The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX INS FBITZIEZIIliC IN Wei te rvveigh t, Ligh I weigh t "Champions F i g h t 10 Rough Rounds NEW 1 YORK, Dec. 21 (UP) — •Maybe it < was just, the .spirit of Christmas' but last evening for the first - time;, in the memory of man everybody left Madison Square Garden happy. Nobody lost a bet,. Nobody lost the fight. The. 16,949 customers were convinced they had got their money's worth. Promoter Mike Jacobs clacked his store teeth'in "glee as $51,019 clinked into the till. Welterweight Champion Fritzie Zivic- and Lightweight Champion ' Lev; Jenkins, who fought a rough, tough l()-round draw, picked up nice purses. Peace, it's wonderful. So - wonderful that it is certain that, the boys will be rematched some time during the \vinter boxing season. That v.'ill be the only way to decide which is the belter man. for last night's fight was so close that even Joe Louis stayed awake until the end. None of the three officials—two judges and the referee—scored the fight' the same way. It is doubtful if two" identical cards, could be found among the 80 newspapermen at the ringside. This war correspondent after a careful audit of blows struck and received, decided that Jenkins won five rounds, Zivic four and one was even. " Briefly, this is the way it was: Zivic was smarter and Jenkins hit harder. There were no knockdowns and neither man ever was in serious trouble ''although Jenkins- gave out quite a plastering in the sixth when he stepped back and fired away with his right. Neither title was at stake, but that didn't, keep Zivic and Jenkins from tearing in as though they were teetering' on the edge of a cliff and trying to knock the other guy to his doom. Zivic might have won the fight except for the fact that Referee George Walsh had sudden urges toward pacifism. The , boys would have their heads on one another's shoulders, belting the daylights out of each other, when the referee would step in and, halt the mayhem. This was a serious disadvantage to Zivic who does his best work in close where he can tie \ip his man. • In the third round Fritzie caught the referee in a bloodthirsty mood and dragged Jenkins halfway BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Highlights 'Of 1940 Grid. Season SkiBfcfe'* )a «lfe^—a PASSES 76 NOBLE DOSS..... TdfUPLM6£S FOf? SCOf^S TtiAT UPSETS ~lsxAS A.-t-M. HARMON MicutGAH's ALL-AFRICA 8%£AKS %£D GRANGE'S BIG J£N SCOR/ti& RE CO ft & NEBP!fi£KA f r^E OLC?T". , COMES BACK,,. USED Armstrong Loses Last Of /hree Titles Dramatizing 1940 Sports Year IiV HARRY CIIAYSO.V NE/l Service Sports Editor NEW YORK, Dec. 21.— While the year probably witnessed his fadcout from the ranEs of the ring'- renowned, Henry Armstrong was tiie fighter of 1940. . . . v,-a.s awarded the Edward j. Neil* me l morial trophy for contributing ).-30- L ;L la the sour .science. Armstrong lost the last of his three championships — the welter — to Pritzie Zivic of Pittsburgh in a stanlin^ upset, Oct. 4. The broad-shouldered. St. Louis negro fought until he could fight | no more . . . battled through ihc closing rounds bleeding from wounds about nyo.s that were practically closed . . . finished i lie I5lh round flat on his face. Armstrong defended the 147- pound crown .seven times, just missed lifting a fourth championship — the middleweight — from Me Got Something I'n Mis Eye SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1940 AMP TeMKtte ACCEPT BOWL iMiTXJ<ON$ n ftBD 5K/N5 13-O £0% PRO TiKe .. Will Play 21 Games Before March I, Puckett Announces across Uie ring, slingjng cute, sharp | rnr ^ nrnmisim: - ' The basketball teams of Shawnee Hiuh School have already ooencd the 1940-41 season and tho schedule is now comulele with 21 owes to be played before March I. it has bfen announced by Coach Jnmes A. Puckctt. N. p.. nosey is the only starter fv nm insi. vrnr'.s fast bovs' i.eatn. bncV ore Jackson. Hasev. .