The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1931
Page 6
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CACi: SIX HEART HUNGBY, ff \Efa \ frvi AUTHOR O Ht.RT TODAY r: vi'SY Mrimiiitt, r.M'1-.i. imrrtm Ike btm AIMS CJtOSnV trturmm fro Ji-ir jtnd u Lalf In FnrJ«. 1'hty l,ut tkrr*, ha. *lw«ea thru. "<J »-*.-cx u ?>tau1JIul waiaav un |ilrr tvUiiui CruHbT Idrntl&rm MHS. I.A.N^LLV. • afcip'. mr- Jalrr he break* am. 'UK: r.imt-nt \>Iik Gyny ua u pirn e Kurt fo (be nr nnil rucuuatrrM him »Klcy. There !• • >Ifj«. l.nHulry drlvcM u \Tiiy and Croxfjy «o JIOMC rrrlliiK 1 all Ike truy. rrfrrn lo tiuy and uJrl affair, , i',y\my tm ctH rrlllrUed (or care- Ill mill. -s llie KMIIJ an ay r:::Jr wrir In woman nil with a :-i:i.- t.Tsido them, forward. "Mrs. Hie for »i:c!i ... . • 'N:t my LimsMi. .M -Mrs. I.ui-as" That was llic lkVi:i:illi". al tlod'lrtloiiv Tlu-re v-JH :i Mk i:( hi htr^ ^"-i many i:il : i;i'!-:- n-llli Ilia ynilll K:IS ;i Mis'! fthllllll'W il'-cr. liuth . frk'lul.s ol Allno's a:inK-:iiid liille money. They had useful lo Anne. i nnr »•[ llio l:i-r trio i^iancM (!yp.>y IT- ; t.> M dull tvniini;. I . I ill'JOl- fi-i:|ucnlly I'lir liinrnT [:an!rs f;ivrn N> [•. -i.> a.j All!Li! Trowbi Imt mil lull. Horace riitiisii'd spcclacle.i nUni'liei LAURA LO pfali'irat .irn. llyiisy I anjll::iii; MI eloi:aiit us | llir [mm liiKu wilh its rovi-riiis ot r:i|lu-:iiy laiv. llie sheen ol crystal. i;li'3i:;lna silver am! .ill i-i Anise nt ;];e f;ir nut of tlio room ! cm hrr he Mid ncr. tnnrh on!.' (iy|:.*y Miuieil. She trylnrj in l-n Mini ;n:,l thr.t sha Ic-oi'.d well. Anno came for hc-r end ' of (ho olliciH uvro rcrent i'i]ii:iliiliiiicp.i r>t Mio 1'roiv. cil :n | hrlilKCs'. (lyiiny Hiipii.i-iccl llicr inii^l ln-.|- I..TVO pi-ninliifucc or ivcilili —urnli- Kilm.'alily liutli. AU of llioi Birl na Ijelrii; tiresome nml tin- Anne 1 wan lite prettiest woman In llio rCHirn. ijyiisy iollcclc.d Some ot murKo inlslit prefer Hie. lilor.-:; .Mrs. Mii!il|-iinn-iy who ivoro four liraco- li'ls. iKii.slly diamonds, au'l a diamond pendant but tlltirtil cim rlanily In a hlgli. childish voice. Gypsy had (alien a dislike (o Mrs. ,Mcillli;rvriiei-y. Now n bnllcr was bringing (he >oup. There liiid never lie-on a butler In tlic Trov.-hrtdKO Household lu-rnrc. Aimo was clcnrlv out-doing ticiself! Horace Page was asking If Gyysy h;:d seen tlio lalcn Cuilil |.lay. u Co;- llic tll In I'.'IL dliinc: parly ua:; one ol llic unliltuMl-; 01: term in men Is S Mm. Tnmhriilsc hud under-| tried to wl llcki'ls but rrn balcony .1. Tin- x<it*t represented! .-rats were available. Instead flic j works of ciiliiriiilon and ilvelips cf-j rah! .she had not gone:; around to (here; fort. That was why Gypsy's arrival ir_ Horace Prt^c ndvancccl the In- formallon tliat ho was sccrutary ot n !Jt()o 'i'licaicr gioup. Ilu deplored comitiorclnE ihi-siior ami the lailurc (o amircclate Iruo rsrt. "Hut wo'ro foacliluK them!" P.ipe il(?c]L\rci] whli Ittllug. "We're riMcliiue Lht-in!" Why, Cypsy asked herself, nail slie over ^iveu ujj the nencc utiU niiicl o[ licr runiii 1 .' This w;is ii Inin- dieil titiipn worso. Now .I'-iga liacl proyressert from Hie ihcater to ni't. ^oiaetlitrif; was wroiiK with art aa well us the the- nk-r \\'licn