The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1933 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1933
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN 'lobacco King's Daughter Wiil Receive Millions on November 23. BY JULIA N'KA Sonioe Stall NEW YORK.--How Joel if you wota- up on '23 to find yoursjtf !!)<.• girl in the noVid. UorU Duke will Oo Just (lint. For on that day .she '.sill Ui 1 21 and will fo:i!L' into tl'.e b'.ilk of Ilic fortune loft by her fnlhci 1 . Uic es li l);ii:e. "Tobacco '.vhicli is sst^ii:it»<] ;it S'AOOO.OOO to $S5.0CO,000. Probably D3r'.. r - won't .'iel a bit dlircrent lhfi;i on oilier (lays. S!io l;ns ahvay.i l;ad so much nicnc-y llial a low milli'ms mori 1 or Irks cnu'l make much dilk'rr-ncc In iier lif She alix-ady rrjiis a liticc BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NRWS loncy. DorLs is one of llie small- si Uppers among the young social Wnlwrs <to not fall over each Ihcr Irylnn to serve her. One oon, nt 11 MIWLI restaurant, the oonnan made two calls for her. She thanked him properly but did not Up him. jxrhaps never dream- ng what a couple of nickels might lean to n doorman. Her New York dressmakers and almaker (impair ever of getting lor Into i'1'.hcr llic very latest lotlH'.s or tin- mwt cXjK-nsive. Yet vlien slM' [iH«:ucd Frances dyne's >!wiiiiig last siting, her silver lox•s. alojj H coiwrvaltvc blue spring .lilt, cimtilit the eye or all the fnsli- on crltli's. fntl'.cr sub-ildlxcd and which alter-J wards changed-Its nanw to his. Along with her millions .too. gu various other serious respnnslblll- tles about managing her own for . v.lll C-IUTMI 5J:m-boilj !:>;•.<: had known for yiais. l-'or hh.' In-;-..-, ths conceit that uoiiM uk^ ]:!e-.i-iuv« in annexing a lit!-.-. .^ ; __. ; THURSDAY, NOVI-ilMiCT J!__Hj::.' : African Humors Replace I Guns With Cameras I tloncd guns except weapons in case of han said. NEW ORLEANS as defensive " attack," KO- . Though not a hunter himself, I (UP) — Lion i Kolian said he enjoyed the sport innticn in '.!:<-• City C.undl. [t \\-,: disclosed wl'.en he filed liis ciim- palsn report wlili tilt- city deik. tune. And along with the money I Quartet's Age Changed Name ! hunters In Africa have discorded i ot trnckln B do ™ Same. He wos| "" " • • - - • ' lho rlfl(j for lhe mov[e COmmJ stationed in Africa nve years. - • according to Robert Mendel Koor goes too, the Increasing dangers of men seeking her out for her for herself. SILVERTON, Ore. tUP)—Silv-- mllllons, instead of for herself, i ton's "Dads Quartet," well kluTT". Mist summer rumors came from 1 '" Oregon musical circles for i::' 1 abroad that s!:c was romantically past n years, has changed !'Interested in someone over lherc.ln.imi-. it I:; 'no'.v the "Urandrlj-K pcrtiajx; a tilled person. However..Quartet." A. II. smith, who IY:VII:- thc few who knox Doris well fcellly b<-r.ime :t eramHatlior, nucii u Ihat when and If her big momeir. • uiunjaou!,. j han, new consul-general of Great - liritaln al **;ev,' u;:eatis, formerly I of;u r . AirKYi. • "It Is muic exciting and dan- Scnv.u.s tu liunt IIOIIA with a cam' ' ja, lu-li'.-u hiiiitfis liavi , diplomatic service, in in \omlnallon Cost 5 Cents WORCESTER, Mass. (UP) —It cost Councilman I'nnk II. Was!:- , _.. burn. Jr.. live ccm-j lor a tc'.eph^i:? l.'hwp. with bears held ..._,..,... alun-!cLill lo receive the Ilep'.ibUcau num- | lor klllin;; 14:i of ih:.s number. 101 Coyotes Slain BILLINGS, Mont. IUI') — : sicnol hunters killed 101 , four Ixftcais and eight bear in'X'> j Montana during September, ac- •• I cording to R. E. Bateman. leader-jj I of the local predatory jnimnl con-«' i trol bureau. During the same pe-' rloil pri'ciiitory animals kilk-i utter dines Doris Duke, slim, wistful, blue-eyed house, .so big it looks . . . niul her Manhattan town like the Public Library. al 1 East 7Stli Street Hint is volued isurnnce. she might so easily have lit" $1.000.000, is so big It looks 'like created [lie dash nnd glamour Unit, the Public Library, anil Is loaded | would have innde her such a vogue with priceless art treasures. Also j In her set that all the other girls she owns "Duke Farms." n 5.000- acre place al Soincrvllle. N. J.; •Rough Poini." a luiBc tray stone vould have stretched niKl dieted, trying lo lock like Doris. But she lucks all this. Shf has something At a matter of fact. Iwrls' vast wealth, combined with her mother and father's determination that their only daughter should grow up a norms!, average chlkl. have coni- Tudor f like castic nl Newport; a of ihc "Mamma-s girl" about her, vast estate In North Carolina itiidja hide bit of the convent modest .1 small place at AnUbes. When. manner, altogether pleasing p". Fhe was H she had a private rail- haps but not likely to get most girls :ond coach, named "Doiis." She has Hiir amcng the present society rmxl- nln-nys worn real pearls. ^erns. Blue is her favorite color. Lunching nl the