The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1933 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1933
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEV1LLE. (AUK.) COUltlKIt NEWS THURSDAY, NOVKJIiiKll ;i. THE BLYTIIEVILLB COURIER JS'KWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Eilllor H, W, HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New Yoi'K, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Little Rock. Published Everv Altcnuxm Except Sunday. Entered us second class matter at I ho pnsr oflice nl ntythcvlllo, At- fciuisas. under out of Cditureus Oe- K-— to'Jcr 0, 1911. Scivni "ov the •Jiilicd Frees. HUHSCltll'TION HAT", l!y carrier in uiu City ol niytiiovlllc, 15; |K?r *vck nr JGJiO per year In advance. lly mail vlllilii a rndius of 50 miles, {3.00 per year, $1.50 for six monllis. 85c for three montlis; by mnll in postal zones two to .six. Ir.cliislve, ' $6.50 jx'r year. In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per ycsr, payable In advance. 5/zfi Reward For Big Jobs? ]f you wove to do :i s'l.'.ttu: »f ymir old frieml b'ncle Ram Ihcsi; days, you would have (o show liiiu in tin: pose of The Thinker. Undc Sam h:is k-iirii- ed a whole lot of things in Iho last Vnw months, and his IMK jolj n;Jil nuw is to figure out \v!i:it Ihuy nienn :nni wlwl he ought to do ii!>oul th'iin. One of t!w tilings he has jjol to make up his mind about is Hie six.i! of the monetary reward Nvliidi is permissible for the private i-ilb.en in as complex and closely integrated n society as that of modern America. The Held of private enterprise rewards its lenders very well. Tin: country is still a bit Ki'OK.'i.v t'voiM piping at the discoveries the SeimU; committee has matin about ban!i.;rs' incomes. Enormous salaries, fill bonuses, i'e- tnining ffcs from -this i.)u\ I hat outside corporation, chaiu-es to KL't a little rakc-olf on tlie side by playing Hie niav- kcl — all of these things i;o to .swell the income ol" the financial and industrial titan. * * + And the ordinary American is trying to ligiivo out it it is all necessary. The theory, of course, is thai you . have jjot to hung up hicj;c rewiinls of that kind if you ' arc to .got large- caliber men to do the bi.c; jobs. Is the theory correct? Well, the president of the United States has a fairly responsible job, and he gets along on §75,000 a year. That's a good deal of money, but it is small compared to what such men a.s Wiggin, Mitchell, Hill, Grace and their confreres get. fit Gen. Hugh S. Johnson, who lias the colossal job of overseeing all American industry, does it for ?'j.nOO a year. Donald Kicliborg, N'RA'.s general counsel, works for S12.000 a year. Maj. Gen. Kdward Abikham, who, as chief of the army's engineers, will have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in the next four years, works for ?GOO a month. One of the biggest engineering jobs ever it'K'.ertakon — the Mississippi flood control work — was put through by bis predecessor, Maj. Gen. I.ytle Brown, on the same salary. And the enormous Muscle Shoals 'project is directed by three men who draw ? 10,000 So what? a year apiece. —Bruce Cation. A'o Revolution While Projit Prevails In the p;ist, dopre.-.sions ended when UK; cluiiu-e to make mi>'i;\v began to reappear in commerce and industry. Wii arc trying in end this OIK; in the reverse order-by putliti^ re-employment ami increased w;tgrs lirsl and Inislinj; (hat priil'il will follow in the natural sequence. Owners of capital are. not yet persuaded fully thai the profit actually will appear on schedule. Furthermore, witnessing the vast sums lhal are being six'iil, and considering the heavy taxes thai will have, to be levied ultimately to nv.'ol these expenses, they arc afraid <>! whal may happen to their profit when it docs appear. Consequently, capital in tin; main is hesitant, and the recovery program does not make the speed wo should like. * * * Vet all this fear of capital, and the efforts of government to provide reassurance, add up to just one thing: The fact that the new deal is, at bottom, conservative and not revolutionary. Notice this, for example: The entire recovery program still