The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 1-1, CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents i\ word (or first Insertion and one cent a word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for leis than SOU. Count the words and send the cnsh. Phone 300 PAGE FIVE i HOT S1HUNGS, Ark. — Li'Hoy j i Dougnu, Dlylhcville. bantam, last| I night received the unanimous decl-! FOR SALE 1.§"S" TOR SAL13 I night received Hie unanimous ec-- _ — - -iti; to iimur throuah fur the Vas in and Outer in Florida lcl<m 1n llls 10 -''°"' :ii ,. bul1t1 R ' lt ' 1 Marion Likely Opponent ol »»a Mulberry huvin s » bit o r, _, . _. . Madciro Villarral cf rump!™, li- .-. , .. ' r \ • • > edat unions the loin teams I USED CARS But Convinced Observers of Her Skill. . . was DougaiVs :iist In every round j but was a hard bout for the Arkansas uoy. , Uougau, especially In th? and clshili rounds, terilfic inmishinrnt to HY CHKSTKl! I,. SMITH and cishih rounds, artiulnititcmi' JOINER, Ark.-Crciwfordsvillo was \'I:A Si-rvlre S| U'rili'r terilfic inmishinrnt to,' r.wined of a chancs to defend its A golfer with >.ome mcchiuiicalj but Ihe little fellow stocd up un- fourth district Bills' basketball tl- j flaws but with an amazing supply, c'.er It nnd prcvei the gaiaist Mcx-; ''e m the l\nah tonight when the let couraee. confidence in hertelfl icau nghter ever been here, ' Crawforrtsvllle chis defeated Earlo look At These SlK'CUll IJav-! and mnEterlv wth her putter is the' - : th:s afternoon, y> to 1). '••••----• • — • forfclicil to E«:!c in Hock aiul Warren Favorites Iti Stale Tourney JONKS1SORO. Ark.—The Aikan- sas high school basketball tournament prci;re.ssed to tho miarler hist night with Lit lie Hix'k ! und Wiirrcn ruling us heavy fnvor- ili i lo iimiir through for the lltli' of an r\ f i- /-.i " ~ • ' vuyt mucus me luur teams 111 tho Ueiendinrjr UiamplOUS 111 lower bracket. TV,,.. f C) , „„: If both win their Barnes today. >. <jui!i(_) ai ona\\ii(-t, u ,_, !c Hock W(l WarrC |, tt m 11U . C , • m the seml-llnals (his nftfrnoon.! Jcnrsboro plays Little licck today. | 'I he finals, will be plnycil Ionian. OUR BOAKDING HOUSE By Ahern lii!9 l.ATi: FOR I) TiiDOll Si:i>AN, Fully Lquippcd, U)"l l.u-cnsf, Seal Covers. F.UILS .-.nd Lccks Good .. : IB'.D GOOD UHEV110LKT CO.U.'II, Dumpers, 5 Itioli Tires, Nice, Neat Ap- IHMriiu-e 1930 I.ATI-: KOU!) KOAOSTKK. Sport Model. I'lunty til' A S100 eirors she commill;d lhat (iay were in Florida Coast Linamcnt.. Mrs. II. D. Slcrrett pattiiiE nn end" j n chiimptonshlp g.aine place in the tourney. for second Caraway and Bono also clarh consolation series game this Sec Our Other Card, Trucks anil Trailers. Let L's Qtiotu You Prices and Terms mcnth's campaigning in Florida during which time she played toll tbiu ranged from excellent to de?a c-ojf Sby^se Sj |° >- °«',, thesecond round ( ^^ were curious to see what resolute: '* raule ' fl)llu ']cu.s \\n>. , — !