The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 5, 1950
Page 11
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1 WWDfcY, ITJrTE 8, OUTOURWAY By J. R. Williams KLTTHEV1LLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople FA CO! ELK V BN GREAT CAESAR I MUST USE MY SECRET ONCE:/ 16 SPertT, SOT TWEr OLD BOY GAME TO FDR I'LL START OFF A MOOSE WAIT/ He LOOK COOKED ENOUGH TO GARNISH WITM ECRET MOOSE CALL BORKi THIRTY VEARS TOO SOON) WMCT Television on Monday 1:30 p.rn.—Hradllnes 1:40—News Summary 1:45—MldSouth News 2:00—Her! Olsvrniiger 2:30—Featuretle J :M—Jr. Disc Jockey :30—Howdy Doody i:00—Cactus .lini •1:30—Hello, Ladies 5:00—Kukla, Fran .t Ollie 4:30—Roberta Quintan 5:45—News . Caravan 6:00—Teletlieafer 6:30—Howard Barlow 7:00— Lifrhls Out 7:30—Show Busing 8:00—Jackpot Calling 8:30—Crusade In Europe 9:10—Sunny Side of News 9:15—Baseball Fundamentals 9:30—Wrestling We offer cotnjilcle Television •enice.. -Supplying and Installing Generil Electric, Motoroli, and Capehart ^models. f OR FREE ESTIMATES TELEVISION & RADIO SALES AND SERVICE 38 E MAIN ST BIYTHEV1UE ARK Rent A Car ... Drive It Yourself Fresh Crappie ^ Chicken Dinner Package Delivery Anywhert Simpson s Cafe STATE LINE Phones 49'I8 - 937 Til!''. hrlde By Grace Ntes Fletcher »« f",', ) r"m',, n ifc!,'."'!;,,r,""fc","- wcs'lc. "lit » isn't Here, 1 assur ifr Hiiiiir pir frmn krr Hrook- j you. 1£ you can find any emcralc 11 i!u'i"!hr'i;'«i't i ,r < . l i'n' ?. r inter" hei ' Cl you ' rc welcome Co lliem. I'l "Ilush. sweet," Miltiades comforted. "You mean they accused you of stealing emeralds? I'll sue foi assault and battery. For pcr- juiy For—whatever il is Slop crying, darling. I'll manage this." But how? In Boston it would ,..,.... , " ul now; in lioston n would e, but U isn't Here, 1 assure hnve occn si , ne , d u u I VCill rnn finrt nnw *imm-n rlc . -., . . . - . ' «*'-u h«ix i. iicnuiir. . ...J<e»i by ilic nrrlvnl nl • h \vliifh nrcni* lu worry SI niiprnr Hie Urn nj* Ike j V f pHE big cop glared at Gloria like a man who is forced to endure a moron, hut hates it, and then turned to the assistant janitor, who was sweeping busily in the hall behind him. l ; \]nn.y, how all janitors seem to look alike, Gloria themghl, grayish, gray hair, gray dSjlcHimt Flaherty who'd been with eoina'to tikpi Vh^Th"" ""~ m hilT1 ovcrscas m UaUcry A and going to take a bath I co rM * heads would have fallen right Hoy. lady, you can't—" the big ] an( j j e f t for i ns iilUnn his darline coj) be Ra n. appalled. "1 didn't AS they s.ared at each other, the SinV XaC i ly ^ y ° L1 had 3 raltlc of tlie dumbwaiter coming n i ? .i > .-, o lu P fhc shalt ca '"e dimly to them But she could mul did. Shc; a ,,d Gloria glanced at her wrisl 5wepl by them furiously with a wa tch. The HifSg^nma to » hil swish of her green chiffon sk.rts nt their floor "The janitor's col- and began running the water In the tub. It was the wrong tactics indeed to use on a girl from Beacon Hill, Boston. Violence she might have pardoned, because after all, there had been Bunker Hill and the Boston Massacre, but in- solenre from a clod who split his infinitives— She slammed the door, locked it, and as she lay in She warm clear . were paid so little here that they were always leaving and new ones exactly like them were engaged ns replacements. "Scram," the bigger policeman ;told the little janitor who scuttled away. "You'd belter "come inside," Political Announcement Tlie Courier News has been authorized to announce the following can- didntes. subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 nnd August 8 FOR COUNTY JUDGE Roland Green FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE U H Alltry Re-election Post No. 1 John J cowan Kenneth S. Sulcer Post No 2 E. C. "Gene" Flecmnn (For re-election Post No «) W. P. Wells For State Senator W B. Nicholson J. Lee Bearden SHERIFF AND COLLECTOR Osee Nunnally You'll Love Our Flowers! Bl.YTHF.VlLLE F.LOWER MART Metnphli Hiw»T Ptiont M02 " • •* " ' ° * r»-~- . «i»iu U .a ant: i.iy in uic wiinii cienr eyes, gray skin and gray, too-large .water, fragrant with the scent o( overalls. ^ The ^assistant Janitors the gardenia bath salts she had lipped into the tub, she wriggled her small perfect toes indignantly and listened lo them opening up the apple compote Aunt Susie hart sent for a wedding present, putting back the china lid, swishing among the clothes hanging in her closet. Finally, incredibly, they lefl and as the apartment door slammed shut behind them Gloria burst into tears. DUE was sobbing so hard when *-* she called Miltiades nt the oflice that he couldn't make out what she said, and thought she was dying. He worked on lower Manhattan and usually it was hard for him to get off 10 minutes early, but this lime he simply walked out of the office and into the sub- 'ay and was home in 18 minutes Gloria said to the two officers. "Sit down and tell me what has happened." "The Benonis aren't all that has skipped," the big cop told her grimly as the two officers accepted her invitation. "So has an emerald necklace worth 20 grand. Necklace gone, jewel thieves gone. Two and two makes four." Gloria gulped. "Jewel thieves! 