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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana • Page 2

The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana • Page 2

New Orleans, Louisiana
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BY LUMSPCT, KENDALL CO. TERMS OF THE WEDNESDAY 3IOKWNC, JAN. 43. Pace News by the Steamer Canada The Murder of Dr. Georee Park man.

oYi tVFa Back "SliislS Late from the Rio Grande. Treasury Circular lo Collectors of the Customs. Items, fcc, ax. I See Supplement to To Day's Paper for up river papers. to Capt Radovich, of th papers.

brig RU, tor late Hava ItrrdaT, reports steamer Princess No. 3 aground on i bar below Natchez. When the C. passed ner, the steamer Natchez No. 2 was alongside, preparing for a trial to haul her off.

of pork, lard train, Ac, bound for this port, waa sunk in th Cumberland nuer a few days since, cine is re ported to be almost entirely under water, and will with moat of her cargo, be a total loss. PpOrOSKD AXXNDUXNT OF TUX STATE Co.VSTI fcnrciox. In the Senate of this State, on Monday, Hist but after the appointment of the officers. Mr. pryce, ot Rapides, gave notice that on Friday tt he would introduce a bill to amend the con ktituuon, and which will provide for the election Chief Justice and Judges of the Supreme Court, District Judges, Attorney General Becretery of State, State Treasurer, Adjutant Gen feral, and Clerk of die Supreme Court.

Madaxk Ciocca. This splendid donseswe, after a 4 to hew Orleans. frill probably make her rr Yesterday momine. I'cloek, as the ships George Washington and As into Pier No. 5, Second Muni it being very strong caught their lows so suddenly that they parted all their lines, kd they drifted down to the Lower Picayune Tier, first Municipality, where they let go their anchors.

ere towed back to the Second Mu' kipefity by the towboats Swan and DeSoto. Lanarnajte. The brie Tui which Vtt Havana for this port on the 10th inst, encoun torm, awe was struck by lightning, on the It tare the jh tore spencer gaff and crippled ioretop aafl yard, wsoo'rrv rail and larboard ner red, started the ski mashed the oby hatch, aU Anally tore the Cjuart deck awn I into ribbons. After this Capt. Radovich was Ider to dear the wreck.

Alter daylight the storm leted, when saul was made on the Titi on the fore end she proceeded on her passage to this The brig leaked badly, caused by the spars I Telegraphic Newt in Supplement. Parents ajtd Jackson HuuoAn. In the Ners Df the day waa the bill to incorporate the In of the incorporation bill which exempts the lek of the company from taxation and to insert motion for fifteen years from die passage of anrndinenti were laid on the table, by pais Bwi.r.a del Man. For Clfrt. This vessel that has has not long left the ship yaj lUgiers, where she was built, under the person mdence ot her owner, Capt.

Edward Auld, partook of a collation on board of the brig, I moorings, at the foot of St. Joseph street. I Second Municipality. Capt. Auld's reputation.

that of Us portly and faithful dark te ward tent for the corporeal appetite, is tad and well Beauty of the Sea" a for a vessel, by by was built expressly for the trade between and Chegree. She is of moderate fehach every part of her is put together. The Unmodarions for passengers are, on the whole, it would hardly be supposed. is the spacious and comfortable ec for those usually altering hadrrid Lthe steerage passengers. A large covered forward of the main cabin, on a level with tt forty in Led on deck to all of Capt.

Auld' reception is plainly visible. The roofs of pa, tn us torming a dec, end a paaaaga way between the cabins and the bulwarks. Ave lie and ingenious patent windlass on board is received and boarded, free of charge, from mrw (Thursday morning) unm the promised I of sailing. We heartily wish Capt. Edward lIMLm Wll ItMA to II wbo adT.rte bj sit to Havana, has returns.

bably make her apps3HLain at one ot moea which she gives WBaraMateeh force and ace. The Habaneras were quite enchanted with it performances at the Tacon theatre, showering roquets on her in abundance. Bbokk Adxttt. Yesterday naorninc. at about as other property is How taxed in Mississippi, motion waa lost A motion to strike out the imeth section, appropriating 3000 out of the a treasury for the survey of the "route, was paying taxes for ten ye workmen employed on her, and we make word with die more pleasure as the brig was hunched and fitted out in our own ship re raspaaated to state that the Bella del Mar her departure, on her first trip to sea and to Snow romrneatoad falling at Cincinnati on tte morning of the 13m rnst, and eeav I until late in the afternoon without abate It was eight inches deep, exceeding the foil At the hast ai, somite Bayou des Glaisea waa jwfog, andthn miMiimliatl iiii, risBoutdu Fail huu bell, of the Mlsstspp4an, have acted State Printers of Mississippi.

