Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York on September 28, 1917 · 9
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Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York · 9

Binghamton, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1917
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3 OFFICERS OF LIGHT CO. ARE INDICT General Manager Staples, Superintendent Sullivan and Inspector Troy Are Accused of Manslaughter in Second Degree in Causing Death of Policeman Horvatt; Plead Not Guilty and Furnish Bail Three officers of the Bingh&mton Light, Heat and , Power Company Percy Staples, vice-president . and general manager; '-. Patrick Sullivan, superintendent, and James Troy, inspects were arraigned before Justice Michael Kiley in Supremo Court this morning on 'indictments alleging manslaughter in the second degree. They are charged with having been instrumental in causing the death of Patrolman Alex Horvatt, several weeks ago, when e was instantly killed as he tauched a spike projecting from a pole of the Blnghamfbn Light, Heat and Power Company power and light lines, at the corner oi Front and Clinton streets. Attorney Thomas J. Keenan appeared for the defendants fend enter ed a plea of not guilty, reserving the right to demur to the Indictmenls. District Attorney U. C. Lyon asked the court to fix a specific time in which demurrers must be filed before ; rases are sent to the county court for trial and the court ruled' that such demurrers should be filed by one week from today. ! : ' Bail in the case of the lighting company officials was fixed at $1,000 ' each arid the necessary bonds were furnished by George H. Barlow and F. B, Newell. Charles Steere was arraigned on an indictment charging burglary in the third degree in stealing an Oakland car from the Spawn-Phillips garage on Sept. 8. Steere, through his counsel, Edward Ronan, , pleaded not guilty. . Herman Hamilton and Jesse Bird-sail, indicted for burglary in making a car belonging: to Floyd Anderson from in frtont of the Moore-Overton Hospital on the night of Aug. 4 and in company with two girliS, driving it to Haines Falls, where it was found hanging over a eliff, entered pleas of not guilty through Attorney Ronan and bail was fixed at $1,000 each. Other Burglary Indictments. Fred Smfth, who has many aliases, accused of setting Are to premises at 47" Court street, on Aug. 2, and also indicted for burglary, pleaded not guilty through Attorney Harry Hennessey who asked the court for a week's time to investigate the matter. - Joseph Ellis, William Sutton and George Bartulis, indicted for robbery m the first degree in taking money and jewelry from Clayton Stone on June 9, pleaded not guilty through Attorney Ronan. Rudolph Kocik, Louis Kadelick and Stephen Tokas pleaded not guilty to indictments for. burglary and . grand larceny in robbing various places. They were represented by Atorney Joseph i Mangan and bail was fixed' at $1,000 each. John I. Johnson, Tony Ragard and Michael F.- Gorman were charged with breaking into a Lackawanna freight car. Ragard, through his attorney, Arthur J. Ruland, pleaded not guilty. Johnson and Gorman pleaded suuty and asked to be sentenced at once. Both were sent to the Elmira , Reformatory for indeterminate terms. Jack Kaplan, indicted for abandon- j tag a child in destitute circumstances. Pleaded not guilty, through Attorney Harry J. Hennessey. Louis D. Jennings, a chauffeur, vraa arraigned on an indictment charging a violation of the State highway law In that on Sept. 18 he struck a milk j wagon on Front street, slightly injuring the driver and then left the scene I without reporting to th police or stop- i vng to se; th amount of damage umie. Attorney Frank J. Mangan appeared for him and entered a Die; of guilty. He will pay all damages. The defendant is the father of an eight-months' -old baby and hia wife would shortly have to undergo an operation, therefore Mr. Mangan believed he ends of justice could best be met by suspend ing sentence in this case. : t Scores Reckless Driving. The Court took occasion to score tho reckless driving of automobiles through the streets of Binghamton, te-ternng to several instances that had COme Under it narnn,,al .