The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1935
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MARfot '28, 1D3S , (ARK,)' COUfiIEK Social Calendar FRIDAY'S EVENTS " Executive, mccliiig of U)c Woman's Missionary coclcly of Hie First Mctluxllsl church ai;2:30 al Ilic borne of Mrs, C. S, Stevens. SATURDAY'S EVENTS Music Department Woman's club meeting with Mrs. James B. Clark, 2:50 p.m. Club ll-M Gucsls Mines. Marvin Robinson, Everett n. Gee. Matt Monaglitm nncl W. D. Chamblln were glicsls of Mrs, W. J. WuiHleiIlch v.'lien she Irad the Wednesday Bridge club this week. Jonquils uwl violcls dccorntcil (ho living :itid dining rooms where the ladies hud a Iwo course lunch and ployed bridge. Mrs. Clarence Vollmc'f won tlie prize. . 0 t f To Have Party The Young people's council of the First Presbyterian church will have a parly this evening at (he church. Woman's Club ID Have Kunnnagc Sulc The Woman's club will have a rummage silo Saturday. Anyone having rummage to donate is, asked to please call Mrs. S. S. Stcrn- Ijerg of Mis. J. \V. Bader. . * « • Executive Boanl nicels The executive board of (lie First Baptist church will meet Friday afternoon. '2:30 o'clock, at the home.of Mrs. Odis Shepherd, on Highway 61. * * • To Have Intermedia Ic Institute in This City Approximately 200 members of Intermediate groups of the Methodist churches in Mississippi cmm- ly are expected to attend the two day "Christian Adventure Institute" lo ue held at the First Methodist church Friday and Sa ( U I'd ay. A feature of the Institute will be a course In "What.. Alcohol Does for Us" iviiii ''fyiarfes:••'.'A;- Stubbs, principal of the' Sudbury elementary school or this city, as teacher. Other courses will ' be: "Jesus and His Relations to People" L. E. Tull, Blythcvillc; "Materials for Worship" the'. Hev. V. E. Clralfrant, pastor of the Lake, Street Church of Blythcvillc and district director of the institute, and "How Can I Know I Am a Cliristiiiii?" Mrs. 11. M, Osccola. Churches at Yarbro, Wilson. Osccola, Manila, Keiser, l.cachvillc, Lusora. Joiner, Dell nnrt Blythc- vllle are exiKded to be represented. KnlerUlns Clul) Mrs. O. W. McCutclicu luul the Thursday Contract club on Wednesday afternoon (his week when her only guest wan Mrs. Hurry W. Halnes. The prize, a ttiealcr booh, went lo Mrs. P. U. Joyner. The hostess served n chicken satda with hot rolls, dale loaf and coffee. Bits oj Neus Mostly Personal .ludgc G. E. Keck and his court stenographer, H .0'. Purtlow, will go lo Corning Monday lor court, Mrs. W. B. Tanner and son, Jimniie, have returned lo llieir home in Helena after visiting relatives here. Mr. Tanner came over tor tlicni. . Mr. and Mrs, Virgil Williams aiid'daughter, Joan, arc moviii" to Steele, Mo. Miss Martha Lyn Norris, who has ueen seriously ill, is slightly Improved. F. B. Joyner, the Rev. Stuart H Salmon, and Fred , Boiiifleld, ot Sikestou, Mo., »-cre in St. Louis yesterday. 'Jucigc and Mrs. Zal B. Harrison have gone, to Holly Springs, Miss for their daughter, Miss Jeanne, a student at Synodlcal college who will come- home for the weekend They were accompanied to Memphis by Mrs. Stuart H. Salmon Mrs. Jesse Webb is in. Memphis for a few days as guest of her sister. Miss Elizabeth Blackweil Mrs. Em Cooper, of Kemictt Mo., spent today here with her sister, Mrs. P,.c. Rothrack, and family. ' i; Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Henry have taken Hie L. E. Tull home on Hcarn St. . • Miss Dorothy Evans, of Wilson, will arrive today to be the guest .of Mrs. Anne Steveiis Potter. :Miss Jane Gosnell has been dismissed from the Blytheville hos-1 pita! after receiving treatment ves- 'i_. .