This document, which we published in our paper yiterdtT3toJ. crate of the State of Louisiana, and amply the reputation which Gov. Johnson has for himself during his occupancy of teegawj torhd chair. After a careful trZZm age, we find much in it to approve, tittle from, and nothing actually to ceae tre. from any of those PJTZoTZt lsJtta U.

T.liaaT" rT" it will he found te toe lJ the Lcfialature will. It i ssrebable, witiingry com ort of them. That in relation to the i iy of New Orleans and its protection from inundation should command immediate attention. We Ud to see that nf this subject that he aitiea of Sew Orleans, admits the justice of her claim, and ad rises prompt and effectual action. Use Legislature, we hope, will meet this recom in a fair and liberal spint, ana carry their sense of justice to the extent of refunding to he amount expended by It in stopping me evasse.

In order to show that this is the the 10th of March, 1845, the Legislature adopted ration author iz ing the Qorarnorto agpotat three the city, and the Judge of Jefferson a Board of Couv imscdag the orpewuransc mulnld uoexecu'ted tbTrecnt des. of the city see that the State Government had taken initiatory steps in providing for our safety but unfortunately the food intentions of the Legiahv were earned into effect That the re law of 1845 waa not complied eut desolating influx of water with until the wakened thereto the Mention of the authorities. be sole sufferers. The Legislature, by passing the ct referred to, acknowledged its duty to protect us, and it it did not comply with its obligations it ought to bear the loss resulting from its own negli or that of those entrusted with the execu tion of the laws. The suggestions of the Governor in favor of xepcrug the grant of swamp and overflowed lands tade by die last Congress, of carryinc on the lystcm ot internal improvements which has nenced, and of changing the tune of he congressional elections are all worthy tful rtmsarkirailusi, and we doubt not will all be We are glad to learn that our free school system in a lair way to work out its inestimable dis tent has been manifested in regard State has been divided into 699 districts, in tile ot which schools bare been in operation, and which durins the past year 22,000 children i cerved instruction.

Considering the short tlx established, and the oppo shows results as satisfactory as its moat aan friends could desire. The present school fun being adequate to the education of more than half the number of those entitled to receive instruction, the Governor recommends that it be increased To the question of slavery Gov. Johnson devotes the latter part of his message, and assumes what is called Southern ground on the question. On the hole, as we have said above, we consider this of Gov. Johnson's state papers one worthy of former fame, and we hope it will gain him i pplause to accompany him on his retirement 6 he position he has filled so honorably to himself md to the State.

a. By the arrival here this mi ing of the brig Titi, Capt. Rodovich, eight days from rive. There is very little local infi lor of Santiago de Cuka of the 30th ult. xount of a splendid regatta or series of which took place at that port on the nre ceumg aaaoay.

i nere were eight boats started tor the first match one Spanish, one American, one by British seamen, one German. and the other four English. The distance rowed was two miles from the mole, and the match re suited in the American boat's coming in the winner and the German the third. As the opinion pre vailed that ad vantages of position were not match took place in the evening between the American boat and the French boat, tanned by Englishmen, both rowing sx ot ead of four, as at die first time. The Ami rain proved the victor, leering ner rival a long ay astern.

She was a boat belonging to the brig sailors, making a' third triumph. She was after rds to be rowed against the trench boat, which the occasion was to be manned by some of the of the vessel to which she belonged and Caraccas states that Senor Bruzual, die principal editor at that paper, bad been assaulted and wounded in leaving the Council of State, of which he is a member, in company with Gen. Guzman, the Vice President ot the Kepubtic. The aggressor is of Gen. Marino, and the Republican, in com ing on the outrage, is exceedingly severe oi ven thst Gen.