lie [lapsed tlic plrl inur- nnirccl liminlihly. Try a:i slio wuuti) :;lic could tiot keep Alan Crnahy's laue Croiii :ii»[ienrui^ litforo tipr. "I won't. Hi En k r\bnui him!" Ryiwy told herself lirmly. "J wo»'l!" Yet in si^lLc ol licrsell the vision returned. She saw Alan smiling. Aftin tossing his hair back with lli:it f;iin]ll;ir shake of tho licud. Wou'iJ tliia abumluablQ dinner never end? 11 sertnc-d liours helore tlio rlie-L-sa ami \vaf-jr3 came. A tnl at Jasi—• iU-avun hi: pralKCi]!—Anno Trow- tutKrt her roller? fthe Invlrallna from Hex A.VA'K 'I'llOW- Take Ibr |>liu<r of an- mir«l. '1J|« dlftBrr !• il \ikcn llie uljier* ure at- Cjl^y mvaprM, d>R<» Imitiv. She Lrnr» a lhi-r riinni, uiitn» Ike jmUla£ In tS WITH THE STOnl CIlAi'VIOIl X bean seemed to slop Tho man In the win* M;:n-d back at her. One of his e; s re.-;lcd on tlic wlndnwslll. Au- n>r move nnil he would have been In.-li!c. 'You'd better go awny," tlie girl u::r::ed. "or I'll scream!" Hie man continued to slare. Tho nay bat Iji-lin shaded his face, balf- rum.e:iliiii; his features. He was wearing un overcoat and in his crowded position he must liavo beeu most uncomfortable. Still ba did not move. "Von'd belter go." Gypsy re- peaicil. "If I scream you'll bo ar- A|i[inrenlly (lie stranger had finiinl liis voice. "You--yon live Mere?" he asked. "Yea. No—1 mean why don't you <!yi)sy hull Ijcon too startled to be afr;ilil. Suddenly It occurred to her the linrBlur might have looted v a half-dozen l meats la the reply truthfully (iial slic IILH! j hriilse «-;is rhln;; from her clinlr. sere mure Intrniltii-ilniis. llvpsy ; in ta!;e- ihe place 01 llic Injured Miss shoot hariiL-i. sullcil the u>ccliai:n-::i I l.anc was so Impoirant. Anne Trow- hrid;;o. (or all hor frivolity, tool: nne si:h;ocl s-'erioinly. Slip was slrlv- I IUK nllh lacr. diligence ami :t sur- i iirlslnj; iiinniini al Insi^it for Hie oiiillt she BUS rarililly nciinirliiL- and (hen hcrsrlf hcslilo Mr? Lucas. Ike woman In black. "Are yuu s(n;ipini; wiili Mr? Trnn-brlilsc'J" lire oilier iMiman ; social position lo ivlilch bli askcii - Tonlsht 111:1 ,'ljcd n •'No-l live In New York." |s.jilcd a! I'lill's rialu n "Oil, do you'.' Anne rn:M n.itm, iwpllo cnil nf llio lalilc was Mrs.) 1:0 excuse really lor i:ii~nl.irin s tlic yon lo lea smiio lime. Wj'ia vcrj ; ri.arlr; l.lltlolon l-'ox-TIMO Mrs i lompo. One doesn't like eac-h other, urt-n't ynuV I'd i lAix » ILHSL- iiaun; was ho svcll known llic (iiilld " aluiosi say your were slslcrs!" in A,r:.i! eolumri:; and wboee pii-mrc Gyps : as[ilrcil tbe or;-1 Gyusy was rclicvod. Tlic conversation tool: a welcome tunt toward a anislca! cvciil of the I'.lsl week Gypsy knew nothing ali-ini It inn slie, could noil atid smile nt the proper Intervals. That was wnal the otlicrs did. Slie had been so afraid Mrs. Lucas was going to a. c k her address. U'ouliln't it souad \vell to Anne's v.