The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1935
Page 4
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fAGE FOUK THE BLYTHEVJLLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R, BABCpOK, Editor H. w. }iAlNEB, Advenuang Mauser Solo National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., N<s\v Yorfc, ChUago, Detroit, St. touto, Dallas, Kansajj City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday "A. filtered as second ctnss nmlter al the post ofllce nl Blythevillc, Ar^^ kaiisus, under act of Congress, Oc- rjj^ iobcr 0, 1017. Scri-cd by the United Frees SIUJSCKIPTION IIATUS By c.uiier in mo Uny ol Blylhevllle, lie jx-r KCCK, or }(i,50 per year. In ndvuncc. By mall, within a rtioius of 60 miles, $3.00 ])cr year, 51.50 for sis months, 76c lot three inoiilli.?; j} nidi In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, {6.50 per year; In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. 3 -Bale Exemption Uireo-balu ki (In; HaiildiL-iid coUoii pi oducjiun control l;iw is -duscribud bj ils ,idvo«i(c'M its « iiicasiiru fcr the benclil of tlic little fellow, who has a hard cuoiii'li lime sonitdiing out a living nl best. There may be n little merit to thai coJHcnlion, but not much. What the lliruu-bale e.xcinplioii \\ould .ittnally do would be to put it premium on the production of cot Ion in ,ueas poorly suited to the crop and Uf penalize its production in iireiis wheic it can bu KTOWII most cconomic- •illj iind profitably. Of nil the topsy- (ur\j ulcsiK'llml have bueii advanml m the mime of agriculture's salvation tins tcilainly is among the cruxiusl. . T. Hoy Roid, of the Arkansas agri- extension service, has work- in! out the results the three-bale ex- eiii|)li(jn would bring iii two Arlamsas counliei,, one of which is our own Mis- Mswppi county. In Kiatiklin aiuiity, up in the hill*, i \\hete t)ic pt'i- acre j-iuld of collon N -so small thaT' L 'it . is economically- imposbible lu proihice it I'.xtttpt as a uibh niLonie sideline lu a subsisleiife scheme of farming, it wollld be iieet'K- saiy to triple the euuuly's iJaukhciid law allotment tu give all of the small gio\\ eis the throe bales they woulil be entitled to under the proposed amendment. In Mississippi county, which in stiil and climaie is as well adapted to ihe production of cotton as any county in (lie United Stales, (here arc un!y'j.8!) tmall producers who would benefit f i om tlm lliree-bale exemption. IJut theie aie 8,081 larger producers in this uunil) uho ivould be 1 penalised. In Ihe face of such manifest 1111- fanm'bs il i)iif,|,i | J( , contended that a county like this, enjoying natural ad\,mt.iges, uiighf'to In; big-lic«rKxl and div\v up with (In- | css fjivored biothien in -such places ^ J^-jmliliii county. One answer to that is thai e\cn \\ith the advmitages we enjoy w ,11 e .scarcely iu \\ position to practice that kind of philanthropy. Another aiul butler answer is that thu future of the cotton industry in the United States depends, iu the long run, upon its ability to meet foreign competition. That can't be done by encouraging production, in areas not suited to cot- BLYl'HEVILLE, (ABK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY ton untl by pciKiliziiiK it in those areas licst siblc to meet thai competition. .? Regimentation The iiccessmy or desirability of Unit IdmJ of governmental interference in Ijiminuss untl other Ml'iiir* which those who don't like it dtwcrilju us "regimen- lalion" is a subject for endless dcbale. Tin's imicli may he .said, however, will) reasonable eerlainty: ruginienlu- tiun wlikli doi'siri nuimiMl ;io The NKA muy or may not Imvo H sound idea, lint it never had a fu\ r test because; 'the government never made a real ell'orl to make it work. There was a whole lot of talk about "craeking down" but