand jury convenes. Baney is al. liberty under $500 cash bond now on charges of removing public records and forging ths name of nn official to a public record. back" a manlagc license aflcr going through a marriage ceremony 1,1 which he figured ns bridegroom with only n blank or forced _ license, it is understood Even in the event, of Indictment hough, his trial at this term is uglily doubtful if he can make bond since prlsoneis held lu jail are entitled^ to immediate trial over indicted persons free on bond Dl<* e W s. negro, may face FUTBEU SUES TIE IITH VETO Bill to Permit Payment of Improvement Taxe Will, Bonds Is Killed LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 29 (UP)— Oov. J. M. Pntrell struck twice today against new legislation vetoing two bills. One measure, by Rep. O. B. Colvin, of Perry county, would have given drainage, levee and other Improvement district taxpayers the rlghl lo pay delinquent, assessments with bonds for two years. Such would be unconstitutional, Governor Futrell said In vetoing the bill. Should the mea- •iure be enacted, llic governor said '.here would be no further refin-' inclng by federal agencies. The other measure, written bv three representatives, authorized "sei-off" by defendants of claims acquired after filing of .suits This proposal. Governor Futrell m mm OFFEBS BILL KEEP Responsibility for In Ira- Stale Business Left lo Stales WASHINGTON, Mill'. 28 <(jr>— Cltalrmnn Put Harrison (Dem., ., Miss.) of the senate finance committee today inUodiiiTd In the senate n new x NRA bill with the avowed purpose of restoring confidence lo business and labor. 'Hie bill carries the controversial section ?-a with language unchanged. Hie move was regarded as meeting many criticisms of the NliA and placing (lie beleaguered blue eagle in an offensive instead of a defensive position in and out. of the court.-;. The hill provides for protection of small Industries, restriction of niononnlfsllc tendencies, and strict Interpretation of Ihe term "Inter- slate commerce" in such a way (hut mtra-.state activities are left alone. As a result the bill is expected to put up to state legislatures themselves the task of protecting such strictly tnlra-statc workers iis the 2.000,0(10 or 3,(IOH,(JOO PnRaged in the service trades. Belgium.Qtiiu Gold for Managed Currency BRUSSELS. Belgium. March an. Ull'i -Pr'micr Paul Van fcednn proposed !<> parliament today tin 11 devalued manned i-mri'liey pend lug nn iiummlimiiil Mbllf/jiMn agreement. The told reserve would ho ; re valued al ss |>» r cent bnloiv ;i)i im-sent nxed Bold value of :ln Uelga, a portion of the proceMs I be used for an exchange emwllzn tfon I urn]. Alter nn International stablll?,n lion agreement he would rebnse'll; bclga on gold at a maximum dc valuation of JO ]Kt mll RAYMOND HAMILTON Wan Who Figured in Mpv- ro Castle Probe Founc Gas Filled Room • Green Approves NRA WASHINGTON, Mnr. 29 iUP>- Fundamemals of Ihc national industrial recovery act were endorsed loilny by William Green, president of the American Federation of Labor, testifying in the senate finance committee's Investigation of NRA. Green found many faults with inlstra " far but added: 'No one would HI NEW YORK, March 21). ,U)P)_ enrgc i. Alaena, nsslslnni radio operator of the liner Morro Caslle around whom sensational charges revolved in the Investigation of the vessel's disaster ut sen, w n.s foimd unconscious in ll,e gas filled kitchen of his home today. Attaches or Bclleviie hospital said He probably would recover from what police termed a suicide attempt. On a tabis near his unconscious torm Ihey round a note, apparent!! started by him but left unfinished Police declined lo reveal the 'con-' tents but said the writing near ("lie end was an illegible scrawl Alagim was injected Into ths pro- ureen found many faults with the Morro castle dlsastc n *hiM, ^,:!