• T _. .. •. . " suiting fioin ;ui automobile accident. Osceola Society — Personal Tnc Forrest City district ArKiin- 6tt* r'cai'rdiiun oi svomen's CHIOS, UL-KI us utunuuy uu:\n.i mt-cunii wtonesuay m ivlempnis wlin a liiiicnuun at Luwi'iuiviil's. -I'liu mcvung wus presuieu over by 'Mrs. <ioim ' w. bdi'ingiun, tiiii.ici pitu.- iicni. iMiins for Ine cnsinci. council program, wnicn wm Dp lieid in on April ID, were L-ompiei- c-u. judge lainilic Iveuy wu, ue sui'Si speaker. At J:ID in (lie alternoon the disirici gave me lonowmg pro gram over WMo: Mrs. W. i.,. um- iiing, Helena, icncrniion tiirecior 11 uiik on ciul) work oi me urj- irici; a vocal (no of biymevuu. cmo women, Uicalames -npujn. Lee and I-IUT; hiiss Alma Fuii'al, Chairman oi education 0! tlic ai-i- inci, taiK on "i'ronicins ol cduuu- iion"; mrs. lidwtn iivvvm, heu-nu, sialc chahman ol" juniors, a lalt; on junior emu work; n reading by Miss Meaner Warren, oi I'omscn; counly; a dance inunoer bv Missc-s Mauicnic lillcn Isclringlun ami l j earl Cindwi'itsnt of Mississippi county; Hue nris discussion uy .Mrs. i". K Jacous, flisinci chuli- iiiaii of art, wno also rcml some original poems, as did Mrs. L. V. Kiucr, oi Mai'Kcd 'n-ce. The program iras closed by MIS. John i. Jones, ol Forrest uiiy, Chairman oi the speakers bureau and siai'j chairman 01 American Citizensnip. Dr. o. M. Harwell and his fiaiijjluw Kmiieiiiif va're in Mi-w- phis Wednesday. ucoiae UicKuriion was in Mcm- I>|JJ5 Tucsdny. Mrs, uwii'ht Bluckwcud an:l Virginia Blackwood. were Osccoiii visiiors Tuesday. Tncy returned lo llieii- hoinu in Mcinpliiii me jjamc 'nay. •- • ' u. B. young is ill at his home on Hale avenue. Harry Brooks jr.. son of Mr. anil Mrs. u .11. Broote, is III nt, IIK home with spinal meningitis. iv..;;. w. J. Driver Jr,' entertained her two table bridge club Wed- Luxora Kpworiji' '^'iigiK! To Give Play Next \\lm I'liins arc belm; completed for hi: iU'OScntlng of lite play, "Sky :iiun, by the Lusoru Epworlh o;>BHQ Thuisday and Friday eve- Dings, April 1 ,md 5, in Ihe Uix- oni high school auditorium. A iiatiiiee will be given for children "l mo urammav school Thursday ifternoon. The play Is built around an ulr- pliuie. -Sky High." wit], these chiinitlers iwrllelpuiimj; C. W. Martin, Mrs. John Coclmm, Krei Shiilun, Zotia Peicle. Bert I'btcle, Miss orlcim Hires, j| mh ,| 0 Mc |, iu .' Jim Jolnuon, Thomas E. Condrcy, rl noberls, Miss Pauline Benr- IMI, Bob O\vcns, lleniint) <Hd Howard itekins, • Miss aeva J, noborls Is illrccl- ng Die play for Die National'Pro- tinclnx fompnny of Kansas Oily. C. W, Murtln, who plays Hie narl ot liie lovenblc old Irishman, Sidney carncy, ns an amusing char- •iflcr, Mrs. Cockrah, who ploys tho role of Mrs, Stephens, Miss O)- lena Illros. the feminine "vllllan" and Mts.5 Pauline Uenrdcn as llio BSpsy, lire Blmrcd In the thivc art eoniwly. Admission will b« io nnd ''5 i'ont.s with proceeds to go lo n worlliy ennso .sponsored by tho fcpworlh league of || w Lusorn Mclhodist church. Will Open Ticket Sale for Little Theater Play 'iMuls ivil! bi. oil sale loniorrow or Ilic play, "ijsi Us B(! Cia „ ( ue presented next Tlniralay even"B. Ajirl] 4, nl. 11,0 Roxy tlicnter by J™ Lllllc TIlMlcr croup o[ nils The jiiay, by EMlicl Qrodiers, «HI linvo for its lirlncijm c i la ,. ac . ins, MKsJInzel Sample, E. u Tal- Osccolii, mill Airs. ]{. K| | r » Tickets on sale at Klrby 10 IEIJPI3 1iss 'Gussie Hayni'e and i\1vs. Clio Hat per on Fcdcralion Program The mwilnij of !he Mississippi County Fortcrnlloii of Women's clubs, to bo tield In Hits city Wednesday, April 3, Is lo bo featured wllh, addresses by hvo 'widely known women. llrliigfng to (he women of Uiu county luitluirllullvc comment upon two mutters In which llicy are most fiitcraitcd, Juvenile work anil Inws pcrlntiilng m women ami I'lilWri'ii, Miss Guiislc llaynle, of Memphis, mid MIS. cila Harper, of I'llllc Rock, will be the cuest speakers. Miss Hiiyiile. ivliu K llS! ,|5(n n (, ulUirncy Kcnernl and who Is spc- Drug store. "' | VI M 1C Slm ' Ils I>otU ' 1 ' L<i I'' 1 '*' ot Hie jjroup. clnl counsellor Tor ino Memphis Juvenile court, 1 w»s In chirgo of he domestic relations court for Mlaifci county for four years, giic b esiieclally well pos(ed oil lawi applying to'womijn ana children,' .