that was all. If the ciiimn.s had III-UH applied promptly and linnly to tin: linil chiselcrs the story niinlil have been diderenl. Much tlie same situation exists in respect to the AAA cotton program. There _ have bec-n thousands of complaints of unfair treatment under con- li'iicls which were .supposed to protect the interests of all concerned in the iwodut'tion of cotton. Probably most of these complaints are the result of misiindersliiiidiiKf. Certainly, however, there have been contract viola- lions. liul the fc'ovonimetil, which is a party to Hie contracts, docs nothing about them. • Ami Iliat is not a policy calculated to maintain public confidence in the program. A Reunion of the Blue untl ihe dray No plans have Iran niiulo us yol lor dm convention ui ih c united Confederate Veterans (luring the present your. U seems likely that nune will be marie. Tlic Hichniond Tinics- Uispiilcli Is inspired with Hie Imppy thought Unit, In the uusoim ol Mich iiliuis. !i joint reunion ol the United Confederate Vclc-rans and the drum! Amiy •«[ tin. UcpuWlc l:t: held in Wnuhliujlon. In view of Die rapidly Milimlng ranks ol those \vlu> saw wulcc In Hit! Civil Wuv, It seems fills .vein- will uirer lilt! lust, op- portunily ;or such ;in event. Tlie reunion, suys Ihu Tiim\s-DJs[m(ch, "would symbolize the burying of secllonnl differences and Ilic rise of » mn'icd country. It would be in the spirit of.Gen. Hubert 11 Lee. who conn- selcil Ills old .soldiers lifter the war (o forget Uteir liostllliy- ; 0 |- Urn North, lu 'abandon all those local iniinuKllies mid make your sons Amcricinis,'" We second the Tlmisi-UlspuU'irs motion. Such n reunion would IK n finely sciKimcuUil lust paragraph to tlic must tniBie chuplcr In Anur- ican history. At H time wlien iho world Is once more niled with wars anil rumors of war a reunion of tlic Blue ami Cray would brine home Hie folly uf bloodshed us a means of scttlini; disputes ainonu men. —SI. I/Jills l>osl-Disp;Uch. Mr. Jllcliui-iij once hud anus in his Nmv lie |, ils UininlnUii, _oi,. Every puneh in Ilic tyc I K ( m tichmclin:; is one (or rtclulf lllllrr. —Max Hucr. * • v The prut-lit-i! of lim' Is not a gumc i ( , B ,,|, ,-, friinliiiil five. Iml :ni attcmpl to iirrivr at justice. A lawyer who know.-; his client t s i;uilly mid pcniills lilin to perjure hiimcir niukcs hiimclf » parly to the net. _j m i yo Horace Stern of Philiulelphiii. HE LQOKi KIND OF SUILTY ABOUT SOMETHING 1 THOSE SPLASHES iM THE CREEK. SOUWOBD TOO LOUD FOR SUCH LITTLE-—:VMEU_, MORE LIKE BIG BEIMG By Williams WHV WOULDW T \/ LOOK C5L1ILTY? TH' FAM1I-V MURDERER? WHUT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO—COME RACK SMILIM 1 , CUT-TIN' MOTCHES IN TH' MURDER E7ASKIT? SAV—LOOK ME RIGHT IN THE EVE.' DID YOU THROW THOSE KITTENS IM THE CREEK, AS X TOLD you—OR DID YOU HIDE THEM A BUSH, OP. SOMETHING? VOU'VE dorA GUILTY LOOK I SIDE GLANCES By George Clark THURSDAY, MARCH) 28, 1935 ra.\ 11 KIII-: TODAY i UEUIIOI: imiMiioi'.iJ. limi, na pnnlc »li"c riikEicv [limy unit rcK- iiteri nl u lioH-l unill'f on n»- JAIIVIN IJ.U'I', illilliiRliliilinJ- luokluj; ftlrnnucr, rtH-ojjnUca 5111- Ih'ciil uuil olli-r» tu licl|i lu-r. He wlii-r* «lii> )• iruntliiriui-U Into n IruilurlnB IIIT KM JI|K •pirrr [n ry. ill. noil. JYOKMA.V IIAI'I 1 . ivlirnl millllllT CAlSi:, nn,I loll. I,IT a injrtlerloilii ivniililu In blncli rr- ililtie Im* vutiie pmvcr over lit* Milllffiil dit]^ UNll'Pli. A noltc milifiK lier mid «Iie flmln a uolt uniK-r ln-r iluol milling, "T/ie L'riuJuf t« licrp." -- - .......... .llllllccnt drevwrN. HI'CS die ivo In Mcick itrlvi. nM7iy In n K Jlllllccnl, in lite KiitEljfC n nol«c mill llje cltclrie tntrt M "1 wml ,vm. (,, meet Mr. HuiH-y. lie cruuns or fli w Kiiinuthiiiir ike that." Continued Bleeding Demands Doctor's Immediate AtleiilioD isv int. .iioi!ins liillloi, Juunial of (Hi: Anicririin 5lcilii:al As-jii'i;Lll(iii, mil nl HKcIa, Mic Health Alaguzliu- Vou needn't worry nnieh ntjunl. « slight loss of hloiK). wlien you nit- yourself, bei-iuise Iho hloo:l- rmiiHf orgiin.s of the body can ike fare of Unit, rosily. Hut don't lei the hlo'ud coiitiniii: 10 Jlun- lo oong. «(• the loss may become n serious mutter. Bcsidrs tlie loss of Wood, other fuctol'ii 115- sodnlcd with ivowxls .