~«^» °< »" «« V >V™ -ere l":,'",^ J)E'Vu-f-nL liie ilpjiartmiflt 'of co/rV- merce inquiry' alleged lie Communist w!io tried to ton ~urge tearing ncnl dl.i- — . ......... ... & i, ittujn;; down the foundations of a great, bridge or dam on the theory that .content nmc'ii'r t!ie"rrra- It should be destroyed because- it, To charges he ivns derelict in hi, JJM iwt yet a- completed struc- duties on Ihe nljW of lh" dlsaste, "*"a countered 'with allejation? Actlnj Captain William Strike Old Age Voluntary Annuity Section From Bill WASHINGTON, Mar. 29 (UP) — The house ways and means committee voted today to strike out of the soda] security bill the old nge voluntary annuity section—the only security or Ihr omnibus bill all?et!nt; tho=i> who earn more than $3000 n ycav. The committee approved all other sections of Ihc bill except thai, relating to contributory old ige benefits. The contributory jenefH sections are being studied by a sub-commlllrp. Negro Voters Will Hold Mass Meeting Tonight P. n, TlUman. well known negro, announced ihis morning thai a mass nceting of all negro electors of the am P warms anil other officers had fall- cd to imndle Hie emergency nnd had show-it themselves negligent. Little Girl Bitten"" in Face by Stray Dog four and vesr Mrs Mary May Daniels old daughter of Mr. iln[1 Mrs Murray Daniels, was hlttei, bv a srny dog m her home on Cherrv street yesterday. According (o reports llic child was seated on tlie steps of the porch at j, Pr home when the do* appeared suddenly buslde her and bit her on the face. sll°htlv above the lips. The dog was not captured or killed and was believed still at Inrge today. Whether the downs rabid could not be determined although it appeared to be nn animal of n vicious ira- X COXKIIItVATIO.N IH'HAI, llKIIAnil.n'.v't'ioN 8OO 6OO 50O HOrslN'O I'UOJIvCTS /{-5O ri.oon. EROSION- COXTROL 35O wiim: coi.i,.-\n niojncTs 3OO ituiiAi. I:I.I:CTIUI--ICATION IOO SCHOOL AID 40 tow the four billion dollar appropriation for work-relief nmy be •xpended nmler -direction of President Roosevelt | s dearly sllowl n this riinrl, with (lie maximum sum nllowed for each of tin line branches of activity given In millions. The president Is liven authority to shift funds among, tte nbovo clnsslflcat|otu p , otu to .a maximum of 20 per cent of Iho ent|re..,appropriation. i York Cot tin NEW YORK, Marcli 3!) (UP) - , Cotton closed steady. . opan- high low close (cenest Competition in Years Develops in Cily Election BY MAX STURM Special Correspondent Out Dec •Ian March loan 1MB 1051 loss 1062 ICOB 1 101 1108 1031 1007 1010 IflBft 1095 1043 1051 1057 I07S. JOS] 11(11 1107 1059 1007 10GD 107(i Spots closed steady ot lliiO, up 5, New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mnr. 2D (OP) — IfAVTI. Mo., Mar. 20.—In one of fcollon closed' steady! ic mast, honied clly electioiK in (ttrs. M c.'indidnle.s fire cnmpnJgn- ig for six nfficcs which tire to be ture ralher one r,uirerln( from the dangerous malady. sa.d. would inject much uncer- ,, * nt . T) "m» n "»"• taiiuy into tlie law "as to personal ,- ls lm[)?rst o<"I that r rights and brine ahmii rn mn i< n «. llvcs of various cnndic --0 —• .