•'•' Brownlee. Looney. Bullnrd Today's Sport Parade % HKNfeY McLEUOKX LOS ANGELES. Dec. 21. (UP) — Which should a man hold more dear, a .sheepskin or a pigskin? Ts cap and gown more sacred than a double-breasted business little left hooks into his face. Jenkins came, out of that curious maneuver ..with blood seeping from a cut around his eyes, and Zivic tapped away at it for the remainder of the fight. Zivic carried an advantage of 73-4 pounds into the ring and he has been around long enough to know how to use that pull in the weights. He leaned on Jenkins, tied him up in the clinches, got, the jump on most of the breaks and fought a shrewd, hard fight that frequently was- on the borderline of the rules. Jenkins, a 2^ to 1 underdog when the bell rang, was at his best When he could stand back and throw whistling left hooks and that 'long, .jaw-cracking right. He was forcing the fighting a good part of ..the time,-.trying to get Zivic to make a!-stand-up scrap out of it. But Fritzie was'too" cunning to expose his chin to the lightning and every-time Jenkins seemed ready to put across the dream punch his opponent would wiggle out of trouble. .We'll be having a revival of this one come 1941 and until then the court reserves decision on whether in"s. . Vromnn. On the ii'nifirs from Paul Driver, Ed- Felts, ore McDrmicl. 'Smith, team are these I'-fier earners: Ha vs. Perry. .Anna ^••pp's. Anderson, with Pen-y. Felt.s. K Glover. L. Glover, Kellev, Art«ms. Tprror. Johnson, reserves from last year. Newcomers are Billiard, Jackson. Pounds. The season on?ned Tuesday with a «amo with Burdctla' at Joiner, n»>d the toams are meeting Osceola there today. Following the Christmas vaca- Mon. ihes« games will be played: Dec. 3.1. Missro. away; Jan. 3. Manila. away: Jan. 7. Keiser. home; • r fin. 10. Wilson, home: Jon. 14. MJSSCO. home: Jan. 17. Blytheville <bovs only), away; Jan. 18. Black- "•oter. , awav; jnn. 21. Bay. away; Jsui. -^4. Osceola. home: "jan. 128. Marion, home; Jan. 31. Dyess. nwoy: Feb. 4. Marion, away; Feb 7. Luxora. home; Feb. n, Dyess, home? Feb. 14. Wilson, away: Feb. 18. Bay. home: Feb. 21. 'Keiser. vuvav; Feb. 25. Manila, home; Feb. 28. Luxora. away. <.uiui i reives decision on whether | n „ . a good big man can lick a yood Demand TOr Auto TaffS litrlo itioTi & little man. Over State Shows Gain LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Dec. 21.• C T , A j Automobile license sales for 1941 en Reason Jan. 10 1 have "picked up" throughout the - state while lagsrin? in Little Rock The Luxora boys' and girls' bas- Lnis week - Frank D. Clancv. supcr- ' . - . - Luxora Boys, Girls ketball son Jan fore March i, "it 'has "beei7 announced by "Soak" Sanderson coach. Open date,s are Janfai, Feb 14 Feb. 18, and Feb. 21. with opponents being sought for these dates. The schedule is as follows: Jan. 1— Osceola, there; Jan. 14— Holland, Mb., at home; Jan. 17— \vil- l teams will open their sea- ) visor of Ule state Revenue' Depart- .n. 10 and play 15 games be- i me «t's Motor Vehicle Division.' said yesterday. Sales at the canitol increased the early part of the week, but the rate was not maintained, he said. It is estimated $450,000 of $2,000.- COO worth of licenses has been collected. December sales amounting to $350.000 and November's. $200.000. Slightly more than $1.500.000 worth Where does loyalty leave off and earning a living begin? If you know the answer to these questions please contact Bernie Masterson at the Riviera Country Club. Santa Monica. California, because he is wrestling with this problem, night and clay. Hero, in brief, is the story of Bernie: Tn the yrm-s- 1931. 1932. and 1933 he was a star football player for the University of Nebraska, and from the moment he stuck on his freshman cap until the day he tore off his football helmet after the final game, he was a loyal, devoted son of Nebraska. Upon graduation he joined with the Chicago Bears of the National Football League as a quarterback. He is still with them, and in his head curries more information T . about live T formation of offense u , Lmtzen^n, 26 was accepted He is hoping for a scoreless tie. or a tic- of some sort. "He told iw; so himself. "This is the devil of a predicament," he explained. "A fellow can't go to Nebraska and not love l he place. And a fellow who takes three years of pounding on the football field for the school is apt to love it even more. And that's what I dio. On- the other hand. 1 Bet a tremendous kick out of Stanford winning.' I know all the Isn't it a honey? You said a fistful, brother—it is. Shiner is AI McCoy's souvenir of his recent Boston rendezvous with heavyweight champ Joe Louis. P. S.