-.V.n..,n 'Law abiding citizens are helpless,") -usuce ki ley said, "against this kind f a fellow. Last evening1 I saw four men, well dressed and of respectable appearance driving at' a terrific pace through one of your principal streets that was not well lighted. On another occasion while her? I saw a young woman narrowly escape being struck y an automobile which had disregarded the law and failed to halt wnen a street car stopped. How the young woman escaped appeared a miracle to me. A bad bodv, a bad mind and a criminal Is often dressed up in respectable clothes. Something must be done. These bums and loafers goi iq realize that respectable people who attend to their affaTrs are going to be protected. Bum and loafer applies to you if you get drunk once. If the law was mandatory, as l wish it was, nd left the court no u.aureuon as to the mitigation of punishment, a lot of you fellows would go to prison. "I am thinking of vour wif nn baby and the kind-hearted people who " .uying io neip you. I am going to hold your case open, but I am going to provide that if another caso of this kind comes before me in the city of Binghamton, both you and thu other fellow will go to prison, or if you take another drink. I am waiting to get hold of some fellow who has not a wife and small famflv d him, and I will give, him the limit of tne taw. I am going Jo take the employer himself who disregards the rights of other, and when I get hold of him he is going jto do time." Nick Bogosta, charged with criminally assaulting Mary . Falatovick pleaded guilty through Attorney F. J. Mangan. Mr. Mangan explained Bogosta had enlisted in the army and had been brought here from Texas. He had married the young woman in the case and was making a model husband. District Attorney Lyon consented that sentence be suspended. The question of how Bogosta would be returned to the armv in Texas came up. Chief of Police Cronln said the man was relinquished to him by army officers with the understanding if he was not held he would be returned to Texas without expense to the Government. The court ruled, inasmuch as sentence had been suspended, the punishment of compelling the young man to get back to his command a.s best he could was very light. - Floyd Ryan, alias Floyd Blftir, indicted for committing numerous burglaries on the West 'Bide last Summer, entered a plea of not guilty to three indictments for burgariy, throughAt-torney Harry J. Hennessey. ; . Joseph Krysko, indicted for .burglary in entering a house in Klrkwood, pleaded not guilty through Attorney Hennessey. District Attorney Lyon announced there were other cases to be disposed of later, and suggested further arraignments Monday. Judge Kiley ordered that all , prisoners undei indictment be brought into court at 9:30 o'clock next Monday, promising to be on hand or see that provision is made for the disposal of their cases at that time. B E PRETTY! TURN GRAY HAIR DARK Try Grandmother's Old Favorite Recipe of Sage Tea . and Sulphur. Almost everyone knows that Sage Tea and Sulphur, properly compounded, brings back the natural color and lustre to the hair when faded, streaked or gray. Years ago the only way to get, this mixture was to make it at home,' which is jnussy and troublesome. Nowadays, by asking at any drug store for "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound," you will get a large bottle of this famous old recipe, improved by the addition of other ingredients, for about 50 cents. Don't stay gray! Try it! No one can possibly tell that you darkened your hair, as it does it so naturally and evenly. You dampen a sponge or soft brush with it and draw this through your hair, taking one small strand at a time; by morning the gray hair disappears, and after another application or two, vour hair becomes beautifully dark, glossy and attractive. Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound is a delightful toilet requisite for those who desire dark hair and a youthful appearance. It is not intended for the cure, mitigation or prevention of disease. Advertisement. &1 iMhe lesson taught by Winter THE BIN'OHAMTON' PRESS. FRIDAY KVEXIXn. SEPTEMBER SS. 1017, SUFFRAGE WORKERS i TRAVEL AND, CAMP! "Winter teaches man the greatest lesson the world has ever known that of preparedness," says the Old Philosopher. v Prepare to give Winter a warm reception. Fix up that sfove and heating plant in a manner that will keep the family comfortable. Do it now! Stove Pipe, Elbows, Stove Clay, Stove Boards, Asbestos, Registers, etc. Everything you need to fix up right. The latest models of Perfection Oil Stoves, with all the new improvements, $4.50 up. (To buy an old type is to court disappointment.) 