•«* >n-3' \J l.jl.lul.1 ut LILI ,„„,.,]• . would bs held tonight, at n cold " 12 lo rc n ol ' (s - ac- ' 1 J tfVtAUUHt nghls and bring about complications requiring years for ihe :ourts to Iron out, Tlie rights of ihe parties in law suils should be idjitdged ns of thc time of filing -be cause of action." It was Indicated other veto messages would be announced later today. o'clock at Tillman hall. epresenta candidates will probably address the meeting. Pine Bluff Man Charged With Liquor Law Violation D • ,, „. . . ,, R ' w - Lemons of Pine Bluff is rnests Chanties the first I' crson to have been ar- . _- _ l'(\KTfl/l VlfllVl f\n n ~\.r,^~~ -F ... SAN FRANCISCO (UP)-Commercial picking of lily-of-the-valley flowers In California threatens '.he beautiful flower with extlnc- Mon, the Spring Blossom Association fears. The plant die.? when '.he blossom is plucked. Served 4,500,000 Meals ST. LOUIS, Mo. (UP)—Since th« Ht. Rev. Msgr. Timothy Dempscy l opened his free lunch room for itinerants ond homeless St. Louis 'rial on a charge of selling liquor. ffe was arrested after Hie fatal njury of a Huffman youth In a -ilglnvay accident. The boy's fa- licr started on Investigation that •esullcd in Crews' arrest for sell- ng the youth liquor several hours ceforc the accident occuncd. Toland. who alle-'c<l]y !> " re "6lous service by (ho preaclier, may also Indicted. Tlie. grand Jury is to probe his case. li waters, negresses, hrir , mi '? < ' r ' '"ifbands. U '°" John Harvard Graduates s cse. Charlie Bell Ward and Valley s, arn charged " 1C ^"S Of Tlie fonner lins , . m l s i unciersln <"l that the 'state «,'. J? seok llle ""ilctmenl- of ^ ' C»™th=ra. negress and mo»,-<, f"" X ' cam mere, on a iai-ge of receiving stolen prop- rty In connecting wit h Ole ' nn d- nilmbc '' of articles, al- 1Cn , I)y the "P'^ked car" In her home meals have been served.' This figure was disclosed In the annual report of p.ither Damoseys seven charitable, institutions/centered around St. Patrick's Catholic Church, a short distance from the Mississippi river front. Reports on-the seven charitable institutions operated by the Catholic pnost show balanced bud»ci.s a ''i U s " rpt " MS in m-' Hope to Reach 100 BOSTON Tlie ambition ay an- mon or Henry Munroe Rogers, oldest living graduate of Harvard College and the Boston I.-.,Un School, to celebi-ate his 1001-h birthda niversary. Observing his OGIli birthday rc- y- , Roscrs reve a1«l 'Us nm- ton In a poem, the last, lines of lcli read: "So clear (he Irack and clear tho way, "For Uncle Tarry's next birthday. resled here on a charge of violating the new state liquor law. Lemons was arrested by BUI Armstrong, revenue department highway patrolman, on a charge of transporting intoxicating liquor into Ihe state without a permit Armstrong allegedly found 13 cases of whisky In Lemon's car. Thc minimum penalty for the par- licular offense with which Lemons Is charged is $250 compared with =•100 for transporting liquor undor the old statute. Lemons will probably face trial m municipal court this afternoon. Dr. H. H. Smiley Named to State Welfare Board LITTLE ROCK, March 29. (UP) -Dr. H. H. Smiley, of Texarkana. named a mentor of the slate bv GOT . He succeeds Ben M. Smith, o! lexarkana, who resigned soon after his appointment lo the newly created commission -~ ,.