Paes entered the fortress of San Antonio de Cuma na, a prisoner, on the 9th November. Cholesa The MarksviUe (La.) VUlseer of the 15th inst contradicts the report that the cholera nad manifested ttseir in several parts of Avoyelles Bayou Breuf is the only infected district On, Mr. H. M. Henry's plantation the number of cases, on Saturday evening, the 11th It thirty two, eleven of which proved fatal on board At Pittsburg, on the 14th inst, there was es water in nut channe 1, and the river ft fell on the 13th to the depth of ten inches.

tn 1 4 th mat, the river had rising. The 1 lug to the foot of the hill by the 16th of January of The Point Coupee Echo, of the The river continues to rise at tins point The watei plantation, ant with inuch difficulty waarrested. The police jury has ordered the levee at McPhaul's place creations are used, we shall hare two vasses in our parish to a certainty. the 16th On oar recent visit to the city of New Orleans we had an opportunity of wltoaaalng the extent of tee i i aaiiiiaiaarlj kj a rara af the bank, teat above Bonnet Carre Point, some thirty miles from the Jor some a or tvrrjre miles, and we timtn it grsdnaay anasnarrllae tea city as the rfrsnght ainaksa outand the boat likely to taih1beeentiiee" nlo, nd" ofJS The St Louis Union of the 13th inst, aays tion is critical, but she la A Telegraphed to the New Orleans Picayune Concre as tonal. gTiwoax, Af ondof, Jen.

SL ta the Assets, to the question of slavery in the Territories. tion postponing the election of the Postmaster and Doorkeeper proved ineffectual. Mr. Calhoun is exceedingly ill, but ii deputation that recently arrived in Washington tercede with the Sultan for the liberty of Kossuth nd his companions, that they might come to LmWie" The Cuban Expedition. The Cuban invaders are to congregate on the Pennsylvania.

This State baa not only re Resolution a were nreaenterf in St M. House of Representatives, on the 11th declar ing slavery a am to the sight of God, and that it ahould be aholsahed in (ho nu and no State or Territory ahould be admitted into mTliaTtod p'" retncaon Toe resolutions Congress to vote in accordance with their views. The Rev Pin TV. extract the following from the letter of Ion" to Rey ab5ucUoQ re verj voluminous. I presume voted the sriiiiatai of Oon Carlos da E.paila, the ed to tofom the CaWn Oe eTilof CubV duTSch ft Pen.

Taylor wnta earnest, eypt atosassBBUt had not been made, he wmj Preaidestt, it is well known, Umself averse to the annexation of Cuba, pro to slavery. He offered such aid The Txeascby Ci document, which we published in our erenhnr edi. tion of yesterday, the Republic of the 14th has an arncte rrom which we extract the following The instructions which we publish this moral coHecto.aadooVr officers of the nave compelling the treasury Depsronent I import hitherto been defrayed by the Government, and withholding a proportion of the compensation teat has oTEli peron the coDec a worn ofdebete, and eridentlv wi.Ctt of too, in view of the additional expenses arising from the charge of new districts in Oregon, and California, and the annual increase of business in the payment of $180,000 for this eaoeddoncto'd acted upoc. If theiraffairs are in disorder, and the sisroed by the Governor sad Secretary of State in favor oT da opponent, who had scarcely received votes enough for one to judge whether be had really been was firet be nouit a hoax" cooVmced 'that 'there' was "'onngrouen in It is difficult to say tow aW win tmiZ I shook hands the other day with Col. Sol.

Mudre of the St. Charles Hotel, on his departure for Oakdale riously he bad been called fromtiutt seat ofease and uuwjuddenly drbedrrnle at bis lJome fine "quick trip finda the floor. 1 dry, and carneti down rwwco use ism mansion navmg evaporated Our fastas snd extensure country" are certainly hi hly Twelve persons from Muscadine, California. Another party is soon to follow them, who will take with them the families of several individuals, now in California, who here written Cy Two old gentlemen, Mr. Kay and Mr.

Corkaran, died lately in Wheeling, the former of whom was aged 110 years, and the latter 60. Mr. Kay was seldom sick, never took any medicine, and died in the full possession of his mental facul ultiea. Mr. Corkaran died whilst sitting at table.

Cholexa. Mra. Wulard, according to the Y. Tribune, which tires an extract from it. has published a pamphlet, for the purpose of showing parti vitality, I Him aW, its fibrin and a upon the lower part of the chest, to respire forei from the ndeTto inspire as forcibly as possible.

"rSSonSy riou tonvs go far to remove any existing or future difficulties. At the ejection for State and peris officers, oar worthy friend B. Haralson, the candidate for the office af ItbhrltSr yt bJ he hl'r ly'cnTle was' ritdrlghis1 office oe banusnaanded tbeC 7 reotds oToa7ocaM BUM AMD Owisexs. Appeal from the First District Court of New Orleans. Under article 2736 of the Civil Cede, relating to com aiparQsars ehnrged'an sssssK they have a right to set up that character as against the attaching creditors.