—Joe won. in six rounds. Sammy Baugh and Ace Parker Also Chosen On First Team NEW YORK, Doc «>i cup) — The Brooklyn Dodgers, runners-up in the Eastern Division' of the National Football League, grabbed muiviuual honors on the 1940 all- league professional team picked by the members of the Professional 1-ootball writers' Association of America and announced today The Dodgers placed three men more than any other team, on ihe nrst eleven which was picked by J2 writers in every city in the 10-CiUb circuit. This is the fj rst lime the writers have picked the eagle's official team, the coaches iormeHy reserving- that honor for second high man with 77 first Place ballots. John Drake. Cleve- aml lullback who made the first team lor the first time, came' third with 70 fjrst place ballots. Hutson, Fbrlmann, and A& Parker Brooklyn's outstanding triple-threat, quarterback. wer« awarded first team berths for the tnird successive year. Cardiff takes the lead anion«,> English cities for having an at- i»o.iphere almost free from soot. Farmers Opportunity \Ve make rohcwte pipe to replace your wooden - bridges. All s Osceola Culvert Co. IX S. I Phones 25:i a colorful character Ceferino Garcia, and stopped/ Lew ! wire Jenkins in a handicap affair.' ) Boxing undoubtedly drew less Jenkins, a sweet swatter out of|". loney in 194 9 than "in anv year Sweelwater. Tex., came from nowhere to flatten Lou Ambers in three rounds and win the New York version of the lightweight leadership. since World War I brought it back. Lack of a worthwhile opponent for Louis was the principal'reason, although the New York monopoly Pa tion recognition as ihe ^35-pound ruler bv taking a decision from Davey Day of Chicago in Louis- on talent held by Promoter Mike . Jacobs hurt the business there and in Sammy Angott of Washington i Jacobs nun tho business there 'a- won National Boxing Associa- e | sewhere - and matchmaking ... other divisions was not of a hi«h order. There was little interest in the ville on Derby Eve. SECOND TRIP FATAL FOR CROUCHING GODOY feather and bantam battalions and "none at all in the flyweight- divisions that enjoyed golden and Lynch and Pancho Villa. boys, I like 'em. and I get a bang in lh e eighth round when he fool- out of Albert's brilliant .quarter- i ishly attempted a repeat perform- — —— *• — - v •+.*• -^" •-- -*-r m. - - -----.* —**j%J t ^i_Wi g LJ1V4 Cll HJ 1LI The year failed to produce a Morions reigas in the days of Joe heavyweight coming close to being r '" """' ~ a satisfactory challenger of Joe Louis. Arturo Godoy kept his chin close \ to the canvas to go the full 15 [ rounds with Louis and fool a lot [ of people in February. The Chilean was straightened up by left hooks to the 'body, cut up and belied out backing." Bernie will see the Rose Bowl game, but is certain he is going to suffer. "I don't know where my seat will be." he said. "But I hope it's back of n post so I can't see. T think I'll wear the darkest glasses I can buy, and just .spend the afternoon yelling 'Come on team, come on team.' "- < '"Which team." I asked. "Man, don't ask me that because I don't know. I'll settle for a tie right now." What kind of a tie. Bernie? An old school tie? Leo Lintzenich Is Sent To Army Post son,, there; Jan. 21—open; Jan. 24— i remains to be sold. Keiser, there; Jan. 28—Dell, at! home; Jan. 31—Holland, there;! Feb. 4—Wilson, at home; Feb. 7— j Shavmee of Joiner there; Feb. 11— i Osceola, at home; Feb. 14—open; Feb. 18—open; Feb. 21—open; Feb COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES Call 1G DPT T \ 25-Marked Tree, at home?Feb."28 ! OFFICE SUPPLY STORE Shawnee of Joiner, at home. i R . n . and Ash st JIMMY LOTT and ROY WELCH versus JOE DILLMAN and RED ROBERTS > American Legion Arena, Monday 8 p. m. than any man. Early last spring Clark Shaughnessy. deciding to install the T formation 'at Stanford, employed Masterson to journey (o Palo Alto and help instruct tho Indians in the intricacies of the T rigatna- role. Ben-tie worked long and hard with the Stnnfords. Just as he had labored with Sid Luckman, young Bears' quarterback, so did he work with Frankie Albert, the Stanford .siRnal caller. He taught so thoroughly that Stanford swept through the season without a defeat and was automatically chosen to represent the west in the Rose Bowl. The bewildering T formation was credited with the success of the -Indians. Then Nebraska, Bernie'.s alma umter. was selected to oppose Stanford in the Rose Bowl. Now Bernie. here for the Bears' game will) the All-Stars