~.. v .. lvu u £c and then to hltn- And let us hope that we may ta His hosts (o grc-cl his century." public welfare commission J. M. Futrell today here next Tuestiay. Only isslve interest has been shown in ty elections In recent years, but •'•• year's campaign recalls limes l Haj'll was iindcrgalng rapid development and the various clly offices were sought by candidates who were I'ltnliy interested In certain municipal leijislatlon to help them In more ways than one. In the mayoralty race. John W. Wlte. the Incumbent, who Is running for reelection. Is opposed by John E. Duncan, former Judge of (he Pemiscot-New Madrid County Circuit Court. Mayor Wilks, whose administration brought about a PWA limn from the federal government for the purpose of im- nrovlng and enlarging Haytl's waterworks system, bases his campaign principally on the platform that ihe voters shouldn't "swap horses in the middle of the stream." The waterworks Improvement project Is not yet completed. Judge Duncan's candidacy Is being sponsored by friends who ore uot In complete accord with mayor iVilks' policies. Tlie office of chief of police has attracted four candidates. They ire: Tom Teaster. Charles Amos May J >iiy Oct Jnn open high low close 10DS 109B 10BB 1097 Una 1H6 inai HOB 105-1 10SO 1041 I05i! 106] 1008 J052 IOSB loci icei 1001 ioi2b Spots closed" steady at 1130, up 7. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 102 1-4 Anaconda Copper 10 i-s Bethlehem Steel 24 1-4 Chrysler ..,..] 33 3.4 Cities Service 7.3 Coca Cola '..' zm General American Tank 33 1-4 General .Electric 22 1-8 General Mo-lore 27 7-8 International Harvester SO 7-8 MCKcsson-Robblas 71.3 Montgomery W.ird 2.1 1-2 New York Central 13 Packard 3 3.4 Phillips Petroleum 153-8 Radio Corp 43.3 St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N J Texas Co U. 3. Smelting .. U. 3. Steel Zonite fi 3-1 37 1-2 17 1-4 102 28 3-4 3 5-li Chicago Wheat . mo Moreen. D. O. "Bud" Cnthev and W.E. "Ed^aotctar.TeasteMsthe^' open high inw close. crcsent holder"of"lhc of flee.'Cathey July 93 3 " 8 n2 7 ' 8 91 5 ' 8 91 7 Is night marshal and Ootcher for- — merry was constable ' of Hayll open 18 7-8 July 73 3-4 May high 79 3-8 74 1-8 close 73 1-4 73 1-2 73 1-4 low 78 5-8 Township. Morgan, the present occupant of Ihc office of city collector, has been a deputy sheriff. The office of city collector, which has been created In recent years, is the objective of five candidates. They are: John Thompson, Mrs. Carrie M. Meatte. Henry Euell • Robert Reynolds and Don Chnpin ! A °»e-room shack In what Is _, known as "Oalnes Quarters" in the The remaining three offices are first- ward was destroyed by fire Chicago Corn Approval of Official t< WASinNC1TON. Mm-, w (Ul')~ TliB .vlulo rk'iwrliucnt toduy con Ilnned repoi-ls tluit Ihc (llRlit c four "mystery" plnnes (o Soul iivrloi lind lici'ii Klven the nf lnl sanetion of this govern IIU'lll. IVniiKston mis grun(c<l, Bei'i'e tary of SMite Cordell Hull said afler the stale department lm< mnde. wlmt it considered tin tide rninti: Investigation of Hie pro posed flight nnd nflcr depnrtmcn oltlclals luul been sallslled ihu Ihe planes were to In; used h South America for slrlctly com mercfal purposes. .oii(j Shol Comes Homo First in Famous F.nglish Slecplcchase A. IN TREE, Liverpool, Bug., Mar '0. tUP>—MnJ. Noel Furlong's Hey- noldstpwn, nn outsider, raced homo .0 victory over the 30 treacherous umps of Ihc Alnlrce course loda) o win thc 91th, Grand Natloua Sleepleclinse In one of llic frertiien •usels of favorites thai mark Its ilstory. Blue Prince was second and Tho- <iond II. was third. lieynoldstown was ridden by Free Furlong. He defeated n Held of 20 innpcrs lo inte the world's great- •st slecplechase, showering a for line on bettors and holders of tick- its on swecpslnkes . all over tin vorld, especially in 'ihe Unilei 3tntes. Ooldcn Mllbr, Miss Dorolhy pag- rt's mngnlfjct-nl (winner of las <--r?