-ire ([tdtc im- KirLiinl mid may IhrciiU'ii lilc itself. A wound is any Injury In wlileli Hie skin is broken und Ihcrc is nauo to the tissues bencuUi il. When a Inrgc wound octins. call i doctor al once. The clothlii}! should he removed so as lo permit in Inspection of l.ln: tojidilion, und t should he liirnril buck MI that. 11 will not touch Iho wound. Moreover, tlioic »VJio 1110 ti vijij; to help should avoid touuhinj; the wound with their nngcrs. Air will not Infect Hie wound in the vast iiajoi'lly uf oiscs, but lingers niuy. * » 1 A wound of mi urlery is always serious. The blond comes in smirt.s iml is liijlit red lu color. A wound join a vein Is IKS serious. Tlic ilouil will none and lluw stc.idily iiul :i])]iL-;ir lo IT dark red In cuf- ji'. Wlii-n there is hlcoliiiK from the lose, in the vast majority ol cases The Editor', Letter Box IJnsuictilicd Muiicy O'n Ihe cdilorr) in your issue of March 'Jo you carry an article from the Arkansas Gazelle^ otir conyii'ssincn >onic very pointed (nit-stions. 'Ihc liiffilte, we would jittlgs, is much Wiwsctl to Ihc issue of what lie calls "liiii numcy." He't Iliink t rislit lor ihc (jovcrinnenl ht i.'iint l«o billimi in |:iLTiil)iu-ks to |ray tin- l)uin:s. but lie ddcsn't l-jll us why it is nol i-iglii. Now ihc editor ol Ihs Ciav-rllc should know that cvi-ry dtiihr thnt 111 1 cv;'r possL'ssi-d in "ills lilc was printing pi-ess money. Tlic tiling I ll'al rtcsKjiimas it "Ital" is in tin- way tt is gotlcn to tin- IV-OP'I:. For l-e BuveriHiiciil It, p.iy il dlrin to :h'.- D!«|)!n (hry ;.ay niufctv, il "(iat. 1 ' I'linting, or Iwd numry. Hut for the govcrmncul lu |i:iss it out to Ihe Ixnihini; &mu\>. (K-nuitlin^ in lo draw intcrcsl 311 ci;-r.v dollar of il and Icn tlnu-s mure on nionty thai rlon't exist, uhy nakc.s it sound money or i;o!d mtm- cy or hols sanclilicd iuiu::\. Tho editor of thn G.-I/NI • slu.iild .nuw lhat munry ot It.stll js ol no vidii» wlialevcr. Monev i- only iln- icic Wiind" by wh'ii-h tiii-n arc pill to work. If il (lovfii'i ]nii ni-n to work ii is vrtlurlrss. VK., r .,j,-i eat U or \\fvr il. Dockri;-!!,,- would starve II no 0115 was worknia. Wlien men work lliiiigs limi vr nr<xl lire produced and llicrc Is plenty lor the contlltlun is not. sorious. Muny shnpls methods of stopph)" IYJSC bleeding arc useful, such us lite application of cold water, or tilt 1 prcs- Mire of cotton or gauze packet! gently Inlo the nostrils. Wlisn blood conies from the hniifs. ;is in tnberculosis. it Hows from Ihc noso and mouth- such blood is frothy and very red. The naticiil. should bo put i| ; it Oll big l^ack, an ice bag or kiwn vvnui" m cold wilier should be put on his chest and a physician shouhl bo called immediately. When Wooil is vomiled from the stomach, tlie condition is always serious. t • > • fit I lie euro or ordinary wounds the two mast Important factors for aintrol :IK U:c prevention of infection und stopping of Ilic bleed Ing. In BlvliiB lirst aid. do not handle or wiish ;i wound, f'nl on u clean surgical dressing. Among ihe niilisoptii: .siih-.tances tluit ure useful arc tliii-liiu ,,1 iodine, pure alcohol or green win 'I'htrrc are also many well advcr- liscd iiiitlsciities wJildt vary in lli-ir polcncy. If Wood is ninvini; slcudily Irom fl nut. it itmy b; necessary lo put tin a toinmnni'l bcU'ccn Mie woun-i nml llu- hoid-l. This will slop (billow ol blood. 