|ii.illl'.:s must 1)3 hers to have per-' The British champion's style. JOINER, Ark., March M—The i milted her to nscciul to ::u:h, aroused considerable comment lure.' rjr.iiili;i-(lsiill; girls basketball team. defendm:; its title as cliaui- — • . - - pLcn of the Northeast Arkansas lil-.ely successor lo the ir.iprcj-l "'.en playois. it looks to IH unorllio-' abl'j Joyce Wclhcinel. i dox. even awkward, but she does The tonchuion Is thr.t Miss Fish-i so well with It that i.Mi-.n, iVdi-i-fiiacrs, A . i :( ,j g i ns ant i ],.. others who smr;lui I" c:mpailson to the D-iiwly Car lor Only .. »-..> t;) , fml w i, W ! lcr or lw t Britain Indi by the majority of our lending wo- That Are Moat and Liberal. Attractive she criticism beUev-thin-avetagel would seem to be a bit incoiigra-; Phone SL1-S10-777 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Fonl Uealurs wick is noiV EhcUnaker, lhal she possess the i stuff necessary to conUni'o aiiion? the top-nightcrs, but that she will never'become a second Wcthercd. almcst bolt upright, coming itilo With sheer power alore, the laller the ball with a wide, fin! swing doubtless could beat, down the pres-! from which she derives remnrk- ent champion, while in many other I able power for a p;rion so Flight. District, ulll go lu tl'.e finals in a deciding name injainsL Mi'.riun lo- n]^h:. uul'. the odds in the present title holder's favor, according to FOR SALE -Baby Chicks. All var- Ncw Hall? What New It Is still to early lo "pinion cf the new baseViil lo bo | imt into opeVatlon this year in the | In;; leagues. Many of '.1 L- '.-.-uius In j tin 1 southern cimips hnvc mil received It. Pltchlirs on lo.uu-! hiuv been ushif It tor murt '.l-.a-.i a !l oek as yet retu.s^ [a ,s^y mucli about It. I Kubc Walberg, Ihe A'.-! FO'.ithp.iw j who is said to have mote natural ^ : "stuff" than the mine-run of bh; ; . th= twelve teams emered in lcil suc pitchers, says he /.us no- the district tounumeut, which ends i tlcctl »« dilfcrencu as yi'i. th-juuli (cniiiht at Sliawnce Consolidated- llc admits he hns not "ci.; lou.j" Ecliool here jlhls early In the Irainin^ soiison. Shav.nce, also accordins to the! alli! o Rommel, whose knuckle- ians. will go throueh tCKhiy's play i tal l should be particularly alfccted . „ . , , .,,'• and match Iho championship loser I b V a *>M with a heavier f?am. will lo^ bam m comparsDi to Mrs,, ( P P i he i«<!mii ,,oll,l,i B . though It was CMII- Collclt, Miss HicLs 01 Miss \sm t ll>u ,., mnil;w . menled upon by iicv;bp.-ip.'rinc:i UGAP,Dov> : t . rf IS WrTil '\ -DISMAY -THAT L Mo-re ~rMe FIME > OLD TACIAL ART Or CCJUTuJA-nMe A MUS-fACrle: r(AS BEEM SATX.V JP-dUEC-fEP BV MEW Tol? "TrilRTV VEARS •frlE A,\iTt.t;|5S ARE "tb "fHE MOOSE -vs.-THE "FLOWlMQ MAME 15 WORV -TUSKS -TQ -THE ELEPHANT, 50 -TrlE LAK?6E LUXURIOUS Mt-lSfAC^S WAS "fo I MEAU -To 'RE^/lOE "THE (3GOP OLP S1\'L£ OF A TUt-L .GEWEROUS / V MUSTACHle.BV i.ETYiMca / V, <^>^ MIME GRQV*J -Co ) ous. He-: position is '!" lch: fans who followed yestcrtlnys°'j)lny slralglitcr than would be consider-; ed "good form": in fad. she stands' Etipcriority that is most marked. Miss Fislv.vick was erratic in her', Wie. all of v houi arc free swsncjcrs;; play on this side, stirthig