-ealtliy frir-sls! j never .appeared even In Ilio The jjnesls stragalcd iulo ilia living room. Coffee wns sirveil ny llic mctlcnloua butler anil Ihcu llio Inid^c tables appeared. "lint Anne!" Ciypsy protesred. "Yon know I dou't play!" "1 know. dear. Neither will I. U'a ynlns to make three even tallies." In llio confusion ot sclecdag parlners ami gelling Boated nl rlia bridge lablcs Gypsy slipped trom (lie rnom. Hho niado her way to Anne's tmilrconi. She would leave a \pec.l lliat of; note and escape. \Vitti Land on Ihe door of lha thouglit s!io n:nst have | room Mic t l r | hesitaled. What waa "They've lilt the wrong tempo." I'aso totil lier. "Altosilicr tlie wrong tempo:" Tempo? (jypsy had supposed lliey were talking iiboul n play. "Of course the symbolism fs dominant," tlio man conlintiril, "and Irs ImpressIvo. OrlenCi! tiling, you know. Very colorful. Iliil ilicrc's coiiForvativo of journals. diaries 1'iii s:u ticsidi: Anne. He I made rni pi-.-i-iifo of llui fact ilial' the only ililn^s which InlerojlLd him. j Two ot Phil Trnwliridvc's liiisl- ness ai-m-iau? wore Im-lmU-il in ihc Brolly. Uno iif (IiL'sr, \^.:s -.'ic UMV- . i niisunilcralooil. "It's Ilia new ritay ! tliat nol« across tho hall? you mean. S!ie heard it a second time. It Fontan lie's l.-n'f it?" she asked. ; was a soiai'lnj; sound ami it came I'n-ff. nnddcd. lirini;ins lire bald , from behind [lie door at llio left, spot Into prominence. ( Cyi^y hosllaicd. Slowly stio "Over-rnlcil rtcirr-s?." be Bald ! pushed tlis door ODCU. switched on liris'uly. There foll.iweil n (e:i-niia-1 tho liKbt. ute iannolo;;i:c on what v,as wroui; wiih Miss l-'oLilamiD's dram:it:c por* tnyals. Kaclng her. window she ^a (To K* In tho hair-opened a man. Onilnucil) imildiiiK. II was foolish to let him reel away, fioforo ho could answer slip reversed her orders: "Come on In! There—stand over Ihorc.'' She pointed lo a spot near Hie center ot (lie room. Slowly, clumsily, tbe ninn climbed over the loilse. He slood ui> and she saw that lio was tall and broad shouldered, liis darl: overcoat was a good one. There was nothing about bis up- peavancc lo conform with Gypsy'a Idc-a of a thief. He did not even wear a mask. ly lie walked to tlie spot toward which she pointed. liypsy edged ber way between Hie liurglar and the. window. "You're a fine looking fellow to be climbing Inlo people's windows, 1 slie stormed. "Now let's see what you've stolen. Empty your pockets and put (he (bings on the bed!" "Say. listen—" for tho first, time she noticed Ills bass drawl was agreeable. ".My clear youos lady, If you'll let mo eiplalu—" "You can explain to tbe police!" "Good Lord—say whose apartment IS this!" "Are you so particular whose things you take?" "N'ow wait a minute! Give me a chnnce! I haven't llie slightest Idea In the world wlio you may be and 1 dont blnmo you T thinking I'm a thict. but you'it sot to belieTe whal I'm going io say. 1 thought Ihls was Phi! Trowbridge'a apartment—" "What?" "I said I thought this waa Phil Trowbridse's apartment," "Why—why It Is!" urelar ga?o her a searching High Scliool Lad, 13, Bigger Than Prime Car looK "Than ilmi ere. you doing here?" h» demanded. "i (Jon't sea what difference tnat makes—" "Don't you though? It can make a lot. For Instance It might make you, young woman, the unlawful prowler Instead ot myself. It means I won't have to spend tho night In Jail." Ho took n quick glanco about tho room. "This IB Trowbrldse's place!. Suro, I recognize It now." The man pointed lo an object In the corner of tho room. "See that traveling hag?" he said. 