11 The cop plainly^ discounted her ' tell me ..— .- —. ~. .._...*, of Alidu Strong,-the actress, neither? It was her necklace. She wows 'em every night in 'The King's Mistress' on Broadway. You ain't seen it? Where were you raised, lady?" "Boston," Gloria told him icily. "Where cops have manners. I read in Ihe paper about how Alida Strong wears emeralds every night I in the big scene where she and I her leading man fall in love and aslonishment. you've never "Don't heard flat Gloria Hung herself into his comforting arms, jittering incoherently, for though she knew all the rules of unity, coherence, and emphasis in English narrative, she was no longer cum laude but merely a frigJitetied, bewildered little girl in a green chiffon negligee which was slightly damp from tears. lecling early today." She slid lo her feet and started for the waiter door. "Get the bage for me, will you, ling?" She opened the door. "Oh! Help!" A shrill, piercing yell tore the quiet morning to shreds. TyrlLTIADES leaped forward and when he saw what she did, his face turned as green as hers and he dropped the garbage can, stared dumbly nt the fantastic, horrible nightmare that couldn't ' be true and yet was. The two shelves of Ihe dumbwaiter had been removed. Stuffed into the resullant opening like n corkscrew with its head „.,,,,;, awkwardly towards its knees uu with the face turned out so that its eyes stared "lassily at him, was the body of a small, dark-haired man. And Gloria didn'l need a doctor to lell her he was very dead. "Is—is it Mr. Benoni?" Miltiades gulped. Gloria made a IcrriRc effort and opened her eyes she had closed in sheer defense and gasped, "No. He—it's too small. Why—" as she took in the little man's vague familiarity, wizened face, bright blue pants, tan jacket and green hat was stuffed 'into ..... corner of the dumbwaiter—"It's the delivery boy!" she said shuddering. "The one who brough Mrs. Henotii's hat!" Miltiades hauled frantically on fhe rope, pulling Ihc dumbwaiter down out of sight. "Sh! Someone' coming," he told her. (To Be Continued) The .National Geographic Society snys the : 'agogwe," or "little furred people" reported seen from time to time In East Africa, may really be rare monkeys. 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Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebakci Dealer" I RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIBNDS-BY MERRILL BLOSSBH To the Showers .£G ™*r pARrar/' I Bur-puMs^s- I* 5 AL^DVDRWCM KINO OF ™ RE ?cffi»<«?? JO / INDEPENDENT/ Crs A FRAME.' RUMBLE ANYHOW, WE RAM up A GOOD. LEAD BER3BF GETTING "(He WEAV6 "We know it's spelled wrong, but everyone who stops to tell us about it buys some!" I'KJSCII.hA'S l'OI ; HY AL VKRMEEU 30 I SOCKED THE NEXT PITCH TO RIGHT FIELD AND... BASEBALL. THAT'S ALL HE THINKS ABOUT! REMEMBER WHEN HE WAS LITTLE... AND ALWAYS PLAYED COPS AND AMD REMEMBER HOW YOU WISHED HE'D FIND AM OTHER HO BBY WELL... UE FOUND IT! Hobby Hits u 1'lan HY MICIIA101, O'MATj.KY and HALI>H LANE THE PIECE OF BLUE CLOTH LEFT , BY THE V/OUIO-BE MURDERER OF JWS STEEL MATCHES iWJS.KYU'S fSE~ . PERFECTLY ' " BUT HER DRESS ISN'T 1OKH dlAll. WHICH WOULD THE ATTEAIPTS LIFE STARTED WHEN WE GOT; ENGAGED, DARLING SO I FIGURE IF; UAVEVOU.TH EN MAYBE THEY'LL STOP. SEEM TO ELIMINATE HER > OUR NUMBER ONS SUSPECT. ) ing some bad news tc HY LESLIE TURNER OMEMOEE y VOU BEEN Ni£E TO HlWE AKOUMD. HIKI... ILLUSTBKTIOMrN AU' MIGHTV OKWAMENTAL TOO BAD \T AUDI'MTMCU IWM'T MIZ COSB WHO'S LERM1N'...,RUT WIIH THE SERIAL,h^ ~, SHfU SW 11U SHE RUSTS' THE RAWCM HEEDS A WOMAN'S TOUCKI W1W, VWOMISSHEESH10IH6 WE I'lEAED PLEAsAMTEC SOUNDS COAVE FROM fl WACOM I'D FEEGOT TO GEEASE! POOR ICK...HO WOKDEC HE SKIPPED OUT ftJJ' Hie DNCT! now TTOT SHE'S EUW 1M DOIVM THERE AWT 110 SILVER HIS CLOUD R£B BUGS HUNNY •4 THIS IS GETTISJ' MONOTONOUS, AN' IT AIN'T POIN MV HEAP NO SOOD, EITHER/ HV V. T. HAMLIN OH, HE DON'T. EHf WELL H C 5 GONH\ HEAR M<75?E.' SO HELP ME, HE'LL HEAE BEADS UNTIL HE'S NOW I D0NT AE HO MORE _ THEM A <-r f /'.£?> ..ILL GO SEE OL KING :'JZ AN' THEN Mt WE'LL... --»•" HOOTS AND IIEK BUDDIES BY KPGAK MAHTIN GOGOL'S. TO<R. ViOW . v>o&'. we «&N> -5.0 MttUNG VOlV, BftRRY ? WHERE

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