well but her woeds r.p|:.;ar \voefully inaric-' fremiu" to '!ose gr/iuud as the] quate, but she seldom wander.s far iiti-hlng the A's at practice 'tfe the presumption that Marlon wlllj clhcr <toy tl!nt Hommcl .weincd lo conclusions me based conclusions nu i.ascd : LOAPEP -TllAT I BE -To RAISE A PRI2E SE-T OF HQSE HAMPL.E-BARS' OLD MAMMISH CU5-tOM: defeat ligypt, that week passed. Her first, appearance! off line and is a slnrpshcoler with ..Wlf.t^^ '" ^ -'-"-ctory from: ed. iUrllyn 'Hatdiery, Blyf.ievme. ^^,/^Ut ^r fc ™lyl« B to Smllt, crouch, but it- make, no; Whitton In B amcs scheduled fcr l •f;nr i Ti"_T'(7 ••-! ...-'.. ^, ... .'ctlcs. Custom hatching solicit- p ;' onsllip nlld Crawfordsvillc! >» throwing some pretty wicked .1 that Shaw-1 shoots duriujj batting practice. 20-CK-TF FOR SALE—Coltage. 0 rooms and bath, Dusan Street. Sl'JCO.OO.^ S'imll cash iiaymcnt. j NICE HOME on South Division. Will let it t'o for what is against 1 it. S1-S50. Small cash payr.ient, balance $17.50 per month. 40 ACRES LAND, Clear Lake, SnOO.OO, 20 acres, of it in cultivation. WE HAVK a:iy number of nice homes at rsghl prices and 0:1 easiest of terms. Thomas Land Company. visible, difference in her ucr.uracy. j lednj'- Galleries were surprised of Wilsun, who Good for Knurklcr "Kffcctive knuckle-ball plu-lnnt;." lost to Marion, and ! Rommel said, "depends upon im- who lost to E(!>pt ai-c,l«'f«liO!is in the ball. Any lltll AND HER BUDDIES -.-. ; IT'S ,HJST A HREBXK I'OU Ol'AL Used Car but they that the Bigliu. „... , sbr.s of a we.ikncss under pirssuraj Ihe bottom of t!-e cup, that must have astomulc'l her ad-] did. and it was not long be.ore mirers. for one attribute claimed] thty wer 23 lo 19 Irom Shawnse in one of Ih: most exciting games of yes 1 Ponliuc 2 Uoor Sedan, 1923, T.doks ntv,-. ............. ?3!/5.: 1 rljmuutli i Sedan, ID'.'J l.nw milrage ........... S<!50. 1 I'lymnuth Counr, 1B29, a good liny ................ yl^J f L'hrysk-r il) Couch, a good one ...................... ¥'-5U Sec Them Now Leo Motor Co. President E. S. Barnard of the ., — - _ , — - 3 D _„ „. ..._ American League told me lie thinks willing to admit the vai-: ; vr t;-.y'& play and followini; with a. a lot of flnh slorlcs have been put 1 for her i.= ;ni ir.domitaVjlc sphit iin-1 irlity nf the repu'.ation lliat I'.ao y, lo og score against Caraway, 'into circulation about the nature of ' tier heavy fire. I preceded her to Ih'.s country. _ . Four tc-.ims scheduled for en- the rniscd-seam ball. He thinks Iho Onco down lo Miss Hicks, Miss; K is unfortunate Miss FishwitK u . Jr(;e in ;!le lourimment. forfeited'dillcrencc it will make In the s'.yb rishwick seemed lo lose all h"rj was unable to . 1I ' en! 5 l ", Io i,'™ ul'"^ t3 thtir adversaries yesterday. They of play will not ue- noticed until ihe " " ""' \ is well tinder Osceoln dropped ou Rtter a v loi-s of 49 lo 13 in favor of Buna. i In last night's _ defeated Corning 3Q to 13, Cr.iw-! said. "The ball with the ' Icrdsvir.c -,vo:i over Bono 30 tu 15,' scam mav not travel quite •and Earl scored 33 to 27 against' " fight, tho American fmishing with 1 m er season runaway speed. | Interesting A v:cck "later, in ihe South Atlantic. ChampioruJiip, Miss Fish s gainst ncrthern It would have been to have seen I'.or this country's bes 1 c,n :or.r=es. ivliere coi'.di--?!