The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1954 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 30, 1954
Page 12
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TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FKIDAT, JULY 80, 1W4 Churchill Wins Vote Of Confidence, 10-1; Parliament Adjourns Commodity And Stock Markets- I New York Cotton ; (12:30 quotation!) LONDON (AP) - Parliament got ready to close shop'get 3437 3442 3^ for the summer recess today after according Prime Minister ; Mch ;;;;;; , 470 5471 3465 3470 33 3438 Churchill a 10-1 confidence vote on his plan to pull British j ^ ay ".','.['.] 3477 3477 3472 3474 troops from the Suez Canal Zone. Most Laborites abstained i on the ballot j New Orleans Cotton of attack on Turkev or anv of the j PCG 3431 3436 3431 3436 v • '~ 3454 3458 3453 3455 3470 3472 3469 3470 3477 3477 3472 3476 The House of Commons backed fche prime minister's historic decision by a vote of 257-26 after Churchill made an impassioned V^-i-X*.^ WJLi*** **A.**V* w *»»* ----j.- -—- - - _ declaration that the H-bomb had dominating the vital waterway rendered the billion dollar, 75-year- old string of bases obsolete. Both Commons and the House of Lords, which also debated the controversial Suez issue, begin their summer recess today. They will not reconvene until October, Churchill, who in World War II remarked he had not become prime minister in order to liquidate the empire, declared yesterday the whole British position in the Suez had been outdated by "the appalling developments and the appalling spectacles which imagination raises before us." Obsolete "Merely to try to imagine in outline how to portray the first few weeks of a war as it is now. . . would convince you of the obsolescence of the base/" he asserted. The agreement, which has strong U.S. suppqrt, calls for the transfer of 83,000 British troops from their Suez base within 20 months after a seven-year pact '-, signed. The pact will give Britain the right to reoccupy the base in. case eight Arab nations. Civilian care- j Dec takers under contract to Britain j Mch will keep up the great installations j Open High Low Close A group of 40 rebellious con- j Chicago Soybeans servatives had threatened to break j the party tracee" over the prospect j sept, of seeing another portion of the j jsj 0 * v . empire pass out of British hands. But in the final test, only 26 Tories voted against the government. 325 296 Jan. Mch. 303 328% 303 305 Vi "07 322 296 299 >< 2 302 Manila Methodist Church Elects New Officials Chicago Wheat Open High Low 208 20S I /s 211% 212 328% 302 305 307 Close Sept. Dec. 21014 210& LEAD REVIVAL—Leading Trinity Baptist Church's revival, Aug. '1-15, will be the Rev. James Invin, (left), evangelist of Birmingham, Ala., and Gordon Harms of Knoxvffle, Tenn., who will be in charge of singing and youth meetings. Assisting will be the Rev. W. H. Cook, pastor. Chicago Corn Open High Low Close Sept.' .. 164 165 ISS 1 /-* 163% MANILA — Official board mem-| Dec - bers elected recently by the Methodist Church here include Roy Ashabraner. P. G. Ballard. W. M, 157 15914 157 158 York Stocks (12:45 quotation*) Davidson, Albert Scott, E. C. Flee- j A T and T 173 1-2 Amer Tobacco 60 1-4 Anaconda Copper 40 1-8 Beth Steel 80 1-2 Chrysler 62 3-4 Coca-Cola 118 3-4 man as trustees and L. E. Townsend, treasurer. The new Board of Stewards includes Dr. R. W. Ration. J. E. (Continued from Page B even obligated." Sen. Mansfield (D-Mont) told the Senate yesterday that millions of dollars of U.S. equipment fell into Communist hands recently in Indochina. More, he said, was destroy ed to avoid a similar fate. Sen. Wiley (RWis), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, read yesterday a letter from Secretary of State Dulles saying the Indochina armistice does not justify any reduction in the foreign aid budget. Dulles said the armistice "in creases the need" for anti-Communist defenses. A 91-0 vote yesterday emphasized again solid Senate opposition to giving Red China a seat in the United Nations. The provision calls upon the President to inform Congress of what steps should be taken if Red China ever is admitted. A 57-33 vote defeated an effort by Sen. Capehart (R-Ind) to require that half the non-military aid in the bill, or 750 million dollars, be in the form of loans rather than grants. The bill now requires loans on 150 million dollars of such aid. McMasters. M. L. Downing. E. E. Hart, L L. Woodruff. D. C. Wright, C. L. King. C. H. Ashabranner and B. B. Threlkeld. Other church officers include: V. B. Osborne, lay member of annnual conference. Roy Ashabranner. recording secretary; Howard Perk-ins, district steward; Hugh Miles, church school superintendent: Joe •Dean Pierce, president of Youth fellowship; Crokett Wright, president. Gen Electric 44 l-J Ib 20.25-22.00: 120-140 Ib 18.0019.75; sows 400 Ib down 16.50-18.50; heavier sows 13.25-15.50; boars | 9.50-16.00. Cattle 1,000, calves 500; trading moderately active and generally steady on all classes; a few commercial and good heifers and mixed yearlings 14.00-18.00: utility and commercial cows 10.50-13.00; canners and cutters 8.00-10.50; utility and commercial bulls 11.0013.00; canner and cutter bulls 8.0011.00; high choicr and prime vealers, 19.00-20: good and choice 14.00-18.00; commercial and low good vealers 11.00-14.00. Gen Motors 81 3-4 Montgomery Ward 68 3-8 N Y Central 21 7-8 Int Harvester 32 3-8 Republic Steel 60 1-8 33 5-8 Socony Vacuum 44 1-4 Studebaker Standard of N J 18 89 Texas Corp ............... 73 1-4 U S Steel ................. 55 1-2 Sou Pac ................... 