An attachment will not tie against the partnership property found in this State, when one of the commercial parties la resident, and it does not appear that the partnership domicil ia out of the State the creditor charging the debtor as being commercial partners. The plaintiff, instituted this suit by attachment and pew teffi; ahurrcgn the article796 of the Civil sofcr coerdaTparmtr8Pas1to be'liable totttecred. charged bv reason of that character tn mUido, it juat character in that respect, and say as against the cred mem ajrainat the, partnership property found in this nership omicU is out of the Stale derogation of common righta it is therefore strictly construed. What we said in unroe as. Proah is de lamely i that attachment must not be permitted hi those cases where it ia clearly applicable, the object of our attachment law to enable ota.

The nrooertj of a resident debtor casmoi ordinary course 'o? judgment1 snd execution'. But if the creditor is permitted to seize, under at oiled in the but of sale at the oertieular laneaat lie plaintiff. The district judge thouEht himself bound learned brother. Under the general warranty stipulated in the act of sale, to fore or at the time of the sale. It la manifest that ii was not intended by the parties as a special warranty against the bill which hail been declared.

Under no ether hut a special warranty against that bill can the No. 219. Judgment reversed and rendered for defen of freedom (Ow ftW 9 La. R. 153.

4 R. from the 2d December, 1847, which expires long the plaintiff can exercise his right of beinj. rears. C. C.

Art 188. Act of 8th March, 1807, and 1 of 31st January, 1827. Judgment for defendant affirmed, with costs. WILLIAM A. WilliamsTappella.vt.

bb. Robins Randolph. Appeal from Fifth District Court of statute of 1847, establishing the Wlnnsborough Statu Land Office, ia restricted by the English text to the sale of the located lands belonging to the with power to sell located and unlocated lane This is au oversight, and the English text mi fhe plaintiff claims to be the owner ssT slBsbVsms, of land under a receipt from the Receiver of the State Land Office, established at Wumsborough by the act tefandmnU' ve'rsy" has" no! been Lp rveo "ttoaiary'o? 'the' tee court mnst be limited, and simply to an adj Orleans had uo jurisdiction of the dinrict of for which it was crested, snd could not sell 1. Iftefjhasli urge that the Winrborougb office oftt ofnatX r'XvT jeans had exclusive power in relation to tin unlocated appear, that the English text restricts the power' tgssrcgjs that tne defendants be adjudged to have 'acquired rights of the State to the land in controversy A meeting has been called at Galena, memorialize Congress to increase the duty on nta, Gsu, a few days since. It an pears that some difficulty had existed between i Mr.

Fannin and his son in law, Mr. Godfrey, in re certain slaves, and that the father, Mr. to the house of his son re last, ensued between wife of Mr. endeavoring to quiet the parties, received a stab in the abdomen, from a knife in the hands of her father. She was at thai time some eight advanced in pregnancy.

She died from the effects of the wound about two days after it was inf fy A Mr. Hark man, living in Caroadelet uue, SL Loads, waa met in the southern part of the cuy ou me mgui oi me em inst, Dy nre men, wh stabbed him once or twice, and beat him in such manner that his life was despaired ot After fracturing his skull and otherwise maltreating him, the scounareis cameo mm to his own door, knocked and ran off. The feelings of his wife may be imagined when, on hastening to open the door, she beheld, as she supposed, the deed body of her hue Washington Monument Fund The urer, J. B. H.

Smith, of the National Monume etety, states that the cash receipts during the year ending jibi ueoemoer, it4, were fHIJMo 00, of which 48,734 64 was from the sale of atocka owned by the society. Add balance of 420 88 in bank at the end ot the i year 1848, and the whole is $61, ixpenmrures aunng 1B49 were 60,675 26, leaving a caah balanc a of SSL 88 on' The it to 5,767 92. HT Uto hast, at St. Louis, while the orkmen were engaged in removing the rubbish am the cellar of the building oeeuoied bv Messrs. Meech II Loring, previous to the fire in Msy last, oipensjr, some feet under the 17th of May last, a period of taetiment, the property ot a partnership tn watch resident citizen hi a partner, ia not the resident dti and consequently his privilege of exemption from at rs cement ia substantially violated.