>r .ijlidi nvnrwhclniEnp 'ft' - r.e In.'.tlic' bcti\iig."-wa)i : it- coi- lally cai-ly in "the race, falling hf- ci- clcaring'thc obstacle .past Valentine's Brook.'. , : . ' Casualties were numerous in the aca. Twenty one -horses fell, only Sir ajoffrey , coiiFrre've's L:ro nook was fourth, H. .n,. nrnnrtt''; Uncle Bait, fifth, and Miss M. M .larks' Bachelor Prince, sixth, Reynoldslowti closed at twenty- wo to one in tho belting. Blue Prince was forty to. one anil Tho- tnond II. heavily bet nl nine to two. 'file winner finished In Ihc fast ime of 0:21, only liiree-nfUi.i of n ccond slower than th e record of :20 2-S. set by Oolden Miller lasl ear. , . , Urines I.uck lo Rome. NEW.yOBK, Sfnrcli 25. (UP) — »uck showered approximately $1,00.000 on American and Canadian ireepsUikc, winners today In the unnlng. of the Grand National leeplecliasc at Alntrce. In addition (o the money divided n the actual running, consolation rizes of more limn $250,000 and esldual prizes of-an equal amount •ere given to American ticket hold- T3. Strike Will Not Close Akron Rubber Factories AKRON, O., Mnr. 20 (UP)—Akon tire and rubber factories will c kept in operation in spite of a trlkc company officials said to av after Goodyear employes, bal- ollng In n company union poll olcd ILSlfi lo 631 agniast n trlke. )emand More Changes in Work Relief Bill $100 Fire Loss B. S. Simmons Granted Retail Whisky Permit LITTLE ROciT~Ark. _ Among l-ennlts 1551101) yesterday for the not contested. J. A. Johnson Is of unknown origin running for reelection as police o'clock last night. about 10 liquor retail sale of imoslcnlin as one to n. lyllicvlllo. Ark. K. E. Gallop of Lnxnrri was so granted a permit. ludge; Ward Don-Is for alderman, The loss was" estimated at $100 ward One. and Ellis Kohn for In value. alderman. Ward Two. . Yesterday morning wall board .^"S^Vr T^iST Ot 3™ •SncfE the 600 b>ock ?Ul«i IM ?, S r°" tllc S °° as - "" W(at W8lllul Wfls 'sn««d nna sessed valuation for general fund slightly damaged purposes, voters this year will be asked lo vote on a proposition which would crcale a fund for financing Die municipal band by levying a tax of 1.5 mills on the $100 assessed valuation, First factor}' in the United Kingdom for production of glass wool, primarily for heat Insulation In ships, locomotives, and engine rooms, jras opened ut WASHINGTON. Mnr. 2D <UP>- isli administration officials held D house action on the $4,880,000,M work relief bill conference rc- >rt today, demanding that the II be further revised before it is passed on lo the White House. . ; NIKE BET-. >..... ,, Texas Badmah's Prisoners Escape fiom Locked Rumble Scat '"1 MEMPHIS, Mai. 20 (UP)-Pol jc« sounded a gencinl alarm here nils nftcrhoqn for capture of Haymond Hamilton, Texas desperado ».nd America's humbcr one "bad- man", anil a fellow bandit after wo Mississippi men tlicy woro •inilliij! ns hoslanes escaped The hostages, M. E Smith, Jeff unvls county faim ngcnl, nnd tfiilpli Ballla. of Prcntlss, Miss, •rled open' (lie rumble seat of & Piird V-8 coupe In \vhlcl>' they nnd Icon .locked and escaped •- llic car hn'il reached Memphis at he time. ,, rt was Inlci tolind abandoned. 