44 7-8 of Methodist Men; Mrs. Myrtle j g ear(: "/" _/ 663-8 Benson. WSCS president. Mrs. V. B. Osborne, chairman of Education Commission; Mrs. Maisie Davidson, chairman of Mission j Commission; A. W. Smith, chairman of Membership Commission; E. C. Pleeman, chairman of Finance Committee. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. !.>?)—(USD A)—Hogs 6.000: moderately active: barrows and gilts Committe chairman include: A'180 Ib up 25-40 lower: lighter C. McCulley. church property; music, Mrs. Alex Curtis: stewardship, Hart; social life. Dean weights and sows weak to 25 lower; choice 190-250 Ib 22.35-75. largely 22.50-65; 250-270 Ib 21.50- Pierce; records, Mrs. Rose Downing. 122.50; 170-190 Ib 21.75-22.50; 150-170 CORRECTION GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 2»"33 C KROGER IN WORLD WARE NATIONAL GUARD UNITS PARTICIPATED IN 11 SEPARATE CAMPAIGNS AND 34 DIFFERENT ASSAULT LANDINGS,,, FROM BATAAN TO OKINAWA ... FROM WORTH AFRICA TO THE ELBE RIVER. LEARNING WHILE EARNING OVER 5O.OOO GUARP5MEN ATTENDS? ARMY SeRViCE, AREA, AMD UNIT SCHOOLS SINCE 19<f7' GREAT GUARDSMAN THE FATHER OF OUR COUNTRY WAS A "NATIONAL GUARDSMAN" ' COMMANDING THE FIRST VIRGINIA INFANTRY THEN A PART OF THE COLONIAL MILITIA CASH ON THE LINE/ NATIONAL GUARP5MEN RATE A FULL DAYS ARMY OR AIR FORCE PAY FOR EACH TWO-HOUR PRILL PERIOD PLUS FULL PAY AND ALLOWANCES FOR SUMMER CAMP TRAINING. MEAD'S III MAIN STRUT Blood Donors Sought For Blytheville Woman Blood donors are being sought for Mrs. John House of Blytheville, who is in Ward One, Monroe Annex of Memphis' Baptist Hospital. Blood types are not important in the donations, it was reported, as blood given will be used to replace blood taken from the hospital's blood bank. , There is no proof of the actual date of snaKespeare's birth. (Continued from Page 1* cept to say he probably' won't be on hand to hear the Vermonter's speech. But he took a dig at Sen. H. Alexander Smith (R-NJ) who suggested a seven-member committee headed by Vice President Nixon be set up to investigate "McCarthyism" and report back next year. McCarthy said: "I think I will offer either an amendment to the Flanders resolution or a separate resolution providing that in view of the fact there is a difference of opinion as to whether Smith is a brilliant, average or mediocre senator I would like to have the Senate investigate that and report back in 1970 or 1980." Sen. Fulbright (D-Ark) predicted that if the issue of McCarthy's conduct of Communist-in-government inquiries can be brought to a direct vote, the Senate would censure him. But Fulbright said he recognized such a vote might be avoided. "A majority of senators don't want to vote on this at all," he said. Sen. Monroney (D-Okla), like Fulbright a vigorous critic of McCarthy, was less sure of the result. He said he doubts more than 5 of the Senate's 47 Republicans would vote with Flanders. He guessed about 33 of the Senate's 48 Democrats might support the censure resolution . The Oklahoman said, however, that the attitude taken by Sen, McClellan (D-Ark) on his return to Washington Monday now influence Chessman Gets Fourth Stay Of Execution SAN QUENTIN, Calif. Iff)—Caryl Chessman, convicted sex terrorist turned best-selling author, relaxed in prison today after his fourth reprieve from execution in six years. Two other condemned men whom California's law enforcement chief insisted deserved as much consideration as Chessman were scheduled to die in San Quentin's lethal gas chamber at 10 a.m. Chessman—32 year old convict author of "Cell 2455, Death Row" —was granted a new stay of execution by State Supreme Court Justice Jesse Carter yesterday- less than 24 hours before his scheduled execution. Collide at Intersection Malin Moody and Amos Whitley were involved in a traffic accident Thursday evening at Ash and Second streets causing some damage to both vehicles , according to police reports. Pilots to Strike Tonight CHICAGO W — The APL Air Lines Pilots Assn. says it will strike against American Airlines at mid- nigt tonight. Clarence Sayen, ALPA president said all of American's more than 1,200 pilots would strike. TAXES other Democrats. McClellan, senior Democrat on McCarthy's Investigations subcommittee, has declined to say thus far how he stands on the Flanders proposal. (Continued from Page W tors contended that once the principle went into the law it could never be uprooted and probably would be extended. Under it, the first $50 of dividend income is excluded entirely in figuring income tax. The major r*. lief, though, com«« from * proK. sion permitting a stockholder to deduct from his tax 4 per cent of his dividend income above $50. More Equity Supporters of this argued ft would in part end "double taxation" of corporation profits, and also would provide more equity capital for business expansion. Democrats contended 80 per cent of the relief, estimated at 360 millions a year when the plan reaches full effect, would go to one-sixth of 1 per cent of the population. Most of the benefits in the bill s,re effective as of last Jan. 1 and thus can. be figured in on returns filed next year. The bill, incidentally, tosses out the traditional March 15 filing date in effect since the income tax law was passed in 1913. and substitutes April 15. Fine Is Suspended In Assault Case Delia Carr recieved a suspended fine of $50 in Municipal Court this morning on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon in connection with striking another Nergo woman with a hoe. Joe E. Rayford forfeited $19.75 bond on a charge of having no drivers license while Lillian Seeding and R. W. Tally both forfeited $10 bonds on charges of speeding. 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