-As slntc'supervisor of the hiv r enllc court nt Ultle Rock, MIS. Jlni'pci' luis had wide experience n l)i|s line. • • Another number on (he nil day wsrnm wilt be vocal selections by Wmcs, Rtissell Fair, George jvj. ,ce and Paul I* Tlpton. Mrs, S. S. Slcmb'erg, president of tlio county group, will preside at llio meiHiiij! whlcli Is lo open at 10 o'clock in Die morning. Lunch terday for a slight concussion, re-ncsday afternoon. Miss Whitsitt's Shop ' STARTING FRIDAY Coats Our finest cluth suits and coats GREATLY REDUCED vtlil ba reived ut the Wottom's club \v|tl> Mrs. IvoWon'Mortli'ln chuff.' i T ~, .' All clubs of the countj' ore 1 ! «v-<' MCtcd' to send representatives. "' A membership of J3J60M Is claimed by t|w Olrl Scouts 5 Aiwicd '• i\ I FORfAMI LY fiumlng, rc^tilrrs no lnttf»iln^ donee— y lAoroujjU jmj mhik ctiaueh for <v*iront FEEN A MINT Iltl UHICIOUS CHI W1KC filJM t/IXtliai . DANCING. ' At' lite ' 'American Lealpiv Hut Kriil.ty and Saturday Nljh^ Under Auspices of the Irfilon Admissions-Gentlemen ' 2Jo ladles Free Phone J. J1UUU - 0' ..„ Tail Seryiee'5 Now—«l. Hie \\e\K\\l of lU e season; ... . 1 weeks before. Busier ... liiitural, furrod and cupe nindels. Remembe LUCKIES USE I am a-friend imJced. A lictlci a single c.onrse.ljolioiii leaf lo friend than 'others, bct-ausc f am mar my good taste or my uni- inade only of mild, fragrant, ex- form mildness. I do not irritate pensive center leaves. I don't your throat. I am a soothing permit a single sharp top leaf nor companion, the best of friends. UAVES.., CENTER LEAVES GIVE YOU , THE MILDEST "SMOKE Pre-Easter SALE "Now" is Ihe lime. Our buyers hnvc jiiht lettuueil from nitii'kcl nnd llu's shop has never before had <i smiiiier selection, of merchandise to ofter you, mid just ill this li'iister time we aie binning our prolits on select mereliiuulise. Come early and iniike yoiu',-iic!eclioii. Spring Coals and Swagger Suits Cut Almost One-Mali Tailwwl and Kur Trinimud Dress Slylc.s $24.75 Values $15.75 $19.75 Values $13.75 $.I6.75 : to f 17.75 •-Values $11.75 Cheaper Lines One-Hall' Price Spring Beaulifu! ininibeii, in Redingote DruHses, -street and dtess styles, bought, especially for this sale in id'inls, Bi-ou'ii and Aqua Navy and White, White and Brown combinations. DiChses that are did'ei'ciit in .stylo ''See Them". Sixes 12 to 48. fie- I'liisler Sub! $4,95 to '$15.75 eiwliful lints Uoutle Km Dresses JOG to $12.75 Coi'bcletts And Girdles ftULUNKKY, HOSIERY, GLOVES &-l'UHSKS" Si»lART SELECTIOiN liV \VANTED COLOKS SHOES Vitality fij ami S5.7S Shoes. I'limps, Slrnixs &. Tics in Brown. Bluck, Brown iincl Hcigc, some Nnvy hi broken lines. Mosl (ill sizes in lot. Sizes 3 lo 10, wlilllis AAAA. to C. Ingimn llklg. Blylheville . 1 N'oiv Located al 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON' r EDWARDS,- Proprietor All w>tes of rebuilt Typewriters, Addinj JiUcilitts ^qi calalors—Repairing — Farts — Klbbops v > $4.95 WIIITK-.& NAVY IN KKCULAU NOVEl/I'Y J.IN'IiS 01'' SI.50 & S5.0D SHOES- ALL SI'UJNG SHA1)?;S — NAVY, BLACK, KUOWN & BKIGE COLORS $3.95 WHITE'AND WHITE & BItOWN COMBINATIONS : ' ' 54.50 , VANETT HOSIERY TO MATCH: . All Salts 'Final — A Deposit Will Hold the Ciiir^fU You Wnnt Until Easier - >• ' >• NEW ECONOMY SHOP

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