'There's a leather tag ou the handle with a name and address on It Look at It!" Suddenly their positions had changed. Tho girl obeyed meekly. The heavy pigskin bag lioro the name James R. Wallace. Gypsy read It aloud. The address was a town called Forest City. "Now took at this." the man commanded. "Ob. take it—you don't have to bo afraid!" It was z card that he held out. In plain Roman letters was lie sumo name. James II. Wallace. The girl's face showed she did not understand. -"All right." the bass rolce was continuing. "Probably you won't believe that's my name and my traveling bag. Tben. there's nothing else to do hut get hold ot Phil—" Ho bad started toward the door. "Walt a minute." exclaimed Gypsy. "You mean—you mesa you're James Wallace and you know Phil—r . "That's tho Impression I've been trying to couvey. Let me add that 1 Jon't know who you are but for the tlmo being this Is my room. I'm staying here. Havo been since last night." "Then why aren't you at the party." "necaiisa I don't llko parties. Now if I've convinced you there's no need to call In the polico per nans you won't mind If I tako off this overcoat « «T DONT like parties either," said the girl. "I was running away from this ono.' "That so? Interesting. My unusual mode of entrance" (ho waved 'Don't 'do if." he taii. Tve got a belle.- 'idea. Let's gel married!" nera "Yes," fays Kottcrt \Va<l!ov, • Uih is my —he's a little fellow, only 5 fcol 11 inches tall. Just imagine him tryinsr lo Kivr ir.c a r.pank- Ing!" .... "And hero I am »ltli mr Htltc sister, Helen. She's U years dd .im! in the wariness is no more than that of any 13-year-old toy. and ho's gel- ting clever at avoiding obstacles. ^-The neighborhood kids get under j his feet when lie plays with them. ' Robert laments. And whenever he toward tho window) "was prompted by tho same Idea." Gypsy had sunk Inlo a clialr. "Is It really true." she asked "lhat you'rs a friend of riiil's and Ural you're slopping here? Anne didu'l say anything about having a house guesl," "Anno didn't knot? some." she said. "I wnnlr-d to (nr?jt about something, lint tin.' Ims^-.-i I stayed the move lonesauiu I s^oi." YYallaco eyed lier suli-miily-. "Thal'd too bad. p'l .,•;,:; n; I:,:IL>some! As n mnilor f>; f ; «-i (•»•,. II-HH lonesome myself. Ami I'll u-ll yciu what I'm sniiia ID iln :'lin,i< it- was in town. | crural!;: .Uayte yiurd like 1., i..m» Sim thought 1 was havius dinner a | olbs . ,- ve scl ., , , ( , with somo people out ou l.oni;; Island. Then I—changed my ulans au<l din n't want to take a chance ou running lulo her dinner party gang. Happened lo know I could go to the floor above and come down the fire escape. Wait a minute—maybe this'll convince yuu I'm not lying." Ho pulled a collection of letters and papers from his iuner coal pocke-l. "Here—saved II for the address." The young man held toward her a letter on Phil Trowbridge's odlce stationery. Gypsy read it hastily, saw (he signature. The girl smiled uncertainly. "I'm convinced." she said. "Excuse me for mistaking you for a burglar." She paused, then adilcd, ".Maybe I ought to Introduce myself. I'm! Gypsy McBride—Anne's cousin." "How do you do';" \Yal!ace look j al1 oft hia bnt, tossed it aside. [ Wallace laughed shortly, a IVOR It occurred lo Gypsy lliat al|. llot ft pleasant laiwli. "Tint's through tjbo Imervicw Ihe young! f'mny!" he tJeclau-t!. "Tiiai's a gnnd man had not smiled. He had blue! ° [lc - w '". w »v uan'i you lind si.i:ir>. Gypsy ask«d curiniih-ly. W/At,l,ACr; l::id hctn Icr-,1.