11 Is obviously not iwssiblc t,, m lui;im(|m-l, ai-otiiid mo nt .,. k ur .,„_ ((omen. 1,, sut-Ji c «i:cs pir.vsiire hy u MSiit hantliigc muy serve Ihe pur- II OA WITH Till: STUIIY CHAI'TEH XIII '(LUCENT, holding hersell Hal against tbe lloor board; of tho automobile, trying to make herself as nearly Invisible as pos- Elble, held her breath aud Ms- •tOHCd. She heard someone moving nhoni, heard the Eonnd.of a stnrt- li)g motor whfrriDE into throbbing life. Then a car swept oul lu a streak ot fast motion. fjghls tvere still on In the garage, hut Millicent took a chance- on discovery 10 Und oul who had taken out that car. She jumped lo tho cement lloor of the garacu, ran to the door and looked down tho drjveir.iy. A eahrlotc-t. very racy and stylish, which bad been In the ga- roKe and n-lilcli she had intuitively placed as hdon^liit; to Nortmin llapp. was gliding smoothly down the driveway. As It turned into Iho street Millicent noticed that il was running without ligtits. Mfliicpnl rnn lo the tn-o rem;.ln- tns cars — n big sedan and u coupe. There were Ignition keys in Iho roupo. /iin) she Jumped IJE- hind the wheel, turned the swlicn aud pressed the slartor. The mo- slvely oil (he Mootlne gauge, 'it showed ihit the lank was empty. Tho car was barely moving how, and Mlllkcnl kicked oul the clutch aud piloted the car into the curl). Tlic bfg sedan and (he speeding cob'rloloi had swept on oul ot Bight. Mlllicetil was so mad she eonW have cried wldi sheer finger. The Idea of leaving a car In a garage w I Hi an em ply gasolfne lank—o I al| Ilia fool things lor a uersoo to do ... I Sue supposed that would be Robert Calse. brilliant, irresponsible. Highly. She looked in the registration certificate and found her surmise had been right. The car was registered in the name ot Itobert Calse. Milliceul found herself'IhlnkioB I Ihiit Norman llapp never would when she Beard Hie sliding .doors ot the garage roll shut. Alter that there- was uo sound savs tbni of her own feet on the wet driveway. Slio reached the garage ami found (he tloor. was- closed am locked. Slio look'cd up ni 'the house. It was t]ark and soinber, except tor the -dull brilliance ot tho ball windows lu which Iho night lighls we're still burnln?. tt was tlieti that MIHtceoi realized tho full extent at her prcdlrn- mem. She-was locked oni. It would tie necessary 10 arouse someone In the household in order lo enter Hie honso. Slio tried the garage door otife more, tben walked wearily around Ihe bouse, wet feut Epulstiing molslure at every elep. She me1 a side door. tt. loo. was nil. II >oit want :, million dollar job dom: you Imvo to .si-mi out a iiiillion dollars to'do it v.ilh. This bonus is only paying ror Ji labor bill done lor Ihe Unjlcd states gov- criHiipnl in j-Yaticf! 'mul flscwhen:. Jiisl. lunv while Iliis roimtry is tqnabl:lin g <n LT ;, measly lilllt lour Wllion ilollar.s then: is 0112 n:itio:i in the family of nations lhat is fliendiiiK forty billion this year, and would fisrnt\ eighty Wllion' if It required Mint much'lo t ;c ,. t> t |,[, m a ji "I work. Tlicss workmen redeem this iininrnsc ainmml or memey with tin- B"o:ls I hey produce, which ii bvtlrr Hun all Ihc gold. In Unit i-nmilry everybody is wurking scv- i'H hourii a :lny wilh «ood v.iiges. TlH- uclilor or the Gazetti: needs infounaliop. on tr.c subjccl ol mo;i- i'J'. 'I'wo ninny ot us have h:-C'ii r:siiod nml cdncnlvd in an economy of scnrclly and believe Hint this is ii naliiriii and unalteiabb slate ol ulTiiirs-unciiiiniirublv—Hie will nl God. tie. The dillictilly with irform is that Ci>v.crinn!-iilK must now brcomr s-.-l- fiililic, and tht; miissrs can't uu- clci.stund iticncc —liicrcrorc llity arc it. —Simon P. Lee. lor llirobbed to life. So nervous' svith excitement j that tier hands were- treuibliug, j the piago/pul it "^"'.nfila"",™'^^ 7 ^-^™'™';';!;!