- : arc Msrmaduke. Leachville ] regular seitscn and Monelte. '- -•' way. 1 wick v.-cn her most convincing vic-i wo u!d h.ave been vastly better ten "I Will Shorten the Hits liiink one feature that wick v/cn ner most CU-.WIIILII^ **•- pvuuiu u.r tory ; -wlwfi.' after cruising"throush tl-i firs', mum! si the c.vp-rn'ie of M 'I Mrs. A. K. Hiilson of Foil Wayne, j mdillia Ind., she put cut Miss Peggy Writ-1 T. Raines SlrawiiK ;be broiiBht out is in the lilltlng," \\' - 1 Knfil "T>-rt hill \i-iiii iiift laisnd ii ¥/5th > Marked Tree. roii KENT—Unfurnished flat and T h c Blvthevillc-junior hinh c.r.r: • iVyj-.,, Vfirl- fntlfitl ..... i.v..i l,«,, rn nn Hfiril St.;_..,:. _ ,lV,.l.l n l,r..,,lnr ivilh M.>"!!l. IVt-t'- J <l I {L ^jUllUll uniurnichcd home on Hcarn St. s ,,ii[ n <iciible header with M.'.::i!i FOR, SALE Late "23 Model Ford Standard Co'.ipc BODY Like New. Will Trade In Your SS or 23 Model Roadster or Phaeton Body. Phillips -Motor Company. I'OK SALE— Good, dry cook wood.J FOR RENT—3 room furnished flat, "tira-e and coal house. Call 1C-TF Dougan, newly and cold water. Apply Phone 889. WANTED viay thrcii3ii with Ihe Buchanan Coal Co., rhoiie 107. IIP- CM gntne. : A' Ihn c;:tl of the half the B'.y-1 FOH KKNT-5 -n biui^w -1 ^"lic ^ys^ «,«, ^^ ' f;-» ilillcr j ond half with the final score a "llC-TFlto 12. Purlie of Dlythcvllle v.-^s iho ou'slanding star. The icorc of tl'.e girls' game iva- lu to 7 in Manila's favor. Line-ups: Boys i!i,mc—Elylhc- \ilic: KoUeris, Llii'l:-ay, Hurn?. r«r-' lar when halted. The scam Is ciilculiil- cd to furnish an air rcsist.iuc? which will cut down the length nf long flies perhaps 20 or 23 fee!. In ^S'^" " <UP) - -- ^^'a^rdifre^e- 11 ' Tlio fi!(e;ticn, "Would 1hc new ball moko much dilfercnce v: i I h pitchers like Grove or Earns'naw?" was asked of Connie Muck. open low Cl03S 1005 1030 1104 11U3 110-1 1085 1103 1141 11C1 11C3 lOrl) 1102 1138 115S 1103 1107 1MO i "I don't think so." Mack replied, j 1IGO ["But tlie psychological effect of all I 1105 | this 'new ball' talk may have n re- j Spots elcsed quiet, and unchanged, markable effec;. Pitchers may ' RENT WE HAVE r-. client who wants to] borrow $200 on silt edge tecur- j (lf Moslcv. Wilscn. ; .:.,,,,,.,--. ity, payabl? Dec. 1st. Thomas Land| V ;, iglu crjslcy. Tipton. Crawford.: Company. j .Tulniion, Carter. White. Girls' gnir.i' _ 7 I\CW Or(e(lUS Cotton the idea lha'. they l:av^ more stulfj tlifin they really have, and the con- ! fidence they put into their work nj- j SEW ORLEANS, March 14 ill!')! 'ually may help Ihem to be -Cotton closed steady. elfectivc. open hi^h low close 1001 loot 1061 10u4-3b EiiKli?h tcienlists liavc develop-' Mich Manila- Cornell, FOR RENT—Two nite furnished. p r j c es paid at C. L. Bennett Co.] | little apariiLCius. sn.50 and S30.lFec<I Co.'210 H. Railroad S'.., west, • «hnlirrr Thomas Land Comp-ir.J. of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone n«^ Cod},, — • ^—r ! G-l. 2-iC-lr RENT — Bedroom, private; I-'Ofl _. bath, close In. Phone 730J. Mrs. McCor- Griilith. 