- .Vow he pulled a chair iim.ird and sat doun, "I'll tell you." l;c salL «: 0 -.- !;.-. ".Maybe you'll gc! a l-.ui;ii. I'M ^o- ins to celebrate liccai;=n the Kir! 1 expected to marry has inal Informed me Flic's made a Mcr:er catch. Marry nic- 1 .' —why should sin? when she can have the I'hill-s millions? Why. indeed. \Vcll- wi'i> don't you laimb.'" Wallace laughed rnldly. "1 suppose you've been jilted [uo " lie- :.••••• drily. Kirl nodded her bond. "Thai's I Kliai I was u-yiiiK (o foi^oi abj-,;i." eyes, very: level In their ga2e. and 1 1 "» 1 J' hair with a reddish cast. Ordinary' features improved by a pood chin. but Gypsy did nol noiice thai. A Show him you care? Celebrate—!" "Dut I dou'i wani anybody else." She psuseii. then continued. "You . young man one might look at twice ; bco - I' m Anne's cousin. LMII I reaily becauso of his strapping nhyslijnc j ll(l ' 1 her-j. This isn't even and the way ho carried his shotll-j' n >' dress— it's Anne's. Anne just ders. Gypsy, looking al him morel carefully, noticed the well tailored blue suit. And she bad thought him a burglar! Instead of smiling or showing any friendliness Wallace glowered. "Better run along back to your threw up my job this .bridge game now," lie said. "They'll be looking for you." "I'm not going back." "What's tho matler? Don't like the party! Then what did you come for?" Oyosy's dark eyes met the blue on«*. '1 caiue because 1 was lone- me because someone else couldn't come. 1 wnrl:—" Suddenly she sluin,-til. smiling lut-fnlly. "I mean I did wor:-:." (Jypsy corrected herself. "I'm a typist bin 1 "What are you soirc lo do nun";" "I don't know, l.uok (or somo- thing else I supposo. I haven't thought about It—" Wallace leaned forward. "Uou't do it." he said. "I've Kot a better idea. Let's ;;et minied!" ('••_• Us Cujltliiucd) gets Into the streets crowds follow him. But the youthful giant Just laughs at that. "I knov.- how (hey feel," he says. "I like to see midgets myself. I suppo« I seem jus>t as queer to them as they do !o me." Two hundred and seventy-two pounds standing in a pair of No. 25 j montlis residence bofcrc slices do not prevent Robert' from I an action for divorce, having the normal interest.'; of anr ! Then ministers from all over the boy of 13. He.Is thrilled by advcn- -state appeared at a public hearing turc books, and reads lots of them. (0 deliver sermons against the Marriage Laws io Be Made More Stringent, having the and proirre'- SANTE FE. N. M.. (UP)- With ' isteucf. Worm" ins'tead „, benefit of clergy, the New Mexico j ning its silk in the customary house of representatives has kllU ed Us "easy divorce" bill and in its ! n!