Colony one dny this summer she wore a light navy blue suit, white blouse and gloves, and while her three table companions hnd. the smartest, berets bincu !o make her n llt'.le bit timid :ulop their curls. Doris wore n blue of peop:c. rather aloof from nil bvil i tclt with n brim. Dining and dnnc- n few closo friends, an altogether I in^ nt the Casino, D<iris wore ice modest, miict. almost shrinking blue satin nnd no jewels except a young woman. I couple of diamond shoulder clips Doris Is almost too full ever to that might, it is true, have set most of us back several years' sal- _ _ nry, but secme;! Innocuous enough a whole half head taller than Bar- on the world's richest girl. Cross- bero Hutlon. who always was con- 'ng from France one summer. Doris never got Inlo evening dress nor danced once, wore tweeds in cither bine or white most of the time, and th; few times she walked around the duck with boys, they were followed at a short distance by her two companions, an older woman and one about her age. The three of them, and her maid, occupied a suite on B deck, n spacious one hut by no means the most luxurious. Ikitig so Ihin, Doris has disregard fur inlorles. She >vi'ry Tuesday night at I/uue's. when In the clly, nnd always lakes ravioli. Her favorite lunch Is creamed chicken or some other ^uoey dish, \vlth baked polaloes, uud she likes the pclatoes big. Nobody has cvt-r seen her smokt. and noboily evrr rc'tnenibcrs having seen her lake more Ihnn Iwo cocktails. s\v if, the only girl in her particular "set" who doesn't bring along a dug on a leash to. park In liie dressing roo'ti while she lunches. She ncvf-r goes out-twice in succession with »ny one man. Many times ri;:nors have connected her numc romantically with various men. Including Stiite .Senator El- incr R Qulnn nnd Snillng Baruch, jut "Mamma" Duke Immediately and cmphallcally denied all ftuch rumors. Sl:c usually goes oul, even lo nlghl parties, In a group lhat Is sure lo have one or nil of the following intimates: Mrs. John H. Ml, Jr.; Emily Torlonla, daughter of 1'rlncess Torlonia. and Mrs. Dornn Doyle. If meeting frlenib for lunch, it is Doris, nnd not Ihcy, who gets Ihere punctually nnd has to wail. She never seems In a hurry. Klie sits mildly, looking a bit wistful, teemlniily In [he mldsl of dny drcnms, nnd ycl If you or anybody else SHUTS at her. you ctin see she Is uncomfortable'. She seems to wnnt lo appear like an uvernge person, the kind you'd pass without iwrllculnrly noticing. She swims, plays tennis, dances and goUs with Just average dexterity, she has never seemed lo want lo compete for first plnce in everything. Perhaps ot all her homes,, she ' is fondest of- Duke Farms, over in Somerville. lho place she grew up in, where she rode her Shetland pony, Patsy, have been most in demand by Hie stag-line, she is five feet eight, fidercd loo loll for most men of the "upp^r world," and is thin, too. wliich accentuates her height. Her best features arc her eye*, clear deep-blue ones, rather wistful and sensitive ami intrigulngly set wide-spaced, with more than a little of the Claire Luce slant to lovely them. The heiress blonde hair, natural. has She find bought "all-day suckers" along with other neighborhood children In local stores.' Here she has her •huge orchid hot-houses, and whenever sho glvos a party, the women guests Invariably receive corsages of rare, expensive orchlrts from Duke Farms. However, she seldom wears them herself. • * + Doris never went to college but was educated at Brlarlcy and at a private school at Alken. S. C. However, when she comes into her fortune, along with all Ihc money comes the responsibility of becoming one of llie trusle«s of Duke University. Iho college Ihat her no rouge, uses natutal lipstick and noil polish, not scarlet. Her skin Is clear, fair and velvety looking. Anil Lbere's more than a little of the' si "cc th e Lindbergh kidnaping. Greta Garbo clean-cut look to thej ns a matter of fact. Doris has been contour of her hi»h cheekbones, j "shadowed" by rtcleclivcs conslant- chm-linc and tall neck, though her: 1 ?- She likes to walk and is often nose is a bit big and her mouth I wen, when in town, going down wide. i Pnl 'fc Avenue. Fifth or crossing * » • I through (he Fifties or Sixties. But But. Doris has none of the glam- always her Ducsenbcrp; town car our of Garbo and Luce. She might pass in a crowd as a typical American girl who holds down some job or other. Given a different temperament.- or- more conceit, and as- trails her, with a clwpcrone In back and more often than not. n detective alongside of Ihe chauffeur. Never Gly-Cas Absolute Sensatiofl At The Rirby Bros. Drugs Widespread n n d S i n c e r c I'raise J5 e i n K Aecorded New Herbal Uemedy; Many Say, "Never A Medicine Us Equal" -Tills new Gly-Cas did just whnt I wnnlcd II to In my nwful ciue." sntd ^fr3.• J. P. 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