^ 3 done anyililag like ihat. Nor- [Slio irlod Hie front door wlib uo slbllliy. Ills cur wouid huve been | A wicker chair offered her ach- Illlcd wilh gas. oil ond water. Tht HUB feel some respite and she tires would bave been in ported ' ' •--••• coudilion — but the ignlllon key wouldn't have oeen iu the lock. The very break tbat gnvo ner an opportunity to use the car in the lirst place was In one way directly connected with her Inability to accomplish anything witb II after she had borrowed It. Milliceul swilched off Ihe lighls. hesitated a moment, then locked Iho car aud slipped the key container Into the pocket ot her fur nl. It w.-is a leather key container aud there were seven or elghi keys on tt. "Well," cho said, to herself, "I presume I've gol lo gel hack, and 1 gnesa Ihere's no way tor me lo BO exccpl 10 walk." There were DO cabs cruising along these streets and. even had slip encomucrcd one. she bad no money with which to pay lor II. With dogged determination she started valuing hack down the deserted avenue, her little heels .'lick-clacking spiritedly upoo ihe echoing cement.' Itain fell Intermllteully — at , raced out of the driveway. Alter she hit tho strce: slie ran l moi ' c .tor several blocks without lights.! wet. Her fur coat glistened wltb trying to keep ibe cabriolet alieart Al le "Clh. weary, lired. and of hor In flow, but she n-arr unaWe cll " loll> she .saw ihc- bis bouse lo do so ouu 1 linally switched on ioulul "8 Before licr. It \\-as now to do so ouu 1 linally switched on Ihe llghto. Witb the heailllfhis she was ahle 10 fMi up Hie speeding crib- briolet. Occasionally the tall llghl rollectod a red gleam, or her deadlights glittered back in dazzling brilliance from the windshield. only nbont 75 yards nway nml so tired was she ihat she was counting Uio steps, • • dropped wearily lii| O II. surveying the gloomy darkness of tho porcti, '' listening to ihe steady drip, drip, ot the rain aa u dropped 'down' from tho eaves ol the porch. tJhe sat there for several minutes and then realized that she was taking cold. Somehow she must effect nn entrance lo the house. CUE had circled around ooe 5|do ot the house. She woiidercn whether, perhaps, there mlglit be a door on the oilier side. She was cold and cramped now. and fully appreciaied the esteui ot her predicament. She walked around tbe houso. There wns one rtoor and sho tried II, but It. too. wat locked. She came lo the hack ol Iho house and suddenly caught her breath with a ibrobblng In- lake ot quick hope. There was a separate building at the hack, the lower tloor ol which was used as a storage place Cor the eardener's tools. Tbe upper floor wus occupied, and sne remembered hearing someone say It was where Ihe chauffeur had his uu^.riers, Llglils glowed from the windows of this upper room, and Mll- Itceut suddenly remembered Norman had told her Jurvls llapp j>ad commissioned His chauffeur to shadow the woman lu the black ermine coat when no.U she cams to the bouse. Hurry Petdlng..L!ien. musl have been tlie nne who drove thai cabriolet.- He had shadowed the woman In tlie black ermine coal, and A UTOMOBILU hcadliglils danced '""" '" lllc b;ack ermine coal, RD< • X along the wet pavement, send- |'lo'">lless knew where she lived ius rcllecllons Bbiveriug asatnst the sides of.the building. Instlnc- ' ' Once or twice she glimpsed the lively she stepped'Ipo'ue'sirte.. ulg sedan ahead, wliicb the cob- toning herself ngairisl'a wroughl- riolet was undoubtedly following iron fence. The cars were traveling nt tngli speed and Millicent was lorccS :o use all ot her skill as n driver to keep in the procession. She won-- deied if ibe driver of the cahrlolei suspected that she was following i cabriolet. passed tier, itils Mm? miming with lighls. Sue could see ibe form of the driver, noticed tlie'collai ol his overcont around Ills neck ai d I'eruans Kelding Iwou'ld give nar the-information. Perhaps be could, lei her luto the houso or nml I some place where sho could spend the nigbi—some place where she could divest herself ot her wet garments. She crossed the slrip ot yard, climbed Ihe stairs which led .to the. upper room. Her knuckles She hen id llie.niss o.' thV' tlr«f on the lear the driver .....