a week from tomorrow, sits sadly on the porch of tho Riviera club nnd bemoans the fate of a man caught in the middle. On one side of him is the team of the school he loves, and the other i:; the team he is proud of. a.s a master i.s proud of a prize pupil. If Stanford licks Nebraska the T formation he helped teach the Indians will be largely responsible rt Nebraska defeats Stanford he win feel as if there were something wrong with his instruction. by the United States Army for service- Friday in Memphis. He was sent to Tampa, Fla., where it is expected he will be stationed for the present. Pemiscot Singers To Meet At Micola, Mo. The Pemiscot Singing convention will have its monthly singing ftt Micola. Mo.. Sunday afternoon beginning at one o'clock. A Christmas present is to be given each visiting quartet. R. E. L. Smith, president, stated a.s he invited the public to attend, At The Hospitals Ulytljfville Hospital Billy Wilkerson. Hayti. admitted. Kabin Chnlkraft, St. Louis, dismissed. Walls Hospital Howard Pierce, Steele. admitted. Mrs. E. D. Baker, city, dismissed.' Carl ions Robinson. Steele. dismissed. Memphis Baptist Hospital John Marcus Hopkins. Gideon, Mo., admitted. C. T. Wicker, city, admitted. Charles Ncwcomb. city, admitted. IVIeirphis Methodist Hospital Born to Mr. and Mrs. L. J. \v-il- polc. Hayti. a daughter. a nee in June. Beer Keg. who went around the country calling contemporaries foul names. Baer battered Two- Ton until he couldn't come out for the eighth. The handlers of Pat Comiskey rushed him into a Jersey City match with Baer. who for a $30,OCO guarantee flattened the harti- Top Tag Mat Card Is Slated mat fans at the American Legion arena Mondajr night, Jimmy Lott will team up with Roy Welch and this combination will "face a similar team composed of Joe Dillman and "Wild Red" Roberts in a two- oi:t-of-three fall feature event. Individual matches are also scheduled following the tas match Thft champion Chicago Bears £"ifl the Detroit Lions plated two men on the first team. The Washington Redskins, nmncrs-up for the title, teh Green Bay Packers New York Giants and Cleveland Rams landed one player each Thus seven teams were represented on the first team. The Philadelphia Eagles placed two men on the second team, leaving the Chicago Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steel- evs as the only clubs not represented on either team. The writers' selections follow: First Team Don Hutson. Green Bay End Joe Stydahar, Chicago Bears Tackle Danny Porlmann, Chi. Bears Guard Mel Hein. New York.... Center John wiethe, Detroit Guard Frank Kinard, Brooklvn... Tackle Perry Schwartz, Brooklyn End Ace Parker. Brooklyn Quarter Sammy Bautrh, Washington Half Whizzer White. Detroit Half John Drake, Cleveland p u il Second Team Don- Looney, Philadelphia.. ..End Jim Barber. Washington Tackle Steven Slivinski. Wash. ..Guard Clyde Turner. Chi. Bears Center Doug Oldershaw, New York Guard John Mellus, New York Tackle Jim Poole. New York... End Davey O'Brien, phila Quarter Cecil Isbell. Green Bay Half Dick Todd, Washington....!'naif Clark Hinkle, Green Bay Full Don Hutson. Green Bay* great pass-catching- end who 'led ° the league in scoring, pooled the most votes. 87 out of a possible 92. The other five writers placed him on the second team. Danny pprt- mann. Bears' ripping guard, was 60 Kd Wiseman Osceola , Ark. 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Gus Dora- r ao, Abe Simon and Godoy SAILOR OVEJIUN GETS " THERE AFTER KJ YEARS Ken Overl'in. .\ seagoing veteran of 13 years, took Ceferino Garcia's New York edition of the middleweight, championship, and defended it twice within six weeks against Mike Belloisc. a 22-year-old clouter of the Bronx. engage Dillman. while in the other Welch will tackle Roberts. These will both be one-fall bouts. 30-minute time limit. Tag wrestling has proved very popular with Blytheville mat fans since Promoter Mike Meroney first introduced this angle of the grappling game to local fans this year, and the matches Monday night are expected to attract a capacity crowd. Read Courier News want ads. Zale oi' Gary, Ind., knocked out Al Hos^k in Seattle to acquire the N. B. A. section of the same title. Billy Soosr. a Penn State col- leyian, won decisions from both Overlin and Zale in non-title engagements. 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