It is said the case of unroe rs. Kroah ia not identical with this. It is not. But the spirit of that decision reaches this esse, and authorizes ns to ssy. teat under a strict eeastrnc UleTit here ought's to he 'disturbed by 'an aneni Judgment for defendants affirmed, with costs.

fELLirTrpeeTfrom" OFiKh "DUuourti New Orleans. This is a redhibitory action, instituted to rescind the sale of a slave sold by the defendant to the plaintiff, on the ground that before and at the time of the sale he was an habitual runaway. The defence is, that (he plaintiff was informed by the defendant, and by other persona, before and at the time of the sale, oi the vice of which he complains, and thai by reason ol J. B. Dolliolf, as.

Appellant ss Cb axles White. Appeal from Fifth District Court of New A slave cannot contest the due by which bis master asserts dominion over him. The only issue be can The plaintiff claims bis freedom adversely to Charles hite. from whose custody snd control he seeks to be Kentucky has siso declared a semi annual dividend of four per cent, and an extra dividend of $3 on each share from the funds realised on the property recovered from the Schuylkill Bank making total dividend of 7 per share. The Louisville Gas Company have declared a dividend of three per Naval.

The following is a list of the officers a C. S. sloop of war Marlon, now lying a in the East Indies son, P. Prickett, A. J.

Di From aW Seaadren en tfcs est of Africa. Tai V. S. brig Bainbridge sailed from Senon on the 26th October for the Guinea sea and Prince's Inland ore end men au well. For the gi aHianHwi of bridge, we publish their names a.

u. laughter, Commander David McUougai. rsncis S. Haggerty, Lieutenants Joseph Wilson, aaaad Assistant Surgeon; Wa P. Backner, Aettag weeney, James Haarhfoson ataenw Mates.

rW About 4 o'clock on the afternoon of the 1th ins, a fire broke out in the carpenter's shop part of the city St. Louie. Before the nre was extinguished, in addition to the shop, four or five Uings were destroyed. The night watch man narrowly escaped with his life. i the Ssxt Lake.

Two hundred English emigrants arrived in St. Louis, on the 11th mat teaxner Tuscumbia. They are all of the faith, and are destined to the Mormon settle ments on the great Salt Lake. They are, says tin Ke vet lie, very neat and cleanly appearance, and seem to be Intelligent and enterprising. The Escaped Slave.

The slave woman Betsy, who escaped from Wilmington, N. to Boston, in the berk ihales, is nineteen years old, and left babe behind. Her feet were frozen on the paasagi The mate of the Thales, who was charged with smuggling her on board, asserts that he did know of her being there until nearly the close ot the absence of a homestead, persa that amount. Vermont exempts the value of 500 Iowa and Minnesota 40 acres ol land, or a lot California, 320 acres of land, or a lot worth 200 Dose ret, it is said, secures a home te every family. Georgia, Texas, Michigan, Wiscon sin, Pennsylvania and Connecticut had previously Li cien Bonapabte.

M. l.ucicn Bonaparte, Prince of Canino, ia now at Leyden. He is occu pied exclusively with zoological researches, and more particularly ornithology, which is his favorite study. He passes the greater pert of his time in the galleries of the rich and celebrated museum ot natural history in Leyden. CP Typhoid fever is now said to be cured in a few days by the French physician in the follow ing manner Every two minutes the patient swal lows small bit of ice, equal in quantity to a glass of water every hour.

Every six hours a demi lavement of cold water ia applied, and every second day a bath, at twenty seven degrees of Rean Lansing's iron foundry, at Wilkes barre, was destroyed by fire on the 3d inst. Loas, 10,000. of Mr Murdoch's non arrival in inducing Mr. Hudaon to give cell eut reutesentarione of Tflhwlaa He win appear in the Irish Recruit and the Irish tors such as cannot be surpassed by any theatrical troupe hi the country. Independently, then, of the which ahould impel tee liberal patrons of the Bass, a thorotLgb roiug, sterling the old school there is an ai that should prove irresistible to every genuine of stage art.

Sheridan's popular comedy of Rivals" will be performed, in which the strength of the company will be brought out. riety of entertainments will follow, and the will conclude with a grand Pot Pourn," in which every species of national dance will be given in tume by the powerful ballet troupe, led by af'Ue 1st iot and Senor Vegaa. Ladies' Fain. There will be a fair of the Commercial Exchange, St Charles street, gives by the ladies of the Church of the Annunciation, in aid of the funds of that edifice Extraordinary exertions. editors of the Spanish paper, lition, with i world, which will enable the truciion with double power and effect.