«v. Is expected to pass a • bill that would make tlie stale's marriage law-, morci stringent. ; The stage was set for the house ! lo pass n bill pitterncd after the I Nevada law retpjlrlng only Qirce starting VERONA. (UP)-Silkworm cul-: ccon form has turned cat a:i e: Uvator Viltorlo Zambelli boasts of Eant piece c! ribcon thre-; and most highly educated half yards Ion: silkworm in ex- ; wide. The of spin-' kiiit! kncwn has Chinese b!cod in i'.s v: j in:>. ami .six inches worm is of the ia;i5 w He likes mechanics, though hs Is j loo big to get under the wheel of j an auto himself. He is In the eighth rade at high school. Robert's parents and their three >lher children are all of normal ;izc. Robert weighed nine pounds al birth. 30 pounds at the age of six nonlhs and 62 pounds at 18 months. dentists say that his supcr-nor- famrt.xiMn a-0-c —snd why not? me to smile for this clc-v.'up The only time I ever Iroun fret al pb t would look stacked RUy. I'rlmo Camera. Sc By NEAScrvicc i Vo^rial lhat !s cx^e' 1 ' i'i i ALTON, lll.-Rcb;rt Wadlow of'spcct. Rotei't haWcn^'lc 'b-' 7 '?'• t^l^ Upper Alton, is an nleasaiil and ; 4 Inches tall. During the p.i« wlio was lie has gvn\vn fnr ircbp- y \^^i -, v c ^ r ,, if no;, ? vl Vcr-ys I: ,V. 'by ini .Km, „„ noimal a 13-year-old r.choo'.bov you'd want lo niMt. a man h? \\:V. riv 'Si" -n-r •^ M<1 ^ f, ir 'T. <£%-£< th 1 Carnora. :.'.a;: Hr.bL'i; fir.d';. Koiuclnnrs he bumji: '•;i--.'.. ni;r> ihiius like- cl-.anrie'.iers am iimi |,,|. tn;> sills oi ilonis. lint hj.5 avit Attention Veterans , evils of easy divorce. ITie measure would not attract persons who would slay here to build up the state and only a bad name would be given the state, they contended. Tlio Introducers of the bill con- j"" sented lo have It killed In commil- '• tec and they are drafting a new bill (o require county clerks lo is- . sue marrln c licenses only between the ho'.i r 3 ef 8 a. m. and 5 p. m.. • five d.v.i must elapse between the tlm.o cf obUlnlng n license and the We know of ;t few nice liille homes lliat can be nought for a trifle. Invest inirt of your lionus where if will elo the mnsl Rood. See up. Terry-Worthington Title Company 21-'{ \V. Wiilnut Street. 1'lione G17 iial k'jwtn U d;:? to ovcractivlly marriage; a year must elapse be- of the pituitary glani which Is lo- tween » divorce decree and a re- catcd just over the palate at the . marriage; and no Justices of the base- of the skull and Is about the pcaw may he allowed to officiate size'of a pea. at wedding ceremonles- Bnt that doesn't worry the young — '" "'- leas!. "I snppo'e i TWINS PUZZLE TRACK COACH ant In the ought to bo interested in That sor; of thing." h» says, "but It doesn't worry me any." LINCOLN. Neb.,(UP>—They look alike. They run alike. And they run dead heats In the high hurdf? races. This Is the problem that confrcnts Henry P. Schulte. track coach at thj University of Nebraska, when he matches Linus against N'o Cuslumrrs f or roor Farn1 ALBION. Ill, (UP) _ Edwards County poor fnrm Is for sale be-.— -•• — -<•cause of lack of patronage. No one, I*on Carroll, twins. The boys are except the keeper, lives there and' identical and aparently have the his contract expires in March. 1932. same athletic ability. Schutle can't Unless someone applies for admission the (arm will be sold to the .imlie.n bidder, tell them apart. He's quit trying. You'll find It In the want ads. <^s. in any language/ SUPERIOR COAL 6®,' Cherry & Railroad Phone 123

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