depends on the profit motive—the dislindive, feature of the capitalistic system as we have known it. Them is no hint that the profit motive is lo be shelved. Capital may he hesitant, tearing that the scheme may not work out well; but it isirt running for Hit storm cellar, as it would if it foresiiv any intention to do away with the rules under which profit is possible. Could there be a bettor indication . that the administration seeks to change our existing order as little as possible? It in staking its entire program on the belief that the confidence of capital investors can be restored. It' its program had a revolutionary tinge, I hat point would not bother it for a moment. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark '••"-ifrlrx- v •• 9m'^ First to Get Wheat Check i is - THIS CURIOUS WORLD , - "I ilon't limns wl)(> ho is. lit- (.•nines lu ;ill my GINKGO TREES, WHICH HAVH SURVIVED SINCE THE AGE or- DINOSAURS, HAlE. NO CLOSE RELATIVES IN THE ENTIRE VEGETABLE KINGDOM/ cks sent lo Oivillo J. THE veuociry Op A RlVRR IS UOUBL^D, ITS OBJECTS A-.VAV IS A'.t>LT:PLi=o j In llio imst liK-riiii diiys ol loll j in his fic!ils. Ho ii was a novel i c\|icrlcnco wlivii lie was ]i:ild rur : noi worlilun. liisele, Oenwa, i la., fiinncr. Is phuwn left, rccciv- ! ins; fruin Frank lioyuolils, Innr, | Ijui-ciiii ngom, i:*-. lirst wlioat al; lotiiiciu choc!; mailocl fvoin j Washington, payini; hhn for cutliuy down his wheat acrc- ! DUG. ccuRce EXCUSES Ky Geo. W. Ibirl-Wsst Industries Await New Barge Service KANSAS CITY. Mo. (UPI—Mid- Wi.:; mdiiMry and commerce arc 10 YEAHS AGO rnrn Ihir Illrs <tf the Kivlhcvilk l)a!l>- Courier Mollier has almost worn the lial off our radio tryliv; to get ; Ihe stallmi where the man knows' all. sees all and (ells ail and she , said lie was so reasonable with! his charges. Her recollection is' 1 awf!k!:>j; impatiently the coining i i.- r i,] :lv .\ 11V of yuritv.; and the commencement '. of federal barge service on the '• Missouri. \viif :\' the i;ink^o iM'e originated, or when it I it.s UcLtimihK', but. for.sit remains of ihr ancient uce prove II.I lived in the Oay.s of dinosaurs ai:cl v.insci! lizards. Today. the no linger exists in a wild statr. but i.-. found as a planted | llHCiijhotit the world tiuly a living fc.isil. ^^'El:lt fisli has a neck that allows it In (urn ils head?] rllcl I'»:>!'d Waterways Cor]»r- ;llia "' fi'deral operated barge ssr- vlci '- wll: °l !cn lts 0: ' r -" s l )nn ' to ll !»« (ur llu- beuimiiiig of modern ' Haaga. secretary, the Mr. and Mr.s. W. W. Pepper of ; Judge Bandy of Huffman returnee: Friday night I bench Wednesday from a 2.125 mi:,; tour'of the i ''"':•' commissioners north in their Cue jvar old Ford inic ol-Jice in ! without a nicker in i!ic flivver shipixrs we- an-iviiii; j ub i ahead of the his rain. , I. pii£?s ! The The constiluUoml ri^hv ol liitiividunl liberty cannot be made a shield of anarchy. —Donald K. nichberR, NHA ircneral counsel. * » » It's the same old dirty biifivrs;:. We have made bar women out of tlie ?;;lhootl of America. —Billy Smi'.liy. + t » • No soldier would wouid Ma;i .1 new .war. —General "Max" Weygaml of France. * * * I'm leclins wonderful. II that's any Interest to you. —John 1'ierpont. Mcrpan. * r * NiuiiMn and excessive cx]x)siiv to .sunlight is an incieasing factor in cancer's prevalence. —Dr. Junifs Ewtng. N'ew York r.incer spceialist. ^ * r When some people near Inn wor.i "holy", ll-.ey Ihlr.i: of a ionj-hahvO 1'ikei with a pair of ln.ce curtains on his face. —Billy Sunday. Hint he \vo!i!d ai:swti- ihrir i[iirs-, lions fora dime. She only heard; laiprov\>iiu-:ii on Hi? MisEonri j a; ih.-> iiiiih sehool l-'rulay lo the just a little of his tnlk as lhe : '- :ls roaclieil Ihe stage where tows | wiimrvs in an essay contest on nullo ixippcd rlKht loud. ;:n-u she 'Can naviuulc Die "xrent muddy"! fire pvevention. The '.vimiprs worr: never could get the station, though , f ™»i llie Mississippi at SI. Louts j Annabeth Ui:cl-:. firsi: Quincy Oil- she stayed up all nighi trying. !'o Kanr-r.s City \vhcre a iie\i i vcr Alexander, second; Graham She's had her three questions all j S1M.OBO nock and terminal have Siidbury, third; Dahlia ready lo mail to him care of the ! '"-'ei'. erected. fourtli. station If she can ever yet the man. One of ihc questions is \vhy : T married Joe. I would like to *ce him answer that one. '1 lu-ii she is asking why any o'.her bapli.