Moosteai Boumos is an accomplished iinguiat snd also a ripe bar aatazbt mmoiaam cf tober to Um ratek Tepbx Steali no. Daniel Foley waa test eve Whaxt Bxoxe' Down. A neatiaa'1 ofone of the JfTanaTa bietoont tikes Joct Mtrstssaujsa tbb Hopaa The Conca teat ajsrht icha Francis NoeL. as. who waa some WaL M.

Glendy, Contmander Alex. M. Fennock 0. L. Beldam, Liensanants lohn A.

LockwoodSur WhTul.lur JketrJ.Pbroke soe7 Tif. success this accomplished actress met with on Monday last, in the character of Meeto, In the "Maid of Mariendorpt," that play will be repeated at the Ameri BcNBrir or Ma. Staxk. To morrow evening Mr. Stark, the popular and talented tragedian of the St.

Charles theatre, will take a benefit at that fashionable the play going' public. Among the powerful volunteer aids be will receive on that occasion, we notice the names of Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Cbanfrau, who will play the rormer fees and tea latter Osaaas in the tragedy of Othello," the hanefl clary suatainlne; the character of tea Moor. See card in nrhar column.

with attractions, and we believe there will be an immense gathering of the young, gay and fashionable This superb panorama, which bests every thing.of the kind ever seen here, will be offered for exhibition this evening, at tee Armory Hall. lish. We call the particular attention of our friends Senors J. C. de Cuevas, and Miteslaiii J.

T. Bourn os, In another column, announcing zheir intention to open an evening claas for teaching the Spanish, English and French languages. Senors Godoy and Cuevas were the talented sable branch of popular education. Mo aspiring young man ahould be unacquainted with it. CITY JlfTMLLIO Ult CM.

toamactasack Lsaened Birds. The claims of Signor apioetto lijtls atelq rawasd sraottte lasa mj of itjwcawr Weasinc the Beeechxs. A young lady named She lKTSulsd anj (real uaaf uaVaae Thixd Municipality event of the lightest Petit TatEvi tM arie, taffto Vixst Dtstict CotTkT. JsjsWs JffctTaary There CnacnTTnnw Second Municipality Council. This body hekl tesasNdwsNtakt aaaatsag last aveaiaf, BcorSer Badwia eleven laauiji sra 1 tnUowmt thr Total 00 Diabaraed 64JW6 at that darVerVaten ChX 9tr7 tW Irrztb, Mr.

P. set forth the jastice of the city', claim to UV aisrattbeTavpekbora braevarsldauuarsaHMd DirraicT Coobt, Lafayette. In the con teste Lafayette Cocwcil. This body met teat aeantej. tt eday will be raring ia the Dart of the city ST.

CHARLES HOTF.L....A Hem, Flub W. aaJyT; sfi karatatL TKRAltDA St. McAfee JabaviM. Trfaarra A aoa. aDrTlt te; VinaTLj K.

Lag EataU, MaVaasyj JB.Bp. rlirw'lo! ML. C. Mc'dwJi' Hrl MBelJlu ii jaTdtattrS Conceit at Lafayette. Mr.

Durneld, a well Hall. Larayetta. He will be usntad Beta read snTreferred ta the aafwiaviata Win, Tat rem ortbereroftbeoeiceol the oirbt w.tck sverie a. wTbjOSeuoe tbmmm Owtae iss UVa reatinaalina of the ascsetnoa wart na the uaeer aaaef be corporataaa by afly mea fnr aot leas tbaa Ivs ssVrater avareaatoS JLhiH SZimt mJlftSt jbrAkiaof ArrlvaJa at the Ft Ian tod I Hotels Jan. 22.

re. Payette Fsmndry, Oiwd temsV JSaSS wkaanat roa JCTABJ Hear the Ladies 1 TW IbDowt i. copied fro. tie Orpha. A.vorM.a4 fffijtc MTSTVScacy of wistam balsam op wi3aiirmjtt iir7 MXAD.

lit Cbartrae street. Picayun Jab 1 Manas I ruVjsj auhri Partiaa, Dmaer Parties Oar stock of aote, by oUaw BILLS OF LADfSG. UK RECEIPTS, BILL HEADS, cAjfitamr bills. IVTKRESTlSOTOr Alarze.upplj of GOLD PCXS.afal bWyT ta'aHhkaHaawaa teS TCI OPtlDlA OF KKOL15H L1TX 'SR rASHlOKAJ I aesaast Mm. fett.

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