95 COURT AND 16 CHENANGO STS . Miss Leona Huntzinger and Miss Hopkinson, representing the Industrial Section of the State woman Suffrage Party, are working in this vicinity. These women are touring th State in a Ford car, camping along the way, giving stereopticon lectures at stopping places. They were at the fairgrounds this afternoon. Tonight they will speak in Johnson City and at the corner of Court and Collier streets tomorrow evening. BARS SEDITIOUS MEETING." Rochester, Sept. 28. Mayor Hiram H. Edgerton yesterday announced that "no unpatriotic or seditious meeting will be permitted to be held in Rochester." The Mayor's statement was made when he was informed that the Rochester branch of the People's Council for Democracy and Peace had announced a public mass-meeting for Saturday. TO REMOVE DANDRUFF I- .j3 13 The Highest Class Talking Machine m the World TMt INSTCUMINT Of QUALITY ottoc CLEAR AS A BELL, HEAR this magnificent instrument, which won the highest marking for tone quality at the Panama-Pacific Exposition. 130 $.-3 $60 $75 $100 $110 $133 $130 $175 $200 $230 $375 $300 $1000 onora Jthonoarapt) clr Cornpanp, Snr, George li. lirightaOQ, Prttidtnl 279 BROADWAY NEW YORE Ask your dealer for the Sonora. If he hasn't it, write us direct. Pill Get a 25-cent bottle of Danderlne at any drug store, pour a little into your hand and rub .well into the scalp with the finger tips, liy morning most, if not all, of this awful scurf will have disappeared. Two or three applications will destroy every bit of dandruff; stop scalp itching and falling hair. -Advertisement. Folks say they enjoy our baking. They know that no bread baked is superior to the bread we make and they know our pastry is uite tasty. They make and they know our pastry is quite tasty. They their appetite and that all the cake we make is just exactly right. G The Binghamton Phonograph Co. ISCpRPOHATED Sole Agents 181 Washington Street If Tl R 9 ere n. lvioore s Home Bakery 1 PHONE 3614-W "Watch for the Green Wagon" The Sanitary Bedding & - -Furniture Go. hardware for half a century BINGHAMTON'S LEADING FURNITURE STORE ANNOUNCES A SPECIAL CUT-PRICE SALE of Bedroom Furniture and Bedding Brass Beds Best lacquer, guaranteed for ten years; 2-inch post, l-lnch fillers, continuous poet or cadet cap $28, $30 and $.12.50 values while thojr last ' $1575 If ever in your life you have wanted a bargain, come here tomorrow. We are proud of the showings we have cause to be. Never before have we presented such values as we offer in this sale. We purchased two carloads of good, dependable Bedroom Furniture, the kind that you will be glad to own at a big discount;" because the manufacturers needed ready cash. We'got every advantage because we could give it to them and this material gain we are willing to share with you so that it is to your best interest tp. come here tomorrow. We could get more money for this merchandise but to keep business lively and to prove to you that the Sanitary is "Not An Expensive Place" We quote you these great bargains. I o . , o rr 0 0 Solid Oak Dresser, exactly like illustration, "whilo &1 AO they last vl TO YOU'LL BE INTERESTED In the Many Beautiful PERIOD SUITES In Mahogany, American and Circassian Walnut, Bird's-eye Maple, Oak and Ivory Enamel . 1 ALL AT SPECIAL REDUCED PRICES A SPLENDID QUALITY ALL-C0TTON MATTRESS In the finest Art Ticking, roll edge, one or two parts ; a good value at $12.00, for this sale $7.95 A fine cotton combination Mattress, in a good quality ticking, one or two parts ; a $9.00 value, for this sale $5.48 One Hundred Dressers In mahogany, bird's-eye maple or .selected all quartered oak that would be a bargain at, reduced to $18.49 Chiffoniers and Toilet Tables to match. Chiffoniers. $18.49. Toilet Tables, $14.00. ... One lot of Odd Dressers and Chiffoniers, $15, $18 and $20 values, reduced Thia Beautiful Mahogany Suite of Four Pieces Bed, Dresser, Chiffonette and IQ7 AA in 610 arl ia Triple Plate Toilet Table, Exactly Like Illustrated, a $110.00 value, for. 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