*,.^*.*i.,. ...... ji.c >i»ia iunu*>lilg in "mm ills HUCM R! (] T iOK : lei him, wondered if that driver ivere.j hat pulled low O n hi* Kjreb'e.ifl Crimpy, Norman Ikipp. • t;1 '« h,,-,,i ..;-- .-• -.i.---.._. CUDDliNLY Millicent caught her ^ ttreatb with a gasp of apprehension. The motor coughed, spiillcreri. died, cougticd to life again, ran, . . r smoothly, ibcn uilsacrt tine j Milllcent forget Him sne was- mopped. i tired. Whoever"nad tollowsn the Slio depressed Iho 111rollle and j woman lu ibe ermine coat nni: got no results. She pulled out Die j returned, and she wanted to talk choke and. tor a moment, tue car (with him. .She speeded up tier responded. Then once ' more u I steps. died. Her eyes rcoied apprehen-i Sho was still In the drlvewor nirned UD I "i-i^i i^um. u^r hnucxifa •ofv fpli l '" octiei1 Betiily against the door. When there was no easwer knocked'^ more loudly, and tbeu. ouu oL';uu uie.niss o. r .ine tlrwe ,... -• — " ™ \i,«u. on the wet paiemcni tliei saw 1 s "" r «« lvl "8 "o vespoiisE, she the red Msnis nn 11,0 ,».,, .,'l"'"""I U»> knob of ibe door. the red lig iato orilli.iuce as plied brakes.- The car swiinB wirl. for u turn and enlerea the drive- n-sy of Jart-is llap'p'a noiise. Tlie door was unlocked. Shi* opened it and took a step tbrougo the doorway Into tut room. ; I'lie light streamed upon ber features. For a moment Her eyes were dazzled; by the brilliance. Then lliey.came lo focus upon the room. A startled scream was wruug from l\cr pallid lips at. ino wbich met her eyes. (To He Cominiinl) Squirrel Neckpiece |did so the object Icnpod from tin:] Muny I'lanl. lias ISir uijuiiji.1 fii;Li\uiit;i.u •, *- "•'J 1 -'-!. "-"i'-'i IIUJIL LIIU uiuny riani. uas l',ir r.nlanre F ? Cl Itetl and sal oiv n nearby window- CLEVELAND (UP) -Cleveland's bscapcn 5l.ecpcr s »'- B^hcving ii t u ta a cat. «ncj ncipai ngln p^m n as -i cash ''l-^-licd fur.a towel to .strike H. but, glance of ?1,M1,01!), a report.' bv WOUOIiSTBH, Miiw,. (U |., _ u »!« «8' l! ; visilor .sprant; Jron, ihc Ulilltics Director W. J. nogcrs, has Mrs. Ben Kaplan had Iwen luster ! lu^r "tndvhn ?l-'^ ( }' sl "" 1 - Jllst sl!oml - Thu«BH opcraling cs- probably would be wrar!n<- a ! fur neckpiece now. . She wus nwakoiird one niciiil by i ,,, - ( , , - - pcraling ,, , ..i,, ,' ,, y V 8 ., tl:c ' 'oolKvnHs. ! pcnscs have increased, this is tho (lui«c(M.!mULjra.s a squirrel, j higlust balance In the plant's his- H lias been i-sliiuaUd thai Ihis' OUK BOAKOIING Aniiouitccmcnln lic Cornier News has limi au- llmrlzcd lo aiiiionnic Ihn the lol- lowing are canrticiatrs for ii( v 0 ;- flccs. subject lo thn ulll nf the voters nt the Munlciim! Elrcllon on April a: FOR CITY CL151JK I- M. Iktillev Kuth Blytltr Oscar Alexamlci Haii.v Atkins Cecil \Vlille Koss Elevens C. Culg , lf5S4 : Senatc passes of censu-re of French 1910--Thecdore Roosevelt l€cturr?i ACCORDING TO THAT HORSE OF YOUP.S WOULD "BE AM AL-3O-P.AN, ON A MERP.Y-&O-ROUND/ —VAE SKYS WHEN HIS BETTER, i CALL 01FF m' HAVE HIS JOCKEY CARRY A TOVYROPE TO TOSS BACK TO VOUR BOY.So'S HE PULL WEABKl/XLKbV-VT, IN TH" LAsST , SEEM-3 TO ' ME 'AS IF YOU'RE TYING . IF , INSTEAD OP .| , $-2.00 :) "BET ON / A WIL"D J DUCK 1 ) ^ IT WAS TO "BE A YACHT WXCE, I WOULD "BE VERY, MUCH VES TWE VAEAlvA | MA-iOR IS \N TOR A LOT Oi-

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