11 front of Hie Chlsoa hotel in downtown Memphis 'Hurry (o MK«hslpni -'«; Smith nnd Balllu, cnuturtd by 'bo despel-sdoes y6sterdny " ,— .. MLH.J j vo^uiuuy wllu] tliey lerrorl?cd soiilhern Missis •Ippl coiiununltlcs, Used n the Inol 'o .make their escape from Iho •umble scat. .,, Jnslead of notifying nfficers tiie.v cauijlit n ln«, llm 'hetnselveS on the icni seal, ahd •Irove back lo Ilornando, Miss where they repeated lo Sheriff Sid Carni>bil1. Sheriff Campbell, who (list, ic'- vealcd liiolr fscupe, came herp with Ihe inch lliln afternoon and 'hey were closeted wlln police and department. of jMIIco agenls. Police sent ollt radio 'o cltlzeiis (hi-oughoHt this terri- 'ovy to te'fbii /Jie lookout for the J ''"Take 'ilrfillaiiceV' police tfarn- " cd 05 ^11'£o.u(ul cais ueic H orrfcr- ed otit and ehcrlff's d'eputteT' ialchcd all hli;liw'ays Smith and Bnllis told slierlrT Campbell the lespcradons u«»ct t,'\>6»(\ different Sccnsa nlatsr on Ihi Car b"fnre nnd fitter' o liotdtip arc! during Itcht from, ai-mcd poshes Hint nt- empted to liead them off in soufh- eni .Mlssl.'slopl. rdenllflcd'. As • Hnlnlllon Tlie manhunt started nt neon ;.stcrday «'lien the (Wo bandits, hem acc6mp,-inled bv n woman, icld up the Dank-of Bluhtsvllle; Mks.. -and got a\\ay with approximately $1,100. j A POSSD started in pursuit and oon G'ov. \fltte Conner, called iout 00 national guardsmen lo-ald !ii he search. -, Persons, at the bank at'-the' imo of thc robbery IdcivtlfiQd {nmllton as one of the men t from ohotographs of the condemned Texas killer. Smllh nnd Bnllis, after being hown photographs of Hamlltoh 0| , oolice headqnartcra here, without, lestlatlon Idenllficd him as ,9Jie of Iho men. '. French Colonial Army Units Being Strengthened PARIS, Mar. 29 (UP)—The government Is strcnsthonltiK Its colonial armv units In France, it was learned today. Many col-j "nlal soldiers are close to the German frontiers. ' j The colonial troons are widely 1 distributed throughout the country. Slaver, Awaiting Death, Wounds Self With Bones OSSINfNO, N. V.. Maf.' 29 (UP) -Albert H. Fish, 05-year-old convicted slayer of Grcae Budd, 10, Icdny slashed Ills abdomen with :wo pieces of bone,'Inflicting pain- 'ul if not serious wounds, Slng- iold Funeral Services 'or Luxora Woman Today Mrs. S. U Violet, 65, died at four 'clock yesterday afternoon at .tlie onie of a daughter. Mrs. J. if. ^fa"- ors, at Luxora. She had besn -in I health several months. Mrs. violet was a native of trie uxora community, she Is survived y, bMidss her daughter, one 'son, '. W. Violet of Helena, Ark.,'two rothers. O. P. Powell of Luxora, nd Elsa Powell of Cotton Valley', Ji.. and a slsltr, Mrs. Ula Lan.- nun of Luxora. Funeral services were held-this ftsrnoon with the Rev. Mr. Kim"? ro officiating. Interment wtis.rnaie Elm wood cemetery. The L. b. Moss Undertaking company was In charge of funeral arrangement. Robertson Fined Again Under Milk Ordinance Tigrett Robertson, fined several days ago on a charge of selling milk without a city permit,'has nealn been fined for the same offense. Robertson,was assessed.three $20 fines by municipal Judge O. 'A. Cunningham yesterday. Under the milk ordinance each day's illeeal sale of milk within the city limits constitute a separate offense/ V R, E. Nady has been arrested on |a charge of reckless driving. I Zedia Galnes lias been docketed on a charge of disturbing 'the peace. u if not serious wounds, sing- warmor tonight Su^ay sins prison authorities announced,'cloudy. ' •" *"" u ' vu ' WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, warmi tonight. Saturday cloudy, warmer In west portion, colder In east poitlbri. • Memphis and Mclnlty—Fair and

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