1085 1104 1134 1155 1086 1111 1140 1161 1078 1085 1102 1110 1132 1140 1154 11GO Spa!.-, closed Eteudy at 1041. up 0.! He food. cd a plant known ar, brclex prcducjs a textile fibre, wood Milt-1 iible lor mamifacturing into pulp! and seed thai is an excellent cnt- Belle M. Wood. 13C-TF WANTED — Family Washings. Washed End ironed by competent white woman. Jlrs. Brown. FRECKLES AM) HIS FRIENDS DOING HONOR! By Blossci tCni, V.MK'J ttUUIA*', _,iu. *"«,.... FOR RENT—lu Deil, 3 room buns- 104 s . Lake St. 17CK-TP alow. S5.00 per month. 4 room . _ . - b-m-alow S1000 per month. UI POULTRY WANTED-Mo«ct prl- Fowler, ri-.onc 4=0-J. -IC-TI- 1 ' ccs. :sny quantity. Marilyn Hat- chrry, 210 S. Fourth St. OC-TF room house '. WANTED—Reliable man between r.gcs of 25 aiul 50 to supply ok! | establish-.d uenur.d lor Rawleigh; Good Health Products in Greene i comi'.y. Surely conlr.u-t rctiuired.; FOR RENT—Modern with sarauc and cos! house. $16 p;r month in advance. 125 Mirsoari Ave Phone 100. E. D. Ferjuson. 12C-KIG FAY 0. DAVIS Vhonc 4JI AIJ, KINDS 01-' SIAC1UMO WORK Electnc and Gas Welding done OSHKON- BLACKSMITH SHOI' 115 \. Fnnkiin SI. .-L: — Man to tu!;? care of' an cflr.h'.isliPrt bu:;iii:f.- in th- 1 ™!c cf our products In r.r-r'.h hall j of ^::F:,i•.-iln > i county. N'o imoal-i ircnt nrcci^i'ry and'iiii.: cxpcr- 1 knee r.Pi rrhiiirc!!. McCUN'NON >V: COMPANY. Kprcial 510. Memphis. Tei;n. I \UAMV TJ "H ALL ^tHJ IX:IDS HELPMJtf OJT ' 6UAD ~K> OO IT, F2ECKLP-.S.- DOtJT VOO TV.IN14 M.S OOSHTA GO OOT A)^' SEE l/^ i WASH TUHHS \\KST\\ AUli HD' Hv Cram Invest With Safety (i' : ]>aiti iitiHi'tci-ty on fti!l paid Ktock, ^100 ;ind up. Gtiarantccd liy first inovl ijaK'' I'l.inn on liomes in niyllicvilic. Soviircd iind IiifUi-rd. Biyliisviiic Building & Loan Association \V. >f. Hums. Sec. WANTED- -Rclif.b'.e party ws.ited' to l:a:idi: W.ilkins Produtl-% in iBl>lhevnie. Ci;stor.-.prs c-t.ibH.-H-cd.: '• Kxce'.lEiit oiijwriiniily for iij;ht. j man. Write at once. Tho J. I?.! I Watkiin Co.. 70-5:! W. Iowa Avc..' i Memphis. Tenn. I 1'EUSOxNAL ItF.VlVAI, JlEKTINTi I At Church of God. BlythoviUs, Ark. i 110 W. Cherry St. ! 1 Date >farch 15. to continiic ir.ucfui- ! itelv. By Evansrl'.st Jnmes K'irieii.' ' Ill!l!iR-.ii.' Tenn. Subjects i:-cAtcd.; ' nrTinrralio'.i. Sancliflcation. Dl-; i vine Ilr.-.luvj. Unity of Got!'.-, Pco-1 ! pie an;l ctl'.or interesting themes.' . Everybody Welcome. 13P-K1G | i CAPITAL for development worth-' ! whilo ciiterpi-isfs y.iis d thrcu'il I i relir.b'.c br:Scis. Con-.i-.!i---iou Ijafi'.l |\Vi: = ht Co.. I.iUhrope St.. Brittle-. J Creek, Mich. ! ";Vf •••$&&. v *?& ' HA.L" 1 . STOP \ TrtCSt A'^M. ! w.\'; CAIJE PATO;;. G n M, ^i^ AM^ MOTU'.'X' B:H i UUCjt ^RtH OW TH= OTVGH S'Ct, MOTnlNJti ~O CO 8U T TO . '^O It. . . . * "O ft COilA. Of ^t '- : OVJ , 1 ^ r\ Kjr^r*.""- '»

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