-jn was ever started when everybody is bound to know that her chinch has the correct method. The third i one is will she escape the surgeon's knife. As she hns had three I majors and numbers of minors she • feels like he should answer yes. She says as long as she has (o pay ! the full price he chaises, she will j expert (nil and complete answers i (o alt three questions and she ::ays • she warns him now that she will' not accept n complex answer. drnt: T. .1. Mahan. vice-president; irteniiilionalisl. to succeed A. J. Haaga. secretary. Aikitsu Tanakadate. Jap I member of (he Intellectual [ operative Committee of the L<] appointed the of Millions, for this court Negotiations between the Aubrey Conway. J. E. eminent and Dr. Nitobe w Bell, iind W. W. Shaver, the last 'started when Dr. Nitobe re jamed of Manila. i ;o Japan from the United Si ! •.- hc/e he reliving after thcj eiiic Conference in Canada. an Plan: CSc-ser World Ca-Operation TCK1O cui'i — Despite Japan's Gravette. wilhdia-.val ircm the League ot 1 Nations, Japan intern's to have -. - - I clorcr co-operation in the inter- Blylhcvillc Eur.rd of Trado | rational c-.iltma! work as sus- Wcman Missouri Sheriff] nocKPOp/r. MO. CUP) — :s llie town where they sis are 111211. anri women r.rc .->' t :>| For '.lie finit time in tiv.. of At'jVii^ji Comity a w":'. .i^'| boon c-hosen sheviif. She :r. K dcpp-sea held tlieir annual tleclion Tin's- '• CC-S-M] in Fprcicn Minister Hirota's named by the , rouiuy co nj l.'stie slcmach and I day, resulting in the selection of suilciy.ent. ' • succeed her husband, who d:| P.tad Courier News Want OTEECiO. Mich. HIT" — A -10-; jwuiicl mushroom meaMiring 18 j inches in circumfcrenc.' picked near here recently bv Scj;t Ilealey. j merchant. I'af.lor Welcomes Ilr;hlers LOMDOX (UPi -- Hickiers are welromc in (he Rev. A. Martin Sanders' church, lie iiiutcs hcck- | ling diirint; ills sermon as a ueans of kcejiinq tlie congregation awake. TO THE LANDOWNERS IN GRASSY LAKE & TYRQNZA DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. DISTRICT NO. 3 OF GRASSY LAKE & TYSONZA DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO, 9, AiMD SUB- free trial 1 delivery to towi i.$ of over sooo in" Drainage District 131 Read the Following Offer (1) I? your land was sold more than Iv/o years ago for drainafje taxes du No. 9 or Sub-District No. 3 of Drainage Dis'.nct No, 9, you can pay tlis receiver. FIFTY ('}()•'•) PER CENT of the tax for which the land was sold, and no effort, will be made to collect the balance of said tax, or subsequent tax, prior to November I, 1934, (2) If your land was sold for such taxes !e : s than two years ago, you can pay the Clerk cf :he Chancery Court ' •* FIFTY (51)'-) PER CENT )f the tax for which the land was sold, and no efio.-f will be made to collect the balance oS said lax, or subsequent delinquent tax, until November 1, 1934. (3) If your drainage tax is delinquent and your land has not been sold, you can pay the Clerk of the Chancery Court FIFTY(W-) 1>KRCKNT cf the lax for one year (oldest year), and no efto-l will be made to collect the balance of said tax, or subsequent taxes, until November 1, 1934. (4) For any landowner to receive the beneiit oi this cifer he must make the 50'' payment p-ior to January 1, 1934. (5) If any landowner does not pay said 50'' by January I, 1934, he will lose the benefit of iiiis offer, and will be subject to penalties and costs. This is the order of Hon. John E. Marlincau, Federal Judge, made October 24, 1933. This day, October 30, 1933. E. N. AHLFELDT, Receiver, 905 Rector Bldg., Little Rock, Ark. J. T. COSTON, Osceola, Ark. A. G. MEEHAN, Stuttgart, Ark. Attorney for Drainage Dist. No. 9. Attorney for Sub-Dist. No. 3 of Drainage Dist. No. 9. Itfany large landowners, such as Lee Wilson & Company, have signified their intention of tak- in,: advantage of the above offer. 0-1-52)

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